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Studies Show YouGoGrrl Careerism Harms Kids


The pink-haired career girl – a photo representative of the strange times we live in

Why do women insist on having careers, often at huge personal and familial costs? There are three probable answers.

First, women are very susceptible to suggestion, and believe having a career is the “right” thing to do thanks to cultural indoctrination from grade school to college. They’re also bombarded with messages promoting careerism 24/7 from the corrupt corporate media. Women think they’ll enjoy a world much like the fantasy world “career girls” on TV enjoy – a lot of sitting around talking, gossiping, and spending money without actually doing much work. The truth is, most women end up wage slaves after entering the GloboWorldCorp matrix.

Second, women believe covering their basic needs on their own (Don’t Need a Man™ syndrome) will raise the asking price for pussy when it comes time to select a mate. Unfortunately, the men they took jobs away from can’t improve women’s lives if both sexes are sharing crumbs from the corporate table. Women end up alone due to their hypergamous instincts (instincts to date and marry up in social status, not across or down) and the fact they waste the decade or so they can actually provide value to men with their youth and fertility instead riding the cock carousel.

Third, women think they can bypass men and go directly to the source of male resources by taking men’s jobs. After all, women have been programmed to think men are mainly useless beasts of burden by feminism, who have the “baggage” of all their emotional and “dirty” sexual needs (as Puritanism would put it). Women think they can have more material things, fuck Alpha male leaders in business, and crap on the Beta males they loathe if they do the work themselves. However, women have actually bankrupted themselves by attempting this end-run around Beta males as the ongoing retail collapse shows.

Worse, seldom do women think about the effects their choices are having on children. In addition to the grave error post-feminist societies commit by banishing fathers from the gynocentric kingdom thereby damaging traditional family structure, mommies who dump their kids on nannies or in daycare to chase corporate paychecks are raising compromised members of society.

There is a large body of research confirming that moms are desperately needed in the home, not shuffling paperwork in endless corporate hierarchies for subsistence wages and/or the materialistic shopping and eating out binges women crave. Check out this writeup from Daily Mail:

Twenty years ago, distinguished teacher and psychotherapist Doreen Goodman started What About The Children? in response to the horrific murder of Jamie Bulger. She expressed the view that the little boy’s young killers were victims, too, because children who have their emotional needs met early in life are unlikely to become murderers.

She argued strongly that children should be cared for primarily by a consistent mother figure for the first three years.

Indeed, consistent research shows that children raised by absentee moms are more likely to become delinquents and do poorly in school. Then, there’s this research. Of course, shunned by gynocentric, myopic, Anglo society.

The great psychologist and psychiatrist John Bowlby was saying the same thing in the Fifties.

His vast experience and fieldwork led him to develop attachment theory: the idea that infants need to experience a warm and continuous relationship with their mother (or permanent mother substitute) in order to thrive.

He was attacked by feminists and ostracised by psychoanalysts for saying what now seems obvious: that the formation of an ongoing relationship with a child is a vital part of parenting. His work is underpinned by a vast amount of research.

Need even more research stating moms need to care for their children rather than climbing the corporate ladder? How about this.

I learned much about babies’ separation anxiety and stress at the What About The Children? conference – and wish Elizabeth Truss had been there, too.

She’d have heard Professor Sir Denis Pereira Grey (former president of the Royal College of Practitioners), early years expert Dr Carole Ulanowsky, consultant child psychotherapist Robin Balbernie and professor of social work and psychology David Howe talk about how growing problems in society, such as depression, can be due to poor child/career relationships and stress in the first three years.

Anglo society does specialize in creating broken individuals, who look to materialism and consumerism to satisfy their emotional needs rather than other human beings. Such is the dubious outcome of a century of social engineering aimed at pushing women out of the home and into the workforce – dubbed The Century of the Self by BBC filmmaker Adam Curtis.

The studies highlighted above only focus on the first three years. But the need for consistent, loving mothers in kids’ lives goes well beyond three years of age. Not to mention, the need for consistent, loving fathers and not Child Support Check Dads.

Some might call into question the need to have children at all, but to those souls one might remind them of the fact demographics is destiny. Those cultures which shun children and the responsibility that comes with them are moribund societies, much like the demographically declining Anglo world of today – a world in which whites are dying off at record pace.

In sum, women need to abandon the corporate world and embrace the hearth of the home if Anglo society is ever to function properly again – or even survive. The dereliction of feminine duty to society is having disastrous consequences to both the next generation and the fabric of English-speaking nations, while these gynocentric societies refuse (as if under a gag order not to challenge the “goddesses” of Anglo culture) to take women to task even as they face their own destruction.

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Isolating the Male Prey: Jealous Woman Nearly Kills Her Boyfriend’s Best Friend


An Anglobitch nearly killed a man by slicing his neck with a knife because he wanted to party with his best friend; Anglo courts say it was an “accident”

Predatory females are well-known to quardon off men from male friends once they “take control” of any male prey item, i.e. once they lock a boyfriend in a relationshit. By isolating a man from potential female competition, his friends, and even his family, women can then practice their most innate talent: their talent for manipulation. A man is much easier to control and extract resources from without pesky voices of reason telling him not to spend his last dime or mortgage his future for a bitch.

Sometimes, this instinct to isolate male prey items gets taken too far. Such was the case in England, when a predatory female went so far as to try to kill her boyfriend’s best friend. From Yahoo News:

A mum has been jailed after she slashed her boyfriend’s best mate’s neck with a knife – because she was jealous of their bromance.

Notice, even though a man almost died the Anglo press feels it necessary to insult her boyfriend, calling it a “bromance” rather than his “best friend.” Misandry runs deep in this culture. It should come as no surprise it was an Anglobitch who launched the attack.

Jodie Goodwin, 20, narrowly missed vital blood vessels and arteries in Anthony Milburn’s neck when she lunged at his throat with a knife, it was claimed. The UK mum-of-one was furious with then-partner Andrew, who said he and his friend were going to a house party after a night in the pub. She armed herself with a 14 cm-long kitchen knife and lunged at Anthony, 27, inflicting a 4 cm-deep wound circling his neck, which needed 16 stitches, he said.

Notice the corrupt media using language in the report to humanize the vicious woman as much as possible, i.e. calling her “the mum-of-one”. (Women are always treated with kid gloves in a gynocentric society.) Interestingly, but not surprisingly the judge who heard the case went light on Jodie even though she nearly killed someone. The pussy pass strikes again.

Goodwin admitted to wounding without intent and was told she was lucky to avoid facing a murder charge by a judge who jailed her for 27 months.

How lunging at someone’s neck with a knife is “wounding without intent” one may never understand. Her predatory attack left her boyfriend’s best friend with a massive scar.

Anthony, a roofer and father-of-two, who has revealed the scar, said: “My best mate’s girlfriend could have killed me – all because she was jealous.”

Predatory females won’t let male prey go easily until they’ve finished extracting the marrow from his bones, i.e. all the money in his accounts, all the value he’s likely to produce in his life, etc. Anthony told reporters:

Me and Andrew were having a good laugh so when I found out a friend was having a house party nearby I said ‘Let’s go’. Jodie had a face like thunder and hissed ‘You’re not going with him!'”

Again, how this was construed as an “accident” in court is baffling.


This massive scar happened as a result of an “accident” according to Anglo courts

Then, it happened. The attempted murder which Anglo courts reduced to an almost laughable charge:

“She stormed into the kitchen and returned seconds later with the knife. After waving the blade towards Andrew she waved it towards me. Then she pounced – it all happened so fast. Her face went pale – my blood was gushing everywhere.”

It seems she didn’t want her walking ATM machine to party without her. After all, he might pick up another bitch and let her into his wallet first.

Newcastle Crown Court heard all three had been out drinking in February 2016 before they returned to Goodwin’s house in Cambois, Northumberland. The court heard she was “jealous of the close friendship he had with her boyfriend” and had openly voiced her dislike for him in the past. Speaking after the case, Anthony said she had been jealous of his friendship with her then-partner, and became angry when he suggested they go to a party.

Once again, anyone familiar with females (especially Anglobitches) knows well their propensity to cut men off from the outside world. From the get go, Jodie Goodwin had her maniacal gaze focused on her boyfriend’s best friend:

“While me and Andrew played pool, she’d complain that he was ignoring her. He said ‘I think she’s jealous of our friendship – she’ll soon chill out.'”

Of course, she didn’t chill out. She became increasingly enraged that her boyfriend’s attention wasn’t solely focused on her and her manipulations. However, it’s interesting to hear her lawyer rationalize Jodie’s vicious behavior. Once again, we must suffer the pussy pass:

Ian Hudson, mitigating, said it was a “drunken, spontaneous act” and Goodwin, had matured since having a baby.

Oh, it’s alright she nearly killed a man and left him with a life-altering scar because she had a baby since the incident. What kind of fucked up logic is that? It’s simply stunning this passes muster in Anglo society. No doubt, with her child support annuity now in hand Jodie will be less possessive of her male prey item.

It seems Rudyard Kipling’s sage wisdom “The female of the species is deadlier than the male” rings true in this case. And throughout the world. The problem is, there’s no counterbalance to stop female temper tantrums and resultant murderous behavior in the gynocentric Anglo world. Women are free to pillage and destroy male lives at will, and suffer few consequences.

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New Oppression, Old Values: The True Origins of Modern North American Misandry, Repression and Usury

Witch Trial

Puritan sexual and cultural repression has 400 year old roots in Anglo America

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

The dysfunctional state of modern North America seemingly embodies all the worst qualities of sterile Anglo-Saxon culture: usury, legalism, hypocrisy, misandry, socialism, repression and rampant gynocentricism. While Canadian and American men consider their downtrodden situation unique and unprecedented, their benighted region is extremely reminiscent of the English Commonwealth (1649-60), which was in many respects a template for the future United States. This period in English history saw puritans under Oliver Cromwell take full charge of government and impose savage repression on the British people for over a decade.

All objects of beauty were systematically smashed, free speech punished, taverns and innocent pastimes outlawed while dour cruelty came to dominate law and punishment.  In sum, the Commonwealth embodied all the cold, frigid inhumanity of the Anglo-Saxon soul. As I have written elsewhere, this period left a permanent mark on the English national character – and by extension, the whole Anglo-American world.

Although the terrible state of modern North America is unendurable for men, it does serve a positive instructional purpose. Because it is so close to the English Commonwealth in values and outcomes, it allows us to trace the true origins of modern Anglo feminism, misandry and usury to their true source.

To begin with, modern North America’s ongoing sexual witch hunt is really a puritanical war against physical pleasure itself: it is not ‘revolutionary’ at all, just a feminized restatement of traditional Anglo values. The real motivation behind such ‘abuse’ claims is reflexive hatred of male virility and indeed, sex itself; in short, the erotophobia of Cromwell’s Commonwealth. As Matt Damon opined, the accusations lack any notion of moral proportion; a slap on the ass or an unwanted verbal proposition is arbitrarily conflated with full-on rape, as though they were legally or morally commensurate misdemeanours. All sexual manifestations are equally heinous to the modern Anglo-feminist mind, just as they were to the Commonwealth puritans.

Closely allied to this systematic war on pleasure is a deep Anglo tendency to hysterical herd conformity. This moral socialism tries to drag everyone down to the lowest common psycho-sexual denominator: a hypocritical, repressed, embittered Anglo shit-heel. In sum, North America’s cultural Marxism is really the same old ‘Commonwealth’ moral equalism in modern guise.

Because of it, the Anglo masses will follow whatever they believe to be the ‘dominant ideology’ like a horse with blinders – even if that ideology works against them and their own interests. For example, some of the most fanatical modern sexual witch hunters are men who work in the entertainment industries. On course, this lemming-like hysteria is linked to and fed by sexual repression: hystericus means ‘womb’ in Latin, and the repressive Anglosphere is uniquely renowned for its frequent ‘moral crusades’.

The Puritan witch trials in 17th century England and North America are eerily similar in tone to their modern sexual counterparts: teenage girls making wild accusations are lionized by the authorities; the accused are duly removed and punished without a shred of evidence; and in a few years people will be scratching their heads and wondering what it was all about. But forever fixated on reflexive repression, the Anglo nations never, ever learn… Go figure.

As Lord Protector of England, Cromwell restored usury for the first time in centuries; he was the true architect of modern North American debt slavery. In truth, the definitive Anglo-Saxon obsession with material wealth while neglecting all else begins at this time in English history. And now, trans-generational social dysfunction is so rampant across the Anglosphere that its criminally-acquired wealth is largely wasted on costly public crime and welfare programmes. Moreover, trillions of dollars in unsecured debt generated by women pursuing useless college degrees have permanently wrecked the North American economies. Again, go figure.

As the English Commonwealth had no real ruler, just a Lord Protector (the tyrant Cromwell), so America lacks any coherent leadership. Despite his dynamic rhetoric and intentions, Trump is a toothless force who has been completely nullified by the Marxist Deep State. Whatever the expressed wishes of the American people, they might as well have Killary for President. A rudderless nation with no confident pilot is a ship adrift on stormy seas, at risk from every peril. Without a properly-defined psycho-social template emanating from a tried and trusted leader, no nation can hope to thrive.

Both the English Commonwealth and modern Anglo-America are defined by a futile hatred of reality itself. The Commonwealth was obsessed by banning pleasure in all its forms, whether visual, physical or sexual. Unfortunately for them, pleasure has too deep a root in the human genotype to ever be arbitrarily abolished in this manner. Meanwhile, the ‘progressive’ wing in modern Anglo America tries to deny the brute fact of human gender differences while promoting the LBGTXYZ fiction that anyone can self-identify as anything – even inanimate objects.

Aside from being obviously insane, these attitudes repudiate the classical Greek roots of western civilization. Just imagine applying such absolute semiotic relativism to activities beyond politics and society. What if scientists or engineers decided tin was iron, and iron was mercury? In a few days, half the population would be buried under rubble. Yet the Anglo ‘progressive’ brigade demand that such arbitrary values prevail in social and sexual affairs.

Although pleasure-repression and gender denial seem very different, their underlying motivation remains identical: deluded puritanical rage against reality itself. In sum, Anglo-American ‘progressives’ embody the same puritanical values they claim to challenge; and the same can be said for Anglo feminists.

Of course, there is one important difference between the Cromwell’s English Commonwealth and modern North America. The Commonwealth was a true patriarchy, not a gynocracy like modern Anglo-America. But if we replace Cromwell’s dusty Old Testament God with Anglo women – America’s new deities – the two regimes are essentially identical in their goals, aims and methods.

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Legacy Media and Liam Neeson Now Say #MeToo Sexual Witch Trials Went Too Far


Liam Neeson joins the chorus in the pushback against #MeToo witch trials

As TNMM has been stridently proclaiming ever since the #MeToo sexual witch trial insanity began, Anglo America is quick to lose all reason when it comes to the topic that terrifies it most culturally – sex and sensuality. And, its baked-in cultural biases against men (being the deeply misandrist culture it is) in favor of women only helped add to the raving lunacy whenever the “he touched my behind” train left the station.

Women started castigating men for supposed sexual advances and favors that often happened decades ago, and almost always without any proof except a woman’s word. We the public were expected to believe women – unquestioningly – throughout the entire event. For Anglo culture subconsciously believes women are perfect goddesses and men are nothing more than heathens and beasts of burden.

The latest batch of Neo-Puritan witch trials has gone so far it’s now provoking a backlash against feminism and the culture that fosters a fear of men, sex and sensuality. Narratives that first appeared here are now making their way into the Overton Window and therefore the mainstream consciousness. Andrew Sullivan, columnist for mainstream legacy New York Magazine put it this way:

The early exposure of Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, and Harvey Weinstein — achieved by meticulous, scrupulous journalists and smart, determined women — quickly extended to more ambiguous and trivial cases.

Indeed, the vast majority of the sexual witch trials we witnessed were ambiguous and trivial as you would expect in a culture that has a history of irrational witch trials based on totally baseless female claims going back some 400 years. (Not to mention a prudish, grasping female attitude toward sex!)

Ailes, O’Reilly, and Weinstein may be assholes – but were the women who made the claims sterling individuals, as pure as the driven snow? Any man who knows female nature well knows how ridiculous it is to make that assumption.

Anglo culture remains blind to the fact that women, too, often use sex to get their way.  Not just men. They know men want it. And if it comes out an aspiring starlet laid down for one of these guys, who automatically comes out looking bad? Why, it’s the man in a culture that thinks women are above sex and sensuality. Who seduced who? Why didn’t she say no? As Dave Chapelle put it:

Sexual abuse is real and evil, but if you’re talking to someone on the phone who appears to be masturbating, you can always, you know, hang up.

Returning to the original story, we find New York Magazine echoing TNMM narratives:

Distinctions among many different types of offenses — from bad behavior at private parties to brutal assault and rape of employees and co-workers — were being instantly lost in the fervor. Punishment was almost always the same — social ostracism and career destruction.

Insert some militant feminism and it isn’t long before you have a clusterfuck on your hands. A wild prairie fire, running out of control with women able to totally destroy men’s lives with just the claim an ass was groped in 1975.

Within a few weeks, the righteous exposure of hideous abuse of power had morphed into a more generalized revolution against the patriarchy.

This kind of mania will always at some point exhaust itself and this kind of zeal will always overstep. In a free society, a pushback was inevitable, and healthy. The extraordinary journalist Masha Gessen led the way, with ruminations on sex panics.

The reality is “extraordinary” journalist Mesha Gessen was predictability plain vanilla as he discussed Anglo sex panics:

Of course, the balance of power favors men so much that it’s more likely that the guilty will get away with it than that the innocent will suffer. Still, we would do well to be aware of the risks to our perception of sex, and to this culture, as it grows ever more divided.

Notice, Gessen still blames men rather than the wanton, manipulative, and often predatory nature of female sexuality. In fact, his entire article reads like controlled opposition to #MeToo.

But Gessen wasn’t alone in questioning the motives of #MeToo. Even veteran actor Liam Neeson has been challenging the Neo-Puritan feminist brigade. The AP writes:

Actor Liam Neeson says the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal has sparked “a bit of a witch hunt.”

Neeson uses precisely the term TNMM used before the term was cool. Continuing from AP:

Asked about the issue on the Irish broadcaster RTE, Neeson said: “There’s some people, famous people, being suddenly accused of touching some girl’s knee or something and suddenly they’re being dropped from their program.”

He referred to U.S. radio presenter and writer Garrison Keillor, who was dropped by Minnesota Public Radio last year over an allegation of “inappropriate behavior.” Neeson said that wasn’t the same as the “other Harvey Weinstein stuff.” Neeson also said he was “on the fence” regarding sexual misconduct allegations against Dustin Hoffman.

Of course, Neeson couched his commentary with some brown nosing to perhaps avoid becoming a target himself.

But the 65-year-old “Taken” star also said in Friday’s Late Late Show that the “#MeToo” movement taking place “across every industry (is) healthy.”

As usual, the pushback against wanton female abuse of power is tepid and muted at best in a society that loves berating and castigating men with normal sexual urges and desires. But, at least these things are being said.

We only wish a complete firebombing of feminist narratives was coming out and getting the big titty headline treatment the #MeToo fiasco did.

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Why Does Anglo Culture Harbor Visceral Hatred for High-Achieving Men?


Being a high achiever is a one-way ticket to social isolation in Anglo America

I’m not perfect. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve made colossal mistakes in my life, and have regretted them. However, I’ve never quite understood the static high-achieving men like me get in the Anglo world. In many ways, being a creative, intelligent man is worse than being a wanton criminal in this culture. Want proof? Criminals average more bangs and more children than college graduates in Anglo America.

The crowd dislikes excellence. (Except in sports, which is – as astrophysicist Carl Sagan pointed out with football – a thinly disguised simulation of hunting.) The crowd dislikes opinions and views which differ from their preconceived myopia. The crowd dislikes men who think and act outside the box. The crowd dislikes men who figure a way out of the sorrowful existence they endure.

They’ll excommunicate you.

When my intelligence was noticed way back in third grade by my teacher, who promptly placed me into the gifted program, being smart was the “cool” thing to be. But, that didn’t last too long. It soon got me pariah status in middle school and high school. The more I focused on academics, the worse the situation became. College was the same story. I had to be serious because I thought college was my ticket out of my impoverished upbringing. But, being serious and focused led to more social ostracization in college. All the friends I had at university I developed outside of school. (Notice a pattern?)

I still managed to get laid as I learned to hide my abilities outside of school, and was an above average looking guy who knew then and knows now how to hang. But, I wasn’t invited to parties my peers had when I was a young man. Luckily, all I had to do was get a job in another town and I made new friends, who then invited me to hang out with them. In each case I hid my abilities and my intellect, though.

There is one caveat, though. Not every group of people treated me this way. While my own ethnic group (whites) shunned me to no end and continues to do so, even family members treating me as a persona non grata most of the time (outside of fake pleasantries) other ethnic groups celebrate my achievements and seem to enjoy my company.

I rarely talk about them, but my tangential interests and wide breadth of knowledge seep out of me. Often I think, “Uh oh. Shouldn’t have said that. Now they’ll know I don’t think like them.” Isn’t that crazy? There comes a point in life when a man is tired of hiding his mind so others don’t feel uncomfortable. So, I guess I just have to accept being shunned by very herdlike Anglos.

But, why should a smart, well-intentioned person catch so much flack? I would go so far as to say this: As my light shines brighter and brighter in my post-corporate, world-roaming, free-wheeling lifestyle, the more “average” people shun me and even attack me. I would even go so far as to say it feels like a visceral hatred for my success, which has come at huge personal cost and as a result of a mountain of self-discipline. (It’s not easy to drive a semi 100,000 miles accident free, stay debt free, and save 90% of a man’s income along the way to enjoy extensive amounts of time abroad.)

As an example of the toxicity simmering underneath, even a tepid Facebook comment I made today about leaving tourist areas to find “real life” and $5 meals that taste as good or better than $50 meals at white tablecloth restaurants provoked an attack. (The typical, tried and true “Don’t want them dirty foreigners preparing my food” Anglo stupidity.)

I’d be lying if I said that being excluded and attacked by people who I thought were my friends didn’t sting some. I recently wrote an article about “friends” abandoning me since I became successful with women and found a way off the corporate plantation.) But why does Anglo culture (and law) seem bent on extinguishing its best and brightest? This isn’t something that’s just happened to me. Ask other high achievers and I’m sure they’ll tell a similar story.

Is there any reason I crave escape so thirstily and so often? In other news, fuck these people. I used to let it make me feel bad. But I don’t anymore. These jerkoffs have the problem. Not me.

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Meantime, in Latin America

While Anglo America focuses on trying to scare people away from having sex with constant scandals and witch trials, this Farruko joint is getting regular rotation down in the Caribbean. “She’s a devil…she turns into one in bed.” This sensual slow jam is about making love to a woman that knows what she’s doing in bed and enjoys sex as much as a man does. The video is complete with two lusty women – one light skinned, one dark skinned chick.

That’s the crucial cultural difference between the Americas – women are considered asexual “goddesses” in Anglo America while “dirty” men try to defile these perfect princesses with their sinful urges. In Latin America, women enjoy sensuality as much as men do.

Latin America is the future as far as this author is concerned. Anglo America is dying of its own arrogance, prudishness, and apprehensive approach to living life: sleep-work-spend consumerism, extreme sexual repression and the “pickle yourself” or “wait until retirement to live a little” plan. As if the totality of human existence can be condensed down to a consumer purchase of some cheap, Made In China crap. Culturally, Anglo America really believes that shit.

Who wants to live like that? I don’t when there are other options.

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“Men Are Not Toxic” Strip Club Sign Causes Controversy, Proving America is Rife with Misandry


This sign was all it took for the mainstream media to start attacking men all over again

The Establishment hate fest directed at men continues to roar like a prairie fire across the cultural landscape of Anglo America. Fresh on the heels of sexual witch trials of major media figures, a Colorado strip club has become the latest to receive the tried and true, drive-by hit piece treatment from the mainstream media for posting a humorous billboard that says: Toxic masculinity welcome here.

Yes, a strip club welcoming so-called “toxic” men is now making national headlines. And of course, with this fake news story making the rounds on major media outlets, male behavior is once again in the crosshairs of the gaystream media. This is the low level of public discourse in the nation today. That straight men are even considered toxic to begin with illustrates the embedded misandry that runs deep in this culture.

In yet another contrived issue created out of whole cloth, the misandrist American press saw fit to further assail masculinity because of a fucking billboard. Proving this story has no logical reason to be receiving the attention it is now getting, a masturbating woman posting a reaction to the sign was all it took to stir up dander among presstitutes. Check out the justification for the story posted by The Guardian:

A photo of the sign was taken by Bonnie AD, a Denver activist for “conscious sexuality” who posted the image on her Instagram account, @eroticselflove. It duly made the rounds on social media.

Erotic self love. Hmm. Why wasn’t the sex-hating press upset about that? The masturbating feminist who posted her “outrage” said:

“I had a visceral reaction of disgust when I saw the sign, because toxic masculinity is not a joke. I wanted to share the image because I think that community accountability is vital for social change. Largely, the response on social media has been one of disgust.”

Well Bonnie, I had a visceral reaction of disgust over your Instagram account. Some of us want to make love to another human being and not ourselves.

It’s important to read between the lines. Masturbating, self-loving feminists are upset. Normal people are not. Yet, the media frame the issue as though Main Street, USA is in an uproar. (See why I grew to absolutely despise this business before abandoning it?)

Deborah Dunafon, owner of Shotgun Willie’s strip club in Glendale, CO where the sign was posted came out swinging when vultures from the press swooped down on her establishment. She told low-paid microphone holders:

“I think it’s horrible to accuse men of being toxic, because they’re not. Our business is men, and men are not toxic.”

Dunafon continued. She alludes to the truth of the matter and narratives we discuss regularly in the manosphere.

“I didn’t put that up because of marketing. I put it up because I’ve been watching what’s going on in our country as far as men are concerned and it’s infuriating. I have a son, I have four grandsons, and I feel sorry for my grandsons because they’re all teenagers and I’m afraid for them. I’m wondering if they’re gonna have to make girls sign a contract before they can even go on a date.”

Indeed, it is becoming obvious the objective of feminists and social engineers is to totally neuter men legally, socially, and culturally. (If not later, literally via the medical-pharmaceutical establishment). Dating and especially any sexual interaction with women is indeed becoming a frightening prospect. As we have seen with media witch trials, only the mere accusation of sexual impropriety is enough to destroy a man years or even decades after the supposed event took place. We are never to question female motives, you see. (Even though a high percentage of rape claims turn out to be false.)

Dunafon has obviously awakened to the ongoing wussification of America via the Androgyny Agenda:

“How many men are we gonna pick on until finally there’s no men standing? How would you like a society with men meekly running around with little bonnets on their head?”

Dunafon also knows its Beta males who are suffering the most these days.

“We believe that men in society today are totally being picked on. Shotgun has a lot of different guys come in – blue-collar guys, white-collar guys –and I’d say 98.99% of them are good guys. And they don’t want to be accused of being monsters, because really they’re not. They come in for fun.”

These are the same lonely, sexless men Police State USA regularly picks on for renting a good time with another willing adult with its endless prostitution stings. Women are now so drunk on their power and emboldened they’re marginalizing a business model that screws men out of their money, while offering nothing but lap dances and a case of blue balls in return.

How did America ever come to these crossroads? A place where it wants to extinguish the very men who provide it with its prosperity? A place in which sex itself – a normal human desire – has become the ultimate taboo? Would you fight and die for this country in a war? I know I wouldn’t.

My relations with America, Inc. have become strictly mercenary. I work for money which I save to take to places that don’t hate me and make me feel like a pariah because I have a penis and a functioning libido. Once I have dual citizenship and a foothold in another nation, I don’t even want its fucking money, anymore. I just want out.

How long before millions more come to the same conclusion? Or go MGTOW whether they’ve ever heard of that acronym or not?

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