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Stripper T-Shirt Draws Ire of Public School Officials


Generation Z is set to shake up the assumption all the kids will grow up to be shitlibs

This humorous t-shirt featuring a stripper posing like the Golden Arches has drawn the ire of sexually repressed school officials and garnered national news coverage. From left-leaning Yahoo! News:

What would you do if you accidentally sent your 10-year-old son to school in a less-than-appropriate McDonald’s t-shirt? If you’re Texas mom Shelly McCullar, you own up to the mistake in a hilarious Facebook post that quickly went viral.

Yeah, can’t have a young man liking scantily clad women in modern America. (I loved women in bikinis when I was this kid’s age.) But he can certainly be encouraged to take life-altering, gender bending hormones by organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Personally, when I was in grade school I would have known the shirt featured a stripper, and would have donned it anyway just like he did. But, his mom says it was an honest mistake.

Her son’s shirt might have looked like the famous Mickey D’s golden arches, but upon closer inspection, it’s clear that they are actually a woman’s legs spread open to look like the famous M logo. The shirt also includes the famous “I’m lovin’ it” slogan. It’s an honest mistake but that doesn’t make it any less funny.

Of course, school officials went berserk when they took note of the shirt. His mom was forced to apologize, and her Facebook apology went viral.

In that post, McCullar wrote that the shirt came in a box of hand-me-downs from a friend. McCullar insisted that she hadn’t had time to properly go through the box of clothes before giving them to her son. In fact, most of the teachers at his elementary school didn’t notice either.

No doubt, the young man was busted by the more prudish set of teachers. There is a bright spot in all this mayhem. This incident gives us hope that the next generation will at least have more than its fair share of meat-eating, red-blooded, gender unambiguous young men. Indeed, polls and focus groups show Generation Z trusts the fake news media less and leans farther right than any generation in at least 50 years.

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Man Sues Syracuse University Over “Victim-Centered” Sexual Misconduct Policy


Syracuse University is being sued over its sexual misconduct policy

If you don’t already know, women are perfect, asexual goddesses in the eyes of the Anglo legal system. They’re also seen as such culturally, polar opposites of supposed knuckle-dragging men who harbor “nasty” sexual urges that must be “purified” by an increasingly Puritanical culture. This bias in favor of women extends onto college campuses nationwide.

In another case of a woman’s word meaning more than a man’s, Syracuse University recently kicked a student out after a sexual assault charge was leveled against him. has been covering the matter:

A former Syracuse University student was kicked out of school for a sexual assault he says he didn’t commit. John Noakes, who is black, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit saying a female student, who is white, misidentified him months after the attack in a Marshall Street alley.

The good news is the school is getting sued over its biased sexual assault policy. The bad news is all it took was a report of drunken grab-assing to get Noakes kicked out of school while his accuser didn’t even have to show up at his witch trial. Noakes was never charged by police.

Anglobitch privilege strikes again, it would seem. Call it the curse of the pale tail. The incident stems from Noakes and his unnamed (of course!) accuser both getting drunk one night at Orange Crate bar then making out in an alley behind the establishment.

The woman, who was not named in the lawsuit, says she was pulled into the alley next to Breugger’s Bagels around 1 a.m.

The [woman states the] assailant tried to kiss her, but when the student turned away, he put his hands down her pants and touched her private areas, according to the police report. A witness pulled the woman away. The attacker — a stranger — was not caught that night.

In my opinion, it sounds like the “attacker” grabbed her ass as a continuation of what had already been happening in the bar.

But, never are important questions asked. Why would a supposedly upstanding young woman get drunk and wander out into a back alley with someone she didn’t know? Crucially, was she flirting with her “attacker” before he made his move? Was he chasing after her like a maniac or was she leading him on? Had they been dancing together and/or rubbing up against each other on the dance floor? It’s funny how important details like this never surface. Also, is petting enough to destroy a man’s life?

Personally, I remember how slutty white chicks get in a bar when they’ve been drinking it up. This goes all the way back to my college days over 15 years ago. Even then I would see them all over men in the bar. And they would act the sluttiest around black guys.

Noakes’ accuser had a witness with her, and the duo later picked him out from a lineup of photos months later. But, even the female witness commented on the so-called victim’s drunkenness.

“There is definitely a chance she could have pointed out a different person from the person that she was in the alleyway with,” she said.

That didn’t stop Syracuse University from taking immediate, politically correct action, even though Noakes wasn’t prosecuted by police and the “victim” wasn’t made to appear at the institution’s kangaroo court.

Noakes was found responsible for the assault after a Title IX hearing process that is being hotly debated around the country. The federal government recently lightened the pressure on colleges to police non-criminal sexual conduct. Critics say the process used by universities favors accusers; supporters say it keeps colleges safe.

If you haven’t noticed, the “safety” racket is reguarly used to strip what liberty is left from Americans’ lives. Whether or not Noakes made the grab-assing move the school’s policy favors false sexual assault claims from women. Noake’s attorney writes:

Syracuse has adopted a biased, ‘victim centered’ approach aimed at always believing and supporting the victim without regard to the results of any investigation or adjudicatory process. Students like Noakes are effectively presumed guilty and schools apply the very lowest standard of of proof — just more than 50 percent of the evidence. That’s far lower than the legal standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

So, once again we see these days all it takes is a girl calling a man is a “witch” before he is promptly burned at the stake in a #MeToo world. Circumstances don’t matter, and women’s drunken behavior doesn’t matter.

Syracuse University won’t comment on the pending lawsuit, and changes to its sexual misconduct policy are unlikely. The supposed victim will remain unnamed atop her pedestal, never made to face the man she accused. Nor will the concept of personal responsibility ever surface in the world of total female domination of both rights and privilege.

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Anglo Misandry: Deadliest Mass Shooters Grew Up in Homes Without Fathers


The deadliest mass shootings are perpetrated by young boys without fathers

The Anglosphere is destroying itself with cultural and institutional misandry, brought on by the madness of modern feminism. Turning fathers into little more than disposable accessories that women change as often as designer handbags, Anglo common law and the insidious divorce-industrial complex have had a bigger part in destroying the fabric of society than guns by eliminating the roles of men and fathers.

Supporting this claim, this thought crime fact just dropped: 26 of the 27 deadliest mass shooters grew up in homes without a father. That’s 96% of them. This astonishing truth was the first casualty in the orgy of gun control madness following the events at Parkland and every other mass shooting tragedy of recent memory. (If government narratives are even to be believed. But, lets take them at face value while we analyze the biographies of the purported mass shooters.)

Surprisingly, Fox News and other mainstream outlets are now picking up on narratives formed in the crucible of manosphere Realtalk. After being out to lunch on men’s issues for generations, our collective voices are finally being heard by the spinmeisters. They now acknowledge the Anglosphere’s regular mistreatment of men and the destruction of the institution of marriage, on which all of civilization is based are having detrimental effects:

The root of fatherlessness rests in two things: our culture’s dismissal of men as valuable human beings who have something unique to offer, and its dismissal of marriage as an institution that’s crucial to the health and well-being of children.

What the U.S. needs is single mom control, not gun control. Astonishingly, Fox also outed manipulative behavior from mothers in their expose on mass shootings and single mommery.

The unfortunate result is that some divorced mothers use any opportunity to undermine their children’s relationship with their father or, if not that, dismiss the significance of a father’s role. In 2016, when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were getting divorced, Jolie actually said it never crossed her that mind her son “Mad” would need a father. That may be an extreme example; but it’s not something anyone, Hollywood star or regular person, would have thought—let alone said—twenty years ago.

Indeed, dads and men in general are considered nothing more than “the help” in modern Anglo society, bumbling idiots and disposable meal tickets as Jolie’s remarks attest to. Male roles are supposed to be limited to writing checks and handing out money unconditionally while “wise” women spend it on reckless consumerism.

The child support check clearing is all that matters. And if “dads” don’t pay up, it’s debtor’s prison for them. What makes the child support fiasco even worse is the fact that by virtue of paying such high amounts, fathers are less able to spend quality time with their children by virtue of the fact they have to work themselves to the bone to stay out of debtor’s prison.

The masses of men are catching on to their mistreatment. Derek posted this comment in response to the report exposing the correlation between fatherless homes and mass shootings:

Most women don’t seem to think it’s important to have the father around who is an equal stakeholder – they’d rather have the control and collect money every month, who cares what’s best for the kid. The courts seem to agree, as they tend to only let the dads have every other weekend in most cases.

We know well the certitude of Derek’s statement. Realizing that I was to be nothing but a slave – never on equal footing with women with regards to my own children in the eyes of Anglo law – is a big part of the reason why I developed a visceral hatred for Anglo culture, and have been clawing my way out to live a better life abroad.

Not to mention compounding factors like the way men are shamed for having normal sex drives, the way heterosexuality is marginalized, family is marginalized, and 80% of men have become incel at least part of the time by the sexual jungle unleashed by feminism. These men forced to watch as quality women ruin their lives and the nation cock carouseling with bad boys, and “good guys” getting nothing but wage slavery and loneliness in return.

Don’t expect change even though word of the modern man’s plight is now oozing out into the mainstream dialogue. The best option for most men is still to abandon this failed society by expatriating or to drop out and enjoy the decline poolside.

Any solutions that are applied (if these Realtalk reports aren’t quickly shuffled under the rug) will be at best bandages, since the destruction of men and the family is a major agenda item of the New World Order. Not to mention, a goal of appropriately named deconstructionism and post-modernism – previously discussed here at TNMM – which is becoming the dominant philosophy in America’s universities.

A world of total chaos – brought on by matriarchy – is what the elite crave. The more broken down a society is, the more profitable it becomes.

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Purdue Ups the Ante on Misandry: Says Eliminate “Man” from English Language


Anglo culture hates men so bad it wants them removed from the English language entirely

Proving that deconstruction is in full swing and misandry is reaching astronomical new heights in a post-democracy, post-feminist America, an institution of lower living that was formerly an ivy league school is now recommending words with “man” in them be expunged from the English language.

It’s the latest, stunning display of hatred of all things male in the Anglosphere. This culture hates men so much it doesn’t even want words like “policeman” or “fireman” or phrases like “the common man” to exist, anymore. This is the thanks men get after dreaming up, engineering, and constructing the entire world that women now want to rule like petty tyrants. From the National Review:

A writing guide at Purdue University advises students to avoid words with “man” in them — such as “mailman” and “mankind” — in order to write “in a non-sexist, non-biased way.”

This is deconstructionism at its finest, a philosophy that academic Webster Tarpley tried to warn us about a generation ago. Tarpley thinks deconstructionism (i.e. destruction of the world of philosophy, language, and science males of European descent created) could ultimately end in the deaths of billions. As rationality is replaced with irrationality, and the scientific discoveries of dead white males eviscerated, Tarpley and others think the carrying capacity of the planet will ultimately be reduced.

In that sense, sterilizing the language is the beginning of a frightful decline into the abyss. Truly, the beginning of a new Dark Age. That isn’t stopping Purdue University, however. Purdue writes:

“Although MAN in its original sense carried the dual meaning of adult human and adult male, its meaning has come to be so closely identified with adult male that the generic use of MAN and other words with masculine markers should be avoided.”

Of course, identity politics are never far behind.

“Writing in a non-sexist, non-biased way is both ethically sound and effective. Non-sexist writing is necessary for most audiences; if you write in a sexist manner and alienate much of your audience from your discussion, your writing will be much less effective.”

As usual, university eggheads are full of it. Even the woman writing the article at National Review took umbrage with Purdue’s strange claims.

I’m all for gender equality, but I have to say that this seems a bit overblown. I’m a woman (not to brag), and I can tell you that there is approximately a zero percent chance that seeing a word like “mankind” in someone’s work would “alienate” me as the guide suggests. It’s just not that serious, and I’m just not that sensitive.

All of this has gotten out of control. Earlier this month, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau actually corrected a woman who said “mankind” at a town-hall event, telling her to say “peoplekind” instead. Even aside from the fact that “peoplekind” is not a word, that’s still absolutely insane.

Indeed, it has all gotten out of control but the deconstructionists aren’t finished slicing and dicing the English language yet. Deconstruction is becoming the dominant philosophy in universities, and is indicative of a Western culture in terminal decline as Europe and America both show signs they’re dying in the winter of Spengler’s prescient civilization model. Language will continue to be parsed until it is gutted.

Political correctness (self-evident in the move to strip the word “man” from language) and Marxism (removal of all personal identity) are the evil step sisters of the deconstructionist movement. Deconstruction also goes along with Anglo America’s Androgyny Agenda, which is slowly merging the sexes into one with everything from social engineering to chemicals in food.

The name is fitting, however, as deconstructionism will ultimately deconstruct the whole of the Western world in a supreme display of insanity and seething, visceral hatred of the European male and his accomplishments which have ultimately benefited the entire world. Deconstruction begins with language. Next, they’ll be coming for more than just words. All that “science” the white male discovered must be “racist” right?

P.S. Is deconstructionism the way elites plan to get world population down to 500 million, as stated by the Georgia Guidestones? Just a thought.

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The Face of Sex Offenders in America’s Public Schools

These are mug shots from some of the most well-known cases of predatory females sexually assaulting young male students while entrusted with educating them in public schools. Notice anything about all the teachers arrested for sexual misconduct in America’s schools?

All of those arrested in some of the most prominent sexual assault and/or rape cases (except for three by our admittedly hasty count) are Anglobitches i.e. white females, the supposedly asexual, sacred cows who comprise part of the “protected class” mainstream mierda, academia, and law enforcement regularly go to bat for. The very women #MeToo purports need saving from that awful, awful sex.

What to make of this? This thought crime fact, that women have sexual urges and can be just as rotten as men when it comes to gratifying themselves – with adolescents, no less – goes against the carefully constructed, feminist narrative that only men can be evil sexual predators. Statistics only further complicate the picture. A Department of Education research paper on educator sexual misconduct found some interesting facts:

  • 42.8% of sex offenders are female (American Association of University Women analysis)
  • 44% of victims are male
  • Average age of sex offenders is 28
  • Black and Latino children are more likely to be targeted

Interestingly, race/ethnicity of the offenders was not included in the Department of Education report. (But, we can glean from press reports many if not most of them are white females.)

What makes this deconstruction of the “only men can be evil sexual deviants” narrative all the more interesting is the fact culturally sanctified women are conducting sexual assaults on par with culturally villainized men. But, as always, Anglo culture turns a blind eye to sexual misdeeds conducted by women, since they have been the cultural “owners of sex” since Puritan days.

As one men’s rights organization puts it: “We are stuck in a generation where glorifying women and denigrating men is what people consider equality.” Even mainstream mierda rag USA Today reported on the hypocrisy of Anglo culture a few years back:

It’s a double standard brought by society, experts say, to female sex offenders — one that not only minimizes the victimization of young boys, who are left with lifelong emotional scars, but contributes to lighter sentences for the women involved.

Yep. The good old pussy pass means women only serve a fraction of the time men do when they have sex with minors. Even USA Today’s cherry-picked statistics say women commit 1 out of 5 sexual assaults, a whopping 20% of all cases. But, only men are serving hard time:

According to the Center for Sex Offender Management, a Department of Justice project, less than 1% of incarcerated rape and sexual assault offenders were females, or fewer than 800. By 2006, however, the FBI reported that females accounted for nearly 10% of sex crimes. And studies indicate that women commit approximately 20% of sex offenses against children.

There are a number of conclusions to be drawn. First, if your child is molested at school there’s a good chance the offender is a white female. Next, contrary to Anglo cultural narratives women are just as sexualized (and horny) as men are. They’re also quite capable of sexual deviancy and predatory behavior. And finally, we live in a culture that almost always turns a blind eye to the real sufferings of men to placate the imagined sufferings of women.

Worse, the corrupt media will often go to bat for women convicted of sexually assaulting young boys, as in the case of Mary Kay Letourneau. When is the last time we saw the media defending a male coach who diddled one of his female students?

Where’s a #HeToo movement directed at saving our boys? Don’t expect it in a misandrist culture. Where’s the “equality” in that?

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College is the New Indentured Servitude: 20 States Now Suspend Driver’s Licenses for Student Loan Defaults


A college degree has gone from being an asset to being an instrument of debt slavery

Having trouble paying your student loans? Job market keeping you from finding a job since everybody and their brother has a college degree these days? Here’s another kick in the gut from America, Inc. A growing number of states can now revoke your driver’s license if you miss your monthly installment when repaying your master…er…the Department of Education. This latest move comes despite a job market in which college degrees are worth slightly more than the equivalent amount of toilet paper.

Take note if you live in these states. You’d better keep showing up at those jobs, no matter what. These jurisdictions will now make it illegal for you to drive if you haven’t paid the bankers their ransom on your rubber stamp:

  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington

Want even more bad news? America, Inc. is also revoking professional licenses in many states for those who default on student loans. Penny Hoarder recently reported on this disturbing development.

The New York Times found at least 8,700 cases where professionals — including nurses, teachers, lawyers and psychologists — have had their licenses taken away or threatened with suspensions in recent years because of failure to pay back student loans. The publication described the tactic of taking away professional licenses as being “especially punitive.”

Ya think? Especially punitive doesn’t begin to describe the insanity behind pushing everyone – even those without the aptitude or interest – to get college degrees because a rubber stamp will supposedly get young men and women the much-ballyhooed but seldom realized “good job” demagogues like to promise the sheeple that comprise their voter base.

Then, as large numbers predictably can’t repay their loans (law of supply and demand) legislators pass laws to make those drowning – as they swim waters infested by loan sharks – even more destitute by taking their wheels and credentials away. The hidden message: You better not step out of line at work. Sounds pretty punitive, alright. And part of a larger plan. Tell us again how this is supposedly the greatest country in the world?

The reality is college has been intentionally oversold for generations, there is a trillion dollar student loan bubble waiting to pop as a result, and there are manpower shortages in blue collar trades because everyone has been sold on college education being the “magic wand” that will solve all life’s problems.

Considering the boundless malevolence of the corporate-controlled, totally corrupt American government, our feeling is college was oversold so millions could be turned into debt slaves. College went from being an asset to a deficit as the cost of an education skyrocketed because taxpayer-guaranteed money borrowed from the banksters was dumped into the market. This, of course, made it impossible to pay for college by working your way through as the cost for a degree skyrocketed.

The end result?  Conditions which strangely resemble indentured servitude – you have to have a rubber stamp to get a job, but you have to work a certain amount of time for your master to pay him for training you. (The average time the holder of a Bachelor’s degree takes to pay off a student loan? 21 years! That’s from U.S. News and World Report.) The objective of the corporate-government complex was thus achieved: People don’t get as sassy at shitty GloboWorldCorp jobs when they’re barely treading water, bogged down by student loan payments. College boy is thereby turned into an obedient worker by his fancy education. A bitch, in street terms.

That is, unless men see the ruse for what it is and press the escape hatch, abandoning the mirage known as The American Dream for a life of minimalism. The system has become so rigged, so hopeless, only a few (if any) will ever get ahead in life playing by the rules. The vast majority of “smart” college grads will subsist on stagnant wages, adrift in a sea of debts of different kinds with no hope of ever escaping the sleep-work-spend cycle. In other words, with an average of $30,000 in non-bankruptable debt, the system has you by the balls when you don that cap and gown.

Slavery works best when you don’t tell people they’re slaves. The student loan debt bondage operation is a classic bait and switch trick. Sell kids a high priced education, make the debt from the high priced education non-bankruptable, then lower wages and stifle upward mobility to create a de facto a nation of wage slaves. The corporate-government complex thinks that’s a great way to manage America, Inc. Some of us think that idea fucking sucks and is destined to fail.

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Three Important Lessons The Edumacation System Never Teaches Men


The Fight Club foreshadowed the pissed off world of today

Ah, the publick edumacation system. Forced into it like so many young slaves from age 5 to age 18 in America. Then brainwashed into spending another 4 to 6 years at university accruing massive debt (student loans are the new indentured servitude) while the best years of your life pass you by.

But, it’s for a good cause. Learning “valuable” skills that will enable young people to become valuable assets and earn their place in America’s vaunted middle class. Well, that’s the narrative. Yet another shameless lie among a sea of shameless lies that prop up this declining nation.

H.L. Mencken illuminates us with some Red Pill truth on what the true purpose of America’s edumacation system actually is:

The most erroneous assumption is to the effect that the aim of public education is to fill the young of the species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence, and so make them fit to discharge the duties of citizenship in an enlightened and independent manner.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. That is its aim in the United States, whatever the pretensions of politicians, pedagogues and other such mountebanks, and that is its aim everywhere else.

Unfortunately, as many men are discovering after having been there, done that with the “studying hard” and the “college degree” and not stepping out of line, following the system’s instructions only earns one a place at the corporate trough right alongside the other human cattle being milked of their productivity. Men will be used and abused to the max for a meager paycheck and a bleak existence.

Your teachers and counselors at school lied to you. They wanted you to finish school so their graduation stats would look good to the state. The “Real World” everyone speaks of is a world in which Machiavellian Intelligence is the rule.

As less productive citizens blow dope and pop out kids on your dime, you’ll be expected to be Mr. Perfect at your dehumanizing, demoralizing GloboWorldCorp job. You’ll be expected to keep pace on a 40 50 60 70 hour a week treadmill, and if you miss a step your masters will notice. Most of the income you make will already be spent on “life debt” (food, house, car, student loan payment, government-mandated health insurance) before you even get the direct deposit. Careful not to develop burnout syndrome, which will only compound the little mistakes at work you’re already making.

Not to mention, being worked to to point of burnout syndrome will negatively affect your health, but at least the medical-pharmaceutical complex can make a living off your suffering: Research indicates that burnout is associated with reduced job performance, coronary heart disease, and mental health problems. Chronic burnout is also associated with cognitive impairments such as memory and attention. Occupational burnout is also associated with absences, time missed from work, and thoughts of quitting. [Ed: And suicide].

It’s as if the system already has the events of your life planned out for you, and dares you to step out of line.

As you’re subjected to random drug testing to earn The Man’s money, the State will take half your pay to give to those people we just mentioned who are smoking pot, snorting cocaine, living in Section 8 housing, and popping out 3 kids while you can’t afford 1 nor the child support slavery and alimony that a marriage + frivorce to an Anglobitch would cost you.

Here are three of the most vital lessons they didn’t teach you in school, while they programmed leftist groupthink into your malleable, young mind:

  1. After graduation, and college, most of you are going to be used and abused corporate drones working in menial, tedious, and unreliable “here today, gone tomorrow” jobs
  2. College degrees are becoming as valuable as toilet paper in “The New Economy”
  3. The world is a dog eat dog place, and modern employers treat their employees like they’re contestants in The Hunger Games.

After a few short years in your new “career” you might find your life is a living hell. Bukowski put it this way:

How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 6:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so?

Add to that, you’ll be expected to smile and always have a positive attitude or the HR department will be all too happy to put another warm body into your position.

At some point, you’ll probably get pissed off and develop a sense of anger and rage for a system that exploited you from childhood. Fight Club’s Tyler Durden states this feeling best:

I see in the fight club the strongest and smartest men who’ve ever lived. I see all this potential and I see squandering. Goddamn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables, slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need. We’re the middle children of the history man, no purpose or place, we have no Great war, no Great depression, our great war is a spiritual war, our great depression is our lives, we’ve been all raised by television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars, but we won’t and we’re slowly learning that fact. and we’re very very pissed off.

The edumacation system helps feed this fantasy that Durden speaks of, the fantasy that one day, all men will all be successful career men living fanciful lives. Is it any wonder that anger is becoming the trademark of modern life?

No, most will be debt slaves, wage slaves, and obese, demoralized husks of humanity waiting on death to take them away from The Human Farm Stefan Molyneaux so vividly details. As has been said before, perhaps the most crucial realization the newly awakened man can have is this: The only way to win, is not to play.

Go Galt. Let this con game implode of its own volition.

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