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Why You Should Never Help Women


A bitch in need is no friend indeed

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

Unless you are a rapacious refugee just plopped down on the shores of the cucked west looking to score some easy snatch, a man should never do a fucking thing towards helping the women around him.  As men it is a very natural instinct to want to help those you feel are weaker than yourself.  Indeed it is only our biology which kicks in at the sight of a helpless tart fumbling about in vain.  But, as a white man living in the West it is extremely important that you understand.  You must face the hard reality and accept the cold truth of your existence.

Here’s the truth.


Women hate weak men

Your Women Hate You

Ever since those STUPID FUCKS at the turn of the 20th century gave a bunch of ugly crones the right to vote, men have been losing big time at the game of life and civilization.  Now, why would any person in their right mind grant an equal legal status to grown up children?

Would you allow a 5-year old to have an equal say as you in the matters of your country?  You wouldn’t even allow that in your homes would you?  I sure hope not!

Some have said that feminism and all the rancid garbage that came along with it was simply a giant “shit test” which men fabulously failed at.  Our great grandfathers must have been stark raving mad!  Have you ever wished that you could time travel back to the pinnacle of women’s suffrage and beat the dog shit out of every fucking bitch male who disenfranchised themselves and EVERY generation of their own sons afterwards?

Just give me a bat and a time machine.

Yes, helping women usually means doing so at your own detriment and the defilement of everyone’s future.  All these “Christian” men talking about doing the right thing and making everyone an equalized Fag-O-Tron.  Apparently, our great grandfathers did not read the book they so fervently claimed to believe in.  You know, that book called the Holy Bible.  The book that says women need to shut their fucking mouths?  The book that says a woman is never ever to teach a man anything.  Yea, that book!

The one where it says there is not a SINGLE wise woman on this entire goddamn earth!

Any man with half a brain knows women are solipsistic children and empowering them was at the cost of everyone’s future and even millions of innocent lives murdered at the fickle whims of dish rag whores who loathe the fruit of their own blackened wombs.

Yes, weak males of the West, your women do fucking hate you and I don’t blame them!


“When I think about you, I touch myself,” says the woman who is thinking about an asshole of a man

Get Angry, Get Violent

Most men who have swallowed the Red Pill know some heart crushing truths about women.  They know that women get Slip ‘n Slide wet at the thought of serial killers littering their homes with heads on pikes while tying them up and fucking their brains out.

Anders Breivik was probably not looked at twice by the women of his own country.  Not until he ran out of ammunition splattering the brains of drooling Marxist children across an entire island did the women begin to take notice.  Ever since he indulged in a massive orgy of murder, slaughtering poor and pathetic  “innocent” children, women can’t get enough of this guy!  His prison cell is flooded with letters from young women pleading and confessing their undying love for a COLD BLOODED KILLER.

Wake the fuck up guys.  Stop helping women!

Not only do they hate you for it, they will only keep asking demanding for more.

It will never be enough! 

Not until that little wee wee is chopped off and a swarthy bull stud from a 3rd world monster dump is cuckolding you on camera for an amateur porn site.


Never do nice things for women you want to keep


Realize today that males, even yourselves, your parents, grand parents and nearly every dude around you is a weak bitch.  Accept the cold truth my friends. 

Then get really furiously angry at the deception you have taken as truth.  Stop this very instant being a passive observer in the direction of your life.  It takes aggression to get what you want.  It takes balls and no remorse or apologies.

The wolf devours the sheep.  Can you blame him?  He’s hungry and the stupid sheep just sit there waiting to be ripped apart.  When you help a woman today, you personally ram the butt plug inside your own bitch boy butt. 

You say to the world “Rape me”.   Just like Kurt Cobain.  Smells like Teen Spirit ya’ll.

Realize that everything about the society you live in, the pop culture you suck down like a fat lipped knob slobber exists to humiliate and destroy you.  A woman is going to take everything you give to her and excessively demand more.  She’s got Big Daddy State Corp, Mr. White Knight himself watching her six at all times.  You don’t wanna play ball?  Better get that asshole ready for penetration.

Let’s face it.

You’ve been taking it your entire lives.  Just getting absolutely ram rodded.  Unless you truly desire upheaval within your mind, body and spirit I want you to say “Thank you!”  every time women, the government or anyone viciously hate rapes your punk ass.  It’s just not polite to take a furious pounding without the enthusiastic thanks of an ass freshly fucked.

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How To Put A Bitch In Her Place (With Grizzly Wintergreen!)

A very angry aggressive woman is clenching her fists in rage

How to handle the foul temptresses of the West

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

Today it is no secret that women in the west are out of control.  As men we are exposed to a constant deluge of female bad behavior.  With no social or legal stops in place to prevent their tyrannical tirades, we as men are expected to “man up” and take all of their incredulous bullshit.  You see that is the problem right there.  Males are still operating within the thought control systems which are designed to hold them down and uplift women.  This must be stopped by any and all means.

The first step is to realize and accept the fact that the system is designed to keep you a little bitch boy who is subservient to women throughout your entire lives.  The modern male must throw away anything which holds him down.  Even if that means becoming the Villain in the eyes of modern society.


I’m better than you because I have a vag

The Chaos Of Female Privilege

Chateau Heartiste recently put out a very informative article here detailing the very numerous ways in which women and minorities are hoisted above the dying host populations (white males).  If you are an Anglo male living in the West, you are quite literally getting bent over and FUCKED in any number of ways so that your lessors can feel eeeeekwal to you.

With this lavish defecation of gibsmedats and handouts to those who did absolutely nothing to deserve it, we see obnoxiously terrible and ungrateful behaviors now metastasizing from those who have been handed a golden goose shitting out golden eggs.  While we evil males get turds to munch on if anything at all.

Indeed it is human nature to place a low or negative value on shit which is given to you for free.  If there has been some commitment on your end whether emotional, financial or time, you are invested in the rewards you receive.  Therefore the items and monies you gain from said investment are actually appreciated by your hind brain.

Now handing this golden goose (our own money and productivity) specifically to lifelong children like females has opened a Pandora’s Box of total chaos and bad behavior.  I am sure that many if not all of the male readers here have experienced the fallout from such disastrous decisions.

Do you have enough hate in your heart yet?

If not it is pointless for you to continue reading further.


Schopenhauer’s timeless wisdom assists the Red Pill man again

Children Must Be Disciplined

Schopenhauer’s On Women puts it more eloquently than I ever could. Here’s what the German philosopher had to say about men and hos.

The nobler and more perfect a thing is, the later and slower is it in reaching maturity. Man reaches the maturity of his reasoning and mental faculties scarcely before he is eight-and-twenty; woman when she is eighteen; but hers is reason of very narrow limitations. This is why women remain children all their lives, for they always see only what is near at hand, cling to the present, take the appearance of a thing for reality, and prefer trifling matters to the most important. It is by virtue of man’s reasoning powers that he does not live in the present only, like the brute, but observes and ponders over the past and future; and from this spring discretion, care, and that anxiety which we so frequently notice in people. The advantages, as well as the disadvantages, that this entails, make woman, in consequence of her weaker reasoning powers, less of a partaker in them. Moreover, she is intellectually short-sighted, for although her intuitive understanding quickly perceives what is near to her, on the other hand her circle of vision is limited and does not embrace anything that is remote; hence everything that is absent or past, or in the future, affects women in a less degree than men. This is why they have greater inclination for extravagance, which sometimes borders on madness. Women in their hearts think that men are intended to earn money so that they may spend it, if possible during their husband’s lifetime, but at any rate after his death.

A woman matures emotionally faster than a man to a degree.  Yet the zenith of her maturity is eclipsed by the men upon their ascent to the fullness of manhood.  In fact it is such an eclipse that comparatively women are like children to us their entire lives.  For this reason alone men in times past who actually had their wits about them had no qualms in disciplining their children.  It was expected rather by society that when an obnoxious female goes a ranting or stomping about, a swift and abrupt slap across her face would be sufficient to quell the rising storm of infantile muliebrity.

Look how far we have fallen!  Today a man can face fines, penalties and even jail time simply for talking truth to a ho.


Working in nightclubs shows a man what spoiled brats women have become

Put A Skank In Her Place

Working as security at nightclubs for many years has given me a direct view of just how awful women can behave towards you.  Especially when alcohol is involved you will see the worst come out in people.  I remember this one very popular bar where I was working the main door.  During my time working at this establishment it was common to hear about male employees getting punched or slapped by females for no other reason than they were told “No.” regarding something.

This entitled “Anglobitch” attitude as Relampago calls it, is prevalent in a society of piss weak cucks for men.  Without a real man to smack these whores around, they become utterly intolerable.  While the vast majority of men are extremely weary to do anything whatsoever to defend themselves against an empowered brigade of yammering cunts. I on the other hand do not give a single fuck.

If a bitch puts her hands on me I have no problems defending myself and knocking her fucking teeth out.  I have zero remorse about any pain I inflict on other people when they step out of line.  Every man should think this way.  Have some fucking self respect and stop letting some Anglocunt run roughshod over your manhood.

That is to say, if you have any left.

So back to this bar.  I am working the main door and it’s late maybe around 1:30am.  Another security guard escorts a drunk kid out and his girlfriend(I’m assuming) is right behind him coming out of the door.  The guard informs the young man that he is inebriated and that is why he was escorted out.  The kid had  no problems with this and was fine to leave.

However his girlfriend decides he had been unfairly treated and now it was time to flex her GrrrllPowa muscles.  Physically she stood only about 5’4 with heels on and weighed no more than 105 pds.  She asks me why her dude was thrown out of the bar and I told her the very obvious reason.

“Nah.  Fuck that.”  She yells.

“You’re gonna let him back in this bar and you’re gonna do it right fuckin now!”

I was somewhat surprised at the audacity of this stupid bitch.  She was staring up at me with a look of pure defiance and contempt.  How dare I impose rules and standards on this perfect princess!

I simply told her very calmly that no, I wouldn’t be letting her boyfriend back in the bar but they were welcome to come back when he was sober.  Once she realized that she was not going to muscle her way back in the bar, a look of pure hatred emerged on her anglocunt face.

Having no other options and being too stupid and obnoxious to attempt the use of charm she spitefully looks at me and says, “You’re a piece of shit.”

As she sprayed out her little temper tantrum, she slaps me across the face.  In an instant I considered kicking her thigh with my shin.  Like a really really hard charlie horse.  She was so small though that it probably would have broken her.  Well it just so happens that I had a huge wad of chewing tobacco in my mouth.  Grizzly Wintergreen long cut to be exact.  As she stood there defiantly smirking I joyously spew all of my chewing tobacco out onto her face in a dark and nasty blast of spit.  As the dip spit facial plastered her Anglobitch face, my partner on the side door couldn’t help but call out “BOSS” as he watched a real man put a skank in her place.

I see tears start to well up in the tiny cunt’s eyes and she starts blabbing about how she hopes I have a daughter one day who gets a dip spit facial too.  A sly grin curves around my face as I tell her

“I’m sorry what did you say?  You have something on your face hun.”

She is trying to fight off the tears.  Standing there like a petulant child looking stupid as fuck and me laughing in her face.  Get shit on you fuckin skank.


As the Anglobitch cleans herself up, here’s the moral of our story

In Conclusion

Gentlemen the only way to stop female bad behavior is to put them in their place where they belong.  If you are afraid of the law coming down on you or white knights or anything really, you simply need to become smarter, stronger and more powerful.

You need to realize that a woman SHOULD fear a man.  If the women in your life do not have this fear then I must tell you that any bad shit a female does is most definitely YOUR fault.  Men must become dangerous again.  Women behave terribly because there are no men punishing them for their actions.

Isn’t punishment what they are all childishly lusting for?  How many terrible female authors must make up characters like Christian Grey and write libraries of other fem porn novels where the men are domineering and selfish?  How many more women must admit that their number one sexual fantasy is rape?

These hos are chomping at the bit for the pimp hand to break hard on that ass.  Why don’t you give it to them?

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The Sigma Male:Become A King Slayer


The pawn becomes the king

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

The proliferation within the manosphere of socio-sexual status markers has been around for awhile.  There may be slight differences in definitions between what comprises the Alpha male, Beta, etc.  Yet the general consensus is the same.  You want to be the “Alpha” male and not the “Beta” male or lower.  Personally I rarely use these terms as it has become a way for morons to status signal behind their keyboards.

While the Alpha and Beta categories have seen a lot of commentary and dissemination.  There is very little exegesis on the Sigma male.  Our gracious host Relampago has done a bang up job in further breaking down what and who this archetype is.  His article here does a splendid job in defining the Sigma male.  I would like to further add commentary on this topic.

Drifters And Villains

If you don’t know anything about the Sigma.  Please read the linked article first to get some knowledge on the topic.  I have been saying for awhile now that the modern male needs to out group himself from the society in which he hails from(if he lives in the west).  He needs to become the antithesis of all the pozzed Fag-O-Trons holding hands and singing Kumbaya.  This rebellious shunning of the masses and their drugged out delirium of group think fits perfectly in line with becoming the Sigma male.

For introverted types, this way of living comes natural to them.  Never the less anyone can choose to say “fuck these faggots” and become the maniacal Outlaw set against the west and her hordes of androgynous mutants.

The Sigma gives zero fucks about fitting in.  Zero fucks about playing ball with a cadre of inferiors.  Often he lurks in the shadows and picks off his prey without having to make a huge show of it.  For this reason alone the Sigma male will cause the Alpha types to feel very threatened.  One has to be careful just how brash and brazen you want to swoop down into enemy territory and pick off the sheep.  You don’t want to rustle up every Alpha and his lackeys to come against you at once.  It’s much better as the Sigma to isolate your targets than it is to go in like Rambo.

That being said it can be seriously fun to obliterate social scenes and make enemies.  It is a rockin good time to cause fear and terror in the hearts of weaklings.  Sometimes you just gotta fuck shit up.  For the Sigma this comes much easier.  Since he plants no roots in social scenes and has voluntarily out grouped himself.  It is much easier for him to move between varying social circles and drop some fuckin bombs.


The Sigma is beholden to no man

Meet The King Slayer

The Sigma male is the natural Villain to the zeitgeist.  The dangerous man in the shadows who at any time can strike like lightning on some fuck boy Alpha types.  One of the best and most lethal traits of the Sigma is his unpredictability.  Because he does not care to be very social, most people are alarmed whenever he inserts himself in their group.  The brazen Sigma can absolutely destroy social groups and situations where there is a conformist mind set.

To become the Sigma you must not fear this power but embrace it.  When people come against you it should cause great joy and eager anticipation to swell inside.  There is most definitely a lot of entertainment to be had annihilating people’s little circle jerks.  The Sigma HATES to be considered part of the group.  He stalks outside judging and discerning how he will strike.  Sometimes he has a specific reason for blowing up the party.  Sometimes he just wants to entertain himself at the expense of others.

The Alpha’s will always look with concern, anger, threat and even fear at the Sigma.  The Alpha is established within his group.  He has been resting on his laurels.  Leaning on his social status with no threats from outsiders.  Then along comes the Sigma and flips his shit upside down.  You have to expect this and even welcome it.  We hate to be social in the way that most people behave.

Lets face it. 

Most people are extremely weak and passive.  They cave at the plastic displays of machismo from the cardboard Alpha.  In strolls the Sigma tossing a mother fucking molotov on the whole god damn thing.

Fuck yo couch!

Calculated Aggression

For Sigma types you need to embrace and harness your aggression.  You will need it in strong measure if you rile up entire social groups against you.  Do not fear your power but embrace the dark ability to cause chaos.  The only caveat being that you must cultivate attacking with calculated aggression.

While the Alpha is swimming in his small pond.  The Sigma rolls up and drains the whole god damn thing.  While the lone big fish squirms and putters out along with his little fish groupies.  The Villain Sigma rides off in the sunset for the next score and the next party to plunder.  Get fucked.

If you are a natural rebel who hates to be “one of the guys”.  You may find your ideal archetype in the Sigma male.  He is truly a man apart and a unique individual.  He knows the taste of boundless freedom and is loathe to relinquish it for anyone or anything.  However you should know that with this freedom also welcomes the accompanying danger.  Be prepared to deal with aggressive alpha behaviors from those who feel alarmingly threatened by your very presence.  Be ready to strike in a moments notice at the whiff of weakness and then vanish back into the shadows.  We don’t need any pats on the back, faceborg likes or gay boy shout outs.

To all the sycophants, social butterflies and piss weak status whores.  We smile a devious and dark grin watching your faggot pony show go up in flames.  Now kiss my ass and suck my dick. 


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The Single Greatest Factor Holding You Back


The quick fix society wants to eat this while losing weight – not going to happen

People in the west want the quick fix. The lose 30 pounds in 7 days or make six figures in a month. All are common tropes appealing to those with no patience and no desire to work hard.  In a society of instant gratification is it any surprise that common civility and politeness have devolved to the lowest common denominator?

No one wants to put the extra effort into something and everyone “feels” like they deserve more just for getting squeezed out of their whore of a mother’s womb.

Your Biggest Problem

The greatest factor which holds you back from success and achievement is not some foreign strain of disease or debilitating mental sickness.

It’s You.

That’s right.  The greatest thing to hold you back from crushing victory and non stop winning is you.  It’s the fact that you are mentally and spiritually a total weakling.  Your plans fail and your ideas never come to fruition because you don ‘t have the willpower and the work ethic to see them through.  You don’t have the broad vision to see beyond the here and now.  Nor do you have the discipline to do what is necessary to accomplish your goals.

So how do you change this?

Well the first step is to recognize this very alarming truth.  You are the problem.  You are the STOP sign and the giant red light preventing you from moving further in life.

Everything else is playing second fiddle to this fantasy crumbling real talk.  The first thing you must do is accept this fact without self deception.  You must face the black hole inside yourself which swallows all your hopes and dreams.


Lack of self-discipline makes self-improvement impossible

You Lack Discipline

One of the greatest factors in all of this is the fact that you lack discipline.  The man who is naturally gifted may not have to work as hard in life because his natural talents seem to offer up the spoils of the world with little to no effort on his part.

This can actually be the undoing of these types of men because not having to put any real effort into anything will have the natural beaten by the man who is more disciplined 9 times out of 10.

The man who has little if any natural ability will have to work twice as hard and persevere to the very end in order to achieve success.  Because of this, the disciplined man will have spent years and years developing a self determination which cannot be matched by the natural.  A fearless self determination and relentless work ethic will be the foundation pillars of his temple of achievement.

If you are reading this and realize that you lack discipline, you are probably wondering how to gain it effectively.  I will offer a few options which you can begin working on today in order to cultivate and grow your discipline into a well oiled machine of efficiency and purpose.

Practice Meditation

One of the best practices to regain control of your mind and willpower is the practice of meditation.  What this does is force yourself to focus intently while controlling your breathing.  This is very important for the individual.  Controlling your breath or life force is essential in regulating your mental state.

Consider the many neuroses common in the modern world.  Most people are beleaguered with anxiety, depression and many other paralyzing mental problems because they are not in control of their thoughts and their breathing patterns.  Practicing meditation is the key here to remedy that.  Your breath is your life force or “chi” and it is something you should treat with respect.  Have you ever noticed someone with high levels of stress suffer from an anxiety attack?  Their breathing becomes quick and labored as they begin to hyperventilate.  This in turn causes their heart to beat faster which further induces stress and anxiety.  The downward spiral continues and the individual loses all control of themselves.

It’s very simple what happens here.  They are not controlling their breath!

I recommend you start with just 15-20 minutes a day to practice meditation.  I prefer to do so seated in the lotus position on the ground with my back against a wall.  I prefer a room with the least sensory input which feels the most relaxing.  I breathe in through my nose on a 3 count and push the oxygen down below my navel into the lower abdomen as it expands.  There is a slight pause before I exhale through my mouth on a count of 2.  I focus on exhaling the oxygen slowly from the lower abdomen through my mouth.  Do this for a few minutes and fill your brain with oxygen.  Sometimes this even gives a feeling of euphoria.

At first you may want to focus only on your breathing until all other distractions are out of your mind.  Eventually you will want to clear your mind completely and find the serene calm which comes from a mind unburdened with life’s banalities.  This sharpens the will also.  As you gain control of your essential life force(breath) you will gain control over your life’s direction.  Mediation is an


Mean what you say and say what you mean.

essential tool for the individual to Master himself.

The Words Of Your Mouth

Second is the actual words of your mouth or your spoken breath.  How often do your words betray your deepest thoughts, fears and hopes to total strangers?  How often do you blab away about  nonsense giving potential enemies the keys to your kingdom?

You must begin to be conscious of these times and work towards saying less.  Much less to other people until that time you have more control over yourself.  The ego rages, cries and twists about.  Beckoning us like a child to play it’s game.  You must begin to check yourself whenever you become aware of your ego taking control of your thoughts and words.

Likewise always be aware when dealing with other people, their desire for the ego to be validated.  It is this weakness which will reveal treasures of personal information about potential threats or marks you have pinpointed for fleecing.

The general rule of thumb is that you should be revealing much much less about yourself when interacting with other people.  Ideally they should reveal everything while you have managed to reveal nothing but empty talk or red herrings.

How often has a man’s undoing been the words out of his mouth?

Open The Gates Of Success

Begin today in the diligent practice of meditation(breath control) and the conscious application of the will in revealing(speaking) less to others.  Many times it is much better to listen than to speak.  It is much more profitable to ask a question of someone than reveal something about yourself.

The mind is very powerful.  Gaining control of the mind and the breath allows one to open doors which were previously locked.  You may begin to realize that the padlock wrapped around the gates of success were your own hands and your own words preventing you from achieving beyond your imagination.  The ego and it’s desire for validation have been holding you back all this time.  Break those chains through the methods I have outlined and become the Master of your destiny.

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Why Every Male Should Know How To Fight


Men must know how to fight in order to defend themselves

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

I remember my first dose of vibrant multiculturalism.  It was when I started middle school.  I was sent to a new district which had several inner city projects whose members attended.  As a weak white kid raised in suburbia.  I had been brought up on a diet of junk food, tv and atomization.

I had no idea what lay in store for me.  The soon to burst bubble of white suburbia sheltered me from the bloody truth of diversity.  One of the first incidences I witnessed was a passive white kid jumped seemingly for no reason by a mob of inner city black kids.  Almost as if it were on cue they fell on that poor little bastard like a pack of wild hyenas.  I watched in shock and paralyzing fear as this all went down.  For the first time in my life I felt shoved into a dangerous new environment where my skin color marked me a target for others.

Coming Of Age In The 90’s

This was a time of seeping cultural derangement following the wake of the sexual revolution.  The music pimped out to us reflected a grungy, listless and apathetic variety which we weak white kids had endlessly available to glut ourselves upon.  Smells Like Teen Spirit anyone?

This time also saw the explosion of hip hop/gangster rap and it’s influence on the youth in shaping their thoughts and worldviews.  Most kids that wanted to be strong, tough or “gangster” had only this type of music to hype themselves.  While I actually appreciate several elements.  Ultimately it was of a differing cultural strain than white groups would create.  Always struck me as weak to appropriate another cultural item for you to feel strong about yourself.

Of course we had Metallica, Pantera etc.  Yet as a cultural force, rap/hip hop had a much greater impact on the culture at large.  Many of the white kids pranced around pretending to be gangsters from the “hood” and the black kids were encouraged to behave aggressively towards their “oppressors”.  I remember in the 7th grade a large angry black kid belligerently in the faces of every white kid he found, calling them “slave beater”.

Diversity Equals Conflict

I saw this first hand at a young age.  What angered me to no end was that the white kids including myself were coddled to a large degree.  As a result we were made of much softer stuff than those enduring a life in poverty and crime.

What good was all this “privilege” if it only made us docile lambs and sitting ducks?

I saw how city planners would rearrange school districts based on “integration”.  Some schools coming from middle class predominantly white neighborhoods were forced to accept ghetto residents and others.  Residents who I’m sure would quickly deduce in this new environment that easy marks and free prey are ready to get got.

The only white kids who got respect were the ones unafraid to use violence.  Though they were few and far between, these types quickly rose to the top of the food chain.

By the time I graduated high school I knew this whole experience was simply a microcosm of my country and the world as a whole.  We cannot have such varying groups living together without cultural and ethnic differences metastasizing into violence.


As Rome burns, conflict is inevitable

Embrace The Flames

If you have been bred to be weak and you are just now accepting the truth.  Learning to fight is probably the single best thing you can do.  Your confidence will skyrocket and your self knowledge will increase drastically.  Every man should have enough experience to be confident in the use of his hands to hurt people.

The real kind of confidence I’m speaking of only comes from experience and direct action.  There is not a single question about it.  You have to fight.

Moreover you need to be tested arduously to discover what you’re capable of.  Which I can guarantee is much more than you presently think.  If you feel afraid of conflict, paralyzed even.  Do not think less of yourself.  It’s a natural reaction to instinctually threatening stimuli.  The point is to first understand that this is a good thing.  Your body is alerting you to danger.  There are genuine times of danger when you must run for your life.  Likewise there are many other times where it would be better for you to stand your ground and fight Even if it means you are going to take a beating.

You Need To Get Beat On

Bottom Line.  You need to know punishment on your body.  I came to view this sort of thing like Conan strapped to the wheel of pain, enduring, growing stronger and ultimately overcoming.

Every man needs to know what it’s like to get beat on. 

Without it you will never know for sure what you’re made of.  You will never see with that eerily steady gaze.  The man who has been through the heat of hell and came back ice cold.

Pray you never face him then.

Often you see younger guys who may be tough or have a little skill but their confidence is greater than their ability to back it up.  It’s because they have taken the easy fights and dominated.  Thinking they are now some world beater.  They get tooled up by a game dude and poof.  There goes the confidence.

Knowing your limits is just as important as fighting with a savage heart.  You will be better prepared for any threatening situation.  More likely to make the right decision when it counts.  While aggression and first-to-strike are essential in combat scenarios.  Mindless rage is self defeating as it taxes your energy and resources.  You will need a ruthlessly cold and lucidly clear mind to win.


Learn the frame of mind needed to win from combat training

Pursue Combat Training

Again this for many does not come natural.  But it can be learned.  A skill trained in yourself through constant experience in the field of action.  I support starting fight clubs and that sort of thing.  Better though is to actually train and compete in combat sports.  MMA being the pinnacle of mono e mono combat.  So many skills on display and so many different ways to lose.

Joining a legit gym and training on the fight team is something I would recommend any man undertake  while he is still young.  Have a few amateur fights at least.  Don’t do it thinking you will be the next Conor McGregor.  Don’t do it thinking you will get paid to fight.  It will never be enough for the sacrifices and time you have to make.  As a whole MMA is probably the most underpaid professional sport in the west.

Do it because you desire to live the warrior lifestyle for a timeA desire to test yourself through the fire of combat.

To Gaze With Cold Eyes

What training and competing in full contact combat sports does is teach your mind the will to kill without actually doing any killing (most likely) or suffering the legal consequences.  When you are in one of these fights, you are willing to do whatever it takes to win.

It’s training and years of experience in fields involving life threatening combat that men develop a certain look and demeanor.  Men who possess this instinctively notice it in other men they come across.  I can look in a man’s eyes and confidently sense his capability and how far he’s willing to go.  I can see where he’s been.

One clear effect of this look is the cold and eerie calm one has in the face of perceived danger.  It seems quite strange to the average person and often has a disarming effect.  The body language would be bold and unconcerned but nothing on display.  None of the obnoxious elements of a posturing phony.  Those with little awareness could even overlook such things.  The eyes though will tell the story.  Relentless determination and unflinching resolve, the will to kill.  For most these skills are only acquired through years of experiences and training.

I’ve worked for over 15 yrs in fields that directly put my ass on the line.  I’ve prevented so many bad things from happening just because of my demeanor and look.  I’m simply not phased by much of anything.  Guys twice my size who wanted to fight have calmed down and followed my orders.  The main reason is because I’m not threatened by them or their antics.  There is no effort by me to prove I can hurt them very bad.  Getting beat on consistently, training relentlessly in skills to hurt people and testing them in the field for years has given me an expressionless calm.  I’ve had huge steroid guys all raging out ready to go ham completely change because I give them nothing they can react to.  Just cold eyes, disarmingly calm and a finger pointing where I wish them to go.  I’m indifferent to why they are upset and indifferent towards just about everyone when I work.  This has helped me in influencing others to do what I want.

Even someone punching me or attacking me no longer causes much if any adrenaline spike.  I simply don’t “feel” anything in that regard now.  It’s all just actions and consequences to me.

Learn to fight and dedicate yourself to training in skills which crush your enemies.  The greatest thing in life.

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The Most Valuable Prize A Man Can Ever Possess


Honor has devolved into nothing more than a trite platitude in modern times

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

Today a man’s word means little if anything.  He can lie, cheat and spew hateful rhetoric towards others with virtually no repercussions.  If you happen to belong to a protected class this goes doubly so.  Especially when a protected class is haranguing a designated scapegoat class (white males).

In this kind of world where the words out of someone’s mouth carry no weight, it is unmistakably apparent the lack of moral fiber prevalent in the average human being.  For hundreds and thousands of years there was a very different system at work which could smash down hard on the type of inferior person who spoke with little concern for the consequences.

Unearthing Honor

Our great societies of the past which made it possible to organize and expand into the global technological matrix we see unfolding today had a polar opposite approach to human interactions.  This was due in part to the hierarchical nature of those societies.

Indeed those cultures not sufficiently insulated from the lurking phantoms of toil, strife and hardship more accurately organized themselves around Natural Law.  This means that in society as well as found in nature,  everyone is NOT equal.

There are differing values for different people.  A blacksmith has a different value from a noble Lord.  A peasant farmer has a different value than the King of his nation.  In order for these systems to work there must be a stratifying element to contain and maintain these class values.  Enter the concept of Honor.

This concept is as old as society itself.  It even has a spiritual context.  Honor comes out of a man’s desire to bring order into the world and to safeguard his most esteemed prize, the words out of his mouth and his right to live and breathe unmolested.  This concept formed around the nobility.  Now since society in these times was based around class stratification, there was a spiritual context to this organization where at the top you have the nobility and the kings who gained their throne and lands by a divine mandate.  This mandate in reality means their own will to power and that is projected down through a royal bloodline.

While many modern historians may state that noble lords of the dark/middle ages behaved in a manner that more resembled a mob boss.  It is this author’s opinion that such historians are looking back at the past from their fagged out multikulti globohomo perspective.  They cannot imagine a world without state sponsored welfare, unlimited immigration, planned parenthood, LGTBTWTFEVER rights and so on.  In other words they are sick and can only see things through the bile colored spectacles set astride their gaybaby faces.


A society on the rise values honor

Ascendant Society

A society or nation that values honor also values the Warrior and martial conquest.  Heroic ideals were at the heart of every man.  While it may have been extremely difficult for the lower classes to ever attain noble status.  It was indeed possible for the strongest and stoutest of the lands.  Again the key to recognize here is that when a society is structured around Natural Law, the will to power of a man is his most prized asset in life.

Honor is the mechanism by which he defends that asset and enshrines it as a noble aspiration.

The noble classes were supposed to be elevated above the common folk by their blood or divine mandate.  Yet they were also charged with the defense of their lands as well as the upkeep and the safeguarding of all the lower classes.   When wars broke out in the kingdom it was the noble classes whom did all the fighting and the dying.  The commoners were largely protected in this regard from ever having to fight themselves.

Naturally an honor system would develop between the rulers who are actually dying to protect their lands and the ruled who only must give a portion of their produce towards the liege Lord.  A society structured like this is physically as well as spiritually ascendant.  We see this reflected in the architecture of the times.  Medieval kingdoms had their most prized spiritual structure, the church centered at the highest elevated point in the city.  All visitors coming upon the lands could look in wonder and amazement at the beautiful city which had its spiritual place of worship at the highest point in the entire city.  A shining beacon of light calling wayward travelers home.  An obelisk standing strong and virile reaching up to the stars.  The bright sun shining down which casts it’s rays of light as divine favor.

This is the time where all fantasy notions hearken back to.  The heroic defenders of their lands, the virgin princesses, benevolent kings and treacherous tyrants.  Every girl dreams of being a princess.  Every boy wants to be the knight.  These notions exist in us for a reason.  A painfully distant reason the modern world can never fulfill.

A Man’s Treasure

Today people are focused solely on the material.  Looking at modern advertising we see the gluttonous appeal to corporate products as somehow fulfilling a deep need within the individual.  Words in general don’t mean what they used to as the meaninglessness of life permeates a mentality where everyone and everything is equal.

People say things like…

______ is my favorite thing ever.   Do _______ for me and I will love you forever.


Omg I hate ______ and hope they die.

The one thing in common with these is that the words themselves are impotent.  No it’s not your favorite thing ever.  Tomorrow something else will occupy your reptilian brain.

No you won’t love me forever as your “love” is based on the material assets you gain from the interaction.

No you don’t really hate them and want them to die because you don’t have the balls to do it yourself.

People place all their value on plastic products and perishing items.  What if a man placed the value of gold, diamonds and endless wealth combined on a treasure that is not tangible?  What if he found a prize of incalculable value on something no one could ever take from him?


The value of honor is incalculable

A Pearl Of Great Price

A man’s honor is his gift to himself.  No man can give it to him.  No man can take it from him.  He gains it by consistently being a man of his word.  He holds it close to himself as a priceless ruby.  Whenever a man does not step up to defend his honor he tarnishes himself and pisses on his treasure as if it were nothing to him.  He says with his actions that, better to be a coward and live than be a hero and die.

He denies the spiritual value of intangible treasures like Honor and Loyalty.

If a man had a favorite child.  A beautiful son or daughter who shined brightly in every aspect.  What means would you go to in protecting them?  What expense would you spare in giving them all they need to become the best possible?  How many would you destroy who threatened their life with harm?

This is how a man should view his honor.  Worthy of protecting even if it means to the point of violence.  Men can come and take your gold, your lands and all you own.  They cannot take your honor.

Only for a man who has trampled over his own honor can the enemies of the world come to take the rest.

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Why You Must Think Like An Outlaw


Behaving like an outlaw will give you a stronger position in life

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

The problem with kindness is it should be used like salt.  That is to say, just a pinch here, a dash there.  No wasteful ejaculations of overeager altruism.  In the realm of power and influence as well as seduction, too much kindness will mark you as the biggest sucker in the room.

To be fair, none at all surely will cause problems as well.  The answer lies in cultivating the ability to use calculated kindness.  This can only be found by asserting yourself out there in the world specifically with this in mind.  To form and utilize scenarios through conversation or what have you to practice calculated kindness as a means to achieve your own ends by gaining the affections of others, their trust as well as respect, etc.  But I digress.

The Social Contract And You

First things first.  Every male today living in the west needs to realize one essential earth shaking truth.  If you haven’t figured this out yet, grab your fucking nuts and listen up.

The social contract is BROKEN.

Doneso. Toast. Arrividerci.

Tear that thing to shreds and toss it in the snarky face of the closest New World Faggot.  Then spit all over them both!  Because that’s what the government and society at large has been doing to you for your entire god damn lives.  Most of you have just dropped trough, taken the govt cock and the programming like a good little cuck.

Don’t you think it’s time to finally live on your own terms? 

Do you know what that is?

No.  It’s not merely behaving in a reactionary, defensive manner either.  It’s not time to turtle up or look with soft, dreamy eyes at distant shores.  With that mentality I guarantee you will land on those far away banks only to have the relentless rain of all your previous problems find your punk ass there too.

Don’t you think it’s time to start acting with aggression?

You may have heard it farted out the mouths of slobbering cucks to turn the other cheek.  But I tell you this.  If a man strikes you with his fist, grab a baseball bat and strike him back.

If a man insults you in front of others, blind side him unawares and strip him naked.


Protect yourself and your livelihood rather than worrying about risk

But Jack I Might Get In Trouble!

If this was your first thought then you need to realize one thing right now.  You desperately need a paradigm shift in your thought process to ever become a self aware man.  Lemme put it to you this way.

If someone were to try and break into your home, vandalize your property or steal from you.  What is the first thing most anyone would think to do?  That’s right.

Call the police!

Now think about that a second.  Especially for all you guys who know the score and claim to be doing your own thing.  You know the government is against you.  You know the system is designed to break you.  Yet you can’t help yourselves from appealing to a higher authority.  That is to say you, little johnny fuck boy need the real men to come handle your problems and clean up your messes.

So the same guys who rail against the system with such fervor should never ever be calling on that system or that authority to solve your bitch ass problems either.  I’m not going to explain why that would  make you a pathetic hypocrite.

Most every male in the west who works a regular job, pays taxes and has been college educated thinks along these lines.  They are the perfect little sheep to keep inside their little pens.  If you are this male you need to with the shock of a fucking lightning bolt snap out of your stupor.

Yes it is daunting.  I have been there.  We all have.  Life is fucking tough and men have always been expendable.  Get over it and handle your god damn business.

You need to realize this is your future and your freedom here.  Do you need a governing authority to tell you that you’re free?  Do you need a regulating body to give their stamp of approval for your every fucking breath?

No.  You fucking don’t.

Freedom Borne In The Mind

Freedom begins in your mind and heart.  First the mind must with courage accept the cold truth of things.  No matter the immediate pain or the soul crushing bleakness.  The pain is good and necessary.  For you must be cleansed of the lies.  The candy coated turds that society has force fed you since birth.

The conscious and willful expression of disgust must form in the mind.  The desire and mental effort must be exercised in purging these elements from within you.  Learn to recognize the inputs and cut them all off.

To live free my friends means that you must live dangerously.

Society wants slaves.  They don’t want free men.  Why?  Because a free man is a fucking dangerous man.

There is no freedom without danger. 

You want to be safe?  Live within the west.  Accept it’s laws, it’s prescriptions, it’s regulations and the endless litany of offenses we must answer for.

Live safe and comfortable.  Within the turd vagina of the Matriarch who squeezes out New World Faggots like the Brood Queen shits out those parasite eggs in Aliens.


New role models are needed to stop the decay of the West

Outlaw’s Freedom

The broken males of the west need to turn their eyes to a new kind of hero.  A better archetype to aspire to.  Not the dutiful cuck, the responsible and caring man who heaves the weight of the world over his slowly slouching shoulders.

Now he must look to the Outlaw.  The man who lives by his own rules, has his own ways and can’t be bothered to save the stupid.  Oh no.  Instead he gazes upon the weak and willfully ignorant with the eyes of a falcon about to swoop down talons ripping apart a hare.

The system has lied to us, cheated us, belittled us.

You owe NOTHING to that system.

Not even the acknowledgement of it’s power.  For the free man has smashed his shackles and torn asunder his chains.  He has a wild fire burning bright inside of him this world may not contain.

The punk, the bitch and the weakling fear the unknown.  Who fear to be cast off all alone from the herd.  They must not be reasoned with.  They must be ruled over. 

Remember this.  In order for the system to own you, there must be it’s tacit consent from you.

In order for you to be a slave you must consent to your slavery.

People do this every day in so many ways.  Just think about it for a second.

Become The Rule

A man does not need a government to tell him he’s right or wrong.  We know intrinsically what’s right.

Survival is good and Might is Right.

Our instincts are there for a reason and listening to them, trusting them is the way you rise to the top of the food chain.

Trust yourself.

People who go against their instincts live defeated lives.  Their unhappiness and painful bitterness stand out in their nasty faces and crippled body language with muffled speech and terrible posture.  Some are happy to be slaves and that is fine.  It’s not your job to change anyone.  For most it is a fools errand.

You must re establish the way you go about your life.  The way you think and act are conditioned responses that have been programmed within you for decades or more.

Start searching these out within yourself.

Dare to uncover who you really are and what you truly can be. 

In order to do this you must accept your life as outside the bounds of common(tranny,gay,fuck boy,AIDS) society.  Besides as men, we have already been given this status by our culture.

They’ve already declared us public enemy number fucking one.

You must become the ultimate Rule for your life and your reality.  To do so in today’s world means that as a man you must unashamedly become the Villain.  The savage Outlaw grown wild and hungry off the range.  Furiously ready to take umbrage at any attempts to constrain him.  Yes.

Learn to think like the Outlaw and become a little wild again.

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