Top 5 Reasons I Became a Nomad


I’m riding off into the sunset, leaving a decrepit and unsatisfying culture behind

I know I did the right thing. I did as Nietzsche suggested and embraced a fate of tragedy rather than trying to escape it. My life was indeed a tragedy until I took control of it back from the bean counters and the rule makers to live it my way.

Life as a rootless nomad, a neo-cowboy riding a two-wheeled steel horse and flying all over the world (living abroad part-time) is proving to be more intrinsically fulfilling than my old plantation life of conspicuous consumption and careerism ever was. In the past two years since leaving my corporate media job I’ve already been to 47 states and 4 continents. I’ve had incredible experiences. Had incredible women. And hopefully, the adventures are just beginning. Best of all, I’m doing it all on a shoestring budget.

Why did I become a nomad in my late 30s? At the nucleus of it all, I’m living for the day, because tomorrow looks so dark. Life on the human farm was making me miserable and it wasn’t advancing any of my life goals. I felt like I was trapped in a cycle, a hamster wheel running as fast as I could to make money flow into and through my hands but never reaching any goals I had set for myself.

Here are five reasons I developed a life as a world roaming nomad to escape the cloistered, ersatz existence the corporate-government complex had planned for me.

5. Anglo-American culture makes me miserable. I’ve said it before that the more I’m away the more I don’t want to come back to the matrix. I’m now experiencing spiritual and psychological withdrawal symptoms from having been ensconced in a culture that makes me feel alive for the past few months (Latin America) vs. now being inside a culture that makes me want to ghost. I’m also experiencing withdrawals from having friendly and pretty women all around to now having mean-faced, clipped hair Anglobitches everywhere. All I want to do is work, get my money and leave again. Anglo culture has made life a living hell for a straight man from any background, but especially the straight white males it hates so much. I don’t consider normal a world in which men and women can’t stand each other and people are fat as pigs and don’t now how to talk about anything except their jobs.

4. I did everything the system told me to do and ended up bankrupt at age 30 and practically homeless at age 35. This story of “taken for a ride” will all be detailed in my forthcoming book Escape. Suffice it to say, I lived to see every illusion I was chasing was a lie in my journey from poverty to the crumbling media ivory tower. I got kicked to the curb once I had gone in debt for all the material accoutrement the system told me would make me happy, forcing me into bankruptcy. I also couldn’t buy a house or find a woman with which to start a family because I had been priced out of both. In the end, I gave away my youth so I could keep my nose clean, stay away from “bad” influences that would divert me away from the path educators lay in front of me, bet the farm on a college education and even landed the job to find out my carrot wasn’t there anymore when I went to collect my reward. Now it’s ME time, bitches.

3. The system is corrupt and the American government is filled with shameless liars. As men we are told to behave a certain way by those who practice an extreme form of sophistry – the political and ruling classes. They don’t apply the same standards to themselves that they apply to us. In my time walking amongst politicians and so-called pillars of the community, I can never let certain experiences escape my mind. Like how flippant a mayoral candidate was as he acted like a pompous dick behind the stage then, like flipping a switch turned on the Everybody’s Best Friend act as he went to give a speech before a crowd. It was quite a display. But what do you expect from the political class? The American government proves how criminal it really is every single day if you develop the talent of reading between the lines to see through its lies.  Trump has turned out to be a turncoat. The Democrats and Republicans are slightly different flavored versions of the same uniparty. Courts don’t defend the individual anymore. Believe they’re going to do anything but subjugate me further? Never.

2. Being an office drone emasculates a man. Submission is the keyword. Learn that word well, because that’s what’s you’re going to be doing in the corporate world. You will also have scorn heaped upon you for being a straight male. From being on edge at work because of the potential “sin” of saying the wrong thing to a female coworker, to being forced to adhere to extreme political correctness, to being forced to submit to unreasonable authority, being an office drone just isn’t for me. I now know that’s why I went from being fit in high school to becoming obese when I reached the “peak” of my corporate career. My belly was full but my spirit was empty. I lost all the weight once I started venturing out of the artificial, mechanical world of the matrix. I now see obesity (and drug addiction) as a sign of living inside a sexually and spiritually repressive culture.

1. Liberty is dying in America. There are now so many laws nothing is legal in the matrix other than doing what we’re told. Most people have just accepted life on the human farm rather than challenging the farmers. If the government doesn’t kill a man’s liberty, corporate policy will. And make no mistake the two work together to restrict the radius of “acceptable” behavior as much as possible. Unfortunately for them, this cow has discovered all he has to do is leave the farm for a more fulfilling, intrinsically happy life. To move from town to town, state to state, and nation to nation to experience a life beyond trying to consume as much as possible while being repressed and oppressed by senseless rules only because he’s on the wrong side of an imaginary line Human behavior is now so micromanaged police could indict a ham sandwich if they want to. Combined with a burgeoning surveillance state, we are now transitioning to the world George Orwell warned of: If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

I don’t know where my journey is taking me but I’ve discovered I have an innate talent to effortlessly walk amongst so many different cultures and peoples. It’s beginning to take on a life of its own in my writing and behavior as I become more and more estranged from the work-sleep-spend cycle the machine culture accepts as reality.

Moreover, the cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had. Working too much and missing out on life experiences are also among the top regrets of the dying.

When men like Jordan Peterson or even Mike Rowe try to corral men back onto the plantation as they have in recent times, they’re helping reinforce the myth that giving a man’s life over to consumerism will make him happy. It won’t. I appreciate the value of work as much as anyone, but having 2 weeks off out of 52 weeks annually, working 50-70 hours a week in the “new” economy just to keep up the pace of rampant consumption when I’m designing a better, freer, happier life on much less isn’t really advice I want to follow.

I cherish the experiences I have off the plantation more than anything I could ever own, I’m willing to work hard for them, and know I don’t have to accept the ersatz “reality” Anglo culture and its police state tries to foist upon me. If it’s wrong to want a life off the corporate plantation, why does it make me feel so good inside?

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  • Rel, where’s your gofundmepage again? Do you still need contributions? If so, I’d like to put a little into the pot… 🙂


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    If you find yourself in a situation where you have gone domestic in another place, and you have a cat, I insist on first naming rights …

    The cat’s name absolutely has to be Ersatz the Cat. 🙂


  • Reading articles like this summarizes years of struggles & countless moments of expending blood sweat & tears all in vain. And I thought it was just me lol. These are forces unseen so they remain, like a spider on your back you cant see, but not only are they real, they govern the determinants of human interactions. Interlaced with distractions and fears, lost souls are too weary or jaded to fight. You can try to explain these invisible prison walls to people & it will fall on deaf ears unless they are in the same shoes. Even if they are, many times they dont want to hear the truth.
    Your leap out of the matrix reminds me of that scene when Indiana Jones, looking down an abysmal chasm to a bone shattering thousand foot drop, steps out fearfully yet faithfully, & he finds sure footing invisible to the naked eye. 👍


  • Jonathan Castle

    2. Being an office drone emasculates a man. 

    I think this is very true. (And partially why women don’t respect men anymore.)

    It’s also true you can work on ways to masculinize your behavior and interactions.

    Inject your ideas and direction into a team. Exercise emotional state control in contrast to those around you. Use imagination and creativity at every opportunity.

    And leave situations and companies when your flow is cock blocked.


  • Rel, you state ‘I appreciate the value of work as much as anyone,’ but more than that you exemplify it in your actions and words defining and declaring what it is really all about. Is work, like consumerism, an end in itself? We know it is not! With no time or energy, aside, to enjoy your wife, your life, your passions what is work? Drudgery, a ball and chain placed around our necks by the psychopaths who rule.
    After reviewing innumerable speeches, lectures and interviews of Dr. Peterson it is difficult NOT to label his views and overall position as a form of fascism. A rather aggressive, pernicious and virulent form intermixing religious ideology with soft-soaping pacifism. The exact form can be argued endlessly as Peterson vacillates between one tangential tenet and another.
    The notable point is that his type of argumentation between fascism, and the anti-fascism he loves to hate, of the social justice warriors, feminists and Marxists (no rationalization of those positions is to be inferred), is very close to that which preceded BOTH World Wars 1 and 2 as well as many lesser but deadly regional conflicts of the 20th Century.
    Entirely conversely we may better see, in that light, the benefits of the sociological stance of the TRUE laissez faire capitalism that you not only espouse but live so boldly. That is not to conflate laissez faire capitalsim with usury based exploitative capitalism by any means.
    In this specific regard and respect for the essential fundamental right of all to choose the best way through life without harm to others; I absolutely salute and support your alternative methodologies of finding and establishing alternatives to the memes currently being promulgated worldwide which can only result in a global disaster of a magnitude not seen or even yet imagined.
    Make no mistake that, at heart, Trump is a hard core fascist. Trudeau is a hard core Marxist as was his father. Party lines are being drawn anew in the sands daily and when vicious, virulent talk of violence spews from the mouths of former temperates and moderates alike, take WARNING.
    People should make preparations for the future if they want any future at all.


  • “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” — Jiddu Krishnamurti


  • Some might say that a man should stay and fight for his country and values! But a man who knows his history also knows the futility in that creed or concept. Things will run there course no matter what you do, and everything must be destroyed before it`s eventually rebuilt. (Spengler) No point wasting ones life and taking huge risks for something that will fail anyway. That`s the way I see it anyhow.


  • Hi Rel,

    We’re you going to sell photo prints of your adventures again? I was hoping to buy one (or more), but didn’t see them in your shop again.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Soon. I’ll be posting a lot more professional photos, too from my journeys through the American West coming later this month.


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