Americans Shop, Eat Out, and Masturbate as Their Nation is Destroyed and Their Freedoms Stripped From Them


From freedom to fascism in only 20 years

It’s quite an amazing thing to watch a nation be conquered from within, a genocide of a population being carefully prepared, and Westerners losing freedoms that took the better part of a millenia to wrest from tyranny and win. The speed of the transition from freedom to fascism is remarkable, occurring in only about 20 years time. The post 9/11 world really got the ball rolling.

What are Americans doing as their nation is destroyed and their freedoms stripped from them? Shopping, eating out, and masturbating as usual. That, and letting both liberal and conservative media distract them from three epic stories that should be gripping their attention rather than the steady pageant of cheap scandals paraded before them by misinformation agents working for the press.

1. The fight for free speech online is being lost, and a social media competitor to Facebook and Twitter is at the center of the battle. Gab has been fighting for its life, offering a free speech refuge for those voices banned from Zuckerface’s and Dorsey’s sandboxes. After being forced offline weeks ago by a series of bans, Gab has now been banned by Bitpay, the cryptocurrency processor. Gab is now asking for payments by check through the postal service, that is until the banking blacklist destroys them. Gab has already been denied capital by a round of banks due to the “risk” free speech now represents in a tyrannical America.

2. Gun confiscation is being ramped up in several states, setting the precedent for more gun grabbing to come. The pretext? So-called “red-flag” gun removal orders. For now, the “red flag” gun orders involve family members requesting the state seize guns from those who might represent a danger to themselves or the community. But, how long before what a man says on social media is also used to trigger a “red flag” and SWAT busting his door down at 3 AM?

Zero Hedge tells it like it is with a dire warning most Americans have not or will not hear about, penned by none other than an Army Green Beret also working under a nome de plume:

As a review of some of the current events that have been taking place in the U.S. recently, on 11/5/18, Anne Arundel County Police in Maryland shot and killed a man as they attempted to exercise a “red flag” gun removal order.

Take a look at this excerpt from CBS News from 11/6/18:

Neither of the officers were injured. Their names weren’t released.

It wasn’t clear why the “red flag” order was issued. A spokeswoman for the Maryland Judiciary denied a request from the Baltimore Sun to release protection order requests associated with the home, citing the law which states the orders are confidential unless a court rules otherwise.  Michele Willis, the man’s niece, told the Baltimore Sun that one of her aunts requested the protective order against Willis, but she declined to say why.

Maryland’s law, which went into effect Oct. 1, is more broad in that it allows certain health care providers to seek an order, in addition to family members and law enforcement.


Sounds as if it’s something right out of Solzhenitsyn, but here it is:

  • The names of the cops were not released. [Secretive Policing]
  • The Baltimore Sun could not report on associated case actions. [Muzzling of the Press]
  • Maryland Judiciary using a law to prevent the public’s knowledge without court approval. [Press & Public Censorship]
  • An aunt reported him…but no reasons given by family or police.  [“Finger-Pointing” initiated]
  • Health Care reporters and family members can “blow the whistle and enable these “red flag” orders to be set in motion. [State Powers of Arrest and complete abrogation of rights under the Constitution of the United States with no recourse]

That’s it. Everyone with the “300 Spartans” patch and ΜOLOΝ LABΕ” written on their sleeves? [ Translation: “Come and Take it!” ]

Yes, they will. They are. For now, they’re attempting to do it without a fight…passing the legislation (or circumventing it, rather) and forcing the compliance of the citizenry. They are in the process of doing far more, and another episode really summarizes the key concept: the Totalitarian mindset of elected officials. This piece is entitled, “California Democrat threatens “Nukes” if Americans don’t hand over their guns.”

This threat is not figurative: it is literal.

Yes, not only is free speech being ended but guns are being seized as the First and Second Amendments fall. But pay no attention to that, pay attention to President Trump squabbling with Hollyweird stars.

3. White women of childbearing age have fallen to extinction levels, representing a tiny 2% of the world population. Whites overall make up a scant 7% of the world population. The makings of a genocide are well advanced and yet all we hear is the narrative that the self interest of those of European descent, nay their very survival is “racism” somehow. That America and European ancestral homelands must have their populations reconfigured to include much more people of color. White women are being encouraged by Democrats to abandon white men at the ballot box, which they have done to the tune of about 50% of their vote going to liberals. Soon they’ll be told – out in the open – to abandon white men for marriage and procreation.

Make no mistake about it. White women will deliver the death blow to their own cucked men. Social engineers knew this would happen. Emasculate a man in the eyes of not only invading tribes but his own women and let nature take its course.

While these existential threats play out, Americans will be doing absolutely nothing about it other than placing their hopes for the future on Donald Trump, shopping, eating out, and for the men, masturbating to online porn which makes up the vast majority of Internet traffic.

The West and the freedom of man go out with a whimper, not a bang. It’s a stunning and rather disturbing thing to watch this insanity play out, knowing how brainwashed the populace has become.

What makes such brainwashing possible? Television and mass media, more than anything else became the tool of tyrants and precipitated the death of the West. Let that be written on our epitaph.

P.S. Are you ready for your Verichip yet? The same criminals who brought you the 2008 financial crisis are busy readying another one. When it arrives, America will begin electronic dog collaring en masse.

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  • Rel, your ongoing commentary on the suicide of the West is second to none.


  • Reading The Angry Outernationalist and Realregrowth and Leeway MGTOW comments confirms what I have read much of before.
    Feminism has corrupted the entire body of what’s left of ‘the west.’
    The question we have to ask is how much time do we have until it begins unraveling.
    But no one can predict such a thing.
    But hey, it’s going to be very entertaining to watch blacks and Hispanics fighting each other for what’s left. Ha.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    While in America, I don’t celebrate America’s Thanksgiving like most Americans do …

    I celebrate it as one day per year where I am exceptionally grateful for all of the things that I have survived.

    Generally I try to celebrate the day after it as the analogue to Boxing Day after Christmas, but where I head out on the roads to deliver small takeaway platters of all of the stuff I’ve cooked on Thanksgiving Day.

    That’s so I can encourage my friends to stay off the bloody roads and away from the madding crowds.

    This year’s Thanksgiving was a simple want: I wanted some of the food I gave up when I moved away from East London.

    And so this year’s platters will contain food that I could have easily and reasonably obtained at any of the Turkish restaurants near the Ladders along Haringay Green Lanes, but that I cannot obtain at any price from a restaurant where I am in America.

    Plenty of things are going to absolute shit around us, that is fairly certain, but the one thing I can do that makes things a little better is to focus on friendships and people rather than stuff.

    As for what I cannot fix, mend, or otherwise make better: it’s been obvious for some time that there is an expiry date attached to my time in America, and that I would be foolish to “overstay my visa” …

    So once again, I am exceptionally grateful for surviving this as well.


  • “Living free in a bleak reality seems better than living in a false paradise.”
    I agree.
    There is one thing we can do. Laugh.


  • I meant Suvorov and welcome. Sometimes, the spellcheck kicks in… Or, it could be those pesky “Russian hackers”.


  • GhostofSteveMcQueen

    Once you take the red pill and see the Matrix, you can’t unsee it. The toughest part for me is that I have a family that does not see it, and thus I’m stuck inside it.

    I’m at the point where I wonder if I should go my own way to live in Zion. Living free in a bleak reality seems better than slavery in a false paradise.


    • If it is direct(wife, kids) family then it is your job to help them see the truth. Casually send them insightful articles/news.


      • I’m not sure where GSMQ lives, but if he lives in a Blue State or in Canada he has to be very careful of how his kids speak in school as such opinions can get these feminist teachers to inform police or child services.


    • If it`s any consolation I haven`t talked to my über-cucked father and brother for years. In fact we will never see each other or speak again. That`s how bad things have become in this Marxist hell hole called Norway. I only relate to my dear mother family wise.


      • Is Norway spending their sovereign oil funds on feminism there?
        Canada is known by many as the “Saudi Arabia for women”.
        Oil wealth brings in corruption, but when White countries get wealthy, feminism is the rule, not some desert Arab beheading femons, or some African military leader spreading Islam.


  • Feminism infected the medical profession in Canada:


    • Excerpt: Ryerson University “student” Steve Katsikaris goes through documents obtained from FOI requests and discovers that Dr. Hogarth, a physician who sent him to Toronto Police for evaluation, was involved in some sort of corruption involving crooked cops and fake/forged comments.
      Feminist doctors are spies for the police state.


      • I watched the video. If this is only partially true, people should be going to prison. That is, people charged with enforcing the law. I have seen 72 hour holds done to people in California. It basically takes someone frothing at the mouth crazy. This guy is lucid.


      • The thing that many viewers overlook is the fact that Steve Katsikaris was sent to a mental asylum under the threat of police violence, on the grounds that he was a mental lunatic.

        But the doc later, almost a week, sent York Regional Police, cops who operate outside of Toronto, to arrest Steve in a jurisdiction which Toronto Police have legal power and authority. How did York Regional Police know where Steve lived? Unless the doc violated HIPPA or PHIPPA.

        Steve was charged as if he were sane—sounds like Soviet Russia to me.


    • Yes, we all know that wealth corrupts and spoils women in Western societies at this point. There is very little freedom left in Norway these days. It`s really shocking when I think back to even the 90`s.
      Things have changed drastically in such a short time, and as long as we`re rich it will not change much.

      We won`t be for long though. The boomer retirement bubble in particular will put enormous strain on the economy. Then there`s the low fertility rates, immigration, men going Galt etc. Women are 100 percent in control of this train…the wall is approaching fast though.


      • Oil prices are falling below $50 levels for now, and Brent has fallen from $60. Men should be celebrating in Norway because that’s less oil money to pay some feminist teacher’s salary so that she can shove a bottle up her pussy for sexual education classes. This shit happened in Toronto, Canada, some lesbian-feminist named Carlyle Jansen came to class with a strap-on dildo and shoved it inside her for sexual education. She teaches high school and probably lied to “fact-checking” Snopes.


    • What the hell is going on in Canada?


      • They are testing the waters for us in America how to use feminist graduates to abuse the medical profession and act as spies and provocateurs for the police state.
        Dr. Hogarth sent an innocent man into a mental asylum, aided with armed cops and handcuffs, and she later sent out of town cops to arrest him as if he was sane….This is what exactly happened to political dissidents living in the Soviet Union.


  • Communism as well as fascism were born out of two main reasons: poor living outcome for many (pauperization) and the need to change a failing system. The problem with communism is that it’s only a concept that is actually not possible to achieve (utopical). When communism took over some countries, it was the criminals who implemented it and became the leaders. Stalin, used a fake name, he was an armed robber of bank transports. Throughout his life, he used three fake names and was imprisoned twice. Lenin, also used a fake name. The legacy of communism is death as in mass killings, millions, tens of millions even. It has been the biggest plague in the world since the bubonic plague. Many people are familiar with Hitler and his atrocities. However, when compared with the communists, Hitler was way kinder to the humanity in general. US is currently implementing similar measures by circumventing the laws that made it the best country in the world. We are not going to be able to stop this movement. Decades of single moms or female-led households, produced an immense number of spineless losers and criminals who would do anything to harm others like it’s a national sport. Effeminate, psychotic humans of the lowest quality are in charge of making and applying laws. We are outnumbered and outgunned.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “The legacy of communism is death as in mass killings, millions, tens of millions even. It has been the biggest plague in the world since the bubonic plague.”

      100% agree

      This time though it seems to be emanating from some type of delusional disease rather than brought on by utter poverty. At it’s core communism is always about control. Control how people think.


      • Petra,
        absolutely right. Control. That’s why we are doomed, because so many men, relenquished control. Surrendered with open arms (or a hug), just as people used to hug the invading Soviets and welkome them into their country. We have our own brand of Soviets right here in the US. We are, the last republic. Only instead of using an icebreaker, we embraced the ice that created a nice bridge for us to walk on. Read Victor Suborov, if you haven’t already…


  • I was hoping America might have at least another decade until the past several decades of social engineering blow up in its face.
    Wishful thinking.
    For those interested, there is a guy living in San Francisco chronicling the lunacy of life there. It’s called
    I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good laugh.
    Speaking of San Fransicko(I’ve never been), evidently the city is experiencing a problem with homeless people pooping in the streets!


  • BTW, I have said ad nauseam that guns ain’t gonna save you. They NEVER have when communism takes over. Get a passport, visa. Streamline your life. Eat clean quality food and try to manage your own health while breaking free from the healthcare matrix. Remove parasites, all of which will raise T levels. Be a model for other men who are fearful. Inner dgaf attitude which emulates calm solid leadership. Share knowledge to your circle of influence.

    Much of what Rel has been espousing.


    • …and get out of debt


    • Roosh V didn’t give a f___ when he hosted his World Tour in Canada, only to have the wealthy elites use the lame stream media to tranish his name and have his mother subject to death threats and attempted bomb attacks at her home.

      Can you imagine that? Feminists and manginas who accuse the half-Muslim of “promoting rape” against women were attempt to murder his mother?! Huffington Post even doxxed the address of his mother, which should be a violation of journalistic integrity.

      Roosh’s mom shouldn’t have been involved, but the globalist elites living in Toronto, Montreal, NYC and LA saw a broke half-Iranian PUA as a threat to their new world agenda.

      Rumors were indicating that wealthy billionaire Canadian elites such as the Bronfman family and the man who owns Home Hardware wanted Roosh V dead.

      It was funny that the owner of Home Hardware sent his wife and his daughter to protest against Roost and hold a smear rally. Now I see why the Surinamese guy who trolled that protest was attacked by the Canadian establishment—They are grasping on straws.


      • Roosh is broke? The Canadian establishment attacked the people who trolled Roosh?


      • Roosh relies on donations, and when he got banned from PayPal he said that he would not afford to pay his rent.
        The Canadian establishment attacked a young man who trolled a Roosh V PROTEST, as in, militant feminists and (((elites))) formed a hate rally to incite violence against Roosh.

        Even a politician named Sherry DiNovo publicly announced on a megaphone that Roosh raped women; very slanderous accusations.


  • Good one. Communism is a coming. The question: Do beta’s spawn communists?


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