White Girls Are Still Kitchen Slaves Despite 50 Years of Feminism


Throwing away your heritage for low wages – YouGoGrrl!

In my travels around the Untied States of America, I notice many things about this unraveling nation. One of my most ironic social observations that never fails to provoke a profound sense of schadenfreude in me: White girls are still kitchen slaves, but they don’t know it.

I still get to tell them to make me a sammich with a gleam in my eye, and they scurry off to make it while earning shit pay, yet remain clueless to how they got totally screwed over by America, Inc. and its lords of lies who tricked them into becoming such lowly kitchen slaves.

White girls sold out for low wages, and are still working in the kitchen. Only, it’s a corporate kitchen instead of that “evil” domestic kitchen those “evil” white men put them in. (I see them toiling in many other menial jobs, too, herd creatures that they are. But that’s an article for another time.)

Don’t take my word for it. Look around the next time you go in a fast food slop joint or a festively named, corporate owned family feedbag. More often than not, you’ll find white girls making sammiches, putting processed food in the deep fryer, and waiting on customers.

All with an arrogant demeanor about them, as if they’ve accomplished something. “I don’t need a man!”

They get crap pay doling out corporate slop to strangers rather than serving healthy meals to their children (if they aren’t childless wonders) who have been pawned off on strangers to look after, while mommy dearest scuttles off to work and dad sperm donor slaves in his own corporate hell to try and earn enough money to stay out of child support debtor’s prison.

Who does this benefit? Certainly not the human family, the building block of civilization. The ruling class seems to like the arrangement, though.

The feminist social engineering experiment is one of the cruelest hands ever dealt to humanity. Women spend their prime years toiling in shit jobs, riding the carousel, and chasing a vanishing American Dream that soon turns into a corporate nightmare, only to become dried up cat ladies as their genome dies.

Their hamster rationalizes the fall from grace into wage slavery as something positive (lol) because the television tells them it’s the right thing to do. White girls staffing restaurants nationwide remain oblivious to the fact feminism tricked them into going from one kitchen to another.

They threw away their heritage for eight bucks an hour. Plus tips. Witness it today and every day at your local eatery.

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  • Yup. Feminism transferred ownership of women from husbands to the corporate state.

    Before they were working for their husbands and children. Now, they toil for souless corporations that hope they die in their old age and can give them no love or children.

    A cruel hand indeed. MF’ers.


  • And they often got a ton of debt racked up from their BS “education” as well. Reminds me of this;


  • Ivory Tower feminists don’t serve meals or groceries. The women have been duped by the globalist elite. The feminists who are at the forefront of spreading hate of men are tenured Professors making over $150,000+ yearly, even getting paid while prancing around naked on school property like Victoria Bateman.

    However, because women are generally herd creatures, they would defend the feminist elites even when the globalists strip them naked inside concentration FEMA camps and have armed robots pointing a barrel at their heads.


  • I’ve managed restaurants and delis in the MidWestern US and must tell you guys that in my personal experience, young women are by far the laziest and most worthless “workers” as kitchen help and servers. If you want a sandwich or entree of any sort done right, you need a man to make it/serve it. Women just stand around bitching and gossiping on their phones unless you are constantly overseeing them. The moment you finally go home after managing those joints after another 12 hour+ day, the girls in the restaurant industry do absolutely jack-diddly-squat except fuck around.

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    • Incels have complained that female waitresses, cashiers and office staff are the worst as many bring their feminist theory to the workplace and act as if all incel geeks are potential rapists.
      But should any man dare write a letter complaining that nudist feminist Victoria Bateman has stretched her pussy hole as wide as the Russian terrain on campus, armed white knights in blue storm into the complainant’s home.


  • ive been thinking, could, should a few adamant men , band together, buy a few places in more male safe areas, move about from place to place as needed for visas etc?


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