The Day the Fate of Humanity Changed


The day the fate of humanity changed

Only a fool would believe a lone nut gunman pulled off the greatest heist in history all by himself only to wind up dead a day later after claiming he was a patsy, a dupe being exploited by much more nefarious forces operating in the background. By believing the explanation of his treasonous government, Faustian man signed his own death warrant.

The course of not only the United States but of the world changed in the 1960s. The assassination of JFK was the most important of a series of important events that changed the course of humanity. It was at this point we took a wrong turn.

After fulfilling Kennedy’s vision of putting a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth only because wheels had already been set into motion to do so, thus began the long downward plunge of Faustian man who like Icarus flew too close to the sun.

From walking on other worlds to clipped wings and extinction in less than a century. That’s what happened to Faustian man, because his once keen instincts failed him and he allowed himself to be tricked into believing the preposterous. He refused to see the machinations of power happening before his very eyes and to push back against thieves who took his destiny from him that afternoon.

JFKThe Decline of the West and the terminal decline of Faustian man began here, at this moment on a sunny autumn day in Dallas. What you are witnessing with the death of JFK is one of the most monumental, transformative events in the course of human history. Humanity was on the ascent up to that point, literally beginning to reach out to other worlds when everything changed and the most powerful nation on earth began to be guided by men hiding behind the curtain.

From that moment forward, the genius and the promise of Western civilization had been hijacked to build a new world order catering to the whims of a small and ruthless elite.

That is the world in which we find ourselves today as a rude awakening lets us know Faustian man and his visions of a free society are quickly being replaced with the totalitarian visions of a clique now running the world. In only 20 years since the transition from freedom to slavery began in earnest with the collapse of the Twin Towers, a millenia of cultural evolution from the Magna Carta to the Bill of Rights has been effectively erased from the culture at large.

As happened in the German tragedy of Faust, Faustian man (Western man) is being enslaved by his own creation, a creation he lost control of.

November 22, 1963 marked the effective end of the American republic and the beginning of the reign of the oligarchy now committing genocide against America’s founding population and moving to subjugate all of humanity from this point forward. Let it be known that some of us knew what was actually going on as the chains were forged.

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  • Rel,

    I agree with you on the JFK assassination and all of the cascading negative effects we have been dealing with for the past half century. Have you read the book, “Killing JFK: 50 Years, 50 Lies” yet? It’s a bit dry, but is well-researched and comprehensive.


  • Funny. How easy it has been to write off the obvious. How many different stories have been floated to distract us. How did JFK come to be riding down that street in Texas…and who was the benefactor? Surely you don’t need me to draw you a picture.


  • In the intervening decades, the conspiracy has held. No one has come forward. What convinced me was the Texas Rangers attempting to duplicate the “magic bullet” shot. They couldn’t. What is sad is that this has taken us all down a road we don’t want to go.


  • Notice in the video at roughly the 315 mark that the driver turns around and fires a handgun at Kennedy. Am I wrong?


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