Sex Will Eventually Be Outlawed in Favor of Yet Another Damned Faustian Machine


Anglo culture – the most eccentric offshoot of Faustian machine culture – continues the insanity of replacing imperfect humans with “perfect” machines in all aspects of life

The illegitimate American government and über-corrupt oligarchical power structure that owns it excels at dropping straws on the camel’s back. One narrative, one precedent, one policy, one law at a time until legal and cultural backbones break.

This slow and relentless war on the population intended to destroy Western society and from its ashes build a socialistic, technocratic nightmare (a true prison planet) has been succeeding simply because the changes being foisted on the populace occur in a drip-drop fashion that goes unnoticed by sheeple until it’s too late and they’ve drowned in a figurative flood of legal and social change. (Sheeple who have been taught to obsess over the Demican-Republicrat side show and not to pay attention to those men behind the curtain changing their way of life one assault on the body politic at a time. But, by all means go press “R” at the voting booth, sit on your hands and wait for things to change this November.)

The populace doesn’t know what’s being done to them until they wake up one day, and realize that, for example sex has been made illegal by a generation of accumulating assaults on their humanity.

Indeed, the Anglo-American War on Sex has been particularly successful in manipulating the population to abandon male-female relations and even sex itself. This means the number of women who never have children their entire lives (the infamous cat ladies) has doubled in only a generation. Eighty percent of men (if not more) are now sexually disenfranchised as the Pareto Principle has come to rule a sexual market now dominated by hypergamy and abject brainwashing of masses of women to see men as the enemy.

America has morphed into a sexually frustrated society par excellence, with large swaths of men either voluntarily eliminating themselves from the sexual marketplace (MGTOW) or finding themselves invisible to women who now get their resources from Big Daddy Government (incels). Slovenly, hambeast women have perched themselves atop such tall pedestals the average man has no hope of reaching them. The result is, of course, a culture in which nobody except a vanishingly small cross-section of the population is getting their sexual needs taken care of.

These already inhumane levels of sexual frustration are made worse by a neo-Puritan government that has outlawed prostitution and a press that shames masculinity and abhors men pursuing women as nature intended. Both cultural cockblocks have helped lead to an epidemic of mass shootings, which is then blamed on guns rather than a sick culture.

Large swaths of the population now satisfy sexual cravings not with intercourse but by eating obscene amounts of poorly made, corporate fast food, turning America into the most gluttonous nation in the history of mankind. TNMM previously documented this disturbing behavioral change in an article entitled Do Americans Fuck Food Rather Than Each Other? which noted that sexual cravings and food cravings share the same neural pathways. (As Freud knew.)

The cultural-legal milieu looks no better:

  • Pursuing or even complimenting women is now “sexual harassment”
  • Making a move on a woman or having consentual intercourse with her now sets men up for criminal and civil liabilities that follow them around for a lifetime with no statute of limitations applied – the #MeToo world means a retiree can have his life destroyed with unprovable allegations that date back to his teenage years
  • Consentual intercourse is now being conflated with rape
  • Prostitution between consenting adults is being lumped in with a nebulous “sex trafficking” narrative – and ridiculously compared with heinous crimes like pedophilia in that narrative
  • Men are being encouraged to “gender transition” into culturally acceptable females or to become cucks and soy boys
  • Heterosexuals are shamed for acting out their sexual urges while sexual degeneracy in all its myriad forms are applauded
  • Plague terror has been foisted on the populace for over 30 years, spearheaded by an HIV/AIDS narrative that never materialized into a heterosexual epidemic as social engineers claimed it would – perhaps because using the CDC’s own statistics the disease is virtually impossible to transmit by heterosexual intercourse (it remains confined to risk groups, particularly drug abusing gay men)

As sex is further marginalized, it stands to reason it will someday be outlawed altogether. The elite are moving to ban sex (at least, male-female procreative sex – other degenerate forms of sex will be allowed) by slowly making it illegal.

Why? So sexual reproduction – as every other facet of human existence – can be taken over by yet another machine made by the cult of the Anglo-American machine worshipers. (Silicon Valley spearheads this anti-human agenda today.) This is the Faustian machine culture of the damned TNMM has lamented the ascendance of, and which historian, philosopher, and prophet of Western decline Oswald Spengler wrote about a century ago.

Both Huxley and Hawking knew this is how Faustian machine culture would someday destroy itself, and possibly extinct the human species altogether. Legendary author Aldous Huxley wrote of “viviparous reproduction” (that is, male-female sexual reproduction) becoming a thing of the past in his novel Brave New World. Before he died, renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking also warned of the coming world of test tube humans. From The Free Thought Project (a news source that previously had 3.1 million followers, now banned by Facebook):

Hawking, who died in March, writes that he is sure breakthroughs in genetic engineering will allow people to create a superhuman race within this century. He also predicted that while laws will try to prevent it, the rich and greedy will be unable to resist the temptation.

“I am sure that during this century, people will discover how to modify both intelligence and instincts such as aggression,” he wrote.

“Laws will probably be passed against genetic engineering with humans. But some people won’t be able to resist the temptation to improve human characteristics, such as memory, resistance to disease and length of life.”

Hawking added that the emergence of a superior race will soon lead to implications for “unimproved humans” who he presumed will eventually “die out or become unimportant.”

He also warned that “once such superhumans appear, there will be significant political problems with unimproved humans, who won’t be able to compete.” His dire prediction continued that those being outpaced in the human development race will either die out or become unimportant, leaving “a race of self-designing beings who are improving at an ever-increasing rate.”

Hawking’s predictions stem from gene-editing technology that already exists. The Crispr-Cas9, invented six years ago, is a DNA-editing system that allows scientists to modify bad genes or add new ones, and it has been used to treat children that were predisposed to serious illnesses such as an otherwise incurable cancer.

As the elite are already destroying Western civilization and genociding the white race thanks to their psychopathy, their next move will be to destroy the species itself with their greed and lust for totalitarian control. (This fits with Spengler’s other idea about evolutionary catastrophes punctuating periods of relative stability for every species, including humans. This cycle usually ends in extinction when a species cannot reach equilibrium with its environment.)

Once sex becomes explicitly illegal (rather than implicity illegal as it already is) the true death spiral of Western culture, and arguably the human species will have begun.

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  • Yup, even in the days of Lot, there wasn’t a Gender war, only a heap of faggots existing as a sub-culture.

    Modern feminism makes many men incels while the women either fuck the top 1% Chads, or have sex with infants like that Toronto child molester Dylan McEwen who got a putty pass for the severity of her crimes such as giving blowjobs to baby boys on camera for other pedophiles, but we can’t call her that because that feminist bitch Kathleen Caldwell has misused the law and abused her position as a judge to flout the typical sex offender laws.

    The sex offender registries are for sex crimes, so why isn’t Dylan McEwen not required to register? I’ve heard of men who were drunk at parties having to register as sex offenders in Cuntario for kissing the wrong cunt.


  • GhostofSteveMcQueen

    This essay sums up the situation rock solid.

    My personal wish is that men fight back and refuse to fall in line with this social engineering, but humans respond to fear more readily if the potential consequences outweigh the potential rewards of disobedience. Considering the decrease of male testosterone, the escalation of single motherhood, the thirst of beta men, and cultural messaging about female primacy, over time fewer men will resist their fears and more men will comply or withdraw from society.

    Sounds like hell on earth to me. But only men can change the course. How many natural or learned alphas will it take to rise up, lead, and make an effective change?


  • The article that you linked in regard to eating rather than screwing was enlightening. So many men heading offshore now to find love, sex, and create families that in 20 years all these new nuclear families will have created a Utopia in Asia. I have sons, I’m thinking I will send them to school in Asia or in one of the Island countries, and encourage them to create a life there. If I knew what a mess this fine Republic was to come I would of left myself for college and never returned. Thanxs for this article, it’s incredibly enlightening. I want


  • I will have a guess that when they can make state of the art Sexbots they will be banned in most of the West. USA/C/UK/. There will be huge marches from women and as they now have over 50% of the votes in most nations and making nearly 50% of any west nation government that will be it. Just look at the governments all around the West women are getting jobs in government just because their women there now heading toward 50% MPs everywhere. They will just say only perverts use Sexbots and they are all potentially rapists.


  • While it to going to take a lot of men, women have become so toxic that, not only have some gone MGTOW, a lot of men have just thrown in the towel. For every one who does, this makes another woman go involuntarily celibate. The numbers have to catch up with them sometime. While women don’t value men once in a relationship, they do value the option of having a relationship.


  • Leeway,
    you mean “ROYALLY “ ….


    • Yup and that too, globally and royally.

      Lawyers have voiced their fears that this decision made by Judge Kathleen Caldwell will open the door for feminists to molest children and use this specific court case as a precedent.

      Meanwhile feminists are criminalizing the approach of women with penalties and police involvement that is considered severe in proportion to that Toronto woman doing sexual acts with a 2yo infant and videoing the acts for pedophiles.

      One can’t even refer to the woman as a “pedophile” because she can sue anyone for “defamation”.

      As I reiterate, Canadian men will face police harassment, more jail time and their lives destroyed because of a false complaint of harassment from a Toronto-cunt, such as the case with former mangina Gregory Alan Elliot who had his career, means to income and freedoms compromised for FOUR YEARS until he was acquitted for a charge of “harassment” which carried 6 mos to 3 years imprisonment.

      And Justice Kathleen Caldwell will force such men to register as Dangerous Offenders, while she refuse to register Toronto women as sex offenders for doing rim jobs and blow jobs on infants. Toronto as a feminist city, needs to be stopped.


  • Judge Kathleen Caldwell, a feminist, has blood on her hands by refusing to register the female child molester as a sex offender. Where in the world, not even in Saudi Arabia, can anyone be allowed to rim a baby boy’s asshole, suck a male toddlers cock, and masturbate and force a baby boy to suck her vaginal juices, unless one is in the feminist state of Toronto.

    Tell me how can one NOT be a sex offender for making, recording and distributing over 20,000 images and videos of child pornography?

    Feminists contest that every man is a rapist and how every man oppresses women, but why are Canadian feminists DEFENDING a female child molester and the Judge, while actively criminalizing consensual adult sex that targets men, such as the Nordic prostitution laws?

    Feminists and the Toronto District School Board have pressured Toronto Police not to pursue criminal investigations when female teachers strip NAKED for acting class or Gay Pride activities.

    Canadian men, pick your battles wisely. The feminists are going to fuck everyone of us GLOBALLY.

    Liked by 1 person

    • She is going to reoffend. Bet money on it.


      • But Kathleen Caldwell will not face any responsibility for her pussy pass decision.
        However, when push comes to shove, she would be marked first on the firing line by the enemies of Canada.
        Canada has been supporting female criminals even if they molest infant boys, fuck that place, especially Toronto.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Leeway,
        When she reoffends, I am certain the previous judge, who gave an all too lenient sentence, will be well remembered. It all depends on the media picking up the ball and running with it. However, for the judge, I don’t think there will be any legal implications. Still she is going to cover all judges in mud up to their collars. That could be a career killer at least.


      • Toronto is a cancer because of the feminist infestation of education, policing, justice and government.
        It’s worse than those under Eastern European Communism….Where did anyone in the Soviet countries, in the entire history of the Bolsheviks, allow Angloskanks to walk naked in public, perform blowjobs on babies and “protest” against the police. Communists would fire flames on those who protest the police and army.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Leeway,
      I think the old evil communists understood all too well that men did most of the work. In the present day west, that has been forgotten. There will be a penalty for alienating men, who do the bulk of the work and it will hurt, a lot.


      • I don’t see a lot of men from Toronto ding squat…even if they have a word of anti-feminist content, the university puts the students on a list, and then sometimes send police to monitor them. This happened at several campuses across Toronto I’ve heard.
        These feminists are stamping out “anti-feminist” thought rapidly, but what are men doing?

        Are they going to wait until all men end up in jail for the THOUGHT of having sexual relations with women (i.e. Roosh V “pro-rape rallies”), but Toronto womyn can suck the asshole of a newborn baby and suck his genitals because Kathleen Caldwell has legalized pedophilia as a victim that women experience?!

        How was that McEwen cunt a victim when she licked a baby’s anus and sucked his pee-pee, and smiling to the camera?
        How was McEwen a victim when she sought an accomplice to make child pornography videos?

        Kathleen Caldwell you feminist monster, how is McEwen a victim when she masturbated using a baby’s feeding bottle and then sought sexual pleasure at seeing the baby drink from the bottle, WHILE SHE IS NAKED and her vagina is skin-to-skin with the baby boy?

        Holy fuck….These naked “breastfeeding moms” who breastfeed naked for YouTube are probably pedophiles and child molesters too…Sounds so similar!

        Do you also know that the “breastfeeding mom” Tasha Mama was under police investigation for sexual interference with a child?

        Kathleen Caldwell, Mc Ewen, Tasha Mama are all the same pieces of trash that deserve to be extricated from the civilized countries.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Leeway,
        I do have to wonder if all this has been going on forever, or if feminism has encouraged it. My guess is that it has gone on forever and it has been ignored or swept under the rug for millennia.


      • The Bible warned men of the sinister nature of the Jezebel. The typical empowered Angloskank is a Jezebel. This is why when an Anglo skank records child pornography using a 2y.o. boy as a sex toy, she gets less penalty than a person charged for say, criminal harassment or uttering threats.

        Toronto men need to take note of the feminist justice system. Cucks used to give female teachers some slack for fucking a 15 to 17 y.o. male student as “muh age of consent is 16/17”, but what are they going to say when their 2y.o. daughter is on YouTube and an empowered Angloskank is licking her anus and shoving stuff inside her such as a baby bottle, similar to what “breastfeeding moms” do to boys on YouTube? Where is the outrage?!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Leeway, I have the terrible feeling that things are worse now than then.


  • “Hawking’s predictions stem from gene-editing technology that already exists. The Crispr-Cas9, invented six years ago, is a DNA-editing system that allows scientists to modify bad genes or add new ones, and it has been used to treat children that were predisposed to serious illnesses such as an otherwise incurable cancer.”

    Hawking is proof that you can have a high IQ but be so emotionally dedicated to an agenda it causes you to lose perspective. Hawking came up with Panspermia theory which basically states that aliens came to the earth and seeded it with life. He was so desperate to hold onto his evolutionary belief system that he started hamstering these types of things. He has a very big imagination, I will give him that.

    Got news news for you. You can repair your DNA from the all the damage it has incurred. You just need the correct knowledge and some patience. Then you will be superior to the average American.


  • “Laws will probably be passed against genetic engineering with humans. But some people won’t be able to resist the temptation to improve human characteristics, such as memory, resistance to disease and length of life.”

    Evolutionists are misguided because at their core it is a false premise. Living system are so damn complex. Ironically evolutionists think that living systems happened by chance yet in controlled environments they have yet to create anything comparable.

    My prediction is already coming true. Length of life is declining and disease is taking hold. The rate at which disease is expanding boggles the mind. Cancer has become the norm and is big business. People are so unhealthy now it is appalling. Being medicated has become normal for people in their teens and early twenties.

    Truth hurts


  • “Pursuing or even complimenting women is now “sexual harassment”

    Just saying “hi” to a woman in America is fraught with danger. I am a huge supporter of cold approach but will admit that it can be like playing Russian Roulette. Remember we are not talking about even touching or pursuing a gal.

    The sad part about it is there ARE many women who want to be approached. It is just that some women have taken hold of the cultural directive to play the harassment card even if a guy says “hi”. MOST but not all of the police are foot soldiers for the DS and will go full white knight when a woman decides to call the police on a man for saying “hi”. These women are good at creating a stalker story out of nothing. Please do not think I am exaggerating about this.


  • Personally, can’t wait until the sex bots become affordable. I read that they start out at $15,000.00 a pop right now, definitely out of my (and probably most other interested guys’ price ranges). However, having a realistic female fascimile to have hetero sex with without all the horror show antics of “real women”? Win/win all the way.

    Ironically, heterosexual women need dick/sex with human men far more than guys need them for sex. Sure, men have far more testosterone/a far higher sex drive superficially, but women being the social creatures they are who can’t really function alone in the long run, are the ones who need to sexually bond with a string of biological (non-robot) men. Guys can “fuck” porn, hookers, porn, realistic sex bots, or simply go to the gym to burn off sexual energy. Besides, like TNMM has pointed out many times, women in this culture have become so toxic and have “fucked” food to the point where they are living embodiments of the calorie bombs they imbibe, that the idea of them squeezing orgasms out of your dick is about as unappealing as having to listen to them screech about inanities.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I believe the establishment is already in the process of banning sexbots as well.
      I just hope they won’t cut my hands too in order to keep me from having an orgasm. Honestly, every time I look at a woman, I remember what was done to me in the family court and all my enthusiasm melts away. Instantly. I am “damaged goods”. It is probably, PTSD,


      • Being publicly emasculated in court is a sh!t sandwich. (I’ve been there.) Good luck recovering.

        But I’d say the DS would love for machines to replace flesh and blood women in men’s lives. They won’t outlaw it.

        It makes a mockery of men – a favorite sport of DS sickos.

        The fact that some of us are embracing this as a good thing shows we are still acting in their frame.

        MGTOW may be a reasonable short-term posture for men. But, long-term we should work for healthy male-female relationships.

        Women aren’t the real enemy. The ruling elite are.


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