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America’s Bathroom Insanity Another Sign The Marxists Are Winning


The fact people are in an uproar over which bathroom to use only confirms Marxists set the agenda of what is discussed in America

The obsession over transgenders and toilets continues in Anglo America, affirming the continuing tyranny of the leftist minority and its hatred for middle America. It also affirms the left’s marionettes in the legacy media still control the narrative. To solve the problem posed by The Great Bathroom Debate there have been proposals to do one of the following:

  • Add third gender bathrooms which will crush small businesses with unnecessary costs
  • Make all bathrooms unisex bathrooms (further blurring the lines between the sexes as desired by diabolical Cultural Marxists).

One question that has never been asked that should be asked: Why is it so hard for someone to use a bathroom the same as the sex listed on their birth certificate, and have that sex legally changed if they decide to surgically mutilate their sex organs?

The only reason this issue has been taken up by leftists is because marginalizing the non-transgender population and muddying the waters of the concept of gender pushes their agenda. It helps to know one of the chief goals of today’s left is pushing Cultural Marxism with the goal of destroying the concept of gender. This is the real purpose behind this debate, since only 0.3% of the population is transgender.

The Marxist’s true aim is eliminating the antiquated (to them) concept of gender, and turning us all into sexless, androgynous pods. To their twisted mind, this will help bring about a Utopia.

Also, having spent a decade working in the “mainstream” or legacy media before I left in disgust, I can assure you the entire industry runs on creating controversy and inventing issues like this out of whole cloth. So, the entire bathroom farrago is profitable for them while it serves an elite who set the agendas in the media.


Cultural Marxists are attacking the concept of gender in the U.S.

The Minority is “Better Than” the Majority

Putting 99.7% of the population on notice and allowing people who are biologically one sex or the other to use the wrong bathroom is insanity. It is surreal that this issue is even being discussed as often as it is by the media and politicians. As explained by blogger Cristinia Laila:

Cultural Marxism always has a group of people considered ‘special’ or ‘protected’. These groups rights always supersede the rights of others no matter the consequences. One by one, Counties and States are fighting over gender neutral public bathrooms. This will give grown men the right to walk into a bathroom or locker room where women and little girls are nude or partially nude. What kind of society do we have where this is appropriate? What kind of society do we have where the most vulnerable, the women and children are put in danger of predators and perverts just to cater to an infinitesimal group of people?

Laila also explains the real agenda behind The Great Bathroom Debate:

Race and gender inequality became the focus to breakdown Western culture. The strong family unit became a target. At the time, families consisted of a father who worked and provided for the family, while the mother stayed at home and reared children (often times elderly grandparents also lived in the home). In order to get the people to acquiesce and become part of the fodder, the leaders knew that they had to remove the father from the home and get women in the workforce. The ‘think tank’, Critical Theory was formed and so began the introduction to feminism and the idea that the two sexes are merely a ‘social construct’.

The differences between the sexes are far more than a social construct. The differences are biological, anatomical, and psychological reality. More importantly, the Great Bathroom Debate makes people forget other evils their government is doing by making them focus on window dressing issues like this one.


Obsessing over window dressing issues takes people’s minds off other things their government is doing

Dangers to Children

At least Presidential candidate Ted Cruz got this much right when discussing the North Carolina bathroom laws.

Grown adult men — strangers— should not be alone in a bathroom with little girls. And that’s not conservative. That’s not Republican or Democrat. That’s basic common sense.

Of course, leftists in rags like the NY Daily News have been getting up on their soapboxes and letting everyone know, once again, how morally superior they are by preaching one of their code words: tolerance.

But [allowing men into women’s bathrooms] is not false tolerance — it’s real tolerance.

Predictably, they take the side of those they claim are being oppressed by not being allowed into the wrong bathroom.


Gender is not a confusing concept except in Anglo America where liberals use 0.3% of the population to attack the other 99.7%

Fallacy of the Superior Virtue of the Oppressed

Putting this into a philosophical perspective, Bertrand Russell knew the so-called oppressed did not have superior virtue to the majority simply by virtue of being oppressed.

There’s no rational reason to believe that one segment of mankind is morally superior to another. But many moralists like to think better of groups to which they do not belong, and especially oppressed groups such as “subject nations, the poor, women and children” – or noble savages…The logic can then be used by the oppressed: because we are more virtuous, we should rule.

We see this time and again with leftists. The majority, particularly if they’re heterosexual, white, and Christian are demonized while those with tendencies that differ from the norm are lifted up as sterling, superior human beings.

The reality is, once the Cultural Marxists realize this agenda item, this is what will happen next.

Eventually, once the oppression ends, everyone can see that the superior virtue was fictional… Socialists want it both ways: to proclaim the virtues of the [working class] while working to change the conditions that [causes] those supposed virtues.

Marxists will then go on to look for another victim group. Once The Great Bathroom Debate is won, they will pursue another fringe group to take up the cause of. Indications are the next cause they take up will be lowering the age of consent and legalizing pedophilia. As pointed out by Conservapedia this issue has already been broached by at least one Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

Ginsburg called for reducing the age of consent for sexual acts to persons who are less than 12 years old. She asserted that laws against bigamists, persons cohabiting with more than one woman, and women cohabiting with a bigamist are unconstitutional.

Clearly, there are still more institutions of Western Civilization for the left to knock down, unleashing the worst instincts of man on the society. The left is doing it piece by piece, step by step.

Ultimately, once America and Europe are eliminated as threats to an immoral, Communist New World Order the thinking of the elite is the rest of the world will fall into line with their evil chess game.


In order to effectively fight back against Marxism we need to change tactics, stop dancing to their tune and stop playing defense

Change Tactics

If traditionalists and conservatives want to win and save society from a degenerate future, instead of dancing to the Marxists’ tune and playing defense the majority needs to take a different tactic and go on the offensive.

For the past 50 years the majority has been losing the culture war because it always assumes a defensive crouch each time a far left agenda item is unleashed on them, and  they then fall back instead of going on the offense and making the far left out to be the hounds of hell they are. The left needs to be made to defend its degenerate policies, not the other way around in which conservatives try to prove they are not some sort of collective boogerman.

As long as the left and its Cultural Marxist media set the agenda, look for ever-increasing ridiculousness to enter the Overton Window of acceptable political debate in a dying America. One would have never thought we would arrive at the point that bathrooms become such a hot topic of debate, but alas, the power hungry know no bounds in their sociopathic quest to destroy those they disdain.

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