DARPA Continues Funding the Development of Real Life Terminators

While many men get caught up in the Trump sideshow thinking he’s going to fix everything, the military-industrial swamp is thriving. Development of super-agile, Terminator-style robot soldiers is proceeding at a remarkable pace in the background. What politicians and the news media don’t tell you and/or don’t focus on as important issues is far more important than what they do tell you.

Rapidly accelerating development of robot soldiers is a matter of enormous importance (and danger) to humanity, yet we hear almost nothing about it from politicians and the media.

Is it any wonder real men are being neutered and disposed of by the power structure? Who needs disobedient human soldiers when this frightening combination of A.I. and robotics will give the elite godlike power over humanity. Throw in self-driving vehicles (already in development) and entire, automated armies are no longer the stuff of science fiction, they become science reality.

TNMM first brought Boston Dynamics (Google briefly owned this company) to light two years ago. Since then, its clumsy Atlas model has developed some superhuman abilities, including jumping a large wall in several large bounds and no longer needing a tether.

This is not a fascinating scientific acccompishment as much as it is an abomination simply because the Defense Department is funding development of robot soldiers like Atlas and an array of robot attack animals. While PR tricks are applied to confuse the gullible public about the intent of this DARPA project, it doesn’t take a genius to realize these robots will invariably be used as weapons. Their victims likely innocent of any crime beyond living on resource-rich land or opposing occupation/oppression of some kind.

Decline of the West actually predicted Faustian machine culture would enslave itself with its own lust for technology, which is why Spengler chose the German literary tragedy of Faust to describe what is otherwise known as Western civilization. Note the striking metaphorical similarities to the rise of Western civilization in the early tales of Faust, and now its descent into hell we are currently living through with the anti-human, machine obsessed Anglosphere leading the way:

Faust is bored and depressed with his life as a scholar. After an attempt to take his own life, he calls on the Devil for further knowledge and magic powers with which to indulge all the pleasure and knowledge of the world. In response, the Devil’s representative, Mephistopheles, appears. He makes a bargain with Faust: Mephistopheles will serve Faust with his magic powers for a set number of years, but at the end of the term, the Devil will claim Faust’s soul, and Faust will be eternally enslaved.

In the early tales, Faust is irrevocably corrupted and believes his sins cannot be forgiven; when the term ends, the Devil carries him off to Hell.

Indeed, it seems the technology that once seemed the way forward is carrying humanity off to hell.

A near future time horizon, hellish prison planet isn’t that hard to envision with the advent of robot soldiers, a global panopticon surveillance and intelligence grid that nobody can escape, and a sociopathic elite determined to bend humanity to its will using behavior modification and human evolutionary adaptation as its weapons.

It has been said the industrial revolution has turned out to be a disaster for mankind in many ways. It has made us fat, socially atomized, and turned us into slaves of international banking cartels. Quite frankly, I feel the technological revolution may well end in the extinction of humanity within a century, and definitely no more than two.

Your social “betters” tell you this technology will be used to help humanity. But, only 20 years ago Google was telling you their motto was “Don’t Be Evil.” That motto has now been rescinded and Google is actively working on censorship platforms to shut people like us up – people who don’t like the direction we are being taken with these anti-human technologies.

How long before these robots aren’t used to help grandma (as Boston Dynamic laughably claimed in a PR statement a couple of years back) and are instead used to patrol the streets of your neighborhood? Anytime you want to see how close the world is to ending, check out what’s going on in Silicon Valley and at Boston Dynamics.

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  • I agree, I’ve been following the rapid development of robotic technology in both the USA, Japan and Europe. Japan has mostly focused on making their robots as human in looks, voice and manners as possible, while the USA has focused on physical power and agility of both human-like and animal-like robots, the future is here as the robotic developers meld the two together. I saw a huge step foward when the darpa created human-like robot was moving untethered in an amazingly agile way. They will be controlled nationwide and likely planetwide through satellite technology. Therefore it will take a knowledge of electronics and frequency to stop them.
    I recommend every man spend time getting as healthy and strong mentally and physically as their physical potential allows, that includes eating no processed food, but instead sticking to grassfed, organic food and physically working out with weights and running, as well as studying what is happening around them and using their intellect and strong physical health to overcome the obstacles currently being created. A vibrantly healthly and intellectually strong male populace has in the past and can in 2018 and beyond overcome just about anything.


    • “A vibrantly healthly and intellectually strong male populace has in the past and can in 2018 and beyond overcome just about anything.”

      Yep, be this guy


  • Nah. The real story is the health care matrix 99% of people can’t escape.


  • Rel, the BBC story is actually too kind to the Chinese government. Here’s the story you SHOULD read about the social credit score they’re putting in place.. IOW, if you don’t behave the way Big Brother wants you to, then you can be denied passage on an airplane; you can be prohibited from renting or buying a residence; and, your employment prospects could be impacted too.


  • Rel, don’t forget Google’s Project Dragonfly, whereby they’re HELPING the Chinese communist gov’t oppress their own citizens! Don’t forget about their social credit system, either. Oh, and BTW, China is considered the IDEAL for The New World Order! That’s what we can look forward to if the deep state pulls off their nefarious plans…


  • If I remember correctly, the primary reason for developing robots was to assist nurses with caring for the elderly in Japan. Too many female nurses are getting injured lifting old people and they won’t hire men. When I lived elsewhere, there was a nursing home that had to call the fire department at night to do this for them. I suggested to a fireman that if they can’t find a male nurse, they should not be in business. Anyway, if robots to fulfill this simple need are not out there, how much longer will it take to deliver robots that do what soldiers do?


    • So entire families will have to perish in house fires because of feminist demands for firefighters?


      • I think that someone at the nursing home saw the wisdom in having staff that could pick up patients when they fell out of bed. I am still scratching my head over that one.


  • So if men complain that Victoria Bateman is naked with toddlers and fucking every one of them, will she send these robots to attack us in place of armed white knights in blue uniform?


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