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Slavery Never Ended in America: It Still Exists in Family Courts


After the sex act, men have absolutely no reproductive rights and few legal rights

American politicians love to self-righteously pat themselves on the back, play the race card, and genuflect before audiences about the horrors of slavery. Oh, what backwards times those were. Surely, lessons have been learned after slavery died as the de facto labor system worldwide, and we will never again subject another human being to work under threat of imprisonment or other indignities.

Well…not so fast. Husbands and fathers that are dumped by Anglobitches in that misandrist nation are once again subject to enslavement.

As is the case with almost anything politicians say, the harsh truth shows just the opposite. Indeed, slavery was legally abolished in 1865, but it has been resurrected in the family court system. Men are being forced, by the vicious teeth of the Anglo legal system to make wealth transfer payments to women despite the fact that in the 21st century every female claims to be a Strong, Independent Woman™ who Don’t Need a Man™.

Evidence shows quite the opposite of these bold feminist claims. Women do need a man. At least, a man slave. And they especially need his child support and/or alimony check to clear every month. Meantime, the male prey item (referencing the apt term found in the classic book The Predatory Female) is reduced from father to sperm donor by the legal system if a relationshit or marriage doesn’t work out.

This predatory system has become big business in the world’s preeminent sellout culture. A National Fatherhood Initiative report exposes the big business child support has become in the U.S.:

From 2001-2012, the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement reports a whopping increase of 50 percent in child support collections from $21 billion to $31.6 billion.

That’s 50% growth over the course of a decade of the child support gravy train – outstripping the growth of most businesses. As we will see, men are being literally turned into financial slaves of ex-wives or ex-girlfriends. Worse, women initiate or cause 4 out of 5 divorces, so they hold the cards when it comes to male liberty and slavery.

Feminists and the misandrist Anglo legal system have succeeded in usurping male rights by implanting this toxic mentality into the minds of several generations of women in the Anglosphere: What woman needs the inconvenience a man represents (with his needs for food, love, and sex) when the fruits of his labor can be forcibly extracted and delivered by Big Daddy Government?


The family court system frequently turns men into servants

What is Slavery?

Let’s look at some definitions of slavery to see if forced child support and alimony payments fit the definition.

How much are men forced to pay into the system? Child support alone averages $500 a month per child, and alimony for a man who makes $5,000 a month would be an additional $1,600 a month payment in most states. These are payments that must be made whether or not the newly minted slave of the government gynocracy can afford them, whether or not he has a job, and with no regards to his personal health or well-being.

American men are being forced to make a wealth transfers to women under threat of imprisonment and/or having both professional and driver’s licenses revoked, with no accountability on the part of the mother to show that the funds are being spent exclusively for the benefit of the child, or if she even needs the alimony in this age of career girls. It would appear this scheme fits the textbook definition of slavery well:

  1. The state or condition of being a slave; a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, and fortune
  2. the subjection of a person to another person, esp. in being forced into work
  3. work done in harsh conditions for low pay

The current child support and alimony system in the U.S. fits textbook slavery definitions #1 and #2 very well. When men lose driver’s and professional licenses after falling behind on court mandated wealth transfers to women, slavery definition #3 comes into play.

In fact, a recent expose by a prison guard turned expat on Rookh Kshatriya’s excellent blog illustrates how men who contribute to society are being betrayed by both women and their government. He tells the story of a surgeon whose life was destroyed by a predatory Anglobitch, a man who went from saving lives to doing work in harsh conditions for low pay:

The very worst case I saw as a prison guard was a surgeon, yes an American surgeon who was one of the most respectable guys I ever met, hard working, worked until 2 a.m. 6 days a week to save people’s lives. With all the work hours, his wife got “lonely” and started sleeping around, eventually having 2 kids that weren’t even his as he found out later. And then she filed for divorce so she could take the surgeon’s money, blow it on cocaine and stupid luxuries for herself without doing any work herself (that’s the real destination where the “child support” money goes) and sleep around with her favorite Chad of the week, all on her hard working surgeon ex-husband’s money. She won an insanely high judgment in a US family court, millions of dollars in child support and “alimony” that the poor surgeon would have to pay. Since by the court’s judgment, “she should be entitled to maintain the same standard of living after the divorce”, even though this greedy gold-digging Anglobitch is the one who filed for the divorce to steal from her hard-working husband who was actually saving people’s lives.

After a few years of doing this, and losing his house and his nice car, the poor surgeon threw out his back while helping a patient onto an operating table. He had to cut down his hours as a surgeon, and went to the divorce court asking for a reduction in the support demands, and ask that his lazy, spoiled brat bitch ex-wife get a damn job herself. But the court refused using the same delusion filled imputation bullshit they pull on other ex-husbands, claiming he could somehow make millions of extra dollars using his surgical wizard skills somehow. Which he couldn’t do in reality with his injured back, something the family court judge couldn’t or wouldn’t even try to understand. So then now the alimony and child support were demanding 120% of his income. You see, the family court system will never let you off the treadmill once they target you, especially if you earn a lot of money. Eventually he drained his savings and retirement, couldn’t make the payments at all—and he wound up in the prison where I was a corrections officer.

The corrupt American family court-media-feminist-academia cultural Marxist-big business-prison industrial complex had worked perfectly to ruin this poor man, and what a prize they had. A dedicated, hard working US surgeon, saving lives every day, drained of his money and reduced to poverty by a gold-digging, spoiled greedy bimbo who divorced him due to his very dedication, had kids with other men to force him to pay bullshit “child support” in addition to never-stopping alimony, his assets taken by his gold-digging ex wife and the state to grease their own corruption, the “child support” in actuality supporting the ex wife’s corrupt, hedonistic lifestyle after divorce. And then the poor surgeon himself made a literal slave in a US prison, stripped of his license and made a perpetual debtor, worked to the bone but never allowed to profit from his own efforts or hard work. That really is how it works in the US family court and prison system. That poor surgeon was the worst case we ever saw, made us so mad we were talking about how we were going to “free the Bastille” and start a revolution ourselves to stop all the corruption, Robespierre style. And free all the innocent men, and even some women, who were imprisoned this way, to feed more slaves to the machine.

As this case shows, women have absolute power over men in the court system. A man’s life, liberty and finances are subject to forfeiture by an oppressive, legalistic system simply because he had a failed relationship with an Anglobitch.

Let’s look at another definition of slavery.

Slavery is a legal or economic system in which principles of property law are applied to humans allowing them to be classified as property, to be owned, bought and sold accordingly, and they cannot withdraw unilaterally from the arrangement. While a person is enslaved, the owner is entitled to the productivity of the slave’s labor, without any remuneration.

Being forced to pay a woman in order to stay out of jail means men have become property owned by the state, as men are bought by the court system and sold by women into their bondage – and of course men cannot withdraw from the arrangement. A man’s owner, the state, entitles itself as well as his ex to the productivity of the newly minted slave’s labor for 18 years or even for a lifetime in the case of alimony, forcing payments to be made to a totally unaccountable “mother” or ex.


Women have the right to choose, therefore men must be given the right to choose in the interest of equality

Legal Abortion: Men’s Right to “Choose”

How do we remedy this situation in the interest of men’s rights? A start would be giving men the right to a legal abortion.

One of the conditions of slavery is the fact a party to the “agreement” cannot withdraw unilaterally from the arrangement. It’s is an interesting condition to elaborate on. Men in the United States have no legal rights to withdraw from being fathers after conception, even though women can physically abort their child anytime they choose. This means women have all the power over men and their children’s lives, and men have none. In effect, all a woman has to do is find an idiot who makes a good salary to impregnate her, then she gets a guaranteed income for 18 years. (If he marries her, potentially an income for life!)

At the very least, to give men the rights granted to slaves in 1865 – to unilaterally withdraw from the arrangement – American lawmakers need to follow the model recently proposed by the Swedish, reported by the Daily Mail. Interestingly,  the idea of “legal abortions” came from European liberals:

Expectant fathers in Sweden should have the right to ‘legally abort’ their unborn child up until the 18th week of pregnancy, the youth wing of the country’s Liberal Party has proposed. Swedish Liberal Youth argues that men should be given an equal say in whether or not they wish to become a parent, and be granted the option to cut any lawful responsibilities. The suggested ‘legal abortion’ would be irreversible and would see the man renounce all parental duties and rights to see the child once it has been born.

Men are currently given no say in whether or not they wish to become a parent after the sex act. Once again we see bias against men in society, while women play the victim card to their benefit.


Statistically, women are more likely to become deadbeats than men

Deadbeat Moms

To illustrate one of the many hypocrisies of Anglo culture, let’s examine a term of scorn heaped upon men who can’t make the expected wealth transfers. The phrase Deadbeat Dads is a popular one on the left and in the media. But we never hear the term Deadbeat Moms, even though women have a higher percentage of child support defaults (i.e. falling behind or not paying) than men. Deadbeat moms occur at 1.2 times the rate of deadbeat dads in Anglo America:

  • 32% of custodial fathers did not receive child support payments from “mom”
  • 25% of custodial mothers did not receive child support payments from “dad”

Delving into the numbers, child support statistics get even more interesting. Mothers default more often even though they are not forced to pay as much as fathers by the court system.

  • The average due to custodial mothers is $4,800 annually
  • The average due to custodial fathers is $4,100 annually

So, even though women do not have to pay as much child support as men do, they become deadbeats more often. The media never discuss this, nor do lawmakers. Also, thanks to a gynocentric court system that displays the opposite of “equality” leftists and feminists claim to hold so dear:

  • 84% of the time women get custody
  • 16% of the time men get custody

If equality was truly a desired outcome, rather than women continuing to enjoy all legal rights and privileges men would get custody 50% of the time, or both parties would co-parent (as is done in Iceland) and neither would be forced by the legal system to make payments to the other.


Men need to be more than sperm donors in the eyes of the law

A Rising Tide of Men Speaking Out

There is good news. Men are now throwing off the culturally-imposed prohibitions on speaking out against a system that abuses them.

Male utility is often cited as the only use women have for men in the modern age. In the long darkness before humanity became civilized, men were not given roles in society. After giving men roles in society, civilization flourished. By banishing fathers from the matriarchal kingdom, we have regressed, not progressed as a society.

As alluded to earlier, there has been some kickback to this model of female privilege and superiority, however. Daniela Carrigo posted this comment on the National Fatherhood Initiave’s page:

As a woman it infuriates me that dads’ sites always start with ‘respect the child’s mom’ and mom’s sites never mention dad. Dad sites say ‘pay child support’ or ‘be fiscally responsible for your child’ and mom sites, not so much – like – never.

You want to protect marriage? Make giving dads custody and making moms pay child support the NORM. All studies show moms start divorce proceedings or, in the majority of births today, never marry dad – why, alimony is on its way out but child support is tax free and GUARANTEED.

Cut off the free cow and women (as one I know) will stop raising kids dad free with free money. Get a damn job and stop expecting money from the man you keep the child from! You should be able to earn enough to not need child support OR you don’t DESERVE THE CHILD!!!!

Indeed, there is rarely if ever any question of accountability on the part of the mother. Men are blamed from the moment the sex act occurs, while women are not blamed for spreading their legs. Women receive government benefits for children they can’t afford, while men are sent to prison for children they can’t afford.

Men at Yahoo! Answers also give us a taste of the dirty underbelly of the Anglo American family court system:

Think about it, the man has his monthly income taken away from him. Not to mention he can go to jail for not paying this fine. This utterly DESTROYS any motivation the man may have to work harder/improve his performance or start a business for example, what’s the point if his hard-earned money is just stolen from him?

Meanwhile, the woman is free to mess around w/ other guys w/ the money she receives for free from her former victim. The financial needs of the child are almost always a small fraction of what she receives, and so she is free to spend the extra money on purses/shoes/jewelry, etc.

The saddest part is, the man is denied of seeing his child either by the woman or the Gov’t, despite any attempts he may try to make contact. Even worse is when the woman trains the kid to hate his dad by calling him a “deadbeat” or a “loser”, when in fact this is usually further from the truth (MOST fathers will not abandon their kid).

Child support is nothing but slavery. The fact that a few careless/manipulative women can exploit the system to deny honest men contact with their children WHILE stealing 50-60% of their hard-earned income is just wrong.

The Yahoo! discussion continues with this response:

I totally agree with you. That’s why more men are foregoing the marriage and staying single. I can tell you that if my wife and I divorced I would never get remarried. Divorces are slanted against men. Women are so vindictive when it comes to revenge that they can’t see how their actions are hurting men and their own kids. If the courts were a lot more fair and the lawyers a lot less greedy then men would not be so afraid of the marriage contract or the results of some woman with dollar bills in her eyes.

It’s true. Men are waking up to the fact that any dealing with an Anglo American women puts their entire lives in jeopardy. (A fact made even truer by the recent spate of #MeToo sexual witch trials in this Neo-Puritan, anti-male, anti-sex, anti-procreation, feminist culture.)

Rather than this unfortunate circumstance happening by accident, the outcome of enslaving men with their own children has long been the aim of the social engineers who have this nefarious goal: make sex and reproduction so risky for men they will not reproduce, which will lead to population control.

At least, that’s the idea in theory. In reality, it means that good, hardworking, law-abiding men are not reproducing because of the hell the legal system has created, but thugs and bad boys are reproducing because they are often in trouble with the law anyway and don’t give a damn. Statistics bear this out: Criminals have an average of 3.0 children per lifetime, while the average for the rest of the population is 1.75 children per lifetime.

The penalty for slaves who don’t pay once they are indentured by a state that meddles in family matters is discussed below, from the same Yahoo! Answers board.

If you come up short on child support you immediately get a warrant issued. The best solution I’ve seen for a more equitable solution for child support would be for the custodial parent to provide receipts to CSA and checks issued as valid reimbursements (just like a FSA account), any money not used out of that month gets returned. This will separate the good responsible parents from the not so responsible parents, unaccountable money leads to fraud and theft.

The stories of this waste of child support money are numerous among men I know. In one case, a friend of mine is forced to make $1,500 in child support payments each month. However, his kids go around in raggedy clothing while mommy dearest drives a Cadillac Escalade and always looks like she just walked out of the mall. And he’s powerless to do anything about it.

Finally, the breakup of family and subjugation of men also means the corporate-government complex will have more control over the minds of the next generation of children than ever before.


The figurative ball and chain still exists in Anglo America’s family court system

Slavery Still Exists

As these facts show, slavery literally still exists for men of all colors in the United States of America. If women are truly seize the mantle of the empowerment they purport to desire so badly, they must not be given a legal crutch with which they can support their past bad choices, including choosing fathers they could not reasonably have expected to stay with until the children they create are raised.

We have discussed definitions of slavery. Here is a term women need to learn, as it comes with the territory of an empowered individual:

Accountability is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.

To be Empowered™, women must also become accountable. Big Daddy Government and his welfare state, i.e. Uncle Sugar is an enabler of bad choices for women, and his enabling of reckless and predatory female behavior must be stopped. Men are already being held legally accountable for their actions, however men do not get the same privileges women do. There are four ways to rectify this injustice:

  • Men need to have reproductive rights which are on par with those of women. My body, my choice needs to have the legal equivalent of Me Being Enslaved, My choice. Men must be given the right to a legal abortion if women are given the rights to a physical abortion. This will force women to be prudent about reproductive decisions.
  • Gynocentrism in the courts must be eliminated. Men must be legally recognized as more than sperm donors and check-writers, and fathers must be given custody o children half the time; or, Anglo law should adopt a model in which custody is shared and no forced payments are created by the court system.
  • The no fault divorce system must be abandoned and Anglo law must return to a model in which fault must be proven to get a divorce.
  • Even better, the government needs to stay out of familial matters between two adults as much as possible and let them sort out the matters for themselves.

But we all know women don’t really want to be empowered. They want their cake and ice cream, rights AND privileges, and to eat them both. However, this system will utterly destroy the social fabric in the Anglosphere.

The current legal system makes men totally disposable rather than stakeholders in the family and society. Many of us feel this is by design of social engineers and Marxists rather than a result of any real concern about women’s rights. The true goal of such a system is to reduce mothers and fathers to squabbling factions who wage war on each other in the court system, allowing lawyers, judges, and those allied with this unjust system to make a living off the backs of the common man.

Leaving the family in the hands of a corrupt government is destroying it. As George Orwell put it: The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries but between authoritarians and libertarians. Authoritarians have created Big Daddy Government, an authoritarian monstrosity that has removed real fathers from society and enslaved them. Libertarians are trying, unfruitfully, to get the government out of our families.

Until then, the best options for men who know they’ve been betrayed by both their women and their government are to go MGTOW, Go Galt, or become an expat and leave the hateful Anglosphere altogether.

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Police State USA Takes “Human Trafficking” Farce to the Super Bowl


Police State USA is out in force at the Super Bowl to stop as many heterosexual hookups as possible

After a recent New Orleans “human trafficking” sting went door to door at Bourbon Street strip clubs right before Mardi Gras season trying to snare horny patrons in Police State USA’s anti-sexual gratification net – yet failed to net a single human trafficking case – American police forces are taking their circus on the road. In fact, they’re taking it to the Super Bowl. Reason magazine reports on the sexual prohibitionists and myth makers’ activities:

Dan Conboy, a police lieutenant in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina, said cops from all over the area would be focused on sex trafficking this weekend, with help from federal authorities. Their focus “won’t just be hotels, but also the airport, clubs and bars–any area where large groups will congregate,” reported the Minneapolis Sun Current.

First off, it’s amazing that this many resources are being deployed to try and stop heterosexual women from selling sexual services to lonely men. This is where we’re at in America, folks. The immoral government is on another classically neo-Puritan moral crusade, turning itself into the biggest cockblock possible. Continuing from Reason:

“This year’s Super Bowl will have the greatest deployment of federal resources yet, due to the city’s relatively small police department,” reported KTSA Minneapolis. Around 1,700 federal agents are expected in town, along with state and local police, the Minnesota National Guard, and officers from more than 60 police departments around Minnesota. In addition, “a 10,000-strong volunteer force has been trained to spot suspicious activity” around town.

You read that right. The latest angle from those planning a totalitarian, socialist state is getting citizens to spy on and tattle tale on each other.

“Hello, I saw some guy with what looked like a slut!”

“We’re on it. We’ll throw his ass to the ground, humiliate him, and give him a criminal record for having those disgusting urges!”

All these public resources and public relations bravado have been directed at a human trafficking problem that largely doesn’t exist, as the matrix lunges at the victimless crime of prostitution. (This is also the case with many other invented “problems” created out of whole cloth by The Anglo-American Matrix and its love affair with the Hegelian Dialectic, i.e. creating problems that don’t exist to create social hysteria and profit. Ultimately, the goal is to make the populace enslave themselves with constant, invented security threats like these.)

Even Reuters accidentally admitted the “human trafficking” campaign is largely a farce in one of their reports on the Super Bowl sex stings:

Although the attorney general of Texas dubbed the Super Bowl the “single largest human trafficking incident” in the United States in 2011, this is largely a myth, academics and anti-trafficking campaigners said.

The commercial sex market grows modestly during Super Bowls, but also during other large events, from the Las Vegas consumer electronics show to Memorial Day weekend, said Lauren Martin, a trafficking expert at the University of Minnesota.

Meaning, willing whores come to the Super Bowl and other big events to sell their “product” to willing men. It’s plain to see P4P (pay for play) is what the matrix wants to wipe out, not human trafficking.

Troublingly, operations like this illustrate the fact the American police state now likes to insert itself into every area of its citizens’ lives as possible. Including their private lives. And there’s nothing as private as sex. Our overlords are quite serious about the War on Sex. From Reason:

In other words, “sex trafficking” gives federal and local authorities an excuse for posting police anywhere and everywhere people are gathering—and for enlisting citizens as spies, too.

Just as TNMM has been reporting, the matrix is making a push to conflate “human trafficking” with regular old prostitution, in an effort to completely take sex away from heterosexual men who don’t agree to subjugate themselves under the gynocentric terms of marriage in feminist-dominated Anglo culture:

Even police willing to admit there’s no evidence for a surge in sex trafficking around the Super Bowl are still planning on using the game as an excuse to conduct prostitution stings. Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) Sgt. Grant Snyder explained the theory: More men than usual may be looking to pay for sex this weekend, and even though most of the people they’ll approach will be consenting adult sex workers, someone getting paid for sex could be a trafficking victim.

Note the typical logic pretzel Clancy Wiggins and Co. twists with the above statement. How long before the remnants of the Fourth Amendment (protections against illegal search and seizure) go out the window? After all, someone in your house might be a terrorist concealing a sizzling bomb. Probably not. But “you never know” in these days of government-fostered paranoia.

Reason magazine injects some reality into what the police will really be doing. Contrast this with the heroic language at officials’ self-congratulatory press conferences:

Therefore—rather than rescuing victims, or finding the people exploiting them—the police are going to arrest a tiny fraction of potential prostitution customers and publicly shame them. (It’s the thought that counts, right?)

In a misandrist culture, shaming men for having sexual desires is what the “human trafficking” campaign is all about. In fact, American police are daring people to sexually satisfy themselves:

For the 10 days leading up to the Super Bowl, MPD has been working with other agencies to conduct “Operation Guardian Angel,” in which police post online ads posing as adult sex workers and arrest those they lure to meet them.

It’s classic entrapment by the minions of Big Daddy Government.

“People who are coming to Minneapolis and are thinking about illegally buying sex know there’s a really good chance they’re talking to law enforcement, that we’ve infiltrated and embedded ourselves in the networks that are trying to sell sex,” Minneapolis City Council Member Steve Fletcher said.

Michelle Guelbart, of ECPAT, an organization that claims to have a mission to end the sexual exploitation of children (why this is being conflated with regular prostitution, nobody knows) gives us a hint at the truth behind all this bullshit in another mainstream media propaganda puff piece from mainstream mierda affiliate WTOP:

“The conversation is moving in the direction that we want it to,” she said.

The conversation is indeed going in the direction social engineers and tyrannical feminists want it to. Assailing the sex lives of Beta males in America.

Where does that leave us? French economist Frédéric Bastiat tried to warn us of the dangers of giving police too much power over the lives of citizens well over a century ago. The human trafficking farce is stark evidence we have descended into the type of society he wrote about:

To create crime, create laws. When there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.

When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.

Indeed, Police State USA glorifies itself in human trafficking narratives, while plundering and recklessly destroying the lives of men who dare leave a Benjamin on the nightstand after having sex with a willing woman.

The greatest tyranny ever known to mankind continues to take root, while a largely oblivious and passive American populace sit on their fat asses munching Cheetos and watching men throw a ball around. Bread and circuses, it seems, work every time.

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New Sexual Consent App Emerges as the Anglo-American War on Sex Continues


Before you stick it in, a new Orwellian sex app wants you to document her consent

In a strange combination of The Truman Show and Orwell’s novel 1984, an app called LegalFling has been developed that is supposedly designed to protect men from false rape charges in a #MeToo world. (Hegelian Dialectic at work yet again, brothers. Create a problem that largely doesn’t exist, like #MeToo which even actress Brigitte Bardot is denouncing as overblown. Then introduce tyrannical “solutions” like this app.) There’s just one catch: By using it you are letting both GlobalWorldCorp and Big Brother know notch by notch, fling by fling, detailed information about your sex life. Including whether or not you used a condom or are into BDSM.


A new app wants to know who you fuck and how you fucked her – and for you to upload photos of you and your fling!

The scary part is, once Pandora’s Box is opened and apps like this are mandated by government policy (no doubt this is the ultimate goal of social engineers working for elite tyrants behind the curtains of democracy) one can envision a future in which the entirety of every sex act will be recorded to make sure princess doesn’t “withdraw consent” during the sexual escapade. You know, we have to “protect” those perfect Anglo goddesses from “evil” men out to do them wrong.

On a related note, when political hacks like Hillary say “The future is female” what they really mean is women will have almost complete legal control over male lives in the dystopian world Western machine culture is at work designing. The emerging electronic world will put government bureaucrats enforcing the dictates of feminism in our bedrooms like never before.

The sinister nature of apps like this are not stopping companies from trying to make a buck and Big Daddy Government from intruding into people’s sex lives in a truly nauseating collaboration. (Anglo America has already been stopping heterosexual P4P encounters for nearly a century with Puritanical anti-prostitution legislation. This is the next level of that intrusion.)

Now, you can (and someday, will likely be legally required to) whip out your phone before intercourse, snap a photo of you and your partner, then click which types of sex she is consenting to. Marketing flacks pushing the app put it this way:

During a fun night you meet your fling. Now it’s time to get consent. Does your fling really want to take it further? Simply open the LegalFling app, scroll to your contacts and send a request.

Of course, the app claims it offers services beyond creating a legally binding contract.

Your sexual preferences, including your dos and don’ts are automatically communicated. Are you into BDSM but your fling isn’t? LegalFling matches sexual preferences automatically, so you’re immediately aware what your fling doesn’t appreciate and will not consent to.

What a bargain! Instead of asking her if she likes it raw, now an app can tell you and a host of other people about her sexual preferences! How long before a government alert window tells people they can’t do this or that kind of sexual activity? Or better yet, a government lackey supervises the entire encounter remotely?

Interestingly, mainstream mierda news outlets say lawyers are reported to hate the app. Probably because they weren’t on the take when designing it.

Shine Lawyers solicitor Peter Coggins told the app is “possibly one of the most offensive things [he has] come across”.

Coggins goes on to add:

“Consent can be withdrawn at any time, which would render any prior consent given, however documented, meaningless. This is a very bad attempt to regulate potential criminal matters with mechanisms of civil law.”

Note the femcentric nature of his commentary. Coggins’ statement points to the fact lawyers would really like to have cameras watching the entire tryst and getting kickbacks before signing off on the app.

Truly, we are entering that Brave New World set in 1984 that Huxley, Orwell, Bradbury and others tried to warn us was coming. With micromanagement of human behavior made possible by an overly litigious, paranoid society, unscrupulous social engineers and marketing flacks, combined with electronic surveillance popping up all around us one wonders how long it will be before a real catastrophe is created.

The American government has been shown to destroy everything it touches time and time again. Give a government totalitarian control of the human species, and how long before it wrecks us, sending us into extinction by meddling with primal forces of nature like sex?

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“Human Trafficking” Sex Sting on Bourbon Street Predictably Nets ZERO Human Trafficking Cases


American cops apparently have nothing better to do than meddle in the sex lives of the citizenry in a so-called “party town” like New Orleans

Only days ago, The New Modern Man carved up a recent Texas “human trafficking” campaign like a roast, exposing it as another attempt by an immoral government at fostering an anti-sex moral crusade. A uniquely Anglo-American, neo-Puritan crusade intended to destroy sexual options for lonely men by blowing the supposed harm done by prostitution (and recreational drugs) completely out of proportion.

On the heels of the Texas story, we find the Big Easy not taking it so easy on people looking for a good time in what is supposed to be a party town. This week, Puritan-minded New Orleans police went door to door busting strip clubs and bars for “lewd activity” and women offering customers sexual satisfaction rather than the normal case of blue balls they receive at American strip clubs. New Orleans Police Department Supervisor Michael Harrison boldly told the press:

“The reason for this was to end human trafficking in New Orleans, and this is our first step. If anyone chooses to create victims because of the profit they make because of human trafficking, we’re coming for them.”

There’s only one problem with this bold statement. The “human trafficking” operation on Bourbon Street predictably netted ZERO cases of human trafficking. Probably because the entire operation is a front so Police State USA can micromanage its subjects’ sex lives and make fucking for money sound much more sinister than it actually is. The human trafficking narrative is shoddy at best, and intended to oppress the citizenry (especially men who want to avoid the scam that is modern marriage) at worst. Even mainstream mierda outlet WGNO contradicted law enforcement moral crusaders’ claims:

Although the press conference was billed as an announcement about human trafficking at the eight clubs, no human trafficking arrests were announced.

But, prudish police were still able to pull the liquor licenses of eight establishments and claim around 30 girls were offering sex for hire. (What ever happened to My Body, My Choice? Is that campaign only valid for killing the unborn?) Police even went so far as to say strippers offering customers a sexual release were endangering the public. How they twisted logic into that pretzel remains a mystery.

Police say arrests for soliciting for prostitution are forthcoming, as any type of sexual deviancy is apparently permissible in modern America (mutilating one’s genitals with transgenderism, gay men swapping out partners until 3 a.m., etc.) EXCEPT heterosexual sex for hire. As The Advocate writes:

New Orleans Police Department and the state Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control said Monday that this month’s raids uncovered multiple instances of prostitution, drug use and “lewd acts” at the clubs.

So, which clubs were busted?

Eight strip clubs on or near Bourbon Street had their liquor licenses pulled over the past two weeks: Scores, Dixie Divas, Stilettos, Rick’s Sporting Saloon, Temptations, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Barely Legal, Hunk Oasis and Rick’s Cabaret.

The widespread nature of sex for hire exposed by this half-assed operation basically means women are going to offer to fuck for money no matter how much meddling the police force does in people’s personal lives.

Interestingly, only heterosexual clubs featuring female dancers clubs were busted for prostitution. (Probably because women don’t fuck for free. Reference Briffault’s Law.) No gay clubs were busted, which of course hints at bias from law enforcement. (Gays are also lionized in a latent homosexual Anglo culture, as scholar Rookh Kshatriya has pointed out.) Continuing from The Advocate:

All of those clubs are accused of allowing prostitution on their property except for Hunk Oasis, whose dancers are men, according to the violation notices served on the clubs. Three of the clubs — Hunk Oasis, Stilettos and Dixie Divas — were cited after undercover officers were offered marijuana, and Rick’s Cabaret was cited after an undercover officer was offered cocaine, authorities said.

Those familiar with the prudishness of Anglo culture know well its myopic views on recreational drugs and recreational heterosexual sex, i.e. both are verboten and are tools of the devil.

A 2016 story from ABC 13 reveals New Orleans city leaders’ ultimate goal is to destroy adult entertainment once and for all on the famous venue:

There are currently 14 adult clubs on Bourbon Street and city commissioners propose halving that number through attrition and revoking clubs’ licenses.

The War on Sex is a curious one in Anglo America. And it’s becoming stranger with each passing year as the culture lunges backwards in time to the Victorian Era legally while simultaneously trying to make women as slutty as possible.

Of course, the raids are unpopular as anyone can see for themselves by reading comments sections following mainstream news reporting on the matter. WWL-TV in New Orleans even featured an adult entertainer in their reporting who blasted the sting operation.

“I am close to my family, I’m a dog owner, I’m an aerialist, and I also have a full-time job in public health,” Alison Huddleston said.

“For me dancing is a really important side hustle.”

Huddleston also contradicted the standard “females are being victimized” racket Police State USA regularly likes to throw out at press conferences.

“We’re here to provide entertainment, and that’s what we do it’s not seedy, we’re not doing this out of desperation. These raids don’t make us feel safe. Having law enforcement come into your work place makes you feel like a criminal.”

Indeed, having American cops meddle in your sex life, cockblocking you before a girl willingly spreads her legs for you, or barging into your hotel room/bedroom and prying you off another willing adult you’re having sex with certainly has a way of making one feel like a criminal. And, that American law enforcement is out of control.

Worse, these moral crusade raids disguised as “human trafficking” Captain America saves the day type operations come as the city ramps up for Mardi Gras, a weeks-long party centered around Bourbon Street. Women famously flash their tits at these parties. How long before moral crusaders start rounding women up for that?

On a personal note, I just came from Colombia where prostitution and recreational drugs are either fully legal or decriminalized. Seeing this shabby attempt at creating another prohibition in Anglo America out of the largely fake menace posed by human trafficking only further estranges me from Anglo culture. Seriously, fuck this place.

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Traveling the World Makes a Man Realize There is Very Little Freedom in America


Modern American propaganda makes the nation resemble a scene from They Live (1988)

America might have been founded on the principles of freedom and personal liberty, but there’s very little of those ideals left in the nation since the clandestine corporate takeover of the Land of the Fee slipped the attention of a credulous, sheeplike population. Those are tough conclusions most any awakened man will come to when he starts spending extensive amounts of time abroad.

There is much more freedom abroad than in America, particularly in Latin America for the Libertarian-minded individual. So much freedom, in fact, it makes this author realize just how much of it we have lost back home. Notions of “freedom” and “liberty” proclaimed by politicians and businessmen make a man who knows scoff at those who falsely promote them.

Here are two important examples of how the Puritan-derived prohibitions on drugs and sex in Anglo America have needlessly curbed personal liberty and contributed to the development of a leviathan police state breathing down our necks.


Leaving America is in many ways, like leaving a jail cell


Marijuana is the rage right now in Anglo America as state after state plays with convoluted legalization schemes. But I’m way past that. The entire Nixon-era Drug War needs to be ended permanently. Personally, I’d like to see cocaine legalized. I’m living proof a high-functioning adult can dabble in it without becoming a hopeless, basket case drug addict.

For instance, since arriving I’ve realized cocaine is everywhere in Colombia. Taxi drivers have been offering me free samples, virtually everywhere I go others are offering me free samples. Of course, I don’t turn them down. The men and women offering me these samples often do so in public areas with police presence. It doesn’t take a genius to reach the conclusion that police in Colombia obviously have decided lax enforcement of drug policy is better than ruling your citizens with an iron fist, pushing the drug trade into the underground and making it violent.

Has this destroyed the society creating a nation of drug addicts? Absolutely not. People in Colombia are healthier looking and healthier acting than the avaricious, slovenly slobs and welfare queens back home.

In fact, as Portugal has proven decriminalizing most drugs actually makes rates of use and abuse go down. From The Independent:

Portugal decriminalised the use of all drugs in 2001. Weed, cocaine, heroin, you name it — Portugal decided to treat possession and use of small quantities of these drugs as a public health issue, not a criminal one. The drugs were still illegal, of course. But now getting caught with them meant a small fine and maybe a referral to a treatment program — not jail time and a criminal record.

The result? The lowest drug overdose rate in Europe.

Among Portuguese adults, there are 3 drug overdose deaths for every 1,000,000 citizens. Comparable numbers in other countries range from 10.2 per million in the Netherlands to 44.6 per million in the UK, all the way up to 126.8 per million in Estonia. The EU average is 17.3 per million.

Once again, it seems to me the propaganda machine that runs America has been successful in making people terrified of recreational drugs – when in fact there’s nothing to be afraid of but a police state meddling in everyone’s lives, and ruining people’s lives with criminal records.

The Drug War demonstrably makes the drug “problem” worse, as any prohibition does. Anglo America apparently did not learn from its wildly unsuccessful prohibition on alcohol. Who’s winning the Drug War in America? The drugs.


Sex isn’t banned abroad


Each night, shortly before midnight prostitutes line up to ply their trade in front of the clock tower in the walled city of Cartagena. Johns select the lady of the night they want to spend their night with, in full view of police who are there to keep the peace – not arrest lonely guys for hiring a willing adult to enjoy some pleasures of the flesh with.

Of course, prostitution is legal here as it is in many countries.

And the whores here are some of the most stunning, beautiful women anywhere. They aren’t strung out on drugs (even though most of them WILL have powder in their purse, use of it is commonplace and modest in a tolerant society), they aren’t being taken advantage of as most of them earn more money than they would at an exploitative GloboWorldCorp job, and they don’t look down on men as the “perfect” princesses in Anglo America do.

Just imagine – the juxtaposition of militarized police throwing Johns to the ground in Anglo America (often teachers, blue collar workers, and professionals who just need to get laid) alongside the image of prostitutes working in full view of the national police in Colombia. If that doesn’t strike you as worrisome when it comes to the loss of freedom and liberty in America, nothing will.

Then imagine a society in which getting caught with drugs will get you in trouble, but at the same time possession of drugs is tolerated up to a certain point. That’s Colombia. Then you’ll see another loss of freedom and liberty.

It doesn’t take too many experiences like this to make a runaway slave want to stay gone. America can shove its fake promises of freedom. I want real freedom, not the corporate trademarked, fake kind: the freedom to consume. I do know this. When those founding fathers cried, “Give me liberty, or give me death!” they weren’t kidding. A little liberty, when given to a former corporate slave is indeed a life-changing experience. There is, quite simply no other way to live.

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Puritan Prudishness + Police State = Hate Crime for Whistling at a Woman


Once a staple of Tex Avery cartoons, wolf whistling could become a hate crime

Would the Brits have been better off if they had just surrendered in World War II? One wonders if the totalitarian state back then could have kept pace with the totalitarian state emerging today. England and America – the two main sides of the Puritan cultural coin – are now repressing sex in ways tinpot dictators dare not dream of.

Here comes the next assault on heterosexuality and masculinity in support of the Androgyny Agenda and the Goddess Cult. From the Evening Standard:

Wolf whistling or making sexist remarks on London’s streets could become a hate crime. The Metropolitan Police revealed it is speaking with other UK forces to assess whether it is worth cracking down on gender-based hate crimes after a pilot scheme was launched in the East Midlands last year.

It seems Merry Old England is constructing a police state to rival the emerging regime in America. Insert some Hegelian Dialectic:

Dozens of women reported misogynistic crimes to Nottingham Police in the first few months of the pilot scheme, the force said. Sexist offences were reported at a similar rate to other hate crimes.

Voila! “The police have to do something.” Like stripping away yet more personal liberty and pedestalizing women to the point of insanity. Anglo women are truly becoming radioactive to deal with, and worse, are doing so of their own volition.

One can envision a world in the not so distant future in which men have to look away or look down like little bitches when women are around in order to not risk being burned at the stake for a “hate crime” (just as major media figures are now having their careers ruined for sexual assault charges that are decades old, baseless, and in Danny Masterson’s case – dismissed by police) for ogling breasts or behinds that women often audaciously display in an attempt to garner male attention.

Links in the chain of totalitarianism are being forged one by one by the Anglo American power structure. The analogy of a frog in a pot of boiling water certainly comes to mind. A wise man might flee now or soon while the getting is good. Things look to be only getting worse from here.

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College is the New Indentured Servitude: 20 States Now Suspend Driver’s Licenses for Student Loan Defaults


A college degree has gone from being an asset to being an instrument of debt slavery

Having trouble paying your student loans? Job market keeping you from finding a job since everybody and their brother has a college degree these days? Here’s another kick in the gut from America, Inc. A growing number of states can now revoke your driver’s license if you miss your monthly installment when repaying your master…er…the Department of Education. This latest move comes despite a job market in which college degrees are worth slightly more than the equivalent amount of toilet paper.

Take note if you live in these states. You’d better keep showing up at those jobs, no matter what. These jurisdictions will now make it illegal for you to drive if you haven’t paid the bankers their ransom on your rubber stamp:

  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington

Want even more bad news? America, Inc. is also revoking professional licenses in many states for those who default on student loans. Penny Hoarder recently reported on this disturbing development.

The New York Times found at least 8,700 cases where professionals — including nurses, teachers, lawyers and psychologists — have had their licenses taken away or threatened with suspensions in recent years because of failure to pay back student loans. The publication described the tactic of taking away professional licenses as being “especially punitive.”

Ya think? Especially punitive doesn’t begin to describe the insanity behind pushing everyone – even those without the aptitude or interest – to get college degrees because a rubber stamp will supposedly get young men and women the much-ballyhooed but seldom realized “good job” demagogues like to promise the sheeple that comprise their voter base.

Then, as large numbers predictably can’t repay their loans (law of supply and demand) legislators pass laws to make those drowning – as they swim waters infested by loan sharks – even more destitute by taking their wheels and credentials away. The hidden message: You better not step out of line at work. Sounds pretty punitive, alright. And part of a larger plan. Tell us again how this is supposedly the greatest country in the world?

The reality is college has been intentionally oversold for generations, there is a trillion dollar student loan bubble waiting to pop as a result, and there are manpower shortages in blue collar trades because everyone has been sold on college education being the “magic wand” that will solve all life’s problems.

Considering the boundless malevolence of the corporate-controlled, totally corrupt American government, our feeling is college was oversold so millions could be turned into debt slaves. College went from being an asset to a deficit as the cost of an education skyrocketed because taxpayer-guaranteed money borrowed from the banksters was dumped into the market. This, of course, made it impossible to pay for college by working your way through as the cost for a degree skyrocketed.

The end result?  Conditions which strangely resemble indentured servitude – you have to have a rubber stamp to get a job, but you have to work a certain amount of time for your master to pay him for training you. (The average time the holder of a Bachelor’s degree takes to pay off a student loan? 21 years! That’s from U.S. News and World Report.) The objective of the corporate-government complex was thus achieved: People don’t get as sassy at shitty GloboWorldCorp jobs when they’re barely treading water, bogged down by student loan payments. College boy is thereby turned into an obedient worker by his fancy education. A bitch, in street terms.

That is, unless men see the ruse for what it is and press the escape hatch, abandoning the mirage known as The American Dream for a life of minimalism. The system has become so rigged, so hopeless, only a few (if any) will ever get ahead in life playing by the rules. The vast majority of “smart” college grads will subsist on stagnant wages, adrift in a sea of debts of different kinds with no hope of ever escaping the sleep-work-spend cycle. In other words, with an average of $30,000 in non-bankruptable debt, the system has you by the balls when you don that cap and gown.

Slavery works best when you don’t tell people they’re slaves. The student loan debt bondage operation is a classic bait and switch trick. Sell kids a high priced education, make the debt from the high priced education non-bankruptable, then lower wages and stifle upward mobility to create a de facto a nation of wage slaves. The corporate-government complex thinks that’s a great way to manage America, Inc. Some of us think that idea fucking sucks and is destined to fail.

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