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Robotic Blowjob Cafes: The Anglosphere Just Gets Weirder and Weirder When It Comes to Sex


Will sex robots break the female monopoly on being sexual gatekeepers?

You can go to jail for fucking a willing adult female and leaving a $100 bill on the nightstand in Anglo America. But in Anglo Europe, it will soon be just fine to drop your load into a sex robot and pay the owner of a blowjob cafe $80 for the pleasure of doing so.

For many men, women have become so unpleasant to deal with robots are becoming more appealing than the real thing. There’s already talk that sex robots may replace prostitutes in both nations. Business Insider dug up a law professor named John Danaher who told them:

The displacement hypothesis says sex robots will eventually push human sex workers out of a job. It’s served by two other ideas called “the transference thesis” and “the advantages thesis.”

The transference thesis argues that people will successfully be able to project their sexual desires onto robots, or as Danaher puts it, “the fact that there is demand for the former suggests that there will also be demand for the latter.”

The second leg of the displacement hypothesis — the advantages thesis — simply suggests that robots designed for sex work will have advantages over human sex workers. For example, sex robot manufacture is legal in many countries where prostitution is illegal. There are also ethics and health advantages, as sex trafficking and objectification need not be a concern for robots. And as long as sanitation is maintained, STDs would largely not be a concern.

Don’t know about you, but to me there will never be a substitute for the real thing, baby. And by personal experience I know the threat of getting an STD is vastly overblown by those in the Establishment who try to scandalize sex at every turn. I’ve slept with well over 100 women, many of them unprotected, and never had an STD. (Just had a complete medical scan, and I’m clean as a pin. But then I don’t sleep with trash. Most of the time.)

Thankfully I now reside in libertine Latin America, where there’s no shortage of the real thing with feminine women. So, sex robots here are laughable. But in the Anglosphere, the cumulative effects of sexual repression are adding up as both sides of the same Anglo culture coin struggle to find some way to deal with human sexuality. Specifically, male sexuality which is shamed and shunned on both sides of the pond.

Anyway, getting back to the original premise of the story – a blowjob cafe opening in England. The online magazine Minds reports:

Businessman Bradley Charvet, plans to open the ‘blow job cafe’ in Paddington, claiming that robot sex will soon be completely normal.

Charvet goes on to say:

Sex robots will always be pleasing and could even become better at technique because they would be programmable to a person’s need. It’s totally normal to see a new way of using robots and others sex toys to have pleasure.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Especially for the huge glut of Beta, Gamma and Omega males who have a hard time getting laid in today’s sexual jungle. As usual feminists have to find something, anything wrong with satisfying normal male sexual desires. Even if men are screwing inanimate objects that have nothing to do with real females other than anatomy.


While nothing will ever replace real women for me, it is nice to see feminists already having a meltdown over an inanimate object

The Female Monopoly on Sex Upset

Kathleen Richardson of De Montfort University in the Down Under portion of the Anglosphere in Australia obviously worries the robots will cut into the female monopoly on sex, although she tries to couch her concern with typical feminist flack.

I want people to stop thinking about the word ‘robot’ and think about the word ‘property’, and what we’re being encouraged to do is have relationships with property.

Insert typical feminist boilerplate language. Kathleen goes on:

While we live in a world which still considers women as property, then it’s not too much of a stretch of the imagination to start creating property that looks like women and then encouraging people to have the same sort of relationships.

She’s leading a crusade against sex robots, probably because she knows once men can get their jollies from a sex robot that doesn’t bitch and doesn’t turn them into child support slaves, subpar women in the Anglosphere won’t be able to extract a high price for such a lousy product. The divorce rape racket will be put into serious jeopardy.

Might there finally be a check and balance on unlimited female power when it comes to sex, strange as robots may be?

Incidentally, prostitution is legal in Great Britain and Australia but still verboten in Puritanical, feminazi-dominated America. A dizzying array of sex laws still plague the uptight nations, moreso in America than England and Australia. Even sex toys are illegal in Alabama (shocking, I know considering the how advanced the state is) and the current governor of Texas tried to ban them in 2007.

However, fudge packing and enshrining fudge packing with marriage is perfectly legal in both states as the elevation of homosexuality and marginalization of heterosexuality continues in America. (FYI, I’m a sexual libertarian. Don’t care what people do to pleasure themselves as long as they leave children out of it.)

No doubt, future historians will have a field day dissecting our current malaise as something as simple and natural as sex has been – pardon the pun – fucked up by our culture. But, let’s look on the bright side. At least women will soon have some competition.

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Boys Committing Suicide at Nearly Double the Rate of Girls


Males are reviled in Anglo culture and adolescent boys are committing suicide at nearly twice the rate of girls

As yet another barometer of the decline and disintegration of Western culture, suicides of kids aged 10 to 14 are now at an all-time high.

The lamestream media is all over this story, but as usual one has to do some digging to come up with the fact far more BOYS are committing suicide than girls. Almost twice as many young boys kill themselves than young girls in this age group.

Don’t expect to hear anti-suicide campaigns aimed at saving young boys in an anti-male Anglo culture. As just one example of how deep the “protect the pussy and exploit the dick” mentality runs in this culture, there are lots of pink ribbons for tits but no ribbons for prostate cancer. That’s just how it works in the matriarchy.

Dr. Marsha Levy-Warren, a clinical psychologist who works with young men and women in this age group told the Old York Times something that sheds some light on the problems of a Puritan work ethic and sexual repression juxtaposed alongside a totally degenerate and sexualized media making everyone miserable – and apparently it’s not just adults who are alienated:

Cultural norms have changed tremendously from 20 years ago.

That’s definitely an understatement. And worse, the cultural norms are getting worse. Much worse. We all know this.

Then we see stories like this that pain the human cost of this tragedy. A recent suicide reported on by the Daily Mail highlights the reality behind the numbers as a high school boy recently added yet another name to the body count.

A 16-year-old boy died early Tuesday morning after police said he jumped in front of an oncoming A train at the 42nd Street subway station under the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York. The teen had a ‘history of depression’ and cop sources said he had been hospitalized in September for suicidal thoughts, according to the New York Daily News.

There’s no word if the boy was on dangerous SSRI antidepressant drugs that The New Modern Man has reported on in the past. But drugs are only one part of a series of problems leading to these grim statistics.


A teen with a history of depression leaped in front of a subway car in New York in recent weeks – no word if he was on dangerous SSRIs

Culture of Death

Anglo America continues to bask in a sewer of what could be collectively called a culture of death. Whether it be drugs designed to keep people functioning profitability in a miserable system, a culture that figuratively if not literally tries to de-ball boys and men, sexual repression designed to communicate the message the only way to get your urges alleviated is by buying the right combination of products, or an education system biased towards females, the Matrix is designed to keep people producing money no matter the human cost of doing so.

So, abortion worship isn’t the only way this culture has become a culture of death.

While part of the statistical uptick in adolescent suicide is no doubt related to the decreasing number of annual deaths in car crashes, the number of suicides in this age group has doubled in the past decade – to around 400.

Between 2007 and 2014, the number of middle schoolers dying by suicide grew from an annual rate of 0.9 to 2.1 per 100,000.

Here are four reasons the number of boys who are committing suicide is rising sharply.

1. Drugs. Ritalin. SSRI antidepressants. The modern day equivalent of Somas in our Brave New World. An astounding 1 out of 5 high school age boys have now been diagnosed with ADHD and many of them prescribed Ritalin in a move that is directed at keeping them from acting like boys. Only 7% of girls have been diagnosed with ADHD. These drugs mess with the developing psychology of boys, and turn many of them into basket cases in an already difficult period in life.

2. Anti-male culture. Just the fact the male suicide rate in the age 10-14 age group is nearly double that of the female suicide rate was buried by the media speaks volumes about the anti-male biases of Anglo culture. From the time boys enter school, maleness and testosterone are brainwashed and drugged out of them. It is not a pleasant time to be alive if your are a male, whether you’re a child or adult.

3. Repressed sexuality. Puritanism is still alive and well in modern day Anglo culture. Anglobitch sums this aspect of modern life for pubescent boys and men extremely well:

Straight men are the monstrum horrendum of the Anglo mass media. One cannot read a newspaper or watch a news bulletin within seeing men being vilified as rapists, pedophiles, cannibals and mass murderers. No word at all about the millions of responsible fathers, husbands and employees out there – the Puritanical Anglo media hates sexualized beings, and so it hates men, period.

Strangely, Puritanism has morphed from a religious practice to an atheistic practice of New World Order socialism in the 21st century. But make no mistake – it has its roots in Puritan Anglo culture.

4. Education system. Kids now spend less time outdoors than prisoners do. The education system is designed to turn young people into efficient, professional consumers and debt slaves, nothing more. It is also designed to begin a process of de-sexualizing both sexes that continues once the newly minted consumers begin consuming corporate media and being subjected to corporate HR policies which are also designed at de-sexualizing human beings.

Once these four problems are recognized and solutions formulated to bring an end to this quadruplet of insanity, the suicide rate will go back down. Don’t expect this to happen as the media is already concealing the fact boys are suffering the most under this social scheme.

Until then, it’s full speed ahead with the New World Order, and as always male sacrifice and the social costs boys and men pay take a backseat to whatever is best for those born with a vagina and what is best for those profiting from the current system.

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Are Gays Natural Allies of the Manosphere


Normal arguments women have against those who challenge their insane narratives (i.e. sexless loser, can’t get a girlfriend, etc.) don’t work against gays

I was recently having a conversation with a gay friend of mine and was rather surprised to find out he and I were in almost total agreement when it comes to Anglo women, and especially white Anglo chicks. (For that matter, even a lot of Hispanic women I know will talk confidentially with me about the frigid, male-hating nature of Anglo women.) My friend is a teacher but also works in retail on the side to for extra investment income, and told me openly he hates having white Anglo chicks as customers more than any other kind of customer. He also doesn’t like dealing with white mothers at school.

We were also in agreement on their entitlement mentality. We were in agreement on their bad attitudes. We were in agreement about what a disaster both feminism and the women’s grievance racket have been. We agree women can’t stand when men challenge their victim status and their misandry. About the only thing we didn’t agree on was sexual preference, and even though gays don’t personally bother me at all I will always be 110% straight.

Indeed, as The Anglobitch Thesis proposes, nowhere in the world is homosexuality as prevalent as it is in Anglo America and the behavior of its women has a lot to do with this fact. This enlightening thesis proposes the prevalence of gayness has a lot to do with the poor nature of the relations between the sexes in a sexually repressed culture. It discusses the villainization of men in the culture as deeply rooted in Puritanism and cultural ideals surrounding the supposed infallibility of women, as it sees them as perfect creatures and men as beasts of burden.

Straight men are the monstrum horrendum of the Anglo mass media. One cannot read a newspaper or watch a news bulletin within seeing men being vilified as rapists, paedophiles, cannibals and mass murderers. No word at all about the millions of responsible fathers, husbands and employees out there – the Puritanical Anglo media hates sexualized beings, and so it hates men, period.

Since spending extensive time abroad in two Latin American countries, I can indeed confirm the weird attitude Anglo culture has towards sexuality. Unless sex is on TV or in the media being used to sell a product or promote “empowering” women by sending them subliminal messages to be sluts, it’s “dirty.” It’s something to be ashamed of. It’s something to be kept hidden. Totally the opposite of sunny and libertine Latin America.

Sex is so shamed, controlled, and used as a female bargaining chip in Anglo culture, should be really find it surprising that many men decide it’s better for their happiness and financial standing to have their sexual needs fulfilled by other men rather than dealing with women who treat sex with an attitude of taboo and a commodity?

This is without even mentioning hypergamy. A “good” man who doesn’t make enough bank for a female to waste on an empty, consumerist lifestyle isn’t even visible in the eyes of Anglo women.

It is a rule of thumb that men invariably marry down in Anglo Saxon countries. This is because Anglo women are programmed by puritanical Anglo-Saxon culture to consider men only as disposable meal tickets and success objects. Hence an Anglo woman of high economic status will find it impossible to consider a mid or low income male a viable partner. This is why middle class Anglo women continually bleat about the ‘shortage of available men’. In fact, all demographic studies show such a shortage to be a complete fiction. What these women really mean is ‘there is a shortage of men who earn more than them’ – something very different!

As a straight man, when it comes to these points I totally understand why many men would give up on women and either become a MGTOW, PUA, MRA, or yes, even turn gay. (Beyond biologically rooted preferences which warrant a whole other discussion. But these ideas do touch on why gayness is so prevalent in this culture.) The difference lies in seeing women for what they are and yet still being attracted to them. Red Pill men still want pussy, and gay men do not.


Milo has been a reliable ally of the manosphere and alt-right


Then there’s Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart’s gay conservative. Much like my friend, he is a hoot to listen to and a virtual wrecking ball knocking down ridiculous feminist narratives. Milo gets more creative license than a straight guy like me because he’s a member of the “protected class” by virtue of being gay. He can post GOD HATES FEMINISTS on his Facebook page and get away with it. (Twitter did ban him though, as a move towards overt censorship begins.)

Milo regularly discusses themes that would be right at home here in the manosphere. As with my friend, I find there is so much we straight men have in common with gay guys. Gay guys see right through women and their games. But, they’re not afraid to point out female ridiculousness and hypocrisy when they see it, in contrast to many straight men who obey their chivalrous instincts rather than logic. (To their own detriment!)

As I recently wrote for Return of Kings, Milo completely devastated Time’s hit piece on the manosphere and the alt-right when he had the weakling author Joel Stein on his show. He had a field day illustrating how media lowlifes in high places push the liberal victim narrative by selecting them as “victims” in their stories and broad-brushing anyone who opposes their opinions as “oppressors.” He cut through Stein’s cover story like a buzz saw, a story in which only liberal women were shown to be victims. Milo’s counterpoint was brilliant:

Conservative women get the worse abuse in the world…you made some partisan choices in the victims you chose for this piece. Everybody gets trolled on the internet…but you chose a particular side of the political divide to characterize as victims. You decided you were going to choose women and feminists…

Indeed, not a single person from our side of the political spectrum was included in the hit piece. Obvious bias which Stein had no defense against. The podcast of the entire show featuring Milo’s razor-sharp logic is worth a listen, as it’s an education in putting lefties on the defense and obliterating their talking points with logic. Milo makes Stein look like a total idiot.

Both my conversations with a gay friend of mine, and Milo’s logical Uzi-like approach to shooting up the liberal narrative lead me me to believe that in many ways gay men can be our natural political allies in the manosphere. More than almost anyone else, they know women’s games and don’t believe feminist narratives and lies. They are members of the Superior Virtue of the Oppressed class by virtue of being gay, so they can say things we can’t. In addition to making Time look like the shit rag it has become, Milo just wrote this piece, echoing the manosphere wisdom: How To Make Women Happy: Uninvent The Washing Machine And The Pill. Check out this turn of phrase, posted on none other than Breitbart:

Almost no invention or political decision in history affected gender relations like the washing machine, because it effectively freed up half the human species to enter the workforce. But, it is my contention: this change left women unfulfilled and miserable.

The role of the housewife has been thoroughly and ritually humiliated by successive waves of feminism — as if raising well-adjusted children, keeping a beautiful home and marrying a loving husband is worthy of derision and ridicule. In fact, it’s one of the most important things a woman can do with her life and may be one of the only things women can actually do better than men.

Incidentally, The New Modern Man just published a similar article featuring statistics that show housewives are happier than women in any other profession, and how women voting en masse has royally screwed up Anglo society, confirming many of the arguments published in an early 1900s pamphlet warning against the societal costs of granting women’s suffrage. We get called every name in the book, while Milo gets off taking very little damage due to his “protected class” status. The left certainly doesn’t know what to do with Milo except ban him and try to ignore him. Indeed, they don’t know what to do with most gay men who criticize perfect pedestal princesses.

It’s often said politics makes strange bedfellows. (No pun intended.) What do you think? Are gays natural allies of the manosphere? My experience having hilarious discussions about women with a gay friend of mine and watching Milo in action certainly seems to suggest the possibility.

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Feminists Show Their Misandry Over Glamour Article


Mmmm…milk and cookies. What could be better? Don’t you dare ask your girlfriend or wife to bring you any! Evil male oppressor!

In another contrived issue that exploded on social media and in the legacy media in the past year, feminists raised hell over a mild Glamour article that suggests 13 ways women can spoil men and make them fall in love. In an increasingly misandrist Anglo culture, women immediately took to their keyboards in furor. After all, men are disposable utilities and horrible oppressors. Why in the world would you ever want to spoil him and make the devil happy? Why would you want to commit such atrocities as treating his friends like human beings and bringing him milk and cookies?

The issue is so ridiculous as to almost be unbelievable, especially when you see the list of “offenses” the girl who wrote the article committed. She obviously made the mistake of thinking men should be treated equal to women, when feminists demand to be treated in a superior manner to their Beta male slaves. Remember, she holds the keys to the Golden Vagina and you are lucky she lets you hang around, sorry specimen of maleness that you are.

Here is the list that sparked the outrage. The fact feminists got their panties in a wad over these trite suggestions only demonstrates how far gone man-hating Anglo culture is. The article describes cutesy, fun things for a woman to do for a man she supposedly cares about.


You’d be better off stabbing yourself with that knife than asking a feminist to do anything in the Vortex of Hell i.e the kitchen [Ed: Don’t literally stab yourself, in this age of insanity one can’t be too cautious when using hyperbole]

The “Offensive” List

1. Stocking the fridge with his favorite drinks. Bonus points: Bring him back to his fraternity days by handing him a cold one as he steps out of the shower.

Who would have guessed that bringing a guy a beer would be the epitome of oppression? Here, have this, I opened it for you. Totally out of line. Meantime, feminists completely ignored young Yazidi sex slaves being burned alive last week, to illustrate the imperiousness of their attitudes toward men through juxtaposition.

2. Making him a snack after sex. It doesn’t have to be a gourmet meal—a simple grilled cheese or milk and cookies will do.

One supposes bringing a man milk and cookies also sets the women’s rights movement back 50 years. Does this mean women can’t ask for milk and cookies either so things are equal? Maybe this also means no chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

3. Emailing him the latest online gossip about his favorite TV show. You don’t have to have a BFF at HBO. Just share applicable links from your Twitter feed and pat yourself on the back.

Doing a 2-minute Google search and showing an interest in male hobbies by sharing a Twitter link is a terrible offense to female supremacists. Men are disposable sperm providers, who much like the male black widow spider are to be disposed of if not killed when the mating act is finished – not lovers, best friends, and fathers. But men are expected to feign in interest in female inanities on a regular basis.

4. Bragging about him to your friends, family, the stranger on the street corner—whomever. Proclamations of pride will make his chest puff out and his heart swell.

To feminists, men are the human equivalent of a handbag or other accessory. He is not a human being who has emotions and deserves a pat on the back once in a while. But don’t you dare “objectify” her! Evil man!

5. Answering the door in a negligée—or, better yet, naked.

Why is this such a horrible proposition for a Strong, Independent Woman™ who is confident in her sexuality? Personally, I would love to have a woman do this for me. In fact, I do have this kind of treatment since I left for Latin America, and it’s wonderful. I go out of my way to do nice things for my girl because she makes me feel special.

6. Being open to what he wants to try in the bedroom and out. An open mind is attractive no matter your playground.

Wouldn’t this be fun for both parties? You’d think feminists would be up for some experimentation after they get tired of riding the carousel.

7. Letting him help solve your petty work problem. Many men don’t do gossip, but they do like to fix things.

Again, how are any of these proposals negative? The outrage demonstrates the dehumanization men in Anglo America are regularly subjected to. Letting a man fix something is now verboten to domineering feminist tyrants.

8. Spitting out sports stats for his favorite team. Showing an interest in his favorite players will earn you points on and off the field.

We are supposed to believe women can do anything a man can, but when she spouts sports statistics just like one of his male best friends it’s suddenly a huge affront?

9. Making a big deal out of his favorite meal. Does he like hot dogs cut up into his boxed mac-and-cheese? Serve it on a fancy tray in bed to really see him smile.

The kitchen is the vortex of hell to feminists. It’s easy to see why this one outraged them, but conversely, would they be offended if a men’s magazine told him to do this for his special girl? Somebody’s got to be in the damn kitchen. Maybe feminists think they all deserve a servant, at your expense, of course.

10. Treating his friends as well as you treat your own. If you win their affections, you’ll win his heart.

Basic human decency is not sexist. In fact, it only speaks to the fact you are a total bitch if you don’t want to respect other people.

11. Sitting side-by-side while he watches his favorite TV. It may not feel like quality time to you, but it’s the best time to him.

This must mean men will not be asked to go shopping or participate in any activities that are only of interest to women. Because, equality, right?

12. Giving him a massage—happy ending completely optional. In fact, a foot rub works just fine.

When girls give me massages, it makes me want to treat them like princesses.

13. Taking him back to third grade with a gentle tease over anything from how you’ll dominate him on the basketball court to the weird way he just styled his hair.

So…feminists don’t enjoy YouGoGrrl-ism anymore? How odd…


The many Latinas I have dated laugh at the attitudes of Anglo women when it comes to cooking and other light chores we all have to do


The feminist predilection for writing up ironic statements that mimic bad dialogue from Hollyweird movies and smartassery dominated the Facebonk and Twatter hamster wheel spinning. Shitlibs also love pointing out the current year, in case you don’t remember what it is. Here’s a selection of the figurative food fight that ensued after the article came out:

  • A. Elizabeth West: The 1950s called; they want their advice back.
  • Aime Louise Forbes: ‘be a living sex doll who makes sandwiches and laughs at his jokes’
  • Natasha Pawade: Was this written by a man? A deranged man?
  • Rachel Carlton Dailey: Where’s MY after sex snack Glamour?!
  • Gillian Sacker: This article is so sexist it could be satire.

Here’s a smartassed reponse for you from the Evil White Male brigade: Why are “feminists” reading “Glamour” magazine? Shouldn’t they be reading magazines about empowerment rather than a “sexist” magazine whose title implies women have to look good? This is the cultural wreckage feminism has wrought. Instead of mutual respect between the sexes, much like everything else in a twisted American culture everything now boils down to a fight to death competition to see who can dominate who.

Screw that shit. It’s nonsense like this that made me appreciate “diversity” and book myself a one-way ticket out of the white girl insane asylum so I could culturally experience something different than male bashing and male hating. I don’t miss this idiocy, and it only makes me laugh and shake my head at the same time to see what “progress” has brought in the 21st century. It is a sad commentary on human beings to see what people turn into when they feel they have an axe to grind. I grind right back just to balance the scales, then turn off the computer and go snuggle with a woman that doesn’t hate me because I have a penis.

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Anglo Culture: A Critique


Social Justice Warriors reflect the deep-seated male hatred inherent in Anglo culture

I think the author of the web site “Anglobitch” KShatriya is on to something with his Critique of Anglo-Saxon Culture.

He touches on something very important in these excerpts from that article, especially since militant, third-wave feminism has become such a problem it threatens to destroy not only Anglo culture, but the Anglo people.

We hear a lot about the evil “Angry White Male” in Anglo media. But the “Angry White Male” phenomenon didn’t just appear in a vacuum or because Anglo men like being pissed off. Something is driving their anger.

My own studies of conservative continental philosophy reveal that the cracks in Anglophone civilizations owe a great deal to a flawed cultural template. An ineffectual education system, low levels of political participation, angry alienation among males, a falling birth rate and a dangerous youth are usually seen as universal phenomena, hazards of Post-modern life. There is seldom any acknowledgement that they are specific to Anglophone societies or that Anglo Saxon culture may itself contribute to them.

He then touches on how problems presented by modern liberalism destroying the foundations of Western society are exacerbated in Anglo culture more so than in the rest of Europe because of the overbearing nature of Anglo females making for a society where people do not get along well.

When liberalism is practiced in an Anglo Saxon context, anarchy tends to ensue. Why is this? In Holland or German speaking countries, anarchy is constrained by a strong, informal consensus that censors needless self-indulgence. Anglo Saxon cultures lack any such informal constraints; the social fabric is naturally thinner.

Later, KShatriya accurately points out something I have noticed my entire life. Anglo women do not like men, in contrast to the women of other cultures I have spent time in from Asia to Latin America who merely seem indifferent to men.

Julius Evola has written that Anglo Saxon culture spontaneously promotes poor relations between the sexes and misandry in general due to its underlying Puritanism. This gives women the notion that the world “owes” them something (a living, an explanation) along with the idea that men are beasts of burden for their edification and amusement. Anglo Saxon women fundamentally do not like men.

Yet, the more women run all over men in Anglo-America, the more men bend over backward to White Knight for them.

In Welfare, Housing and Health Anglo-Saxon women are offered enormously preferential treatment by sheer dint of their sex. This inequality now even extends to education, where examinations have been deliberately adjusted to ensure female supremacy. Men’s oppression and ill-treatment is now so routine in Anglophone societies it has become [invisible]…paradoxically, this does not seem to have improved the lot of female happiness or well-being.

You need look no further than rabid Social Justice Warriors for evidence of how deeply unhappy Anglo women are.


Men are viewed as evil oppressors in Anglo society

I believe the next observation touches on K-selection strategies that perhaps drove Anglo women to extremes of selfishness, when resources were very scarce during their evolution in colder climates of the world.

Henry Miller and D.H. Lawrence are but two Anglophone writers with a deep distaste for their own culture. This reproach hinges on the unhealthy relations prevailing between the sexes. Anglophone women view all relations with men as a process of sexual barter. English or American women are conditioned to only offer love on promise of economic reward. To put it simply, Anglo Saxon women are profoundly selfish. Because of this, they are deeply unfulfilled as women or as human beings.

This selective pressure made Anglo women supremely avaricious as compared to females of other races; that female disposition led Anglo society to world domination but is now ripping it to shreds because there is nowhere else to take Anglo women on the hedonic treadmill. Anglo men have already conquered the entire world for them and are being disposed of having lived out their usefulness. At least, that is my take.

I actually observed the following behavior with women I knew and grew up with.

As with women, Anglo Saxon youth seem to become unreachable around puberty. But while in the case of women this is due to their new-found sexual status in a Puritanical context.

The result a Puritanical, sexually repressed culture has in generating the levels of male alienation we are seeing today with mass a MGTOW movement do indeed have undesirable outcomes.

On the other hand, something has to be done if Anglo Saxon civilization is not to collapse under Welfare claims, crime, male self-exclusion and falling birthrates.

Could the virus of militant feminism that started in Anglo-America and is now spreading to sister cultures in the larger scheme of Western Civilization (French, Spanish, Italian, etc.) be traced back to a fundamental, biologically and psychologically-based hostility Anglo women have towards men?

In any case, the West has its hands full trying to get this genie back into the fucking bottle. My guess is it won’t happen until the West has completely collapsed and men have stopped begging politicians to make their problems go away, instead taking matters into their own hands.

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KShatriya’s Critique of Anglo-American Women


Anglo women tend to view themselves as princesses, and are pedestalized by Anglo society

Today’s recommended reading starts off with a very interesting article from KShatriya at Anglobitch about what happens to Anglo women when their pussy pass expires.

Despite the feminist rhetoric about ‘strong, independent women’ there are still plenty of females whose dependence on men is so absolute that they would rather die than relinquish their sexual leverage over the male sex.

Anglo-America has already all but neutered its men in the name of controlling their sexuality, and thereby controlling their resources. Figuaratively, they are already neutered – supporting governments that hate them with their labor and paying for single moms who have kids with degenerate men with their tax dollars. This is not boding well for the society, and is one of the many reasons it is in decline.

Some of us ran off to friendlier cultures that don’t scapegoat men. There is indeed a long history of this from among men of imagination and realism like D.H. Lawrence, D.G. Rossetti, Crosby, Hemingway, Ezra Pound, Lord Byron, and Henry Miller who all deserted Anglo-America for more libertine cultures. This is pointed out in Kshatriya’s book Havoc: How Anglo American Feminism Ruined Society.

The Anglo-American predilection towards figuratively gelding men is an interesting and peculiar one. The Anglobitch site accurately points out why homosexuality has become ubiquitous in a society that does not value its men, and how the Anglosphere has a long history of hidden homosexuality because of frigid, domineering women. The article, The Anglo Vice: Why Homosexuality is So Prevalent in Anglo-Saxon Countries is quite a read. I would attribute some of today’s marginalization of heterosexual men to social engineering of the degenerate left, but it is interesting that gay pride originated with such fervor in Anglo-America:

To gain:

  • Unlimited sex
  • Financial security
  • Ready made status – gays are lionized by the media
  • Upward mobility (high status gays often form relationships with working class men. High status females never do)

To Lose:

  • Sexual disappointment and frustration
  • Financial chaos, insecurity and penury associated with divorce
  • Negative status – straight men are vilified in the media
  • Downward mobility (Straight men nearly always marry down)

Other interesting observations at the Anglobitch site:

Anglo Saxon nations seem to assume that their culture is ‘better’ than that of other cultural blocs, and that it should be imposed on other regions such as the Islamic world or continental Europe.

Feminism in Anglo Saxon cultures has a strident, misandrist undertone entirely lacking in continental countries. It has little to do with improving life for women and a lot to do with persecuting, hating and excluding men, something it has been singularly successful in achieving.

Aside from this, the social damage caused by Anglo Saxon pandering to women is apparent everywhere:

•    70% of divorces are initiated by women in Anglo Saxon societies, with untold damage to children and society in general.
•    Children reared by lone females are many times more likely to become delinquent.
•    Children reared by lone females are 6 times less likely to escape poverty.
•    Children reared by lone females are many times more likely to exhibit behavioural difficulties at school
•    Every 3rd child conceived is aborted; uniquely, Anglo Saxon women selfishly view the life or death of an unborn child as a political fashion statement

We are on a roll here:

Many Anglophone women seem, in fact, psychologically aberrant. Only women with deep [psychological] wounds could delight in the systemized liquidation of their own offspring via factory abortions. Whatever one’s view of abortion, it seems to have become a political fashion statement in anglophone cultures, even a boasting point. We have reached a point beyond which this practice has assumed a self-indulgent, wanton quality.

And, finally, we will close with a paragraph that sums everything up:

Anglosphere feminism wants the best of all possible worlds: rights without responsibilities; privileges without obligations. As we have seen, Anglo-American feminism emerged among upper class English women in the late Nineteenth Century. It embodies all the faults associated with that type.

Hence the Anglobitch issue is economic as much as it is cultural or political. Anglo-American Governments must necessarily inhibit the sexual or marital options open to males in order to sustain themselves. A sharp drop in the Divorce rate would have enormous repercussions on the US economy and its rapacious ethos of ‘infinite growth’.

A counterview to the pedestalization Anglo men STILL give their women, even avowed PUAs and other sorts of self-proclaimed Alpha males is interesting. These guys still cling to the notion that somehow their women are “better” than the rest of the world’s women. This, in spite of:

Above all, the latent homosexual Anglo culture deifies women in a cloud of candy-floss. In recent years, this deranged tendency has reached psychotic proportions, culminating in the neo pagan cult of Lady Diana Spencer. After her death, British politician Gordon Brown seriously wondered whether the anniversary of her death should be declared a national holiday. Prime Minister Tony Blair dubbed her ‘The People’s Princess’. Some responses surpassed even this. One man told the BBC that he cried more at Diana’s funeral than at his own father’s. (Of course, any man, even one’s own father, is less worthy than a woman to the Anglo Saxon hive mind).

Of course, as we have seen all along this tendency arose in response to the latent homosexuality and puritanical repression that characterises Anglo Saxon culture. It is certainly not new: the English have a long-standing obsession with sentiment stretching back centuries, a close corollary of their cultural effeminacy.

The key to salvaging Anglo Saxon culture lies not in sabotaging its proud tradition of intellectual freedom and concise rationality. It is no surprise that the dominant technological nation is Anglo Saxon; or that the minor Anglophone nations like Britain have a disproportionate role in scientific discovery. The trick is to retain these achievements while stealthily correcting the social problems that threaten to engulf the Anglophone world. It does not bode well for any cultural bloc when half its citizens no longer vote, male suicide runs at record levels and an vast, trans-generational underclass spreads like fungus. Whatever Charles Murray suggests, the intrinsic tone of anglophone culture does not favour economic eugenics and his remedial suggestions are unlikely to be realized. On the other hand, something has to be done if Anglo Saxon civilization is not to collapse under Welfare claims, crime, male self-exclusion and falling birthrates.

Add all this to the list of reasons I have given up on Anglo women, especially those from a Caucasian background. No matter how strident the white knights become, I just don’t think they are worth saving. It is amazing to see what poison lurks beneath their increasingly blubbery exteriors. After all, they were the driving force behind ongoing collapse of the U.S. and Western Europe, by challenging and hating their men with increasing passion for over 100 years. Men who did not forcefully stop them only were their enablers – the impetus to destroy society and dominate men was already there, stronger than in other current societies on Earth.

Western men are letting themselves be pushed around from all sides in their gelded state. All the while, their nations fall to political corruption, feminism, leftism, and are invaded and taken over demographically, they really aren’t doing anything to stop their destruction except writing screeds in dark corners of the Internet and putting their ballots in the box, begging for a new “Alpha male” leader. This new leader will somehow prop up the current system or even reform it somewhat in their minds.

That said, trying to save Anglo women from themselves may be the ultimate death wish for the Anglo-American male. There has to be a genetic component their behavior, the predisposition for the strident male hatred they exhibit now, and have exhibited throughout much of history.

My first thought is it is part of a k-selection strategy. After pushing their men so hard they quite literally took over the world, there is literally no where else for Anglo men to go. The drive to appease the Anglo female id drove the society to greatness. But, it has now reached a point of diminishing returns because there is no more world to be taken over. Thus, societally the Anglo female goes insane and destroys her men.

It’s an interesting idea.

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