Ivanka Heads to Peru to Infect Latinas with Anglo-American Puritanism


The Anglo-American Matrix continues its agenda of world domination as Ivanka Trump heads to Peru to preach feminism

The matrix wants every woman in the world to make a human sacrifice, to transition from being fulfilled mothers to being unfulfilled job slaves spinning like wheels in a global machine culture.

It laughably calls this transition “empowering” women but corporations and government revenuers are most empowered by the feminist lie. Women get little more than being paid a pittance, patted on the head and told they’ve done the right thing by abandoning home and the hearth. Once a culture has adopted the suicidal policy of female so-called empowerment, women suffer and the majority of men are then relegated to lives of involuntary celibacy and loneliness with no children to love or take pride in as part of their legacy.

Left-leaning Ivanka Trump (who preached feminism at Trump’s RNC coronation) is now in Peru spreading the gospel of Anglo-American feminism and neo-Puritianism to one of the most patriarchal cultures on the planet. From establishment media outlet WTOP:

Ivanka plans to promote women’s economic empowerment and female-owned businesses during a Latin American summit this week. President Donald Trump’s daughter and senior adviser will be part of the U.S. delegation to the Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru, led by Vice President Mike Pence.

As TNMM has stated before, Trump’s presidency is turning out to be indistinguishable from what Hillary’s would have been. President Trump was to wing his way down to South America himself to help deliver the Anglo-American feminist, cultural hemlock to Peru but Deep State Neocons are keeping the orange one preoccupied with other matters. Such as false flags meant to further undermine the patriarchal Middle East.

The president has pulled out of the event so he can oversee the U.S. response to an apparent chemical weapons attack on civilians in Syria.

Soon, we can expect feminism to overtake Latin America and the rest of the world thanks to the tentacles of The Anglo-American Matrix.

Ivanka Trump says she plans to announce an initiative “to propel women’s economic empowerment in the region” and will stop at Lima’s stock exchange to meet with female corporate leaders and entrepreneurs. She also plans to highlight the participation of women in the economy at a female-owned business that makes organic products.

We’ve heard it all before. And we know what this will lead to. An entire world not unlike the tragedy a man witnesses in America every day. A world of women who are brainwashed to hate men, who spend their lives as YouGoGrrl job slaves instead of moms until they’re deemed not useful to corporate profit making schemes then discarded, ending up as spinsters in their old age.

The future looks dark for those who see what’s coming.

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  • Many shades of dark are seen overlapping in the world soon ahead.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “Behold, Peruvians, the beautiful blonde American princess rich on her powerful father’s money, whose life has never been touched directly by war … who knows nothing of the coming of the light … ISN’T SHE TOTALLY FUCKING RIDICULOUS?”

    But let’s look on the bright side: maybe Ivanka will help some of the Sendero women become “empowered” enough to become drug dealers, and prices will come down in certain parts of Los Estados Unidos del Anglo-America.


  • @ Moriyah: I’m from Rochester, NY but only visit Toronto for the escorts because it’s cheaper in US dollars. Lots of FOB foreign escorts in Toronto. Feminists are steaming mad at that!


  • RF: Four cucks share this blue haired land whale. OMG, the West is cucked beyond repair!!!


  • Cult – ure is our greatest export in The Land of the Free.

    Expating is just a temporary solution. Feminism WILL be exported to all nations. All cucks and non-nationalists will turn out just like Murka. You can’t outrun it, in the long term.


    • What you say is sad but true; nonetheless we have to fight and will defeat with manliness and not cuckoldry.

      Moriyah has several variant spellings and is associated with 7 different words in Arabic and Hebrew.
      Essentially Moriyah, as a name personified, has two meanings: one is; the rain in the last days. This is analogous to the first rain of the spring which is the last rain in the cyclical year calendar of the Hebrews and Arabs before Islam. It is also analogous to the last word before the end of the age, as in prophecy.
      two is; the word which is as a spear, or arrow, piercing the mind and the flesh as though with the spirit which is the law.

      It indeed is illuminated and illuminating but not of myself nor of or from those who call themselves Illuminati but are not. The so-called Illuminati are as Simon Magus who wanted the secret but would not submit to the tests which develop the mind and heart.

      Those who live with this invariably call it both curse and blessing and it is.

      There are no flowers without thunderstorms would be a simile of moriyah’s meaning in action.

      Jerusalem is built on Mount moriyah and thus the reason for the thouand year fight for control which is coming down to the finish. Jerusalem, properly Yahrushalom, is the residence of half of the Illuminati power and the other half is about to move there. That is when things get really hairy.

      Though I have studied all of the Secret Societies and many of the Civic Societies who are the soldiers of the so-called Illuminati there is no comparison with the actual illuminated law which is the real Spirit of Holiness.

      That is the short version.
      After 55 yrs of being illuminated the dark cannot hide much.
      I hope that answers your question satisfactorily, Ryu.


      • Thanks, Moyirah.


      • For the record, for all,
        Is it harder/easier to live up to a great name or to live down a bad one?
        Food for a lot of thought.
        Personally, having fought the fight and continuing,I think there’s no difference.
        Choose your weapon; and continue this fight with yourself and not others


    • Demographics is destiny though! If whites are diminished to a small part of the world`s population, feminism will also be eradicated, or at least lose it`s potency. It`s an Anglo-Germanic phenomenon after all. It has a genetic basis I believe, not just cultural.


      • You bring up an interesting point, in that the British and Germanic society of today was/is blueprinted on the Roman empire. The empire did not allow, endorse or tolerate plural marriage for men. Prostitution was common though which brings up something else we won’t address right now.
        Same with the Greeks; whereas the Hebrew and Arabic cultures had lots of plural marriages for men and none for women. Polygamy was not only welcome but prescribed as needful wherever and whenever possible.
        I wonder if we would now be having any problems with feminism per se, at all, if polygamy was still legal in the USA as it was pre- 1830?

        Keeping in mind of course that some men might end up doing without if Polygamy was legal and THEY were not providing what women need.
        As Faith Hill said before she divorced him ‘I need a strong hand’.


  • Rel,

    As one who has spent a lot of time in Peru over the last four years, I can tell you that the feminist virus has ALREADY been inserted into the cultural bloodstream down there. There are women working outside the home. They are being elevated above men. On TV programs, you can see domestic violence PSAs during the commercial breaks. I could go on, but you get my point. Based on my observations, I’d say that, culturally speaking, they’re about 30 years behind us WRT feminism.



    • fuzziewuzziebear

      To add to your point, Ecuadorian feminists threatened to kill an American for every day that Lorena Bobbit spent in jail after she maimed her husband in 1993. She never spent a day in jail.

      Still, it does give the USA a bad name when feminism is promoted overseas. We shouldn’t be doing it.


  • Unfortunately Peru depends on Ayahuasca tourism, so if a militant feminist wants to criminalize street harassment or legalize female pedophilia in Peru, the government will be forced to do it or else lose income from tourism.

    George Bush tried to encourage Brazil to criminalize prostitution to get funding for HIV research…Once Brazil started to become independent economically, America claimed that Brazil was the child trafficking capitol of the world during the Olympics. WW3 is the only way that the feminist rot will cease to infest.


    • Leeway
      My only in play solution, and suggestion, is to find that right woman BEFORE WW3 in order to help navigate the new territory and rebuild the species and the planet.

      If we survive; doing so after is going to be extremely difficult without a woman at our side in advance because all women are going to be shell-shocked, in some of the worst ways, and incapable of functioning at all without BOTH male and female guidance, direction and support.
      Any directions to female survivors must initially come from another female who has male backup.
      This is historically substantiated and fairly easy to prove even from current events in war torn countries.
      Texas, during its founding period, was beset with multiple wars from every direction and the amle population was substantially reduced to the point that remaining men had no choice but to take in extra women to their ranch homes in order for all to survive. The lone wives welcomed the help in every regard because every day was a life or death struggle. When women are struggling they regain their senses and come around to reasonableness. Their needs to be a reasonable man there at that time and not a tyrant.

      Here in Canada we see these women refugees, and believe me please, many of the women are real refugees seeking salvation, and they have all gone through serious trauma and need serious help which the medical system, government, banks, churches are incapable of providing. In fact the aforementioned are predatory to them.

      One thread that is becoming more and more distinct in men`s discourse on the subject of feminism, socialism, liberalism, Marxism and even Facist infectionism is that it is up to the men to resolve them and not the women. Even when the problems have been entirely exacerbated by women it was not them who initiated them. It is psychopathic men who have created this mess and propelled it. Dr. Peterson is a psychopath; most psychologists, male or female, are.

      Those supposed brothers, these psychopaths, who do such things will need to be liquidated as it is highly unlikely they can be redeemed. Nor will there be any incentive for surviving and thriving men to redeem them. The women, and any children who survive, will indeed have to be put first in such a scenario to ensure our survival.

      I guarantee that the women who survive our near future will not need much of an attitude adjustment but they will need serious mental and physical healing.

      Those psycho men will mostly kill themselves in battle, whether foreign or domestic, and not be as big of a problem as you could expect. I don’t even expect to get my hands dirty with them.

      Seriously, Leeway, as Johnny Cash sang ‘I can swing a hammer’ and a lot more too and so can you.
      Escaping the reservation, or exploiting the weak, has never been my style; taking nothing and making something has.
      You can too, not in T.O. though.

      This hybrid beast of a system we live in will fail miserably. Don’t get caught up in it. Be in it but not of it.

      I have no doubt that even now there is a kind, sweet, beautiful woman waiting for you. Being morally ready for her should be your main concern. Mental, physical, emotional, intellectual strength is built layer by layer, one struggle after another.

      One thing, and one thing only, should be read into my history of multiple relations with women. That is how often I FAILED to direct and guide her to eternal life or as close as we can get in this age, this period of time.
      You, we, the others reading this, can never, ever blame the woman for anything. If she is worth blaming, rather than walking away from and starting over, she is worth keeping and that’s why WE have to take the blame.

      Any tyrannical dictator can throw shit down from the top of the hill. How many of us can catch it and throw it back remains the only question to be answered in a man’s life?

      Try to name one tyrant that was female in history. The vast majority of Queen’s in history were either mindless, empty shells, acting only as figureheads for the Patriarchy which managed her, like Queen E, or they were incredible powerhouses defending their realms as well or better than any of their contemporaries.

      These are exceedingly rare women and you should not expect one as a bride. You may, however, be able to make one from your bride to manage your kingdom if you try and so decide.

      Get the fuck out of T.O. while you still have a soul and a life. The U.S. has admitted, publicly, that they will not defend Canada against a nuclear attack from Russia, and, T.O. has to be at the top of the Russian hit list re: Canada.
      Truly, I hope Putin does not miss either York, U.K., North York/Toronto or New York, N.Y., U.S.A.
      More power to him.
      Go, Gog, go! Bring Magog with you.


    • My Peruvian GF said that this is why airport security was tightened up down there. I remember how, during a trip there about a year ago, I had to remove my shoes, belt, etc. same as I do in America. After going through security, I called her and told her what had happened. She said that OUR government had compelled the Peruvian gov’t to tighten up airport security to the point that it was indistinguishable from the TSA here.


      • People are worried about Prison Planet and the NWO when it is here and has been for 2 centuries and 42 years as of July 4.
        How long until you think it will be that every move of everybody is not just regulated and tracked but ‘allowed’ or not?
        They are simply working on final implementation.
        D.J. Trump was chosen and educated, before most of you were born, for this exact role. He attended Jesuit Military College and Wharton. Both are tied into the highest levels of the NWO and Deep State.
        So, effectively, was Justin Trudeau and he is no where near D.J.’s age.
        This current affair between the U.S. and Russia, Trump and Putin, is an act, a play being staged to condition YOU and the entire world.
        YOU are excepting piece meal, piece of a meal, each time you submit without question, without protest, without raising holy shit with your congressman or senator at state and federal levels.
        Though the U.S. was chosen to be the beast, and engineered specifically for that result, YOU authorized it by YOUR silence.
        So… what you gonna do?

        Note: YOU is used generally for recognition of everyone on this blog henceforth.

        I do not condone violence or revolution, but; to keep your mouth shut is agreement and acquiescence.

        In the final analysis it will not be Putin or Trump who starts WW3 in Syria, it will be an agent who has left the reservation.
        When Damascus is leveled like a playing field, then it is ‘Play Ball’!


  • Ivanka’s message: how to be empowered with your father’s billions.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Absolutely, Alex.
      Congratulations on the first time I have seen that nascent statement in public media, almost, when it is quite obvious.
      She is a social butterfly and daddy’s little girl. \
      Trump just paid recently, for that stupidity of his, with a dressing down from his daughter in public.
      Now, that is really what the king of the world wants to be known for!!!
      It is bad enough to be dragged around by your dick when the one holding it is your wife. This is surreal…


  • I’m all about keeping women in their place.


    • Nicely and succinctly put.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Two feminist cucks frequent this board.


      • I know, I can see you holding hands.


      • Maybe, but, given the vapidity of your critique I wouldn’t know.
        If you want to be helpful you need give more than ‘burp’.

        Clearly, those who do more also make more mistakes. Those who do nothing don’t make many.
        Those who profit are the ones who listen to critiques, and learn from them, not those who make them.


    • And I’m all about getting men back in their place where they have not been for 40+ yrs at least. There is no point whining about the bitches unless you are dealing with them at the same time.
      I would certainly like to hear more ideas about how men are putting women back in their place. In fact, I would like to hear what men think is a woman’s place.
      Play ball!


      • Moyirah, I want to ask you about something. I was reading a document on Monarch mind control, and I found your name.

        “Members of Moriah’s (Moriah = the Illuminati) Luciferian elite will have undergone as much trauma as other slaves,”

        Where’d you get that name? Are you hooked up with the Illuminati?


      • I will address that next. Give me 1/2 hr Ryu.


      • Moriyah,
        You did the exact thing you were speaking against. Sounds hypocritical.

        One of the definitions of hypocrisy – a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude.
        Given your history on this blog, sounds like you.


  • i think this women empowerment stuff isnt a big deal,i think the only thing men need to do,is from a young age strive to be sucessful,be masculine and dont cower to females,learn skills and build a business,also men should forget about family building and focus on themselves,they can have children if they want to,the issue is that men are holding on to so called traditional values,while women and the state wants to break it down at all cost,men should give up on these traditional values,enjoy your lives and fuck lots of women

    Liked by 1 person

    • I would not want to entirely disagree with you on your core tenet as I have fucked lots of women.
      However, I regret many as it did not fulfill or provide eternal care for them nor continuous challenge for me. Very few did I fuck to empower them as I could have. I enjoyed it at the time but it is empty now. Nothing from it. Had I given them what they really needed then I would now have 1,000 children and many grandchildren and many loved and beloved wives.

      How stupid I have been.

      But, it so appears that this is how we learn and then do not forget.
      Go and learn my friend, linky.


  • Women must be constantly be kept in their place by men. That lesson from history is pretty clear. It`s what they secretly/subconsciously really want also.

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  • Can`t argue with your logic as it is true, however, your last statement is not mine.
    I see a thousand years in the future and it is very bright. The next two hundred not so much.

    As I see it, the past 6 millennium have been bloody messes; let`s just get the final war over with and rebuild. New blood, new ethos, new morals.

    As for Ivanka, that kind of woman can only develop when the father is a cuck and the husband is a cuck. Hopefully, Barron won`t go full cuck and then trans gender.


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