Be Like Dirk Comic Book | 24 Comics


Universally HATED by Social Justice Warriors! The infamous Comic Book that created a full-fledged SJW swarming on Twitter. See what drove them to frothing fits of snark as they spent an entire Friday night insulting the author rather than having a life!



Be Like Dirk and Other Politically Incorrect Comics outraged thousands of SJWs and feminists! Cat Boy (i.e. Josh Fruhlinger, The Comic Curmudgeon) calls it the worst comic ever! What a badge of honor! These simplistic story lines were designed to “trigger” myopic idiots and trigger they did! Stay tuned for the article featuring Twatterers insulting several entire races, stereotyping Asian women, and in many cases all but calling foreign women dirty sex machines because of an innocent kiss in Take This Job and Shove It!

The first 24 episodes of Be Like Dirk, and other Politically Incorrect Comics that challenge leftist, feminist and Marxist narratives are now available in a PDF book. As designed to do, it sent them into fits of rage as many of them spent an entire Friday night bashing the comics and insulting the author while he was out drinking beer and chasing women. The outrage came after the comics were linked on Fruit’s …er… Fruh’s blog.

In each PDF are 24 comics designed by Relampago Furioso, Return of Kings staff writer and editor of the The New Modern Man, and an author’s commentary about how the idea for each comic relates to a men’s issue. In it, are fearless comics which take on and lampoon such issues as:

See the comic that caused a nuclear core meltdown amongst the thought police! It’s available for only $5.00 using Paypal. But, to honor the book going viral among thought policing leftists, we are offering it for 40% off for a limited time. We also accept major credit or debit cards. Immediate fulfillment of each order means you’ll get the book quickly.

The PDF can be viewed on any computer, tablet, or phone that opens PDF files. As a bonus, the original, lossless PNGs of each comic are included as a FREE additional download.

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24 comics | 49 page PDF | Only $5.00 on PayPal

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