Women, Unsecured Debt and the Woes of the Anglosphere

Feminism and the financial chaos left in its wake has proven women cannot remain solvent without men in their lives

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

RF recently posted an interesting article (The Retail Collapse) on the decline of retail stores and shopping malls in the US. Let me point out that exactly the same phenomenon has beset Britain in recent years: C&A, Woolworths, BHS, Comet, Blockbuster and Phones4U have all ‘gone West’ since the Millennium. And other retailers have had to write-off hundreds of stores just to survive. RF’s plausible argument is that women – society’s inveterate shoppers – now lack the disposable wealth to indulge their dubious passion. The jobs they hold are generally not very remunerative; and men are no longer prepared to support their profligate ways.

This incisive analysis is also supported by the figures on female debt. Most Anglo-American debtors are women, by a considerable margin; and much of their debt arises from paying expensive college fees for worthless qualifications in the arts and humanities. From Fortune magazine:

Women are now the majority on college campuses across the United States—representing 56% of all students enrolled as of fall 2016. And according to a new report, they’re also shouldering the lion’s share of the nation’s student debt problem.

A report by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) found that on average, women hold $833 billion—or almost two-thirds—of the country’s $1.3-trillion student debt, compared to the $477 billion that men hold.

Overall, after completing a bach­elor’s degree, women’s average accrued student debt is about $1,500 greater than men’s. African American women take on more student debt than any other group of women, with an average of $30,000.

In the UK, most college loans are never repaid and most graduates get jobs they could have had after leaving high school. In sum, the majority of students pursue higher education out of snobbery (it is still mistakenly considered ‘middle class’), outmoded parental expectations and the (largely false) promise of hedonistic excess.

Reality soon bites, however. Newly armed with irrelevant qualifications, the average college graduate quickly learns that a line of computer code outweighs a million lines of poetry. Now, culture is a wonderful thing and yes, it should be studied and transmitted to succeeding generations. But do we really need half the population studying it? Besides, times were when the humanities were hardcore disciplines requiring mastery of ancient languages and intimate knowledge of the great canonical works of western civilization. Since the Sixties counter-culture infiltrated academia, those rigorous days are long gone; any clown can do Cultural Studies.

In many ways, the problem of student debt arises from a long-standing mismatch between reality and expectation. The western worldview is still rooted in the post-War era, an age of unprecedented prosperity and opportunity. In those days, going to college automatically made someone ‘middle class’ for life. Although that era ended in 1974, it continues to define the West’s general outlook – a legacy worldview, if you will. Even today, most middle aged people still assume that a college degree in any subject from any institution will confer privileged status on their offspring. Indeed, the whole ‘happy families’ narrative to which Tradcon politicians cling is also a legacy of those times. These mistaken beliefs are incredibly stubborn and persistent, something only fully apparent to someone from a non-western cultural heritage.

And in many ways the misty-eyed nostalgia for those golden years is understandable: they were times of unprecedented opportunity for ordinary Brits and Americans. However, this nostalgia has become problematic now the West faces tough competition from regions armed with higher IQs and the Confucian work ethic.

Anglosphere nations are so maladjusted to existing conditions that young people can no longer expect rational guidance from their elders. This is especially true for young men, whose parents told them ‘the right girl’ would happen along if they conformed to societal expectations; or that girls prefer ‘nice guys’ to criminal thugs. Indeed, the Manosphere in all its glory arose to fill this ‘advice gap’ that yawns like a crevasse in the lives of younger men.

But the post-War legacy hobbles women, too. Armed with pointless degrees in finger painting and Womyn’s Studies, they waste their prime years riding the thug carousel (or snarled in sterile hyper-hypergamy) and shuffling papers in a ‘beauty sinecure’ (most companies keep a few babes around as morale boosters, even today). When their Wall approaches, most ‘educated’ women hastily revert to the post-War Tradcon narrative: surely Prince Beta will ride up on his white charger, write off her debts and save her ageing ass with a wave of his credit card?

Sadly, it ain’t happening. Thanks to the Manosphere, Prince Beta knows the score. Besides, with sex tourism booming in South America, Slavic Europe and the Far East, he needs dusty Anglo tail like he needs a kick in the nuts. And so our crusty Anglobitch stumbles towards middle age, accruing ever more debt, her SMV sinking with each passing year. We know where this ends: a broken-down cat lady abusing opiates on Welfare, renting her rancid ass out to gammas for the price of her next fix. The economic repercussions will be seismic in the decades to come.

I don’t claim to be an economist but even I can see that if a huge proportion of women take out massive loans they can never repay, someone somewhere must be getting shafted. Limiting college access would probably go some way to fixing things, as would expanding intermediate technical education. However, that would greatly reduce female enrolment rates – complete anathema in the gynocentric Anglosphere. In any case, American women must believe they are ‘middle class’ – a superior caste – for the post-feminist narrative to work. Even if this ‘status’ is illusionary, the illusion has to be sustained to keep females ‘onside’; an absolute imperative in our gynocentric civilization.

Ultimately, it is hard not to link the rise of Anglo-American feminism to the Anglosphere’s economic woes. Permitting trillions of dollars of unsecured debt so that mediocre Anglo princesses can feel successful, superior and ‘middle class’ is totally irrational in the competitive twenty-first century. This mass pandering to women first began in the prosperous post-War era, and doubtless hastened its end.

Essentially, women are clowns; and building societies around their infantile whims is a recipe for disaster. By nature, women are not productive; they cannot create, build or innovate. Though many of them study the arts and humanities, their contributions to these fields amount to zero. Jurisprudence, the only ‘serious’ field where they outnumber men, predictably requires no imagination. However, law does allow women to indulge their atavistic yearnings for social destruction and systemized misandry, abetted by the Pharisaic Anglo-American obsession with punitive legalism.

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  • Yes, they give these loans to young bitches so they spend their prime fucking around instead of popping out kids. And when they graduate with their useless degrees two things happen. First they are ready to blame men for not giving them high paying jobs for their useless degrees (“wage gap” and “debt gap” as you can see in the article) and when the loan cannot be paid back its the hard working male taxpayer that foots the bill. In the meanwhile the lenders and the universities make profit (the latter can now employ more females in made to work bureaucratic jobs) and the girls can spend their prime without needing a man.

    There is no doubt that continued government spending on females will destroy the economy. The question is whether the madness will stop before total collapse or not. Will a sleek president like Macron come and coolly stop the loot? The guy at Singularity2050 says it will happen in this decade but it will be ugly. We’re talking about putting women in their places, and that by Western men? Good luck with that!

    I personally doubt this will happen even if the trend results in an economic crisis. Why? US dollar is the reserve currency so economic shortcomings here are averaged out over the whole world. You think Anglo men are footing the bill for Anglobitch’s careless lifestyle? Soon it will be the world doing this (and in a sense it’s already happening). So a much bigger event such as a civil war or a global crisis would be needed. My two cents.


  • This discussion of ruinous college debt can’t be finished without mention of the newest phenomenon that has to be some of the greatest chutzpah of our generation. Even the mass middling wave of college education has some standards, some people at the bottom of the IQ spectrum they won’t admit. Well the corporate world came up with an answer to 80 IQ idiots who want to a piece of the college cargo cult too. The “for profit” education racket. These are 1-800 number businesses that are not regionally accredited, and no real school will transfer their credits, nor will any employer take their “degree” seriously. (PBS Frontline did a good half hour show about this industry called “subprime education”) These schools set their tuition rates at the maximum that the lenders will give out with rates rivaling the tuition at high end private Ivy League institutions. Their goal is for the mark, er uh prospective “student” to meet with a salesman, er uh “admissions advisor” and have their desire for an impossible fancy job blind them into going out and borrowing the maximum amount the banks will give them, and then turn it all over to them. Due to a Bush Jr. era law, student debt is now impossible to discharge through bankruptcy law so these chumps getting their counterfeit degrees from counterfeit schools are saddled with $30+K of debt accruing interest for Wall Street Investors. Not only are all the female ding-a-lings going to Southeast State for their “art history” degrees starting a career of low end service jobs they could have gone into straight from High School owing more in non dischargeable debt than they would have been for a new Mercedes. Now all the “baby mamas” and barrio dwelling chollos working at Walmart have similar debt from their sojourn at for profit schools for worthless certificates in “radio star training” or “video game design.”

    I work with a total dummy, borderline retarded who doesn’t know how close he has come on multiple occasions to getting fired due to his inability to put in screws or pack boxes that even your typical 3rd grader could do competency. After half a decade of dicking around in community college, never finishing any program and racking up debt. (CC is at least affordable, a full time course loud per semester is only about $1500) Now no local community college will deal with him anymore. He wore out his welcome at all the ones in a 50 mile radius. He now decided he’s going to become a TV executive, (he read they make over $100K) and found some fake ass for profit school a 3 hour drive away with a website something like “be a star dot com” that doesn’t sound like it’s on the up and up. He borrowed $18K he couldn’t afford and now was taking off work 3 hours early to drive up there and take classes. The “reviews” were full of disgruntled ex students hopelessly in debt who found there are absolutely no jobs in this for anyone with this fake schools certificate, and that radio and TV has an endless over supply of four year university graduates willing to “intern” part time at minimum wage, or even FOR FREE just for the 1 in 1000 shot of making it in the industry. Well now he isn’t even going up there in the afternoons anymore for his non-refundable $18K “education” due to trouble with his “baby mama” he actually went to a FERTILITY CLINIC to have a baby with some fat chick he’s not even married to and now she decided “he’s never there for her anymore” and took the kid and is soon going to get hit with the double whammy of student debt AND child support. Idiot, Wall Street must be laughing all the way to the bank at these 80 IQ gutter class idiots actually thinking they could land one of these fancy upper middle class careers for the IQ 120 top end of the population.


  • College is a modern day cargo cult. The result of the unsophisticated from the depression and war generations mistaking collation for causation. They noticed about one sixth of the population had good jobs and decent incomes, this one sixth also went to college. The rubes did not notice that this one sixth also were the smartest sixth of the population and mistakenly believed that college was the magic talisman responsible for their success rather that a rite of passage that this natural elite were tracked into. Similar to seeing Price William and Kate playing Polo and thinking if you pay for your teenage son to join a Polo league he’ll get to be King someday too. Well, now “college” has been cheapened by letting all these middling 96 IQ knuckleheads all get their “degrees” and the college “degree” is now worthless and doesn’t mean what it did anymore. Too many chiefs and not enough indians.


    • “Too many chiefs, not enough Indians”

      Modern day HR departments, telling adults how to behave. I can imagine the future in which Microsoft has 20 bedraggled, male programmers and 10,000 female HR assholes reminding them daily that they aren’t supposed to rape people.


    • “College is a modern day cargo cult. ” Yep.

      You could swap the word College with Marriage or The American Dream and it would be just as valid. None of these rituals have any meaning or value anymore.

      May as well emulate the Solomon Islanders who light torches on old WWII runways in hopes of making the Great Metal Birds return with their bounties.


  • Most of those efficient killer genes were wiped out by 500 years of wars between Eutopean empires ending in 1945. What remains is mostly cucks.


  • How to Build and Destroy Nations (Cycle Nations) by Using Populations Against Themselves to Serve Globalists & Elites Best Interests

    a) Socially condition men to become disposable in war, to shield women from war, to establish protective borders, to establish and maintain a strong national defense, to build and maintain all upon the earth and to be the providers and protectors of women, children & the state (man up, real men, aka disposable men).

    b) Socially condition in women the desire to create, administer & care for the community, family & home, increasing the numerical strength of the tribe, establishing social cohesion and enforcing male disposability through social shaming of rebellious, non-gynocentric men.

    c) Give men dominion over women and the hope of prestige, power and wealth in exchange for their disposability. Above all, do not give women destructive power over men. The balance of power must be equal between men and women for successful nation building.

    d) Promote patriotism, a love of country and freedoms & a respect for male dominance.

    e) Define marriage as a man getting down on one knee, offering up a diamond (the bigger the better) and vowing to provide for and protect his cherished bride (prostitute) for life.

    f) Introduce and inculcate a religion into society that mandates the fulfillment of the above as the basic requirements to earn a heavenly afterlife, with the failure to comply mandating an afterlife of eternal damnation.


    a) Give women the power of the vote. Buy women’s votes through the institution of feminism, a furthering of cultural misandry, wealth transfer from men to women through no-fault divorce, alimony, asset division, child support, male parental alienation, Title IX, Affirmative Action, SNAP, WIC, Social Security, Affirmative Consent, female empowerment, hundreds of female-only programs codified into law and give women unearned, highly destructive power & control over men. Make all systemic oppression codified into law anti-white and anti-male. Create a socialist welfare state by forcing wealth and power from men to women & her new husband, the socialist state. Promote ideas like ‘the evil patriarchy’, ‘mansplaining’, ‘manspreading’ and ‘rape culture’. Call it ‘social justice’. Remove any male power over paternity by denying men the ability to stop abortions, by forcing men into financial paternity and completely removing any positive structural support from ‘family’ or paternal rights for men to ‘her’ children. Remove men’s rights but force him into financial servitude to women & the state.

    b) Inculcate self-hatred and self-loathing of one another in the dominant population whilst promoting victimhood, a hatred of the dominant population and a sense of entitlement and ‘social justice’ in minority populations.

    c) Create an environment in which women can exploit men’s biological Achilles Heel, his biological lust for the female form, whilst simultaneously using men’s biological affinity towards women as a war-hammer with which to castigate, brow beat and use as justification for the appropriation of men’s earned wealth & power. Promote a non-gender binary culture and the idea of CisHet male privilege whilst white washing the fact that men built all upon the earth and were trafficked, exploited and disposed of in war for the advancement of women & the state.

    d) Deny the existence of gender & race whilst simultaneously demonizing males, particularly white males – and then claim that we are all the same and of the same value; thereby encouraging an ever increasing forced wealth transfer conduit from the dominant population to the minority populations and from men to women through free education, free housing, free healthcare, free childcare, free mandatory minimum income, mandatory paid maternity leave, the potential for reparations, etc. Ensure the male-only draft remains male-only, that female enlistees cover support roles to force more males to the front lines and ensure that women are given primary custody of children so that alimony, asset division and child support continues to flow predominantly from men to women. Ensure that minorities become the primary beneficiaries of state and federal spending on free healthcare, free education and free mandatory minimum income, forcing wealth and power from the dominant tax paying populations to the minority breeder populations.

    e) Corporations partner with women & the socialist state to mass offshore jobs to slave labor markets overseas to displace higher paid blue collar domestic workforce – mass import illegal, unassimilable, migrants into programs like DACA to provide cheap labor displacement for the entry level domestic labor pool – and mass import indentured cheap professional labor through programs life H-1B to displace the more expensive white collar domestic workforce. In exchange, women are granted forced, quota laden access into prestigious, powerful and lucrative positions once naturally dominated by men and men are forced further and further into economic and social decline. As the white male population declines, the job of maintaining and building civilizations are relegated to males emigrated from less dominant cultures who can be more easily enslaved, trafficked, exploited and controlled. The rise of women & her socialist state through the trafficking, exploitation, usury and disposal of men.

    f) Create new corporate, globalist income streams and raise costs of living for the common folk by pretending climate change is man-made rather that the result of natural gravitational forces and natural climate cycles in our solar system; natural gravitationally induced climate cycles that can span several decades and even multiple centuries. Rename ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’ when these natural gravitational forces and solar system induced climate cycles move earth’s climate from a warming period to a potential mini ice age. Falsify climate change data and only present evidence that climate change is man-made and hide the evidence that proves climate change is a continuous natural cycle of warming and cooling. Use climate hysteria to create a corporatist, globalist wealth and power embezzlement scam from Western taxpayers to elite’s bank accounts in ‘developing nations’ (1% owned & controlled central banks) via the notion of ‘carbon credits’.

    The Desired Result of Nation Cycling:

    Rapid decline in native fertility, demographic replacement, civil war, economic insolvency, social & moral bankruptcy, decadence, anarchy, eventual welfare state collapse and the continual shifting of wealth and power from the masses to the 1%.


    • Obesity is allowing men’s Achilles heel to heal, if you will. The sexual juggernauts bringing men to their knees, browbeating them and driving them like workhorses are becoming almost non-existent in the post 25 age demographic. Being pussywhipped into submission by a 7 or 8 (9’s and 10’s are international) has gone the way of the kegstand. It’s a wild, fun, painful thing that occurs between the ages of 16-23. It’s not an adult concern for 97% of the population. That’s my only addendum to yet another great post from Tim. Digital sexuality and travel are basically the only option these days for 97% of men.


  • “But do we really need half the population studying it?”

    If we are not talking about the nonsensical “liberal arts” of today, then I would say yes. Anti-intellectualism (both among liberals and tradcons) is a huge problem in the Anglosphere and one of the main factors, along with feminism and massive wealth-inequality, leading to its collapse.


    • Modern day Literature has become filled with ‘minority mafia’ diary-keeping miscast as literature. Any hyphenated American can scribble out their adolescent grievances and whine about ‘unfairness’ (work, personal economy). Lib professors in English depts. are brought to a shuddering orgasm by reading about how non-whites had to go through some minor adjustments struggles after leaving their homelands. There’s no talent, creativity, wordsmithing or any real art at all anymore. Just brown/off-white ‘writers’ complaining that they were not born into the 1 percentile of the world’s wealthiest country.

      Here’s a Sherman Alexie poem. He’s a native American (who went to private school in Spokane, got a schollie at WSU and was famous by age 20 for crap like this;)

      This is one of his best, most famous poems. He has won the highest literary awards and has had a movie made about him.

      “The white woman across the aisle from me says ‘Look,
      look at all the history, that house
      on the hill there is over two hundred years old, ‘
      as she points out the window past me

      into what she has been taught. I have learned
      little more about American history during my few days
      back East than what I expected and far less
      of what we should all know of the tribal stories

      whose architecture is 15,000 years older
      than the corners of the house that sits
      museumed on the hill. ‘Walden Pond, ‘
      the woman on the train asks, ‘Did you see Walden Pond? ‘

      and I don’t have a cruel enough heart to break
      her own by telling her there are five Walden Ponds
      on my little reservation out West
      and at least a hundred more surrounding Spokane,

      the city I pretended to call my home. ‘Listen, ‘
      I could have told her. ‘I don’t give a shit
      about Walden. I know the Indians were living stories
      around that pond before Walden’s grandparents were born

      and before his grandparents’ grandparents were born.
      I’m tired of hearing about Don-fucking-Henley saving it, too,
      because that’s redundant. If Don Henley’s brothers and sisters
      and mothers and father hadn’t come here in the first place

      then nothing would need to be saved.’
      But I didn’t say a word to the woman about Walden
      Pond because she smiled so much and seemed delighted
      that I thought to bring her an orange juice

      back from the food car. I respect elders
      of every color. All I really did was eat
      my tasteless sandwich, drink my Diet Pepsi
      and nod my head whenever the woman pointed out

      another little piece of her country’s history
      while I, as all Indians have done
      since this war began, made plans
      for what I would do and say the next time

      somebody from the enemy thought I was one of their own.”

      Sherman Alexie.

      Anyway, sorry for that off-track rant but there is your modern humanities icon. Ridiculous.


  • So, they own most of the unsecured debt. They are going to default and they are going to do it all at once. While there is going to be a lot of yelling and hand wringing, what will happen is that responsible debtors will make the banks whole for the losses from irresponsible debtors. It is the way it always goes. Hopefully, the irresponsible debtors don’t get to do this again.


    • I believe they will .. right this moment (and before now) you can find thousands of women screaming to have their debt paid for by the government .. errrrr beta men who wouldn’t man-up ™ and pay her debt.

      So the lenders are interested and campaigning for the same thing.


      • Student debt forgiveness is sitting up on a tee for any Democrat who wants to promise it. If Hillary had had any fear of losing to Donald (which she didn’t), she would have started promising it, thereby securing hundreds of thousands of votes from indebted HR fatties who kinda can remember kinda liking Toni Morrison novels or something.

        The downfall of America was made official by when they strong-armed Toni Morrison into literary icon status, by the way.

        As for the Humanities; library cards are free. It takes a lifetime of reading to be educated, not 2 1/2 years of half booze/half reading, after the 101 classes are out of the way. My cousin was an English major in the Ivy league. I remember hearing that he would be expected to read 25 books in one semester. Gasp! I thought it was an incredible feat when I was 18 or so. Now I read over a 100 books a year sometimes. Humanities doesn’t cost 100k. It’s all free.


      • Who is Toni Morrison? Is that the one who wrote that “Grooving” book about marrying some young Caribbean Dude made into a movie with Angela Basset? Heard in real life she was a land whale, not trim like Angela Basset, and the dude was a fag who just wanted a green card and tricked ther the same way a nerd gets cucked by a mail order bride. I guess she had the horror of coming home and catching him fuckin’ another dude. That’s how chicks get the aids.


  • John, I agree with the growth of hatred for white males. Second wave feminism and anti White propaganda are now both (institutional) about half a century old. Funny, these two disparate systems have grown in the same era. I suspect there is a psychology to this. As white males continue to drop out, or underperform, the vitriol will rise in a wave of ethnimasochism.
    I say the sooner the bottom falls out the better!


    • noorebeyond – You are 100% correct, there is most definitely a psychological component. It goes back to the 1930s, the Frankfurt School, Columbia University, CBS, and the Radio Project. Google them and follow the links paying particular to Antonio Gramsci, Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, and Rudy Deutch (sp). What you will discover is mind blowing, shocking, sickening, and the explanation for the Marxist playbook. The last 50-60 years of cultural rot is not an accident. It is not a journey for the faint of heart. Cheers.


  • “The whole fundamental ‘happy family’ narrative to which Tradcon politicians cling” is the linchpin lie that holds feminism and its overlord, Cultural Marxism, together. The explanation is simple.

    For both feminism and Cultural Marxism to succeed, the productive beta males had to be fooled into providing excess labor to finance them both. In essence, to paraphrase Lenin, the beta male backbone of Western civilization had to be fooled long enough to manufacture and sell the rope that would be used to hang them. The 1950’s post war ideal “happy family” is the fantasy that is the blinders to keep the beta male blind while he slaves away for not only the impossible but to finance his own destruction.

    MGTOW has been described as the revolt of the beta males. I believe it is an accurate description. What incentive do beta males have to produce excess in the 21st century? The answer is none. They, we, I, have revolted. But I fear it is too little too late. The die is cast. The Rubicon has been crossed. The gathering storm has now crossed the horizon and will soon unleash its fury in an orgasmic frenzy of gender and racial hatred of white males. Prepare thyself, and prepare well. Dark days loom.


    • Yeah, it’s coming. Without BetaBux to finance the wealth transfer to wimminz/vibrancy, it may even come a lot faster.

      I’m not quite so pessimistic about our demographic replacement, since the whole thing depends on White productivity for the next few decades. I highly doubt the gimmedats will continue that long. Europe is already getting hopping mad, and if the mosques can manage to smuggle hundreds of AK’s in (with gov’t help no doubt) I’m sure some enterprising machinists could crank out basic Sten-types for the other side.

      In short, they need our money to replace us. The Vibrancy is gathered in ghettoes. And Europeans are famously efficient killers. It’s certainly not hopeless.


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