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The Purge of Dissidents Has Begun: We Need 1,000,000 New Blogs


America is in the midst of a Socialist Revolution, and a purge of dissident voices has begun

Share the fuck out of this. And start writing. Start talking. Start dissenting.

The corporate oligarchy, known at TNMM as the corporate-government complex, has begun its purge of dissenting voices who oppose the ongoing Socialist revolution in America and the possible genocide of an entire ethnic group if this situation gets out of hand.

If you are a minority, you should not celebrate nor be happy about the coordinated attacks being launched on white people. Because once white people have been debased, their history destroyed, and the government they were instrumental in creating replaced, the Sword of Damocles of the elite will be dangling over your head next. You will be targeted for subjugation assimilation into the same tyranny.

This is not the time for division. All races and all genders must unite against this common foe. The media is spinning this into a war of everybody vs. whitey. Don’t fall for it.

If you have even one iota of concern for the coming loss of freedom and dignity in this world once the American constitutional republic is destroyed and replaced by New World Order tyranny, you need to start a blog. You need to start writing. You need to start speaking out. Do it now. Time is of the essence. We desperately need mass dissent from 1,000,000 or more voices coming from 1,000,000 or more blogs. We need to challenge every narrative foisted upon the populace by the corporate-controlled media.

We need to get louder. Much louder. The Establishment may silence 100 or 1,000 or even 10,000 voices, but it will be impossible to stop millions of dissenting voices.

We’ve already seen several thoughtcrime “right-wing” blogs taken down, or the sites crippled by financial censorship. Sites like Google and its subsidiary Blogger, PayPal and others are de-listing and silencing opposition to corporate media narratives and their shameless, elite-funded agitprop. In some cases, entire blogs are being taken down. This is only the beginning of a Socialist purge.

The Russia narrative didn’t work when it came to hanging President Trump (who TNMM has repeatedly criticized as a possible pawn or complicit in the NWO agenda) so now the left – useful idiots of the globalists – are trying to foment a race war in the United States. We must not let it happen. Once a war starts, every freedom we have will be usurped and the Establishment will have the pretext it needs to topple the remains of the Constitution and impose mandatory RFID-chipping or other nefarious aims on the public.

We’ve seen the virulent propaganda from cheap whores in the mainstream media condemning the “boogermen” who don’t want history destroyed, nor to be called names like racist or xenophobe being ramped up. The media intentionally targets fringe groups like Nazis so it can place entire movements under the same banner.  It is setting up the narrative if one opposes what they’re doing, they’re automatically a racist. Don’t fall for it, and don’t be intimidated by it.

Anyone who reads TNMM regularly knows this is not a white supremacist blog. In fact, we roundly criticize Anglos and other whites, but the criticism here is intended to be constructive. The daily media propaganda seeks to turn every white person into a racist.


This is a photo proving the alt-left came to Charlottesville with violence in mind

The hypocrisy of media narratives is stunning in that it leaves the alt-left completely totally blameless for violence of the type we saw in Thomas Jefferson’s hometown of Charlottesville (did you notice that’s where elite-funded groups were sent to wreak havoc?!) even though the left were armed with flamethrowers and other weapons, and the assembly was designed to create a clash as it forced right and left wing protesters together in a classic pincer movement. Expect more “designer” riots and conflicts like this, carefully crafted and engineered by social engineers, then exploited for propaganda purposes by the ministers of propaganda at the alphabet channels and other networks.

The dangers of corporate controlled media thus told, we will leave you with the poignant words of fictional newscaster Howard Beale. This 1976 speech is more relevant now than ever when it comes to combating carefully crafted mainstream media agitprop.

We deal in Illusions man, none of it is true! But you people sit there day after day and night after night; all ages, colors, creeds: We’re all you know! You’re beginning to believe the illusions we’re spinning here! You’re beginning to think that the tube is reality- and that your own lives are unreal! You DO whatever the tube tells you, you dress like the tube you eat like the tube, you raise your children like the tube, you even think like the tube!

This is mass madness you maniacs! In God’s name you people are the real thing-We are the illusion! So turn off you television sets, turn it off now, turn them off right now!

Turn off your televisions if you haven’t already. Abandon the propaganda of the corporate media. Everything you need to know is online. What the world needs from you are your reports, your eyewitness accounts, your opinions, and your dissent. But not just yours, everyone with a concern for living in a free and open society must start raising hell using their Freedom of Speech before it’s too late.

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Fake Rape Claim + Female Privilege Nearly Destroy Another Man’s Life


Only surveillance video saved Arman Premjee from an Anglobitch’s fake rape claim

Fake rape claims are becoming an epidemic in a YouGoGrrl America. They’ve become a cheap and effective way to gain social notoriety and attention for unscrupulous women, and a revenge tactic par excellence. Still, other women may destroy what they see as Beta males just to feed the female need for drama. Motives aren’t always clear.

But, the simple fact is, women in Anglo America remain free to destroy a man’s life with impunity just by yelling the sexual equivalent of “Fire!” in a theater. There’s little recourse, as men are immediately outed, their identities drug through the mud as suspect sex offenders while women – even when they make up lies – enjoy the cloak a pussy-worshiping culture provides.

One such case is at least receiving a passing glance from the moronic American media, namely the news/gossip magazine Inside Edition, but only because it pits two protected classes against each other: “perfect” women and “perfect” minorities. If it had been a white guy falsely accused of rape, make no mistake this case would never have gotten the national attention it now has. That bit of wisdom comes from from Yours Truly, someone who worked in news for 15 years, and knows how it operates. In any case, let’s examine the following story to find out what it teaches us about both women and this sick culture.

Before delving into the details of this story involving the dangerous duo of fake rape stories plus female privilege, it needs to be said that making up a fake rape story is all it takes to provoke a gynocentric Police State USA to come down hard on men these days. Why women would never make up a false rape charge, goddesses that they are! At least, that’s the totally insane cultural narrative in Anglo America. That’s literally the way the law is written and enforced in this society.

Statistics, however, show that many rape claims turn out to be false. Let’s chalk another one up under the “fake rape claim” column. This time, on the receiving end of the fury of a woman’s scorn is an Indian-American college student. Milo reports:

Arman Premjee, 20, was accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old fellow student in her dorm room after meeting her at a nightclub in Los Angeles on April 1. Security footage, however, showed the girl kissing Premjee, leading him out of the nightclub and making sexual gestures towards him.

It seems the unnamed Anglobitch started acting sexual around Premjee almost as soon as she saw him.

Security footage shows the girl pulling Premjee outside the nightclub before making a sexual gesture to a friend, poking a finger through a circle made with her hand, behind his back.

Yeah, we used to do that “fucking” gesture even back in grade school when I was growing up. So, we know what was on the girl’s mind. Premjee told interviewers:

She put her arms around my neck, she started kissing me.

Sluts gonna be sluts. Unfortunately, this one had the kiss of death in mind.

This case is at least one example of a positive outcome spontaneously arising from the negative position of living in a surveillance state. The injustice system could only verify his claims because Premjee and the ho were both caught on video surveillance.

After sexually assaulting Premjee with impunity, she then lured him into her trap, as predatory females tend to do. Milo writes:

Security footage from the college dorm shows the girl signing Premjee in.

So, she dragged him into her lair. He didn’t force his way into her room, or her eager beaver.

(By the way, making the assertion that the ho sexually assaulted Premjee is important, because this narrative turns the tables to expose yet another cultural bias – if Premjee did to the ho what she did to him…grabbing him, kissing him, making obscene gestures, etc. this is how the story would have played out with the altering eye that alters all in American media.)

The anonymous skank then sprung the trap, lying her ass off as women are famous for. Adding fuel to her newly created fire, she plays The Female Victim Card as part of her crooked hand at the poker table.

The girl told detectives that she had no memory of what happened that night but Premjee disagreed that she couldn’t consent.

Premjee fired back.

She knew what she was doing. She was able to stand on her own two feet. She led the way.

Only surveillance video and the girl’s brazenness saved Premjee’s ass. Also, the previous plot twist lets us know there’s yet another double standard when it comes to sex in Anglo America – a woman can be too drunk to consent to sex, but a man cannot!

The good news is a judge saw through the treachery of this girl after seeing the way she acted in public and on video. The judge in the case said:

I believe there was consent. There is a very strong indication that the alleged victim in this case was the initiator.

The case was dismissed. Still, Premjee could be thrown out of college over the incident.

And the malicious Miss still walks free. Interestingly, and not surprisingly, Inside Edition blotted out the girl’s face in their news report to “protect” the identity of a woman who nearly destroyed a man’s life, reputation, future, and freedom based on a tissue of lies. This is how deep female pedestalization runs in Anglo America.

The stunning act of making a premeditated false rape claim, and lying about it from start to finish proves many of the narratives we discuss in the manosphere about women to be absolutely correct, especially Schopenhauer’s postulations on female dissimulation.

Fake rape claims are far from unusual. There’s also the tragic case of NFL player Brian Banks, who’s life was nearly destroyed by some bitch screaming rape, with her accusations landing him in prison for 5 years before she finally admitted – on Facebook of all places – she made the whole thing up. That’s just one example. There are many others.

What will be done about women being exposed for the lying, deceitful, malevolent individuals many of them are? Nothing. This dying culture still has blinders on. It offers no end to the scorn heaped upon men, sex, and masculinity, but when women are doing dirty deeds, the legal system and the mass public look the other way.

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Now You Can Get a DUI for Eating a Bag of Chips or Drinking a Coke


Guess what crime the police state has decided is on the same level as being drunk behind the wheel? Using your phone or eating a bag of potato chips

“Sir, can you step out of the car? You have potato chips on your breath.”

I seriously don’t know whether to laugh, or slap someone on the back of the head whenever they start talking about America being a free country. It clearly isn’t anymore, if it ever was. A tyranny the likes of which the world has never seen is emerging, bit by bit, sand grain by sand grain, micromanaging every aspect of Americans’ lives.

Here’s the latest straw on the camel’s back from the emerging, totalitarian police state. Now, in the state of Washington (and no doubt in other states, soon) you can get an E-DUI for texting, smoking, or eating behind the wheel. Yep, they created a new acronym out of one of their favorite old acronyms. The Daily News fills us in:

Starting today, drivers caught holding a cellphone or any other electronic device while stopped at a red light or intersection will be subject to a $136 fine under Washington’s strict new “E-DUI” law. The fine for repeat offenses within five years is $234.

Drivers who are pulled over and found carrying out other types of “dangerously distracted” behavior such as grooming, smoking, eating or reading can also receive a secondary fine of $99.

The revenue-generating fines are the least of the issue. Drivers caught texting, smoking, or heaven forbid, eating behind the wheel will be forced to pay higher insurance rates, likely on par with someone caught careening down the highway after drinking a fifth of vodka. Fox News writes:

Tickets issued for driving while using hand-held electronics will go on a motorist’s record and reported to their insurance provider, according to a website set up by the state explaining the new law.

It won’t matter if the hapless motorist is stopped at a light, either, and informs his family he’s running late because of traffic.

The E-DUI prevents drivers from using their phone at nearly any time while they are behind the wheel—even if they are stopped in traffic or waiting for a red light.

But, take solace. Lawmakers didn’t go too far. Wait, of course they did…

The new law does allow “minimal use of a finger” to activate an app or device, so a single touch or swipe is still permitted.

I’ve certainly got a finger for today’s pigs in blue.

The insurance lobby loves the new law, and sheepish worshipers of the state will go along and get along while they bend over the barrel and pray their government overlords use some lube this time, as they always do.

At most, this deserves a minor fine, and this latest “crime” certainly doesn’t rise to the level of a damned DUI.

But what about the freedom loving man who doesn’t think the nanny state needs to be telling him what to do inside his personal vehicle, and branding him with a ridiculously over the top charge for something as minor as slipping a potato chip out of a bag or smoking a cigarette?

When will the encroachment of abject tyranny stop? How many more senseless laws do our self-appointed masters have to pass to protect us from ourselves before well tell them to shove it? As Ben Franklin knew, those who trade a little liberty for a little security deserve neither, and will lose both.

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Delusional Americans Falsely Believe They’re Free


Celebrate your freedom with some fireworks this Independence Day…oh wait, fireworks could get you thrown in jail in Massachusetts

One of the most parroted and annoying fantasies a freethinking man gets subjected to each Independence Day in America is delusional Americans going on and on as they talk about their imagined “freedom.” As if they have a monopoly on freedom and the rest of the world is living under the thumb of King George III.

They apparently believe giving those lucky enough to even get the day off a little time to shove burgers and hot dogs in their face, and get drunk is the definition of freedom. But it’s back to the corporate plantation tomorrow. Better be on time and ready to shine, cupcake.

Ignorance must really be bliss.

But it’s really quite maddening to hear the self-congratulatory tone about freedumb and ‘Murica, as the lack of freedom is what spurred me to expatriate from the United States, and it is one of the principle reasons this blog and movement were started. Avoiding servitude to women and the oligarchical, gynocentric state that enables them to be predators of male utility is also why I am scrambling to make my exit from ‘Murica permanent and not just part-time.

I want to ask these people: Freedom to do what, baby? Go to get indoctrinated from childhood in state “education” camps or have your parents arrested, then go to work, pay half your income in taxes, follow endless rules and regulations, shop and eat out, or else? The men’s blog Happier Abroad brought this issue to light before.

In actuality, America is one of the least free countries in the world, compared to most other countries. Yet, Americans are brainwashed to believe that they live in “the land of the free” without reason or basis. Since the media and everyone else around them repeat this programmed mantra, they assume it must be true so they repeat it to go along.

It’s like a religion. But it’s based on the faulty premise that all other countries are unfree and all under some kind of dictatorship, while America is the only country that remains free, which is totally UNTRUE. It’s just a form of mind control designed to pacify the sheeple and human cattle with false ideas to keep them motivated to go to work and be productive.

However, with the US government and elite taking away more of America’s freedoms since 9/11, and undermining the US Constitution, I don’t think most Americans believe anymore that America is a free country. So nowadays, on the 4th of July, they just use it as a holiday to have fun and light fireworks.

Not so fast. Lighting fireworks will now get you fines and/or jail time in some states and jurisdictions. The state of Massachusetts, once home to the Boston Tea Party now has signs prominently posted around the state threatening people who even possess fireworks with fines and jail time. Now Americans can’t even pretend to be free with fireworks in that state.

Paul Joseph Watson of Info Wars went into detail with some of the more egregious examples of how America is now the Land of the Fee, Home of the Slave.

– After an 11-year battle with the state of Oregon, landowner Gary Harrington was found guilty under a 1925 law and sentenced to spend 30 days in jail for collecting rainwater in three “illegal reservoirs” despite the fact that they are on his property.

– Last year, Oak Park, Michigan resident Julie Bass faced jail time for the crime of growing a “vegetable garden in front yard space.”

– Americans are being harassed by utility workers who are trespassing on private property and forcibly trying to install “smart” energy meters which spy on homeowners.

– Cities are passing ordinances that makes recycling compulsory from, with those who fail to comply under threat of fines up to $2500 dollars. In Cleveland, people who fail to recycle are flagged by the RFID chip embedded in their trash can, added to a database and then targeted by green cops who are dispatched to intimidate homeowners.

– The Eleventh Circuit US Court of Appeals has ruled that private contractors operating toll roads on behalf of the state have the power to detain and store records on motorists who pay by cash at toll booths – another example of how using cash is increasingly being treated as a suspicious activity.

– Earlier this year we reported on how the FBI was telling businesses to treat people who use cash to pay for a cup of coffee as potential terrorists.

– We also recently highlighted the case of Texas resident Julia Garcia, who was falsely imprisoned and harassed by Wal-Mart employees for attempting to buy goods with a $100 dollar bill the Wal-Mart cashiers erroneously claimed was fake.

– Earlier this year a Tennessee man was charged and jailed by police after using an old $50 bill to pay for goods at a Quik Mart store which turned out to be genuine.

– A DOJ-funded police training manual tells cops to treat people who have a political opinion that “represents a fairly popular point of view” or those who display a political bumper sticker supporting the bill of rights as terrorists.

– The Obama administration successfully reinstated the indefinite detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act, which allow American citizens to be kidnapped and held without charge.

– The TSA has expanded its grope-down checkpoints beyond the airports to highways, political events and even school prom nights.

– The TSA is kicking Americans off flights for having a “bad attitude” and refusing to obey bizarre orders quickly enough.

– A teenager was recently visited by FBI special agents who grilled him over the content of a political You Tube video.

– Americans are being harassed and having their Fourth Amendment rights violated at so-called “border checkpoints” which are actually hundreds of miles within the border.

– The EPA is using spy drones to monitor farms as police use Predator drones to hunt down Americans for the crime of allowing cows to wander onto their land.

– Parents are being harassed and investigated by Child Protective Services and police for feeding his daughters organic food, refusing to make them drink fluoride-poisoned tap water and not having them injected with mercury-laden vaccines.

– Police arrested Napa Creek resident Amy Larson for writing “9/11 truth now” in chalk on a sidewalk.

– A Texas police officer shot 45-year-old double amputee Brian Claunch dead after he threatened officers with what turned out to be a ballpoint pen.

– While the government stockpiles ammo in the billions, Americans like Brian Loftus are being questioned by police for buying a couple of boxes of bullets at their local gun store.

– Americans like James Ian Tyson are being put on terror watchlists in response to traffic violations in order to prevent them from attending protests.

– Students in schools across the country are being indoctrinated to accept their treatment as prisoners on parole by being forced to wear RFID tracking chips.

– Police departments are attempting to secure approval to spy on Americans with drones as well as surveillance blimps that hover 400 feet above a city and report on “suspicious activity.”

– The Californian city of Lancaster will be the first to experience a “new era in law enforcement surveillance” with residents set to be watched by a permanent eye in the sky which will beam constant video footage back to police headquarters including crimes in progress as well as “scenes of mundane day-to-day life.”

– The National Security Agency is storing all electronic communications and analyzing them in real time in complete violation of the Fourth Amendment.

– Facebook is spying on people’s private conversations for “suspicious behavior” and reporting them to police.

– Former Marine Brandon Raub was kidnapped from his home by police, FBI and Secret Service agents and forcibly incarcerated in a psychiatric ward by authorities in Virginia in response to political Facebook posts.

– Veterans across the country are being declared “mentally defective” on a whim by the state and having their firearms seized.

Even the much ballyhooed American economy is not a free market economy. Through countless barriers to entry and corporate manipulation of the legislature, the country has become a de facto oligarchy. It’s not every day one agrees with Noam Chomsky, but a new film featuring his ideas is, by our estimate, about 75% accurate when it comes to corporations using capital to totally control legislation and the lives of the American sheeple.

They also use American taxpayers’ money as a personal bank. Chomsky calls the problem neoliberalism in Requiem for the American Dream, a TNMM recommended film.

One of the things that expanded enormously in the 1970s as the business world moved sharply to try to control legislation is lobbying. There was a huge effort with lobbyists to try even to write legislation. The business world was pretty upset by the advances in public welfare in the ’60s, in particular by Richard Nixon — it’s not too well understood, but he was the last New Deal president, and they regarded that as class treachery.

Remember, there were no financial crashes in the ’50s and the ’60s, because the regulatory apparatus of the New Deal was still in place. As it began to be dismantled under business pressure and political pressure, you get more and more crashes, and it goes on right through the years — the ’70s is where deregulation starts, and the ’80s is where crashes really take off.

Each time, the taxpayer is called on to bail out those who created the crisis, increasingly the major financial institutions. In a capitalist economy, you wouldn’t do that. In a capitalist system, that would wipe out the investors who made risky investments. But the rich and powerful, they don’t want a capitalist system. They want to be able to run to the “nanny state” as soon as they’re in trouble, and get bailed out by the taxpayer. They’re given a government insurance policy, which means that no matter how often you risk everything, if you get in trouble, the public will bail you out because you’re too big to fail — and it’s just repeating over and over again.

That’s essentially neoliberalism. It has this dual character, which goes right back in economic history. One set of rules for the rich. Opposite set of rules for the poor.

A man can’t even fuck a bitch anymore without risking false rape charges and having his life destroyed by the metastasizing police state. Not to mention the failed, Puritanical prohibitions on recreational drugs and recreational sex for hire. You’ll only take the drugs our medical establishment forces down your throat and you’ll only get fucked when you put yourself into a position of being financially and emotionally exploited by women in America.

The list goes on and on.

So, please spare us the nonsense each July 4th about how you Americans are the only people who have freedom in this world. For some of us know the cold, hard truth. Slavery works best when you don’t tell people they’re slaves.

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Anglo Culture Has Now Become Deadlier than the Vietnam War and Terrorism

You have to look tough and resolute if you want to take even more money from the serfs to fight a Drug War that has colossally failed

You know you’re living in a suicidal culture when more Americans now die annually from drug overdoses than died during the entirety of the Vietnam War. What’s more, another grim side of this statistic is more people under age 50 now die of drug overdoses than any other cause of death in America.

But why?

One might argue it’s because the nation has long been spiritually dead and the country runs on people trying to fill the void in their lives with novel shopping and eating out experiences. But nothing they can buy or eat ever quite does it the way having basic human relationships and close knit families once did.

Living in a deeply sexually repressed culture also takes its toll on the human psyche, in which Anglo America has deemed it okay for gays and lesbians (1-3% of the population) to have fulfilling sex lives but frowns upon straight men pursuing sexual satisfaction with straight women both culturally and legally.

As a result of a culture that literally sold out its intrinsic happiness for extrinsic life goals like more consumer junk and McMansions and shinier boxes on wheels, and in which no man is “good enough” for a screw from today’s obese, wannabe goddesses, more people are dying annually by trying to chemically escape today’s modern dystopia than ever before. Anywhere from 59,000 to 65,000 people died of drug overdoses just last year.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein detailed the grim statistics last week, which prove modern Anglo culture is also deadlier than terrorism. Breitbart reports:

To grasp the enormity of the epidemic he claimed that if three mass-shootings as deadly as the Pulse Nightclub Attack occurred three times every day for 365 days, then the death toll would roughly reach that of drug overdoses in 2015.

Once again, clueless leaders address the problem of people being so miserable from Anglo culture they are literally dropping like flies – seeking an escape through drugs until they overdose – by incorrectly diagnosing the problem and applying the wrong remedies, as Groucho Marx famously stated politicians always do. They see it as a law enforcement problem. It’s not a law enforcement problem, it’s a cultural problem.

It’s called working people like slaves, taking their youth, families and free time away, treating them like children on the job and in daily life, creating a materialistic society bereft of culture, and making it the metaphorical equivalent of a moon shot for the masses of Beta male laborers to fulfill their physical and psychological sexual needs. Drugs have become a way to ease the pain caused by the spiritual deadness in modern America and of course, the loneliness brought on by a society that has molded its citizens (and men and women) into each other’s enemy and competitor rather than each other’s neighbor and lover.

Of course, this new drug abuse narrative will be used to impose even more Draconian government intervention into the lives of the average person rather than to give people some of their lives back and let them return to intrinsically fulfilling life goals.

Whatever happened to Protect and Serve? Not Oppress and Subjugate

Even More Power For Law Enforcement

At last week’s press conference, Rosenstein set up his agency and its oppressive DEA, which have both colossally failed in their 40-year old Drug War, to aggrandize more power.

Some people say we should be more permissive, more tolerant, more understanding about drug use. I say we should be more honest and forthcoming with the American people on the clear and present danger that we know face.

In other words, more Prohibition, not less, and more jack-booted thugs, not fewer are coming our way. And more importantly, don’t expect a government and its masters in the corporate world to lessen human suffering by breaking some of the chains they’ve placed around their peons’ legs, because both sides of the coin are profiting enormously from the status quo.

People being so miserable that they’re offing themselves with drugs in astonishing numbers is profitable. They buy material things like palliatives to ease their existential suffering and eat until they’re obese, trying to buy their way to happiness. The corporate-government complex makes a lot of money by turning people into consumption machines this way.

When that doesn’t work and the shop-and-eat lifestyle fails to bring a sense of fulfillment into the lives of the serfs, increasing numbers move on to drugs to try and find an escape from the daily hell of the sleep-work-spend cycle. Oppressive law enforcement then lobbies for even more power and more money for themselves to “fight” a problem that can’t be won through force.

The one constant, and the important question to ask is: Who is profiting from this situation? Why, the Establishment is profiting, of course. That’s why the DOJ and DEA want even more power. This is a defining moment for them to profit even more off what is a cultural and spiritual problem, not a drug problem.

This is America in the early 21st century. A truly frightening place for those with the mental horsepower to see what’s going on. How many more deaths and ruined lives will it take before the masses realize clinging to the “leadership” of the Establishment and their goons in law enforcement isn’t working? You’re asking for help from the very people tasked with turning you into what Herbert Hoover called another “happiness machine.” As it turns out, selling out human lives, turning people into profit-producing “machines” for dollars and cents is having disastrous results for humanity but it provides cushy lives for those in power.

We have reached a crescendo of this insanity in modern Anglo society, in which people want to go on doing what they’ve been doing, living vain, materialistic lives while hoping to get different results each time they swipe out at the local strip mall. That’s the root of the drug problem – it has nothing to do with law enforcement not having the citizens even more firmly under its thumb.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not following the masses into destruction. When will we stop listening to those whose lives and finances are based on continuing, and worsening, the current corporate-government (and law enforcement goon) paradigm?

To end the drug addiction/mass drug abuse death issue, treat the root causes rather than the symptoms. That won’t be as profitable, though. So it will never happen.

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