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TNMM Review: Minimalism, A Documentary About The Important Things


American men are figuring out “stuff” isn’t making them happy

Minimalism, A Documentary About The Important Things
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Minimalism is a frequent topic here at TNMM. In fact, as we shout our countercultural messages from figurative rooftops, the minimalist philosophy is one of the foundational building blocks of this humble abode. It goes hand in hand with the revolution in male thinking and behavior we are helping to bring about.

How convenient for those interested in financial and lifestyle freedom that a film about two corporate drones turned minimalists has been released. And, it doesn’t suck. The film is actually quite good. 87% of Google users liked it, it has a 4/5 star rating on Amazon, and a 6.7 out of 10 rating on IMDB.

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things introduces us to Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn. Fed up with empty and unhappy lives spent working and consuming, they chart a new course in life. Their goal: Make more of their lives by living with less. After deciding their new lives are more fulfilling than their old lives of consumerism, the newly minted minimalists leave their jobs, create a blog, get rid of most of their stuff, and embark on a coast to coast tour spreading the evangel of minimalism.

The two decide (just like your host here at TNMM) there are more important things in life than making money and spinning like a rat in a wheel trapped in the insidious sleep-work-spend cycle. Naturally, a film documenting their journey arises out of the venture.

So, does the film both entertain and inform? In short, yes, it does. It does drag in a few places. Perhaps a “road trip” plot device would have been more fun. The “rags to riches” plot device of the duo, no doubt contrived by consultants and producers to sex up the film, does work but falls somewhat flat in that the Minimalists’ eventual, lukewarm embrace by those who inhabit the swampy vortex of consumerism, the mainstream media, is an odd, shotgun marriage.

The irony is we have two very smart guys preaching minimalism to vacuous talking heads at various local television stations, and the pseudo-glamorous but brain-dead harridans at the Today show. At least old media helped spread their message to the masses. Other than that odd juxtaposition, and some formulaic, emotional tugging at the heartstrings as Ryan tells a story of how his mom became a typical “empowered” Anglobitch who destroyed her family and her life after she left his father (no surprise to TNMM readers she behaved this way), and Josh tells us about his mom being abused by his dad, the expose on minimalism actually works quite well.

Naturally, it took two men to come up with a film about minimalism. Women, who make or directly influence 4 out of 5 purchasing decisions, will largely be alienated by such a film. The film is especially refreshing in that the gynocentric, extravagant culture in which we live squelches most questioning, or dissent of the religion of consumerism in America. Yet, in this film we have two 30-something men finally taking charge of their lives and their own happiness after boldly walking off the corporate plantation, saying to hell with the shopping mall, and setting off to try something new. It’s a film that challenges conventional wisdom.

Rolling the dice is the most effective part of their message, because that’s really what it takes to change a man’s life. When a man finally throws up his hands and cries out, “I’m not living like this, ANYMORE!” only then will he change his life. Although Nicodemus and Millburn are much more milquetoast about their message than anything you’ll find on TNMM, the spirit is the same.

They’re likable guys.

Nicodemus says he had his fed-up moment when the company he worked for pushed him to devise new ways to sell smartphones to 5-year olds. He’s right that it sucks living in a sellout culture. My fed-up moment was when the pencil-neck geek of a boss at the television station I worked for boldly proclaimed our college degrees and experience didn’t matter to the suits in the boardroom, anymore. I later ended up here writing for you guys rather than selling myself out on the idiot box.

Nicodemus and Millburn finally get their message out, sell some books, and realize some success saving people from the cesspool of consumerism in their noble and worthwhile pursuit. The film wraps up with timeless wisdom “Love people, and use things. Because the opposite never works.” Indeed, that is a message that’s so against the mainstream of this sick and decadent culture it will fall on deaf ears when it comes to most of the indoctrinated American populace. But for those of us who get it, regaining control of our lives, our time, and our freedom will be our reward.

Best of all, sentiment like this is arising naturally as men tire of being expected to service the bottom line at any cost. Hopefully, The Minimalists film and blog are only the beginning of the resistance to living lives as useful idiots for the corporate-government complex and its moneymaking schemes.

The film is recommended by TNMM.

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Eating on $5 a Day


Sandwiches save big money if you make them yourself

Most people think getting a meal for $5 is a bargain. It ain’t. I figured that out a while back, and came up with what I thought at the time was a radical plan to make that much money cover an entire day. It worked wonderfully, and I enjoyed everything from steaks to eggs, bacon and homemade pancakes while at home. Every TNMM reader already knows Anglobitches won’t raise a finger to cook, so we have to “man up” (heh) and learn how make our own food.

Since adopting minimalism, and realizing I can buy experiences that will last a lifetime with my money rather than meals that will soon become excrement, I’ve slashed my food costs to $5 a day. And I have been quite happy with my arrangement. But trucking presented a new set of problems. Mainly, not having a full kitchen to take advantage of.

As I mentioned before, I’ve literally been eating on a budget like this for years. I’ve lost weight by planning meals. I’ve cut down on waste and aggravation by streamlining and simplifying. I’ve saved tons of cash. And I’ve adapted this plan to hyper-save while I’m in the throes of The Matrix, driving 3,000 miles a week earning that precious freedom money to power my mini-adventures here in the USA and my major adventures abroad.

In an orally fixated, obese culture, some will no doubt find the way I handle my food budget horrifying. I look at it this way. If you want to spend your paycheck on over-processed, over-seasoned food at Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag (yes, that’s a Simpsons reference) then be my guest. Your wallet and your waistline will take a beating. Enjoy yourself.

But here’s how I eat on $5 a day while on the road, and fatten my bank account.

Bologna, ham, and other cold cuts are part of the agenda. Sandwiches made with wheat bread are a staple, and cold cuts can be stored in the mini-fridge I bought for my sleeper. A spice rack help keeps things interesting when preparing tuna salad or chicken salad. There’s even some potted meat that actually goes will with mayo and mustard mixed together. Then there’s potato chips (always the store brand) alongside cans of chili, Chef Boyardee, and other canned goods.

Since I don’t have a stove, or a lot of time, everything I do on the road is pretty much ready to eat food. Some will say I should install a stove and a microwave and all this, but to me it’s not minimalism if I’m spending money unnecessarily. I’m only planning on being in the U.S. for 6 months or so at a time. Things have to work, and they have to work without needlessly spending money on comfort-maximizing accessories.

Bottled water and Walmart store brand sodas are my daily beverages, along with instant Kool-Aid and iced tea packets to keep things interesting. It’s Walmart brand Pop Tarts for breakfast. Celery sticks, carrots, cherry tomatoes and a big tub of ranch dressing for snacktime.

This all comes out to $3 to $5 a day for 2,000 calories. To me, the whole idea is cheap calories that are there whenever I need them. While food snobs will be aghast, I know I’m not missing anything by skipping the drive-thru and the sit down restaurants they worship. (I eat a fast food burger once or twice a a week to remind myself how bad they are, and reward myself with a proper meal at a nicer restaurant once a week.)

The good news is, I’m literally gaining $400-500 extra a month in my budget vs. other truck drivers (and GloboWorldCorp employees) who eat out every meal. Just the savings on food is enough to pay for a monthly excursion when I finish my 23 days on the road and take my week off.

And as a result of cost-cutting like this, I’m currently saving around 95% of my income to take with me abroad, where I’ll have hot Latinas and Asian women cooking up delicacies right in front of me that make ersatz American food taste like the crap it is. You know, to make up for the sacrifice I made eating on the cheap in my truck.

See, it’s not so bad after all.

Do you know how much you’re spending on food each day? How do you do things at home? Or, if you’re on the road how do you eat decently while saving?

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Your Most Powerful Financial Asset


Just Say No to a system that expects you to spend like a drunken sailor even as it worsens the conditions of employment

The exploitative Anglo American Matrix routinely and shamelessly profits off locking men into state and corporate-approved ways of thinking and behaving, using them like batteries to power quarterly profits which chiefly benefit women. It’s well established 80% of wasteful consumerism and at least 66% of government spending is by and for women. They can’t live without “beating” their friends in a reckless game of shopping and eating out. Then of course, there’s the endless parade of female medical entertainment and demands for government gibsmedats.

How does a man escape life as a farm animal on this corporate-government plantation? Put simply, men don’t need all the junk women think they need to be happy. Take it from someone who knows. Charles Bukowski said it best: The less I needed, the better I felt.

Through minimalism, many men are realizing we have more agency over our lives than we once realized. Our most powerful financial asset is simply saying, “No!” to rampant materialism, consumerism, and the illusion of home “ownership” that locks us into 15 to 30 years of debt slavery for a McMansion we really don’t need to be happy. We can say “no” to debt slavery for a box on wheels. We can say no to credit card debt and looking to consumer purchases to make us happy. (They never do.)

By saying no to all those things we can then say “No!” to an employer who uses and abuses us at a soul-sucking job that robs us of all of the hours of our lives to power this bleak existence.

Indeed, the Achilles heel of the current sleep-work-spend paradigm is men realizing en masse they don’t need anything the system is selling beyond basic food, clothing, and shelter. We can make our own meals for a fraction of the cost of eating from the corporate restaurant trough, we can buy well-made clothing and keep fewer items that blend well with each other in our wardrobes, and we can cut housing costs by living in anything from a tiny house to a semi tractor-trailer (like yours truly) to renting an apartment abroad for a fraction of the cost (also yours truly).

The current system runs on pushing labor costs down to exploitative levels while asking exorbitant prices for its wares. It then expects its subjects to spin ever faster in the hamster wheel to keep purchasing what its selling at an ever-increasing rate. But what if men don’t want to be treated like lab animals? We can free up our lives and our livelihoods by refusing what it tries to shove down our throats. Blissful happiness is usually the end result.

The transition from mindless consumer to empowered man and the happiness that results is detailed in the documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things available on Netflix.

In it, Ryan Nicodemus asks his friend Joshua Fields Millburn, “Why the hell are you so happy?” as both are locked in the throes of corporate groupthink, wasting their 20s climbing the imaginary ladder. Millburn then proceeds to explain to his best friend over Subway sandwiches the happiness that comes from minimalism. They later escape their lives as corporate serfs, where they were forced to perform such noble deeds as figuring out ways to sell cell phones to 5-year olds.

What an unbelievable breath of fresh air when a man extricates himself from the cogs of this machine by downsizing his life and freeing himself from debt bondage. Suddenly, instead of living in the Gilded Cage filled with posh material things that all place chains around his ankle and his soul, a man finds he has agency over his choices and his life again when he balances his home budget to discover he is operating at a profit himself rather than a loss. (This is a similar concept to adopting a corporate philosophy in your own life to win, previously detailed at TNMM.)

Escaping the paycheck to paycheck paradigm instantly places a man at an advantage over 70% of the populace who think buying things makes them happy and thus live on the razor’s edge. But why stop there? Run with your new freedom and chase things that really make you happy!

Sadly, the obsession with cyclical consumption and turning citizens into debt slaves under the religious creed “economic growth is everything” has led to the death of Anglo-American culture (if it ever really had one). It has led to Western nations selling out the lives of its people, selling out their futures, and now selling out everything from their sexuality to their freedom in order to power this vicious economic machine, in which the gears turn on creating problems out of peoples’ lives to create profit.

The economic machine that has become a cancer upon the very people it purports to enrich arose from the Faustian longing for perpetual motion. It will ultimately kill its host nations and peoples in its quest for the unattainable unless the machine is stopped, or some balance brought into the equation. It’s already beginning to break down as it literally attempts to turn human beings into profit-producing machines bereft of humanity, sexuality, agency, and choice.

We can refuse to be treated like less than men by realizing that as men we don’t need any of what the system is foisting upon us. The most amazing aspect of the entire economic facade that robs men of their lives is the fact it remains quite easy to escape.

All a man has to do is start saying, “No!” to exchanging all of the hours of his life for endless gadgets and upgrades, and lifestyles he can’t really afford. His freedom, passion, imagination and control over his destiny are then returned to him. And all it takes is boldly saying, “No!”

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The Only Way to Win is Not to Play


Why play a game in which the house always wins?

The MGTOWs are fond of the sage wisdom that states the only way to win is not to play. This good advice for the modern man, as The Anglo-American Matrix is designed to consume him from the time he’s old enough to carry a bookbag and begin his indoctrination in the edumacation system.

By the time he’s an old man, the meat grinder most often leaves him a bitter husk of a human being, as the cost of being society’s and women’s utility repeatedly kicks him in the shins and gives him one figurative anal raping after another.

Just as touching a hot stove teaches a child to stop playing with fire, getting burned by enough times eventually teaches men to stop playing along with women and the system that gives women their power. Without the system, both women and the political parasites who buy their support with John Q. Public’s tax money won’t be able to extort men any longer.

Let’s examine how this system exploits the average man.

It tells men to follow the rules, while only rule breakers win. It tells men to get an education, then saddles them with an average of $30,000 in non-bankruptable debt, effectively turning them into debt slaves.

It tells them to get married, then sets up the rules so women can walk out anytime they want with frivorce court lottery winnings which leave men both financially and emotionally devastated. It tells men to save for retirement, when we all know job security for what the elite call the “precariat” class – i.e. you and me – has disappeared like a fart in the wind as have any hopes of having a portfolio that will cover a man’s Golden Years.

(As an aside, precariat is an important term to remember, as the modern economy is designed to make men members of this new class. Precariat means a social class formed by people suffering from precarity, which is a condition of existence without predictability or security, affecting material or psychological welfare. It is a moniker globalists know well.)

The list goes on and on.

Since the life plan foisted upon men in modern times is a marvel of H. Sapiens’ innate talents of Machiavellian Intelligence, it is naturally corrupt from top to bottom and only the unawakened and fools play the game. The people who profit most are the most talented deceivers. Those who do the labor get to subsist on crumbs, while the wealth they produce is shifted up the pyramid and super-concentrated in the hands of a few ultra rich families and corporations. The irony is men’s own productivity is thereby used to further oppress them.

This is not free market capitalism by any means. The modern day alliance between corporations and the government is creating de facto Communism, as TNMM has pointed out before.


To win, fold and start your own poker game

Walking Away from the Table

Yours truly played the games for 35 years. No more. The second half of my life is mine, and I will protect my freedom and autonomy at any cost.

I’m not alone.

The encouraging news is men don’t even have to discover any of the counter cultural messaging in our burgeoning manosphere communities to do exactly what we’re doing – refusing to play along with a system designed to exploit our labor and productivity for the benefit of the elite and idle, thankless women who destroy the environment almost as efficiently as they destroy men’s lives. This is underscored by the fact Anglo females are responsible for 80% of the eco-destructive materialism in the economy.

Additionally, Anglo women consume far more in public largesse than they pay in during the course of their lives.

Therefore, there is enormous power in living on less and cutting ties with the system. If one million men realized the only way to win is not to play it would make an impact. If ten million realized the only way to win is not to play we might get noticed by the power structure and see the media descend upon us to do their infamous hit pieces and character assassinations. If tens of millions realized the only way to win is not to play, and followed through on that wisdom the system would be powerless to stop us.

The beauty of this message is we don’t have to preach the evangel, as men are awakening on their own. They will find their own way out, we don’t have to find them.

Now, the only game I play is one designed to make me the winner. I work half the year to avoid paying into a system that exploits me. That fact also makes it possible for me to avoid paying on predatory student loans until they’re “forgiven” in another decade. (I already paid on them a decade for an education which my last employer told me was now worthless. If the system wants to get down and dirty with its workers, we need to return the favor. I’m not doing anything immoral or illegal – I’m playing by the system’s own dumbass rules.) I refuse to give an Anglobitch the frivorce lottery winnings and child support annuity she craves as I will have children abroad, in a society that doesn’t culturally and legally encourage females to exploit males for financial gain.

In other words, I learned a lot from the system and exploitation the first half of my life. Taking a page from the American female’s own playbook – the second half of my life is ALL ABOUT ME. Every man that realizes this for himself can free himself from bondage.

Stop playing a game in which the table is tilted, the cards are counted, and the house always wins. Creat a new game using your own House Rules.

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Trucking Offers the Ultimate Minimalist Lifestyle


Many regular readers may know I embarked on a new goal to become a professional truck driver half the year to finance my exciting adventures abroad and my residence in the Caribbean. I’m happy to report the new venture is going well, and especially happy to report it offers a fantastic lifestyle for the minimalist.

I live in the sleeper of my semi 3 weeks, travel the entire United States, then get a week off each month to make a trek out of The Matrix all while saving money for living abroad 6 months to a year or more with each stroke. As long as I keep a clean driving record there will always be a job waiting for me, as this industry has serious shortages of experienced drivers.

When I get pissed off and pissed on by society, I come up with a plan.

I abandoned the talking head industry in 2015 because an industry that hates white males is no place for a white male to be. In their madness, the propaganda ministers are destroying a nation, an economy, and are complicit in genocide.

After leaving that filthy business that has such an unjustified high opinion of itself, I spent what was undoubtedly the best year of my entire life on the lush Samaná Peninsula. I built the foundation for this blog and a writing career that’s in progress while I was there.

This area of the world is the exactly opposite of greedy, materialistic, hateful Anglo culture. Warm, welcoming people, a laid back lifestyle, and beautiful, feminine women everywhere. I am truly happy when I’m there. In fact, I can become quite emotional thinking about how it gave me the life I was denied for half a lifetime.

But it must remembered a rolling stone gathers no moss. I love my life in the Caribbean, but I wanted to push myself to explore more of the world. New boundaries. New adventures. Helping lead other men out of the hell they’ve been socially engineered into.

Taking my minimalist philosophy on the road was to be my next adventure. Similar to my minimalist lifestyle abroad, I’m riding up and down the Interstates, highways, and biways of America with nothing more than a WiFi box, a laptop, a tablet, and a carry on bag of clothes.

I don’t eat out the way many truckers do. I pass right by the bread and circuses that lure so many in order to strip them of their cash. My motivation to skip out on these petty entertainments is partly the happiness and freedom I feel abroad and partly my utter contempt for the way I was treated by Anglo society the first half of my life.

All my money is stashed so it can be used to live a much better life outside The Matrix, with an eye on making a permanent exit as quickly as I can. In fact, I live pretty much like a monk when I’m in the States. The MGTOWs definitely have a point when they tell men to ghost. I have no desire to participate in this “culture” in any way except to visit landmarks, pick up the occasional stripper, and go mountain climbing once in a while.

I told you all that to tell you this.

This trucking adventure is a lifestyle many men can adopt to maximize their satisfaction with life. But first, a man must be out of debt before he can do anything outside the sleep-work-spend paradigm that keeps the masses chained to their jobs and their bankers. The evil that is consumer debt must be purged.

The next step is getting rid of all that crap that is tying you down. Throw away, sell, or give away all that junk that keeps you from living the adventures you want to live. Possessions are a prison unto themselves – remember that. They’re selling you chains with credit cards and all the junk you charge on them.

After purging the materialism and consumerism and Anglobitches from your life, you’re then a free man. With the chains off, you are free to do whatever the fuck you want to do with your life. As the minimalists say, why not live a life that’s your own with some occasional work involved rather than running like a rat in a wheel – a slave to things.

And, a slave to the world’s worst women. Trust me on that, as someone who has visited nearly every state and every major city in America.

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