Original nonfiction and poetry on The New Modern Man by RF

La Samba
That’s where I first met you
I figured what the hell
I’ll take a chance

First the brown sugar kissed my tongue
Then the lime danced
And your fire illuminated me
Caipirinha why have we never met before

Girls in green skirts
And yellow blouses
The night quickly became a blur
But I was smiling ear to ear

That is until
I ended up in the men’s room alone
I didn’t feel so well
Caipirinha why did you do this to me

Nalda followed me
To make sure I hadn’t slipped away
With one of the brightly dressed waitresses
We had a good laugh

The next day
I didn’t want you as a friend anymore Caipirinha
But time eases all pain
And now your haze envelops me again

Perhaps its the simplicity
Or the speed with which you ease
The pain a man feels
And the fleeting happiness you bring me, Caipirinha

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