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3 Dining Experiences Not to Miss in Cartagena, Colombia


Some of the best steaks you’ll ever find, cooking on the grill at Quebracho Parilla Argentina

Colombia has been a real adventure. In fact, one of the best travel experiences I’ve had yet. In addition to world class nightlife, and personal freedom that makes America look like the police state it is (small amounts of cocaine and marijuana have been decriminalized here) Cartagena offers some unforgettable culinary experiences.

From the street vendors who offer tasty meals (like delicious skewers and corn on the cob) for the humble sum of $5 or less, to four and five star restaurants, Cartagena delivers the goods. Rel spent a lot of time exploring the walled city, and tasting the different delights cooking at various establishments.

Here are 3 of Rel’s recommendations for those about to embark on an adventure to the Queen of the Caribbean Coast.


Look for the cow out front at Quebracho

1. Quebracho Parilla Argentina. Quebracho is an Argentinean steakhouse that’s not far from Plaza Santo Domingo inside the walled city. My steak dinner at Quebracho ended up being one of the best meals I’ve had in my life.

I started the evening off with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and some water. Then, came an Entrada/Appetizer that consisted of some delicious chorizo and sauces I could spoon onto the fabulously prepared sausage.

Up next, was my Argentenian steak and mashed potatoes. The steak was prepared right before my eyes on a fiery grill located by the bar. When it came out, it made me realize all the flavor I’ve been missing from corporate chain steakhouses back in the States. From the marinade to the gentle, smoky notes from the grill, the tender and juicy steak made me want to savor every last bite. Similarly, the mashed potatoes were packed with flavor.

I ended up having a tres leches cake (my favorite) for dessert. Quebracho made the cake with passionfruit inside, and to compliment it the pastry came with a complimentary orange flavored liquor shot. Very tasty.

The bill came out to around $60. Reasonable for such a carefully prepared, enjoyable meal. Quite simply, it doesn’t get much better than Quebracho.

Rel’s Rating: Star16Star16Star16Star16Star16


Cuzco is a worthwhile stop in Cartagena

2. Cuzco Cocina Peruana. Another good place to visit inside the walled city is Cuzco Cocina Peruana, featuring cuisine of Peru. While known for its seafood, I opted for steak once again. My plate was the Lomo Saltado. It came with yellow bell peppers, onion, cilantro, and tomato, poured over top seasoned potatoes. And of course, some white rice. Another unforgettable meal. While it was fresh, it wasn’t as hot as I would have expected for a gourmet restaurant. The bill? About $40, including an ample amount of vino.

Rel’s Rating: Star16Star16Star16Star16StarBW16


Those ladies aren’t Anglobitches – they’re light skinned Latinas

3. El Bistro. I first wandered into El Bistro looking for Caipirinhas. While the Caipirinhas are good but not the best you’ll find in Cartagena, the food in El Bistro is what really makes this establishment stand out.

I ended up taking a sexy Venezuelan chica on a date to El Bistro one night. (She was amazing in bed. More on that in another article.) Our salad came with an obviously homemade dressing, and importantly the lettuce was green and fresh. (As were the other ingredients.) It was the first salad I’ve had that included beets – and to my surprise – the beets really made the salad pop.

We both ordered steak, the Lomo fino Cordobés to be exact. Once again I was surprised at how flavorful and delicious it was. I’ve spent far more money at establishments like Ruth’s Chris in the States and enjoyed the meal less. El Bistro also offers paellas and other popular dishes, which I didn’t try. But considering how excellent the salad and steak I had were, no doubt their other dishes will knock a man’s socks off, too.

The bill for 2 at El Bistro came out to about $50.

Rel’s Rating: Star16Star16Star16Star16Star16

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The “Official” Motorcycle of The New Modern Man: 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650


Speed, durability, economy: The trifecta that makes a Kawasaki Ninja 650 such a great choice

Motorcycles are perfect for minimalists.

Before getting started, I constantly hear about how dangerous motorcycles are. I know they’re dangerous. I guess I’m just a dangerous motherfucker then. Still, I enjoy riding them. In fact, I’d go as far as saying I prefer riding a bike over riding in a car. I’ve been riding for 4 years, and wish I started riding long before that. I don’t drive like a maniac, so I’ve been safe thus far. May I continue to have the same luck in the future.

Motorcycles are a fantastic way for the minimalist to save on transportation costs. My first bike, a $2,000 Ninja 250 – was a great investment and a hoot to drive. I sold it for what I paid for it: $2,000. So, it was like a got a free ride for two years and saved not only on wear and tear on my hot rod but also fuel costs.

Japanese bikes are especially good choices, because they’re practically bulletproof, parts are everywhere, and they’re super affordable. Proving my point, I just purchased this black and silver “The New Modern Man” themed 2012 Kawasaki Ninja at a local dealer in the States for $3,999 plus taxes, tags, and fees. I was out the door for less than $5,000 for a high quality, zippy, and very fun albeit practical bike with a scant 7,000 miles on the odometer.

About the only problem I encountered with the bike was needing to clean grease off the cogs and chain, as the previous owner thought greasing them was a good idea. It wasn’t. It created a huge mess and the grease was attracting dust and road grime, which would have prematurely worn these fast-moving parts out. Fortunately, a silicone-based lubricant melted off most of the grease while simultaneously lubing the O-rings in the chain.

Operating costs of a modern bike are negligible. Insurance costs me roughly $9 a month. Fuel costs are negligible. It costs me $7 to fill up my ride. I no longer fret short trips the way I used to in my car.

The riding position is comfortable, the Ninja has plenty enough power for my needs, as it does 0-60 in about 3.5 seconds, and has been getting around 52 mpg according to the digital dash. It also handles great on the curvy country roads near where I will be building a tiny house in a couple of years.

Of course, there are faster, fancier, and bigger bikes. But, this one meets my needs perfectly and is a blast to drive. Sport bikes are a great choice for minimalists who like to have some fun. That’s why it this gently used, low cost Ninja is the official bike of The New Modern Man. It’s a great bike, it’s affordable, it’s a good choice for the minimalist, and it offers free surges of testosterone with each flick of the throttle. Check out this video of a test ride of a Ninja 650 like mine if you’re interested in purchasing a bike yourself.

I plan on taking a road trip on the Ninja next time I’m in the States. Do you ride? Are you considering riding? Have you been using a motorcycle as part of your minimalist strategy?

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Stories from the Road: Best Indian Food on the Highway


Indian dishes that rival gourmet restaurants can be found at a humble truck stop in rural Nebraska

The last thing a man expects to find when in the middle of BFE Nebraska is some of the best Indian food in the nation. But that’s just what a man will be treated to if he makes a stop in tiny Overton, NE. The Indian food I’ve had in New York was not as good as the dishes at this humble abode in the middle of America, scoffingly referred to as “flyover country” in certain circles. (Proving the ignorance of our self-appointed social betters.)

In fact, when I ran teams earlier this year, each time we traveled I-80 coast to coast this place became a “must stop” along the way.

It seems an Indian family bought out a mom and pop truck stop and decided to start serving traditional Indian dishes in the restaurant. They have not cut any corners. While the food is a bit pricey, the quality is unmatched. From the lamb kourma to the saag paneer to the garlic naan to the basmati rice, the food at this humble truck stop would rival, if not surpass what you can find in the big city. Those menu items are just my personal preferences. Other tasty options are there.

Truly, Jay Brothers Truck Stop on Exit 248 is one of those “diamonds in the rough” we truck drivers discuss. It doesn’t look like much on the outside. And it’s seen better days on the inside. But here’s the way I look at things: There’s a lot of richness in the poor house and a lot of poverty in the rich house. I’d rather be amongst real people rather than poseurs and social climbing jackasses. Typical Americans look for the fancy, material things in life (many wouldn’t be caught dead here) but I’ve learned to start looking for humanity and people. It’s very rewarding.

It’s experiences like these that make me glad I bailed on the failing news media when I did, and decided to drive a truck when I need money. (While living abroad as an expat the rest of the time.) There is so much to know about this country, and so much to know about the world beyond the myopia most people spend their entire lives in. A myopia that is at least, in part, foisted upon them by a media that only knows how to create fear and division and push conspicuous consumption as the be all, end all of human existence.

As for me, finding oases of real people and real food made by real hands and having random, once in a lifetime experiences in new places and with new people will never be matched by anything I could own. What’s more, I enjoy interacting and supporting small business owners rather than faceless, nameless, exploitative GloboWorldCorp and its subsidiaries.

A gentlemanly Indian grandfather usually brings my order out when I stop here. Just seeing the humble man at work and watching him waiting to see if I like his cooking is an experience the chain truck stops can’t match. I like people, not things. Why is this so hard for Anglo culture to understand?

This is why I roam. This is why I’m a minimalist. This is why I cannot bear the human farm corporate America herds all the sheeple into. I’d never have had this simple pleasure among a constellation of other simple pleasures like this if I had stayed on the plantation waiting for the “someday” of retirement that never comes. (And by then I’d be too old and worn out to enjoy it, anyway.)

Life is better out here as a free man. Let me tell you.

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Marilyn Manson’s New Single: Another Sign The Sleeping Giant is Awakening

Just when you thought autotune crap had taken over the American music industry as the populace is sprayed with unending whiny chick tunes everywhere they turn, here comes Marilyn Manson with a new and fantastic lyrical middle finger. This bird is aimed at the ruling class. It is his most aggressive single since at least 1996. Here’s the hook:

So what’s a nice place like this
Doing ’round people like us?
So what’s a nice place like this
Doing ’round people like us

And the chorus:

We know where you fucking live
We know where you fucking live
We’ll burn it down, burn it down
They won’t even recognize your corpse

Indeed, what is your formerly nice place doing around a sociopathic elite who can monitor your every move and rule you like slaves? Manson has three messages for the bastards running the world off the rails. We know what you’re doing to us. We know the threat you pose to our collective wellbeing. And beware the reaction you could provoke.

There are two ways to look at the lyrics. First, it could be a synopsis of the surveillance state taking on godlike powers for sociopathic “leaders” to kill people in their homes. Second, as with all good art, the lyrics could also be a way of letting us know the elite are only 1% and we are the 99%. Could these lines simultaneously be a way of painting a mental picture of angry mobs outside billionaires’ homes demanding change?

The anti-elite, anti-ruling class vibe definitely comes at a crucial time as the American populace continues to awaken from its long slumber to the nightmare world they have been clandestinely surrounded by. Indeed, the corrupt American government now has the power to act out the chorus to the song any day of the week for thoughtcriminals and those who don’t obey their feted commands.

It is encouraging to hear some good, old-fashioned hellraising music being put out in this era of recycled pop garbage fronted by trashy white girls.

We are the new counterculture, those of us who have figured out the ruse of the American media, the social engineers, and the globalists. A single from a longtime artist like Marilyn Manson is a sign we are about to hit critical mass to bring about some real change. Pride cometh before the fall. And the ruling class is mighty fucking prideful these days.

They may know where we live. But we can also say to them: We know where you fucking live, too. The new album Heaven Upside down drops October 6.

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Eisbrecher’s New Album Sturmfahrt Doesn’t Disappoint


Eisbrecher continues to chart new territory with their excellent new rock album Sturmfahrt

Rock may be dead in America, but it’s alive and well and even seeing a bit of a Renaissance in Germany. The Neue Deutsche Härte genre formed in the 1990s and has taken the art of making hard rock to new heights.  The genre has spawned Rammstein, Oomph!, Unheilig (who recently enjoyed a string of #1 albums) and of course, Eisbrecher, among many others.


Buy Sturmfahrt on Amazon

As we all know, most Classical composers hailed from Germany and Austria, including Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart, and their rich musical traditions continue to influence this genre. It seems musical excellence is part and parcel of German culture. It’s easy to hear the rich, rising, symphonic influence of Classical music in many Neue Deutsche Harte pieces.

And its not just the “angry” sound of German language that makes Neue Deutsche Härte so appealing. While that certainly lends itself to making aggressive, rock-themed symphonies, German also turns out to be very versatile, one of the most tender, emotive languages in the world. Even non-speakers of the language will be moved when artists like Unheilig put pen to paper and voices in chorus. This duality lends itself to the stunning highs and lows German rock frequently offers its listeners.

The latest – and excellent – entry comes from Eisbrecher. Their new album Sturmfarhrt (Going into the Storm) dropped in Europe today. Upon giving it a thorough listen-through, I can assure you if you enjoy their past works you’ll enjoy this one. The album starts off with the excellent track “Was ist hier los?” which challenges elite narratives about the world and questions to morality of global American hegemony, and the intensity doesn’t let up as the topic changes to subjects other than valid sociopolitical commentary for the next 50 minutes.

Strap yourself in for the ride, and enjoy the rebirth and afterlife of rock and roll with albums like Sturmfahrt. What’s even better for those who love aggressive, masculine music rather than whiny chick tunes that dominate American radio, is the fact this genre is growing in Europe.

At least the art of making awesome tunes will live on somewhere. If you want to try before you by, bootlegged copies abound. I found one on YouTube. Check it out.

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Eisbrecher Boldly Asks a Question on the Mind of Many Expats and Awake Citizens


“What’s going on here?”

Let’s just say America’s shift away from free market, free citizen principles and toward corporate-government oligarchy and authoritarianism isn’t going unnoticed by those who have the capacity to see beyond the shadows in Plato’s cave.

The above image in which the stars in the American flag have been replaced with a hammer and sickle tells the story. It also begs the question: Is America becoming overtly Socialist and/or Communist now that it has eliminated global competitors who might have vied for the title of control of the entire world?

It certainly seems an unholy alliance between “too big to fail” corporations and government is resulting in de facto Socialism/Communism in the once-free States, as corporations ruthlessly merger into ever-larger units and eliminate competition from lesser companies, while the government invades the privacy and vivisects the day to day behavior of its citizens in new and terrifying ways.

What freedoms the government doesn’t take away, corporate “policy” does. Complete, electronic control and surveillance of the populace is arising. And workers are being forced to conform with military-like command structures and endless bureaucracy on the job. Um, wasn’t American supposed to stand against this crap?

Neue Deutsche Harte band Eisbrecher has broached the question on a lot of Red Pill men’s minds for their latest single. They simply ask: Was ist hier los? What’s going on here? Indeed, what the fuck is going on here? (You can watch the lyrical video here on YouTube.)

By the way, this isn’t a new concept for this genre. TNMM has detailed how Eisbrecher and other German bands have been promoting Red Pill themes for literally decades.

Meantime, all we get from the corporate-controlled music industry in America is whiny chick music with Girl Power™ themes spraying us like so many cans of Raid. A man has to tolerate this junk music everywhere he goes. In stores, in restaurants, in popular culture. It’s music designed to act as yet another wrecking ball to the already damaged minds of Anglo women and traditional culture. Anything with testosterone has been excised from the music scene, a testament to just how extensive social engineering is becoming.

TNMM has also detailed how America is already arguably meeting 8 of the 10 tenets of the Communist Manifesto with current government policy and central banking practices. It’s as if we’ve been building towards a Communist crescendo for decades, if not generations. Something is rotten in modern America, and it certainly seems it’s representatives who don’t represent the people and corporations who buy legislation as easy as they buy commodities.

The lyrics of the new, kickass single which is masterfully orchestrated tell the story. Here’s the new single, translated from German.

We establish
And then break down,
We begin
And then stop,
We want a lot,
We can’t do anything,
First comes truth,
And then dare,
First nothing begins,
Then doesn’t start,
And if not today,
Then someday,
Nothing goes in,
Then nothing comes out,
Only hot air,
In this honorable house,
What’s going on here – what?
What has happened – what?
How can it be
That nobody’s interested here,
What’s going on here – what?
What has happened – what?
Should it be so
That here nothing works at all,
What’s going on here?
What’s happening here?
What has happened?
The gut thinks,
The heart obeys,
What’s going on here?
Is that normal?
First comes feeding,
Then comes morale,
What’s going on here – what?
What has happened – what?
How can it be
That nobody’s interested here
What’s going on here – what?
What has happened – what?
Should it be so
That here nothing works at all,
Who doesn’t win
But loses,
Has learned much,
And understood nothing,
It never begins, it never ends,
What’s going on here?
What’s going on here – what?
What has happened – what?
How can it be
That nobody here is interested,
What’s going on here – what?
What has happened – what?
Should it be so
That here nothing works at all

The lyrical video to the song certainly draws the connection between what is happening and a Socialist revolution, occurring right before the very eyes of a largely oblivious and incredulous public. When the official video drops, we’ll let you know. Should be interesting to see what Eisbrecher has come up with.

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The Simple Pleasure of a Good Cigar and a Stiff Drink


Just add a beach and a sexual escapade, and a man has heaven on earth, in my opinion

While it gives me no pleasure to document the ongoing decline and disintegration of the West and the waist-deep bullshit the average man has to wade through from the propaganda ministry on a daily basis, I must admit I’m happier now than I’ve ever been.

I learned to let things go.

Writing is my catharsis, where I let it all out. After that, I return to my daily life trying to make it as pleasurable and worthwhile as I can now that I’ve freed myself from both the prison of the mind and debt slavery.

One of the simplest and most satisfying pleasures is heading down to the beach when I’m in the Caribbean, or a scenic overlook when I’m stateside, with a bottle of red wine and a quality cigar in tow. In the Caribbean, naturally I avail myself of the hand-rolled Cuban cigars available on nearly every street corner. I also enjoy a nice, stiff Caipirinha if I don’t take the bottle of wine with me. This is an experience that costs maybe a few bucks and brings me great pleasure.

Stateside, a $20 bottle of wine and a $10 cigar will do. It’s the pleasure only a dedicated minimalist can appreciate.

I was never too interested in the vivisecting world of cigar, wine, and liquor snobbery that pervades the materialistic West. The simple pleasure of doing something for the fun of it seems lost on the poseurs, constantly trying to one-up each other with their competitive conversations and conspicuous consumption. The real talent comes from being able to enjoy both the high and the low experiences in life, something these guys will never know.

I have more fun spending $5 abroad than they can have spending $500…never realizing it’s not about how much money a man spends but his state of mind.

Sitting under the cove palms, listening to the crackle of motorcycles in the distance, watching the waves crest then splash ashore, enjoying watching children play at the beach, and appreciating my newfound freedom away from the corporate plantation are some of the happiest experiences a Red Pill man can have.

And, unlike my life as a citizen turned migrant worker in the States when I’m accumulating money for my next set of adventures abroad, when I’m truly “home” on the lush Samaná peninsula, most days I can wander around and find a chica who’s ready and willing to have some adult fun with me.

What could be better? Feeling good after smoking some rich, unfiltered tobacco, a nice buzz, and a satisfying sexual release with a dark-skinned hottie? The stress melts, and I cherish the simplicity of being able to do this more than I ever did the Gilded Cage of materialism I found myself in during my 20s.

What’s your pleasure?

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