Comment of the Week | July 17, 2016


A great comment from the past week

Comment of the Week

Commenter LosAngelesKing wins Comment of the Week with a sharpshooting comment about gun control and the motives of the puppet masters behind it. In response to Gun Violence Cut in Half Despite Twice as Many People Owning Guns, an article that obliterates the media narrative on guns, he responded:

As Einstein said: Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

As George Orwell said: In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Great article, Relampago. I may be one of those rare Canadian “gun nuts” as panty-waisted, totalitarian leftists like to call us, but it has always been my belief that it is the God given right of freedom loving people to possess the means of resistance and defense. In fact, it is not only freedom loving people’s right, but also their obligation. There is no obligation to obey the diktats of a tyrannical government. Your stats on gun crime and gun ownership proves the point I made in an editorial I wrote back in the Stone Age of college that the solution to crime isn’t less guns, but more guns.

The shrieking from the rancid, shrewish seahags like the bloodthirsty liberal women who scream for all forms of abortion at any time for any reason showed beyond all doubt for me that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote, and their mindless conduct was Exhibit A. If they and their dickless, pussy begging mangina allies had their way they would be shivering under the bed like Scooby Doo and Shaggy when the animals run wild in their homes to burn, rape and plunder. Or when the jackbooted agents of the government knocks on their in the middle of the night (if they’re lucky) to disappear them er, “talk” to them. All tyrants love “gun controls” because what they really are is people control. And any government that doesn’t trust its people to keep and bear arms does not deserve the peoples trust, and must be immediately evicted from power. Let’s ask an expert in the field about that.

“We don’t let our people have guns because they’re dangerous. Well, ideas are more dangerous than guns, so why should we let them have those either.” Genghis Khan with tanks, Joseph Stalin. The only time the Russian people were “graciously” allowed access to guns was when they were ordered to die in a war he helped to start, with an enemy he was once was eagerly allied to. So while that pinko Hussein Obama ratchets up his attacks on the 2nd Amendment, so too does the number of people put on “terrorism” watch lists. Coincidence? I think not. Switch “terrorism” for “enemy of the people” and we a real Marxist gulag gate opener.

From the Third Reich to Mao to Stalin, guns were stripped from the masses in order to quash resistance to the all-powerful, all-knowing state. Many Americans are still asleep even though their freedom is in grave danger. A single man with a gun may be powerless against the imperial machinery of the state, but with over 350 million firearms in the nation there are more guns than people. A good insurance policy against the growing autocratic nature of government in America.

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