Beware The Hegelian Dialectic


Every issue the mainstream media trawls up is designed to get you to take a side to advance elite agendas

It’s my belief The Hegelian Dialectic should be taught in high school. Why? Because it’s how the ruling class manipulates the masses in a managed democracy to get what they want. Any time you feel the urge to “take a side” on an issue that gets paraded around endlessly on the fake news channels, make no mistake you have fallen into your master’s trap.

Once you learn to see the dialectic at work, you’ll find the American press is rife with it.

Also known as the problem-reaction-solution cycle, the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination fiasco is a prime example of just how insidious – and dangerous – this form of psychological fuckery is.

How does it work?

First the elite set an agenda item. One can almost imagine a room of sociopaths discussing ways they can 1) Drive yet another wedge between man and woman, 2) Push men towards homosexuality since that’s the only hope many will have of getting their innate sexual needs fulfilled as men become scared to even talk to their female masters, 3) Further turn white, heterosexual, Christian men into laughingstocks and cucks, and 4) Promote the proliferation of the surveillance state.

Sounds ambitious, doesn’t it. In comes The Hegelian Dialectic.

A woman pops up out of the woodwork making totally baseless, unprovable claims against Kavanaugh. (Michael Savage reported Dr. Fraud, er… Dr. Ford is connected with the CIA and even runs one of their internship programs. Of course, most people have never even heard that nor will the media ever allow it to be reported.) Rather than allowing her claims to be looked at rationally, the mainstream media kicks into overdrive ramping up emotional hysteria. Americans, trained to freak out and go into hysterics on command immediately obsess over the issue, vicariously fighting it out with others on social media.

As Freidrich Hegel, the father of the Hegelian Dialectic himself wrote: The synthetic solution to these conflicts can’t be introduced unless those being manipulated take a side that will advance the predetermined agenda. By taking a side rather than questioning where this issue came from in the first place, the masses have taken the bait.

As usual, with the Kavanaugh nomination taking sides has basically happened along party lines. Democrats have been trained to take the side of women, and Republicans (used to being whipping boy losers by suffering what has been effectively a 50-year rout in the culture war) reluctantly take the side of Kavanaugh and find themselves on the defense once again. (Notice how conservatives NEVER go on the offense against leftists!)

So we have the problem: A Supreme Court nominee is accused of fooling around with a woman in a forceful way 35 years ago. Crucially, he didn’t even have sex with her! But, it’s still called rape to conflate the issue and cast aspersions on all men in the culture at large. The reaction comes as both sides of the political aisle dig in and fight to exhaustion on social media about the problem.

And, waiting in the wings is the preconceived solution, already planned out by the elite and penned into law by legislative prostitutes in Congress. The only way for men to defend themselves against unprovable claims is either to avoid women altogether or to start wearing body cams and agree to allow themselves be surveilled in some fashion whenever they’re with a woman. All four of the agenda items mentioned above get a check mark beside of them as the ensuing fight completes them.

After the dust settles, conservatives rack up another loss, men get pushed farther to the margins of society, women further tighten their grasp over the nation, and the surveillance state gets another pretext to push its Big Brother agenda, it’s on to the next manufactured crisis. And people fall for the ruse, take a side, and fight it out EVERY SINGLE TIME. While our masters laugh it all the way to the offshore bank.

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  • I love this site and your content is extraordinary, however, you’ve never read Hegel. Few have (or can). Nothing in here remotely comes from him. Since I specialized in Hegel and Hegelianism in grad school, this mildly irritates me, despite your great content otherwise. This is the opposite of what Hegel wrote. My lecture on this topic is here:
    and the print version is here
    Otherwise, thank you very much for alerting men to female nature. The sad part is, had I known this as a young man, I probably still would have made the same mistakes. No one is immune.


  • There is a counter point to all this. People are not going to buy into this stuff indefinitely. First, the mainstream media has lost credibility. They have less of it than Congress. Second, Hillary lost. We’ll know more come November. What I see happening is confirmation of Abraham Lincoln’s proposal that “You can fool all the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.” While they try to steer and censor the internet, it is a little too late. We are seeing the greatest technological change to society since the introduction of the printing press.


  • Rel, though not directly on point, this is related to the Hegelian Dialectic: The worst of those things occurring behind the Kavanaugh smokescreen is the enhancement of the PATRIOT Act that already eviscerates the Constitution…

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  • Good article. The Hegelian Dialectic is one of the primary control mechanisms the NWO overlords employ. I’ve been convinced for some time that the current political climate is part of a massive divide and conquer psyop designed to turn whites and blacks against each other, men and women against each other, police and private citizens against each other, and further divide the citizenry by turning everyone into an enthusiastic cheerleader for either the fake right or left wings of the uniparty. Sadly, Trump, with his Rothschild and Rockefeller connections, appears to be just another NWO puppet in the White House.

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  • Rel,

    Great points and this expands quite a bit on your earlier articles explaining the Hegelian Dialectic. Very, very illuminating. I’ve been thinking about a lot of this stuff lately, i.e. the fucking mess our country is in and wonder why hetero,conservative white guys always play by SJWs/cultural marxists/females’ frame? Instead of defending against hysterical Anglobitches whining about the patriarchy, #MeToo bullshit allegations, the “wage gap”, etc., why don’t normal men reframe it as “why are women so neurotic and emotionally abusive?”, for example? Why are females so inclined to “rape” the time of good men by demanding attention and pissing mens’ lives and resources away by said selfish attention-seeking and time vampirism? I know mentally healthy men hate to use victim language, but reframing issues and ignoring the enemy’s insane frame of reference might be a good start, do you think?

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