Techguest. Com Whatsapp: Explore Its Features And Legitimacy!

Techguest. Com Whatsapp Online Reviews

Read details about Techguest. Com Whatsapp and Instagram here. Go through all the points carefully.

The website ‘Techgues’ is trending on the internet. The website has different types of content present, and the article seems educational. People from Senegal, India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia are trying to learn about this website. Instagram

The website has various articles and write-ups on their website about different social media applications. They have also provided a few articles regarding Instagram as well. 

There are articles about Instagram’s unlimited followers from Fauxy Application, Instagram Influencer Marketing, Instagram Details, etc. 

On the website, one will find articles on WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, Amazon, games, etc. They also have articles on specific applications and Android features. 

Just like Instagram articles, their article on WhatsApp is also trending. They have provided a detailed write-up on deleting photos from WhatsApp, WhatsApp’s scanner, etc. They have hundreds of articles present on their website.

However, there are only so many details regarding anything on the website. Thus, the credibility of the website decreases. It is essential to be assured of the credibility of the website and to trust the information provided in the article. 

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Legitimacy Points of The Website

While discussing a website and its content, assessing its credibility is essential. If the website is still being discovered or is new, we will provide a few points to help you understand the website’s legitimacy.

Legitimacy Points of The Website
Legitimacy Points of The Website
  • Trust Rating of the Website: It is just 48.7%. Thus, the website has medium risk and is doubtful. 
  • Phishing Score of the Website: It is just six out of a hundred.
  • Spam Score: It is just one out of a hundred.
  • The probability of a suspicious website is just 28 out of 100.
  • Threat Score of the website: It is just ten out of a hundred.
  • Malware Score of the website: it is just 10 out of 100.
  • Domain Creation Date: The domain was created on Monday, 25th July 2022. 
  • Expiration Date of Website: It will expire on 25th July 2024. 

Specification Of The Website Techgues

Here are a few essential details regarding the website:

  • Social Media Presence of Techgues: No social media presence
  • Owner Details: No further information regarding the admin or owner is provided
  • Registered office or address: No such detail provided
  • Reviews of the Website: Satisfactory reviews provided on a trusted portal
  • About & Contact Details: no about us details or contact details provided
  • Website Last Updated On: It was updated on 15th December 2023
  • Domain’s Registrar: It is registered on Hostinger operations
  • Website’s Preface: It is very empty and bad
  • Author Details: The author’s name is mentioned. However, no details are mentioned.

The author’s name tagged in the article is Imran Khan. The person looks like a natural person. Additionally, Imran Khan is the man behind running the website. 

Because every single article has been published under his name, there needs to be express details provided in this regard.

Techgues Details & More

The website Techgues needs to look more credible; thus, we suggest the user proceed with caution. The website has a lot of content and write-ups about different social media application.

Instagram and WhatsApp-related write-ups are currently trending on the internet. Thus, we have talked about the website and its other factors. 

We have discussed the types of articles provided and the legitimacy factors. We have also tried to find the credentials of the owner of the website. But we could not see.

The website has a lot of educational articles to read. The WhatsApp and Instagram articles are plenty.

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