Video: Less is More, The Philosophy of Minimalism

Colin Wright is a fellow minimalist who has been living out of three travel bags (like me) for years. In this presentation, he speaks about the freedom a minimalist lifestyle affords men and how society’s intense, laser-like focus on making more money at the cost of everything else that makes life worth living never brings lasting happiness.

As Wright showcases not only his own life but those of other minimalists, he shows us how customizable the minimalist philosophy is. I adopted minimalism so I could leave corporate America and have the freedom to roam the world where there are superior women and healthier, more libertine cultures. Others decide to move into tiny houses and spend their lives chasing their hobbies.

The important takeaway message is less can actually be more. Once purging Anglo-American cultural indoctrination from our minds – the idea that conspicuous consumption and materialism are the be all, end all of existence – we can be freed to be who we really are. To live the lives we really want to live rather than the doleful 9 to 5 existence everyone else accepts as normal.

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