About Relampago Furioso


Relampago Furioso (Raging Lightning)

So, who the hell is this self-styled newscaster turned world roaming nomad? Why is he driving trucks, writing books, and exploring the world? Why does he rage against the machine? What’s his story?

In short, I’m the man modern America loves to hate. The straight, white male from a Christian background. (Although I come from a Christian background, I consider myself non-religious.) I’m the “up by the bootstraps” guy who pulled himself out of poverty and became the first in his family to get a college degree. Far from having “white privilege” I have had adversity my entire life.

By sheer grit and determination, and far too many sacrifices I made it from Small Town USA to the media ivory tower. I landed a part-time job in television at age 22. By age 30, I had pushed myself hard enough to advance to doing the news in a medium-sized city after starting from less than nothing.

However, after over a decade working on-air in the television news business, I realized I was playing for the wrong side and turned into a dissident of the evil narratives being pushed by what so many of us now refer to as fake news. In my last couple of years in the belly of the beast of mainstream media, I watched everything evaporate I had been promised for conforming to the demands of the System. I grew increasingly desperate to do something to get out of the web of lies spun by the mythmakers in society. This culminated in my resignation from fake news.


I don’t sell drugs, but I do sell unvarnished truth

You could call it a Walter White moment, but instead of turning to selling drugs I turned to selling the unvarnished truth about women and the world while creating a new lifestyle and new philosophy based on the Red Pill.

This blog, while certainly a social commentary on the nightmares that are feminism and leftism is also about my story. A story of escaping the clutches of debt slavery, escaping the corporate plantation, abandoning a career I once aspired to, and designing a new life for not only myself but beating a path for other free-minded men to follow. The goal? 50% work and 50% pleasure. 6 months a year in the matrix and 6 months a year doing whatever the fuck I want. Avoiding the traps and manipulations of predatory women. So far, it’s been a raging success.

Within the pages of this blog is a story of putting my suit and tie in the closet and putting on my work gloves, driving a semi tractor-trailer part-time. (And coming soon, workamping 6 months a year.) I will do whatever it takes to avoid falling back under the control of a system designed to exploit me.

I am one of many who aspire to be John Galt, the man described as: A philosopher and inventor; a man who believes in the power and glory of the human mind, and the right of the individual to use their mind solely for themselves. I have absolutely no desire to come back to the socially engineered police state America is turning to except to cash in on its rotting carcass.

Like John Galt, I abhor collectivism, the philosophy now darkening the West under the guise of globalism. One of my goals is enjoying the world as it is, as it was, a diverse, wonderful place before we are all assimilated into the NWO corporate collective and become the very humans Orwell warned about:

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.

When I’m not writing for The New Modern Man I enjoy reading, research into myriad topics, dancing, fucking pretty women, drinking, music of all different types, traveling to exotic destinations, motorcycles, hot rods, and rare recreational drug use in places where it’s legal. In short, as a minimalist I chase experiences not possessions.

I am bilingual having spent a lot of time in Latin America trying to get away from the growing cultural insanity and institutional tyranny of Anglo America. I have not had a television since leaving The Matrix and do not plan on having one ever again. Instead of living life vicariously through fictional characters, I prefer living my own interesting adventures in reality. More recently, I’ve moved to curb feeding the social media panopticon with my personal data by deleting my personal social media accounts.

I created The New Modern Man in January 2016 as a vehicle to fight back against the propaganda I grew to hate, and to educate, inspire, and entertain other Red Pill men to live their best lives. The manosphere saved my life. Now, I’d like to return the favor by saving other men’s lives. You can email me by visiting the contact form.

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