Tending Your Own Garden


Thoughts on withdrawing from a hopeless situation to tend your own garden

I’ve been rather withdrawn from macro scale happenings in the Anglosphere the last few months. Tending my own garden, so to speak. Each time I check the headlines, I see the NWO noose has tightened around our collective necks a little more.

It’s amazing that most people scuttle about without a wit as to what’s happening all around them, and the seismic ramifications totalitarianism will have on their lives and the lives of their children (for those who even have any) as the American government is systematically destroyed in a similar fashion to the way engineering experts say was the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Today I log on to see that Zuckerface is being ousted from Facebook so that no doubt, an even worse CIA-controlled tyrant can be put in his place. It’s becoming clearer by the day Facebook got its name from the desire elites have to monitor our faces and activities around the clock. The Dallas Mavericks cheerleaders are going to cover themselves up next season, because heaven forbid a cheerleading squad have sex appeal. (They’re also talking about putting fatties on the cheerleading squad, to force fat acceptance down our throats.) The disgraced Time magazine is doubling and tripling down on its superior virtue of the oppressed narrative, as it gleefully predicts Georgia will turn blue with changing demographics. (As always, the Kill Evil Whitey subtext is once again on display.)

Jeff Bezos continues to tighten his grasp on the economy.

Conservatives will tell you Trump is making the left show their ugly faces and is therefore defeating shitlibs in a game of 4D chess. But my skeptical mind often wonders: Was he put there so the elites could crucify a white man in the seat of his own government for all the world to see? How long will the office be viable?

Also this week we have seen the normalization of pedophilia agenda is proceeding at full steam. Social engineers are working it into the narrative as often as possible.

I’ve spent a decade trying to fit so many such puzzle pieces together, and I am beginning to believe we’ve already lost the battle with the NWO. We just haven’t realized it yet. More and more I think the American republic died November 22, 1963 as the last true American president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas.

Think about it. The nation soon plunged into a very profitable (for the military-industrial complex) war. LBJ refused to run for a second term because he knew what kind of ruthless bastards had taken over the government. (Not to mention, he had Kennedy’s blood on his hands.) Nixon resigned as he became the guinea pig for the shadow government to test its power to bring down a president over trumped up charges that pale in comparison to the high crimes of the Clintons and Bushes. Ford fell in line as assassin’s bullets let him know who was really in charge. Carter was and is a stooge for the NWO. Reagan was nearly killed due to the Bush family’s lust for power, and appropriately enough was the first (but not last) actor to occupy the position. (It seems the presidency is indeed little more than an acting role these days.) Clinton began the dismantling of the republic in earnest by putting in place NAFTA and selling the country out to China, not long after Bush I and his infamous New World Order speech to Congress. Bush II began the process of bringing down Middle Eastern patriarchies by dropping bombs all over that region in order to install puppet governments that will one day transform the Islamic world into Western-style gynocracies. Obama further destroyed the nation, skillfully dividing people along ethnic lines and beginning the transition to overt Socialism. Even if Trump isn’t an imposter, how can one man stop the momentum of this 50-year old chain of events?

Thought crimes are being shadow banned on Twitter. There are open calls for censorship of opinions the establishment doesn’t approve of. Yet, as I drive around the nation in my semi I see fat, clueless idiots wherever I roam. People who do nothing but shop, eat out, go to work, and pay bills as every liberty they ever had is stripped from them.

Perhaps we are the foolish ones, the minority who see the truth of what’s happening thinking we can change things. The elite know most people don’t live for principles, they live to consume just as they have been conditioned to do. You can do just about anything to the average American blob of protoplasm walking around, and they may protest at first – just as conservatives have for half a century – but after their mad spell will eventually come around and adopt whatever idiocy the liberals unleash on society.

We’ve entered a new era in world and political history. Humans are being conditioned to do exactly what an elite want us to do. Just as the wolf was domesticated to serve man, a once proud people are being domesticated to serve an elite. Their government committed treason against them in service of this cause long ago.

Since there’s little a man can do to change the macro scale, perhaps he should focus more on the personal scale – things he can control in his own life. Like withdrawing from this corrupt neo-Babylon to tend his own garden.

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  • Jul 17, 2018- Obama visits South Africa, says we live in strange and uncertain times

    July 31, 2018- South Africa’s ANC to amend constitution to allow land expropriation from white people

    Dear white people, you have to consider the possibility that the neocon deep state does not like you. They never wanted you. In all probability, they hate you.


  • Better version


  • “random_stranger August 3, 2018 3:12 am

    Putin doesn’t need to embrace multiculturalism and feminism, because Russia is a multicultural and gynocentric state. The former is the fruit of three hundred years of imperial expansion and the latter is the result of 20th century communist policies.”

    Just beware that the Deep State is starting to muddy the waters on different alternative sites with people like random stranger. They use perverted logic to cover the truth. Putin knows the truth and he knows that communism as well as homo/trans multiculturalism is a failed and perverted policy. This is why he is implementing policies which encourage Russian women to be home more and have kids. Putin has also taken in white refugees from Ukraine and now South Africa.

    The bottom line is that neocons such as random stranger are doing serious harm to the truth. The Deep State right now is using misinformation to muddy the truth.

    Be aware of this Rel.


    • I see every effort of the USA to hurt Russia makes the Great Bear stronger by the day. A bear is a great, lumbering, bumbling beast until it is made angry and then it is the most agile, raging force that anyone may encounter. I have met a few in woods.
      McCain and ilk are sick puppies who need either major health care, which the US does not have, or a bucket of water to drown themselves.
      As a Canadian, whose own country blindly follows the US into oblivion, I cheer on Russia with its clear vision and fortitude.
      Go, Ruskies, Go!


  • “sarah jeong @sarahjeong
    oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men
    5:20 PM – Jul 24, 2014

    Most people can’t handle the truth so they create some bullshit theory in their head- Petra


    • The NYT has been hiring sick fucks for over a hundred years to promote various ‘color’ revolutions and genocides to suit the Old/New World Order.
      Thankfully, like many major NewsCrappers the NY Times is on life support for the last time. Whether the whole city disappears with it we can only hope.


  • Keep it simple. Who does the the Deep State hate the most? Putin. Should only take an IQ of about 98 to figure it out. Putin is a fly in the neocon ointment. The evidence is strong.

    The Eye of Sauron has been over the Pentagon. Neocons want total control.


    • I used to think that about Putin, but I think he is a Puppet, Putin had paled up Israel he even let then off bombing Syria forces who were fighting ISIS. He did nothing I now think Putin is a fake and controlled, taken up the roll of the good guy. They have been faking this world for over 1000 years (((they))) have always owned both side.


      • “he even let then off bombing Syria forces who were fighting ISIS”

        Steve, that is pretty weak. Putin chooses his battles and acts decisively. He is not reactive on every single issue. The misguided logic you use is what enables the Deep State. I have come across so much bullshit like this and concluded it is an IQ issue. Academic smarts are much different than IQ smarts.

        Hillary, Obama, McCain, Bush and the rest of the Deep State boys hate Putin more than anyone.

        Putin WOULD NOT EMBRACE AMERICA’S HOMOSEXUAL/FEMINIST, MULTICULTURAL AGENDA FOR HIS COUNTRY. He stated it publicly and said it would destroy their culture. He passed laws protecting their children from homo/transgender marketing. This enraged the U.S. From that point on he was the Deep State’s # 1 enemy. He has essentially been the last hope for traditional culture which does not hate older white males.


      • In concert with my own response to Steve I concur with you.


      • random_stranger

        Putin doesn’t need to embrace multiculturalism and feminism, because Russia is a multicultural and gynocentric state. The former is the fruit of three hundred years of imperial expansion and the latter is the result of 20th century communist policies.

        Ethnic Russians comprise only 77% of population, with their share projected to decline. There are many provinces (while the correct term is the Federal subject, thanks to oligarchic gang that rules the country, Russia is a federation in name only), where Russians are minority: Chechnya, Dagestan, Tatarstan, Bahskortostan, etc. Coincidentally, people in these “national Republics” mostly adhere to Islam (overall, 7-15% of population practice Islam). While most Muslims live compactly in their home regions, they, along with their (illegal) immigrant brothers from the states of Central Asia are also attracted to larger cities, especially the capital.

        You can see an example of regular dose of cultural enrichment Moscow receives every year in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgciCaSAnBU

        Gynocentrism of Russian state is also clear: retirement age for men – 60 years, for women – 55 years, despite of reverse figures for life expectancy (67.5 for men and 77.6 for women, the fact that is terrifying on its own). As in the West, women usually receive softer punishment for the crimes and usually get the custody of the children (and, of course, alimony) in case of divorce.


      • Disclaimer: I have Russian blood back 4 generations on my fathers side but have never been there and I HAVE been to the USA many times.
        Personally, I have little problem with giving women some extra breaks. Without regard to their opinions; they are generally not as smart, strong or capable as men and without some breaks they would die younger and more horribly because of some men who just cannot be nice. I.e. rapists, murderers, kidnappers, etc. who prey on women and children. In addition, the Russians themselves are patriarchal from both a religious and cultural tradition, and, they like it that way.
        I do too.
        You might also by the time this US export moral standard fully saturates the species.


    • Steve, it is apparent that all National and Global rulers are in the same club of a sort. Money, power, prestige, ego/pride/arrogance, but, religion rules them all.
      The number one power religion in the world is Christianity. It has two major factions and Protestant is not one of them (protestants are simply co-opted prodigal catholics).

      When the Eastern faction held its own conclave of sorts:
      Pan-Orthodox Council in Crete Declares Orthodox Church Unity
      (updated 11:11 26.06.2016) The Orthodox Church has declared its unity during June 20-26 Pan-Orthodox Council.
      KOLYMVARI (Sputnik) — The Orthodox Church has declared its unity in the message of the Pan-Orthodox Council which took place in Crete on June 20-26.
      “The key priority of the Council was to proclaim the unity of the Orthodox Church… The Orthodox Autocephalous Churches do not constitute a federation of Churches, but the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church,” the message reads.
      The Council was convened after over 50 years of preparations. Of the 14 national Orthodox churches, four did not attend the event, including the Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Georgian and Bulgarian Orthodox Churches, as well as the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East. (End)

      We see that Russia (and some very significant others) did NOT participate.
      Reason being that; this NON-federation Federation of Eastern ‘Orthodox’ churches effectively declared their unity, not separate entities, with THE Catholic faith which is ruled from Western Rome.
      Russia, as a result of its rulers ship being stubborn (sic), thus declared its own extreme independence.
      That along with a few others who declare their true allegiance lays other than at Rome though not necessarily in lock step with Moscow.
      This was, IS, the most significant political/religious event of the last 1,000 yrs.
      Oddly, or not, upon election, Trump, the anti-Deep State actor, was very quick to visit his Master in Rome. Now, I recognize that there certainly is bad blood between the Masons (Trump), and company, and the Knights of Malta, but, they do all want the same thing.

      Rather than declaring their unity, with the Western Old-Boys Club, Russia has declared their abject oppositon to the operation and aims, or intent, of the Vatican/ Deep State and its agents including UN, UK, US, France, NATO and the Bolsheviks in former Soviet and Eastern Bloc states who do declare their unity with the Capitoline, and Moneta, temples at Rome.
      This all tells you who the real players are playing for.

      Now, you do have another factor at play which has not raised its head in a very long time. The Teutonics, Templars, Hospitalliers and their derivatives DO have their own separate agendas.

      I cannot predict the future, and in spite of SEC requirements of full risk disclosure regarding investments, past performance, ie. history, IS often the ONLY indicator you have of future performance.

      The forgoing strongly suggests that Russia is by no means finished in Syria, nor finished its push back of the NWO, nor prepared to capitulate to the Beast of Revelation (commonly known as the USA and company).

      In general terms this will not end well but some of us will survive and come out the other side.
      Meditate on these things.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “… how can one man stop the momentum …”

    By identifying the linch pins and destroying them.

    Yours is good advice: tending the garden is much easier and safer than being anywhere near the inevitable train wreck, and it’s going to be absolutely necessary for a future course correction.


  • I’ve adopted a lifestyle best described as ‘domestic expatriation.’ My family is here and I need to be present in their lives, so immigrating (at least until my parents pass) is not an option,
    And that’s ok.
    I don’t know what’s coming. To be around your own blood kin, who love you more than anyone else on the planet, is a joyful thing. To have relatives you can count on to help you when you need it, that’s priceless.
    When America hits the wall, and it is going to hit a wall, I have a pretty broad network of kin to count on.
    I’m the meantime, I no longer waste my time with people in the blue pill world.
    I think it would be worthwhile for Mr. Furioso to write something on the importance of family.
    I would myself, though I lack that gift to delivering a point swift and concise.


    • On your last point…you did.
      Thus, you can, and should, write on that which motivates and drives you on to your end goals and assists others to do the same. Whether fiction or not this is what writing does best when it is written with the ‘heart in mind’.
      All of the great writers have struggle just to get started. Struggle in the heart and mind.
      You have already done that.
      Write on. Right on!


  • The South Georgia Islands just keep looking better and better:


    Just a thought.



  • Like your other fellows here in comments I must agree with your summary in the whole.
    Though, one thing, you must accept and note; that the Vatican IS the Deep State. The rest is simply a manifestation of their entrenchment in all global corps, banks, govs and their agencies AND churches of all stripes.
    2,000 yrs of attention paid to a single goal has provided the dividends desired by the Whore of Babylon. As one comment points out; this is a conspiracy and the plutocracy of a woman. But, no, the women will not bring it down in and of themselves. The women WERE the route to destruction of the hearts and souls of men.

    I was in grade 2 when Kennedy was shot dead and remember the announcement over the classroom PA. Why the fuck they would announce that to a population of children? Terror even then.
    It was not 4 yrs before I nailed that story, and the event, for what they were; designed to break our spirit, and, it did, for awhile.

    It will be the men going their own way who bring around the lost women and those yet to be corrupted.

    Case in point: As stated previously, I have been spending the summer engrossed in my own studies of the natural world; specifically in the study of the genus rosa in the wild.
    In the pursuit of that subject I met a 19 yr old woman (you know I am 62), not yet fully educated in the dross of the world but extremely bright and looking for answers to the tragedy unfolding.
    We have spent many hours since discussing and planning escape from the Matrix.
    Unlike most, we have not yet committed entirely to each other but hold that in reserve as the ultimate commitment to be made. We HAVE committed to assisting one another in the transition from dependence on the system in any way; to independence from the system with all of the responsibility in obligations to the self and others.

    The world will not be saved; the future belongs to those who survive the trauma through resourcefulness, integrity, cooperation, integration and faith in a plan not of our making but with our participation. Yes, the Bible does come to mind.

    1st book, 1st page, 1st chapter; grow and eat your veggies, make babies and train in the way of life.

    Anyone, man, woman or child, heeding those words has options. Exercising them is THE challenge AND reward.

    Discouragement is to be expected; despair and capitulation are not.


    • That’s interesting, Moyirah.

      I imagine very many 60 yo men would like a 20 yo girlfriend. How did you do it? Weren’t you afraid of MeToo junk?


      • Touchy keyboard here.
        Gremlins in the matrix.
        Sorry, Ryu, talking to my computer. Sometimes it is less responsive than a woman.

        Actually, I’m just myself.
        Which is to say, an over the top empath. I read minds, faces, body language, little nuances, and, I know what I want.
        I sure as anything don’t want a woman my age, though; I don’t reject them out of hand. It is just based on prima facie most of the time. Certainly after 10 minutes talk I will have her pegged.
        Nor do I want a woman at 50, 40, or 30 as I have tried all of that multiple times and it is not just me too!“ but, more like me, me, me, me, me!
        You know what I mean.
        It is a fact, you really need to define what, or who, you want in order to have any hope in finding it or acquiring it, or her.
        I’m 5′ 11″ and she is 5′ 1″. Most all of my girlfriends/wives have been within 4′ 9″ to 5′ 6″. Nothing else matters too, too much so long as she is attentive to my words and my needs. Then I am glad to satisfy hers within reason. In this case she is Hispanic, pretty, nice shape, long hair like silk, not yet smart but quite brilliant, sober to a fault (though she is just legal now to drink). NO drugs, plenty of girl friends who are not too fucked up. I believe in letting them fuck up on their own anytime they want. And, they need female friends or they drive you batshit too. We all have to learn the hard way, generally.
        Not counting on too much long term but it is their choice, anyways, whether they stick around very long.
        I believe in serendipity but much more in synchronicity and careful determination. I highly recommend all of those for success in all endeavors and especially with women.
        Believe me, I am not a 10 on any girls imaginary list. In fact, I have never been a 10 or an Alpha but always a Sigma. The reality is, I believe, that a Sigma has much more to offer an honest woman, that is honest with herself, than any Alpha can offer.
        You remember my maxim about women? Their highest requirement is security and protection. If one of their first questions is ‘What do you do for a living? Translation: How much money do you have? You are almost assuredly talking to the wrong girl.
        If she asks: Were you in the army? Have you ever been in a fight? Are you scared of the dark? Then she is probably the right, normal, girl.

        In the meantime, since I am not married, my eyes are wide open every day.


      • LOL you dirty old man (I hope to be like you one day 🙂

        Tell us more about sigmas >> alphas, Moyirah. I don’t believe I’ve heard that yet.

        You remind me of this mPUA, Steve P. Maybe you even look like him.

        I am a big fan of PU advise from the very old generations PUAs, like Major Mark and Steve P. They are now 60-70 yo. These guys aren’t MGTOW, in fact they are highly successful with women.

        This vid blew my mind. He must be something like you.


      • Fuck you, Ryu, you’re just jealous.

        Really though, I was a much dirtier young man and hope I’ve killed off all those old STD’s by now with lots of oregano, rose, goldenseal and other heavy hitters of the plant kingdom.
        Haven’t had a herpes outbreak in 30 yrs at least.
        No, the Alphas are useless fucks, sycophants and narcissists for sure if not full blown psychopaths. The real reason that women like them is because, for girls, it’s just like looking in the mirror only better. They are not reminded of all of their girlfriends who they secretly hate and set boob/y traps for. Yeah, that’s where the term came from; ‘boobs’.
        No, I just made that up. I don’t know where booby came from but it sounds great. The forgoing was true though.
        Sigma’s are the guys who beat up Alpha’s whenever it seems appropriate. Sigma’s are the ones that Alphas know have no fear. Alpha’s often are psychopaths and bullies. Sometimes with cause though; abused as a child, sodomized, stuff like that. We should all be careful dishing out vengeance.
        Yeah, it is a little stupid sometimes, and can get you in over your head, but I must have a malak on my shoulder because I’m still alive.

        The one thing ALL men should keep in mind about the unfair/fair sex: Women know they are not perfect, flawless, beautiful, etc., etc., in their own eyes or in the eyes of other women. Therefore, they think we really know they are not also but try to convince themselves otherwise. We, do tend to pedestalize them because we do find them quite beautiful, attractive, desirable, etc. even if they do have quite a few flaws; especially in character.
        My secret is to compliment them on their character, not necessarily as it is, but as you would like them to be. Hopefully your standard is righteous. Then, they know damn well they are not and have to keep busy trying to prove, or at least pretend, that they are righteous. Low and behold, as you act so shall you be.
        I often ask: Is it harder to live down a bad rep or live up to a great one?
        And the answer is: guess!
        Yeah, I know, it is psycho, but, when you are dealing with psychos it helps to be a little psycho yourself.
        Outside of that it really is about loving them; discipline, correction, direction, boundaries, etc. If they won’t submit, and they usually show that pretty quick, you dump them, even if you fucked them, and if they come crawling back, which they often do, all the better. If they don’t, do like they do in sales; ‘Next, who’s next’.
        You have nothing to lose ever. Except your shyness or fear. Or virginity if that be the case. Sometimes its best to just find an older woman with a nice heart and save yourself the couple hundred of a whore. Never mind the STD’s.
        I can tell you that from 13 to 18 all my girlfriends were older. Up to 20 yrs older.
        Hey, Ryu, you can’t make this shit up. Get out there and live it.


      • I am a bit jealous, Moyirah. I hope I can pull into my 60s.

        Sean Connery was still doing very well in his 60s. Now of course he is truly old. Kind of sad. He needs some test bad.

        Interesting comments on sigmas and alpha. Closely resembles what some of us WNs are working on now.

        That movie Entrapment dazzled me. 70 yo Connery and like 25 yo Catherine Zeta Jones.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    This all has to end sometime and it would be better if it were all that much more sooner than later. From a couple of other people that I have read elsewhere, they seem to see this as being female led and driven and that it will have to be women who bring an end to it. If women see the least advantage in things as they are, it will be delayed all the more, resulting in more damage.
    For my money, we may have another lost generation on our hands. The generation who fought WWI was called that.


  • You’re right, Remy.

    I believe the NWO won longgggg ago. I’ve tried for a long time to wake people up. My success rate has been quite low.

    The Surveillence State / Police State is a big fucking deal. I’m seeing DNA used on burglaries, and on smaller crimes. Tying facial recognition to CCTV like China does.

    The real question is what they will do when they’ve maximized control and grabbed the guns, which shouldn’t take too long now.


  • Jonathan Castle

    Never let them break your spirit Rel, even if it looks bleak. That’s the essence of their strategy…to kill your morale so you just give up.

    Fuck that!

    And it’s not just one man who has fought back. It’s a while movement of tens of millions of people. Just as the globalist lost the USSR, nationalism has spread to the U.S., Poland, Hungary, Italy, the Czech Republic and who knows where next.

    Having said that, the Bible says there will be a One World tyrannical givernment in the last days. It will happen. Nothing can stop it.

    But it will be short-lived and Christ Himself will crush it into a thousand bits.

    Choose sides now spiritually friend and you’ll be ok. There’s more to this world than what we can see.


    • random_stranger

      USSR was brought down by controlled demolition, initiated by Michail Gorbachev, who is known for his connections to NWO persons (such as Kissinger and Rockefeller) and organizations (the guy now heads some international eco-fascist org), and calls for the establishment of the world government. Contrary to the (probably) popular perception that the people of USSR wanted the dissolution of the state, it’s incorrect, with the exclusion of citizens of Baltic states, which rightfully considered Soviet rule as an occupation. Most people of most Soviet provinces (including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine) voted for the preservation of the union. Naturally, their desire was ignored by Gorbachev’s successor Eltsyn, who together with his comrades from Ukraine and Belarus spat in the people’s faces and dissolved the USSR.


      • Indeed, it is an old boys club going back millenium.
        The outstanding problem now is a loose nuke in the hands of an oligarch who goes off the reservation.
        In that case the party is over at the Mar a’ Lago and all other Big Boy Clubs. i.e. Masons, Malta, Bath, Garter, Bilderbergs, Trilateralists, CFR, you name it. At that point the Black Pope and his club are out of business; Rome/Vatican falls, and, we begin to rebuild after the total war.


      • Jonathan Castle

        The people wanted the fall of Marxism because it had ground them into dust – materially, emotionally and spiritually.

        That is a different thing than wanting political union under some other political ideology.

        In any case, NWO types loved the USSR and hate current-day Russia. Draw your own conclusions.


      • random_stranger

        Current day Russia is fully controlled by NWO, despite any claims to the contrary you can find in alternative media. The economy is integrated into the international financial system, with state corporations (which account more than a half of GDP and growing, which is very ironic – because how is it essentially different from the former communist system?) depending on cheap credit lines from Western banks. Putin simply plays the role of the good guy from the East in the theatrical “multipolar” East vs “unipolar” West conflict.

        Regarding “Marxism grounding people into dust” – I’m sorry, it’s not true. My personal experience (I am Russian citizen born right before the fall of USSR) shows that most people lamented the fall of communist system, my parents and grandparents, and other relatives and their friends were all pretty disappointed in the arrival of “democracy” that demolished old ways. While communist regime was vile and abhorrent, it had its advantages in the eyes of the people: free housing (of course, you needed to wait 10 or 15 years in the queue), free medicine and other socialist “bonuses” that are so attractive to many.


    • random_stranger

      Small addition to the previous comment: state owned enterprises now comprise, not 50%, but whopping 70% of Russian economic output, according to the latest data.

      Another fact of interest: the largest bank of Russia, Sberbank, is owned by Central Bank of Russia, which is the member of Bank for International Settlements, it’s governor participates in bi-monthly meetings of heads of central banks held in BIS. The Central Bank historically maintains the policy of high interest, justifying it by the necessity of fighting with “inflation”. This very policy causes domestic interest rates to be rather high in comparison to Weste rates (for example, mortgage rates stand at 10% now) which naturally forces state corporations to seek out credit lines in the West.


      • I don’t know about the US exactly but in Canada it is probably 70%+ also. I think the US is close.
        Logic states that every insurance company, bank, corporations with govt contracts (think Google, Amazon, Apple,), defense companies, construction, medical and a host of others feed at the tit of Auntie Sam and will continue to do so even under Trump.
        Putin and Trump play the same game.
        The guns and bombs are to make sure nobody gets more than their share; that is, until someone goes rogue and all hell on earth breaks out.
        Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pay no taxes and no interest and starve that fucking beast to death.


      • random_stranger

        I’m afraid this mission is impossible, sir. For each one of us “beast-starvers”, there is always hundred more “beast-feeders”. There is something “Spenglerian” in this: just like men who, according to Spengler, can’t prevent the downfall of civilization, but still must stoically resist until the end, we should not fall in line with “feeders” folk, with this I do agree.


  • A rather somber, yet precise article on the current state of affairs. It’s sad really what has become of this country and essentially the world.
    Mgtow and expatriating to a third world country are the most appealing options before a man. This existence in America would be much more palatable with a loyal, slim, studious woman by one’s side, but even that basic right has been stripped from us. Heck, I can’t recall the last time I enjoyed a women’s company sans p4p. It’s dry out there, no female companionship is to be had in the states.
    So, indeed tend to your own garden and make due until you can get the fuck out of here for good.


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