Alive Inside


Original fiction and poetry on The New Modern Man by RF

Being alive is…
That first line of the purest snow
With a hot, half naked Colombiana
The burst of acceleration
When you hit the gas on your bike
The numbing rush
When you fall from a great height
The thrill you get when you wander
Into a dangerous place at 3 am…and survive
The feeling of satisfaction when you beat the odds
And drive a big rig coast to coast
The look in your baby’s eyes
When he realizes you’re his father for the first time
The joy you feel
Dancing Bachata and taking flaming Sambuca shots
The pleasure of savoring
Authentic Thai food in Thailand
The awe you feel
Seeing that Rembrandt in person for the first time
The sensation when you camp out in the wild
And hear wild animals announcing the arrival of the night’s full moon
Forgetting yourself
In the moment
The problems of the world so far away
And you feeling so alive inside
Each of these moments
Now a memory no one can take away

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