Reader Mailbag: How Does Oppressing Men Benefit the Elite?


Rel answers an important question from a TNMM reader

TNMM reader Ghost of Steve McQueen drops in with an important question about America’s two-front War on Sex and War on Men.

I married in the early 2000s, and when I look at the cultural landscape my son faces in the sexual marketplace I feel some measure of luck. The influence of modern feminism has jacked up female egos, influenced lawmaking, and destroyed educational institutions.

Yes, any man who marries today in the Anglosphere is either delusional or masochistic. I feel bad for any man with a son maturing in this catastrophe of a nation.

Women have become insufferable largely because men have become totally disposable to them. Also, as you alluded to feminism has not only inflated their sense of self worth but taught them to hate men and that sexual intercourse is rape.

What a hellish world for a young man to enter.

My thought here is that the elite know nothing steers the masses better than fear. Therefore, that which they want people to stop doing, especially men, they make people afraid to do.

My question is why. To what end, that is a benefit to the elite, is making men afraid of women and sex, or even travelling elsewhere to obtain them, is this helping the elite?

How does a mass population of sex deprived, lonely men make life better or more profitable for the elite?

Interesting question, Ghost of Steve McQueen. The quickest answer is men are being turned into a new slave class by the global elite. As long as we keep showing up on time and working obscene hours at those “jobs” they promote, then submissively follow the orders of the new managerial class (schoolmarm women) enforcing policy set by the new fascist class at the top of the corporate-government power structure, our chains set lightly upon us.

It’s when we tug at those chains we encounter a problem.

What better way to make a slave out of a man than to strip him of not only his masculine identity but to keep him sexless and hopeless with regards to women? After all, not only Maslow but Freud insisted active sex lives were a foundational part of healthy human psychology. (You’ll find sex/intimate relationships in not just one but two positions on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.) Keeping men confined to increasingly solitary lives masturbating alone breaks them down mentally and spiritually.

I’ve thought a lot about the world of the future and I believe that, unless stopped, social engineers will create a society in which most men never actually have sex with a woman. The farcical film The 40-Year Old Virgin becomes a sad reality for 4 out of 5 men as our totalitarian dystopia unfolds. We can see the foundation for a culture like this already being laid (no pun intended) with #MeToo, the vastly overblown human trafficking narrative which is actually intended to end legal (and illegal) prostitution worldwide, and the casting out of men from their laurels in business and industry which renders them useless to hypergamous women.

The largely automated world of the future wants empty, soulless, unthinking, unfeeling consumption units, and this is why the Anglo-American machine culture loves women so much. It’s all they know how to do – consume. As the elite see it, men just get in the way of their plans for world domination.

That’s why Anglo culture has laid out two “acceptable” paths for men to follow in the future: Becoming a willing cuck/incel, or gender transition into becoming a morally superior female by having your Johnson chopped off. Toxic masculinity will be punished at every turn.

I used to think they’d never achieve their evil goal. But, watching Americans piss away a millennia of hard won liberties and cultural evolution from the Magna Carta to the Bill of Rights in only about 20 years time has given me a pessimistic outlook. In the past (and history shows this) the ruling class would have been swinging high from wooden gallows if they attempted to culturally (and later, literally) castrate men. Nowadays, they laugh in our faces as they turn hundreds of millions into sexless serfs.

Just look at the fat, pickup driving slobs and manginas in your neighborhood who know how to do nothing but shop and eat out and tell me if you think those guys will be leading a revolution. I don’t see it. I see a long, slow slide into the abyss.

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  • There are now thousands of mosques throughout Europe . With larger congregations than there are in churches. And in every European city there are plans to build super-mosques that will dwarf every church in the region. Clearly, the signal is: we rule.

    These are the building-blocks for territorial control of increasingly larger portions of Europe , street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood, city by city.

    Super Mosque Opens In Cologne

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  • Great analysis. Totally agree.

    But I don’t think men should give up. The election of Trump and the Kavanaugh confirmation are major victories over gyno-tyranny.

    Never let them crush your spirit.



    “Durham Region police have charged an elementary school teacher with allegedly sexually assaulting a 10-year-old student.

    Police say the teacher, who currently works at Roland Michner Public School in Ajax, sexually assaulted the student while teaching at Da Vinci Public School during the 2017-2018 academic year.

    Krystal Wilson, also known as Krystal Clunis, 31, of Whitby, has been charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of sexual interference, all concerning the same boy.

    Police say Wilson also worked at Vincent Massey Public School and Dr. S.J. Phillips Public School in Oshawa.

    Police are asking anyone with more information to contact the Child Abuse Sexual Assault Unit at 1-888-579-1520 ext. 5334 or Crime Stoppers anonymously.”


  • I can see where all this is going to lead and it is not one foreseen by George Orwell. We will descend into another Dark Age. How did this benefit the elites of the Roman Empire? Where are they now?


  • GhostofSteveMcQueen

    Thanks Rel, appreciate the detailed response.

    I see where you’re going with this and it makes sense that if men are lonely and sexless they’ll do anything in hopes of having the chance to get a girlfriend, get married, have kids, buy a house, etc. Usually that means checking the “be a good citizen” American Dream type of boxes.

    Sadly it also means that men will more often and deeply experience depression, mental illness, and harmful impulses of violence toward themselves or others.

    It made me wonder what the elite plan for this internalized aggression in men might be, then I read this article and now I have a theory: Start a massive war and all of those frustrated young men with bleak SMP prospects can channel their need for satisfying Maslows hierarchy into fighting an external enemy –

    This movement toward large scale war helps explain, I think, the concurrent rise of anti-Russia propaganda, anti-Trump media hysteria, leftist/Antifa violence, the surveillance state, metoo, the Kavanaugh opposition, snowflake feminism, and the erosion of America’s real economy (as opposed to finance and banking).


    • Disenfranchised White American men are being primed to fight wars in the Middle East for Israel, while feminist grows in power globally. It isn’t a co-incidence that Zionists have infiltrated the MRA movement to foment race divisions within the manosphere, while female teachers get pussy passes for getting pregnant with 10yos.


    • This is something I have noticed and plan to write about as well. I would like to offer up another thought to explain the “why” it is happening. The short answer is to move society back to victorian age living. The victorian age was seen as the ‘golden age’ of church and state. The masses were oppressed by the church would had influence on State law. Within the Church were wealthy families who saw it as their role to “looks after and guide the poor people” who they believed were like children you could not trust (aka too stupid) to do the right thing. Often these families would have a family pew in the church.
      If you look back over the history (Internet Archives is a wealth of knowledge but takes some searching) you can see that this all started with abolishing the Contagious Disease Act and prostitute registers(Josephine Butler sought decriminalisation for sex workers on the time) as well as the women’s movement beginnings. Josephine use “morals” as her stance that men should ahere to the same restrictive rules (rather than realise maybe women instead have the same freedoms as man but its what she knew I guess). Since then they have been trying to return back to because this happened ever since.

      It was around this time as well that more women were entering the work force (war and the like has created the need) and ‘shock horror’ living away from home.

      What they did after this was the governments (remembering had church influences) decided that the people wanted the government to govern their morals. And this is where we started to see moralistic laws appear. They first aimed to get prostitution back under their control since there seemed to be a belief that every woman would become sex worker if left alone, and from what I have read they also tried to use prostitution to keep women under control.

      For example before Josephine Bulter and the womens movement, women were not allowed out of the house at night without a chaperone (for their own good of course).
      Then after the above mentioned happened and women in the workforce (some who were now meeting boys and having causal sex) they saw it as women were in danger of becoming prostitutes (at times, ‘prostitute’ has also been used as any woman who has sex outside of marriage) so with help of religious groups who set up hostels for these women (eg Salivation Army, YMCA etc). The hostels put in place a curfew that the doors would be locked at 9 or 10pm which forced women to either be locked out all night or having to stay indoors at night. But it was put forwards that is only to protect the women.

      So before it was women were not allowed out of the house at night because they’re told too, the womens movement has women saying don’t tell us what to do, give us freedom, so they impliment, ‘sure go to work but just be indoors at night only for your protection’ and women don’t seem to realise that its the same outcome as before ??!!

      So since then we have had the push and pull of politics and if you notice alot of it has remained around ‘prostitution and women’. So lets fast forward again to now. You may have noticed this ‘anti male’ feminism has increase expeditiously in the last few years. or maybe more correctly, it has been sitting under normal feminism but now raising up to over power that voice in the last few years.

      So we now see is this anti man voice that is almost challenging. On a deeper level, men naturally want to rise up against a challenger (primal instinct or whatever you want to call it.). Many men have been great in aiming to support womens in being equal. They agree, they concur, its only fair… now suddenly, this challenging voice takes over and we are seeing men start to grumble.. start to pause and think “hang on, this isn’t fair.. whats happening”.

      What is happening is these ‘elites or groups’ are manipulating men on mass to cause them to uprise against women and force them back into an oppressed box as it was back in the Victorian age. And they are succeeding if we do not bring this to people awareness.

      Why would women do this? I’m not one so I can’t say but my best guess is because they think either the world was safer back then, they like the idea of men in charge (even though domestic violence and martial rape was rife that seems to get over looked),or they think it wont apply to them.. who knows.
      Oppress the women again, the men will also be easier to guide back to how it was.

      What needs to happen but i do not know how to do it.
      These voices and women have the money, the connections, the media to amplify their voice, they will allow other man hating people to have their voice although these man haters probably wont realise they are being used.
      There are many, many women who do not agree with what is happening but their voices are been silenced, media wont give them as much attention save a little here and there to seem fair.

      I believe that men need to team up with women who do not agree with this sediment. Than actively those need to join up with others. This is very much a together we stand divided we fall situation. Men and women can go back to bickering over the little stuff after this threat is over. But if a wall of men and women is not made that stand up and say No we are not going to buy into this tripe, then the downfall of rights and freedoms of all will be lost or greatly damaged. Because if men, fight back they will use that to say “see, see that, it proves we are true”. keeping the vicious cycled moving downwards. If men and women stand together it become men saying “we support the right kind of equality” and the women at front say “no, you are wrong, men are not like that.. see we stand together side by side.”

      I hope this shed some light, and i hope, prompts action, discussion, something. And not left as someone elses issue. I am glad Ghost of Steve McQueen noticed this and brought it up. I hope many others start questioning too.


  • Like Ghost of Steve McQueen said, I feel lucky to have grown up in a marginally better sexual marketplace than the one that my two young sons will be cursed with when the turn adult. Am almost hoping they turn out gay considering how dreadful American women have become and how awful our male-hating, misandrist culture is. As degenerate as the gay “lifestyle” is, is it better to die of AIDS or be frivorce-raped and commit suicide? Only being halfway facetious with this post, BTW.


  • Just look to our northern neighbors of Canada—Only a few wealthy families own most of the businesses. Dairy, eggs, agriculture and other industries are monopolized by these families.


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