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Two Skills To Become The Master


Stoicism and the Way Forward will help you become a better man

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

No matter how the weaklings of the west like to dress up their realities with flimsy facades and rainbow colored draperies. The cold, hard truth is that life is all about survival, competition and outlasting the rest.

Life is a battle of your will that burns inside you versus the motherfucking world.

The fire that compels you to wake up every day and face an uncertain world. A new day riddled with possibilities of loss, suffering, and even death are lurking everywhere.  The pampered Fag O Trons of the west have spared no expense in covering up these nasty truths with as much obfuscation and cognitive dissonance possible in their malignant brains.

Truthfully all of life is a battle of wills.  Since the west embraced long ago the ideals of lassiez faire capitalism, a radical individualist ideology has marinated in our minds for generations.  What this means is that for the white man, he no longer possesses his natural faculties to out compete and outlast the rest of the world.  We are all atomized individuals.  Compartmentalized within the “melting pot” of the American dream.

The only things the masses share in common are which corporate brands they like/consume the most.

The truth is that dream is a fucking nightmare.  A murky soup of elements that will never go together until we all have been engineered into the Morlocks of the modern age.  All of our efforts and labors will go to feed the vampires whom you may call “globalists” and such.

Western civilization is like a black hole imploding for us.  The types of peoples who lived, worked and died to create what we have are now being replaced.  The whites of the west have had their natural instincts socially engineered out them.  The level of technology and massive government bureaucracy have achieved total control of the youth and young adults.

By embracing the radical individualism promoted by so many in the past few centuries the white man has helped to destroy his nations, his peoples and his families.  By embracing an ideology that relegates a man to an economic unit he has destroyed his future.  From allowing his daughters to be unashamed whores and accepting all manner of filth and degeneracy into their gluttonous bodies.  To marrying road worn skanks that fleece them for all their worth.  We are living within a massive death cult who embrace their biological demise.

Growing up in suburbia I remember distinctly the idea from my parents and friend’s families as well, that at 18 years old its time for you to get the fuck out of the house.  Go to college.  Get the steady job and then go have your own consumer driven lifestyle of abject consumption just like everyone else.

Family?  Ah who cares?  Mom and pop are divorced now and have other spouses.  They want to go have their own happy time.  Away from those terrible shitbird kids who are so annoying!

So they can eat all their turd sandwiches in peace and watch all their turd tv shows with no interference!

As the western male cucks himself for his women and every other ethnic group, his females were busy making sure they don’t EVER have the misfortune of those icky babies to deal with.  Or they just hired a contract assassin to murder their children for them.  Children who might now lift them up and be their future.  No.  We are on the demographic eclipse and it is not going to slow down anytime soon.

You know something else?  Everyone who embraced these things and taught them to their children fucking deserve it!  It’s absolutely pathetic to see the degeneration of once great peoples devolve to such caricatures.

Such slimy creatures and spineless invertebrates! 

For those who still have the fire.  The will to power which burns bright inside, there may be hope for you yet.  A man has to accept the cold winter, the dark night.  The brutal call of horns and wild enemies at his gates.  To rise above the shit pile of human entropy requires dedicated and constant training of mind and body.  Two major methods of achieving these goals is through Stoicism and Sublimation.


Stoicism was one of the philosophical movements which grew out of the Hellenistic period.  A defining tenet of it’s philosophy is that emotions, especially strong ones like fear, envy, even strong sexual attachments are a result of false judgements.  Stoics held that the sage, the stoic who has achieved intellectual and moral perfection would make no false judgements and even be free from all misfortune.

I knew very little about this philosophy and never really considered myself one.  Even though others would describe me often as “stoic”.  Once I learned about the history I realized that much of the teachings had already been internalized throughout my life.  I was in agreement on some core principles.  I have spoken of the Master/slave dichotomy before and I was amused to see that stoics even suggested that only the sage was free(the Master) while everyone else were slaves.

This parallels exactly with conclusions I have came to.

A man must have no urges that he cannot control.  He must first become a master over himself before it is possible to dominate others.  Stoicism incorporates something I call pleasure delaying.  I have withheld various things from myself simply to harden my mind and will.  I have written about a man’s hunger before.  Today the males of the west no longer have this hunger.  Their fat bellies are filled with every corporate mass produced turd available.

Since they aren’t hungry they won’t ever strive or compete in anything.

Which means they are fucking losers.

Disgusting dead weight which should be cleansed from the earth and never allowed to propagate again.  Regardless they will all be replaced within a few generations.

I would fast for a few days at first for religious reasons but later because I had to cut weight for fights.  Starving myself while getting beat up day in and day out made me so god damn ferocious I honestly felt that no man could stop me.  I wanted to fucking kill the guy I was fighting because I had to go through this shit for him.  I was going to make him pay a dreadful price.

That is the kind of hunger I needed to awaken within myself and rise above the complacent hordes.

The Way Forward

It has been proven that the kind of man who will survive and thrive in this New World is the one who has a suite of traits.  These are found to encompass what is called the dark triad.  Psychopathy, Machiavellianism and Narcissism.

It is said that you must be born with the psychopathic trait or suffer severe trauma early in life.  While those without this trait may have some levels of empathy, through stoicism one can suppress and ultimately sublimate this energy into something else.

When a man’s logical and thinking faculties utilize the raw energy of his emotional responses through sublimation, he can become a god damn powerhouse.

If a man says he is logical thinking yet is swayed in the slightest by emotion, that man is a liar.

In the next part I will discuss Sublimation and wrap it all together using Stoicism for becoming The Beast.  A vicious terror to enemies or provisioning hands of sustenance to whom he chooses.

Brutal honesty with oneself and the fierce drive of a man who hungers for more is the only way you should be thinking.  Your stupid feelings don’t mean shit to anyone but you.

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See With The Masculine Eyes Of Janus


In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, doorways, passages, and endings

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

People today think the old gods are dead.  The weakling male prances around and fancies himself so sophisticated, so progressive.  He panders to women, to children, to every fucking thing.


Because long ago he lost the ability to think and act for himself.  He bows down prostrate before the wretched witch Equality and pays his penance while she drains his blood.  On the altar of tolerance he happily lays down his will to power so that he may virtue signal amidst the bloated mass of androgynes. In hopes that he too may be accepted among the borg.

As the filthy whore lady liberty spreads her legs to his enemies, the weakling smiles and keeps his head low.  He’d better keep that faggot mouth shut.  He would never dare offend his muliebral masters now.

The modern female whore still serves up her children to the outstretched arms of Moloch.  She burns away her fertility and her unborn in the Baal fire.

Indeed the gods are not dead.  They devour more blood and more flesh than ever.

They have just changed their masks.  In fact witchcraft is alive and well today.  Feminism is largely a modern form of witchcraft and every slobbering skank, every unashamed harlot is just a modern witch cast under a spell.  The dreamy portal showing her infantile mind how pretty and special a perverse life is.  A life which destroys her family and her womb.  When the portal becomes a mirror later on she ultimately sees the ghastly horror of an old and bitter hag about to die.

The spell was cast on you my dear.

The worst types are those who say they are atheists.  For these are the most deluded and the most easily manipulated by the new(old) gods.


The ruins of Ancient Rome still stand as testimony to its once greatness

Masculinity And Dead Gods

Ancient Rome was a grand civilization which straddled the world.  There were many gods worshiped within their pantheon.  A culture where men were expected to act and behave like men.  Their gods, likewise reflected that bright light back down and into their hearts.

Janus was one such god.

His worship dates back to Romulus himself even before the founding of that great city.  Janus is associated with doorways and he was regarded as the god of all beginnings.  Whose name was spoken before any other gods in liturgies.  It is important for the modern man to understand just who this god is.

In fact the beginning of the day, month and year were sacred to him.  The month of January is named after him.

Janus was depicted as a god with two faces.  He represents the masculine principle.  The beginning of all things who is both looking to the past and also to the future.  He is the force at the beginning of all time as the guardian of the gates of heaven.

He presides over all beginnings and even the gods themselves.

Only a solar god can be the god of time and change.  A man who is self actualized is like the god Janus.

For he is the bright star that all other bodies revolve around.

With his eyes always looking to the past so that he may learn and grow from it.  He does not back and feel regret or sorrow.  All things happened as they did and he must learn.  So also does his other face stay looking forward.

To the future and the vast unknown towering at the doorstep.

To the road ahead, the trials that await and the glory……the shining jewels and endless treasure that come from a man who is constantly moving, changing and evolving.


Resurrect the warrior spirit in your heart

Resurrect Janus In Your Heart

The modern world pretends it has laid to rest all the old gods.  You must never follow the path of the filthy masses.

What does a god care for ants?

As the profane, cosmopolitan world descends into chaos and destruction, remember the old gods.

Remember the masculine eyes of Janus and the beginnings of all things.  It is this beginning which you must come to understand.  For it’s secrets lay hidden in plain sight.

I tell you this.  The beginning of all things, of civilization, of true progress and upward striving is very simple.

It is a motherfucking MAN.  A man’s vision and will to achieve it.

It was men like Romulus and Remus, raised by a wolf who founded Rome.  It was men who raised up her forums, her coliseums, her aqueducts and roads from the stones of the earth.  Forming perhaps the greatest civilization the world has ever seen.

It has always been MEN.  It always will be.

Men whose vivid dreams and otherworldly longings moved them to unfathomable greatness.

Gaze with open disgust and contempt at the decrepit hordes of imbeciles who all live by the bounty and benevolence of men.

Janus is the god inside your own heart moving you forward to change.  Pushing you out of your comfort zone and into the great unknown.  He is the wise god who learns from the past and does not repeat it.  Always moving.  Always changing.

From glory to glory he soars higher and higher. 

Janus is the god welcoming you towards a new life of boundless freedom.  Where terrifying dangers lurk and a bright solar light calls out from the stars, beaming down into you.  Revitalizing your soul.

Never forget him.

The god to resurrect within you that spirit which strives ever forward and upward.  To be revolted at the weak and unwilling, turned rotten in stagnation.

See the world with the masculine eyes of Janus.  See everything in life as a test which pushes you to new beginnings.

Leave the pigs in their fucking pig sty while you ascend to heights undreamed of.  Squash the ants without a thought.

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In 2017 Become A Fucking Savage


A new year, a new you

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

Horror Of The Civilized

Today to be civilized means embracing weakness, degeneracy and suicide.  To get along within the puss dripping vagina of the cucked west a male must “disavow” his penis.  He must grab that flaccid little fucker, hold it with sincere and visible contempt.  Then lop it off with snarky pride at the altar of androgynous equality.

The equalized number of the lowest common denominator.  Spinning like a turd down the toilet bowl.  Swirling, decaying, ingloriously dying.  Down, down, down to the mother fucking BOTTOM.

Who knows, maybe they will just call it the new circumcision?

As the modern male cuck watches his bloody penis burn away in the unholy fires, he pays homage to the real leaders now, the females.  At the dead baby skull temple he stands proud showing his great respect for the matriarchs who in their great wisdom decided to sacrifice all their children to their cannibalistic, child molesting death god and feed their blood to the rancid witch called equality.  As hordes and hordes of foreigners come crashing in, the cucks must make sure to keep their little bitch boy mouths shut and not offend anyone.

Merrily I say, swing open the doors of your homes to strangers and take after your daughters.  Whose gates have been flung wide since middle school.  For the whores of the west have declared that pussy schengen territory long ago.

Now on your fucking knees little bitch boys.  She cometh.  Tremble before the Matriarch!

She’s gonna pull out her golden phallus which she lecherously lusts after and seethes malicious with black envy.   She straps it’s leather around her perspiring pig flesh. In a hellish gaze of death and misery she fucks your little boy butts one at a time while the fapping masses cheer.  Hooray!  Progress!

The Last Boat Is Here

This is for the ones who yet can feel that dim light smolder within.  Where boundless love runs hot like a torrent of flame.  Where endless hate and furious violence await the the awakening of your soul.

Those glowing embers you can’t seem to rid your grief stricken conscience of.  The light is low and distant.  Listen closely and you might hear.  A thousand beats inside a savage heart still pumps the spark of life throughout your veins,

The blood.   The blood is the life.

It is not only your own life force but with it runs wild generation after generation of motherfucking barbarians.  MEN who lived wild and free.  Men who took risks and paid the prices.  They survived.  They slaughtered their enemies.  They raised up glittering thrones atop mounds of corpses and crowned themselves in the Sky.

You owe EVERYTHING to them! 

Your blood is a bright river coursing through time.  Screaming out of the past and blasting forward with vengeful power into a dark and savage night.

You must smile O man!  For with  treacherous terrors and unspeakable horrors there is frightening power to be obtained.  Glory awaits the brave and fearless!

A thousand trumpets sound from the horns of your ancestors calling out within your psyche.  A million tears from ten million sorrows.  A thousand hearts beating as one.  In triumph, tragedy and overcoming.

Hear their cries rise like mists from the earth. From dust and bones and blood and soil.  Lay yourself down in the tombs of their sorrows.   Weep for their struggles and loss.  Then lift yourself up to the glories of their victories and shining light of legacy.  What they gave to you is a beautiful and terrible gift.



Become a savage man, free from the oppression of the matriarchy

The Elixir Of The Gods

If masculinity could be whittled down to a biochemical essence.  It is the hormone testosterone.  Males have less and less these days.  Our society has been starving us of this vital hormone so that we may be more easily controlled.  You need to make sure yours is as high as motherfucking possible AT ALL TIMES.

For guys under 30, working out, eating lots of whole food and generally staying active can be enough.  If you feel that your test levels are low you should get them checked.  If so you can easily get a prescription for testosterone and do it the legal way.  There is also the black market to find what you need(really not that hard to find info on).  Supplementing your hormones with exogenous testosterone may be the only answer for a lot of males to make them men again.  From personal experience I can tell you that this kind of supplementation was probably the single smartest thing I ever did for my body and mind.  We have the technology available.  It’s on you to do your due diligence.

Do not delude yourself with some flaccid  moral argument about how it is cheating.  Cheating at what?  Life?  Well that means I’m a fucking winner.  I’m getting that trophy motherfucker.  No trophies for losers.

This is a game of life and death.  I will do absolutely EVERYTHING to rise to the top.  To crown my sons with history’s remembrance while your aborted babies cry out from graves never dug and sterile incompetents are my heir’s competition.

You don’t need a lot either.  This isn’t about being a “roid head”.  It’s about evening the odds.  Tipping the scales so you can come out on top.  That you may know the fire of your ancestors.

Testosterone regulates focus and critical thinking.  I never felt as alive than when having loads of testosterone roar through me like a wild bull.  My focus became like a laser.  My already instinctual cues seemed to go into overdrive.  Even my skin glows.  It’s like being born again.  Seeing the world with savage eyes.  The neon draperies of the fagged out hive melt away and you hear the pulsating fury of your heart open the valves of ectoplasmic fuel and violently spill out.

Powering an altered god damn BEAST.

Ascend The Throne Of The Beast God

Within the savage man’s heart of darkness, the vast tributaries, flowing red streams and crimson rivers converge at the center.  This is the throne of the Beast God.  The savage man of old.  Resurrected for new life in a world of pathetic weakness and plastic conformity.  Feel him breathe and burn within you!

Hear the world tremble.

The Reaper sits with his scythe ready to cull the weak from the earth.  Rivers and rivers of blood cascade down forming pools of red.  From those crimson lakes he rises.  Vicious, beautiful and free.  Hearts aflame with savage fire.

Ready to rip this motherfucker apart.


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Piercing A Paper Thin Veil


The facade most people disguise themselves under is paper thin

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

When you live in a world which is highly socialized and technologically dependent, most people rely on a paper thin facade they wear over their true selves to get by.  Now that the numerous tentacles of technology reach deep into the blackest corners of our lives, a pervasive sense that you are constantly on display permeates our minds.  In order to cope, the average person learns quickly to pretend that everything is A ok and their lives are happy and merry. Just like everyone else.

The problem for these types is that after awhile they forget their facade is all made up, that their lives are a projected image and the projector is just about outta juice.  It does not take much scrutiny to see the cracks rippling out of the paper thin veil everyone drapes over their nastiest, most despicable selves.  The thought of being uncovered and those loathsome fears to be exposed bring torturous waves of fear to electrify their most frightening insecurities.

Unique And Special Like Everyone Else

While everyone is in a frantic race to prove to the world they aren’t a loser, they fail to notice that everyone else is doing the exact same thing.  As if hypnotized everyone seems to be fumbling forward in blind fear and willful helplessness, hoping and praying no one takes notice of the horrors underneath their smiles.

That you aren’t special.

Your thoughts and ideas aren’t unique.

Absolutely no one cares.  Especially you.

Indeed the thought of having to endure such shattering realities causes the masses to go into anaphylactic shock.  Symptoms from severe allergic reaction to truth.

Form Over Substance

The West is a people in decline.  The feminine mindset has become the de facto state of thinking for the masses.  They cannot see past their own toes,  yet wallow in the petty, relentless criticism of others.  The feminine mind loves form over substance and artifice over authenticity.  Thie West is a people who love delusion and loathe self improvement.

To improve they must first be able to admit they aren’t perfect, complete or all knowing.  But to mention this fact would cause the feminized swarms to convulse violently and foam at the mouth.  As the murky froth of their ego and self indulgence give birth to a demoniac form emerging from their empty souls.

Truly, a man whose eyes are open is handsomely entertained watching the little goblins rise from the depths of such great and wonderful people.

With all this fakery, posturing and self deceit among the many, there is great power in the ability to pierce the facade of others.  Often this is necessary to move through the throngs of pedestrians.

Pierce The Heart, Shatter The Moon

A man, a savage man can with his primal eyes, peer deep beyond the obnoxious facade others use to hide within.  To do so is quite simple yet most people do not have this skill because they are too focused on themselves.  On covering up themselves and hiding from the truth.

The Sun represents light and Truth.  To live in the light is the brave road a man must travel down.  He must not fear the light to shine in his darkest heart and uncover his demons.  The fire of this light refines him and causes his own soul to shine beautiful and terrible.  A man of fire.  A force which causes division in the world.  Division of light and darkness.

A feminized world loves the moon and the dark night.  They must hide away from the revealing truth, the penetrating light.  They have become lunatics unable to think or see clearly.  A man must prick them, pierce them and shatter their reality.  To do so requires you see beyond the paper thin veil and pierce it completely and without remorse.

The Slithering Underbelly Of Projection

Fear is such a powerful emotion people will spend their entire lives attempting to avail themselves of it.  In so doing they dedicate themselves to the chains of it’s control.

What does someone fear most?

That which they hide the most or make every attempt to appear it’s opposite.  It is in these opposites to which is projected that one can see this slithering underbelly.  Does a man puff his chest and act tough often in obnoxious ways?

He is a coward that has never been tested. 

Indeed he fears most this trial.  It would only take a minimum of leaning on this person and they collapse.

You know there are so many fields of study in every facet of life that we forget the most important study of all.  Studying people.

Especially those around you.

Dark emotions churn and overlap within the cauldron of other people’s minds and hearts.  Often you can sense this bubbling to the surface when you have pierced through their little masks.  It is not the words themselves which others say but how they say it which betrays everything about them.

Remember this.

Beware of those who appear as nothing and reveal nothing under scrutiny.  These are the most dangerous foes.

The Master Key To Unlock Others

What is the one most powerful tool you have to understand those around you?

It is you.  Your own self.

To know yourself, your fears, lusts, dreams and hopes with cold accuracy and brutal honesty is to know all of mankind.  To test yourself constantly and put yourself through the fire of the Sun, you shall rise above the rest.  You are a microcosm.  A world within a world.  To know yourself is to know the safeguarded secrets of mankind’s darkest dreams.  The phantoms lurking in the shadows and the uncomfortable truths buried under all that fancy debris.

Search the boundless expanse of your own black soul and traverse the wild rivers which coarse through your own savage heart.  Open the crypts of your own demons and face them down like a fucking man.

Then the jeweled thrones of the world can be yours to lay hold.

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How To Have Women On Your Own Terms


Redheads are fiery in bed, so why not have one on your terms

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

When I first started learning about this thing called “Game”, it was all about getting the lay.  The all important f-close is the reason most men undertake the the arts of seduction.

Since we live in a culture which is hostile to male heterosexuality, most grow up with a drug induced haze of images from faggot made movies like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and other assorted dog shit which indoctrinates a young boy’s mind into a form of psychological slavery.  This form of bondage is collectively known as white knighting or male thirst.

Growing into young adulthood I seemed to have this idea that a girl who loved me dearly, fanatically devoted to my every need was the end all-be all of life’s journey.  As a young brainwashed fucktard I romanticized endlessly about how that scenario would play out or just how amazing I would feel with my very own pretty pretty princess.  This only served to raise that pedestal up even higher in my mind, putting women in the clouds while I gazed up worshipful from the unclean floor where all sinful males have to be.

Just a pathetic, unworthy chump who somehow deserves a miracle because I’m such a good guy at heart.  I would see girls at school with other guys and think, “He doesn’t deserve her.  I could treat her so much better”.

At some point I’m not sure when, this idea took over my entire thought process.  Converting to Christianity at age 21 after being a manic depressive for years was the nail in the coffin for me.  Now my beta bitch boy mentality received a monster steroid dose of delusion.  Attending churches and hearing all the spineless pastors praise women constantly was a lethal injection of poison into my highly contaminated mind and spirit.  What modern culture did to me was only exacerbated tenfold by embracing Christianity and the weak males who proliferate it’s fagged out congregations.

It was a constant struggle to wrest my mind and spirit from Medusa’s gaze.  The whole time I sensed this internal battle going on within me.  I couldn’t quite articulate it then but the struggle was between sincere belief in the paper thin facade of lies and the primal instinct in my gut screaming DANGER DANGER!

Enough is Enough

After 6 long years of spiritual slavery and cognitive dissonance I’d had enough.  I finally grabbed my nuts and said a big fuck you to the church and every fag within it.  I finally stopped believing in the lies which only caused me to bash my head against a wall constantly while every weak bitch around insisted I was on the oh so righteous path.  These “godly” men would always say things like “God has a special plan for you and He has the right woman already picked out and just around the corner” as the church tried to pawn off single mothers and used up whores as some kind of “blessing” to its lovesick, piss weak males.

I had all this pent up frustration for so long and I was so angry that I went in the complete opposite direction.  I became the biggest shitlord I could possibly imagine in a very short period of time.

So what does this have to do with having women on your own terms you ask?

Well the answer is very simple.  To have women on your own terms you simply must not care about them anymore. You must lay to rest in a shallow and forgotten grave the entire notion of romantic love. Now I know this is easier said than done but there is a plan of action to achieve these results but only if you are willing to go all the way and not hold back one bit.

Are you truly ready for that?


You, too can tap dat ass with this sage advice

Find Your Nuts Again

In order to regain control of your mind, your life and become the tantalizing delight of the female hindbrain one must completely abandon all pretensions of care towards women and act in 100% complete and total selfishness.

“But Jack, I’m just not that kind of person.”

Well if a female’s petty love is something you truly want you had better change yourself and do it goddamn quick.  One of the best ways to become a master of pussy is having the inner power to turn down a piece of ass even when you have no other options.

“WTF Jack! Isn’t the purpose of learning game to get laid?”

While that may be the impetus which spurred you down this path, the destination is much much greater.  Now a lot of playa playa’s and guys in the manosphere might disagree with me here but the purpose of learning game isn’t just to get pussy.

The purpose of game and self improvement is to become a SUPERIOR man.  One whose thoughts, words and deeds are in a frightening, mystical alignment.

Pussy is simply a side effect of becoming a superior man.  When you the reach the point of total ZFG, women will find you irresistibly arousing.  Having been on the wrong side of those tracks for so long you will feel like you now have magical powers and your relationships with women will seem like one big hilarious joke which you entertain yourself with.  If you are like me you will maniacally laugh inside every time you see some retard female’s eyes light up with attraction when you are an arrogant, uncaring prick.

That is the point when your life will become something you live just for you.  Whether that be for your own entertainment or something more, all that matters is that your life and your destiny are now in your hands alone.

Violently Destroy Your Barriers

If you have never turned pussy away you should force yourself to do it on a regular basis until you don’t give a fuck.

Shortly after I made my exodus from fagged out Cucktianity I ran through sluts like a freight train and I got addicted to the momentum and the action.  For me getting the f-close was cool and all but the hilarious shit I said and did to get me there was the juice I began to crave.  Every time I did some crazy asshole shit I would tell myself

“Alright Jack, this time you gotta one up yourself.”

From making out with girls in front of their boyfriends, choking girls within 20 secs of meeting them and grabbing sluts out of groups of chodes to take them to the dance floor make out and finger them while the chumps stood by completely bewildered.  I was on a fucking rampage.

I remember this one blond I fucked and she must have thought that I really liked her or something because I enjoyed the sex.  She told a friend of mine that I was in love with her.  So the next time she called I made it a point to plan a meetup in which I stood her up.  After a bunch of missed calls and texts I finally simply told her, “Guess what babe?  No dick for you!”

Even though I didn’t have any other options for pussy that night I felt like a fucking boss telling some whore to get fucked (by someone else).  If you’ve never done this before, the mental and spiritual power it will give you cannot be understated.


Make women obey your commands rather than vice versa

Feed The Fire

When you get momentum like this it is essential to go harder and harder pushing yourself into the stratosphere.


Not for the faint of heart! 

This is the path to forge a man out of steel.  Ironically my entire attitude and ZFG mentality ended up attracting a girl 10yrs younger than me who ticked off a majority of all indicators to be girlfriend material.  She quickly fell madly in love with me and honestly it was fucking funny to watch.

All this time I had been led to believe what I now had was the absolute pinnacle of a male’s existence.  I remember thinking after a lengthy period with this girl, “Fuck. This is it? Goddamn. I was happier single!”

Serious relationships in my experience just bring a man down, kill his ZFG attitude and obliterate his freedom.  The path of a superior man is one of climbing ever upward.  The only caveat is this.

When you ascend to the heights no one else dares go, you might find yourself all alone.  This is not a bad thing however.

Just takes some serious introspection and honesty with oneself to assess whether or not you have the fucking cajones to handle it.

This is Jack Ronin signing off.

P.S. Do your part and punch a white knight in the face!

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