I Don’t Care Anymore


Original nonfiction and poetry on The New Modern Man by RF

Since the age of 5
I was told school was the key
Study hard
One day it will pay off
Sacrifice today for a future reward

Later in adolescence
I had to choose
Between a group of friends
And academics
Again promised a reward for my sacrifice

There I was in college
Hundreds of miles from home
More moments of life passing me by
Focus you are so close
A rubber stamp my reward

It started off with hope
Then things began to change
Corporate consolidation
Other livelihoods consumed by the machine
I escaped the first round

Later the greed escalated
The original sacrifices weren’t enough
The board of directors demanded
More work and less pay
Soon it was me on the chopping block

Nobody ever stopped to calculate
The human cost in this equation
A human being is more than a dollar sign
My life was halfway over
When I woke up from the hypnosis

I had to leave this machine at any cost
For it benefited others far more than me
Debt is how they kept me shackled
Leaving the tax farm I had discovered
People far less educated than I

Their lives seemed more natural to me
No duplicity or ulterior motives
Oh my God what had I done
For all those years of work and sacrifice
I only had one thing to say

From here on out I am living
For life comes only but once
A human being needs more than money and material things
Wherever this new road may lead me
I don’t care anymore

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