The Adventures of RF


The Adventures of Relampago Furioso

Come along with me as I do all the things men are told not to do in modern, feminized society. Like quitting my shitty corporate job and living the life of a world-roaming nomad. Banging countless hotties. Dabbling in drugs in jurisdictions where it’s legal. Traveling America and the world on a motorcycle and a semi.

It was a few years ago I was fat and miserable, trapped in the jaws of wage slavery in America when I decided there must be a way out before I have a massive coronary. I lost all the weight physically and mentally as I charted a new course in life – one of freedom from debt and one of living the libertarian lifestyle I believe in. One in which my body and my mind are my own with which to do whatever I choose.

My goal is to be as masculine and adventurous as I can be to spite a culture that hates both and does everything it can to strip me of realizing happiness from these traits. This section of The New Modern Man is just getting started. Here’s what I have so far, with an eye on developing this section of the blog more fully as time moves on.

UPDATE: Help me raise $1,000 for my minimalist, nomadic spring road trip spanning 30 to 45 days across America. I’ll be making the journey on two wheels and with a tent.

Stories from the Road | Rel’s Travel Eye Candy

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