Why Western Civilization is in Chaos: The Answer Key, Part 2


The Western world is indeed an irreligious one, and a society that has no spirituality soon dies

We continue analyzing Spengler’s Civilization Model for clues explaining the current chaos the Western world is now suffering in its death throes. In Part 1 of in this series, we looked at Spengler’s political predictions made 100 years ago for modern times. We saw they were dead on accurate when examining current events in the West. In this installment, we’ll look at Spengler’s spiritual predictions. We will see they also jive with current events.

Given that the West is currently in Winter (the dying phase) of the civilization model, we find Spengler predicted we would see the dawn of megalopolitan civilization as the population shifted from being rural and agrarian to urban and cosmopolitan in composition. This is so obvious to see it almost doesn’t need explanation.


Emerging megaregions in America, a phase in our civilization predicted by Spengler (click to enlarge)

In the U.S. most people are familiar with the Northeast megalopolis, which spans from New York to Boston to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. This is the most heavily populated area of the nation, and has almost become one continuous city spanning several states. Other megaregions or clusters of cities include the Great Lakes, Florida, Piedmont Atlantic, Texas Triangle, Gulf Coast, Front Range, Cascadia, and Southern California megalopolises. Indeed, this is the age of the megalopolis in the West even though many of these urban centers are already decaying from within – showing winter civilizational blight. Detroit is a perfect example of this urban blight, although many of America’s inner cities are showing their own signs of decay.

The great megalopolitan areas are blighting because the West has seen the extinction of its spiritual creative life force. There is little spirituality left in our civilization since Christianity is in decline, as are its teachings. Traditions and religion are now mocked rather than respected and the focus of daily life in the West has shifted from living according to traditions and principles to living according to the laws of economics and the machinations of politics.

Life itself has become problematical as a result of this obsession with economics (economic growth is everything in this culture) and the population shifting from an organic, rural base to an inorganic, urban base. As a result, Americans in particular have lost touch with their biology as gender bending becomes the norm and women become wannabe men who choose to chase dollars and careers rather than become moms. This is total insanity, biologically speaking, and it should come as no surprise this population can no longer sustain itself.

Westerners now try to satisfy their biological urges by buying material things, but this only provides them fleeting pleasure and not the spiritual fulfillment a family would bring. It doesn’t take long for this inorganic society to get caught up in a cycle of consumer driven insanity by trying to please themselves with an unending cycle of materialistic purchases, always missing the point that this extrinsic search for spiritual fulfillment will never make them happy.

Westerners no longer know how to look for intrinsic, spiritual happiness, and now look for happiness to come from outside themselves. Take a look at the world around us. Our machine culture is one of problems and solutions, complete with a materialistic world outlook, and a cult of science, utility and prosperity. There is nothing spiritual about it.

Beyond religion, it’s easy to see that native populations of Europe and the founding population of the United States have lost their life force since whites are now dying off at a rapid pace. The media disguises this by saying the white population is “aging” when the truth is it is aging because it is dying. Liberalism is a suicide cult that has perverted Western thinking, and represents the end of the spiritual creative life force in the West.

Reproduction, a crucial part of the life cycle for any biological organism is now weighed in terms of “pros” and “cons” amongst Westerners, which has led to them become demographically sterile. This is a predictable consequence for a society that only knows how to think rationally and not spiritually.


How the winter of spirituality played out in Indian, Greek, and Magian cultures – and how it will play out in the West. From Spengler’s Civilization Model

Philosophically, we also see ethical-practical tendencies of an irreligious and unmetaphysical cosmopolitanism. The simplest way to visualize this prediction is by watching the ongoing spread of the evil ideology Socialism. Socialism is metastasizing like a cancer through the body politic of the Western world. The Socialist creed is, of course, irreligious and bereft of any spiritual quality.

The West is cosmopolitan in that it no longer believes in itself, but now looks to other cultures for guidance. From the liberal obsession with ethnic restaurants to their tolerance of other religions but not Christianity, this cosmopolitan xenophilia also represents the end of the spiritual creative life force that once drove the West to greatness. This is a culture that no longer believes in itself, and even hates itself.

The spread of ethical Socialism since 1900 was predicted to be the final world sentiment of the West as it dies, and with current events in the political world that certainly seems to be an astute prediction. Socialists are gaining ground in the U.S. and the European Union is becoming the Soviet Union in all but name, as the West as we have known it for the past 1,000 years is dying from within and falling apart from without.

Further study of the spiritual section of Spengler’s Civilization Model allows one to study the evolution of spirituality amongst 4 cultures (including our own) in detail, going back to around the year 1000 when the modern Western world began developing. One can also compare and contrast the development of each season of the model in Indian, Greek, and Magian (Middle Eastern) cultures respectively by looking at each column of the table.

Note the Indian and Magian cultures still exist, but they haven’t been dominant forces on the world stage since the time of their decline. Each respective culture became shadows of their former greatness, as the West soon will. Each formerly great civilization was living rather primitively after its decline until those cultures picked up on the vitality of the West. As the West disintegrates, primitive human conditions will once again thrust up into the highly civilized mode of living. Westerners will likely find themselves conquered in the near future, and subject to a way of living that is foreign to them.

In the third and final installment, we’ll look at how Western art (music, paintings, and film) has completely degenerated in the modern era. It too, is uncannily following the predictions of the civilization model.

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  • Having taken rabbinical Hebrew the fact is If it exists in print it can be altered. In the ancient world, the only intelligence was HUMINT and the Romans had some of the most sophisticated organizations to ever exist. Essentially what happened was what most people like to call “early Christians” or the inheritors of the apostles were actually Nazarenes were totally annihilated with most source texts destroyed or at best buried in sites like Qumram.

    (71a) ‘After him’, his disciples (axhab) were with the Jews and the Children of Israel in the latter’s synagogues and observed the prayers and the feasts of (the Jews) in the same place as the latter. (However) there was a disagreement between them and the Jews with regard to Christ.

    The Romans (al-Rum) reigned over them. The Christians (used to) complain to the Romans about the Jews, showed them their own weakness and appealed to their pity. And the Romans did pity them. This (used) to happen frequently. And the Romans said to the Christians: “Between us and the Jews there is a pact which (obliges us) not to change their religious laws (adyan). But if you would abandon their laws and separate yourselves from them, praying as we do (while facing) the East, eating (the things) we eat, and regarding as permissible that which we consider as such, we should help you and make you powerful, and the Jews would find no way (to harm you). On the contrary, you would be more powerful than they.”

    The Christians answered: “We will do this.”

    (And the Romans) said: “Go, fetch your companions, and bring your Book (Torah/Bible).” (The Christians) went to their companions, informed them of (what had taken place) between them and the Romans and said to them: “Bring the Gospel, and stand up so that we should go to them.”

    But these (companions) said to them: “You have done ill. We are not permitted (to let) the Romans pollute the Gospel. In giving a favourable answer to the Romans, you have accordingly departed from the religion. We are (therefore) no longer permitted to associate with you; on the contrary, we are obliged to declare that there is nothing in common between us and you;” and they prevented their (taking possession of) the Gospel or gaining access to it. In consequence a violent quarrel (broke out) between (the two groups). Those (mentioned in the first place) went back to the Romans and said to them: “Help us against these companions of ours before (helping us) against the Jews, and take away from them on our behalf our Book.” Thereupon (the companions of whom they had spoken) fled the country. And the Romans wrote concerning them to their governors in the districts of Mosul and in the Jazirat al-‘Arab. Accordingly, a search was made for them; some were caught and burned, others were killed.” (Pines S. The Jewish Christians of the Early Centuries of Christianity according to a New Source. Proceedings of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Volume II, No.13; 1966. Jerusalem, pp. 14-15).

    This led to some of the Nazarenes turning to the Arabs teaching them military organizational principles and advanced theological knowledge. Or rather this was the catalyst for the beginning of Islam which was finalized sometime before the sunni shia split where the Arabs turned viciously on the surviving Nazarenes as it seemed the Messiah would not come and replaced all previous imperatives with Arab ones.

    Perhaps the most interesting of this entire debacle is how the monogram of Jesus Christ plays into this. Symbols rule the world.

    Or rather can you accept what is beyond red pill, and accept the infra-black pill.

    Oh and Moriyah, contact me discord #5615, I want to hear more about your perspectives.


  • Looking forward for the next part.


  • Jonathan Castle

    The Cultural Marxist divides all against all. Even a man against himself and against his own soul.

    Like a pot telling the potter, ‘you didn’t make me’ we are lost.

    But, unlike moriya, I find wisdom, peace and victory in the Messiah of the Bible.

    Christendom is strong in Africa and Asia. There is no reason we can’t regain a sustaining faith in the West. People are starving for it.


    • A very simple study will tell you that Constantine changed the Messiah’s name to Iesous Christos in 320 A.D. in place of Yahshua ben Yahseph. There is no critical argument of that.
      The vast majority of Christian dictum and doctrine does NOT line up with the bible in the proto-sinaitic Hebrew or the Aramaic.
      There are over 20,000 translation errors, outright fraud and deceptions in the KJV Bible and all other Bibles are similar except for maybe 3 which have some clarity. Over 6,000 of these errors replace the name of Yahweh with the pagan name of God who was a deity of fortune in Canaan. Many more errors usurp Yahshua. Revelations tell you that ‘Satan is God of this world’.
      Too many others to begin to list.
      Jeremiah 23:26, 27 said that Yahweh’s name would be taken away and it was thousands of years ago and again as recently as 2013.
      Christmas, Easter, Halloween are all condemned in the Bible yet Christians revel in them. What kind of hypocrisy is that? More to the point; what kind of ‘wisdom’ is that? What kind of ‘peace’ do you see in the world? Where? Show me. America has as many murders per year as Mexico did 10yrs ago. Go USA! The vortex of water is circling the sewer. Where is your ‘victory’?
      Your redemption draweth near in the region of the great River Euphrates.
      When they say ‘peace and safety, then comes sudden destruction’.

      And so I did visit the no rose rose bushes this morning. As I stood there surveying the scene, once again, my eyes began to focus on a young woman who came without a sound. She held her bike helmet in one hand and had her knapsack on her back. ‘Hello’, I said. We talked for 2.5 hrs about the state of the world and especially about the state of the roses, other plants, the snapping turtles and many birds and the beavers. We parted in peace. I have her name, her number and her email. She has mine and we have a pact.
      If nothing else, each day I try to do as I say.


      • Jonathan Castle

        The Bible has been passed down the centuries like an open ledger – much like blockchain / bitcoin technology. Thousands of manuscripts in multiple languages and many places confirm its integrity.

        Jesus / Yeshua (use whatever transliteration your language requires) said that Satan is the god of this world and would be it’s behind-the scene ruler until his return. That’s why deception and corruption and war is rampant. ..and why the world’s leaders are some of the worst people on the planet.

        Old Testament and New Testament prophets both describe a time when ‘ownership’ is taken back from Satan. (Spoiler: it gets worse before it gets better.)

        My observation is that people can choose from a thousand reasons to avoid the Bible and know the God it describes. Most just don’t want to submit to any higher authority than themselves. Understandable. I don’t much like authority myself.

        On the flip side, people who decide to take the Bible seriously are often surprised by what it says and find its depth and truth is not so easily dismissed.


      • Agreed, the truth does indeed shine through all of the lies and deceit.
        Things will be set in order.
        We may yet be redeemed.
        However, transliteration is part of the problem.
        Jesus, Iesous, is as far from Yahshua as Sirius is from earth.


  • I have to agree with Ryu. A site like this isn’t going to attract much interest. And that’s ok. There used to be a band called the Velvet Underground. They never attracted a mainstream audience, but you know what? As someone said, “everyone who listened to the velvet Underground went on to start a band.” The material on this site is powerful and will have a tremendous impact on the lives of enough people to start an avalanche. I hope.
    However as Spengler pointed out, there is no stopping the death of the west.


  • Just a question. Does anyone besides a handful of us follow TNMM? The posters in the comment section never seem to change or grow. Are we a sick minority, or an enlightened one? Are we outliers in the truth, or merely delusional? I truly want to know.


    • John, The Truth is never a popular subject on the best of days. On the worst days people will accept any lie so long as it is able to conceal their sad reality. I don’t see that as the case with Red Pill or MGTOW. Maybe we don’t have all the answers yet, but, we have enough for now.

      I am sure that Rel has page view counts. He also sees some residuals and even displays of intelligence sufficient to make it worth his effort. Small numbers of comments does not necessarily mean few visitors.
      The sad truth is that very few want the truth nor are they willing to comment when they, by necessity to the subject matter, must reveal their most inner being.
      Personally, in spite of being an off the chart introvert, I MUST write on subjects which I find to be of critical importance to life.

      You can go on many so-called news sites and read one page stories on tripe, or trash, with 1,000 comments of which none are relevant to life or death. That is the commoner.
      Here, even the flames are significant; and even the guy with a 100 girls under his belt is obviously still looking for THE one.
      And, even the guy with none under his belt has hope and is open to some advice or direction.
      Fact of the matter is that Rel would still write if there were NO comments.
      There is NO more important subject matter to be expounded, discussed or commented than the state of relations between men and women. I say that in all seriousness.
      And I don’t mean from the @metoo perspective, nor the feminist, nor the Alpha or any of the rest of the crap that passes for discourse on human relations today.
      The nuclear threat is less important. The death of the oceans is less important.
      Thank you for your important observation on this most important subject.

      Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I will go to the conservation area again seeking the answer to the question ‘why have none of the more than a thousand wild rose plants bloomed this year or last?’ Who fucking cares? I do!


    • I would say enlightened minority, but whenever RF has a game post or P4P Abroad post, there is some spill over from ROK. Other than that, this outpost is fairly obscure IMHO.


    • The more advanced the material, the smaller the audience.

      This is like a red pill law. Roissy or Roosh really don’t push the boundary much. There are very good WN sites will fewer readers than this. And the very best sites have 1-2 commenters.

      You’d be hard pressed to find what I call a racially aware PUTer like Remy who still cares about things in his former country. I’m surprised he hasn’t left permenantly already.


    • I’m sure there are a lot of us, like me, that I guess would still be called lurkers….we read everything but rarely jump in, for whatever reason.


      • Yeah, I adjure you to jump in. With questions, comments, critiques. You may change a whole paradigm. The human race is still learning what works and has a long way to go. You can help. thanks.


  • It is necessary to note that never in the history of humanity has ‘spirituality’, as enshrined in a religion, existed as a concrete concept of ‘faith’ based on belief of ‘factual’ and ‘provable’ dictum for more than a few years. That would be less than 10 years. Even then, it was shown by ‘works’ and not words.
    What is left of Christian spirituality today is as empty, like those hallowed halls, as it has been for 18 or 19 hundred years.
    The most notable period of successful inculcation would, of course, be when the so called Messiah was alive and well preaching to a reprobate but remorseful people representing maybe 10% of the local population at the time. That is a very notable success example.
    Today Santa Claus, Satan’s Claws, and Mistletoe, a potent healing herb when used as such, are the stuff of legend, or fiction as you like, and not anything remotely approaching spirituality.
    So it has been for 1700 yrs since the council of Nicea and Constantine naming, and framing, the Messiah as something He was not and the Creator as something He never was.
    With 20,000 errors in the Bible how does anyone expect ‘spirituality’ to result. What is ‘spirituality’ anyways? There is an answer to that question!
    Let’s be absolutely clear on this: Christianity is, and has been for almost two thousand years, a counterfeit.
    It is definitely time to clear the slate and rewrite the book according to a correct translation of the extant original writings. It will be done in the flesh and not on paper.
    It is also time to clear the deck and build a new civilization of beings inclined to brotherly/sisterly love and not just lust. For money, sex, drugs, entertainment, blood.
    In a righteous, moral, world there is a reason for reproduction. In this world there is none.

    Interesting to note that today I saw 3 well known, to me, women humbled to their basic nature of seeking validation: A single narcissist who was humbled yet evasive (Carmen); a single feminist who was petty but proud (Jesse) and; a single mother seeking attention without any significance except mirroring (she wins the prize for an intelligent attempt.
    Women, sadly single, are nothing without men yet have learned to disdain what they require for validation.
    How bizarre. Just like Christianity; empty and without substance.

    Let’s look forward to Putin and Trump’s engagement; a match made in heaven.

    Watch out! They just bombed the left bank of the Euphrates.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I wish that I knew a way to turn this around. It is bigger that an individual, or a small group of individuals, can turn around. If God wanted us to overcome it, He would have told us how by now.


  • Hunchback of Norte Dame

    The photograph of this cathedral is a fitting picture to accompany the article. The soaring cathedrals of Europe, built with rudimentary tools( compared to ours) are vastly superior to any house of worship built in last 75 years.
    Google mega churches and see what I mean. They are hideous.
    The so called Dark Ages and the men of that era were inspired by a faith long lost in the west. The religious zeal fired by that faith did in fact cause many great horrors, but it also produced some of the most beautiful art found in the west.
    By the way, the religious wars of history in terms of body count come nowhere close to the pile of corpse left by communism in the 20th. I believe the figure to be in the ballpark of one hundred million or so.Yet, modern people are increasingly contemptuous towards religion.
    Go figure.


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