PUA Man of the Hour: Man Arrested for Banging Hot Blonde on Golf Course


A man truly hit a hole in one at a South Carolina golf course

There are still signs of life left in the American male. Just when you think the next generation is filled with nothing but weak, metrosexual losers, a 19-year old man pulls off this impressive stunt. He nails a hot blonde right on the putting green of a South Carolina golf course! While this typically isn’t something to be recommended, if the mood strikes and she’s asking for it, why not? It’s not like there were a lot of people around.

News reports state distant voyeurs thought the amorous couple were deer before busting out binoculars then phoning the local pigs in blue. Unfortunately, MSM headlines state the young (straight!) couple were arrested for doing the nasty on the golf course. Too bad we live in a police state.


A nice catch for the golfer

I’d personally like to buy this guy a beer, and if I had the cash hire him a good lawyer. If the judge in this case is reading this, dismiss this case immediately. Heterosexuals have been persecuted enough by the media and court system.

Who wouldn’t want to lick and then bend this chick over doggy style, as press reports state the South Carolina golfer did? While my forays into sex in public places have been limited, I would have done the exact same thing this guy did if the opportunity arose when I was his age. That said, I banged a chick on a public beach behind some sand dunes during the middle of the afternoon one time, and banged another in a public park at night. We didn’t get caught. Would I do it again? Damn straight. Those are two moments of passion I’ll never forget as long as I live.


Dude must have some tight game to have pulled off this caper

But getting back to the issue at hand, Police State USA recently brought 19-year old Dakota Payne, our man of the hour, and 24-year old Kiernan Hennessey, a hot blonde in on indecent exposure charges for getting it on in public view. If it had been a gay couple getting it on, they’d probably be praised by today’s injustice system and LGBTQ-worshiping media. But, they now face misdemeanor charges.

Really, this is such a non-issue legally it doesn’t deserve to be prosecuted. If Anglo culture wasn’t so squeamish about sex and worshipful of legalism, this incident would have been laughed off by any cop with a functioning brain and set of testicles.

“Don’t do it again, guys.” See how simple that was?

We should be patting this guy on the back for having what it takes to get this chick’s clothes off in the middle of a public venue. Even more stunning, she actually looks quite wholesome in this pic released to the press. Dakota should get a double pat on the back for finding a chick in modern Anglo America that’s not tatted up and either fat or sickly looking. He must have some pretty tight game to bend a hottie like this to his will, getting her to bend over and let him slide on in right in the middle of a golf course.

Hell, let’s give him a third pat on the back for banging a chick that’s 5 years older than him. (Harder to do when you’re young.) It’s stories like these that give me hope that maybe, just maybe we’ll see a culture shift before the ship of state completely sinks under murky waters of social engineering and The Anglo-American Androgyny Agenda.

Could it be that boys are being boys and men are being men in some places again? It does this man’s heart good to see a guy capable of pulling off this caper in this day and age.

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  • I wonder what type of sex position they were doing when caught lol. I googled kids name and story pops up 1st couple links. I wonder if this will affect his future employment prospects. Will Companies view him as a sex offender even though he was not when doing background check? lol


  • Totally ridiculous to arrest people for fucking. This stuff should be treated like a traffic stop-maybe give them a ticket or just a warning to not do it again and move on. This country is so hung up on sex it’s really pathetic. They weren’t hurting anyone


  • 30 years ago, the cop would have told the amorous couple to put their clothes on, and that would be the end of it. I remember getting it on with this crazy, hot Russian chick back in the day. There was a secluded spot along a dirt road, and we were in the car enjoying ourselves. A cop saw us, came up, said “hey guys!”, and told us politely but firmly to put our clothes back on. We did, we left, and that was that…


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    Call me old fashioned, but this is not “pat on the back” stuff. Given the age difference, I’ll bet it was her idea.


  • Escape from the Anglosphere

    This country is a joke. Buy that young man a shot and pint. Don’t forget about the scandal surrounding the former Governor of SC Mark Sanford that after it was found out that he was banging Argentine María Belén Chapur instead of hiking the Appalachian Trails.


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