Photo Gallery: Arches National Park, Utah

Arches National Park near Moab, Utah didn’t disappoint. I ended up camping out here for a couple of days in free campsites just outside of town. The scenery was nothing short of spectacular, as you can see from the photos I took above.

Unfortunately, the nightlife in Moab was not that exciting despite numerous events going on around town. I stumbled into Woody’s Tavern hoping for a good time. I did find a good locally brewed beer, but the atmosphere was typical Anglo-America. People looking at each other without speaking or acknowledging one another, Anglobitches marching around like they were goddesses, and locals talking nonstop about their careers and what material things they wanted to acquire. I excused myself early to retire to my tent, and enjoyed some awesome sleeping weather with lows in the 50s.

Word to the wise: Don’t get sand in the zipper of your tent. It was easy to do in the sandy soil here and it destroyed the entrance to my little “home” on the road. I couldn’t zip up the front door anymore. So, I had to spring for a new tent at one of the outdoors shops in town.

My Ninja 650 continues to perform flawlessly as I ghost my way across awe-inspiring landscapes in the remotest stretches of the nation. The problems of a dying America seem so remote even though I’m right here in the States. When you stop paying attention to the media and isolate yourself from this diseased culture, nature has a way of finding you, cleansing your mind, and making you forget the dystopia you’re living in.

There’s a whole other world out there, outside the insane world of man. I like that world. It’s my home outside the matrix when I have to be in the matrix. As always, you can help me continue my pioneering MGTOW, ghosting, nomadic travels through the Wild West by donating through PayPal or GoFundMe.

See you soon, from the road and the uncivilized parts of the world.

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  • Poof……Just gone…Fair winds brother wherever you ended up.


  • I thought my eyes had been opened over a year ago after taking the red pill. I’ve been reading a lot more regarding the dominance and agenda pushing the liberal progressive agenda. I’ll define liberal progressivism as promoting diversity, multiculturalism, feminism, queer rights to name a few.
    I see now, my eyes have opened wider, to the perversion infesting this country.
    I understand why a man like Mr. Furioso would bail on a career in media and all but drop out of participating in American society.
    Donald Trump is holding back a full shitlib takeover, for a least another 2 years.
    After that, god only knows.
    Abandon ship!


  • He went totally dark for almost a month.


  • Did Rel pass away? If so, you made great contribution s to many men’s lives and hope you went out well, sir!


  • Rel, where are you now? Any more pics for us?


  • Not a feminist or breastfeeding mother pedophile (Spiritual Tasha Mama) in sight!


    • WARNING! Toronto women uses false rape accusation to create social change in the DR:


  • I want to encourage you guys who like and benefit from Rel’s blog/work here to support him with his GoFundMe drive. I started it off today with a donation and plan on donating more ASAP. He is an excellent writer and a good example to men in the West and personally I have gotten a lot of value from his work. Thanks.


    • I donated to him also. He’s a good writer, a breath of fresh air!


  • Sebastian Hawks

    This is a good time to go see some of the more arid areas of the us while they are still green before the intense heat of mid summer turns them brown. By July it will be 100 degrees there and you’ll have to deal with all the families toting their summer break kids along. They also raise prices. The scenic high plains around Cheyenne WY and Sterling CO and the Nebraska Sandhills are best this time of year too. A green sea of grass, by mid summer it will be yellow and a different experience.


  • The areas around Moab are awesome! Been out there a few times. Arches, Canyonlands and various spots within Moab itself provide great outdoor adventure. Did some great mountain biking out there as well. Delicate arch is a typical tourist cesspool sadly, since it is really beautiful but the further out you hike, more solitude is the reward. The Needles district in particular-very few make the trek down there but it’s phenomenal hiking.

    Enjoy Rel!


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