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Being Too Hard on America


America is decaying, and becoming a shadow of its former greatness

My recent writeup on President Trump’s shithole comments and how America is a shithole received some criticism from one of TNMM’s readers. Judge Shredd writes:

I have a problem with all the things you listed as well and they suck but it’s all taken out of context. Our roads are paved, the electricity, internet, law enforcement, basic services, garbage is picked up, stores are stocked with food, we grow food, hospitals are everywhere, etc etc..we are an advanced first world society with first world problems. There are criminals, lowlives, Anglo cunts the Matrix sucks but they push that in the Western world but at least you have the opportunity to break out of it or build a business to advance here. Clue: why the fuck are people from almost everywhere else trying to come here?

Dude, I get where you’re coming from but the US is NOT a shithole taken as a whole compared to other countries. You just don’t like they General way of life here.

I understand his concern with what I wrote. But I wouldn’t have written it if I didn’t believe it to be the unvarnished truth. All I can think of when I’m in America is how I can get back out of it again. I distinctly remember saying “I hate this place” at least a couple of times a week during my time trucking as I kept myself motivated to stay financially on track with memories of life outside the matrix.

My views are harsh in part because working in the media then seeing America from coast to coast in a truck presented quite the juxtaposition for me. The candy coated lies I saw broadcast to the world on a daily basis vs. the bitter, workaday wage slavery reality I saw as I drove through countless towns, nearly every major city, and nearly every state in the nation. I realized the entire premise of America is built upon fantasy and deceit. I typed up this thoughtful rebuttal to his comment, and felt it important to share with everyone.

“Our roads are paved, the electricity, internet, law enforcement, basic services, garbage is picked up, stores are stocked with food, we grow food, hospitals are everywhere, etc etc..”

If you travel around you’ll see most of the world has all that, too. The rest of the world is not filled with heathens living in the Stone Age longing to get into America (the media puts that notion in the mass mind) as much as it’s filled with people brainwashed by the idea of America just as many of us were until we found the truth.

Once people actually come to America and see life doesn’t match what they see in Hollywood films and in the American media, many become disillusioned. I’ll never forget the looks on recent immigrants’ faces when they get stuck in shitty jobs at warehouses or processing plants (I meet them all over the nation when I’m trucking) after everything they had to go through to get into the U.S. They expected a land of milk and honey, and what they got was subsistence wage slavery sucking up all the hours of their lives and the same carrot on a stick we’re all told to chase until we die. They’re confused, but a part of them knows they got burned. Reality just hasn’t set in yet.

America is more about marketing than reality. There are 8.7 million Americans living abroad, and the number is growing as more and more people flee the dystopia it is turning into. I’d bet many millions more want to leave but don’t know how, or are cockblocked from leaving by voluminous immigration and customs laws intended to keep people in their respective cages. These numbers are never discussed because they’re not good for business.

The only way we can fix the problems of the nation is to admit they’re there, and not try to wallpaper over them. America was once a great nation, but I feel it’s not so great anymore.

If I’ve created an entire lifestyle out of my motivation to leave America, have become happier as a result, and help lead a growing movement of men who either want to go MGTOW, John Galt, or become expats, shouldn’t that tell us there’s something deeply wrong in The Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave?

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Reader Mailbag: Only Men Can Know Honor


A story of honor from Iwo Jima

Some of our best ideas come from you guys, those hearty Red Pill souls who make up our loyal readership. Here’s a particularly interesting commentary from a MGTOW reader of TNMM. As you read it, remember that only men can know honor. Women are incapable of the altruism that men are capable of, except in the case of their own children. (And as a direct result, their own genetic survival!)

Here’s what he had to say:

On Iwo Jima, 22 Marines and four Navy Corpsman who went in with the Marines were awarded (it is not won) the Medal of Honor, 14 posthumously. Many were awarded to Marines who jumped on Japanese grenades to smother the blast and absorb the lethal shrapnel, willingly sacrificing their bodies and their lives for their fellow Marines.

Seventeen year old Jacklyn H. Lucas jumped on not one but two grenades thrown into the trench he and three others were fighting in. One exploded, the other didn’t. His body was so mangled he was left for dead. Miraculously, he was later discovered alive and survived. He left this world on September 18, 2016.

The son of one of the three flag raisers to survive the battle interviewed Lucas for the book Flags of Our Fathers. When asked why he did it his reply was simple; “I did it to save my buddies.” Even 17 year old men (boys?) understand it.

Such love and devotion men can have for one another, in one case the game of golf and another the bloodiest battle in the history the United States Marine Corps, is unknown to women. Such higher plane character does not even enter their consciousness for the simple reason it can’t. Her DNA programmed instincts do not allow such love, devotion, and selflessness.

Her ideal of love is self-love. Her only devotion is to herself. For her, there is no such thing as selflessness. She can’t help any of this. It is what her DNA tells her to do.

Women don’t know what love is. Only men do. Women prove their DNA instinct every day in family court. Men prove their DNA instinct every day with love, devotion, and provisioning often forgoing their own needs and dreams, until the hammer is dropped in betrayal.

Sad, but true. The evidence is everywhere, hiding in plain sight. Third wave feminism proudly displayed innate female instinct and successfully demanded it get its way. A man must either react or be consumed, and the only reaction that makes sense is MGTOW. Think about it.

What a tale, laced with Red Pill truth about women and men from start to finish. Any MGTOW, PUA, or man who is experienced with females knows they only love themselves. TNMM even postulated women can never truly love men (even men they spend their entire lives with) in an article covering the 5,000 year history of marriage.

The masculine sense of honor is an interesting development in our species’ history. Many men indeed behave just as Shakespeare wrote:

I love the name of honor more than I fear death.

How loudly those words ring true when looking at a stunning sacrifice like the on that played out in battle on a tiny island in the Pacific. But, as our reader points out, it often puts men at a disadvantage in a world ruled by more primitive reptilian instincts.

Indeed, feminism and the predatory female instinct have exploited the male sense of honor, duty, and loyalty for a half century. The Western female has shown no love, sense of respect, or sense of honor to her men during that time. It’s been a shit show featuring a “take what you can get off them” mentality once the hounds of hell were let loose by the cultural imposition of feminism.

And finally, men have had enough. Things are changing. You can feel it in the air. Women know it, and are starting to backpeddle  to try and keep men laboring away on the tax farm they benefit from. Women who are In The Know are diluting their venom and bile more and more. Our narratives are dripping into mainstream dialogue, trickle by trickle.

Here’s the catch: In addition to a sense of altruism and honor, men also have a sense of justice. Many men are ready to see women sleep in the bed they’ve made for themselves, rather than exploiting by coming to the rescue for aging damsels in distress once again. Why? Because women deserve it. You can only kick a dog so many times before he turns on you.

And off the plantation we run.

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Reader Mailbag: You’re Just a Bitter, Rejected Man


TNMM reader Kimberly continues the same, tired old attacks chicks always use against Red Pill men

Is there a rubber stamp from which bitches ink and clunk out their boilerplate attacks? The vitriol spewed against men who have decided there’s more to life than enslaving themselves for a depreciating ASSet never rises beyond the level of trite cliché. Witness this saucy screed from TNMM reader Kimberly:

Misogynist garbage obviously written by a rejected, bitter man.

A man who has slept with 150+ women from virtually all races and backgrounds, and who has at least half a dozen hoes on call around the world is hardly a rejected, bitter man. I’ve had more ass than I care to think about. In fact, I’ve had so much ass women have become nothing but a novelty to me, and any mystical powers they had over my mind in the past have evaporated because I know exactly what kind of creature I’m dealing with.

Maybe this “rejected, bitter man” just knows the female game better than y’all do and decided to write about it so other men could learn to extract from women what guys want before you’re able to stick your stingers into them, like the proverbial scorpion killing the very frog carrying it across the stream. In this case, getting “stung” is being cheated on while at work, frivorce raped, placed into child support penury, etc, etc, etc.

It’s cruel to blame women for staying single when you men have done the same thing! And what about those of us who just weren’t ready for marriage?

Women stay single these days because a) The Anglo-American Matrix has brainwashed them into believing they can live the Have It All™ lifestyle without a pesky man around to provide anything. However, post-feminism the vast majority of women have become serfs on the corporate plantation and welfare state dependents who use Big Daddy Government to extract goodies (i.e. gibsmedats) from Beta males by force; and b) women want to spend their sexual and reproductive prime riding the cock carousel chasing after Alpha/Sigma badboys and layabouts because hardworking, decent Beta males repulse them deep down.

This mating strategy is adopted pre- or post-civilization so women can chase after bad boy seed, extracting it to father the children they want. After copulation and delivery, they can then (chicks hope) drop the little bastards into Beta Bucks guy’s lap because the unstable relationship with asshole guy has ended. It’s evolutionary baggage (selecting for the baddest, most cunning males to ensure genetic survival) that’s arguably no longer useful in civilized societies. Around here, it’s known as Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks.

Men aren’t getting married because women now represent all risk and no reward thanks to the “not ready for marriage” pablum you just spouted. Marriages that last the longest are those that begin when the female is in her prime and hasn’t been jaded by a decade+ on the cock carousel. Men don’t want chicks who can only offer up anatomy with the equivalent of 250,000 miles on the odometer and some dried up eggs in exchange for the huge risks (think misandrist Anglo court system and bankruptcy) they bring to the table.

Our grandparents married young and stayed together a lifetime. This isn’t a coincidence. This is why marriage and female sexuality have been tightly controlled for thousands of years, in virtually all cultures. The sad truth is women don’t want good guys, because good guys don’t give them tingles the way guys who are going to use and abuse them do. Societies evolved to guide young women into making wiser decisions about who they spread their legs for. Feminism destroyed all this, and therefore destroyed civilization. It’s why everything is falling apart in the West.

Does the fact that I am 35 mean I don’t deserve a good man? And before you say I’m fat or ugly or something, I assure you I am NOT. Most people guess me to be in my 20s. I’m glad that men like you aren’t going for me, I’m better off without someone like that. So it’s a win-win in my books.

You may not be fat or ugly (which is doubtable if you have to say it) but you have reached your expiration date and your email reeks of imminent Wall impact coming your way. Your eggs are drying up, and the decade or so you were actually of use to a man for producing productive members of society to move civilization forward were wasted. Now, you’re nothing but a big, expensive liability to any man foolish enough to have anything to do with you.

The truth of the matter is, all those good guys who weren’t good enough for you in your prime have moved on to younger, more nubile and fecund flesh or have said to hell with women altogether. Now, you have the rest of your life to be a bitter bitch pining for the “one that got away” and hating on men who have figured out how women operate and want nothing to do with you, your manipulation, mind games, materialism, consumerism, solipsism, financial and medical baggage, nor the high expense/low return investment you represent.

At least, that’s my take on the matter. I’m sure the comments section will be able to bring up even more points than I have. Have a nice life, Kim.

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Reader Mailbag: Female Betrayal and Male Reversion to Caveman Instincts


There’s no incentive for men to create without sexual and social rewards

TNMM reader Tim brought us an insightful comment in response to Rookh Kshatriya’s excellent expose on Genghis Khan and the art of minimalism. If you haven’t read Rookh’s piece already, it’s a real gem, and helps lay down new pavement on the road we are building towards enlightenment of those hearty souls who would avail themselves of the truths laid down at this humble outpost.

Tim’s take on minimalism is an interesting one. Women think they’ve empowered themselves with feminism, thereby disposing of those pesky men, but in reality they and the rest of humanity will suffer now that they’ve damned males – the innovators, laborers, and thinkers of society –  to caveman status again.

Delusional Western women must think a magic wand was waved to create the iPhone they swipe their way through Tinder with, looking to hop on their next ride on the cock carousel. But nothing could be further from the truth. Men imagined and built the entire world around them, and betrayal is our thanks. Not just betrayal, but bitter, in-your-face, “Fuck you guys!” betrayal. Women, in their all-consuming lust for materialism and consumerism, have forgotten that incentives matter, and that men aren’t just labor objects, we need a little love, too.

You’ve got to pet a dog once in a while and feed him if you want him to be a good boy, not kick him in the guts every time he wags his tail at you. As Tim puts it:

It’s why men have consistently built, maintained and improved all upon the Earth. It was all for women. It was all to pay women for the privilege of access to the poon. Once you realize why you’re a builder, maintainer and war fighter, and how women have used your astonishing achievements and sacrifices only to label you a misogynist and oppressor and to force your wealth and power to themselves (stab you in the back/play you like a fool) you become a minimalist.

When one realizes the incredible truth of what Tim just said, it makes a man with an already low opinion of women downgrade his opinion of them further. They are the ultimate users and abusers of male utility value, shameless manipulators, and in many ways the ultimate predators. Naturally, when women find a way to do an end run around the very men doing their bidding, they take it.

Why put up with the man when you can use the state to steal what he produces? This thievery works out for a while, before it doesn’t. Tim continues:

There’s no longer an incentive to build, fight and maintain, so you revert to your minimalist (caveman) instincts. It is there you’ll find sovereignty and freedom from the only real oppression; indentured slavery to women & their true husband, the state.

And thus, MGTOW and/or minimalism are an inevitable result. Society is irrevocably damaged by the female being set loose to do what she does best: betraying. Men stop innovating, stop caring, and withdraw from a society that throws them overboard.

Men don’t need big homes, new shiny cars, expensive clothes, thousands in expensive furniture, etc, if they’re not preening like peacocks to be selected worthy of the poon or when the juice becomes unworthy of the squeeze; hence MGTOW. MGTOW isn’t the cancer. Feminists, male disposability, gynocentrism and Tradcons are the cancer. All came on the scene long before MGTOW came to the fore. MGTOW is what happens when men get woke.

Tim is right. MGTOW is what happens when men wake up to the reality of a world that still wants to use their productivity, but wants to treat them like pariahs in return for their hard work and good conduct. Becoming a minimalist is true to male nature when women have decided they can shit on him while times are good.

Predictably, women will come crawling back when tough times surface again, and they need a “real man” to take care of them or protect them from the very hordes they let in as another shit test of the men in their tribe. (See how males are nothing but utilities in the eyes of the female?) Fuck ’em.

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Reader Mailbag: Comments and an Email


Responding to TNMM readers

It’s time to do a Reader Mailbag segment. Some recent comments and an email have prompted some interesting thought, and I feel at least one clarification needs to be made as to why I enjoy traveling so much. We’ll start with some criticism of my recent Trading Places article. TNMM reader colddeadhandsdays left this comment:

It’s going to be interesting when you hit your mid 40’s and start to get bored of chasing pussy. These cunts you spend time fucking around with Down in DR and Asia aren’t worth anything more, same as the Anglo cunts up here. Think about what you might accomplish when you no longer need to waste time on the biggest empty time wasters on earth. Women.

Well, colddeadhandsdays I’m already tired of chasing pussy in many ways as I’ve previously elucidated. In fact, sexual encounters with young and nubile women have become so commonplace for me that I consider women to be nothing more than recreation. Enjoyable recreation, but not the focus of my life.

However, that said I derive much more pleasure from my socialization and sexy times with foreign women than I do Anglobitches. American women just don’t compare. They literally disgust me to the point I try to avoid them whenever possible. The juxtaposition of the two types of women is jarring, especially when a man uproots himself from a society where women still act like women then comes “home” to loudmouthed, tatted up, bleached hair travesties that think their anatomy is worth all the gold in Fort Knox.

As usual, Rookh Kshatriya clarifies the situation in eloquent terms:

While female character remains essential base in all regions and eras, only in the modern Anglosphere does the mainstream culture actually applaud and support their degenerate tendencies. Women are pliant creatures, like dogs – guided the right way they can become a little less monstrous.

He’s right. Once you’ve been around women who are indeed a little less monstrous due to a mixture of about 60% hypergamy and 40% patriarchal culture, there’s no going back to pale tail.

But, my adventures around the world are about much more than pussy. I would die wasting away every day of my life in a cubicle farm, chasing after “new and improved” consumer items the way everyday sheeple do. They competitively consume their entire lives away. And can’t figure out why they’re miserable.

Never in human history have people worked so many hours so much of the year. Even in agricultural societies there is down time during the winter months to enjoy family and friends, and develop other interests. But not in the Anglosphere and its more, more, more obsession as it pursues the Faustian illusion of infinite economic growth in vain, killing the very people who created the machine that’s now consuming them.

That kind of life is not for me. My adventures abroad are about escaping the utter insanity of this materialistic, work-obsessed society as much as they’re about escaping its frigid adversity to all things sexual. And, I plan on writing two books once I leave. The surfeit of casual sex will clear my mind up to pursue other, more noble causes.

So, in my case having readily available sex with hot chicks not only is a boon to my happiness, it allows me to be more productive.


Trucking is a tough gig, but it offers the chance to stay out of the teeth of the system

Trucking Question

TNMM reader Philip writes in with some curiousity about the specifics of my trucking plan for financial and lifestyle freedom:

Greetings brother. I have really enjoyed your articles, and surely relate to your views and opinions. I began trucking back in April, and am presently between companies about to go back to the grind. I wanted out of the matrix after having worked in various cubicles for a decade. Went to college like I was told and have a degree in finance with a huge price tag that sometimes feels insurmountable.

My plan somewhat falls in line with what you are doing, but I’m more or less using trucking to get out of this student debt. I was wondering if you could shed some light either in an article or in response to this, about how long you’ve been in trucking, and perhaps what your setup is presently.

Well, Philip, first of all thanks for the email and the support. And I totally sympathize with you when it comes to wanting to escape the human farm.

When it comes to student loans, I paid on my loans religiously for 10 years only to watch the balance never come down. Sure, I only made minimum payments, but that’s all I could afford on the meager salary I made as a television newscaster. Once the business I aspired to kicked me to the curb and replaced me with a female, I found myself in the middle of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

I paid off every last dime of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but student loans never die. (That was the plan of our masters in the corporate-government complex. Student loans are the new indentured servitude.) I was totally free of consumer debt for the first time in my adult life. I was determined not to waste that opportunity. I resolved to never get sucked into the teeth of the system again.

The simple fact is, there’s no way to win. As I frequently say, the only way to win is not to play.

So, I found a way around the debt bondage disguised as “edumacation.” I got on income-based deferment. I have to re-certify annually, but as long as I make less than about $18,000 a year I don’t have to pay a dime. If I make $20,000 to $25,000 its only a percentage of my income above and beyond $18,000 a year. So, I’m using a 100% legal, ethical way to get out of paying my loans because they’ll go dead in another decade or so. (Student loans are “forgiven” after 20-25 years.) Remember, I didn’t create these rules, the system did. And corporate America exploits every legal avenue it can to exploit employees to the fullest. I figure turnabout is fair play.

The system may control many aspects of my life, but they can’t tell me how much money I have to make and what I have to spend it on. (Yet. They’re working on that for all of us, rest assured.)

Adopting a life of minimalism and ditching the carrot on a stick known as the “American Dream” (that you have to be asleep to believe) combined with lower living costs abroad mean I can come back to the States, work like a dog, live in a truck, save every dime (I eat sandwiches and canned spaghetti/chili/other cheap eats most days – only eat out once a week, if that…blasphemy in a food-obsessed culture, I know) and wait for the day my bank balance reaches “X” dollars to pick up and get the fuck outta dodge once again.

In the meantime, my credit has totally bounced back since my Chapter 13 discharged, and credit card companies are falling over themselves to extend me credit again. I now have about $10,000 in credit available to me on plastic (including an Amex – yes, a man can fully recover after bankruptcy) that I consider to be nothing more than deals with the devil. I’ll only use that credit if I need to transition into another plan. It’s a backup for my main emergency fund.

Meantime, trucking is very challenging and demanding, I won’t lie. I’ve only been doing it a year. It’s stressful. It’s sudden death, as it only takes a second to ruin your safety record. But if a man has enough grit and determination, he can succeed at it. Here’s why trucking is so valuable to me. It:

  1. Allows me to ghost when I’m in the States
  2. Allows me to stay out of the teeth of the system by not paying rent, utilities, and other costs that would eat up my savings
  3. Allows me to save large sums of money in a short period of time
  4. Lets me see the entire U.S. and parts of Canada and Mexico for free
  5. Allows me to avoid paying on student loans intended to do nothing but sell me into debt bondage
  6. Affords me a quality lifestyle when I take my money abroad
  7. Keeps me out of estrogen-filled offices full of Penis-Envying women

I hope that answers your question, Philip. I’ll be detailing much more about this “living well on $20,000 or less a year” idea in a forthcoming book due out sometime this winter.

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Humans Being


Thoughts on the true nature of people

TNMM reader Dogotek recently posted this insight in response to our article about CNN provoking a mother who survived Hurricane Harvey into having an emotional breakdown on camera. His thought-provoking comment has been on my mind for several days.

People only feel comfortable scratching the surface negative human behavior. When you go deeper. Very deep. You will find that is what humans are. That’s what humans do. Played out trillions of times since the beginning of humanity.

Dogotek is chillingly correct. Virtually everything we see when it comes to the “face” people put on is a facade. Think the appropriately named Facebook, how fake it is, then realize it is only a mirror being held up to humanity. People are narcissistic, self-centered, egotistical, self-righteous, and mean-spirited, something we see playing out time and time again in Zuck’s digital ghetto. TNMM has also written about Machiavellian Intelligence, which dovetails with this discussion since it explains well why everything we hear from those in positions of power is nothing but a lie.

Religion tried for thousands of years to constrain the innate evil in man, only to become an evil unto itself at times. Today, religion finds itself the target of modern social engineers. They envision a society that lets it all hang out being more profitable than the “old” world order, in which leaders told the masses fables to keep them under control. (You’ve got to create problems to create profit is the motto of the globalists.) We are now leaving the world of religious fables behind, and rather than people imagining they’re being watched all the time, they actually will be watched all the time thanks to the emerging electronic surveillance hell coming to an America near you.

But, the old religious teachings like “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” will not be part of the avaricious society of the future. The world of the future will be totally self-centered. Just a man, his wants, and the watchful eye of the surveillance state making sure he behaves as his masters want him to. Gone will be family, friendship, and goodwill.

Christianity is being attacked and destroyed first in this post-religious, Marxist world, and make no mistake other religions will also be targeted once we’ve wandered far enough down the path to Socialist hell. Delusional, lobotomized Socialists (now taking over America) believe man is innately good, while history proves man is a often a ferocious, gruesome, sadistic creature. Elites love Socialism because it puts the levers of control of the economy into their hands while they feign sympathy for the little guy.

We are seeing the innate evil of men with too much money and too much power putting the freedom and well-being of the masses in jeopardy. Giving an elite the power of God through science and fiduciary control will not bode well for our species. Could the end of the H. Sapiens experiment be drawing near on this planet? Once man is under total electronic control of his masters, one might imagine humanity will quickly derail as man is molded into two classes: A 0.1% of masters, and a 99.9% of slaves.  As Charles Bukowski knew, slavery never ended. It was only extended to include all races. We are the first generation to witness the fruition of that frightful idea. The elite’s greed and lust for power will know no end, until the human genome and its ability to survive has been so completely compromised it will be destroyed.

But, as Dogotek knows, perhaps that’s just what humans are. Perhaps to envision a world where things aren’t like that was the height of delusion. We lived inside that bubble of optimism for a long time. But, all bubbles eventually burst. Just a thought.

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Reader Mailbag: Secular, Modern Feminism Has Puritan, Religious Roots


Modern, secular feminism is a new twist on an old religious doxy

There’s a common misconception when we discuss latent Puritanism in a spiritually dead, modern Anglo-America. Jonathan Castle writes The New Modern Man with an astute question:

Love the site and your writing. But there seems to be a central contradiction:

1 – America is spiritually dead
2 – America has ‘puritan’ sexual repression

I probably don’t understand what you’re saying, or what you mean by spiritual, but if you want America to not be spiritually dead, shouldn’t you embrace some form of traditional faith – which necessarily puts boundaries on sexual expression?

Have you set up a catch-22, a no-win situation?

Rookh Kshatriya, creator of the Anglobitch blog and the Anglobitch Thesis, provides Jonathan with a succinct reply, describing how feminism and Puritanism are intimately linked to one another.

Jonathan, there is no contradiction. The puritanical repression persists as a residual legacy of Anglo-American religion, albeit shorn of its religious roots. Its modern strongholds can be found in secular mass culture, for example Disney movies about perfect princesses or horror films in which all men are villains and women are all saints. Now, these cultural artefacts are not religious in any way, but the old religious puritanism persists in them, albeit in secular form. Similarly, feminism is not an explicitly religious movement, but Anglo feminism has exactly the same anti-sex, anti-pleasure stance as the temperance movements of the 19th century which it claims to despise. The Anglobitch Thesis teaches that Anglo feminism (and much Anglo culture in general) is essentially Victorian puritanism in secular guise. This explains the intellectually vapid and contradictory nature of Anglo feminism; it embodies what it claims to oppose.

Spending a good amount of time outside this culture makes one appreciate the utter brilliance of that analysis. Modern, secular feminism has directly resulted in an echo of the religious days of Puritan America, and is an embodiment of an anti-sex, anti-pleasure world view.

When I’m in Latin America, sex is everywhere, it is not viewed with shame and scorn as it is in Anglo America, and the culture is one of living one’s life to the fullest, interspersed with periods of work – not the other way around – work at the expense of everything else that makes life worth living.

As TNMM detailed in The Puritan Roots of American Feminism, feminism has foisted upon Americans the same doxy the Puritans once held sacred: Sex is evil, hard work for the benefit of women is sacred, and indulgence in sex or refusing to work hard is a sin punishable by fire and brimstone.

Only in modern times, the fire and brimstone of the legal system and judgments from talking heads in the media rain down on those men who indulge in sex with willing whores or who pursue women for sex or who are “deadbeats” because they don’t adhere to the “work until you drop over dead” mantra.

It’s helpful to think of the nightly newscasters on your local station as self-appointed “priests” up on high dishing out condemnations and judgments on the populace as actual priests once did on their flocks. Also, think of how culturally taboo it is becoming for men to approach women and the legal noose a man can have wrapped around his neck via sexual harassment code and public shaming for something as innocent as an off-color remark.

This is, of course, the case because Anglo-America has embedded within it the core belief that sex is evil, and that sexuality is a “blessing” bestowed upon women (who are “better” than men) only they can choose to share with men who are “blessed” to receive it.

The legal system also forces males into financial servitude via frivorce lotteries/alimony and child support annuities, a new spin on the Puritanical, sacred value of hard work for the explicit benefit of women.

Lifelong hard work being forced on men for the material benefit of women is a claim supported by statistics of who benefits the most under the current paradigm. The current government spends far more revenue on women than it does on men, around 66% by some estimates, and the economy is 80% driven by female purchasing decisions according to Harvard University.

Feminism was supposed to be about liberation, but it has turned into a goddess cult, as one would expect in a sexually repressed, gynocentric, female-worshipping culture. Only the religious aspect of the belief system has been dropped.

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