Rates of Single Motherhood Continue to Skyrocket as Social Engineers Destroy Families


The model of the future – fathers as sperm donors and check writers only

“That ole no good man just left me alone and desperate. I’m a single mom.” I rolled my eyes as I heard that in passing on daytime TV recently. (I don’t watch TV but other people do, and sometimes I get subjected to the mind programming.)

Of course, “I’m a single mom” is both the plea and the pride of modern predatory females. The plea is always for some “help” in the form of money, for a damsel in distress “abandoned” by a man. (The truth is women end most relationshits.)

Women also take pride in stating they’re single moms. Watch them say it with a gleam in their eyes in a society that encourages women to flaunt the disposing of fathers. Women now throw away dads just as they would any used tampon or designer handbag that’s out of fashion. Empowered™ woman takes control of her life by kicking the evil creature with a penis to the curb – at least, that’s the cultural narrative.

Who needs those disposable fathers, anyway? (It turns out civilization does, otherwise humanity returns to what Unwin and Huxley called a zoistic state – a zoo.) As a result of the profligation of reckless female choice, fathers are becoming a relic of the past. From PuffHo, our nickname for Huffington Post:

While the birth rate for single women has greatly increased across all demographics — according to the report, which is based on data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, the birth rate for single mothers in 2007 was 80 percent higher than it was in 1980, and 20 percent of that increase happened between 2002 and 2007 — the numbers are particularly high for recent mothers (mothers who gave birth in the previous 12 months) between age 20 and 24.

In 2011, 62 percent of women between ages 20 and 24 who had recently given birth were unmarried.

Here’s how the doleful stats break down by race:

Sixty-eight percent of black women who had given birth in the past year were unmarried, compared to 11 percent of Asian women, 43 percent of Hispanics and 26 percent of non-Hispanic whites.

Of course, many women who are married when they give birth later go on to get frivorces, so single mommery rates are actually much higher.

What these statistics mean is men and fathers have been successfully marginalized by half a century of feminist doctrine. We can also glean from reading the numbers that once men are “cucked” by the welfare state, women quickly dispense with any pretenses that they give a fuck about fathers and proceed to wreck the family. Note the high incidences of Hispanic single moms in delivery rooms.

We Red Pillers know women are only interested in male utility. We’re not viewed as human beings in female eyes. Only something to be consumed. Male utility has been stripped away because the state is now the resource provider and men have been culturally marginalized by a steady stream of midandrist cultural narratives.

This has given us an uncommon insight into just how little men have ever meant to women. They only stayed with us in the past because they had no other alternative. Women used men to survive until a better option came along, one they didn’t have to pay attention to, have sex with, or answer to for coming home at 3:00 a.m. after a night on the cock carousel. Nor did they have to get yelled at by mean old hubbies for recklessly spending money in spendthrift lives that result in each woman creating a net loss of $100,000 to $150,000 for society over the course of her life. The better option? Big Daddy Government and his ability to rob men to pay women.

End game of this state-created rift between male and female: The state wants total control over what our youth think. Feminism was the first volley in destroying the family so children could be indoctrinated by the state.

“The increased share of unmarried recent mothers is one measure of the nation’s changing family structure,” said Rose Kreider, one of the report’s authors, in a press release.

What Kreider really means is feminism and social engineering schemes have been a big-titty success for elites bent on bending humanity to their will. Families destroyed, state propaganda will now take the place of dads (enslaved by child support with no power in family courts) and moms who spend more time at work than with their kids. YouGoGrrl!

This is the evil social engineers have unleashed on us.

Single mommery is the product of a culture in which women are free to make poor dating and mating choices and suffer no consequences. Because whatever happens in the relationshit or marriage, the cultural narrative is the breakup is automatically the man’s fault. And any spawn automatically the welfare state’s responsibility, that is if the father isn’t enslaved by child support slavemasters.

Remove consequences of women using and disposing of men like financial tampons, utility items, and entertainers they change as often as they change items in their wardrobes and it isn’t long before you’ve created a massive underclass of men and a nation of literal little bastards.

America wants to prop up this newly created system of male slavery and female privilege with a totalitarian government that micromanages every detail of human life and behavior electronically. It’s the only way to sustain the system, because without men and fathers playing active roles the entire facade collapses. Men walk out on a raw deal, and start living for themselves. Often working and consuming much less as Yours Truly has done, designing my own life as a world roaming nomad.

The newly created matriarchy will consume itself without forced male sacrifice in the form of both men being paid less than women for the same work (the true intent of the pay gap myth) and in having all the hours of our lives taken from us in corporate cubicle farms, literal human farms in which we are the livestock. No sex, no choice, and no freedom is the plan. Are you going to go along?

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  • The biggest problem is that children of those single mothers are probably going to be SJW, Liberals, and cucks. Mothers will condition them into the blue pill world. Unfortunately.


  • Why is that butch lesbian naked with a young boy? Is she a feminist pedophile who needs to be publicly stoned or hanged for her perversion?


  • When the woman leaves the relationship…the man was a disappointment and the woman had the ‘courage’ to leave. The woman is heroic, the man villainous.

    When the man leaves the relationship…the woman was wonderful and the man abandoned her, an act of betrayal. The woman is heroic, the man villainous.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Angry Outernationalist

      Nah man …

      When the woman leaves the relationship, it’s because she wants to be a whore.

      When the man leaves the relationship, it’s because she already is a whore.

      FTFY 🙂


  • Nice article, also CH wrote a very long piece about this. According to him, single mommery has increased 700% since the beginning of this sexual dystopia.



  • Actually I`ve almost started to envy our Muslim brother`s. Not their religion as a whole, but their culture and gender dynamics. I was in Dubai recently for some R&R and couldn`t help noticing how well behaved and stylish the native women were. I see the same thing with Muslim girls in Europe, although feminist are certainly trying all they can to recruit them to their cause. With only moderate success so far. I will certainly not turn to Islam any time soon, but I developed some admiration for Arabian culture when I was there. Not the worst place for a red-pill man btw. No taxes, and the kind of freedom that really matters. (As opposed to voting etc.)


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    All that I can hope for is that effective male contraception is introduced and that government acts in its own interest and sees that it is approved. It may even benefit government to subsidize it. Women are going to howl. There will be no more “oopsie” pregnancies. They will also howl because men will have the last word in whether they have babies or not.


  • Seemed appropriate for this post, another gem from Hop;


    • Too sad. Too true.
      Women do break a lot of hearts without remorse.
      Though, ultimately, there is always blowback,

      Yesterday I had Jess assault me in the aisle of the grocery store.
      Ignoring women can have repercussions. She is a real irritant and I don’t want to fuck her just to shut her up, because it won’t.

      I have a date with Carmen today, at her request.
      This is where I set her up for the kill shot. This is where I tell her the way its going to be or won’t be at all. This is my duty and I take it serious.
      You all should too.


  • Hey, take it easy man! It’s not as bad as you think. Believe it or not they still want to get fucked on occasion with something that drives itself and is not made of plastic.
    That could be you or I.

    They also need someone to tell them how bootiful they are and smart too!

    I look on the bright side; when the grid goes down they will either submit to a man for survivals sake or end up eating their children and have no hope of producing more as prion disease will take them pretty quick.

    Just joking.

    Actually, Dr. Jordan Peterson is gonna set everything right. He is, he is, I heard him.

    Now that he has JESUS to go with his psychoANAList babbling demons he is good to go.
    Don’t you worry about a thing.


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