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Embracing Male Disposability


See ya later, snitchy bitches. I’ve decided to embrace the male disposability you enjoy shoving in men’s faces at every turn

It’s clear to any man who has suffered the injustice of living in English-speaking countries these declining nations don’t give a flying fuck about men. It loathes us, persecutes us when possible, and yet it expects our full and unquestioning cooperation when it comes time to make money off our labor. Unlike women, however, we don’t cry victim and run to the administrative state expecting it to behave like a mommy or daddy and “spank” bitches for not doing what we want them to.

Helen smith discussed this fundamental difference in male and female psychology in her book Men on Strike:

Women’s groups follow a double standard: When women lag behind men, that is an injustice that must be aggressively targeted. But when men are lagging behind women, that is a triumph of equity to be celebrated.

Hypocrisy strikes again. But the crucial behavioral difference (one men can use to their advantage) is women whine until they get their way and men take action. We don’t wait on someone else to do our bidding like women do. We can do it silently. Or stridently if you prefer. But, incentives matter. We have none. So we proceed to dispense with that which is bringing us down.

Once I discovered I had no incentives, I began to see my life quite differently from the way the matrix told me to see it. It is for that reason that New Modern Men should embrace male disposability. Society doesn’t give a damn about us, so why should we give a damn about it? We now face the looming possibility of sexual assault witch trials for “incidents” with no proof that happened decades ago. Some Anglo nations are literally making flirting a crime. Women have all the power in the court system. What’s in it for us to deal with women or society at large? A meager paycheck and a meager, often lonely existence. Exiled even though we are surrounded by women.

MGTOW and Going Galt have both been discussed at some length on this blog. But embracing male disposability beyond those entry-level philosophies is actually empowering for a man. It allows him to start taking chances he would have otherwise not dreamed of when behaving in the “civilized” or cucked manner a gynocentric society expects him to.

Otherwise, I would have never left the corporate plantation – wildcat starting a couple of businesses including this blog, taken a chance on driving a big rig, and jumped into the raging (and exciting) torrent of world exploration on the cheap without embracing my disposability. One might say, there comes a point when a man stops caring what happens to him – up to a point.

I’m not insane. In fact, I feel more sane and alive inside than I ever have before. But I am at a point in my life that I’m taking risks, and enjoying every minute of it. The alternative would be to “pickle” myself as the system suggests, saving for the “oasis” of retirement when the system already showed me it will fill my mind with obscene lies, spurring me on to chase fantasies like the college degree that turned into an albatross around my neck rather than an asset. I don’t trust the motherfuckers who spin these lies anymore is what it boils down to.

Let’s call it the male version of Mahatma Ghandi’s civil disobedience. Society expects us to work long hours and give up our entire lives to support a wealth redistributing state that heavily favors women, since Anglobitches rack up a whopping $100,000 to $250,000 deficit over the course of their vainglorious, sanctimonious lives? We adopt minimalism and skate by, happier than we ever would have been living lives of materialism trapped inside the sleep-work-spend cycle. Society expects us to contribute to 401k plans, Social Security, and other ponzi schemes that will leave most men chasing a carrot they’ll never capture? We become self-sufficient. So self sufficient we can work a few months a year and live the rest of the year doing what we want. That we can support ourselves in our old age with or without bankrupt Social Security and the bubble-prone stock market.

Think it can’t be done? Watch this YouTube video! We adapt by refusing a crappy deal. Here are a few ideas about how:

  • Purchase affordable housing (like the $10,000 tiny house plan, or a plan of your own) that doesn’t leave us neck deep in debt with a mortgage.
  • Start riding motorcycles (I personally own a 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650 which costs practically nothing to operate, gets 52 mpg, and costs $9 a month for insurance).
  • For those who have issues with bikes, start riding used cars (I personally own a 2001 Pontiac Firebird that I purchased in 2009 and have maintained immaculately – not only is it turning into a classic it’s saving me a boatload of money on transportation since the only time I ride it is due to inclement weather – when it’s too rainy to ride my bike).
  • Cook your own meals for better health and to save several hundred dollars a month over what it would cost to eat poorly prepared slop from the corporate trough.
  • Adopt hobbies that cost little to no money. Like mountain climbing, hiking, motorcycle road trips (or in a beat up pickup if you’re averse to bikes).
  • Refuse any long-term, legal commitments to women (including common law marriage) since paying later (i.e. after a frivorce) results in yet another wealth redistribution con game.
  • Start taking risks by doing things you want to do rather than by doing things the system says you “should” do or that women say you “should” do.
  • Travel extensively to see for yourself what a raw deal the Anglobitch and her enablers in the state have given you.

And on embracing male disposability, here are a few tentative ideas I have in mind for the next couple of years:

  • Climbing a major mountain peak (or peaks)
  • Skydiving
  • Spending time in India and Africa backpacking
  • Driving a big rig when I need money
  • Learning to hunt and fish
  • Becoming proficient with firearms
  • Learning survivalist strategies

In case you haven’t seen what I’ve accomplished already, I’ve done all this in just the past two years since telling the fake news industry to go fuck itself.

The long and short of the matter is men build up society for women’s benefit, but women have become so solipsistic in modern times they refuse to treat us like human beings. They only want the golden egg, while strangling the goose that lays it. This goose has decided to fly the coop rather than laying golden eggs. Women wanted the Have It All™ lifestyle. Now, they can truly have it all. All the responsibility, work, and sacrifice that goes along with running a well-functioning society.

I’ll be enjoying my life without the crushing weight of a woman and her problems and wastefulness tying me down.

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Minimalism: Because Experiences Are Better Than Things

Want to be a happier, more fulfilled man? Start chasing experiences rather than consumer purchases. I’ve lived this transformation, and I’m here to preach the evangel. It may well be most important thing a man ever does. The manosphere saved my life, and now I want to save the lives of my fellow awakened brothers by showing them there is a better way. I know because I’ve been living it.

The past two years have been the most exciting of my life. And I can’t wait to begin the third year of my new lifestyle. Why? Because I have chosen to chase experiences rather than things. That photo mosaic is only the sampler platter from all the exciting experiences I’ve lived since leaving the noose news industry. Rather than finding myself buried under and trapped by the sum total of the consumer purchases I could have made, I’ve been living out of a couple of small suitcases and a laptop bag.


I will remember my trip to Moonlite Bunny Ranch even when I’m an old man (I banged the black girl in this photo)

If you’re new here, let’s get you up to speed. Regular readers may already know I sold, threw away, or gave away most of my possessions in 2015 before beginning a new chapter, designing my own post-corporate lifestyle away from the news industry I grew to loathe. People thought I was crazy to leave a “good” job as a newscaster to chase my dreams.

Did I regret such making drastic changes, walking off the GloboWorldCorp plantation? Fuck no! I feel more alive than I ever have before. In that short time I have had incredible experiences. Life has become exciting and fulfilling rather than dull and boring. It doesn’t feel like I’m a rat trapped in a wheel any longer.

I’ve lived more in two years than many people live in a lifetime. I feel “empowered” (heh) and emboldened. To illustrate the change, here’s an interesting juxtaposition of what I actually did in 2016 and 2017 vs. what I could have done. We’ll start with what I actually did:

If I didn’t adopt minimalism, instead staying on the human farm as so many people do I could have:

  • Gone to work and stared at the wall of a cubicle all day long
  • Suffered office drama, gossip, and being under the lash of the HR department
  • Gone to Walmart to buy “things” that are supposed to make me happy but don’t
  • Gone to Target to buy “things” that are supposed to make me happy but don’t
  • Gone to Best Buy to buy “things” that are supposed to make me happy but don’t
  • Eaten crappy, overpriced corporate food from big box restaurants
  • Prostrated myself in vulnerable ways to hit some frosty Anglobitch tail

My only question is why did I ever live that way? What’s interesting is academia is slowly coming around to acknowledge this new template I’m helping create will result in lasting happiness.


I don’t know about you, but an ample supply of svelte, friendly women makes me happy

Happiness Research

Scientific research into psychology, specifically the emerging science of happiness study explains why so many of us are happier as minimalists, and why adopting a lifestyle as a a world-roaming nomad is more fulfilling than life as a cubicle farm serf. Dr. Thomas Gilovich of Cornell University says:

We buy things to make us happy, and we succeed. But only for a while. New things are exciting to us at first, but then we adapt to them.

There’s more. From Fast Company:

Rather than buying the latest iPhone or a new BMW, Gilovich suggests you’ll get more happiness spending money on experiences like going to art exhibits, doing outdoor activities, learning a new skill, or traveling.

Here’s why. In fact, this research came to some profound conclusions. We are the sum total of our experiences.

“Our experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than our material goods,” says Gilovich. “You can really like your material stuff. You can even think that part of your identity is connected to those things, but nonetheless they remain separate from you. In contrast, your experiences really are part of you. We are the sum total of our experiences.”

Experiences also bring us far more social value than so-called social media:

Shared experiences connect us more to other people than shared consumption. You’re much more likely to feel connected to someone you took a vacation with in Bogotá than someone who also happens to have bought a 4K TV.

It turns out money only buys happiness when it buys us out of starvation and gives us a sense of security. More things don’t equal more happiness, a fact totally lost in the religion of consumerism America has adopted:

Gilovich’s findings are the synthesis of psychological studies conducted by him and others into the Easterlin paradox, which found that money buys happiness, but only up to a point. How adaptation affects happiness, for instance, was measured in a study that asked people to self-report their happiness with major material and experiential purchases. Initially, their happiness with those purchases was ranked about the same. But over time, people’s satisfaction with the things they bought went down, whereas their satisfaction with experiences they spent money on went up.

The lesson from all this is men will actually be far better off post-feminism than women will be. Minimalists and adventurous spirits will fare best, freed from the bondage than a relationshit (or heaven forbid, a marriage) with most any Anglobitch represents.

While women have been left strapped for cash by feminism, men can use their innate creativity and innovation to live exciting lives most dare not dream of. And we can do it on a shoestring budget.

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Tiny House Options Expand: Shipping Container Homes Now Selling on eBay


Container homes are a new, innovative option for the minimalist

Death to the McMansion, debt bondage, and the Anglobitch dream of a real-life Barbie Fun House! We minimalists are tired of paying for all that shit. Runaway slaves from the Anglo-American plantation are ready for lifestyle and financial freedom.

There’s good news. Women throwing men overboard has freed us up to do our own thing. The market is slowly coming around to fulfilling masculine desires for economical, sensible housing after the female-driven housing market led to dizzying, bankrupting new heights.

Just last week, TNMM reported on the emerging possibility of constructing a well-built tiny home for as little as $10,000 using pre-fabricated materials. There’s now a new, albeit slightly pricer option emerging for those men looking to escape being taken advantage of by modern Anglo society.

Still, at around $16,000 to $18,00 the “Infinite Threads” shipping container homes selling on eBay make an interesting alternative. Best of all, the company has mostly positive feedback about their product from buyers according to eBay reviews. At least, thus far.

As an example of what is now becoming available, an 20′ x 8′ feet container home/office listed on eBay (and pictured above) for $16,000 features timber laminate flooring, full insulation, patio doors, electrical connections, and a 70 amp power panel. It can be customized to suit the tastes of its buyer.

Personally, I prefer the idea I floated last week of building a tiny home using a well-constructed shed as the shell. But some guys may decide shipping container homes are their favorite option.

What’s it like living a downsized, streamlined lifestyle? As someone who has lived alternating between a small, tiny house-style home in the Caribbean and the sleeper of a semi-tractor trailer for nearly two years now, I can report that this simpler, smaller lifestyle is very liberating. I don’t worry about bills. I can actually save money. I don’t have useless space to fill. I have time to focus on other things besides maintaining and cleaning a big place. I’d never go back to the “luxurious” apartments filled with useless crap I had when I worked in mainstream media.

Charles Bukowski knew: “The less I needed, the better I felt.” That’s what the tiny house movement is all about. Women have set the pace with obscenely sized, decorated, and priced homes for far too long. It’s high time we men had our say in housing choices. Best of all, without a crushing mortgage payment, asshole bosses lose a lot of their dictatorial powers over men’s lives.

There will be expanding options coming along as this movement takes root. Stay tuned.

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Can a MGTOW or John Galt Build a Tiny House for $10,000?

In this age of awakened men returning to our nomadic roots since society decided to throw us overboard, an important question comes up. What kind of pad does a man need in The Matrix while he cyclically works long enough to save up enough geld to go live the expat life? Or to be a MGTOW? Paying sky high prices for rent doesn’t cut it. Neither does buying a McMansion in a subdivision and enduring 15-30 years of debt slavery.

How does the part-time expat secure a Walt Whitman-style, minimalist residence here in the States, without getting sucked into the trap endless monthly payments? How does the MGTOW who decides to stay in Anglo America afford a place to stay while participating mercenarily in the pyramid scheme economy?

There’s a novel and viable solution for the minimalist man. Enter tiny houses. McMansions are for Anglobitches. Tiny houses are for men who want to go from working and slaving all throughout their lives to enjoying a life with some work interspersed here and there.

TNMM has discussed the virtues of tiny houses before. But Yours Truly has taken a new fascination with building a tiny house for those times I’m not either on the road or living abroad. Especially, a ready-made solution for those men who aren’t carpenters, plumbers, or interested in doing all the footwork necessary to make tiny house living a reality. I’d also like to undertake this challenge to make a point for those men who might want to follow in my footsteps, but find that the trucking lifestyle just isn’t for them.

Could a modern and very livable tiny house be built for say $10,000? Or at the very least, no more than $20,000? And could it be an off the grid house? Could it be easy to assemble? Could it be a bona fide residence? The idea is complete freedom from the system.

My experience living abroad (first in Mexico for 6 months on a trial basis, then a year in the Dominican Republic – a place I’m returning to soon) as well as my experience living on the road (in the sleeper of a semi) has given me a unique perspective on tackling this task. Here’s how I believe it could be done:

  • Find a tract of land in a rural area free of the overregulation that plagues most of America; or, alternatively build the tiny house on a travel trailer and find a used pickup to haul it around. (This option negates the possibility of purchasing a prefab shed. But, books have been written on the subject.)
  • Purchase an well-made shed (like the one pictured above) for around $5,000 to $6,000. This is the shell of the house – and far from being poorly made these sheds are designed to withstand winds of 90 mph to 140 mph depending on the model. They’re also attractive on the outside. The Riverside model above comes in sizes up to 12′ x 24′ or around 288 square feet.
  • Build the inside to suit the needs and desires of the minimalistic man.
  • Customize the exterior to taste.

Here’s where my experience on the road and abroad comes into play. Here are a few quick thoughts:

  • Install solar panels and an APU so the home is off the grid. I’ve been living on a semi-tractor trailer APU unit for a year and have found I need much less electricity than I ever imagined.
  • Utilize a thermoelectric refrigerator to cut down on energy consumption.
  • Install a propane-fed cooking stove. (Commonly used throughout Latin America.)
  • Use kerosene or propane heat in cold climates.
  • Use fans in hot climates. (In a few years, solar-powered air conditioning units will a viable option.) Another option is to find a salvage (or even new) ParkSmart unit from an 18-wheeler and design the “bedroom” area of the home to be small enough to take advantage of this battery-powered A/C unit.
  • Utilize a composting toilet and self contained shower unit (RV-type) to eliminate the need for plumbing OR install minimal plumbing.
  • Make the interior very livable and modern (like the above photo).
  • Buy a MiFi box for those times when communication is necessary.

This idea isn’t a pie in the sky fantasy, countless people are already living in tiny homes all around the United States. In fact, the documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things features tiny housers discussing the hows and whys of their homes. There are scores of people who have made their tiny house dream a reality for much less than $10,000. But, I figure $10,000 to $20,000 is a nice range for men who want to live in a very nice, modern place with a minimum investment.

The determined minimalist could easily save up that chunk of change in only a year or year and a half of full-time trucking. Or working at many other Joe jobs while living frugally.

Voila – a residence. Debt-free. Minimalist. The newly minted homeowner is now free to pursue whatever adventures might come his way. A MGTOW or John Galt could put the cherry on top by purchasing a sport motorcycle for basic transportation. The rest of his time could be spent pursuing his own interests when he’s not working a few months a year to support his lifestyle.

Who needs a chick around running up the cost of living? Domestically, a man can polish his PUA skills, and internationally he only needs utilize the incredible power of hypergamy to be swimming in bishes. Trust me as someone who knows, a Red Pill man can quickly be up to his knees in ass, so much so that women begin to bore him. What’s more, chicks dig IDGAF rebels. What’s more rebellious than living a debt-free life of adventures completely off the grid?

Making my idea a reality is an idea that’s in the pipeline. But it will take a few years for me to get to that point. For now, I’m focused on fine-tuning and polishing my cyclical work-enjoy life abroad lifestyle. But, these ideas, once realized could be a revolution in the making for modern men and our relationship with the exploitative matrix.

For that reason alone, it’s worth dreaming about.

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The Most Important Realization of Minimalism: The Awakened Man Doesn’t Need or Want Anything The System is Selling


One of the most life-changing realizations of minimalism is this: They’re selling you chains with consumer debt and every consumer purchase; leaving the illusions of the Matrix behind gives a man his life and freedom back

The corporate-government complex has become arrogant. It believes it can work men like slaves, treat them like machines, and expect them to keep spending money hand over fist. It thinks it can plan men’s lives better than they can, sticking them on a financial treadmill of competitive, cyclical consumption they can never get off of once they step on it. It expects there will always be legions of mindless consumers lining up to:

  1.  Suffer abusive hours, low pay, and sacrifice ties with family and friends, just so they can…
  2. Buy all the junk the corporate-government complex pushes on them, waiting in line outside of Worst Buy or Hellmart like kittens lining up for a milking.

Thus revealed is the modus operandi of the American system of consumerism, so eloquently stated by Will Rogers half a century ago:

Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.

Who wants to spend their entire lives like that? What a revelation when a man discovers he doesn’t need or want anything these smug bastards are peddling from their Madison Avenue enclaves, anymore. The awakened minimalist instead says:

  • I don’t want your ersatz, processed food in restaurants that echo Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag.
  • I don’t want your consumer debt slavery, I’d rather get a Visa to visit foreign lands, not have a Master owning me with a Card, I’d rather Discover freedom, and catch an Express flight out of the American dystopia.
  • I don’t want your oversized, overpriced, homeowner’s association-ruled McMansion that I’ll spend 30 years paying for 3 times (interest) only to end up paying endless “rent” payments (i.e. property taxes) on to revenue seeking overlords dunning me from their perches inside Big Daddy Government.
  • I don’t want an over-the-hill, IVF-needing, 30-something ex-cock carousel rider to frivorce rape me using the feted, misandrist laws of your lawyer-loving, family-hating court system while disrespecting me and hating me every step of the way for the crime of being a man. I want young, fresh, nubile, unbrainwashed pussy.
  • I don’t want your cheap tin can on wheels pulling around a massive payment book that robs me of my most important wealth-building tool – my income.
  • I don’t want to work 50-70 hours a week to have half my income stripped from my hands and gifted to people who won’t work at all, including women and minorities who have been taught to hate me by your propaganda.
  • I don’t want to be an indentured servant of the predatory student loan system.
  • I don’t want to live my life as a farm animal stuck inside the cages of school and work when there’s more to life than careerism, getting, and spending.
  • I don’t want to live in the cultural and social cesspool you’ve created through 50 years of Marxist social engineering.
  • I don’t want to live in a nation where the police are deadlier than terrorists who enforce laws that micromanage every aspect of a man’s life, even down to who he can fuck.
  • I don’t want any of it!

However, I do want:

  • A life of exploration, adventure, and creativity, while sampling every different flavor of poon imaginable.
  • A life full of colorful experiences rather than mass-produced, throwaway gadgets and other possessions saddled with endless upgrades.
  • Freedom from being controlled by GloboWorldCorp for a check that’s already spent before I get it.
  • Freedom from paying abusively high taxes to support a gynocentric state that spits upon me.
  • The ability to live an awesome life on $18,000 to $25,000 a year by keeping the State and Anglobitches out of my wallet.

It all sounds so revolutionary. And, in many ways, it is. But the Dalai Lama laid down this alternative path to true and lasting happiness long ago:

If one’s life is simple, contentment has to come. Simplicity is extremely important for happiness. Having few desires, feeling satisfied with what you have, is very vital: satisfaction with just enough food, clothing, and shelter to protect yourself from the elements.

Bertrand Russel also know acquisition ultimately becomes a prison.

It is preoccupation with possession, more than anything else, that prevents men from living freely and nobly.

And 500 years ago, the great Leonardo da Vinci wrote:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

So, we must make our Declaration of Independence from the world of careerism and consumerism. Fuck this shit! I’m leaving! This is the battle cry for men who have had it with a system that thinks it can keep pissing down their backs, and if it lies good enough, the guys will still believe its raining.

The solution to so much of what ails the modern man is to check out of this system at a his earliest convenience, thereby making him the new modern man.

You don’t need anything they’re selling! Really, beyond basics you don’t. Surprisingly, it’s not that hard to abandon the system completely (except for mercenary dealings to extract money from it). Then, a man can enjoy a superior lifestyle on less money if he adapts to the minimalist philosophy and has a good measure of self-discipline. I’ve been outside of the system for nearly two years, and these past two years have been the best of my life. As Rookh Kshatriya put it in a stirring writeup for The New Modern Man:

Today, all anyone needs for survival is a phone/tablet/laptop linked to the Internet, an online bank account, a place to crash (any motel will do) and a motor vehicle. Whores and food can be ordered as necessity requires. Thus equipped, the modern tech-nomad has all the far-ranging mobility of his Mongol forebears. Liberated from place and circumstance, he spits on the sheeple and their sedentary lifestyle as the Mongols despised their ‘civilized’ neighbours. And having no ties or responsibilities makes him impossible to coerce or corral, as modern authorities are finding to their cost.

How right Rookh is! It seems going back to nomadic lifestyles is not only possible, but infinitely more fulfilling than continuing life on the corporate plantation, existing as half a man being milked of his productivity, creativity, and passion while starved of sex, respect, and freewill.

Since abandoning the GloboWorldCorp dystopia, I’ve done things I never thought imaginable, like spending a full year in the Caribbean in 2015-2016, then visiting 47 states, visiting the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National parks, climbing Mount Washington, banging bitches in Mexico, Thailand, and Canada, and going whoremongering at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada – all in 2017. And the year’s not over yet! There’s still my return home to the Caribbean and a jaunt down to Colombia still on the agenda.

What’s more, you’ll be infinitely more interesting to women as a devil-may-care, world wandering, rootless vagabond than any of those guys with the shiny sedans they’re in debt up to their eyeballs for will ever be. You should see the way women’s eyes and faces light up when I tell them of how I’m living my life nowadays.

The system never expected men would start awakening to the fact they still have more control over their lives than they were led to believe, and then to start cutting ties with a system that uses them like farm animals, catching them up in the hamster wheel of an endless sleep-work-spend cycle.

But if you’re here, chances here you’re woke as fuck, like me. And ready to throw off the chains your masters have so skillfully placed upon you.

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Lessons from Genghis Khan and Subedei: Tech-Nomadism, Minimalism and The New Modern Man

Genghis Khan conquered much of the world, in part through the power of minimalism

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

Relampago Furioso’s blog focuses on improving men’s lives in a practical way. The minimalist lifestyle is one of the most interesting concepts explored here – reducing living expenses to a bare minimum opens up enormous opportunities for men dissatisfied with Anglo-American life. From a recreational standpoint, the money saved by minimalist living can fund stimulating jaunts to man-friendly societies. And with persistence the enlightened man can ultimately relocate for good, as so many of us wish to do. There to taste soft, laughing lips and loving smiles on golden foreign shores…

While there are some interesting minimalist books and videos available, it must be said that far more inspiring models of applied minimalism can be found in the pages of history. For example, Genghis Khan conquered the largest land empire ever known. His army achieved this using extreme minimalism augmented by mobility and firepower. Each Mongol warrior was a one man army: he carried sixty arrows, a sword, his bow and even a needle and thread. He could live off mare’s milk and horse blood if no food was available, obviating the need for a costly supply train. And anything else he required could be acquired on the march by raid and rapine. Genghis Khan himself despised the hoarding of wealth or possessions, finding pleasure in only sex and conquest: one in every two hundred men alive today is his descendant, an astonishing genetic achievement.

The legendary General Subedei, one of Genghis Khan’s Four Dogs of War, was the ultimate embodiment of nomadic minimalism. His final campaign against Europe in 1241 involved marching thousands of miles before outwitting and destroying Europe’s finest warriors in a brilliant sequence of battles using rockets, creeping barrages and smoke screens – none of which the West had seen before. Subedei had been commanding troops since his teens and most of his officers had campaigned with him in many lands. The renowned Hungarian cavalry were crushed at Mohi on the Sajo River after decisive European defeats at Legnica and Transylvania. Only the death of the Great Khan Ogedei prevented the total subjugation of Europe at Subedei’s hands. Like his master Genghis Khan, the great general was buried in an unmarked grave now lost to history. For what mattered to these men was a glorious life, not raising futile monuments over rotting bones. Although derided as unlettered and barbaric, the Mongols had a tragic self-awareness far beyond that of their ‘sophisticated’ neighbours; for ultimately, everything is pointless in the face of eternity.

Yes, the modern world is corrupt and insipid; but if he chooses, a man can walk in the footsteps of ancient heroes. And since the rise of the Internet, nomadic minimalism has become a perfect lifestyle for the enlightened man. Today, all anyone needs for survival is a phone/tablet/laptop linked to the Internet, an online bank account, a place to crash (any motel will do) and a motor vehicle. Whores and food can be ordered as necessity requires. Thus equipped, the modern tech-nomad has all the far-ranging mobility of his Mongol forebears. Liberated from place and circumstance, he spits on the sheeple and their sedentary lifestyle as the Mongols despised their ‘civilized’ neighbours. And having no ties or responsibilities makes him impossible to coerce or corral, as modern authorities are finding to their cost. The instantaneous nature of the Internet allows him to move money, search out opportunities and communicate with the flick of a finger. He is the supreme minimalist, completely impervious to marketing, advertising and other consumerist brainwashing.

No wonder the Matrix trembles before us.

However, the Mongols offer lessons beyond radical minimalism. Their empire incorporated nations from the eastern Mediterranean to the Pacific, yet ruled them all effectively. This short-lived ‘Pax Mongolica’ linked east and west for the first time ever; some even call it the world’s first global civilization. And it was largely achieved by developing a flexible, internationalist outlook. Learning to think beyond one’s birth country and indeed, the Anglosphere itself, is vitally important for the Enlightened Man. The Anglo-American Matrix insinuates that nothing of note exists beyond its confines – or worse, that only Anglosphere countries have legal protections for their citizens (when the US locks up a huge percentage of its male population). Foreign travel quickly breaks down these lame assumptions; and bilingualism allows one to think outside the Matrix and build a lifestyle beyond it.

Beyond that, clear similarities between Thirteenth Century Asia and the contemporary Anglosphere make the Mongol revolution a valid lifestyle model for enlightened men. Both regions were/are ruled by weary, discredited elites ripe for overthrow. Both cultures were/are brittle, defined by alienated citizens, exalted women and low trust relationships. Both regions were/are living on past glories, folk memories of a lost golden age which can never return. These weaknesses make the contemporary Anglosphere ideal for exploitation using nomadism, minimalism and other Mongol methods. Like the vast Khwaresmian Empire shattered by Genghis Khan and Subedei, it is a lumbering giant easy to outwit.

Be about it.

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The Gender Tax Gap: Men Pay 200% More Taxes than Women


It’s time for women to stop leeching off male productivity

It’s time once again to bring up the sordid subject of female privilege. The blog Judgy Bitch dug up some devilishly delicious statistics which prove Strong, Independent Women™ are a monstrous drain on government revenue over the course of their selfish, carousel-riding, barren, materialistic lives.

It turns out “I Don’t Need a Man!” is quite an inaccurate statement. Ladies, without men you’d be bankrupt. The tab is shocking. Rampant female privilege in the Anglosphere costs society $100,000 per female during each YouGoGrrl’s lifetime. The bill, of course, footed by the legions of Beta males women hate. Here’s how Judgy Bitch accurately phrased it:

Economically, women cost more to the state than they benefit. The government is literally paying women to be alive.

Without the monstrous, gynocentric governments now plaguing the West robbing men of our productivity, women would be in dire financial straits because the simple fact is women don’t produce much of anything (statistically speaking) except drama. That’s not an empty claim, it’s an economic fact.

Even in these post-feminism days, now that the red carpet has been rolled out with female hiring preferences in just about any field, women still can’t keep up with the juggernaut of male productivity. Female materialism also results in spending that is 4 times higher than male spending.

selfie with many money

Women create a drain of $100,000 on society’s purse over the course of their lives

The Gender Tax Gap

The mythical “gender wage gap” is touted by feminists and politicians as the gospel. But, never is the “gender tax gap” given the time of day. Let’s take a look at it.

Rather than assuming traditional female roles, feminism and its clandestine use of Penis Envy pushes chicks into jobs and men out of jobs. The result? A poorer, less productive society overall. Try as they might to imagine biology doesn’t matter, leftism, that plagues the West like a cancer hasn’t blended the sexes into an androgynous glob yet. The fact that women consume more than they earn remains unchanged.

What’s even more astonishing is the fact feminists and America’s ultra-corrupt political establishment have the audacity to continue to tout a Big Lie about “poor, downtrodden women” suffering a wage gap. Even Donald Trump’s liberal daughter Ivanka pushed the same, Marxist pay gap narratives we’ve heard for 50 years at The Don’s RNC coronation last year. Here’s the truth of the matter when examining who pays the taxes and who gets the benefit of taxes:

While the 77¢ for a dollar wage gap has been under the spotlight for the past years, the 200¢ for a dollar tax gap has, to my knowledge never been mentioned, at least not by our supreme feminist leaders Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau. A quick glimpse at the data reveals a massive difference in taxes paid by men and women.

Yep, you read that right. Men pay at least twice as much taxes over the course of our lives than women do. Yet, the vast majority of public spending benefits women.

Women almost never contribute any surplus to the tax system they avail themselves of, as they’re provided with everything from free baby-killing abortions to WIC to food stamps to government mandated hiring quotas designed to knock yet more males out of their jobs. Women are a net deficit from cradle to grave, with the exception of a short period in their lives:

With the exception of the age group between 45-59 (a 15 year span) years old, women cost more to the state than the tax they provide. In contrast, men generate more tax revenue than they cost between 23 and 65 (a 43 year span). In the brief period in which women generate more or as much tax money than they consume, men outscore them by at least 3 times.

Of course, barren Anglobitches can’t hide behind the fact they produce less than men because they take care of children. Women are not having families anymore and that is killing the West, as birth rates among whites (and other ethnic groups assimilated into Anglo culture) remain well below replacement fertility. Women only work slightly less at GloboWorldCorp jobs than men do these days:

The workforce participation rate gap between men and women doesn’t exceed 10% in either age group.

Once again, we find the lies of feminism have put women and society in quite the conundrum. Men have no incentive to support a system run by and for women who hate them, and women can’t carry the load when it comes to running society.


It’s time to let women take care of their own financial problems

Go Galt, Become a MGTOW, or Become a Layabout PUA

In conclusion, we find female frivolousness, covetousness, solipsism, and irrationality will ultimately bankrupt any government that disenfranchises men and “empowers” women. Women spend so much and cost so much they can’t collectively pull their own financial weight.

After perusing these statistics, men should realize both the corporate-government complex and women are leeching off our productivity whilst giving us shit sandwiches in return. Anglo women are insufferable, fat hags. Men are treated like pariahs in this culture. Yet, we’re expected to labor and worry until we drop into early graves trying to feed a monster that does nothing but exploit us.

At the very least, in the interest of “equality” women’s tax rates should be much higher than men’s to make up for the drain they create on society’s purse.

When the stats are examined, a Red Pill truth leaps out of the numbers. Women will suffer much more than men if each sex is forced to support their own Strong, Independent™ lifestyles, and women are not allowed to leech off male productivity any longer.

Or, put another way: We’re not your slaves, anymore, hoes. Support your own damned lives. And we men will support our own and no one else’s.

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