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It takes a considerable amount of time and work to generate quality content. As you know, the men’s movement is also swimming upstream against powerful social and political currents. Despite the resistance, we are committed to spreading the messages you want heard.

Relampago left the mainstream media to create The New Modern Man. In the real world, money determines the totality of our lives. With the help of a few good men, we are able to expand the content we offer and increase the quality and reach of each piece. Fight back against censorship, feminism, and liberalism while helping us expand our truth-telling mission by making a monthly contribution to The New Modern Man via PayPal.

Sponsorship also frees us from the demands of gutless advertisers, who often squelch free speech by pulling ads from sites that commit Orwellian thought crimes.

Fame and fortune is not our goal, in fact we preach minimalism at The New Modern Man. Our goal is simple: stop the ongoing marginalization of men, tradition, common sense, and freedom. Your contribution means more than you realize.

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