Programmed Environments and The End of America


The horrifying future continues to come into view

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

Thus said William Casey, head of the CIA during the Reagan Administration as the snowball started rolling on the creation of what’s known in these corners of the web as “the matrix” or the alternate reality created by Anglo-American social engineers and promulgated by the now-disgraced mainstream media.

The snowball has turned into an avalanche. Casey’s remarkable statement aptly describes the world of lies, damned lies, and mass disinformation we are now suffering in a dying Western culture.

Big lies like there are no genders, traditional sex roles are bad, sexual intercourse is rape, white men are evil, and the world will be a better place once white people have been removed from it.

The fulfillment of Casey’s statement illustrates why America has become the most evil country in the world in the 21st century, and why its leaders have bunkered themselves behind cleverly crafted legislation in a post-9/11 false flag world that turns resistance to their aims into a crime.

America is attempting to create a totally brainwashed populace, and a programmed environment for them to live in. A world where citizens think the way the ruling class wants them to think, say what the ruling class wants them to say, and act how the ruling class wants them to act. And of course, toil in the tedious jobs created for them while suffocating under a sea of debt and living in a socially atomized culture.

No humanity will exist in that coming world. Only human automatons. The aims of cultural Marxists describe the dystopia best. A world of no husband, no wife, no mother, no father, no brother, no sister, no nation, no gender, no God.

This move towards creating a programmed environment represents the dramatic final conclusion of what Spengler called Faustian machine culture. Western nations, led by the U.S. are attempting to reduce their citizenry to little more than lines of code in a computer program – who think, speak, and act only in ways determined by their social coding.

When psyops don’t work and sizable swaths of the populace don’t succumb to mass mind programming, it’s becoming clear bureaucrats will use force to coerce citizens. Already, those who don’t go along with the plan to displace whites from their homelands and the governments they created are being labeled nasty things by the fake news media. These are the first brush strokes of a totalitarian government now being painted into view.

As Huxley predicted, large numbers of people have already been conditioned to love their slavery. This claim is becoming self-evident as Democrats – the party of big business, the Deep State, and social engineers asserts itself in bolder and bolder fashion with each passing year.

Since Dems prevailed winning back the House, the already divisive, anti-white, anti-American rhetoric the party became infamous for leading up to the election has gotten much worse. Democrats have now gone so far off the deep end they now say white women are “racist” if they support tepid, gelded Republicans. From Breitbart:

The 53 percent of white women who voted for Trump in 2016 bear out “the conventional wisdom that white women would rather choose the racism espoused by the Republican party than join in the moral coalition represented by men of color and other women,” writes Guardian columnist Moira Donegan in an over-the-top essay.

Note the Racial Bolshevism – first detailed almost three years ago here at TNMM – implicit in the Guardian’s statement. Only men of color and other women can have virtue is the hidden narrative of modern leftists.

This is not only an attempt to further drive a wedge between white men and white women. It’s an attempt to turn white men into the 21st century’s new pariahs. Returning to the article:

The reason that no decent, intelligent woman should vote Republican, especially in the present context, is the “sadistic racism that is Donald Trump’s stock and trade” as well as the “peevish, racist cruelty” embraced by his supporters, Ms. Donegan confidently proclaims.

Any rational person knows President Trump is none of those things. But, politicians learned through the public relations industry emotional appeals carry much more weight than rational appeals.

White women need to “break with their historical loyalty to white supremacy and embrace a kinder, more sustainable model for the future,” she states, meaning, of course, a shift to the Democrat party.

Where does that particular narrative end? With the state telling white women they should refuse to marry and procreate with white men? That’s a stunning statement for a mainstream newspaper to be making, and proof positive America is in the midst of a Socialist Revolution foisted on the populace by families like the Rockefellers.

But wait, there’s more.

Newspapers now tell us Germans are also racist because they say they’ve been made into strangers in their own country by mass migration. Propagandists have gotten so far they now equate expecting Germany to consist of ethnic Germans with “right-wing extremism”:

Citing figures which showed that 36 per cent of respondents believe Germany has been “dangerously watered down” by mass migration, researchers at Leipzig warned in a press release: “We are seeing high levels of approval for the attitude that has been considered an ‘entry-level drug’ into right-wing extremism.”

Once again, the scourge of Racial Bolshevism is found in a Western nation. And, any white person who doesn’t self-immolate is a “racist” or “white supremacist”.

Let’s peer through a glass but darkly to see what is on the horizon for the crumbling Western world.

What this over the top rhetoric now passing for mainstream “news” represents is a numbers game. Those who aim to control the entire world know they can topple Western democracies if they can just get rid of those pesky whites who happen to inhabit those nations. Whites can be reduced from a mere 7% of the world’s population today to 0% by 2100 if social engineers keep pushing.

Of course, toppling the governments of America and Western Europe is crucial to any plan for world domination. The elites who fund this sort of mainstream media propaganda and leftist politicians will most likely realize their nefarious aims of destroying the American republic, perhaps as soon as the next presidential election.

Florida is about to flip to blue and stay that way. This will mark the end of any viable opposition to the Democrat party, which continues to radicalize. GOP candidates have been winning by the slimmest of margins in The Sunshine State  and other battleground states but have had their victories rescinded by such spectacles as ballot boxes that magically appear days after the election and other sorts of electoral chicanery.

Both the 2018 Florida senate and gubernatorial races could be decided by electoral fraud, in which Senator Nelson and Gubernatorial Candidate Gillum are openly calling for non-citizens’ (read: illegally cast) votes to be counted. The situation gets worse for conservatives in the next election as convicted felons will be allowed to vote in that election thanks to a referendum that passed this month. That, combined with changing demographics mean Florida will likely shift from being a battleground state to solid blue perhaps as soon as 2020. Texas will follow sometime in the next decade.

No GOP candidate can win the presidency without Florida. That goes double without Texas. Once Democrats have a lock grip on the electorate (as TNMM previously predicted could happen) the remnants of the American republic will be destroyed. That the First and Second Amendments will be nullified is a foregone conclusion as the left has been chipping away at both for years if not decades with cleverly crafted word soup phrases as “hate speech” and “common sense gun control” which are actually moves to both silence the citizenry and render them defenseless against the state.

Worse, any opposition to this New World Order of state-sponsored Socialism will be relentlessly crushed as the vitriolic propaganda now spewing from mainstream media outlets becomes even more toxic. We’ve already seen how the narrative is being cast that white women who don’t abandon white candidates for office are “racist” and how citizens of any Western nation who don’t welcome the displacement from their homelands are “xenophobic” and any other slur leftists can create.

After that comes The Purge. If history is any guide, those who resist will be rounded up and sent to reeducation camps, or worse. And America will proceed to speed up the genocide it is already conducting on its founding population, once and for all proving the evil leftists are capable of even as they preen with pretenses of moral superiority.

President Trump is, if anything complicit in all this. He wasted his first two years in office, not accomplishing anything other than writing up some feel-good executive orders which are easily erasable by his successors and convincing those who might push back against the trap they’re being placed into to live vicariously through him rather than fighting back.

Americans have become mere spectators in their own destruction, truly one for the history books. Rather than marching through the streets as nationalists are doing in Poland, Americans go to work and lick the boot, swing by the drive thru on the way home to order a double cheeseburger, come home and watch TV to see which football team is winning, the Red Team or the Blue Team, then masturbate to porn before falling asleep that night.

What an anticlimactic end to the 1,000 year long arc of Western civilization. Similarly, it appears humanity will follow suit as it goes out with a whimper rather than a bang once the entire world becomes a programmed environment via insidious Americanization. Globalism is really about conquering America and Western Europe first, with other nations of the world falling behind them like dominoes.

I weep for the future of humanity.

P.S. There is one caveat. In my reading of Spengler (whose prophetic writings are a cornerstone of this blog) there are ways out of this calamity. Spengler predicted the following societal trio would arise in a post-democratic Western world:

  • Anti-Intellectualism
  • Second Religiousness
  • Mercenary Armies

These events were expected to coincide with the arrival of a Caesar who would crush the rotten edifice of our democratic republic once and for all. The people, sick to death of being lied to and manipulated by their elected representatives and the “elite” ruling class that comes to rule every democracy would develop a deep disdain for so-called intellectuals – which have become little more than servants of the moneyed class in modern times. The people would also return to religiousness in such a crumbling world, and armies would shift allegiance from the state to the sway of individuals.

We can only hope this is the ultimate outcome of what has become obvious is the largest social engineering and brainwashing experiment conducted by a state in the history of mankind.

If only the Founding Fathers could see what would someday be the end result of their handiwork – a Leviathan government bent on not only micromanaging its citizens’ lives but constructing an artificial reality for them to live in, completely divorced from their biology. Man’s hostility to man, it seems, will never end. When Western man started trusting his government it marked the beginning of his demise.

Truly the stuff of nightmares.

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  • York Regional detective who signed off a court order is that you?


    • Canada is so feminist that a male student who sought assistance with a referral had police sent on him because he confided with the female doc Brook Hogarth [at Ryerson University Medical Centre] of his nightmares. Toronto Police arrested him and he was later released without charge.

      A week later, York Regional Police, an entirely different police department, arrests the student inside Toronto boundaries, on what appears to be on behalf of the female doc, as she was noted on the “arrest warrant”.

      Several years later, the male student discovers that the arrest warrant and court orders were forged as the signatures of the YRP cop are similar to the Judge’s signature on the arrest warrant and court order.


  • Will the ruling class consist of minorities then?


    • Relampago Furioso

      No. I’ve repeatedly pointed this out. Many minorities/leftists are on the “get whitey” bandwagon now, but they’re only being used by the power structure to displace whites long enough to topple Western governments.

      Leftists will then be enslaved after the white middle class has been eliminated. Who remains at the top? The same mostly white “ubermensch” elites.

      Minorities vote “D” with almost religious fervor. The power structure knows this, which is why the Democrats are becoming ever more radical with their vitriol. They taste victory with changing demographics, i.e. more blue voters for states they want to turn blue.

      Once whites are rendered pariahs in their own lands and a totalitarian government has assumed command, the power structure will abandon leftists. Leftists will be outraged then turn against the power structure, but by then it will be too late.

      What I have written is not farcical. Americans were warned of this 30 years ago, and of course did not listen.

      Yuri Besmenov, former KGB agent explains how “useful idiots” (in our case Democrat voters) are exploited by the power structure to remove the Bourgeoisie (in our case, middle class whites) from power to create a Socialist revolution. The useful idiots are then discarded once the revolution is a success.


  • An outstanding (if depressing) article, thank you Rel.


    • Watch out with that depression thing. You don’t want to be arrested for that, now… If you do get arrested, please, don’t turn me in. I am depressed too.


      • I guess it’s only a short step from arresting people for opposing diversity to arresting them for failing to be happy about diversity.

        Liked by 1 person

  • Future of American healthcare? feminist?!


  • Great article, spread it far and wide, starting with my sons and daughters. In California people who are in the state illegally no matter what their country of origin is are allowed to apply for a drivers license. Now my teen son went to get his drivers license last month, basically you walk up to a line of computers and log in with your name and answer multiple test questions, you also can register to vote on that computer right after the test without proof of ANY kind showing you are a USA citizen, no questions asked. I was,standing next to my son right after he completed the test questions (he was a allowed to wave me over to go over the final information page) and there he showed me the voter registration question, neither he or I could believe our eyes. There were also commercials here showing illegal people residing in the state saying “I’m voting for my future and that of my immigrant husband.” America is on its way down, and New York and California lead the nation and make no mistake the rest of the nation is currently following them on the way down to pure facism.


  • We are in the last stage of a cycle of democracy:


  • “..Guardian columnist Moira Donegan”

    Alright stop right there. This is Breitbart, a somewhat real news source, talking about The Guardian, an appendage of the deep state.

    Let me explain. When Trump got elected the deep state got set off balance. Yes there is a reason they hate Trump. What a lot of people don’t know is that the deep state globalists franchised in to many countries. England was a strong franchise to say the least. Well why do you think Obama, McCain and others went on a whirlwind tour of Europe after Trump got elected? Because they did not want everything the ds built up to collapse. Yes things got set back in the U.S. but England never had their Trump hit. The ds franchise there is so strong it was able to survive and thrive without the mother ship directing it.

    So yes the people of England are still being held hostage by the DS as many are aware. Other countries like Germany are trying to break free. Some like Austria have broken ALMOST completely free. Russia is the antithesis to the dark side. Putin knew what the DS was trying to do. Guess who hates Russia.

    Hope I gave everyone a clearer picture of the situation.


  • What’s happening to America BREAKS MY HEART! I remember how, as a Boy Scout, how proud I was to carry the American flag for the 4th of July parade in 1976, our bicentennial. Now, I feel like that Indian crying when seeing the polluted city in that commercial from long ago…


  • To counter this, we have the internet, the most powerful forum ever created. We’re talking to each other and all this is not passing unnoticed. What is being forced on us cannot stand because it is wasteful and counterproductive. At some point, we have to get back to building rather than destroying. In the meanwhile, it is going to get very nasty and dark.


    • The Chanty Binx police force will come after men for “anti-feminist” content.


    • “Weed is legal in Canaduh!”
      But when a Canadian woman complains of harassment or mischief, the police cause hell on men.


      • “But when a Canadian woman complains of harassment or mischief, the police cause hell on men.”

        I can tell you with no uncertainty that it is starting to happen in the U.S. also.


      • They say that the female doc lives in York Region, while the alleged offense took place in the city boundaries of Toronto.
        Looks like the York policeman forged documents and made false warrants to appease the cunt doctor:


  • Its just a matter of time now… I hope to be out of this country before the final collapse.


    • When do you think the final collapse will happen? I’m not asking for the exact year, which is impossible to predict. What decade do you think it’ll come to pass?


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