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Predatory Females at Work: Emmanuel Sanders’ Wife Files for Divorce Just as He is Set to Earn $10 Million Bonus


Yet another episode of Frivorce Rape Lotto: Emmanuel Sanders vs. Gabriella

Here’s a case study in why the awakened man should never put himself into the compromised position of being married these days. This case is still winding its way through the vagina-worshiping court system, but it sounds a number of alarm bells to the man who would glean knowledge from its details.

The press is having a field day with the Emmanuel Sanders divorce. We will look at it from a Red Pill perspective, yet another cautionary tale of what putting your scrotum into a legal vice grip yields when your bitch gets ready to flush you down the toilet.

Here goes. (This is all just one man’s opinion, of course.)

Their second baby hadn’t even been born yet, and already Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Emmanuel Sanders’ wife Gabriella was positioning herself for the kill. She was ready to cash in on his ass as her divorce lawyers had already begun writing up boilerplate legal screeds for the gynocentric, Anglo-American kangaroo courts. Gabriella served Sanders with divorce papers even before she squeezed out her annuity… er… child in the delivery room.

In case you haven’t noticed, children are nothing more than meal tickets to women in modern day Anglo-America. Fathers and fathers’ rights be damned. If women think they can’t cash in on their children, they simply go kill them at the abortion clinic. But, being married to an NFL player obviously ensures a nice, consistent stream of child support cash enforced by legal indentured servitude. (Pay up or go to jail.) We are living smack dab in the middle of one of the most insane socioeconomic systems in the history of mankind.

How much does she want? As reported by Meninist:

Gabriella is looking to score big as she is asking the courts for custody of their two children, a restraining order against Sanders, and she wants a “disproportionate” share of their assets. Ironically, Sanders is scheduled to make $13.2 million (includes $10 Million dollar signing bonus) this year from his 3 year $33 million dollar contract.

Disproportionate share, eh? Tell me again how women are not prostitutes and marriage is not legalized prostitution.

Witness, once again White Knights and fembots, The Predatory Female in action. Gabriella timed the divorce perfectly. She filed for divorce right before she pushed out her 18-year annuity that Sanders fathered. But she doesn’t just want a fat child support check. Oh, no. She wants a fat slice of the bonus he no doubt busts his ass to earn.

Sanders even reportedly said he was “blindsided” by the divorce. Ha. Yep, women will do that. They always hide their true feelings and emotions from men until they go for the jugular. This should come as absolutely no surprise to a regular reader of TNMM. Cynical as the truth may be, the truth is the truth. Women are financial predators of men, and in a society that has gone completely insane and let them frivorce rape with impunity, they’re cleaning out any men stupid enough to marry them.

Laughably, she is citing his side chicks as a reason she should be able to cash in. (I want money for the sex I gave you rule applies again!) From celebrity gossip rag TMZ:

The estranged wife of Denver Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders has declared WAR on the NFL star — claiming he lied, cheated and spent THOUSANDS on chicks he was banging on the side.

Umm…THOUSANDS to an NFL player is like dropping a $50 to the average working slob. It seems Sanders was another fool who soon parted with his money to pay for these girls rather than a PUA. A player on the field, and another Beta with more money than common sense when it comes to women. TMZ rages on:

It’s all in ANGRY court docs filed by Gabriella Sanders — who blasts the father of her 2 children with a metaphorical bazooka right from the get go.

“When he’s not playing football on the field, he ‘plays the field’ with numerous women whom he is or has committed adultery.”

Big shocker. Knowing an NFL player will more often than not have multiple harems because women will lay down for rich and powerful men on command, nay throw themselves in front of his cock, she sets herself up as…you guessed it…the victim while she lends him enough rope to hang himself.

Gabby lays out multiple marital “atrocities” allegedly committed by her husband – and claims he spent “thousands upon thousands of dollars on girlfriends and wasting the community estate, even purchasing a vehicle for one of his illicit affairs.”

There is no doubt a personal investigator was used to follow Sanders around in order to gather information on him while she planned her frivorce rape lotto victory.

Incidents like these remind me of the Incident at the Bank I have written about numerous times, in which two Anglobitches compared notes about how much money their vaginas had rewarded them in divorce court as they cashed out at a Latin American teller. My opinion of women was already pretty low at that point. But I was forced to downgrade my opinion after witnessing that cackling display.

The long and short of it is only a fool marries an Anglobitch or a woman who has adapted to Anglo culture in today’s legal and social climate. That humble advice could have saved Sanders millions. Any other rich guys who I talk out of getting married, feel free to send me a nice contribution. I’ll take a fraction of what these hos will want out of you for my consulting fee.

The story of the Scorpion and the Frog applies: Men should not be asking why they were frivorce raped by a creature whose entire nature is built on dissimulation and acting. What they should be asking is why they were stupid enough to fall for the ruse. Taking advantage of men for material and economic gain is in women’s nature. And America was insane to let these instincts return, unchecked. It’s all just a downward spiral from here.

We’ll be on the sidelines keeping you advised of some of the more egregious frivorce rape lotto cases. These happen every day, it’s not like they’re uncommon.

Ergo, women always want money for sex. All the pleasantries around the exchange and myths of “love” and “marriage” and “commitment” are just sophistry and dissimulation. Find a divorce case in which women don’t want monetary remuneration for services performed, even in the YouGoGrrl age, and you will have found the proverbial needle in the haystack.

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Men, It’s Okay to Live For Yourselves


It’s okay to be a self-interested Lone Wolf in a society that doesn’t value men

If there’s one thing the predatory female is good at, it’s making men feel guilty for living lives that reflect their own self-interest. Since purging the indoctrination I received from the public edumacation system and mass media brainwashing I’ve realized enormous personal freedom and yes, happiness since deciding to look out for number one.

Fuck a bitch and her wants. I’m going to commit the ultimate taboo and do ME.

Here’s just a sampling of the things I get to do as a swinging, single man to make myself happy rather than wasting my money and time on a relationshit:

  • Travel the world
  • Live part-time in the Caribbean
  • Bang women all over the world
  • Quit my day job to write and pursue other interests
  • Live a minimalistic life completely debt-free
  • Visit strip clubs and brothels for fun
  • Learned how to Bachata and Salsa dance
  • Drive a 16 year old hot rod (when visiting the States) rather than a SUV or minivan
  • Embarked on an extensive road trip that I’m still on
  • Plan on spending extensive time on four continents the second half of 2017

The result has been a much more rewarding and fulfilling life than dedicating myself to an ungrateful bitch who, in the end, will never appreciate what I’ve done and how much of myself I’ve sacrificed to fulfill her materialistic demands and competitive consumption desires.

As she monkey branches to her next meal ticket, I’ll have lost months, years, or decades of my life that could have been spent doing things I want to do rather than what she wants to do.

I’ve seen what happens to men who attempt to appease the predator. Whether it’s my next door neighbor or supposedly Alpha male Hollyweird actors, the story is almost always the same with today’s war of the sexes: relationships that end in financial rape and result in a massive balloon payment at the end (frivorce) which is literally nothing more than legalized prostitution if critically analyzed.

Better for pay for that pussy up front, as I frequently recommend.

While I don’t consider myself a MGTOW personally, I understand and wholeheartedly support the point of view of MGTOWs like John Smith who recently posted this awesome metaphor for the way females use males in our society:

The woman and the system behave exactly like a pack of wolves. They target an individual prey animal, separate him from the herd, hound him to exhaustion, and when there is nothing left to feed upon the woman exits the scene of the kill with her share of the cash and prizes while the legal pack moves on to the next victim. It is just that simple.

We all know that is exactly how women and the legal system behave towards men. The wolf metaphor works on so many levels. Since men are the equivalent of prey animals in our society, why would a man give up the only life he has to be used and abused in this way, left financially bleeding to death outside the gynocentric court house?

Thought criminals at Breitbart recently highlighted the plight of Western men, who are incentivized to not give two shits about the current system. They’re treated like laborers on a human farm who suffer everything from abusive taxes, to hateful women, to marginalization for being heterosexual and having normal sexual desire. In an article detailing the men who are either embracing MGTOW, Going Galt, or getting the fuck outta Dodge by expatriating, Milo wrote:

Never before in history have relations between the sexes been so fraught with anxiety, animosity and misunderstanding. To radical feminists, who have been the driving force behind many tectonic societal shifts in recent decades, that’s a sign of success: they want to tear down the institutions and power structures that underpin society, never mind the fall-out. Nihilistic destruction is part of their road map.

Of course, when society shits on men and degenerates want to tear down everything we built up, eventually we shit on it back. Continuing from Breitbart:

But, for the rest of us, the sight of society breaking down, and ordinary men and women being driven into separate but equal misery, thanks to a small but highly organized group of agitators, is distressing. Particularly because, as increasing numbers of social observers are noticing, an entire generation of young people—mostly men—are being left behind in the wreckage of this social engineering project.

It’s wreckage we are proudly walking away from.

Some of us have a backbone and are not happy about our newfound status as third class citizens that has formed as a result of the dominance of a small, matriarchal claven of feminists.


Men now realize their sacrifices are not being rewarded

The Villains Society Deserves

Will it take an event like the one foreshadowed in Atlas Shrugged to create change? If men collectively banded together as in Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged, Anglo America would be forced to realize the value of our labor and our participation in society. Our contribution might no longer be taken for granted. This dramatic scene illustrates the power the men who support society have:

He stepped to the window and pointed to the skyscrapers of the city. He said that we had to extinguish the lights of the world, and when we would see the lights of New York go out, we would know that our job was done.

Indeed, why wouldn’t we drop out and remove ourself from exploitation by the aforementioned “wolves” of society, i.e. women and the political/legal class? The feminist social engineering experiment took half my life and took the entire lives of countless other men, wasting it rather than giving me a reliable life partner and posterity to invest in.

Someone has to throw down the gauntlet and be the “evil” one who refuses to go along and get along with a scheme that has taken both our partners and posterity away. As Jack Ronin frequently puts it, we must become not the heroes society claims to want, but the villains it deserves.

I decided some time ago that the things I wanted and make me happy are the equivalent of watching a good music video. I want lots of bitches, enough money to cover my needs and travel the world (forget the garish materialism in the videos), freedom, booze, and some occasional recreational drugs. (Everything in moderation of course. I don’t want to throw it all away on a stupid ass addiction.) So, I’ve endeavored to design a life that reflects those desires. And it is paying dividends. And I’m going to teach other men how to do the same thing.

I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. And things are only going to get better with time. This is a life I would have never realized if I had followed the life script we are all given. I will never give this lifestyle up for a bitch when thanks to the fact the current sexual market forced me to master Game and learn how to exploit hypergamy, I can have a twenty-something hot piece of tail in my bed virtually whenever I want.

If that means standing alone as a lone wolf to stand up for what I believe in, so be it.

Why make a woman’s problems my problems when I can worry about my own problems, and just pump and dump or hire legal call girls to get the sexual satisfaction I need? As much as it pains me to say it, the vast majority of women have nothing to offer me except sex anyway.

Feel guilty for making myself happy rather than making someone who will never appreciate me happy? Never! And neither should you. Life is a short dance in the sun, and men need to start living for themselves.

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Venom and Vitriol: Women’s Psychology Towards Men

A very angry aggressive woman is clenching her fists in rage

Lurking beneath the sweetness act of all women is venom and vitriol and a tally of every perceived slight a man has ever made against her

As any man who has gone through a breakup with a woman knows, her venom and vitriol get turned up to about 9 or 10 once she has finished extracting what she wants from him and he is of no additional material or social benefit to her. She will also twist everything he says around in a way that makes him look evil and her look like a saint. She will say some of the most hateful things you have ever heard, bringing up slights from years or decades ago you had forgotten about. Rev. Lawrence Shannon’s classic book The Predatory Female details the female play by play as she details the infamous what she has had to put up with litany:

During the final hours of your marriage [or relationship], the predatory female reviles you over all the real or imaginary affronts she has held you accountable for over the years. You will be chastised for even the most insignificant or questionable slights, some you can’t remember, dating back prior to the wedding. She may exhibit genuine hatred as she berates you for what she has “had to put up with.” The predatory female works hard to preserve all these self-defined offenses and ceremoniously dumps them on you as the marriage collapses. She often stages these scenes in front of your neighbors, friends, and children.

A succinct synopsis of this aspect of female behavior comes from the Twelfth century French tale Tristan and Iseult: The wrath of a woman is much to dread. I have heard the above scene play about time and again from childhood from women who had good men as husbands. But, they were never be satisfied with what he was providing them as television always put more illusions of consumerism and materialism into their heads. I heard the “what she has had to put up with” line countless times, even from my own mother as she leveled venomous attacks against my hardworking father, who was a good man. He has been dead 25 years and she still brings up the slights “she had to put up with” which in reality was a passel of little things as she benefitted far more from her relationship with him than she suffered. However, women do not see it that way.

In any breakup, venom and vitriol usually spew forth like a broken sewer line from the mouth of the “sweet little lady” a man once welcomed into his life and his home. Don’t be fooled, the sweetness is all an act. Women are consummate actresses, it’s hard to know what is real and what is not with them until a man has had some experience and suffered some disasters with them. What is really brewing psychologically between her pleasing exterior is further elucidated by Rev. Shannon, as he details the breakup phase of The Predatory Female cycle:

You are about to see the cold side of your spouse, a primal, hissing, bone chilling transformation that is rooted in thousands of years of female survival. Brace yourself for scenes at airports where your children are torn away from you, screaming and crying, while your former spouse stands in the background with a smug, victorious sneer.

As soon as women think they have a man in the corner, the act stops and the real personality beneath the façade comes out. Once a man has seen this side of women repeatedly, there is no un-seeing it. A plan of action must be made to avoid legal and financial entanglements with her in the age of male oppression in the court system.


Better to rent by the hour than finance the purchase

Don’t Risk It

Your wallet and your freedom are at risk anytime you deal with women in Anglo America. Thinking women are your friend is tantamount to suicide by stupidity. If life experience has taught me anything, it’s that the female association with Beta males is strictly transactional. Her association with the Beta operates under the guise of a relationship or a marriage, but underneath it all she is looking to maximize the return on investment of nature’s credit card – her vagina. Marriages have operated this way for 5,000 years. Only has Western civilization been able to delude itself with the concept of love for the past few hundred years.

Know your adversary. Know that she IS your adversary. Develop a working understanding of predatory females. Accept what you’ve learned about predatory females, both emotionally and intellectually. Forget your past presumptions and values concerning females. They were sprinkled into your mind by the matriarchal system. You have to break out.

Whether paying for her McMansion and SUV or paying for dates or paying to rent her wet hole for half an hour, if men are dealing with women money is involved. The cost-benefit analysis works out best 9 times out of 10 when a man rents sex by the hour. This is why prostitution between consenting adults needs to be legalized in America, as it already has been in much of the world outside The Matrix. Rev. Shannon touches on this fact:

For the risks involved, you’d definitely be better off with a high class prostitute. After all, there are good reasons, most of them very Darwinian, for prostitution being the oldest profession. We’re talking survival here. Banned and hunted by the matriarchal society because they threaten the established marital scam, prostitutes are not only legal in some jurisdictions, but may be the wisest investment for your dating dollar.

The real reason women hate prostitutes is it brings competition to their scam. Why put up with all their bullshit when you can get sexed and then move on with life? Why deal with someone who hates you 24/7 when you can rent the wet hole by the hour?

The venom and vitriol towards you as her chosen Beta meal ticket is always there, lurking underneath the surface like lava inside a volcano. Women only choose to hide their true feelings towards men when they can benefit from association from them in the way anthropologist Robert Briffault so eloquently described in the 1930s: The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place. But make the wrong move and the hapless Beta is subject to a violent eruption of all the hatefulness simmering underneath the surface.

The male choice is to either be a disposable provider module of benefits or to short circuit the system by being a badass Alpha or Sigma. When’s the last time you heard female venom and vitriol being spit at an Alpha male who pumped her, dumped her, then left her. My bet is if there’s any venom at all coming out of her mouth it’s not nearly as toxic as that special hatred women reserve for used up Beta providers.

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NAWALT: Not All Women Are Like That!


NAWALT: Your chances of finding one are about the same as finding a unicorn

NAWALT! Not all women are like that! One must hear or see that tired pretense several times a week, if not more often in discussions with or about women. Sadly, in most cases the opposite is true. All women are like that, to the 99th percentile. It’s as if women think if they repeat the Big Lie often enough, men will believe it. However, the reality is the likelihood of finding a NAWALT is extremely low.

The fact women travel in packs reinforces the fact they are herd followers, and trend following behavior tells us they’re not their own person as much as a product of the culture and environment they’re in. If the most popular girl of a group dyes her hair, it won’t be long before her followers dye theirs. The pack mentality also helps explain why women often follow ridiculous and degenerate pop culture icons, and mimic everything from their behavior to their hair styles.

For an in-depth explanation of this and other female behaviors, we go back a century to a less culturally insane and less politically correct time, when a famous German philosopher was writing down his observations about women. Among many other observations, he noticed women do not use higher reasoning in most day to day decision making, which in modern times is known as The Hamster Effect. Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer describes a female lack of reason, free from the cancer of political correctness in his time:

Man reaches the maturity of his reasoning and mental faculties scarcely before is twenty eight; woman when she is eighteen; but hers is reason of very narrow limitations. This is why women remain children all their lives, for they always see only what is near at hand, cling to the present, take the appearance of a thing for reality, and prefer trifling matters to the most important.

The female love for trifling matters (i.e. gossip) powers entire industries and provides their quarterly profits. Everything from tabloids to local news drama are designed around the female love of gossip. Observe what women talk about when with other women, especially if their guard is down. Log on to Fakebook and look at what women are sharing and talking about. The topics will be sensational, salacious, or trifling. So, with gossip, All Women Are Like That.

Lack of foresight and accepting pie in the sky claims as reality without questioning them, as women consistently show us by voting for leftist demagogues further proves Schopenhauer’s claim. Indeed, causality is typically reversed in the female mind when relationship decisions are made, and the hamster also blocks foresight of the outcomes of bad decisions like dating bad boys and criminals – which statistically have more offspring and more sexual partners than productive members of society in today’s sexual market. Schopenhauer continues with his expose of this emotional, here and now thinking:

It is by virtue of man’s reasoning powers that he does not live in the present only, like the brute, but observes and ponders over the past and future; and from this spring discretion, care, and that anxiety which we so frequently notice in people. The advantages, as well as the disadvantages, that this entails, make woman, in consequence of her weaker reasoning powers, less of a partaker in them.

In feminized America, realizing all women are like this turns the indoctrination men receive (of the mythical Strong, Independent Woman™) upside down. From childhood, boys learn they are snips, snails, and puppy dog tails and girls are sugar, spice, and everything nice! The view that everything male is bad and everything female is good is accepted as unquestionable truth in a society that does not value men. Men are taught they are evil oppressors and that women are perfect princesses.

This view elevates women above men from a very young age gives women the psychological impression they are superior, a sentiment which is reinforced in the government-run education system and in messaging from media and society. Women are told they can be just like men (except women hold the keys to the Golden Vagina which makes them special), and that each girl is an individual snowflake – different from all the rest. However, by examining more behaviors nearly all women display, the conclusion that All Women Are Like That leaps out.


Good Guys Used and Abused: All Women Are Like That

Good Guys Stepped On

Men quickly learn in today’s dating and mating jungle that being a good guy will get you nowhere with the ladies, especially when women are at their peak fertility, roughly age 18-25. Good guys are the invisible men, just as a man who spends all his money or loses his status or power also becomes invisible.

The majority of women in today’s man-hating culture pat each other on the back with YouGoGrrl-isms and not only jump on the cock carousel, but ride it as long as they can. This begins to change as women realize their looks and their taut, firm azzes and tits are not going to last forever. These assets which they leverage over men start to betray them as they age. Only when the aging process sets in and the hamster starts to realize hers is a one way trip around the sundial, that she will never be as pretty, as young, as firm, as fertile, as desired as once she was, will she start to lower her expectations from oh, a Hollywood A-lister to a Fortune 500 CEO.

The expectations continue to lower as her SMV plummets in her 30s. Then, and only then will she offer her used up vajay-jay to the Beta male who was totally invisible to her only 10 short years ago. Take a look around at women in the West. It is easy to see, once the rose-colored glasses have been removed, this is how the vast majority of women operate in a market that incentivizes rather than punishes sluttery.

Alphas get first dibs, and Beta backups figuratively get sloppy seconds. All Women Are Like That.


Predatory Instincts: All Women Are Like That

Predatory Behavior

Rev. Lawrence Shannon, who was Red Pill before Red Pill was cool, preaches the gospel of truth to men. All women, contrary to what the NAWALT priestesses will have you believe, display predatory behavior. Once again, the trio of money, status, and power come into play. As Shannon tells us:

Any combination of money, romance, and excitement. The scent of these accommodations will have her rising like a cobra in a wicker basket. The provider of such diversions occupies center stage in her life, but his identity is unimportant to her, and it’s a temporary position. Nobody can amuse her forever.

All men who have been dumped can testify to the truth of that statement. But, chin up! Don’t let the fickle female nature phase you. You have been given the right instincts by nature to deal with her fickleness. In the past, a society that wanted to be civilized gave men the power to completely dominate her.

Today, as Pandora’s Box has been thrown open by feminism, men have to realize they need to have one bird in the hand and always keep two in the bush, i.e. side pieces. Instincts to pump and dump women and maintain harems evolved to respond to this harsh reality of the mating market. Unreliable women mean men now have to focus on quantity instead of quality. Beware, though when pumping and dumping. Never let any one woman in the harem get too close.

A man, dealing with a predatory female, is like a man in the water with a shark. The environment (the matriarchal society) belongs to the predator. A man needs luck or special training to survive. Conditions permitting, a shark isn’t satisfied with just one chunk of the victim . . . it keeps coming back for more.

Tight Game will lure her, like a fisherman tossing chum into the water, but practiced aloofness is essential to keep her from getting close enough to take a chunk out of you. Remember, a predator cannot help itself when there is red meat around. The fact this is yet another piece of advice that will work all the time, every time only reinforces the AWALT realities of the world of fallen angels we live in.


Conspicuous Consumption: All Women Are Like That

Obsession with Consumerism

Women love to shop, and they love to eat out. The one consistent characteristic of Anglo America is the fact it is a coast to coast shopping mall. This coast to coast shopping mall and eatery is powered by the female id and its obsession with gathering things. Men are hunters, women are gatherers in our species, and marketing flacks have exploited women’s gathering instincts for over a century using Freudian psychology. Schopenhauer would not be surprised that women currently make up 80% of today’s consumer waste economy, usually referred to as the She-conomy by marketing flacks:

This is why they have greater inclination for extravagance, which sometimes borders on madness. Women in their hearts think that men are intended to earn money so that they may spend it, if possible during their husband’s lifetime, but at any rate after his death.

Indeed, women expect to live the life of a princess at her husband’s expense, and if she can’t find a man to pay for this extravagant lifestyle, in her mind Uncle Sugar should pay for it. A McMansion, luxury sedan or monstrous SUV, exotic vacations to far off destinations, eating out in nice restaurants for every meal, shopping to excess and conspicuous consumption to outdo her lady friends are her objectives.

The obsession with shoes, outfits, makeup, and shiny things is universal, and unless constrained by culture it can become destructive. The vanity and materialism women consistently display are more pieces of evidence which confirm: All Women Are Like That. Do not attempt to satiate her unending desire for stuff in a pathetic bid to be the man in her life, the Hedonic Treadmill makes it impossible. Once your utility has been consumed, you will find yourself bankrupt, alone, or both. All Women Are Like That.


Frivolous: All Women Are Like That


Pack behavior, love of trifling matters and gossip, the invisibility of good guys, predatory behavior, and the obsession with material things all lead to a frivolous female existence. It is nearly impossible to find exceptions to this rule in the mating jungle. Culture is the force which keeps these attributes suppressed in any sane society. However, anyone who has spent time there, and especially dated there knows Anglo America is no longer a sane society.

We have two fundamentally different psychologies when examining the behavior of men and women. Women doth protest too much when they insist they are not like other women. It is an irony that all women say they are not like that, which only gives us another way they behave alike because they all say that! Schopenhauer continues:

Because women in truth exist entirely for the propagation of the race, and their destiny ends here, they live more for the species than for the individual, and in their hearts take the affairs of the species more seriously than those of the individual. This gives to their whole being and character a certain frivolousness, and altogether a certain tendency which is fundamentally different from that of man; and this it is which develops that discord in married life which is so prevalent and almost the normal state.

Women believe they are individuals, even though they behave very much like herd creatures. I always look forward to and enjoy the moment a girl I am banging or dating tells me, “But, I’m not like other girls!” It happens every time. And what do they do in the end? They go on to later prove, that yes, they were just like all those other girls.

Learn the system, learn their tricks, be the cool, aloof, rational observer of their behavior and as a man you will have the advantage. Because 99 times out of 100, the new girl’s bag of tricks is going to be just like the old’ girls bag of tricks. All women ARE like that.

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Comment of the Week | May 15, 2016


We will slip a $5 in your pocket when you win our Comment of the Week competition

Comment of the Week | $5 Cash Winner

Commenter charlessledge001 wins Comment of the Week and gets $5, enough to have a beer on us. In response to Living Expenses Abroad are Less than a U.S. Child Support Payment he pointed out how the propaganda ministry indeed tries to keep people from seeing the light by traveling to countries that are freer than “free” America:

I think the reason America pushes the other countries are so bad/dangerous is like a fat bitchy wife telling her husband how young women are all whores and annoying. She knows they are one thousand times better than her but she needs her husband to keep believing the myth she pushes so she can continue to parasite off him. If the slaves ever get wind of how great freedom is they may not be comfortable with being slaves anymore. And as far as being dangerous have they ever been to Detroit or Phoenix or hell any major city in America lol.

Indeed, as The Predatory Female tells us, the system needs lots of thirsty, compliant, ignorant men to pay into it or the whole house of cards crashes down, and Uncle Sugar won’t be able to write checks to support women’s horrible decisions anymore.

Red Pill Men: Realize, there is much more freedom to be had abroad than in a socially engineered, materialistic, Puritanical, sexually repressed culture. Get it while the gettin’ is good.

Comment to Win!

Give us your thoughts after each article is published and you could be our next winner of some cold, hard cash courtesy of The New Modern Man. And don’t forget the Comment of the Month competition which awards $20 cash the 1st of every month!

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