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Peer Into The Great Beyond As Wanderlust Calls


The life of the roaming nomad is one to which many awakened men aspire to

Do you wonder endlessly what lies beyond the dreaming horizon? Are you a wanderer, a drifter, a rootless nomad traversing foreign lands and living like today is all that matters?

In many ways I envy this man.  His home he finds wherever his feet may land.  Having no ties to hold him down he must know a great freedom.  We men of the west are all wanderers now.  Estranged and vilified from our own homelands.  We watch in traumatizing shock and bitter revulsion the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in.  All of us are simply trying to make sense of it all.

Where do we belong?

Wanderlust Of The Soul

While I may have not traveled as extensively as the host of the very site as well as many of the readers.  I have always had a wanderlust of the soul since I was young.  I drifted, drifted into perilous realms of the mind.  I floated down dark rivers of the heart.  Perhaps one of the most frightening things you will ever see is to stare.  A long and cold stare into the deepest, darkest parts of yourself with no illusions.  Most cannot  do this.  Indeed it can be too mind shattering for many.

You are not the idealistic avatar your ego projects itself to be.  In fact, you are probably a piece of shit in many if not most ways.

I know I am.

Millions, billions even just like you came and went like dust in the wind.

There are no tales written of them.  No songs sung in heartfelt praise.  Only a merciless earth to greet them as they kicked and screamed, pulled from a bloody womb.  Through no fault and no choice of their own that same merciless earth swallowed them whole.  As the ashes of their fleeting memories burned away and heartless winds did howl.  To wander the earth in search of some deeper longing always struck me as fascinating.

Why do we men get that pale glint in our eyes beckoning us beyond?  What makes us fail to find satisfaction right here and right now?

Why is it some of us are not content to stay in one place?


Wanderlust is connected with man’s yearning to find meaning in life

Our Deepest Longings

It is my thought that the wanderlust a man exhibits outwardly is often a physical manifestation of a spiritual search for meaning.  Both are perhaps necessary for men to undertake and probably complimentary when understood in this context.

I’ve written before about how the modern male is now a Ronin.  It was one of the first articles I ever wrote.  I still feel the words inside resonate deeply.  The difference however is that the samurai of feudal Japan who became ronin felt immense shame for it.  We could feel shame if we want to be defeated men.

Or we could immerse ourselves in the powerful freedom that comes when a man no longer serves any master.

Instead he chooses through the steel of his will and the fire of his heart to become his own Master.  This does not mean lavishing yourself with undue praise or doting over past victories.  This is a complete revolution of the mind.  A form of living in defiance to the New World Faggot hivemind.  This takes much strength of will because you are accepting to live the life of a modern heretic.  People hate to have their pathetic hopes crushed.  As many red pill men have seen/are seeing.  The world is going to fucking hate you for challenging their accepted reality.

Slavery: The Natural State Of Man

Slaves love their chains.  In fact religious systems are created for this purpose and psychological thought structures are produced by the cunning serpents of the world to manipulate your entire view of self.  Have you ever come to the coldly sobering realization that nearly everything you believed about yourself and the world prior to that point was a venomous lie?

How fucking furious were you?  How shocked?  What dark thoughts threatened your precious ego?

For the man who truly wishes to be free  He must face down the great void inside his soul.  He must see himself with no illusions that couch his fears and no fairy tales to caress his all important feelings.

I think the point in which a man realizes he can no longer be a slave.  The point of no return where he has seen the darkness with a full heart.  This is when he realizes the ego destroying truth.

That in order for him to be free.  He must live dangerously.

You see, freedom is not the want of the weak.  In fact even the strong have trouble imagining a world with no boundaries.  A world where there are no confining walls to keep you where they say you should be.  No voices of authority reproaching him for wandering off the range.

This is the Void you must stare into.  The dark unknown inside yourself which you must confront.  Ivan Throne’s Nine Laws would represent this by his 9th law.   The law of no laws.  The Void.

It is there you shall know the savage freedom of the unfettered mind.

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Dreamers Dream And Doers Do: Cucks Vs Men


Indoctrination begins at childhood, designed to beat the male out of the boy

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

It’s no secret that males are the more idealistic sex.  As children we are bombarded with numerous fairy tales which serve to construct a mythos in our minds.  These rainbow colored fantasy fag-outs fill the impressionable mind with wonder and awe.

The ego becomes invested in the purity of the myth to play out for the naive adolescent.  The boy thinks his fantasy might come true if only he were to be worthy of it.

Psychology Of The Cuck

This is the cuck mentality.  He places his value at the very bottom as something which must be dutifully earned through his numerous displays of gentlemanly behavior.  Effusively self deprecating and pathetically pliant, he attempts to win the favor of his distressed damsel.

Now this damsel when he chooses her is placed exceedingly high on parapets of unearned virtue and lustfully elevated praise.  She calls down to him in teasing glances and reaches out enticingly.  Only to recoil upon his overeager need for her approval.

The dreamer dreams but never does.  He walks among the fantasy and wish-it-were-so.

Reality itself must be not be enough to break the spell which binds the cuck.  His ego must be shielded and the dream must live on.  Moreover the cuck will even become your enemy should you attempt to avail him of his shackles.

Of course you should not be the cuck.

Yet just as much you should not deign to even associate with the cuck or enter into any kind of agreement with him.  Surely calamity will find you should the foundations of the cuck’s fragile fairy tales begin to wobble.

They will most definitely wobble when the cruel waves of a heartless reality break hard upon the piss weak skin of a bitch ass cuck boy.


Men get things done while weaklings only daydream

A Man Is A Doer

Dreams don’t mean a damn thing without the unstoppable will to execute it.  The cold and calculating mind which only a man who has endured a merciless earth with no illusions can possess.  If a man has dreams and he finds those hopes shattered.  It is of no consequence to him.  All the more should he dream larger and nobler.  Placing his hopes on more solid ground if the dreams of his past don’t find firm footing in the present.

While the cuck seeks to hide from conflict and strife.  The man courageously rushes forward to find the answers to his deepest fears and seek the prize of his most primal longings.

For the man is not content to lie idle with the fabled fantasies of the weak and ego assuaging feelings of delusion.  He will stand up and seek out the monsters inside of him and those that dwell on this earth.  Seek them out and slaughter them all.

Because the stark, undeniable difference between the dreamer and the doer, cuck vs the man is this.

The will to power.

Two Worlds Apart

These two types might as well come from different planets since they are made of such opposing substance.  The dreamer dreams in hazy pictures and pretty sounds.  All the fairy tale fuckboy illusions the modern machine can force feed into that mangina mouth.

While the man lives in the dream destroying reality of the here and now.  He is present to the moment and he will act with force and power to secure or destroy what he wishes.  For the man has no illusions he deceives himself with.  No fantasy dreams he needs to put himself to sleep within a vicious world.  He embraces the darkness and the unknown.

With open arms and the curving smile of an absolute mad man.  The man DOES whatever it fucking takes to win.  To conquer at all costs no matter what the collateral damage might be.  Victory is all that matters.  For the doer knows all too well that in the game of life and death there is no reward for 2nd place.

Only a shallow and unmarked grave history will soon forget.


Weakness will get you eaten in this world

Embrace A Cold World

The world is not fair.  The earth is not compassionate, nor merciful nor kind.  Only the strongest, most savage and resilient can ever survive the cruel claws of this bitch mother earth.  No room for the weak and  no remembrance for the soft.

Leave the dreaming to the crude and crass.  Leave the fantasies to the feminized masses and their pathetic pandering.  Shatter those weaknesses inside of you today.

Embrace the hard rain of a cold world.  Let the storm wash away all the soft and the sentimental.  Let it rain down a constant deluge over the whiny masses.  Hear their cries drown in gargled gulps.  Smile as the weak and pathetic get the fruits of their fairy tale lies.  Yes yes! Take your medicine.  Choke on that shit.

Let the dreamers dream and the cucks get cucked.

For you shall profit from the weak and feeble.  Stand atop the lifeless corpses of your foes.  Having laid to rest all your fairy tales and put to death all the lies.  Stand triumphant over all the slain.

A fucking man.

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Give Your Worst To The Modern Woman

Ameriwhores deserve to be treated like the sluts they are

Ameriwhores deserve to be treated like the sluts they are

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

Today’s man who wishes to indulge or parlay with the modern woman should do so by giving her what she deserves. The absolute worst of you.  By any objective standard of measurement, women today simply don’t measure up.  Not only are they piss poor examples of potential mates to produce healthy offspring.  They are actually strong liabilities for men who naturally want to produce Family and Legacy.

I have written about the horribly damaging effects to children that single mothers gluttonously provide here.

However I have not been shy in saying that ultimately it falls on us men to change the culture.  We do this by neglecting to support the cultural norms foisted upon us by a parasitic class of international elitists.  This means leaving single mothers, skanks, and the variety of worthless women out in the bitter cold and chilling consequences of their terrible decisions.

This means standing strong and firm beside other unapologetic men who hate the modern zeitgeist with a furious passion.  This means aggressively punishing weak males who behave as white knights and enablers of reckless women gone pathetically crude and irredeemably wild.

A New Standard

For men who still have the brazen will to create the vision inside their hearts.  We must establish a new standard for acceptable behaviors.  The only way to do this is by forming small communities or tribes which are patriarchal, detached from the system and opposed to it.

What is patriarchy if not men coming together for the best benefit to themselves and their families?  If every man goes off by himself and never returns.  All we have done is become atomized, individualistic and rootless wanderers.  This may be necessary for a time but it is not the end destination.

The king must return to stake his claim.  We must reconquer our own lands.  There is a natural evolution which I have seen occur within myself and as well as other men who take the red pill.

I will use Roosh as an example here.  A man who started out just to get laid and pick up skanks has been transformed in a matter of years into a wiser more future-time oriented man who knows about the biological power of Family and Legacy.

Abandoning Dead Ideals

Part of the red pill man’s journey is realizing that the notion of post Victorian romantic love is nothing but a fairy tale illusion to weaken you immeasurably.  This delusion damage has seeped into our psyche and we must rid ourselves of it’s poison to obtain freedom.

I have written about this before.  Macchiavelli said that while to be both feared and loved is ideal.  If one had to choose between the two, it is best to be feared.

Love is transient and fickle.  People love their cars, their tv shows, their shoes.  The fuck does it matter if someone says they love you?  Especially coming from a fickle female.

Why did we ever as men give a rat’s ass about that?

The answer is simple.  We have accepted the lies constantly force fed down our open gullets since childhood.  You must spit the poison out.  Obnoxiously vomit up all this garbage right onto the faces of every New World Faggot.

This is what I mean by giving them your worst.

Fear however is not some lofty ideal we wax poetic about.  Not some warm fuzzies we feel with increased dopamine and seratonin levels in our bodies.  It is the biological reaction to the violent smash of a pistol butt upside your fucking skull.  The unconscious expulsion of urination in your pants to immediate and soul shattering realities which threaten your oh so precious life.

Only a weak man lets his bitch boss him around, don't be that guy, be this one

Only a weak man lets his bitch boss him around, don’t be that guy, be this one

Enforcing Your Own Rules

Once you have just a few strong men covering your flanks and your six, you have a powerful force which can then exert it’s own rules within the immediate surroundings.  Masculine men instinctively know what must be done and who must be punished when the immutable laws of Men are transgressed.

When men form these kinds of groups, it is of prime importance that weaker males be excluded or forced to achieve an acceptable level of personal grit, integrity and machismo.  These can be established through initiatory forms and rituals designed to kindle the flames of righteous anger in the initiate.  An anger that will motivate and propel one towards aggressive achievement and rapid self overcoming.

To build and maintain these tribes is the first essential step towards becoming the Rule.  Women will gravitate towards strength and force.  Especially when economic or social conditions deteriorate.  These facts are easily witnessed through a cursory study of history.  That many fail to see or do not even wish to see the great darkness looming behind their colorful draperies is blind delusion.

The World They Asked For

The masses, thoroughly manipulated have been clamoring for a dark dark world.  A selfish, atomized, soulless borg which thinks not for their care bear rainbows and pretty little pony shows.

I for one hope they receive this world.  By all means they deserve it.

Which is why I make sure to do my part in giving to those who’ve asked it, the absolute WORST I can possibly give to them.  The most selfish me.  The most obnoxiously arrogant, belligerent and disdainful bastard is what I’m giving back to the dead eyes of these New World Zombies.

It’s all so hilarious isn’t it?

To see people so pathetically domesticated and disgustingly servile.  No will to power in their hearts whatsoever!

Let the slaves serve I say!

Aristotle said the natural state of man is slavery.

What then is it for such slaves to be your slaves?  Food for thought.

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The Sublime Beauty Of The Housewife


Few things are more beautiful than housewives

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

Much has been said about the sorry state of western women.  Many men are turning off and tuning out from a system designed to demonize them.  While I support starving the system and otherwise withdrawing any hands of provision to the western whore.  I also support anything which serves to uplift women into the best roles for themselves, their families and society as a whole.  As men we know that female behavior is dependent on the males who are the real culture creators and lawgivers.  We cannot have an upright and upward striving people if we do not FORCE our women to follow the roles best suited for them.  For any red pilled man we know beyond any shadow of doubt that female bad behavior will never rectify itself on it’s own.

In fact said behavior is a direct reflection of the society and the males they grow up around.  So, the only way to change this malignant strain of inferior specimens is to first cut off all support from undesirables(weak males and carousel riding career skanks).  Then we must at the same time offer the right way for them to behave and encourage and guide them into the roles to which biology and God has created them for.

The Housewife

I am fortunate that even before I was thoroughly red pilled I still made it a point to surround myself with the types of men who were similar to me or even further along the path.  Because of this I have direct observational experience at witnessing the sublime beauty of the Housewife and her happiness at making home and hearth her dwelling place.  A labor of love she endures in giving birth to her husband’s children and also making the home an inviting and nurturing place for her little ones.  While the husband is off to do the work of his calling she keeps herself busy aiding him in clerical duties and the immense work of  caring for their future.

The housewife is truly a role only fit for women who bear the most regal standard in their hearts.  The highest calling to which her biology agrees.  Her womb is the future of her and her husband’s genetic legacy, as well as their people as a whole.  To treat her body and the fruit of her womb with the kind of disdain we see from women today is only fit for the most retrograde and recalcitrant death cult mutants.  I have seen with my own eyes the joy of the housewife in preparing dinner for her family.  We as men must reinforce this role with any suitable women we may find and also aggressively encourage our friends and family to do the same.


Slut shaming was one of the ways society effectively controlled wild female sexuality in the past

Bringing Back Shame

One of the largest motivating factors to shape female behavior is societal shame.  As men it is our duty to bring back the social stigma attached to loose women along with the abusive mockery and debasement suited for these types of sewer rats.  Yes we must shame them relentlessly!

Before we direct our ire towards these wayward women, we must first target our anger and our contempt at the weak males who enable this sort of behavior in women.  That means as a man you must with horrifying aggression attack the white knight faggot wherever you may find him.  I have written about this recently in my piece about punching a white knight in the face.

Everywhere we look today there seems to be an endless throng of “nasty” women screeching from their bullhorns their great delight in attaining the status of a wretched harridan.  We must point, laugh and sneer with open disgust at them.  When the grotesque blob of low t males come to her defense we must unleash all of our rage and anger upon every last one.  Do not let these punks escape your wrath!  For the great black hole of terrible female behavior is a direct result of these types of males.  They must never be allowed to escape judgement.

A Man Brings Judgement

The masculine principle is Order.  That is what we bring to the world.  When said world is completely out of balance and lacking in order we must bring down fiery judgement on all the sinners.  We must cast them to the hell of their terrible decisions without remorse.  No one is going to change our world except for us.  Sitting by hoping and praying that one day women will see the light and repent of their behavior is the want of the weakling.  If we see that something in our world needs to change it is on US to make it happen!

If we have seen the orderly and righteous house that belongs to a man and his loving housewife.  We must with all our strength work tirelessly to bring it to realization in our own lives and the world around us.  We simply cannot wait for anyone else to do it for us.

For modern women I am sure that many if not all you have witnessed the abject fear and revulsion that is caused in the modern harlot anytime that word JUDGEMENT is used on her.  The wicked witches of the west recoil like hideous ghouls to such ego obliterating truths.

We must aim this weapon like Poseidon rising up from the depths, hurling a Trident of Truth right through their mother fucking skulls.

If you don’t have the balls to smash a white knight’s face in or publicly point and shame a ho then don’t you ever open that mouth to complain.  You are either the hand of reckoning to bring down ruthless judgement on a twisted world full of human insects.  Or you’re just another fuckboy awaiting your day of annihilation.  Either way.

Judgement is coming!

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The Mindset Which Always Gets Me Laid


Mind over matter will help you get the bang

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

When I was in my late teens and early twenties.  Much of my actions were centered around appeasement and trying to “fit in” among social groups. Even though it did not feel natural for me at all.  Everyone seemed to agree that you needed to fit in to get what you want out of life.  I found there was an unspoken consensus among my peers that you must fit in even if meant lying to yourself, lying to others and generally behaving like a weak, supplicating bitch.

It made me sick whenever I attempted to go along with the herd.  Whenever I took their shallow advice as something to be learned I always felt an overwhelming sense of self betrayal.  This caused a lot of inner turmoil and self loathing.

When it came to the opposite sex, I never ever experienced success when I took the advice of the weak and attempted to convince girls I was some great guy who had it all together.  A polite and eager chump who was ready to listen to her stupid problems or treat her like an intellectual equal.  Again it absolutely disgusted me to think, this is what it takes to get laid?  To completely abandon the instincts inside whispering “Fuck this shit”.

Failing Like The Rest

I didn’t realize this at the time but most of the advice I was taking was from people who I would laugh in their face now should they attempt to counsel me on anything.  While they may have been able to maintain relationships with the opposite sex to varying degrees.  It was at a cost to their spine and a payment of their balls which I found utterly appalling.

Even as a young, confused and lost boy I knew deep inside this was not the way for me.  The hardest part for me to overcome was finding true belief in my own self, trusting my own instincts and maintaining a zealous faith in my own abilities.  This however did not come easily.  I first had to experience the true nature of women without the rosy colored goggles handed out like condoms in high school.  Also I had to sit in the church pews of some seriously deranged evangelical churches, filled to the brim with gelded males and slutty women.  Churches whose members behaved as if they were drunk and spouting gibberish from their mouths like they have fucking turret’s syndrome.  These same morons would then proclaim with boundless enthusiasm how this was some gift from God.  Imagine if you will the utter debasement I felt actually believing these idiots!

I was led to believe that all my natural instincts were wrong and not to be trusted.  For this was “the flesh” and everything from the flesh is abhorrent and not from God.  Yet putting females up on the podium to instruct the church, lauding single mothers as some great gift for lovelorn men and otherwise behaving like disgusting fake fucks was to be praised as holy.

Perhaps they just had more faith than me right?


Developing a carefree attitude is key to getting the panties to drop

Countdown To Detonation

Having to suffer through an endless parade of circus clown freaks and incessant preaching about the beauty and purity of women while chiding males for not being man enough was the ticking time bomb waiting for the lit fuse to ignite it’s explosive content.  Still a part of me wanted to believe that I was wrong and could somehow become like the rest.  Having the things they have.  To be happy like them which they seemed to love flaunting to the world.

I even had a young “Christian” girl around my age who manipulated me, telling me she loved me while seeing another guy.  My weak ass fell hard for the emotional blackmail and allowed her ego to swell by having two males dote over her.  She ended up marrying the guy and when their relationship started to have trouble she wanted me to move in with her at another place.  Thankfully I said no to her childish demands and coy remarks that she could make me if she really wanted to.

I couldn’t believe myself for behaving like such a chump.  I was absolutely disgusted.  When I finally realized just how low and pathetic I had become.  I fucking snapped.  I realized if anything, none of this ever felt natural to me and what I really wanted to do was tell them some straight up real talk.  Then I could finally be free of their claws.  I came to the point that I’d rather be completely alone than suffer the wiles of these women.

Doorway To Another World

I had seen briefly the antics of guys who didn’t seem to care one iota about women.  Yet they always seemed to be surrounded by them.  I wrote them off as I was thoroughly indoctrinated.  I completely wiped any reality based truths from my mind that did not mesh with my fantasy ideals.  Finally when I said fuck this and just wanted to be left alone. I discovered another world right in front of me.

I’ll never forget one of the defining moments of my personal breakthrough.  It was my birthday and my good buddy wanted to visit this strip club where we had a friend or two who worked as bouncers.  I really never cared for strip clubs and I had no desire to get blue balls from some mediocre broad.  He kept cajoling me and finally I agreed since we had nothing better to do.  I had been to strip clubs before only this time I didn’t give one fuck about the girls.  Our bouncer friends let us sit in a VIP booth and we had some beer brought to us for free(I forget how that happened).  I remember distinctly that because I didn’t give two shits about being there my body language was completely different.  My arms were spread wide across the booth and I had a look on my face that must have said I simply don’t care.

This one stripper who was devilishly hot came over and wanted to hang with us.  We talked for a moment but I really couldn’t be bothered that much.  I was gonna get fucked up, not spend a dime and enjoy myself regardless.  At some point my buddy leans over and tells me

“She just said you look like fun”.

My boy being a true friend completely pumped my image up to her while I was sitting across the booth with a devil may care grin.  As the strip club is reaching closing time she tells me she will be waiting outside after she changes because a stripper isn’t allowed to leave the place with a patron.

Sure enough she is there when they kick everyone out and follows me home.  Funny thing, she even said “we can’t have sex” as we are heading to the bedroom.  30 seconds later I had some of the best sex of my life.  I fucked her all night.  I literally felt like this girl was fucking me like I’m the last dick on earth.  At one point I’m fucking her from the side and she is leaning off the bed pushing herself up from the floor onto my dick.  That was impressive.  I released all the pent up sexual energy I had on her and was absolutely 100% in the moment.  Perhaps the joy I had in fucking her gave her the impression that I really cared or something.  I fucked her two times and I was done.  I mean hey, it’s a fucking stripper.  I wasn’t trying to hang out or anything.  Apparently she got really butt hurt over this and told my bouncer friend how much of a dick I was while he played the nice guy beta and cuddled her precious tears to sleep.  Never once getting laid.  LOL.

After that experience I morphed into a fucking savage.  All the elements were there for me to become a Beast, yet I had been running from my destiny all this time.  Remember the manipulative church girl?  She called me one day to say she wanted me to be the Godfather to her child and how she was just telling a girlfriend how I am this great guy.

I could only laugh at this point.  The maniacal laughter of a man who has become the Villain.  I told her hell no I don’t wanna be the Godfather to your children and don’t be telling people I’m such a great guy because guess what?  I fucked a stripper the other night and it was god damn great!

I stopped talking to her shortly after that and it felt good.  It’s good to just say fuck you sometimes.  From there I went on to have many many other hilarious stories.


Becoming a savage isn’t easy, but it will take you much farther than being Mr. Nice

A Savage Reigns

All this shit about being a “good” person is superfluous to me.  Fuck your ideals.  Fuck your beliefs and infantile opinions.  I’m not a good person and if that matters to you.

Go fuck yourself.

This is the mentality that gets me laid and after all these years I’m still surprised at times.  I remember another time when I was bouncing at this bar and some random hot college blond comes up to me with a dumb look on her face and says “I don’t know anyone”.

To this I looked at her and said plainly  “Yea who fuckin cares!” while I  made the motion with my hand like I was jerking off on her.  She storms away and I’m giggling to myself.  About 3 minutes later I shit you not.  I see this chick in the crowd and like a laser pointer her eyes are focused intently on me.  She makes a b-line right to me.  Comes up to me with this look of needful expectation.  Then she literally collapses into my arms.  So I start making out with her hard, pulling hair, grabbing handfuls of ass.  Eventually some friends pull her off and seem really surprised claiming they’ve never seen her act this way before.

I didn’t give one fuck.

As for the modern woman.  I’ll fuck her.  I’ll play with her.  I’ll enjoy the fleeting caress of female flesh.  Then it matters not to me if I ever see her again.  If she were to get hit by a car and die when she left.

There would be zero tears shed.

Zero feelings of pain.


This is the world the modern woman has screamed and shouted for.  I am going to shove it down her fucking throat with aggression.  Choke on that shit.

Strangely this open disdain and utter satisfaction with myself is the mentality that has never failed to cause women to notice, to swoon, to have their feeble little hearts melt over a man who no longer gives a shit about them.  I’d rather sit alone and ponder deep things than listen to her basement level opinions on issues completely insignificant to me.  I am openly averse to everything she says she believes in.  Every piss weak ideal she proclaims with baseless fervor.  I take a gigantic peanut filled shit on everything her fairy princess world is made of.

Fuck her and fuck anyone else who by hook or crook drowns in the stagnant sewers of mediocrity. I was in the shit once.  Know what?  I rose up out of it with my own hands and my own strength.  I won’t lift one finger to save your bitch ass.

I love to make it abundantly clear just how little I think of nearly everyone.  I love the looks of faux indignation.  The sneers.  The whiny butt hurt.  Yes YES!

Say hello to the motherfucking bad guy.

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