About Relampago Furioso


Relampago Furioso (Raging Lightning)

Relampago Furioso, Spanish for Raging Lightning, is a former member of the mainstream media. After over a decade working on-air in the television news business, he realized he was playing for the wrong side and turned into a dissident of the evil causes being pushed.

You could call it his Walter White moment, but instead of selling drugs he is selling the truth.

He was no longer willing to go along with the Marxist agenda his corporate bosses and the media echo chamber were pushing. He also realized that as a white man crosshairs were being placed on him, his freedom, and his well-being by a far left agenda.

As he watched everything evaporate he had been promised for conforming to the demands of the System, he grew increasingly desperate to do something to get out of the web of lies spun by the mythmakers in society. Relampago extricated himself from the media and debt servitude over the course of 5 years with a course of minimalism. He ran off the corporate plantation and has no desire to come back to the socially engineered police state America is turning to.

When Relampago is not writing he enjoys reading, Bachata dancing, fucking pretty women, occasional drinking, music of all different types, traveling to exotic destinations, and motorcycles. He is bilingual having spent a lot of time in Latin America trying to get away from the growing insanity and tyranny of Anglo America. Relampago would rather die than live under tyranny, which is one reason he ran off the plantation, so he could be free to be himself.

He has not had a television in his home since leaving The Matrix and does not plan on having one ever again. Instead of living life vicariously through fictional characters, he prefers living his own interesting adventures in reality. He thinks these words from Confucius are words to live by:

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

Relampago created The New Modern Man in January 2016 as a vehicle to fight back against the propaganda he grew to hate, and to educate, inspire, and entertain other Red Pill men to live their best lives.

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