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Cheap, Off The Grid Living


The Lillevilla Getaway cabin will be my getaway – my cabin in the woods – as I finish designing my ghosting lifestyle

Regulars to this heretical outpost will know I’m actively working to extricate myself from the matrix that Anglo America traps its men inside.

I did the college and “career” path its lying politicians genuflect about as they position themselves to raid your wallet while simping for votes to get into public office. I got severely burned following that path. Looking back, I’m not surprised I got burned because the system they’ve designed is rigged 6 ways from Sunday.

Long story short, the value of my college degree evaporated thanks to America flooding the market with rubber stamps over the course of the last generation by telling everyone (even those with low IQs and low grades) they needed to go to college while lowering both the standards to get in and the credit standards to take on massive amounts of debt.

As one astute social commentator puts it in The College Conspiracy documentary, America used to place the chains of debt bondage onto college graduates by getting them to sign up for a home mortgage once they had their rubber stamp. Only now, it gives them the mortgage without the home in the form of non-bankruptable college debt.

Thanks to all these changes occurring back to back to back and the consequences of social engineering schemes intended to turn America’s sons into unemployed pariahs, I got stuck with massive college debt I couldn’t pay off. To add insult to injury my job in fake news became very insecure because I was not only a hated, reviled white male but I openly questioned its narratives – sacrilege – in the news room.

I saw the collision this industry was about to have with the iceberg of truth coming, and bailed a few years back. But, not before I got taken down with a bankruptcy for voicing – gasp! – conservative opinions. I learned quickly those who don’t go along and get along with the suicidal notions of feminism and liberalism get shoved out the door of the fake news industry.

I ended up bankrupt and homeless after my illustrious career in fake news. They want parrots, not thinking men. Lesson learned.

So, you might see why I have nothing for this country and nothing for the illusions it sells after being treated so badly by it and its women who act like they’re some kind of royalty but act, dress, and look like they’re some kind of trash.

Putting all that aside, after paying off my bankruptcy (I didn’t get anything free) I promptly left fake news to start a new life. Part of that new life is securing myself a residence that I can afford and that I can pay off quickly in this newly christened age of the precariat – a term the ruling class has coined for the “precarious proletariat” or wage slave class they’ve been busy creating.

After much research, head scratching and worrying I’ve found a viable solution. Cabins made from high quality wood that make excellent tiny homes for under $20,000.

It’s truly ironic that the very isolated, rural area I once ran away from to chase the false illusions America sells to the world now is now the place I will seek refuge from a dying nation and a suicidal Anglo culture.

I plan on constructing one of these units in the spring, and working towards making it as off the grid as possible. I will later return to my family’s agrarian roots and start growing my own food. (We often grew our own food when I was growing up. So I know how to do it.)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the system, nay, house of cards the American oligarchy has set up, it’s that I want absolutely nothing to do with it beyond having a mercenary relationship to extract the minimalistic resources I need to have a well-stocked cabin in the woods, to travel around and enjoy the outdoors on my 50+ mpg motorcycle, and spend extended time in friendlier lands abroad.

I can do more on $18,000 a year than most people can do on $50,000 a year. Minimalism and keeping Anglobitches out of my life gives me the power to say that.

Ghosting in the matrix, and “living fully now” as Alan Watts would put it when I’m lucky enough to be abroad. That’s the plan. A true nomad, with a cabin as a base from where to plan my months and years abroad and in the North American wilderness. (Last spring’s motorcycle camping journey across the Western U.S. after time in Europe, South America, Asia, and the Caribbean was the experimental phase of the plan.)

I’ll be documenting the construction of this humble home when the time comes. (I’m building it myself, by the way.)

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Peak Ghosting: Not Needing or Wanting Anything The Matrix is Selling


Thoughts on taking ghosting to a whole new level

Many regulars who read the heresy of TNMM know that I’m a ghost when I must suffer ungladly the fools and frauds of Anglo culture. It doesn’t take long after coming back from Asia, the Caribbean or South America – places where I’m engaged and alive – to quickly disconnect from an Anglo America built on its obsession with fueling female materialism and pushing fantasies about what this nation IS NOT.

As someone who has been to 48 states and nearly every major city, who has seen this country from inside the TV news studio to the harsh realities of life spent living inside a truck – I can assure you America is built on little more than a lie.

I am fucking miserable when I’m here in the matrix.

The situation is so dire, an unending work-sleep-spend cycle with no time for anything beyond that unholy trinity of consumerism, plus a miserable social environment, and lack of sexual gratification I naturally return to ghost mode when I’m in this hellish matrix.

I have found myself screaming into the wilderness: There’s nothing here for me, goddamn it! There’s simply nothing in America for a man other than unending toil. In recent days I’ve even found myself envying a primitive African tribe that made the news, simply because life in modern Faustian machine culture has become so miserable. Hunting animals and growing one’s own food while enjoying social connection and the priceless gift of TIME with friends and family seems like a much more fulfilling way to live than being inside the belly of this beast we have created in the West.

All people do in America is feed various machines with their lives. I fed the mainstream media news machine with much of mine. Now I feed the retail machine by transporting goods from factory to market, but only so I can build a life free of this madness.

Dreams of my next escape from the matrix keep me motivated and alive.

But while I’m here, day to day life is nothing short of drudgery and misery. The modern economy doesn’t benefit men, it benefits women and their unending obsession with shiny things. Imagine, no time for people. No time for human connection. No time to ponder life or to experience the natural world. Only time to think, act, and live like a human machine producing money and goods for female consumption. (Women drive 80% of spending in this travesty of a society.)

For some time, I’ve been pondering a way to escape the madness through minimalism and ghosting. I don’t want to spend the second half of my life trapped in debt bondage nor wage slavery, culturally castrated and socially atomized as Anglo America would have me live.

No, my time would be much better spent free of this insane system.

I’ve been pondering how far I can take my ghosting/minimalism to completely escape the matrix. The thought occurred to me that peak ghosting would be not needing nor wanting anything the matrix is trying to sell me. Frankly, I’m already to the point I don’t want anything it is selling.

When I walk into a store I am immune to the seduction of cheap, plastic gadgets and doodads most fat, unhappy Americans are beholden to. I don’t want any of it. As a minimalist, I’ve realized the human cost all that junk imposes on not only me but the wage slaves designing, producing, transporting, and selling it.

So, I’m already at the ghosting level of not wanting anything the matrix has to offer. The next steps are not needing anything the matrix has to offer beyond the barest essentials like food and enough money to fuel my adventures around the world. (Although I’d eventually like to grow much of my own food someday.) Not needing to kiss corporate ass to afford a place to live by building my own cabin in the woods on some land I own. Depending on myself rather than a thoroughly corrupt system.

The only way to escape the matrix is to not be dependent on it. That’s what I’m working on now as I live the minimalism I preach in the back of a sleeper unit in a truck. I dream of the day I travel the world half the year and spend the other half living in my cabin in the mountains, largely self-sufficient, living a world apart from the gynocentric machine culture I have grown to despise.

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Minimalism Squared


Men have long been happier with less, a philosophy Seneca detailed two millenia ago

To me, there is no MGTOW without minimalism. But, beyond learning to live within our means and without the burden of modern women in our lives, what’s the next level of minimalism for the MGTOW? The ultimate level a MGTOW minimalist can achieve is no longer wanting anything the system tells him to buy. In finding its enticements to consume ridiculous. To find willfully enslaving ourselves with our own desires preposterous.

I have recently achieved this level of realization in my own life. I can truly look at anything the matrix is trying to sell me, and with an honest answer tell the salesman, “I don’t want that.” I don’t want what it will take away from me. I don’t want the problems it will bring me. I don’t want to be controlled by things I own, for it is the man who owns little who has the most control over the actions in his daily life.

The minimalist is the freest man. He doesn’t want to fall into their traps. He doesn’t want their junk. Not their privacy invading gadgets, their McMansions he’ll pay for 2-3 times with interest and never-ending property taxes, their high maintenance and totally ungrateful and financially predatory women, their ugly little plastic Socialist sedans and SUVs, their “education” which is really liberal indoctrination and clandestine indentured servitude complete with student loans that aren’t dismissable even in bankruptcy court, and their backbreaking and mind frying labor to support politicians’ continuous “we buy losers’ votes with your hard earned tax dollars” schemes.

The MGTOW minimalist knows all those consumer items only represent chains that are being sold. Nothing else. The simple, intuitive life outside the matrix is far superior to this monster our culture has created. I know, I’ve lived it. And, neck deep in the matrix once again I long to return to that more fulfilling lifestyle.

When this realization sinks in, the life of a man is forever altered. The only way for a man to be free of the matrix is through controlling his own desires. This is a truth Seneca knew 2,000 years ago.

True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future, not to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears but to rest satisfied with what we have, which is sufficient, for he that is so wants nothing. The greatest blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach. A wise man is content with his lot, whatever it may be, without wishing for what he has not.

I am coming to realize his wisdom in my own life today. In voluntary poverty, there is strangely such abundance. Seneca once again echoes my own thoughts:

It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.

In foregoing the lifestyle sold to us by Madison Avenue, we regain our time and our freedom. In eschewing women, only can a man see what ravenous wastefulness their lives of consumerism and materialism represent. Once realizing this, there is no other way to live. It is only through this realization can men leave the plantation, and the matrix’s prison for their mind. Seneca knew:

Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power.

Words of wisdom that resonate through time, even in this modern machine culture in which the gears are slowly grinding to a halt.

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Rel’s Nomadic Adventure Begins: San Antonio to Monument Valley, UT


Rel’s epic spring adventure has begun

Hello, brothers.

I’ve been away from The New Modern Man for a couple of weeks getting myself mentally and physically prepared for a solo, nomadic journey around the sparsely populated Western states of the U.S. I’m happy to report my spring motorcycle camping adventure intended to put into practice and expand the core TNMM philosophies of minimalism and ghosting has begun, and the first leg of the trip from San Antonio, TX through West Texas into the sands of New Mexico and the heart of the American West is complete.

My first destination was Monument Valley, UT. It’s a place that has long captured the imagination of the adventurous man. Monument Valley exceeded expectations, and the ride up to this famous Western landscape was cleansing for the soul to say the least. The weather was nearly perfect with temperatures in the 60s and 70s for most of the day. Of course, as you can see I photographed some stunning vistas.

While most people got their selfie and scurried away, I sat there staring in awe of this epic landscape long after I had taken some photos.

I prefer to stay in free campsites, however I found some bargains with pay campsites in both Red Rock State Park, NM and Gooseneck State Park, UT. Both featured camping for only around $10-15 a night. It feels good to stay off the grid and go “primitive” camping with just a tent, some very basic camping gear, and a steel horse (my bike) joining me for the journey. I have intentionally distanced myself from the raging dumpster fire that is America’s political, social, and cultural landscape. I only check headlines for a maximum of 30 seconds each day and avoid all social media.

I’ve noticed my mentality improves drastically when I disconnect from that alternate reality created by media spinmeisters and social engineers. I wrote in my travel journal: I wonder how long it will be before these idiots become totally irrelevant as the rest of us go about our business and stop giving a shit what they have to say about how we should live our lives?

One thing you learn quickly is how unforgiving these majestic landscapes and lonesome stretches of highway can be. Luckily, I learned logistics quite well in my time as a “professional driver” managing an 18-wheeler for a year. There have been some long distances where there’s nothing but a road and tumbleweeds around, which can be challenging with a 4-gallon gas tank. My 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650 has been performing spectacularly, and averaging around 50 to 55 miles per gallon. I haven’t run out of gas on the side of the road. Good news, there.

Along the way I picked up a National Parks pass for $80, which gives me access to all national parks in the U.S. for a year. With free camping, my only expenses will hopefully be fuel and food.

Come along with me as I begin this nomadic journey. There will be updates from the road as I explore the great American West alone. As always, your contributions to help fund this pioneering journey are appreciated. You can help me by donating through PayPal or GoFundMe. See you soon, from the road and the uncivilized parts of the world.

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Video: Less is More, The Philosophy of Minimalism

Colin Wright is a fellow minimalist who has been living out of three travel bags (like me) for years. In this presentation, he speaks about the freedom a minimalist lifestyle affords men and how society’s intense, laser-like focus on making more money at the cost of everything else that makes life worth living never brings lasting happiness.

As Wright showcases not only his own life but those of other minimalists, he shows us how customizable the minimalist philosophy is. I adopted minimalism so I could leave corporate America and have the freedom to roam the world where there are superior women and healthier, more libertine cultures. Others decide to move into tiny houses and spend their lives chasing their hobbies.

The important takeaway message is less can actually be more. Once purging Anglo-American cultural indoctrination from our minds – the idea that conspicuous consumption and materialism are the be all, end all of existence – we can be freed to be who we really are. To live the lives we really want to live rather than the doleful 9 to 5 existence everyone else accepts as normal.

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7 Steps to Become a Ghost


Disappear into the ether by becoming a Galt-like ghost

As men are pushed to the margins of society by a misandrist Anglo culture and creeping Racial Bolshevism, becoming a “ghost” is the next level of civil disobedience for the Red Pill man who wants to give this crazy culture the finger. Since participating in the schemes of the Anglosphere is not worth the sacrifice for men any longer, many of us have decided to enjoy the decline poolside.

In my case, I quit my corporate job in the mainstream media over 2 years ago and have been working when I need to driving a big rig while roaming the world part-time. (Phase Two of my nomadic transition will include me becoming a “workamper” living in an RV rent-free, doing summer jobs for 6 months while spending the other 6 months abroad as I pioneer workable ghosting life plans for men who want to escape the system. Expect another book on these two methods of ghosting at some point in the next couple of years.)

When it comes to balancing work vs. pleasure as a ghost, the job isn’t what matters as much as resolve, self-discipline, and frugality. That trio helps transform ghosting from a pipe dream to a success story. The key to Galt-style ghosting is a paradigm shift in thinking away from a consumption mentality and towards minimalism. We are trained from childhood that the only way to be a competent adult and to lead a happy life is to consume more, more, and more. This just isn’t the case, as The Minimalists detailed in a blog, book, and documentary.

For us, it all started with a lingering discontent. A few years ago, while approaching age 30, we had achieved everything that was supposed to make us happy: great six-figure jobs, luxury cars, oversized houses, and all the stuff to clutter every corner of our consumer-driven lifestyles.

And yet with all that stuff, we weren’t satisfied with our lives. We weren’t happy. There was a gaping void, and working 70–80 hours a week just to buy more stuff didn’t fill the void: it only brought more debt, stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, guilt, overwhelm, and depression.

What’s worse, we didn’t have control of our time, and thus didn’t control our own lives.

Indeed, the system thrives on trapping men (and control of their time) with promises of prosperity and material wealth that it continually falls short of delivering. But it never falls short on trapping them in a hamster wheel of debt designed to deprive them of all the hours of their lives. The system also thrives on teaching men to search for happiness from extrinsic goals like rewards, praise, money, image, and status rather than inherently satisfying intrinsic goals like personal growth, pursuing close and connected relationships with friends and family, and cultivating a desire to help others.

How do men make the change to pursuing intrinsic goals? Minimalism is the keystone to living a ghost lifestyle. Minimalism helps shift men away from extrinsic to intrinsic goals in the search for happiness. The genius of the minimalist/ghost lifestyle is less, less less.

Personally, I’d describe my post-corporate life living on $20,000 or less a year as a free spirit/world roaming nomad as far happier and freer than my life making $50,000 as a wage slave ever was. But, where to get started? How do men make the numbers work when making such a drastic change? Here are 7 steps along the path to the minimalist/ghost lifestyle.

1. Adopt minimalism. Minimalism is not about deprivation. It is about aligning your short-term actions with your long-term values. Becoming a minimalist is key to freeing your time and your wallet from the clutches of the consumer society. In my case, it was learning to live out of a carry-on bag, a laptop bag, and a suitcase. I’ve been living this way for 2 years, and would never go back to living a life obsessed with pursuing consumer items. Experiences and adventure are much more fulfilling. As a nomad, I can step into an 18-wheeler and drive while saving 90% of my take-home earnings. Eventually, I plan to transition from life as a seasonal trucker to a seasonal workamper who lives out of a small RV stateside while working, then takes his earnings abroad for adventure.

2. Get out of debt. Author Michael Mihalik put it best: Debt is Slavery. It is not a tool as much as it is a one-way ticket to bondage. Debt allows bankers and bosses to control your life. Think of it this way: If you didn’t have any payments and had $10,000 in the bank, would you be as willing to take shit from HR at your job?

3. Save up a Fuck You Fund. Once extricating yourself from the web of debt and adopting a minimalist lifestyle, you’ll find that money starts piling up. In fact, it piles up so fast you may regret having lived your life any other way in the past. Put this money in savings. You’ll feel lighter and freer with each deposit into your newly created Fuck You Fund. A Fuck You Fund is intended to give men the freedom to do just that – say “Fuck You!” to their soul-sucking GloboWorldCorp job.

4. Stop watching TV and quit social media. Television is influencing your mind and your desires far more than you think. In fact, television is so insidious those who quit watching cold turkey exhibit withdrawal symptoms. Worse, regular television watchers begin to think their own lives are unreal because they don’t match the illusions they see on television every day. Social media is also sucking up your time, anywhere from at least 2 hours up to a high of 9 hours per day going by “average” users. What will you be missing? Memes, pop culture, and gossip by limiting or eliminating social media? TV and social media are forms of thought control (especially in this age of shadow banning and overt censorship from Shiticon Valley) and the ghost banishes both from his life.

5. Develop a sense of courage and a healthy dose of self-discipline. Living life as a true ghost requires an enormous amount of courage. The religion of the masses is safety and comfort, but the ghost knows true inner strength comes from having the courage to take risks and accept the outcome – whether it be success or failure. There is a fair amount of risk associated with this lifestyle. Which is why you’ll also want to develop self-discipline. However, if you can learn to adapt to a life of frugality and sharpen your long-term planning skills, the ghost lifestyle will reward you with an enormous amount of freedom and personal satisfaction.

6. Quit your job. When I quit a job in the news industry I had worked so hard to get into, many thought I had lost it. Maybe I did lose it. But I look back on that decision – leaving a corporate world that had repeatedly exploited me – as one of the most important decisions of my life. If I didn’t quit, I would have never had two of the most fulfilling years of my life – with an eye on making the transition I’ve enjoyed permanent.

7. Start enjoying life. Many regular readers will know I’ve been to the Caribbean, South America, Europe, and Asia in just the past couple of years – as well as 47 states in America and virtually every major city. I’ve been in brothels in Nevada and Germany. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Discotecas in Latin America. Banged hot chicks all over the world and even dabbled in some mild recreational drug use. I’m taking a motorcycle road trip with nothing but a backpack and a tent this spring. The result? A level of personal life satisfaction most men dare not dream of. It has certainly been more enjoyable than going in to lick the boot every morning and looking at the same sad sacks talk about fucking their next meal in between recounting the last episode of make believe they imbibed last night on Netflix.

What I’ve discovered since becoming a ghost is danger is overstated by Anglo society and the safety most people cling to is nothing more than illusion. The system wants men to believe there’s no way out, and if they try something new it will end in disaster. Wouldn’t you want a mass of serfs to think that way if you were their master?

You can become a ghost, free of the soul-sucking wage slave lifestyle. But, the ghost lifestyle isn’t for the faint of heart. It will be the most profound transition most men ever consider. That said, with no risk there is no reward. And if you fail in your pursuit of the technicolor lifestyle, you can always go back to the drab corporate world we all know and hate.

Metallica perhaps best sums up the minimalist and ghost philosophies in their hit Wherever I May Roam: The less I have the more I gain. 

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The Gender Tax Gap: Men Pay 200% of the Taxes Women Do


It’s time for women to stop leeching off male productivity

Revised March 12, 2018.

The much-balleyhooed gender pay gap receives an inordinate amount of attention in the gynocentric mainstream media. However, the gender tax gap is completely ignored. Why? Because it paints a very unflattering picture of women and directly contradicts the Don’t Need a Man™ narrative.

It’s time once again to bring up the sordid subject of female privilege. We found numbers to back up the claim that women live priviliged lives suckling Beta male tax dollars from the government tit. The blog Judgy Bitch dug up some devilishly delicious statistics which prove Strong, Independent Women™ are actually a monstrous drain on government revenue.

It turns out Don’t Need a Man™ is quite the inaccurate feminist narrative. The truth is, without the government stealing tax dollars from men and redistributing them to women, feminists and other females would be destitute. The tab women run up using government resources over the course of their lives is quite shocking. Rampant female privilege in the Anglosphere costs society an average of $150,000 per female over her lifetime according to a New Zealand study. Of course, men pick up the tab for both themselves and women. Here’s how Judgy Bitch accurately phrased it:

Economically, women cost more to the state than they benefit. The government is literally paying women to be alive.

That statement isn’t just hyperbole. The following charts from a New Zealand study on the gender tax gap show what a drag women are on society, and on Beta male wallets.

  • Figure 5 illustrates how large the gender tax gap is, as the male share of the tax burden is immensely larger than the female tax burden.
  • Figure 16 illustrates how women receive more government benefits than they pay into the system during the course of their lives in all but a short window from roughly age 40 to age 60. Even then, women receive far more government benefits than men.
  • Figure 17 is the most damning, as it shows the cumulative fiscal impact per capita per sex. Women are a net drain on government resources (and therefore male taxpayers) from birth to death. Women end up with an average $150,000 lifetime deficit between what they pay into the system vs. what they take out of it! Importantly, men would wind up a net surplus at the end of our lives if Socialist governments didn’t force us to support women with our tax dollars! So, it can be said Western governments are broke because of women, and Western governments are wealth redistribution agents that rob overproductive men to pay underproductive women. It can also be said that if men didn’t have the burden of women and weren’t forced to carry both their weight and our own, we could work a lot less and enjoy life a lot more.

Without the monstrous, gynocentric governments now plaguing the West robbing men of our productivity, women would be in dire financial straits because the simple fact is women don’t produce much of anything (statistically speaking) except drama. That’s not an empty claim, it’s an economic fact. And self-evident if you’ve ever worked in an office full of YouGoGrrls.

Even in these post-feminist days, now that the red carpet has been rolled out with female hiring preferences in just about any field, women still can’t keep up with the juggernaut of male productivity. Female materialism also results in consumer spending that is 4 times higher than male spending, according to a well-known Harvard University study. These two facts combined – the tax gap and the juggernaut that is female consumerism – help illustrate the bottomless financial pit women represent, a pit men are expected to continuously and thanklessly throw money into.

selfie with many money

Women create an average drain of $150,000 on society’s purse over the course of their lives, according to a New Zealand study

Feminism and Finances

The tax gap proves how pointless it is to try and reinvent the wheel when it comes to the sexes. Rather than advising women to assume traditional female roles (roles that are more financially and socially prudent for the culture at large) feminism and its clandestine use of Penis Envy pushes chicks into jobs and men out of jobs. The result? A poorer, less productive society overall.

The fact that women consume more than they earn remains unchanged, despite tireless efforts by the left to turn women into wannabe men. The Anglo-American Androgyny Agenda is destroying society, not advancing it.

What’s even more insane is the fact feminists and America’s ultra-corrupt political establishment have the audacity to continue to tout the Big Lie about “poor, downtrodden women” suffering from a wage gap, when the fact is women are not paid less because of their gender. The wage gap results as a matter of personal choices each sex makes about which careers to pursue, women working fewer hours and fewer years of their lives than men, and men choosing jobs that are more demanding and therefore pay more…rather than jobs that let them wear nice clothes.

Donald Trump’s liberal daughter Ivanka pushed these tired, Marxist pay gap narratives we’ve heard for 50 years at The Don’s RNC coronation last year. But when the numbers are crunched, men end up paying twice the taxes women do while receiving a fraction of government benefits. Then, men get lambasted for supposedly making more money. When all calculations are complete, here’s the truth of the matter as phrased in Judgy Bitch’s writeup:

While the 77¢ for a dollar wage gap has been under the spotlight for the past years, the 200¢ for a dollar tax gap has, to my knowledge never been mentioned.

Indeed, where else have you heard about the 200¢ for a dollar tax gap, a tax gap that costs the male-funded government $150,000 for each arrogant Anglobitch walking around? It’s certainly not being covered in the corrupt media!

Even in these days of women at work pushing men out of a limited number of jobs, women only briefly contribute a small surplus to the tax system they avail themselves of. This, as they’re provided with everything from free abortions to WIC to food stamps to government mandated hiring quotas – designed to knock yet more males out of their jobs.

Women are a financial drag on society from cradle to grave, with the exception of a short period in their lives when they pay in slightly more than they take out. But, even then male contributions to the system eclipse female contributions. From Judgy Bitch:

In the brief period in which women generate more or as much tax money than they consume, men outscore them by at least 3 times.

Of course, statistically sterile Anglobitches can’t hide behind the fact they are a third as productive as men because they take care of children. Women are not having families anymore and that is killing the West, as birth rates among whites (and other ethnic groups assimilated into Anglo culture) remain well below replacement fertility.

There’s more. Women only work slightly less at GloboWorldCorp jobs than men do these days. Judgy Bitch writes:

The workforce participation rate gap between men and women doesn’t exceed 10% in either age group.

This certainly doesn’t explain away the massive tax gap, much to the chagrin of feminists. Women are enormous drains on public resources.

Once again, we find the lies of feminism have put women and society in quite a conundrum. Men have no incentive to support a system run by and for women who hate them, and women can’t carry the load when it comes to running society.


It’s time to let women take care of their own financial problems

Go Galt, Become a MGTOW, or Become a Layabout PUA

In conclusion, we find female frivolousness, covetousness, solipsism, and irrationality will ultimately bankrupt any government that disenfranchises men and “empowers” women. Women spend and cost so much they can’t collectively pull their own financial weight.

After perusing these statistics, men should realize both the corporate-government complex and women are leeching off our productivity whilst giving us shit sandwiches in return. Anglo women are insufferable harridans who spit fury at men for even existing.

Men are treated like pariahs in this culture. Yet, we’re expected to work ourselves into early graves trying to feed a monster that does nothing but exploit our productivity for female benefit.

At the very least, in the interest of “equality” women’s tax rates should be much higher than men’s to make up for the drain they create on society’s purse. When the stats are examined, a Red Pill truth leaps out of the numbers: Women will suffer much more than men if each sex is forced to support their own Strong, Independent™ lifestyles, and women are not allowed to leech off male productivity any longer.

Don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, ladies.

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