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Dads Don’t Count: Men Share Their Experiences as their Unborn Children Were Killed By Mom


Moms continue to hold unilateral power over all issues pertaining to children, leaving dads to twiddle their thumbs as their son or daughter is killed at an abortion clinic

“I’m pregnant.”

Naturally, many men would be filled with joy to learn they were fathers in the making. At least, in a traditional, sane society. But today, that joy often turns to sorrow and even suicide when mom unilaterally decides the child must die, and be sucked out of her womb into a tube at an abortion clinic.


Feminists think men should have no agency in deciding if this is how their son or daughter ends up

In a gynocentric society, men have no say whatsoever over offspring that is genetically half theirs.  It seems, after conception, the only thing that matters is how many checks dad the sperm donor can write, and not much else.

In life and death decisions, his opinions don’t matter and his role as father doesn’t matter, it’s all about what women think and what they want to do.

It’s time to listen to what fathers have to say about having no control over whether their children are aborted by mom, despite men being held on the hook legally if women decide to keep their children. This courtesy is usually verboten in a culture that is virulently misandrist.

A daring BBC program just broached the issue, and introduced one man who has suffered through three different women who all aborted this children against his will.

I’ve not spoken to anybody about this ever. I did bring it up once recently but people just seem to want to sweep it under the carpet with me. They were embarrassed that I brought it up. It’s a taboo. You can’t really talk about it.

Ain’t that the truth. You can’t even talk about it in a society that vaunts women and denigrates men. The shabby logic of my body, my choice rules, while women never realize the hypocrisy of not extending that same courtesy to an unborn child.

Surprisingly, one women’s organization, the Abortion Recovery Care and Helpline, offers some sympathy, albeit tepid, for fathers who had to watch helplessly as their offspring were ripped from the womb.

Abortion is widely construed as a woman’s issue but there is no denying that men may also be negatively affected by an abortion decision. We know abortion hurts men too and it probably affects more than we know of since some men often find it difficult to open up about emotionally sensitive subjects.

In other words, “man up” about the issue. We know it hurts, but we can’t deny women godlike powers over helpless fetuses.

While there is truth to the fact women bear the brunt of the burden of pregnancy and childbirth, the question remains. Why do they allow themselves to become pregnant in the first place? Especially, with myriad contraceptive and birth control options available to them.

Only in a culture that absolves women of all responsibility and all agency over their own lives, blaming men for everything that goes wrong, including unwanted pregnancies, do we witness the spectacle of disposable fetuses occurring. In more traditional societies, the focus isn’t so much on whether the unborn child lives or dies as much as it is celebrating the circle of life and preparing to welcome another member to the family.

It seems expectant dads will just have to continue to stand by helplessly as mommy dearest decides whether his child lives or dies. Mother Jones was up in arms when Oklahama dared to try to give fathers agency over their own children in utero, treating them as 50/50 partners in parenthood rather than supplicants who exist only to feather mom’s nest.

In Oklahoma, abortion rights advocates breathed a big sigh of relief when a particularly Draconian measure, requiring a woman seeking an abortion to get written approval from the man who impregnated her, was tabled last week. That sigh may have come too soon: The state’s House Public Health Committee is set to reconsider HB 1441 today. The proposal would require a woman to get written permission for an abortion from the biological father, identify him to her doctor in writing, and allow him to demand a paternity test.

Notice the language, seething at the prospect of giving fathers an equal shot in life and death decisions: “The man who impregnated her.” If that doesn’t sum up the Anglo world’s solipsistic view of women, nothing will. It’s all about ME, and you’re just the bastard that impregnated me. Get ready to pay up, asshole.

At least, it’s that way in sickly and declining Anglo culture. There are places in the world where moms to be don’t completely shut dads out of the picture when it comes to deciding whether junior lives or dies.

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Happy Father’s Day, Not Happy Single Mom’s Day


Nothing is more hated in the zoo that is a gynocentric society than civilizing fathers

A reminder to feminists and other tyrannical females out there: It’s Happy Father’s Day, not Happy Single Mom’s Day. Not happy Child Support Check Day. And not Happy Take the Kids and Run Day.

One of the most pressing issues springing from Anglo America’s hatred of all things male is the relegation of fathers to serf status legally and culturally. It seems this culture can never punish, denigrate, and disrespect men quite enough. It mocks them in the media. It vaunts females as some sort of divine creatures while males are viewed with nothing but devilish contempt. It gives men almost no legal rights with their own children.

Let’s stop the it’s always the man’s fault malarkey right here and right now.

Here’s how things usually happen. A relationship doesn’t work out because “mom” isn’t happy for one of an infinity of petty reasons, so naturally a gynocentric legal system accommodates her flightiness with laws crafted so she can continue to cash in on dad’s labor, while estranging him from his children and turning him into a financial slave who is then unable to spend quality time with his children because the fucker is broke.

However, while mom profits from having an 18-year annuity, dad loses everything and society as a whole loses as it begins to resemble a zoo. Children with child support checks instead of dads don’t turn out as well as those who have dads, and society begins to de-civilize. We are witnessing this happen in the West before our very eyes.

One of the biggest tragedies that came with the return to pre-civilization status brought on by feminism and the divorce-industrial complex is the negative effect unchecked female power is having on the next generation. The sexual and social zoo we are now witnessing unfold in the West descended like darkness upon the land because feminism is returning humanity to an animalistic state, to use Huxley’s term.

The insanity of disenfranchising fathers continues unabated, despite the fact that a mountain of evidence has piled up confirming traditionalists’ claims that children do better with a father in their life. This benefits society more in the long run than daddy being turned into a financial slave of both mommy dearest and a lawyer/rat in a black robe, i.e. a judge. However, since the 1960s Anglo society has been moving towards, and is now close to reaching its goal of turning fathers into little more than sperm donors and check writers.

Check out these bullet points from The Father’s Rights Movement, which spell out why children need BOTH their parents. Children with fathers:

  • Are LESS likely to drop out of school;
  • Are LESS likely to run away from home;
  • Are LESS likely to become Pregnant or have an abortion;
  • Are LESS likely to commit suicide;
  • Are LESS likely to seek, or create an abusive relationship;
  • Are LESS likely to commit crimes;
  • Are LESS likely to turn to drugs or alcohol;
  • ADJUST better to separation than children with one custodian;
  • Are MORE likely to have successful relationships;
  • Are MORE likely to have healthy sleep patterns and general health.

Perhaps that was the reason fathers were banished from the family in the first place by feminists, operating as useful idiots for social engineers. A society that sees all of the above problems arise as the result of banishing dads, and makes it convenient for already Predatory Females to dispose of fathers while profiting from it, is, at least temporarily a more lucrative society.

Men have to work harder than ever before to pay exorbitant child support slavery payments, running like a rat in a wheel while women are never held accountable for how the money is spent. This creates a tremendous amount of waste. Men being forced to fork over 20% to 50% of their incomes, above and beyond what the state already takes in sky high income taxes get turned into paupers, but their extracted productivity creates more mindless spending and consumption than if dad had 50/50 time with his children.

More money flows into the economy than if dad wasn’t under duress to pay a supposedly “equal” woman like the queen she isn’t. Put simply, women are consummate materialists who spend more money in the economy on their children than dads would, because men look for other, more intrinsic means of being happy outside the world of materialism and gathering things as female gatherers do.

The above bullet points also make money move in other ways.

Dropouts create state-funded “help groups” designed at stemming the crisis. A runaway crisis means more “help groups” can be formed. Teen pregnancies keep abortion mills like Planned Parenthood running. Suicides create even more “help groups” in dad’s absence.  Abusive relationships help the state pass more laws to “protect” women and intrude into family affairs. Crimes help the growing Police State and lawyers stay busy.

Of course, people with unhealthy relationships are more susceptible to propaganda from the media and to manipulation by advertisers. Unhappy and unhealthy people, just sick enough to be medicated but just healthy enough to go to work are profitable for the medical-pharmaceutical complex.

So, in the end getting rid of dad is initially quite profitable for a society that seeks to create as many problems as it can with citizens’ lives to produce new revenue streams. Not to mention, one of the stated goals of world Communism (the corporate-government complex is de facto Communism) is breaking up the family so the state can mold children into passive adults who know how to do nothing but follow instructions and consume.

But, the gravy train doesn’t last forever.

Men, when welcomed to the supper table of the human family are the most powerful civilizing force there is. Getting rid of dad eventually means the entire society loses, as it degenerates and eventually crumbles in his absence. It should come as no surprise to any person who has studied the rise and fall of high cultures that treating dads the way Anglo America does will lead society to a more primitive state.

Perhaps that was the goal of social engineers all along. Bring it all down, and shape the ensuing chaos into a New World Order reflecting their dreams, not ours.

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Reader Mailbag: Secular, Modern Feminism Has Puritan, Religious Roots


Modern, secular feminism is a new twist on an old religious doxy

There’s a common misconception when we discuss latent Puritanism in a spiritually dead, modern Anglo-America. Jonathan Castle writes The New Modern Man with an astute question:

Love the site and your writing. But there seems to be a central contradiction:

1 – America is spiritually dead
2 – America has ‘puritan’ sexual repression

I probably don’t understand what you’re saying, or what you mean by spiritual, but if you want America to not be spiritually dead, shouldn’t you embrace some form of traditional faith – which necessarily puts boundaries on sexual expression?

Have you set up a catch-22, a no-win situation?

Rookh Kshatriya, creator of the Anglobitch blog and the Anglobitch Thesis, provides Jonathan with a succinct reply, describing how feminism and Puritanism are intimately linked to one another.

Jonathan, there is no contradiction. The puritanical repression persists as a residual legacy of Anglo-American religion, albeit shorn of its religious roots. Its modern strongholds can be found in secular mass culture, for example Disney movies about perfect princesses or horror films in which all men are villains and women are all saints. Now, these cultural artefacts are not religious in any way, but the old religious puritanism persists in them, albeit in secular form. Similarly, feminism is not an explicitly religious movement, but Anglo feminism has exactly the same anti-sex, anti-pleasure stance as the temperance movements of the 19th century which it claims to despise. The Anglobitch Thesis teaches that Anglo feminism (and much Anglo culture in general) is essentially Victorian puritanism in secular guise. This explains the intellectually vapid and contradictory nature of Anglo feminism; it embodies what it claims to oppose.

Spending a good amount of time outside this culture makes one appreciate the utter brilliance of that analysis. Modern, secular feminism has directly resulted in an echo of the religious days of Puritan America, and is an embodiment of an anti-sex, anti-pleasure world view.

When I’m in Latin America, sex is everywhere, it is not viewed with shame and scorn as it is in Anglo America, and the culture is one of living one’s life to the fullest, interspersed with periods of work – not the other way around – work at the expense of everything else that makes life worth living.

As TNMM detailed in The Puritan Roots of American Feminism, feminism has foisted upon Americans the same doxy the Puritans once held sacred: Sex is evil, hard work for the benefit of women is sacred, and indulgence in sex or refusing to work hard is a sin punishable by fire and brimstone.

Only in modern times, the fire and brimstone of the legal system and judgments from talking heads in the media rain down on those men who indulge in sex with willing whores or who pursue women for sex or who are “deadbeats” because they don’t adhere to the “work until you drop over dead” mantra.

It’s helpful to think of the nightly newscasters on your local station as self-appointed “priests” up on high dishing out condemnations and judgments on the populace as actual priests once did on their flocks. Also, think of how culturally taboo it is becoming for men to approach women and the legal noose a man can have wrapped around his neck via sexual harassment code and public shaming for something as innocent as an off-color remark.

This is, of course, the case because Anglo-America has embedded within it the core belief that sex is evil, and that sexuality is a “blessing” bestowed upon women (who are “better” than men) only they can choose to share with men who are “blessed” to receive it.

The legal system also forces males into financial servitude via frivorce lotteries/alimony and child support annuities, a new spin on the Puritanical, sacred value of hard work for the explicit benefit of women.

Lifelong hard work being forced on men for the material benefit of women is a claim supported by statistics of who benefits the most under the current paradigm. The current government spends far more revenue on women than it does on men, around 66% by some estimates, and the economy is 80% driven by female purchasing decisions according to Harvard University.

Feminism was supposed to be about liberation, but it has turned into a goddess cult, as one would expect in a sexually repressed, gynocentric, female-worshipping culture. Only the religious aspect of the belief system has been dropped.

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American Women Need to Lose 50 Lbs of Weight, and 100 Lbs of Attitude


Obesity is pandemic in the American dating pool. Jabba the Hutt has a better body than some of the Catfishes of the Day posing as goddesses

Sometimes I peruse online dating sites just to see if there’s any deviation from the normal, bitchy fatties and technicolor haired, female drones with boyish countenances I come across in my coast to coast travels when it comes to the American dating pool men have to wade through like so much murky swamp water.

There isn’t. I’m face down in a pile of shit until my next junket out of The Matrix for either a week long vacation or my 6-month plus sojourns out of cultural hell.

Jesus Christ, what a freak show. And in the rare circumstances there’s a moderately presentable girl online or on the street, her ego is so galactically huge and she’s such a PITA to deal with any attraction I might have for her evaporates. What? I’m going to become her clown, entertain her, and listen to her parrot the trite platitudes she gathers from the media and her vacuous friends for hours on end just to have to chance of scoring some lame sex? Or, becoming her Beta male slave?

Hell no.

Big bodies and big egos summarize the bulk (pun intended) of the experience of mate hunting in our modern dystopia. The thought struck me this morning that American women need to lose 50 lbs of weight, and 100 lbs of attitude. Seriously. What a gaggle of self-righteous fat wads. They’re physically and mentally repellent.

And worse, the mainstream media is not only condoning this behavior, but encouraging women to become even fatter, sluttier, and louder with books like Anne Helen Peterson’s work lauding the unruly woman. It’s as if behaving as anything other than a wild animal is somehow beyond the pervue of innate female desire. Check out this synopsis of what Cosmopolitan named one of the best books of the summer:

You know the type: the woman who won’t shut up, who’s too brazen, too opinionated—too much. She’s the unruly woman, and she embodies one of the most provocative and powerful forms of womanhood today. In Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud, Anne Helen Petersen uses the lens of “unruliness” to explore the ascension of pop culture powerhouses like Lena Dunham, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian, exploring why the public loves to love (and hate) these controversial figures.

The hatred for masculinity in this dying culture has never been more plain than it is today. Maybe that’s why Americunts enjoy being offensive to the eye and all the other senses of the discriminating gentleman?

Taking selfies with the most slimming angle on their smartphones, they still come out looking like they made about a dozen too many trips to the all-you-can-eat, ersatz buffet. Lay off the biscuits, honey. And then the attitudes…their profiles read as if lowly men are nothing but pawns in the typical Americhick game of using sexuality to get ahead in the banal world of materialism and acquisition. It’s as if most of these women think men are pets that need to be broken before they can be blessed to see their ample frames in the buff and become their personal success objects and financial slaves.

I am astonished that men put up with this, and treat it as normal.

Goddesses that these abominations of true femininity think they are in the gynocentric milieu that is the strange world of Anglo Americana, their flaws can never be pointed out nor can they be asked to pop open a can of Slim Fast and to please bring something more than flabby arms, a well-worn piece of anatomy and a hateful, entitled attitude to the table.

This the product of a culture in which even modest criticism of women is verboten. With no restraints on female behavior, and what few restraints this culture once had on base female nature now removed, we are seeing the Anglo American female’s innate insanity reaching a shriking crescendo. She’s fat, she’s slutty, she’s loud, and she’s proud. Could hell really be much worse?

The time for criticism is here.

English scholar Rookh Kshatriya made an astonishingly insightful indictment of this pussy-worshipping culture years ago, more relevant now than ever with the recent success of Wonder Woman at the box office:

Indeed, this latent homosexual, unthinking liberal defence of Anglo women has recently reached absurd proportions, with women being portrayed in Anglo-American popular culture as superhuman beings endowed with awesome strength and superhuman intelligence. Frank Miller’s Sin City would be a perfect example: women are not only set on pedestals as semi-divine, they are also endowed with matchless martial prowess out of all kilter with biological reality. This absurd Anglo liberal tendency to claim women are simultaneously angelic and fearful can best be explained by the elite Anglo male’s latent homosexuality and dysfunctional educational experience.

Kshatriya goes on to explain this defect of Anglo-American culture is why homosexuality is the uniquely Anglo-American cultural obsession. Homosexuality is now sanctified by the media while heterosexuality is suppressed at every turn. It is literally no big issue for gay men to change sexual partners more often than they change underwear, but it is an unspeakable sin for straight men to change female sex partners, or to even desire sex with women!

What a sick culture. No wonder it’s dying off.

The bottom line is there has to be some way to figuratively stick a needle into the balloon-shaped heads of Anglo women, and allow this pinprick to deflate some of the cultural programming foisted upon both them and the men they assume exist only to serve them.

Continuing to let this go without throwing down the gauntlet only means the women will become even fatter and sluttier and louder in the years and decades ahead.

By the way, when’s the next flight out of this cultural inferno?

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Whites are Spiritually Dead


Why Anglo women and girls do this to themselves, I’ll never know

When an observant man travels to all 50 states certain observations tend to leap out at him. One of those moments just came my way as I pulled into a small truck stop near Lake Champlain in Vermont.

This is a stunningly beautiful area of the country. It looks pristine from the outside. But scratch the surface and you’ll find the familiar Anglo American death cult that’s wiping out an ethnic group lurking underneath.

I go inside to take a piss and buy an ice cream, when I notice a dead-eyed white girl running the store. She has that listless look so many white girls have today in America, as if nothing impresses her. I put my Reese’s ice cream on the counter, and she acts like it bothers her to even check me out. I look her in the eye and it’s almost as if she can’t stand to look at me, that my presence bothers her.

I notice she has multiple piercings and purple streaks in her hair before giving her the $1.99 and leaving.

I like to read about states I visit, and remember these lines from a demographic description of the state I just read before walking in the store:

94.3% of the population identified as white not of Hispanic or Latino origin in a 2013 US Census estimate. As of the 2010 census, Vermont was the second-whitest state in the Union after Maine.

In fact, after traveling around the nation that’s one of the things that struck me upon my arrival here. Wow, there’s nothing but white people around.

And here it comes…why am I not surprised one of the whitest states also has dead-eyed gals, one of the highest divorce rates in the nation (feminism has utterly obliterated white women and made them almost totally worthless to any family-minded man) and it also has an aging (dying) population.

In 2009, 12.6% of people over 15 were divorced. This was the fifth highest percentage in the nation. As of 2008 the median age of Vermonters was 40.6 and that of the work force was 43.7, compared with the national average of 41.1 years.

Economic growth is forecast to be stagnant because immigrants are not replacing dying whites here. Related to the breakdown of the relations between the sexes, Vermont also has skyrocketing drug abuse rates.

Following national trends for opioid use which has roughly tripled, addicts seeking treatment in Vermont have increased from 650 in 2011 to 7,500 in 2016.

In short, white men and women can’t stand each other, they can’t stay married, they can’t form families, they’re dying off and they’re trying to fill the void in their lives with drugs.

I know this scenario well because I grew up in one of the whitest areas of the country. What, you think it gives me pleasure to write the things I write? It’s like writing a fucking obituary.

An ethnic group has to be spiritually dead before it literally dies. I have to call ’em like I see ’em. Whites are the most spiritually dead people I’ve met in all my travels. Whether filling the emptiness with shopping, eating out, or drugs, why can’t they understand their lifestyles of conspicuous consumption, fear, and anti-family attitudes are killing them?

Feminism, materialism, and liberalism kill. Combine all three to watch the Anglo American freak show we have going on today. Once upon a time this girl would have been a happy mom making a happy home with a proud papa. Not in today’s dystopia.

If there’s one thing being in the States has shown me, it’s that leaving this behind was a wise decision.

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