Stories from the Road: Motorcycle Camping at Choke Canyon, Texas


Another practice camping session

I’m now making the final preparations to head out west for my nomadic motorcycle camping trip. Practice road trips on my bike and with my camping gear are helping me refine the process so things will go smoothly once I’m in the more isolated stretches of the country. They’re also helping me experiment with living off the grid and to prepare for future experimentation with workamping.

I started with a trip to the Gulf Coast the weekend before last. This past weekend, I made my way down to Choke Canyon State Park in South Texas for another practice camping session.


A cactus plant in bloom in South Texas

This time around, I was able to enjoy a tranquil lake, take in the sights and sounds of fowl and other wildlife, and got to see cactus plants in bloom. At night, some coyotes howled nearby before making their way off into the brush. The problems of the world seemed so far away. It was just me, a tent, and my bike. The natural world seems much more appealing to me than the artificial world most people never escape, and I’m already glad I’ve undertook this challenge. Hopefully, it will show men what they can accomplish with their newfound freedom once they become minimalists and/or MGTOWs.

I now have some saddlebags and a tail bag on the way for my bike. I could get by with just a large backpack and some tie-downs but the bags will give me extra flexibility. Namely, I want to bring along an air mattress. Sleeping on the ground just isn’t for me.

The trip will still have a minimalist flavor, though. I’ll be documenting the sights and sounds as well as my methods along the way.

P.S. I got to stop at a San Antonio strip club while I was in the area. I visited MGM Cabaret just outside the city limits. It’s the only nude, BYOB club in the area. I met quite a few (mostly overweight) chicks working there. I didn’t get any lap dances, because I hate the American strip club format (pay for an unrelieved erection – umm, no thanks) but I did get quite a few phone numbers. Strippers can be fun to hang out with.

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  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “Namely, I want to bring along an air mattress.”

    Air mattresses … yeah, don’t get a Coleman, and just don’t get anything sold at any of the big boxes in general …

    I “camped out” at my house when I was in the process of selling it, and I thought one of these would do the job.

    The average life span of any of these before growing serious leaks was about 25 days, and that’s in an environment where the mattress was sitting on exercise mats which were sitting on carpet. I went through three of these cheap pieces of crap before deciding that I could get by with sleeping in my old zip-up outdoor sleeping gear instead.

    A camping or outdoor shop like REI should have something that’ll work a lot better than your typical air mattress.


  • It looks a lovely spot by the lake there.


  • A Suggestion:

    If you’re in the South-West, you’ll notice microwave towers dotted about the landscape high on the hills. The dirt roads leading up to them are always nicely graded, and the sites themselves are always absolutely flat and level. Some even have latrines The views from these sites are always excellent, and you can usually see the stars at night with zero light pollution. They’re very isolated and private, with no rowdy campers having a drunken party in the next space over.

    Best of all, they’re free. No paying a fee at the gate, You just (discreetly) pull in and set up your tent or whatever. No hassles or B.S.

    Something to consider on your trip. Hope this helps.

    Just a thought.



    • P.S. Oh, I forgot to mention, the 4G/Cell Phone signal at these sites is as strong as you can possibly get. You’re right under the tower.


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  • fuzziewuzziebear

    May you know nothing but tranquility and serenity in your days camping.


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