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The Humorous Side of Feminism


Women remain comically unaware of their exploitation by corporate capital and government revenuers

Believe it or not, there’s a humorous side to strident feminism.

Women just haven’t realized how bad feminism has been for them. They’re comically clueless that their so-called “empowerment” has done little else for them than turn them into the freshest batch of red meat, meant to be consumed by the tigers of industry who have chained them to the daily grind. And made them love their newfound serfdom!

It used to be just men getting their labor taken advantage of and work/life balance tangentially thrown off in the direction of all work and no play. But now, women get to be little slaves, too. Congratulations, YouGoGrrls!

TNMM has repeatedly detailed how women lost far more than they gained through feminism, as they now toil at life-consuming jobs with little reward other than a meager paycheck and a never-ending ride on the cock carousel. Sure, there are a few economic winners, but the simple truth is the economy is based on creating more losers than winners, i.e. creating more people who toil their entire lives and never get ahead.

Female covetousness, Penis Envy, and social engineering (aka Cultural Marxism) proved to be kryptonite for the dead-eyed, barren, mean-faced women of today, shadows of the greatness of their grandmothers and ancestors.

The average white girl (or brown or black…but white girls started feminism and it has become a de facto religion for them, so they get most of the credit) thinks she’s getting ahead and “showing those lousy men who’s boss” by working, but she has turned herself into nothing but a pawn of the corporate capital and government revenuers.

What makes it humorous is the fact women rushed into mind-numbing, soul-crushing jobs I spent half a lifetime trying to figure out a way to escape from. It literally took me half a lifetime to come up with a way to escape the corporate plantation, and in the nearly two years since I boldly walked away from a career in the corrupt media I’m happy to report my plan is going swimmingly.

I won’t blow smoke up your ass, there are days I’m stressed out and almost every day I’m back here in the States earning freedom money to take abroad I’d rather be somewhere else than Anglo America. But, I’m making progress towards realizing total expatriation rather than the blissful part-time expatriation I now enjoy. (And cherish!)

The life of leisure we men of MGTOW and/or PUA For Life can now enjoy wouldn’t have been possible without women taking men’s places at the plowshares. YouGoGrrls can have the toil and the bureaucracy and the 70 hour work weeks, the lying son of a bitch boss, the vanishing retirement plan, and the micromanagement of employee time and behavior.

Attention YouGoGrrls: The fact you’ve turned yourself into common laborers means men who realize what’s going on in the grand scheme of things can escape the corporate plantation for more fulfilling lives on less resources. We no longer have to support your wasteful lives. It’s possible for a smart, self-disciplined, determined man to live a fantastic life on $20,000 a year. This will be detailed in a book coming this winter from TNMM.

Isn’t it hilarious that women are still unaware of just how exploited they became once they swallowed the jagged little pill of feminism? They gave up fulfilling lives at home to work for bosses that don’t give a damn about them rather than working for a families who love them. It was the goof of all time.

How long will it be before they realize their error, if ever? One thing is for sure, they probably won’t realize it before the remains of the rotting carcass of West civilization blow away like dust in the wind, and/or everybody has a chip forcefully implanted into their hand by the NWO.

While we’re discussing the political fate of nations, libertarians are right on many issues, but here’s one area where they’re totally wrong. The government isn’t ineffectual and incompetent as they imagine. No, it’s frighteningly good at accomplishing the goals of the moneyed elite. Just look at how amazingly well they’ve been able to pull off goals like getting women out of the home and into the workforce to break up the family. All while convincing millions American leadership is filled with arguing buffoons who don’t know what they’re doing. It’s a master stroke of Machiavellian Intelligence.

One thing is for sure, when there’s bipartisan agreement on anything, you can be sure the American people are about to be bent over the barrel.

That’s the not so humorous side to an otherwise funny conundrum women have gotten themselves into, one they remain totally unaware of. This is why women haven’t been allowed to lead societies for thousands of years. Their gullibility is stunningly apparent with the ongoing feminism experiment. Perhaps we shouldn’t be mad at feminists as much as we should be laughing at them.

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Feminists Are Useful Idiots of the Power Structure


Feminism has reduced women to common laborer status

A half century after burning their bras and telling hungry men to go to hell, Anglo women everywhere are still making sammiches for men. Of course, we’re talking about “empowered” YouGoGrrls working in fast food restaurants, corporate feedbags disguised as family restaurants, and at other menial jobs any TNMM reader can enjoy watching them trudge through on a daily basis. Just take a look around, as women enjoy their new enslavement on the corporate plantation, without a wit as to what they’ve given up to become a soulless worker bee.

Although, they’re getting a meager, survival paycheck for performing this degrading labor (which is frankly beneath a real woman, a mother and a devoted wife) while avoiding those nasty husbands and nasty little babies they think will oppress and ruin their unfulfilled, ersatz existence riding the cock carousel.

What progress! Just look at all the useless crap they can buy!

What did feminism win the ladies? The social acceptance to go to soul-sucking jobs and pay taxes. To indulge their Freudian Penis Envy longings, trying to be just like men while insulting men and distancing themselves from anything associated with femininity or motherhood. The need to abandon their children when they need them most, pawning them off on nannies and the state edumacation system so they can show up on time at those jobs.

It cost them their legacies, their dignity, and their happiness. Just look at any throng of feminists. Happy is not the watch word with this group of people.

The fact chicks are still clueless to the fact they’ve been played by the power structure, dethroned as queens of the castle and turned into laboring peasants was pointed out in a recent article about my travels and observations through the Land of Make Believe™ a.k.a. America. I wandered into a restaurant run by white girls and in between complaining about their jobs, looking flustered and upset, and twirling their hair they managed to fuck up my order.

Yeah, I had to get a man to fix it. Sad, stereotypical, but 100% true.

So why are some women strutting at their jobs like they’re large and in charge (while most don’t know what the hell they’re doing but following the herd) even though they’ve been left demonstrably angry and alone in their personal lives? The fact is feminists and women who follow the norms of behavior and narratives they lay out are useful idiots of the power structure. Anglo women still haven’t a clue as to how feminism has degraded them rather than upgraded them. Feminism has been a horrible deal for women, and yet we hear women parroting YouGoGrrlism on a daily basis.

For entertainment, let’s compare and contrast feminists and non-feminists. We’ll start off with non-feminists:

  • Happy inside
  • Smiles and feels good when someone compliments her
  • Lives a normal life
  • Values morals and fidelity (culture bounds female behavior)
  • Has a boyfriend or husband
  • Will raise a family
  • Has the most important job in the world, being a full-time mom working with a husband and for a family that loves and supports her
  • Won’t become a genetic dead end
  • Will die surrounded by loving family and posterity

Now, let’s look at feminists.

  • Angry inside
  • Thinks she is being raped when someone compliments her
  • Always on the look out for oppression and microaggression
  • Proud to be a slut
  • Won’t raise a family
  • Has a menial job (with an impressive title but empty reality!) in endless layers of bureaucracy, often working up to 70 hours a week for a thankless, soulless corporation
  • Will become a genetic dead end
  • Will die alone, a ward of the welfare state once corporate America leaves her a used husk of a human being with a laughable 401k plan

I’ve personally witnessed non-feminists in places unaffected by the plague of social engineering, so I know what I’m talking about. These bullet points appear on a meme that’s being circulated around the Internets as we speak, spreading the gospel that Anglo women have been had by social engineers. It’s so…right on.

Women who haven’t had their minds reprogrammed and destroyed by the religion of feminism are happier, more fulfilled, and empowered than Anglo American fembots will ever be. Go to non-Anglo countries or communities in America that don’t consume mass media and you’ll see what I mean. The difference is truly night and day.

This, of course, means mass media is the vector by which the cultural cancer concocted by the elite is passed on to the pliable minds of women. You are what you watch and are exposed to on a daily basis. This is doubly true for women, who demonstrably aren’t as rational as men. (This isn’t necessarily a deficit when a woman’s natural talents are employed rather than suppressed and shamed.)

Eliminate the cancer in your home by purging it of the influence of Hollyweird movies and talking heads on TV. Moreover, if enough men start telling the truths elucidated above, we might just avert total catastrophre in the coming generations. I don’t want to live in an androgynous world devoid of nubile, friendly females who provide enormous value to men and society, and children to carry on a family legacy.

Do you?

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Schadenfreude: Watching White Women Who Aren’t Getting Their Way


White girls still haven’t realized they lost more with feminism than they gained

Here’s a short story from the road as I suffer through my last couple of months in America before leaving to go abroad again this fall. There were two moments of schadenfreude, or pleasure derived from another person’s misfortune, I had today. Both scenarios involved white girls who didn’t get their way, and their reactions as I observed them.

It was really a delight to witness their disgust and powerlessness. There are other, more entertaining moments I witness white girls who are upset by their new roles as soulless worker drones in society, but for some reason these two stood out in my mind as they happened.

Just to let readers know, I don’t like white chicks. I haven’t liked them for a long time. My most recent experience with one was when I banged a 23-year old white girl off and on for a year or so just before I dumped her to run off to Latin America, but typically I don’t have anything to do with them. (True story: She faked a pregnancy to try and keep me from leaving. She also tried to get knocked up by secretly removing her IUD. I’m not your child support slave, bitch.) I’ve had experience sexually and otherwise with every major ethnicity of women, and trust me, white chicks are the worst of the worst. They are, after all, the progenitors of rotten Anglo culture we discuss so often here at TNMM and Anglobitch.

Anyway, neither instance of schadenfreude is anything major. They just tickled me as they happened.

In the first case, I was pulling out from a truck stop and a white girl wanted to pull into the Burger King beside me. Of course, I could have let her in as there were two trucks in front of me at the intersection, but I have such a mental block against any act of chivalry towards Anglo females since they constantly tell men how terrible we are, that they don’t need us, and that the world would be better off without us and our awful sexual needs around. I can’t play nice anymore.

She looked up at me from her little toy box SUV and put on the nice face, with the puppy dog eyes. She’s obviously a regular user of the pussy pass. So, I looked her right in the face and moved my semi into a position to block her. Emotionless. Cold. Stone faced. She immediately shifted to a posture of disgust and amazement that I wouldn’t let her in. As traffic finally started to move and I moved forward, I made note of her expression and enjoyed her look of outrage after I did the unthinkable and made her wait an extra minute to pull in for her next recreational eating session.

I laughed and laughed about that as I pulled onto the Interstate.

In the second instance, I don’t normally like to eat out but I was in the mood for a sloppy fast food burger this evening. I haven’t had one in weeks, and decided to stop by a national chain to pick up some trash food. As soon as I walked in, I saw one rather plump white woman weeping, another trashy one consoling her from the front of the counter, and several other white girls behind the counter toiling away. All were fast food workers who obviously hated their new roles as corporate slaves. A couple were cute, but cuteness does nothing for me. I’m still an asshole when it comes to dealing with chicks.

I thought, “Isn’t female empowerment wonderful, ladies?! Now you can slave away at menial jobs just like men rather than having a nasty family to take care of!”

All the white girls behind the counter had bleached hair, and the look of disbelief on their faces they they had to do manual labor to earn some money. They all seemed to have the attitude, “Where is my male meal ticket to exploit and berate? I’m too good to be doing a job like this. I have the precious, pink anatomy!”

So, I look one of the fake blondies in the eyes and make my order. I talk to her as though she’s my subordinate, which in this case she is, and you can tell it just kills her that a man is telling her what to do and how to make his sandwich. Ah, the sumptuous irony that even after feminism these white girls still end up making sandwiches for men. Gotta love it!

Of course, she fucks up my order.

I notice when I get to the truck the burger is plain with cheese, when all I wanted to do is add cheese to it. I plainly told her this. She undoubtedly did it as a shit test to see if I would come back. Naturally, I go back in with a mischievous spirit. This time, blondie hides from me and fatty comes up to assist me. I tell her no less than 3 times in a very polite but stern way, I wanted this normal, not plain, add cheese. She’s baffled by my request. The third time I tell her, she cops an attitude.

She takes the burger, hands it to the only guy in the place, and tells him, “I don’t know what he wants.” Dude comes up, I tell him the exact same thing I told fatty, laugh in a cocky manner about it, and he immediately fixes my order in a cool, calm, professional manner rather than the estrogen-filled flailing around I witnessed from the YouGoGrrl brigade on this visit.

Yet another irony appears. If I want something done right, I have to get a man to do it. Meantime, the blondies continued twirling their hair and complaining about their jobs in the background.

To close, I have no mercy on white girls or their fucking problems, anymore. I played nice guy for half a lifetime only to be used and abused by them. They wanted their so-called empowerment, now they have it. Enjoy those burger-flipping jobs, babies. You won’t have a man like me or millions of other once “good men” to kick around anymore. Now you can pay for your own conspicuous consumption with your meager wages.

Here’s the sad truth you girls haven’t figured out yet. Feminism burned you, it dethroned you, and it turned you into a worker bee rather than queens of the castle. Enjoy the bed you made, because a motherfucker like me is going to enjoy watching you lie in it. I’ll be doing everything I can to make life a little bit harder for you. And encouraging millions of other men to do the same.

And getting a kick out of it, too.

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The Anglosphere Cancer: Feminism, Faith and the Rise of Secular Puritanism


Feminism is more cancer-causing for society than cigarettes are for the lungs

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

An objection often raised against my Anglobitch Thesis is this: if Anglo-American Puritanism is the source of all the iniquities we discuss, why have things seemingly gotten so much worse for men since the rise of populist Anglo feminism in the 1970s? If puritanical Anglo culture were the sole culprit, surely institutionalized misandry would have always been with us?

It seems a valid objection. On closer inspection, however, there is ample evidence that institutionalized misandry existed decades before the advent of feminism. For example, George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London (1933) or Keep the Aspidistra Flying (1936) are full of bleak references to female hypergamy and its intimate association with English repression. Similarly, the disastrous and failed policy of  Prohibition in the Twenties demonstrates the long-standing political power of puritan opinion in the United States. In addition, the US has some of the most punitive laws against prostitution and drugs in the western world. Given these facts, it is baffling when commentators continue to argue the Anglosphere is not puritanical and repressive to its very core.

Get Rookh’s book, Havok: How Anglo American Feminism Ruined Society, on Amazon

However, it is difficult to deny that things have got much worse for men in recent years; especially white, working class men. Of course, this is not solely the result of feminism; the decline of unskilled industrial jobs has also played a part. However, I would argue that the real culprit is a distinct shift from religious Puritanism to secular Puritanism that occurred in most Anglosphere countries during the late twentieth century. And the secular Puritanism that now prevails is far worse for men than its old, religious counterpart, while retaining many of its worst themes. This is because women have dethroned divinity as the presiding ideal of Anglo society; in sum, they are worshipped as deities in the absence of God. Impressing women to gain their sexual favours, once seen as a biological necessity, is now paraded as the loftiest goal men can aspire to; yet the puritanical heritage of the Anglo countries ensures sex remains a scarce commodity. Little wonder, then, that female arrogance and entitlement have reached radioactive levels. Meanwhile, men across the Anglosphere have been reduced to beasts of burden fit only to serve and honour women as disposable serfs.

In sum, the dramatic online explosion of MRAs, MGTOWs and Gamers represents a masculine backlash against this state of affairs. In their respective ways, all these movements are trying to remove the pedestals on which Anglo women now stand (MRAs and Gamers), simply avoid them (MGTOWs) or pursue non-Anglo women (pan-Anglosphere Dissidents). Under genuine religious Puritanism, men still enjoyed several benefits implicit in the Judeo-Christian religion: male employment was still valued and protected as a basic human right, men were still fashioned in God’s image and men retained a strong voice over reproductive issues directly affecting them. With the rise of feminism and the emergence of secular Puritanism, those vital male benefits were instantly swept aside and a wave of masculine resistance was the inevitable result.

The pan-Anglosphere shift towards secular Puritanism has wrought deleterious effects beyond the narrow field of gender relations, however. Once, other Anglo-Saxon institutions were also infused with religious belief – commerce and temperance both arose from an implicitly spiritual consciousness, albeit puritanical and repressive. However, in the modern era these institutions persist only as hollow, secular shells bereft of spiritual purpose. Commerce has lapsed into mindless consumerism, the family into gynocentric dysfunction and temperance into a witch-hunt against sensual pleasure. In other words, the Anglosphere’s key institutions persist only as malefic shells of their former selves.

This brings me to another important point. Part of the mass alienation which grips the Anglosphere nations, an alienation expressed as a widening gulf between the elites and the masses, is the insincerity underpinning elite discourse and governance. Although Anglo-American society is now effectively secular, the elite still persist in pretending we live in a pre-secular society. I call this ‘The 1958 Thesis’: a tendency among Anglo elites to exaggerate mass attachment to tradcon values when not one person in a hundred actually believes in them. Because of this, the Anglo-American world is now ruled by puritanical reflexes rather than meaningful ideals, creating an oppressive and alienating civilization. Above all, the Anglo-Saxon spirit of temperance has devolved into mindless hostility to freedom, pleasure and experiment – consider America’s costly and pointless ‘war’ on drugs, resulting in the needless criminalization of millions of young people. Successive Governments give no rational explanation for pursuing this ridiculous policy, because none exists; habit, not reason is their guiding principle. The reader can doubtless think of many more examples, not least the American state’s inane hostility to prostitution. For some vague and inchoate reason, the US authorities outside Nevada still see fit to stigmatize and criminalize a reasonable transaction between two consenting adults: crazy but true.

The foregoing discussion not only describes the contemporary Anglosphere, it illuminates it. The present condition of the Anglo-American world is secular Puritanism, a cultic ideology that worships women as the pinnacle and meaning of existence. Sometime during the mid-20th century, gynocentric woman-worship began to supplant religion as the primary motive force in Anglo-Saxon culture. This rapid secularisation process retained a puritanical ethos while transforming key Anglosphere institutions into grotesque, feminised caricatures maintained by sheer force of habit. Even Anglo-American foreign policy now follows the same gynocentric and puritanical trajectory, attempting to impose its warped misandrist values on unwilling nations and peoples around the world (see ‘The Hillary Doctrine’ by Hudson and Leidl, 2017).

The only positive thing to arise from these appalling developments is the Manosphere, the online resistance movement that opposes them. In some ways, the Manosphere resembles the Black Atlantic and it has similar political potential. In simple terms, Black Atlantic theorists argue that black European people have more in common with black Americans than they do with the European whites among whom they live. Similarly, the Manosphere describes a common pattern of male experience that transcends national boundaries and binds disenfranchised Anglo-American men in a common culture of dissent.

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Dads Don’t Count: Men Share Their Experiences as their Unborn Children Were Killed By Mom


Moms continue to hold unilateral power over all issues pertaining to children, leaving dads to twiddle their thumbs as their son or daughter is killed at an abortion clinic

“I’m pregnant.”

Naturally, many men would be filled with joy to learn they were fathers in the making. At least, in a traditional, sane society. But today, that joy often turns to sorrow and even suicide when mom unilaterally decides the child must die, and be sucked out of her womb into a tube at an abortion clinic.


Feminists think men should have no agency in deciding if this is how their son or daughter ends up

In a gynocentric society, men have no say whatsoever over offspring that is genetically half theirs.  It seems, after conception, the only thing that matters is how many checks dad the sperm donor can write, and not much else.

In life and death decisions, his opinions don’t matter and his role as father doesn’t matter, it’s all about what women think and what they want to do.

It’s time to listen to what fathers have to say about having no control over whether their children are aborted by mom, despite men being held on the hook legally if women decide to keep their children. This courtesy is usually verboten in a culture that is virulently misandrist.

A daring BBC program just broached the issue, and introduced one man who has suffered through three different women who all aborted this children against his will.

I’ve not spoken to anybody about this ever. I did bring it up once recently but people just seem to want to sweep it under the carpet with me. They were embarrassed that I brought it up. It’s a taboo. You can’t really talk about it.

Ain’t that the truth. You can’t even talk about it in a society that vaunts women and denigrates men. The shabby logic of my body, my choice rules, while women never realize the hypocrisy of not extending that same courtesy to an unborn child.

Surprisingly, one women’s organization, the Abortion Recovery Care and Helpline, offers some sympathy, albeit tepid, for fathers who had to watch helplessly as their offspring were ripped from the womb.

Abortion is widely construed as a woman’s issue but there is no denying that men may also be negatively affected by an abortion decision. We know abortion hurts men too and it probably affects more than we know of since some men often find it difficult to open up about emotionally sensitive subjects.

In other words, “man up” about the issue. We know it hurts, but we can’t deny women godlike powers over helpless fetuses.

While there is truth to the fact women bear the brunt of the burden of pregnancy and childbirth, the question remains. Why do they allow themselves to become pregnant in the first place? Especially, with myriad contraceptive and birth control options available to them.

Only in a culture that absolves women of all responsibility and all agency over their own lives, blaming men for everything that goes wrong, including unwanted pregnancies, do we witness the spectacle of disposable fetuses occurring. In more traditional societies, the focus isn’t so much on whether the unborn child lives or dies as much as it is celebrating the circle of life and preparing to welcome another member to the family.

It seems expectant dads will just have to continue to stand by helplessly as mommy dearest decides whether his child lives or dies. Mother Jones was up in arms when Oklahama dared to try to give fathers agency over their own children in utero, treating them as 50/50 partners in parenthood rather than supplicants who exist only to feather mom’s nest.

In Oklahoma, abortion rights advocates breathed a big sigh of relief when a particularly Draconian measure, requiring a woman seeking an abortion to get written approval from the man who impregnated her, was tabled last week. That sigh may have come too soon: The state’s House Public Health Committee is set to reconsider HB 1441 today. The proposal would require a woman to get written permission for an abortion from the biological father, identify him to her doctor in writing, and allow him to demand a paternity test.

Notice the language, seething at the prospect of giving fathers an equal shot in life and death decisions: “The man who impregnated her.” If that doesn’t sum up the Anglo world’s solipsistic view of women, nothing will. It’s all about ME, and you’re just the bastard that impregnated me. Get ready to pay up, asshole.

At least, it’s that way in sickly and declining Anglo culture. There are places in the world where moms to be don’t completely shut dads out of the picture when it comes to deciding whether junior lives or dies.

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