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That Shit You Own Isn’t Making You Happy


Nothing you can buy will make you happy, except life experiences

Ever bought something only to later realize having it didn’t make you as happy as you thought it would? Beyond a case of buyer’s remorse, there is a deeper realization to be gleaned from an experience like this once a man deprograms his mind from its indoctrination into a cult of materialism and stops chasing materialistic fantasies. Fantasies that what we own makes us better human beings and will bring us happiness are put into our minds by decades of mainstream media manipulation and edumacation system indoctrination.

There’s nothing farther from the truth. Psychological research is beginning to prove just what a farce the consumer economy is when it comes to actually making people happy.

First of all, possessions are a prison of their own. The things we buy are effectively paid for by lost experiences. Which will you remember most on your deathbed? A $2,000 flat panel TV or a $2,000 vacation to an exotic island where you banged twenty-something ass the entire time?

The things we own also own us back as they consume time, energy and even more money as we keep them up, maintain them, and buy larger homes to fit them inside of. Then there are the endless “upgrades” that also consume our money and our lives.

One of the best ways to see how much of our lives stuff is consuming is to look at all the things piled up in our homes. One of the best ways to do this is either to clean out the closet, or even better – to move. I moved several times during my career in the media (before I fled that industry in disgust to create this blog) and I can’t tell you what an eye-opener that experience was.

I had closets, boxes, and storage filled with material things. I wondered why I even bought many of those items as I began going through all that stuff, and I began to think to myself: Man, I would really like to have all the money I spent on this stuff back! I don’t need these things, but I do need the money!

I had to give away, sell (at a fraction of the cost I originally paid) or trash things that cumulatively cost me thousands of dollars when I bought them at retail in order to make everything fit into the moving truck. I slowly started to realize what a waste of money and effectively my life buying things really was, and over time realized the ingeniousness of the minimalist philosophy.

One of the realizations that comes with living the minimalist philosophy is that money buys freedom. And a man has a lot of freedom if he’s not chasing materialistic fantasies and instead uses his income as a wealth-building tool (i.e. saving and investing) and as a vehicle to have lots of interesting life experiences.

Adopting minimalism is one of the most powerful ways men can both take control of their lives and push back against a system that benefits from exploiting masculine utility. Living minimalistically is also an extension of the Going Galt philosophy.

Another important realization is for men to learn to make the distinction between intrinsic and extrinsic goals. Most people chase extrinsic goals by default, without even realizing what they’re doing.


Chasing extrinsic goals is like chasing the figurative carrot on a stick

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Goals

We are told, nay commanded to pursue extrinsic goals our entire lives. It’s as if social engineers know chasing them will drive infinite spending but will never deliver the contentment people seek in their lives. Buying things only brings fleeting pleasure, unlike setting other goals in life.

The key is realizing the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic happiness. What is the difference between these two kinds of happiness? Psychologist Tim Kasser, known for his work on materialism and well-being told interviewers:

We make a distinction between two different kinds of goals or values people might pursue in life. Intrinsic goals and extrinsic goals. So extrinsic goals are extrinsic in that they’re goals focused on something external to you. They’re focused on rewards, they’re focused on praise, and they’re focused on getting stuff.

Kasser’s research focused on extrinsic goals like:

  • Money – financial and material success
  • Image – looking good, having the right appearance and a good-looking Fakebook life
  • Status – social status and popularity

None of the above goals brought the subjects of the study lasting happiness, even though the consumer culture we are stewed and basted in from birth tells us these things are what matters and are what will make us happy, competent adults. Myths like these keep men and women toiling away on the hedonic treadmill while true happiness evades them. Extrinsic goals like these stand in direct opposition to intrinsic goals. Kasser continues:

Intrinsic goals are inherently satisfying in and of themselves, because they have to do with intrinsic psychological needs all people have.

So what are the intrinsic goals Kasser studied? They include:

  • Personal growth – trying to be who we really are
  • Relationships – having close and connected relationships with friends and family
  • Community feeling – a desire to help and make the world a better place

Here’s the conundrum.

We found that extrinsic goals are on the complete opposite side of value systems compared to intrinsic goals. They’re in opposition with each other. People who were more oriented towards money, image and status were reporting less satisfaction with their lives. They were more depressed, more anxious, and we found they felt less vital and less energized in their day to day life.

So, scientific evidence is mounting that being slaves to consumerism isn’t helping us as men as much as it is helping the corporate-government complex make fortunes off our backs. The consumer economy is a textbook example of the carrot and stick analogy. Kasser’s conclusion is that intrinsic goals are where it’s at when it comes to happiness.

Intrinsically oriented people were more happy. They reported more vitality, less depression and less anxiety.

The truth couldn’t be plainer than that. And I can testify to the veracity of Kasser’s claims as I have lived the transformation from consummate Beta male consumer in my 20s to minimalistic, laid back ZFG Sigma male in my 30s.

The key was realizing nothing I own was making me happy beyond my basic needs. I also realized some of the wealthiest people I knew were also some of the most miserable and conniving people I ever met. It may be that men like me will always be in the minority, but I can assure you I’m a happy motherfucker since throwing off the shackles of materialism.

There’s no doubt this wisdom could also help millions of other men.

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Fighting Back: Adopting Minimalism to Starve the Gynocentric Beast


Men should pull their resources from a gynocentric system full of ungrateful women

If there’s one thing feminists and society in general takes for granted, it’s male utility value. Women often complain about being objectified for their sexuality, but have no qualms about objectifying male utility value. No matter how poorly they treat men, disenfranchising us of our traditional roles in society while simultaneously enslaving us with an onerous welfare state and child support system, our participation in the economy is taken for granted.

To them, Mr. Beta will always be there to pay the taxes, take out the trash, do the grunt work, and smile while his children are taken away from him 85% of the time in child custody hearings – no matter how many cocks mom rode on her carouseling adventures or how bad of a job she does at raising her children.

As an example of the results of shoddy parenting since mommy dearest started talking sole control of the next generation, moms shoving a doughnut into little Johnny or Susie while she runs off to work for her corporate “husband” then goes to visit the bad boy after work, after cashing her child support check from Beta Bob (a check she’s never held accountable to show how was spent) has led to an obesity epidemic.

Using lamestream media’s own reporting, Courier-Journal confirms one of the effects of single mommery on society:

America is experiencing an epidemic of obesity in our children. That’s bad news, but worse is the fact that things are getting worse at an accelerating rate. Indeed, in just the past 30 years, the incidence of childhood obesity has doubled, and the incidence of obesity in teens has increased a whopping fourfold.

But fat, wimpy kids are only one symptom of a system that has totally divorced men from their own children. There are countless others painstakingly detailed by this blog and many others in the manosphere as society sinks into inexorable decline. So what does the discarded male of today do to regain some modicum of control over his life and stop financing the insanity of today’s society?

It’s time for men to stand up and say My Body, My Choice when it comes to what we choose to do with our minds and our labor. If society no longer fulfills male hopes and dreams, and leaves him with figurative blue balls sexually, he has no incentive to participate in such a system beyond the minimum it takes for him to get by. This idea has been popularized by Aaron Clarey with his Red Pill treatise on earning as little as possible:

For example I refuse to make more than $30,000 a year (if i can help it) and ensure that I take at least one month of vacation in a remote destination with 3 weekend vacations a year to split up the horrible Minnesota winters. Why do I refuse to do this? Because life is short and any money that I make beyond a certain point is taxed into oblivion and all I end up doing is becoming a host to the economic parasites of this formerly great nation. Additionally, it ain’t like there’s a lot of jobs out there anyway. Regardless, since I will die inevitably, I am packing in as much fun as I possibly can and avoiding working as much as possible.

As Clarey knows, the government has devolved into a giant leech, or perhaps a better term would be a beast, that exists only to rob the male of his utility value to women and society through excessive taxation and government programs aimed at diminishing him economically while redistributing the fruits of his labor to those who do not deserve them.

The best way for the masses of men to slay this beast is by starving it of its lifeblood, for it cannot function without the tax dollars and grunt labor of the average Joe.


Adopting minimalism maximizes freedom and minimizes investment into a system that threw men overboard two generations ago

Enter Minimalism

Women made their lives all about their wants starting in the 1960s. Men need to do the same in the early 21st century. What do most of us want? It’s really quite simple, and doesn’t involve worshiping at the altar of materialism:

  • Reasonable shelter
  • Reasonable food
  • Regular sex
  • Freedom to pursue our interests

All of these bullet points can be achieved with much less money than men are conditioned to believe they need. In fact, the very essence of masculinity is being able to survive and thrive without massive homes that only serve to enslave us with massive mortgages, meals eaten out from the corporate slop bucket, bossy women who think occasional sex is enough to justify the massive laundry list of demands they make, and being enslaved by our own materialistic desires.

Instead, men should take a page from minimalist Joshua Becker.

But what if, in reality, there is actually more joy in owning less? That truth would change almost everything about us. It would change the way we spend our hours, our energy, and our money. It would change where we focus our attention and our minds. It would change the very foundation of our lives. And if it were true, it would free us up to pursue the things in life that we most value. In other words, it would be a life-changing and life-giving realization.

Not only does this realization have the power to change everything for men, it also takes their resources out of a system that wastes them and only demands more as it tightens the noose around the Western male’s neck with money stolen from his own wallet by the government mafia.

Indeed, as the Editor of this blog and countless other men who have taken the Red Pill have realized since running of the plantation, less truly can be more when it comes to what we choose to do with our lives. However, not all men will be able to benefit from this strategy.

Unfortunately, for some, the idea of intentionally living life with fewer possessions is just too counter-intuitive. It’s an approach to life they have never been introduced to or have never been invited to explore. The benefits have never been articulated. As a result, it’s too far a leap…too long a stretch…and jumping in with both feet is just not going to happen.

But for those that do jump in, or even ease themselves into a life of minimalism the rewards can be enormous.

I have demonstrated a man can live happily on $500 a month abroad. What if men en masse decided to work 6 months out of the year, then spent 6 months a year abroad? The pussy is sweeter, the freedom is addicting, and the beaches are beautiful abroad, but for some staying Stateside is their preference. Some men may prefer to be minimialists who stay inside The Matrix, just as Clarey has decided to do.

The details aren’t important, what’s important is men finally starting to live lives their way instead of the way they’re told to live them.

Think it can’t be done? It can. It’s only a failure of imagination and adherence to social conditioning that keeps men from realizing this epic, freedom-giving truth. If you save 50% of your income, you literally only have to work half a year even if you stay inside the Anglo-American Matrix. This window of not working can be doubled or tripled if you spent your time off abroad.

There’s a two-step process to saving 50% of your income: Make a decent income, and live below your means. Future articles will be dedicated to detailing how men can do both. Or, if you want personalized advice, RF Life Coaching is available at a very affordable rate.

Remember, men. Money buys freedom. Which is why you should set up a lifestyle designed around you, not designed around a decrepit system designed to exploit male utility value. If even 10% of men take 10% of this advice, a serious wrench can be thrown into the gynocentric machine.

So spread the word.

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The Culture to Materialism Ratio


Women drive 4/5 of the consumer economy in America, a materialism that is destroying culture

Western civilization has sold out. It has become an über-materialistic culture in which children are taught from birth the way to judge their level of success and their status among friends is by constantly comparing what they own with what their friends and family own. This is seen in numerous areas of modern life as these toy-seeking children turn into conspicuously consuming adults. From cell phone culture which now begins at age 8 to car culture which lasts until death, the modis operandi is competition through consumption.

What are you driving that old thing for? Don’t you have a good job? What are you doing with that brick or dinosaur? You need to upgrade to stay competitive is the message when one reads behind the lines. This insanity is reinforced by peer pressure and the need for people to “conform” in America.

For over a century, this mentality has led Western civilization to become the most materially rich in the world. That’s the good news. However, there is a dark side to having so much stuff. One might argue that Western civilization has lost its culture in the process of pursuing more and more junk. In fact, a going joke is what kind of culture do white people even have? And sadly, as a white person I don’t have much of an answer.

Sure, there’s still football and hamburgers on the Fourth of July with fries and turkey at Thanksgiving, but the overall culture can be described as one of nothing more than shopping and eating out, since that’s what most people spend their free time doing when they’re not adhering to the Puritan American work ethic. Once the careerism pill has been swallowed, life quickly becomes a vicious circle of work-consume-work-consume that most people never break out of.

America, and Western civilization in general has become a culture that looks for personal fulfillment through extrinsic goals, rather than intrinsic ones. Extrinsic goals make us look good, and they bring fleeting pleasure. But, they’re not “intrinsically” fulfilling like intrinsic goals such as spending quality time with family, having a close network of friends, and developing a sense of community.

This has led to accelerating spiritual and demographic death as materialism has come to dominate life in such a way people have become nihilistic, overly critical, and in many ways hopeless and helpless. Naturally, there is an equation that could be used to express this trade off a culture makes when it decides to pursue materialism vs. maintaining its culture. We will call this the culture-materialism ratio.


Shopping and eating out have become national obsessions in America

Culture vs. Materialism

In short, one must sell out a little culture to get a little materialism. Since the time we have is limited on this planet, one cannot spend time enjoying other people and working to make the money to buy more shiny things at the same time. There is always a trade off.

To diagnose what has happened to American culture to make it one in which negativity leaps out from any cursory visit to a social networking site, one must start by looking at the anthropological definition of what culture is.

Culture is defined as a social domain that emphasizes the practices, discourses, and material expressions, which, over time, express the continuities and discontinuities of social meaning of a life held in common… As a defining aspect of what it means to be human, culture is a central concept in anthropology, encompassing the range of phenomena that are transmitted through social learning in human societies.

So, we see right away material expressions are included in the broad definition of culture. A little materialism is okay, and a sign of a healthy society. Unfortunately, material expressions have begun to overwhelm to other “practices and discourses” of American culture. People spend so much of their lives in pursuit of money and stuff that they’ve literally become bitter about life.

Careerism is inculcated into youth from elementary school onwards and females are taught to be ashamed of and forgo their femininity and maternity with the goal of making women more like men (i.e. interchangeable labor devices). In fact, the entire whole of American life can today be described at shaping children into becoming efficient consumers to keep consumption high.

This must end. Dr. James Roberts has studied materialistic people and knows there is never enough stuff to buy to fill that whole marketers put into people’s souls by manipulating their emotions.

As we amass more and more possessions, we don’t get any happier; we simply raise our reference point. That new 2,500-square-foot house becomes the baseline for your desires for an even bigger house. It’s called the Treadmill of Consumption. We continue to purchase more and more stuff but we don’t get any closer to happiness, we simply speed up the treadmill.

The “treadmill” he is speaking of is The Hedonic Treadmill, a figurative treadmill that functions as a sort of “highway to hell” The New Modern Man has written about in the past.

Modern Western civilization (with an emphasis on America) has become a culture that is so materially rich but spiritually dead it is literally disappearing from the face of the planet in pursuit of buying things.

People lumber into the malls, empty their pockets buying junk and junk food – most of which they don’t really need – then go home to giant homes via bulbous SUVs. The next morning they wake up, head down to jobs that most of them can’t stand and work an average of 47 hours a week.

This is time in their lives they will never get back.

As a result of a culture that neglects the cultural in favor of material things, God is dead in America and has been for some time. Religious people will protest this claim but if one looks at the way they live their lives rather than what they say they believe it doesn’t take long to discover people are not living according to tradition or religion. They worship at the church of the discount store and their gods are their career, credit score and things they own.


Oh, please Verizon, give me that cell phone upgrade. The church of the mall has replaced the actual church in many regards


Perhaps it’s time to start making another measure of human progress rather than Gross National Product. The tiny nation of Bhutan has started measuring human progress in terms of Gross National Happiness. As hippy as it sounds, it’s actually a good idea when one realizes there are indeed things money cannot buy.

It’s a holistic approach which looks at other measures than just economics to determine the overall well-being of a society.

But, there are other ways of acheiving the same goal: a happy and fulfilled soceity rather than one in which it’s citizens behave like braindead shoppers who are never fulfilled for very long no matter how much money they spend. One of the best moves people can make is to turn off the high preist of consumerism and materialism – the corporate media. Its culture and values sorely need to be replaced with human ones instead of economic ones.

Maybe then, American society can begin to heal itself spiritually and demographically. Importantly, maybe whites can begin to reverse trends that are leading them to extinction at the hands of their own selfish inner desires, emotionally manipulated by the puppet masters to maximize profit at the cost of everything else that makes life worth living.

The pendulum must swing back from rampant consumerism and towards things that intrinsically make life worth living.

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Red Pill Money: Modern Dreams of Retirement Are Another Ponzi Scheme


Even a cursory look at the numbers tells us the dream of a happy retirement will come to an end in the next couple of generations

America is full of myths that are being exposed as mirages in the early 21st century. One of the biggest promises that got broken was the promise of a decent life for those who go through the enormous expense of college, as well as spending 4 to 6 of the best years of their lives studying rather than enjoying their youth. College graduates are now woefully underemployed, and that’s if they’re lucky enough to get a job at all. That’s one bubble waiting to pop.

But the broken promises will only get worse as the nation is sold out by globalists and their prostitutes, otherwise known as politicians. Retirement is the next big mirage on the horizon. The illusion of the happy retirement looks increasingly like another corporate-government complex Ponzi scheme. The current Social Security and 401k retirement plans fit the definition of Ponzi scheme perfectly:

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investing scam promising high rates of return with little risk to investors. The Ponzi scheme generates returns for older investors by acquiring new investors.

Isn’t that the very definition of the fantasy currently being sold to workers by cleverly amoral government bureaucrats and investment company PR flacks? Even Forbes magazine is noticing Social Security looks a lot like a Ponzi scheme.


Shifting from pensions to 401k plans was a massive corporate tax dodge according to one analyst

Moving Away from Pensions to 401k Plans

Pensions, long funded by companies to give their employees a modicum of decency in their Twilight Years, died in the 1980s to be replaced by 401k plans, which boldly claim that if people tuck away 5% of their income for their entire lives, the miracle of the stock market will make them millionaires when they turn 65. Meantime, we aren’t supposed to look at our 401ks and notice the growth just isn’t there. Helaine Olen, author of Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry explains the end of pensions came about as yet another selling out of the working class:

What essentially happens is that the 401(k) comes in in the late ’70s, early ’80s. It starts as a corporate tax dodge, basically. It’s if you’re a high earner, you’re going to put some of your money aside. Nobody ever thought that this was going to apply to the rest of us. I mean, there was never any thought of that.

As Olen says, 401k plans were a system designed for high earners, not your average Joe making $43,000 a year or so and struggling to get by paying ever-soaring rents, taxes, and overall cost of living. As any rational person would expect, many people are finding their gains for retirement aren’t keeping pace with inflation, let alone making them rich when they go to cash out. Olen continues:

Most financial planners would say you need about $1 million to ensure a decent middle-class retirement. Absolutely almost no one is there right now.

So, just how badly is the new retirement scheme faring? The numbers are frightening. Most people will be able to retire at age 65 and hope they’re dead by age 67, assuming a retirement income of only $25,000 a year.

According to an EBRI  [Employee Benefit Research Institute] survey conducted last year, 66% of workers have saved less than $50,000 for their retirement. And 28% have saved less than $1,000. Good luck with that.

But that’s okay, Social Security will come along and save us, right? No, it won’t. Even though the system is funded with workers’ money and IS NOT a welfare program, it has turned into a welfare program because politicians have been raiding the Social Security Trust fund for decades. As Forbes reported:

“The Social Security trust fund is a fiction. In other words, the Social Security trust fund contains nothing.” The federal government has borrowed all of that trust fund money and spent it.  And the only way the trust fund can get some cash to pay Social Security benefits is if the federal government draws it from general revenues or borrows the money.

Quantitative easing, i.e. printing money out of thin air will only get you so far. We are already reaching the tipping point in America when it comes to the Social Security and program. Forbes warns:

The system is already bust. More money is going out in benefits and overhead ($714 billion a year) than is coming in from payroll taxes ($646 billion). For now, the government is covering the shortfall the way it pays for other things: by borrowing, collecting income tax and printing money.

Translation: Aunt Sam wasted the money it forcefully took from people, promising to pay their retirement in another of its grand socialist schemes. But, even the Social Security administration admits it won’t be able to pay benefits starting in only 20 years.

As a result of changes to Social Security enacted in 1983, benefits are now expected to be payable in full on a timely basis until 2037, when the trust fund reserves are projected to become exhausted. At the point where the reserves are used up, continuing taxes are expected to be enough to pay 76 percent of scheduled benefits.

In other words, the generations born after the Baby Boomers are fucked. MarketWatch is sounding the alarm now, but few people are paying attention as most Americans continue floating around like mindless blimps in food and football induced comas.

Everybody sensible knows we are facing a looming retirement crisis. Tens of millions of baby boomers are starting to retire. They are going to live in old age far longer than previous generations. Tomorrow’s grandma is going to need medical care and nursing care beyond the imagination of grandmothers of yore. Yet so few people or families have saved anywhere near enough. And our public safety net is poorly managed, ill-thought-out, and threadbare.

Waiting on the government to fix the situation amounts to insanity. The time to take action is now.


By its own admission, the Social Security Administration will be insolvent in only 20 short years -2037

Old and Broke

Summing up the ineptitude of the current 401k system and the Social Security Administration to provide reliable retirement for the average person born after the Baby Boomer generation, the frightful bottom line is given to us by Boston College.

Based on current projections, about half the country is at risk of being unable to maintain their standard of living in retirement. Among low-income workers that rises to 60%. But it’s 40% even among the higher-income workers.

So, it is utter insanity for men to keep paying into this system and expecting to receive a figurative gold watch and literal retirement at the end of their careers. The advice of The New Modern Man is to take action, and take action now if you’re still young enough to have a decade or more before retirement.

Don’t be the average idiot with no money in savings, living paycheck to paycheck, expecting Big Daddy Government to take care of them. It’s time to go minimalist, cut out out the fat from your budget, and relentlessly save and invest at least 50% of your income before the system begins falling apart. Once the masses start realizing Social Security is going to be insolvent in only 20 years and their 401k plans are not going to allow them to retire, there will be a financial crisis in the U.S. that will make the Greek austerity crisis look like a cake walk.

Combine that with a massive welfare state and a looming student loan crisis, the weight of the retirement crisis along with these other two forces will be enough to break the back of the U.S. economy. The smart men will start making preparations now instead of waiting on more false illusions and broken political promises to come to fruition.

Don’t expect the government to take care of you. Build up a massive nest egg, and be ready to cash out of the U.S. economy when the inevitable comes. Optimism is cowardice, and happy endings are for sappy Hollywood movies. Sometimes, things don’t come to a happy end when the economy and the human machines powering it are repeatedly sold out by elite puppet masters.

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Red Pill Money: Saving a Fuck You Fund


You can do whatever you want for a year if you save up a big enough Fuck You Fund

Anyone with corporate experience knows what miserable, micromanaging cretins most bosses can be. It doesn’t take long for a man to start to get fed up with an atmosphere like today’s estrogen-rich office. To add insult to injury, HR harridans are ready to lay the smack down for the tiniest thoughtcrime offense in today’s hellish world of political correctness.

The final straw for me was when the pencil-necked geek of a boss I had told me my college degree and all my certifications didn’t matter because college graduates are a dime a dozen these days. As true as that statement may be in the economic world, you just don’t talk to your employees that way. He was a condescending know-it-all jerk off in many other ways, so that lit a fire in my belly to save as much money as I could. And you should do the same. Especially in today’s sellout economy, in which workers’ lives are as interchangeable as pogs (milk cap and soda cap games) to sociopathic corporate management.

As durable an employee as you may be, ready to withstand the storms of life in the modern Office Space hell, the day might, nay WILL come you wish to tell your boss or the HR harridan to fuck off. A day when they’ve simply gone to far in their unrealistic demands. Or, even a day when you’ve decided that taking a cross country trip with your buddies is more important than toiling away at some nonsensical job. With the right amount of money saved up, it will be your Take this job and shove it moment.

It is for this reason every Red Pill man must have a Fuck You Fund ready at his disposal. If you’ve read the other articles in The New Modern Man Minimalism and Money section and followed their advice, you’ve already set a budget, you’ve already started adopting the principles of minimalism, and you’re either on your way out of debt or already out. Beyond a minimal emergency fund of at least one month’s worth of expenses, your goal should be to build up six to twelve months of expenses. This means you can go at least half a year up to an entire year without having a job and not have your quality of life affected.


Money talks and bullshit walks, so make sure you have a nest egg

Buffer Zone

Once you know you have $10,000 or more saved up, your entire outlook on work will start to change. Your boss won’t seem quite so powerful. You will always have the comfort of knowing you are not one paycheck away from living under a bridge like the poor bastards known as Beta providers who are chained to their job by the sow the likely have living at home. You’ll begin to look at money differently too, once realizing it buys freedom.

Building up a Fuck You Fund is one of the most empowering things the career man can do. Here’s how to do it:

Once you get to the point of saving half or more of your income, for each month you work you’ve earned a month of freedom in which you do not have to work! Work a year, and you can take a year off finding a better job and finding yourself, rather than putting up with Fuck Face & Co. every day of your short life. Moreover, once you’ve got a fat bank account, you won’t be prone to taking abuse from a boss, you won’t find yourself stuck in a desperate situation without making changes, you’ll have greater confidence, and you’ll be better choices about life and your career.

Dave Ramsey often stresses the importance of building up your emergency fund. His web site says:

The reason to have an emergency fund is simple: You don’t know what’s going to happen in life. Money magazine states that 78% of us will have a major negative financial event in any given 10-year period. You need to have cash ready to help you survive if you lose your job or your heater breaks in the dead of winter.

Your emergency fund should be liquid, meaning you need to keep it in a place where you can get to it easily and quickly. The best option is a simple checking account or money market account that comes with a debit card or check-writing privileges. That way, you can pay that doctor or wrecker service with the swipe of a card or stroke of a pen.

The only difference I have with Dave’s recommendation is that beyond 1 to 2 months of expenses I would never leave a ton of money sitting in a bank account not working for me. Most mutual funds only have a 30 day window in which their is either a penalty or you cannot withdraw your money. Beyond 1 to 2 months of expenses, I’d leave the other 10-11 months in a mutual fund.

Case in point: I recently needed money from one of my mutual funds to cover unexpected expenses. I called Fidelity and within a day the money was direct deposited into my bank account.

So, get started building your Fuck You Fund today. Businesses count on having a supply of workers who depend on them and can’t make it a single paycheck without them. This is at least part of the why corporations are becoming so abusive to their employees these days. When the day comes they want to push you over the edge, you can stand up straight, look them in the eye, and tell them: You know what? Fuck You, Charlie. That’s what having a Fuck You Fund is all about.

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