Liberal Men More Likely to Be Cucks


Liberal men are much more likely to be willing cucks

Weakness and degeneracy. That describes the left, in a nutshell. No surprise then that a study just found liberal men are more likely to be willing cucks. As reported by Milo:

A new French study has found that left-wingers are more likely to engage in partner swapping and group sex while right-wingers are typically more dominant in relationships.

Here’s the data from polling organization IFOP.

The number of swingers among leftists (23%) is more than double the number of swingers in the average population (9%). The survey goes on to state that other sexual activities popular among leftists include polyamorous relationships and “encounters which lack any emotional dimension.”

That already high number is likely higher when one considers those are the number of men who admitted OVER THE PHONE to strangers they lend their wife out to other men. The study also suggests what many of us innately know, that leftist are emotionally defective and don’t attach any value to sex beyond getting off.

Sharing your girlfriend or wife with other men is the ultimate act of submission and weakness. The biological premise around human sexual relations is for a male to dominate his wife’s sexuality, not encourage other men to leave their seed and the results of their seed, i.e. children, in her womb.

Men who behave this way soon won’t be in the human gene pool, period. Leftism is more than just an ideology of weakness and degeneracy, however. It’s culturally, and now it appears, biologically suicidal.

The leftists I know are nihilists, and hate themselves almost as much as they hate other people who don’t subscribe to their narrow view of the world. No surprise their lives revolve around trying to not only wipe their host society off the planet, but also eliminate themselves from the gene pool completely.

Talk radio host Michael Savage has put it this way for over 20 years: Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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One comment

  • Ayahuasquero Viajante

    Very astute observation about leftists subconsciously wanting to remove themselves and everybody else from life!


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