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The Only Way to Win is Not to Play


Why play a game in which the house always wins?

The MGTOWs are fond of the sage wisdom that states the only way to win is not to play. This good advice for the modern man, as The Anglo-American Matrix is designed to consume him from the time he’s old enough to carry a bookbag and begin his indoctrination in the edumacation system.

By the time he’s an old man, the meat grinder most often leaves him a bitter husk of a human being, as the cost of being society’s and women’s utility repeatedly kicks him in the shins and gives him one figurative anal raping after another.

Just as touching a hot stove teaches a child to stop playing with fire, getting burned by enough times eventually teaches men to stop playing along with women and the system that gives women their power. Without the system, both women and the political parasites who buy their support with John Q. Public’s tax money won’t be able to extort men any longer.

Let’s examine how this system exploits the average man.

It tells men to follow the rules, while only rule breakers win. It tells men to get an education, then saddles them with an average of $30,000 in non-bankruptable debt, effectively turning them into debt slaves.

It tells them to get married, then sets up the rules so women can walk out anytime they want with frivorce court lottery winnings which leave men both financially and emotionally devastated. It tells men to save for retirement, when we all know job security for what the elite call the “precariat” class – i.e. you and me – has disappeared like a fart in the wind as have any hopes of having a portfolio that will cover a man’s Golden Years.

(As an aside, precariat is an important term to remember, as the modern economy is designed to make men members of this new class. Precariat means a social class formed by people suffering from precarity, which is a condition of existence without predictability or security, affecting material or psychological welfare. It is a moniker globalists know well.)

The list goes on and on.

Since the life plan foisted upon men in modern times is a marvel of H. Sapiens’ innate talents of Machiavellian Intelligence, it is naturally corrupt from top to bottom and only the unawakened and fools play the game. The people who profit most are the most talented deceivers. Those who do the labor get to subsist on crumbs, while the wealth they produce is shifted up the pyramid and super-concentrated in the hands of a few ultra rich families and corporations. The irony is men’s own productivity is thereby used to further oppress them.

This is not free market capitalism by any means. The modern day alliance between corporations and the government is creating de facto Communism, as TNMM has pointed out before.


To win, fold and start your own poker game

Walking Away from the Table

Yours truly played the games for 35 years. No more. The second half of my life is mine, and I will protect my freedom and autonomy at any cost.

I’m not alone.

The encouraging news is men don’t even have to discover any of the counter cultural messaging in our burgeoning manosphere communities to do exactly what we’re doing – refusing to play along with a system designed to exploit our labor and productivity for the benefit of the elite and idle, thankless women who destroy the environment almost as efficiently as they destroy men’s lives. This is underscored by the fact Anglo females are responsible for 80% of the eco-destructive materialism in the economy.

Additionally, Anglo women consume far more in public largesse than they pay in during the course of their lives.

Therefore, there is enormous power in living on less and cutting ties with the system. If one million men realized the only way to win is not to play it would make an impact. If ten million realized the only way to win is not to play we might get noticed by the power structure and see the media descend upon us to do their infamous hit pieces and character assassinations. If tens of millions realized the only way to win is not to play, and followed through on that wisdom the system would be powerless to stop us.

The beauty of this message is we don’t have to preach the evangel, as men are awakening on their own. They will find their own way out, we don’t have to find them.

Now, the only game I play is one designed to make me the winner. I work half the year to avoid paying into a system that exploits me. That fact also makes it possible for me to avoid paying on predatory student loans until they’re “forgiven” in another decade. (I already paid on them a decade for an education which my last employer told me was now worthless. If the system wants to get down and dirty with its workers, we need to return the favor. I’m not doing anything immoral or illegal – I’m playing by the system’s own dumbass rules.) I refuse to give an Anglobitch the frivorce lottery winnings and child support annuity she craves as I will have children abroad, in a society that doesn’t culturally and legally encourage females to exploit males for financial gain.

In other words, I learned a lot from the system and exploitation the first half of my life. Taking a page from the American female’s own playbook – the second half of my life is ALL ABOUT ME. Every man that realizes this for himself can free himself from bondage.

Stop playing a game in which the table is tilted, the cards are counted, and the house always wins. Creat a new game using your own House Rules.

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Trucking Offers the Ultimate Minimalist Lifestyle


Many regular readers may know I embarked on a new goal to become a professional truck driver half the year to finance my exciting adventures abroad and my residence in the Caribbean. I’m happy to report the new venture is going well, and especially happy to report it offers a fantastic lifestyle for the minimalist.

I live in the sleeper of my semi 3 weeks, travel the entire United States, then get a week off each month to make a trek out of The Matrix all while saving money for living abroad 6 months to a year or more with each stroke. As long as I keep a clean driving record there will always be a job waiting for me, as this industry has serious shortages of experienced drivers.

When I get pissed off and pissed on by society, I come up with a plan.

I abandoned the talking head industry in 2015 because an industry that hates white males is no place for a white male to be. In their madness, the propaganda ministers are destroying a nation, an economy, and are complicit in genocide.

After leaving that filthy business that has such an unjustified high opinion of itself, I spent what was undoubtedly the best year of my entire life on the lush Samaná Peninsula. I built the foundation for this blog and a writing career that’s in progress while I was there.

This area of the world is the exactly opposite of greedy, materialistic, hateful Anglo culture. Warm, welcoming people, a laid back lifestyle, and beautiful, feminine women everywhere. I am truly happy when I’m there. In fact, I can become quite emotional thinking about how it gave me the life I was denied for half a lifetime.

But it must remembered a rolling stone gathers no moss. I love my life in the Caribbean, but I wanted to push myself to explore more of the world. New boundaries. New adventures. Helping lead other men out of the hell they’ve been socially engineered into.

Taking my minimalist philosophy on the road was to be my next adventure. Similar to my minimalist lifestyle abroad, I’m riding up and down the Interstates, highways, and biways of America with nothing more than a WiFi box, a laptop, a tablet, and a carry on bag of clothes.

I don’t eat out the way many truckers do. I pass right by the bread and circuses that lure so many in order to strip them of their cash. My motivation to skip out on these petty entertainments is partly the happiness and freedom I feel abroad and partly my utter contempt for the way I was treated by Anglo society the first half of my life.

All my money is stashed so it can be used to live a much better life outside The Matrix, with an eye on making a permanent exit as quickly as I can. In fact, I live pretty much like a monk when I’m in the States. The MGTOWs definitely have a point when they tell men to ghost. I have no desire to participate in this “culture” in any way except to visit landmarks, pick up the occasional stripper, and go mountain climbing once in a while.

I told you all that to tell you this.

This trucking adventure is a lifestyle many men can adopt to maximize their satisfaction with life. But first, a man must be out of debt before he can do anything outside the sleep-work-spend paradigm that keeps the masses chained to their jobs and their bankers. The evil that is consumer debt must be purged.

The next step is getting rid of all that crap that is tying you down. Throw away, sell, or give away all that junk that keeps you from living the adventures you want to live. Possessions are a prison unto themselves – remember that. They’re selling you chains with credit cards and all the junk you charge on them.

After purging the materialism and consumerism and Anglobitches from your life, you’re then a free man. With the chains off, you are free to do whatever the fuck you want to do with your life. As the minimalists say, why not live a life that’s your own with some occasional work involved rather than running like a rat in a wheel – a slave to things.

And, a slave to the world’s worst women. Trust me on that, as someone who has visited nearly every state and every major city in America.

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Adopt the Corporate Cost-Cutting Strategy in Your Life


Watch fat stacks grow quickly as you adopt a corporate strategy in your personal life

The arrogant fucks that run the American economy think they can keep you enslaved with your own material desires, and you’ll never realize you don’t need anything they’re selling beyond a humble meal, a cheap roof over your head, and clothes on your back to wear.

They think they can treat you however they want because you “need” their money. But what if you didn’t need nearly as much of “their” money anymore?

Beyond the aforementioned basics, everything else can be “cost-cut” out of your life. Just adopt a corporate strategy. They see you as nothing but an unnecessary “human resource” expense. So, it’s time the John Galts and MGTOW Ghosts of the world saw the merchandise they’re trying to move as nothing but an expense.

Start running your life and your bank account like a business. Hey, you’re in this to maximize the cash flow in both. I’ve never been happier since adopting this strategy, that I learned well from 20 years at different GloboWorldCorps including 15 years in the lying, mainstream (now corporate) media. I can save thousands of dollars very, very quickly since I have no bills.

As someone who nearly broke by neck, and did break the bank chasing after the luxury apartment, nice car, and all the decadent accoutrement the great marketing machine programmed into my mind from childhood, I can safely say minimalism is where it’s at. There is nothing so valuable as freedom.

As John Galt knew: Why work at all? For whom am I working? Am I a slave?

In short, the American man works because he thinks the things he buys will make him happy or more attractive to women. They don’t. He also works because American women, locked on The Hedonic Treadmill only want to use him as a utility to make their materialistic lives spin faster.

The American man is a slave to himself and the illusions the things he buys represent to his psychology. But more so, he is a slave to women and society who do not want him to wake up from the illusions they’re spinning.

So, how would you run your life if you were the financial officer of You, Inc? If you want a lifestyle of freedom, travel, and banging hot foreign women, you cut out every expense that stands in the way of that goal.

You would also attempt to maximize your income. I do it by living in a truck 23 days out of the month, spending my days off in Mexico the other 7 days, and living like a monk while I’m in the States 6 months out of the year. (I’ve elected to be here in the warm season, at that. When winter comes, I’m out.) I’m nothing but business when I’m here. My excellent quality of life outside the Anglo-American insane asylum motivates me.

Here’s how I live when I’m trucking in the States. I limit meals in restaurants to once a week, on payday. Even then, I bargain shop and will not spend more than $10 for a plate. Between paydays, I spend about $1 a meal or less. I never buy soft drinks at truck stops, as I can get unit cost per soda down to about 25 cents by stopping at Walmart or Family Dollar and buying a 24 pack.

This literally saves hundreds of dollars a month.

Entertainment wise, I occasionally buy beers in a strip club, but I refuse to “buy dances” and pay exorbitant fees to get rubbed on by Anglobitches (of all colors). If I can game a girl into bed, that’s great. If not, it’s back into the truck with my cash still in my wallet, and down the road my happy ass goes.

My 7 days in Mexico each month gives me all the entertainment I really need with sexy señoritas rather than hateful Anglobitches. And that’s a free trip to Mexico each month, since national trucking companies will allow you to take time off anywhere in the U.S. that they do business. I request time off on the border each month.

I don’t have a car payment. I pay $200 a month for rent for my apartment in Samaná, but otherwise I don’t have any living expenses. (Note: The savings on food basically means I get a free apartment. See how minimalism works? Fuck the national obsession with recreational eating.)

This means I can accumulate a fat stack of cash in no time. Living abroad only costs me $5,400 a YEAR for basics. But I like to live it up in countries that actually treat me like a man should be treated, so I’m planning on saving up about $20,000 this year. That keeps me below the threshold to have to pay on my student loans (corporate strategy, cost cut wherever possible!) and yet furnishes me with an awesome quality of life.

In short, this is my plan. You need to design your own. But hopefully this will provide some inspiration for the men with the mental horsepower to realize they’re being fucked hard by the Anglo-American gynocentric system, and the will to escape it any way they can.

Hey, I’m only doing what corporations do.

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America is Not a Nation Anymore, It’s a Business


It’s the battle of culture vs. consumption. Currently, consumption is winning

There’s no culture anymore. It was sold out in a clearance sale last week.

There’s no fun or wonder about life anymore, either. Sure, people put on pretenses that they’re happy and having fun. But one only need visit any town in America (I’ve been to nearly every state) and the illusion is quickly destroyed.

People just grunt when you greet them on the street as they mindlessly work 40, 50, or 60 hours a week to line the walls of their own personal, materialistic prisons.

Families are breaking down. The government is becoming tyrannical. Politicians betray their voters every election cycle. Women become faker by the year with everything from Cloroxed hair to ass implants to well-practiced personalities. Feminized manlets are almost as into gossip and intrigue as the women at your local hair salon. The national obsession is the next gadget or overpriced meal.

It seems the Holy Bible was right. Money is the root of all evil. If a culture shifts to worshipping it, that is. TNMM commenter Tony200 puts it this way: As for America; it is like Seinfeld – a show about nothing. Except Seinfeld was funny.

What else is there in dystopian America other than consumption? Shopping for shit we don’t need and eating excessive amounts of food – that’s making us the fattest sons of bitches in the history of the human race. And yet we are told by the media how lucky we are to be living here on a daily basis.


What about those of us who crave culture, female companionship, and personal freedom? Those of us who don’t want to be job slaves? Those of us who want to live in a community and a nation rather than a business?

This sellout culture is literally selling out its humanity so it can produce more crap. Never is a thought given to judging quality of life in non-economic terms. This is due in part to the foundation of Western society being the Faustian quest for infinity, as explained by Spengler in TNMM’s Decline of the West series. The West is pursuing an infinity of money and material goods, and that is killing it.

Nothing matters except the Puritan-derived work ethic, sexlessness, and cyclical consumption. A man comes to realize America is not so much a nation anymore as it is a 24/7 business. One might say all nations are businesses at the end of the day, and that opinion has some validity to it.  The problem is America is making every interaction between humans more and more transactional as each year passes by.

Want lettuce and tomato on that burger? It will cost you extra. Want to drive on the Interstate your tax money supposedly pays for? Those are electronic toll roads now. Coming soon…want to have a child? You have to get a permit for that.


The concept of “enough” money doesn’t exist in an avaricious culture


Greed and its cousin materialism are destroying the nation and the Caucasian race. Primarily because of female lust for material goods and gutless men refusing to tell them to stop acting like children, stomping their feet on the floor demanding material goods now, now, now!

The New Modern Man logo represents the ongoing battle between Justice and Greed. As described by Carl Sagan, this sculpture inside the Royal Palace of Amsterdam has a deeper meaning.

It depicts Justice flanked by Death and Punishment triumphing over Greed and Envy, the gods of the merchants; the unrestrained pursuit of profit poses serious threats to the soul of a nation.

America has no soul anymore. It is a profit producing machine that’s putting humanity through the meat grinder. Of course, major problems arise when a nation is unduly imbalanced on the greed side of the equation.

By the way, when it comes to materialistic women, don’t hold your breath for men to grow a backbone. If there’s one thing the trucking world has taught me, it’s that white men like to act tough but most of them are quite weak these days.

The solution for the man who wants out of the madhouse before it takes them to hell along with the rest of the sheeple? Thoughtful men should shift to the margins of society. When a man shifts from a life of consumption to a life of minimalism, life transforms from a mind-boggling ordeal to a fulfilling journey. Happiness and satisfaction with life will increase. Charles Bukowski said it best:

The less I needed, the better I felt.

Thoughtful men should also travel to experience the world untainted by a century of mass consumerism and get their share of femininity while supplies last. There’s at least a chance the beast of materialism will take over the world and put the very survival of the human race into doubt as there’s never enough money or power for the psychopaths who brought us to these dire straits we now find ourselves in as a nation.

Trashing the illusions society has programmed into men from birth is not a simple thing to do. In fact, most sheeple will never reach this plateau of existence. However, for those men who do, their lives will be given back to them. This begins with trashing the illusions the Anglo media gives us about the fat, bitchy, and materialistic women in our nation.

TNMM commenter Erik gives us an eyewithness report from the Rockies:

I had to go downtown for business today. Denver area. Ran into you-go-grrrrls, a fattie who scowled when I said hello, old post-menopausal women cackling amongst themselves, and one particularly manly woman who whistled nonstop. Dystopian nightmare. Gods…

As has been said before, feminism has made modern women worthless beyond their anatomy. And greed has consumed the average American’s humanity and dignity.

The modern man should purge the toxicity of both plagues from his life. By cleansing the dead weight of women (beyond casual sex) and materialism from life, a man regains his dignity. If enough men do this, we can return to having a nation rather than a coast to coast shopping mall.

Women will never be able to do the heavy lifting of the economy (in male-dominated fields like mining, etc.) because they only want jobs in which they can wear fancy clothes and have unwarranted authority. Without men willingly turning themselves into slaves by buying things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like, the plantation system will fall apart.

And we might just have a nation again.

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Why I Decided To Become A Big Rig Truck Driver 6 Months a Year


In search of work-life balance for the average guy

I may be the only Emmy-award winning newscaster who also holds a Class A Commercial Driver’s License and speaks Spanish fluently in the United States. Hot off Big Daddy Government’s press, I just got my CDL.

Earning my CDL was one of the most difficult endeavors I have attempted in my life, far more intense than the college degree I earned that I now loathe. The three-week courses aimed at finding fresh meat for the corporate meat grinder aren’t sufficient to train a man to drive a big rig with authority.

But I held on. I suffered training pay and all the growing pains. And now I feel like I can manage an 80,000 lb driving machine.

In any case, I’m back in The Matrix until June (other than taking March off to travel internationally) to investigate the practicality of a new lifestyle design for men that would allow them to work 6 months a year while traveling abroad 6 months, enjoying libertine cultures and women who have not yet been taught to hate men.

Sure I could stay on my island and enjoy life to the fullest. But there’s a lot of life to be lived and world to be seen. And this is about much more than just me. It’s about taking a stand and showing men how to live a life of financial and sexual freedom. Women had their liberation, now it’s time for ours.

English scholar Rookh Kshatriya eloquently detailed why modern men must learn to live for themselves and their own pleasure, until the “reset” button is pressed on male-female relations in the West, and especially Anglo-America – the mother of feminism:

For normal men, Anglo-Saxon culture is an inherently flawed creation. Everything about it from the ground up is designed to exalt women and denigrate men. There is nothing male-friendly in the existing Anglosphere; it has declared war on men politically, economically, conceptually and legally. There is nothing there of interest to men at all. The situation has deteriorated beyond tinkering with minutiae or putting the clock back – only complete rejection of pan-Anglosphere civilization and all its institutions, root and branch, can now serve the enlightened man effectively.

I’ve always been one to put my money where my mouth is. Before recommending this design to other men who want to escape a hateful Anglo culture but don’t know how, I want to live the life I’m going to be recommending to other men.

I can use my mental powers for the good of my masters or for my own good. I was so shit on by the great system everybody is supposed to worship I turned on it. In many ways, I am pumping and dumping the United States economy, since it no longer serves men’s interests.


Make fat stacks fast with virtually NO LIVING EXPENSES when you become an OTR trucker

Goal 1: $20,000 A Year, Earned in Only 4-6 Months

By American standards, $20,000 a year may sound like a paltry sum. But I know from experience living expenses abroad are most often $500 a month or less for a comfortable lifestyle. I’ve been living abroad in the Caribbean for nearly a year and a half, living a swinging, sexually fulfilled, dancing, drinking, happy existence with housing, food, Internet, utilities, and phone all covered by that amount.

Beyond that, anything I have leftover means its party time.

But why just $20,000? Because this is the point at which a man can both avoid paying a lot of income taxes and if he chooses, get on IBD (income-based deferment) for student loans he got ripped off on so he doesn’t have to pay them back. Moreover, $20,000 a year is enough that a man could live very well abroad on $10,000 for 6 months, invest the other $10,000 in growth stock mutual funds, and come back to The Matrix the following year to earn $20,000 more.

Don’t let anyone convince you a life of sex, drugs, and Salsa music won’t leave you fulfilled. Contrasted with the life of a run of the mill Beta male slave, it’s a fantastic way to enjoy one’s prime.


Any money you earn in the U.S. is multiplied 2x or 3x abroad

Goal 2: Travel The World the Other 6 Months

A slave never dreams to be FREE, a slave only dreams to be king of the ant hill most people spend their lives trying to climb. Stop being a slave and start living the life of a free man.

With $20,000 I will have more than enough money to travel to four continents this year. This is above and beyond visiting virtually every major American city in my big rig, enjoying everything from the Bunny Ranch to random (and free!) hookups with strippers that I use PUA techniques on. (Oh, and before the haters pile on, I dated daughters of executives, daughters of well-connected families and the like when I was a mainstream media guy back in the day. I was so horrified of the “good girls” and the slavery they expected of me by virtue of their association with me I defected and decided to live a life as a free man until the cultural situation changes.)

How does a man live an awesome life on that amount? First off, any money you make in the states can be multiplied by taking it abroad. Second, once a man purges his mind of the materialism and consumerism he has been indoctrinated with from childhood and instead chooses to live a life of minimalism, he will discover the fact his money buys freedom.

Most of the world lives on a fraction of what Americans live on. A little money extracted from here goes a long way somewhere else. Corporations aren’t the only entities that can outsource. I just consider this my way of evening the score.


Surveying the cultural Titanic as it sinks is another goal of this venture

Goal 3: Survey The Ship

Captains of sailing vessels in the past used to survey the ship before a hopeless battle. In many ways, my trek across America is my way of surveying nearly every state and every major city to make sure I haven’t missed anything when it comes to women and the Anglo cultural obsessions with shopping and eating out.

So far, in the 40+ states I’ve visited while driving and while working with the media, I’ve seen only fleeting, exceedingly rare exceptions to the poor relations between the sexes. Most of the time, women adhere to the feminist script we discuss in the manosphere.

As an example for what passes as a “date” these days, I am in and out of Utah hauling freight and recently stopped by a SWPL restaurant. I was treated to this episode going on at the table beside me. I saw one of the “good Mormon girls” thoroughly de-balling her dinner date as she talked to him in a condescending manner, as if he was a job applicant rather than a potential boyfriend or husband. I felt bad for the guy, and would have refused to pay for this woman’s dinner as I walked out the door and left her sitting there. But he paid for it, took the verbal badgering, and walked out with a defeated look on his face. Why in HELL do men put up with this? This guy is well on his way to frivorce rape by virtue of his association with this harridan.

When I dated the “high class” girls I always felt like a pawn in their stupid little games. So I learned to bypass all the ridiculous sophistry and go straight for the red (or is it pink? – heh) meat of the matter.


Teaching others to fly the coop of misandry and sexual repression is a worthy aim

Lifestyle Design

Beyond the personal goals of fattening my bank account, traveling the world, and surveying the ship, the core purpose of this venture is to help design a solid plan for men who want to work part time and travel part time.

Men often give up and resign to the fact they’ll always be doing someone else’s bidding rather than living a personally fulfilling lifestyle. I nearly succumbed to this myopia myself in my late 20s, before I got angry and decided to extricate myself from a system that was abusing me at any cost. The goal is to allow men to give the finger to a system that hates them and villainizes them in all its narratives.

Becoming a part-time trucker ticks a number of check marks on the lifestyle design page.

  • A near perfect lifestyle for the single man who wants to be a roaming nomad instead of a nester
  • Avoids paying excessive income taxes into the beast
  • Allows men to dodge student loans if they wish
  • Provides an excellent income if spent abroad
  • Allows a man to work half the time and live half the time
  • CDL drivers are in such demand a driver with a clean record can fall ass backwards into a job
  • A man doesn’t need to pay rent or other expenses beyond what he eats as he can live in the sleeper of the truck
  • A man becomes in effect, a migrant worker who only comes to the U.S. to earn cash

I’ve personally found this move to be much more personally rewarding than being a “TV star” ever was, as I know I’m doing this for me and I know it keeps me out of the system.

For now, that’s the latest from Relampago on the road. I’ll be in the air the second half of the year enjoying myself. This is a cause much greater than oneself. This is a project in creating a Renaissance of male freedom.

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