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“Men Are Not Toxic” Strip Club Sign Causes Controversy, Proving America is Rife with Misandry


This sign was all it took for the mainstream media to start attacking men all over again

The Establishment hate fest directed at men continues to roar like a prairie fire across the cultural landscape of Anglo America. Fresh on the heels of sexual witch trials of major media figures, a Colorado strip club has become the latest to receive the tried and true, drive-by hit piece treatment from the mainstream media for posting a humorous billboard that says: Toxic masculinity welcome here.

Yes, a strip club welcoming so-called “toxic” men is now making national headlines. And of course, with this fake news story making the rounds on major media outlets, male behavior is once again in the crosshairs of the gaystream media. This is the low level of public discourse in the nation today. That straight men are even considered toxic to begin with illustrates the embedded misandry that runs deep in this culture.

In yet another contrived issue created out of whole cloth, the misandrist American press saw fit to further assail masculinity because of a fucking billboard. Proving this story has no logical reason to be receiving the attention it is now getting, a masturbating woman posting a reaction to the sign was all it took to stir up dander among presstitutes. Check out the justification for the story posted by The Guardian:

A photo of the sign was taken by Bonnie AD, a Denver activist for “conscious sexuality” who posted the image on her Instagram account, @eroticselflove. It duly made the rounds on social media.

Erotic self love. Hmm. Why wasn’t the sex-hating press upset about that? The masturbating feminist who posted her “outrage” said:

“I had a visceral reaction of disgust when I saw the sign, because toxic masculinity is not a joke. I wanted to share the image because I think that community accountability is vital for social change. Largely, the response on social media has been one of disgust.”

Well Bonnie, I had a visceral reaction of disgust over your Instagram account. Some of us want to make love to another human being and not ourselves.

It’s important to read between the lines. Masturbating, self-loving feminists are upset. Normal people are not. Yet, the media frame the issue as though Main Street, USA is in an uproar. (See why I grew to absolutely despise this business before abandoning it?)

Deborah Dunafon, owner of Shotgun Willie’s strip club in Glendale, CO where the sign was posted came out swinging when vultures from the press swooped down on her establishment. She told low-paid microphone holders:

“I think it’s horrible to accuse men of being toxic, because they’re not. Our business is men, and men are not toxic.”

Dunafon continued. She alludes to the truth of the matter and narratives we discuss regularly in the manosphere.

“I didn’t put that up because of marketing. I put it up because I’ve been watching what’s going on in our country as far as men are concerned and it’s infuriating. I have a son, I have four grandsons, and I feel sorry for my grandsons because they’re all teenagers and I’m afraid for them. I’m wondering if they’re gonna have to make girls sign a contract before they can even go on a date.”

Indeed, it is becoming obvious the objective of feminists and social engineers is to totally neuter men legally, socially, and culturally. (If not later, literally via the medical-pharmaceutical establishment). Dating and especially any sexual interaction with women is indeed becoming a frightening prospect. As we have seen with media witch trials, only the mere accusation of sexual impropriety is enough to destroy a man years or even decades after the supposed event took place. We are never to question female motives, you see. (Even though a high percentage of rape claims turn out to be false.)

Dunafon has obviously awakened to the ongoing wussification of America via the Androgyny Agenda:

“How many men are we gonna pick on until finally there’s no men standing? How would you like a society with men meekly running around with little bonnets on their head?”

Dunafon also knows its Beta males who are suffering the most these days.

“We believe that men in society today are totally being picked on. Shotgun has a lot of different guys come in – blue-collar guys, white-collar guys –and I’d say 98.99% of them are good guys. And they don’t want to be accused of being monsters, because really they’re not. They come in for fun.”

These are the same lonely, sexless men Police State USA regularly picks on for renting a good time with another willing adult with its endless prostitution stings. Women are now so drunk on their power and emboldened they’re marginalizing a business model that screws men out of their money, while offering nothing but lap dances and a case of blue balls in return.

How did America ever come to these crossroads? A place where it wants to extinguish the very men who provide it with its prosperity? A place in which sex itself – a normal human desire – has become the ultimate taboo? Would you fight and die for this country in a war? I know I wouldn’t.

My relations with America, Inc. have become strictly mercenary. I work for money which I save to take to places that don’t hate me and make me feel like a pariah because I have a penis and a functioning libido. Once I have dual citizenship and a foothold in another nation, I don’t even want its fucking money, anymore. I just want out.

How long before millions more come to the same conclusion? Or go MGTOW whether they’ve ever heard of that acronym or not?

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The Riddle of Female Sexual False Consciousness

Anglo women think they’re sexually liberated, when in fact they’re as frigid and repressed as their grandmothers

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

Male Sexual False Consciousness is a well-described phenomenon in our branch of the manosphere. Blue collar males in the midst of decade-long sexless ‘dry-spells’ talk and act as if they were bedding models every night. Nor is this mere bluster and persiflage; many celibate males really believe they are having sex with teenage pop singers and actresses, women who would not spit on them if they were burning. Male SFC is a product of Anglo-American reality avoidance, lamestream media manipulation, simple self-delusion and (concealed) shame. In any case, most males in the Anglosphere are so psychologically damaged by institutionalised misandry that they cannot think rationally about their sexual situation.

What about female SFC?

Women’s magazines, TV shows and books are full of sexual tips and spine-tingling accounts of multiple orgasms with alpha paragons. However, this priapic narrative contrasts hugely with serious research into female sexuality, most of which finds that a huge minority (around 40%) of Anglo-American women have little or no libido. At a practical level, the average Anglo-American woman presents as a classic ‘Anglobitch’ – frigid, arrogant, misandrist, entitled, snotty and generally a cunt. This holds as true for the ugly, obese and post-Wall variety as it does for young and attractive ones.

So much for the boundless ‘liberation’ endlessly extolled by the lamestream Anglo-American media.

Most Anglo women dress like ten-dollar whores, read and talk about sex all day, even consider themselves intensely sexualized – yet are, in truth, as frigid and repressed as their grandmothers. Young males are rightly baffled when young girls dress provocatively yet resent all expressions of sexual interest: they seem to inhabit a state of ‘sexualized frigidity’, flaunting sex yet hating it too. What are the best explanations for this glaring contradiction? Why do so many Anglo women strive to talk, dress and look ‘sexy’ while being volcel or even actively hostile to sex?

The answer is complex. Unlike male SFC, the female form of this condition derives from the specific vagaries of female psychology – namely solipsism, the herd instinct and greater psycho-sexual plasticity. However, the fact that priapic gay men design female ‘culture’ in their own image is also highly significant.

Anglo culture is rife with latent homosexuality

Latent Homosexuality in Anglo Culture

Many gay men adopt homosexual lifestyles in the repressive Anglosphere to gain easy access to sex – as a group, they are disproportionately self-selected for hyper-sexuality. In short, gays are the kind of males who will project sex onto everything they see. Since such men are largely responsible for female fashion, television, music and ‘culture’ in general, they inject these things with their own sexual obsessions. Lacking the merest shred of creative originality, women have yielded control of all these activities to infinitely more creative and intelligent gay men. And gay culture is suffused with – indeed, defined by – sex. Assuming women to be female versions of themselves, these men have plastered the bare wall of female sexuality with their own erotic obsessions – obsessions Anglo women almost completely lack. In this view, frigid women do not dress provocatively to attract elusive ‘alphas’ – they dress that way because hyper-sexualized gay men told them to. After all, the average Anglo woman derives no more pleasure from the concept of ‘man’ than she does from a dose of hives.

In many ways, this gay domination of female culture is at the root of female SFC. It surely explains the massive gulf between sexualized female rhetoric and the frigid, uptight and misandrist reality. Female sexuality seems to be a provocative simulation of gay male sexuality, a frigid caricature. However, there are deeper issues in play. The female herd instinct is also implicated, as is female solipsism. If some trendy magazine or television show tells its female audience that the moon is made of cream cheese, their default compliance to authority makes them automatically believe it. Moreover, their infantile solipsism impedes women’s ability to check such claims against reality; to a solipsist, reality is what one feels on any given day.

Solipsism distorts women’s views in another way. Because most women can get sex relatively easily, they assume the same must be true of most men. This is utterly bizarre when one considers the contempt Anglo-American women typically harbour towards most males; but being entirely self-absorbed, they never link their own sexual elitism to the reality of male experience. Hence, women quite readily assume both genders have equal access to sex, even as they mentally excise the vast majority of males as potential sexual partners.

So, while male SFC is largely a product of shame and insecurity, low self-awareness plays a much greater role in female SFC. As for the minority of sexualized Anglo-American women (yes, they do exist) – typically damaged, addicted, working class and Dark Triad (narcissistic, borderline and histrionic) – they are just as confused as their frigid sisters. Their SFC typically involves confusing abuse for love – something pimps, thugs and other male sociopaths are adept at exploiting. Essentially, sexualized Anglo women are so fucked in the head that true sexual false consciousness eludes them; they have no ‘real’ sexual identity to compromise. Their SFC concerns not sex itself, but a deluded interpretation of human relationships.

Female sexuality is a juggernaut that carries all before it, and even disabled women can still attract male attention. This is especially true in the repressive Anglosphere, where sex is a culturally restricted commodity. Consequently, while male SFC conceals sexual ‘inadequacy’ or inceldom, female SFC takes a more complex form. Unlike male SFC, it originates in female solipsism coupled with mental malleability, hyper-hypergamy and sheer hypocritical stupidity. Yet it has immense impact on men, since women regulate all sexual access in the post-feminist Anglosphere.

The only effective and rational responsive is planned departure to liberated, man-friendly shores.

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“Fat Acceptance” Dolls Torpedo the Barbie Brand


Time magazine loved a fat Barbie – the American public did not

Corporate America’s obsession with social engineering, a.k.a. shoving Cultural Marxism down the throats of an unwilling public is backfiring in spectacular ways. Case in point: The recently released “fat acceptance” Barbie line, lauded by the Establishment has caused sales of the iconic doll to tumble.

In short, the giving Barbie a fat ass and a gut helped torpedo the brand. Predictably, the doll was launched amidst acclaim from the out of touch, totally corrupt American media. Witness this screed from the NY Daily News:

Barbie’s got back.

Mattel finally broke its 57-year-old mold Thursday by introducing three new doll shapes — tall, petite, and, yes, curvy — in hopes of appeasing parents frustrated with the iconic doll’s unrealistic supermodel silhouette.


Witness feminist cognitive dissonance on display when juxtaposing an obese dog alongside an obese Anglobitch (click to enlarge)

Let’s make a correction to that newspeak from low-paid mediaites. Parents weren’t frustrated with the supermodel figure – fatass feminists were. Rather than improving their health with diet and exercise, deranged Americhicks want to reinvent the definition of health and beauty.

That is, when it comes to making men and society accept grotesque, out of shape women. But, even feminists hypocritically snap out of their doughnut-induced delusions when it comes to the issue of animal obesity. Witness, this amazing display of cognitive dissonance recently posted on Thot Police’s Facebook page. It’s hilariously sad.

An overweight dog prompts instant attacks on the owner of the pup – with women saying things like: This is animal abuse. Or: You don’t let him get fat then do nothing to cure him. And here’s a gem: It makes me angry. How can you fatten your animal like that? However, the disgustingly large woman with so much back fat it looks like she has breasts on her back prompts this reaction: Keep up the good work you are an inspiration for women including myself. And: You make my pride in being a curvy girl STRONG.

More proof this culture has gone totally insane. What’s really unrealistic, you marionettes in the press is women shoving Ho-Hos in their mouths, then expecting men to be attracted to their larded behinds and to pay for the increased healthcare costs associated with morbid obesity. But, let’s continue with the flight of fancy from the NY Daily News:

Curvy Barbie boasts some extra junk in the trunk and even a little paunch in the front, similar to real women. Her arms and legs may not be as thick as many voluptuous women, but they’re a big improvement over the original doll’s unrealistic toothpicks.

Actually, if you people in the press were truly as “diverse” as you say you are, you’d see that outside America women aren’t fat, entitled land whales. Svelte figures abound outside of the Anglosphere. That said, the propaganda wing of New World Order, Inc. went into a frenzy over their fat acceptance agenda being mainstreamed. Witness more emotional hamstering from this Time magazine columnist:

As a woman of mixed heritage who has struggled with body image issues all her life, I was excited when I first learned that Barbie was getting a body makeover, a racial makeover. I was scared, too. I often play a game with myself where I go back to my childhood when my body image issues were just emerging, and I imagine being presented with a female icon of another shape or shade—either on TV or a doll in my own hands.

Would it have changed me? Would it have changed the stories I told through Barbie and thus to myself? Would I have valued the things I valued, worshipped blonde women as a child, become obsessed with dresses, Olivia Newton-John and Christie Brinkley? Would it have changed my own story? Would it have saved me from a lifetime of struggle with my own form, with feeling like an outsider?

A fatter Barbie is going to solve this chick’s psychological problems. Riiiiiiiight. So, how did the doll fare after being released to a press that was falling over itself to welcome the end of healthy, svelte Barbie? The Daily Mail provides us with insight:

It seems Barbie’s image overhaul has failed to prove a hit – with sales tumbling by 15%.

What does corporate America do? What it always does best. Deflect and deny. Here’s Mattel’s flowery public relations crap, mixed in with Daily Mail statistics:

The firm said it had a ‘responsibility to reflect a broader view of beauty’ – even though most of the £9.99 toys still wear short skirts and high heels. But the revamp has not helped to reverse a long-term decline in sales of the doll – which dropped by 20% from 2012 to 2014.

It seems the experiment flopped even worse than a preliminary perusal of those numbers indicate:

The latest gloomy figures represent the second consecutive quarter of falling revenues – and the biggest slide since 2009. Mattel was also forced to slash prices to sell stock that was unsold over the Christmas period.

There’s a deeper story here, beyond the backfiring of this corporate social engineering experiment. These numbers reflect the latest snapshot of what is a long-term decline of Barbie, beyond the self-inflicted damage SJWs (that always lie) admit. TNMM has long lamented the fact that in the Anglosphere, women aren’t women anymore. It seems girls aren’t girls, either.

The decline of Barbie bears out the fact that little girls are not playing with dolls because these days girls are taught to be masculine and boys are taught to be feminine as sexual dimorphism is relentlessly attacked by the frankly, sick and degenerate Anglo-American androgyny agenda. Eliminate male and female, and we’ll have a perfect world. That’s what these sick fucks actually believe!

The devolution of the iconic Barbie doll from a slim hottie to a matronly mountain of a woman – and girls no longer playing with dolls altogether – are only the latest chapters in the novel of a society that’s coming apart at the seams. When the obituary of Western civilization and particularly Anglo culture is written, let it be known to future historians the depth and breadth of social engineering that was going on in the Winter phase of Faustian culture. Social engineering is one of the main carcinogens poisoning this cancer-infested culture. And it will definitely contribute to its death.

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The Four Pillars of Anglosphere Dysfunction: Social Isolation, Materialism, Class Distinction and Puritanism

Materialism is a big contributor to Anglo American social isolation and breakdown

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

Having read all the articles and insightful commentary on this excellent site, it occurs to me that the Anglosphere’s misandrist agenda can be reduced to four broad conceptual fields or ‘pillars’. These interact in various ways and all are present in the Anglosphere nations, to a greater or lesser degree.

The first pillar is social isolation. In the Anglosphere, the individual develops in relative isolation and is expected to be self-motivated, socially combative and emotionally repressed from early childhood. Heartless schools and educational institutions take on many of the socialization duties normally provided by the (now defunct) nuclear family, which is why so many Anglo-Americans are damaged and enraged. Because they grow up in relative isolation, they are far more reliant on the mainstream media for identity formation than children in comparable societies. This explains why a massive proportion of Anglo-Americans suffer symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder, harbouring fantastical expectations culled from movies and TV shows.

Cultural dissidents like Winston Wu and Steve Hoca talk at length about the friendlier, more sociable attitudes that prevail outside the United States, even in countries with relatively low standards of living. They also talk about the obsessive focus on work that mars American social life (work does not have to eclipse everything else, as prosperous Scandinavian societies demonstrate).

Anglo-American culture is defined above all by its rapacious materialism – the second pillar of dysfunction. According to the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, human personality is essentially a void ‘created’ by external associations in early childhood. Because of dysfunctional child rearing by narcissistic, self-absorbed parents, Anglo-American self-identity tends to be shaped by material objects rather than human interaction. This explains the voidlike sterility of Anglo culture, and its overriding fixation on material goods as ‘food’ for the needful self.

In fact, the Borderline Personality Disorder so rampant among Anglo-American women is perfectly adapted (some would say designed) to feed the rapacious Matrix and its consumerist hamster wheel. In particular, the United States is a gynocentric brothel wherein men acquire material junk to get sex from empty, frigid women in a culture which deliberately raises the scarcity value of sex to inhuman levels. The demerits of such a society for men are self-evident, and explain the existential disaffection so common among Anglo-American males.

The third pillar of Anglo-American dysfunction is the class system. Britain and the United States both have relatively low rates of social mobility compared to other industrialized democracies. Both countries are run by impermeable, self-contained socio-economic elites who attend private schools and frankly know little about mainstream experience or opinion. This is why Anglosphere populations are increasingly alienated from politics and think they have no control over their own lives. We have moved beyond a situation where people vote for competing parties to one where they are voting against the political class itself.

Of course, people are free to enjoy the fruits of their own labour and pass these advantages on to their families (or whoever they see fit). However, in the Anglosphere this has led to the formation of political dynasties and an inflexible Deep State which are essentially undemocratic and do not serve the interests of the majority. Weird trends in Anglo-American foreign policy (for example Britain giving foreign aid to countries with space programmes or hopeless American attempts to democratize Islamic nations) originate in the detached and eccentric nature of the Anglo-American elite. Not all Anglosphere countries are thus defined; Canada and Australia are among the most classless countries in the world. However, these countries are increasingly ruled by idiomatic elites and will soon resemble their older cousins.

Religious Puritanism has morphed into secular feminism in Anglo culture

Latent Puritanism Suffocates Anglo-America

The fourth factor is, of course, residual Puritanism. Although religion is not the force it once was, the distinctive Puritanism of the Anglo-Saxon countries persists as secular Puritanism or repressive political correctness. This is the definitive core of Anglo-American feminism and explains the institutional misandry which dominates the modern Anglosphere. The Sixties Sexual Revolution was a brief anomaly and misandrist feminism has largely restored Victorian morality to every public arena: a man risks imprisonment for even talking to a woman in many places.

Prostitution remains illegal in Britain and North America, and men who pay for sex are still morally and legally criminalized. Most males outside the top 20% in terms of looks, money and status will experience long periods of celibacy if they do not marry young (and even if they do). The lamestream media still tries to peddle the myth of the sexualized Anglo-American woman; however, this narrative is created and maintained by sex-obsessed gay men and bears little resemblance to reality.

In sum, Anglo feminism is now the major issue confronting males across the Anglosphere. Originally created to defend women’s ‘rights’, Anglo feminism has morphed into a puritanical Gorgon obsessed with stigmatizing heterosexual sex, excluding fathers from their children, pathologizing masculinity, promoting transexuality, driving men from higher education and… well, you know the score by now.

Together, these four factors cohere to make romantic life extremely difficult for most Anglo-American males. For example, class is closely linked to both materialism and sexual repression in the Anglo countries. The hyper-hypergamy of Anglo-American women – the assumption that they are divine angels too good for any man – obviously springs from this warped association. Opponents of the Manosphere ridicule its denizens as marginalised eccentrics – keyboard warriors and alienated deplorables. However, the Manosphere draws inspiration from lived experience in the Anglosphere and its four pillars of dysfunction. And its message has spread because of ‘truth marketing’: the experience of daily life in this culture simply supports its general arguments.

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MSM Lauds Woman With Stinky Vagina, Blames Boyfriend for Breakup (Seriously)


Telling a woman she needs to clean her rearend is crossing the line in modern Anglo culture

How many petty reasons do women come up with for dumping boyfriends? What’s the most petty reason an ex gave you before performing the old “It’s not you, it’s me” maneuver? Breakups which are always accompanied by a YouGoGrrl from the rest of the Predatory Females in the pack of wolves afterwards.

What if you stink? What if your penis smelled bad? Do you think a woman would break up with you? Of course she would. But now, men are being criticized for telling women to clean up their act a little.

In one case that has hit the gynocentric mainstream press with a predictable round of female applause afterwards, an Anglobitch had her vaginal hygiene questioned by a “disposable” male. In other words, she had a stinky hole, and her boyfriend called her out on it.

How did she react? She promptly dumped him then went on to publicly blame him for the breakup. Classic female maneuvers all around. Any man experienced with the dissimulating female knows of their innate talent to rewrite history so it conforms to their emotional flights of fancy. From the New York Post:

A doctor has urged other women to break up with any partners who criticize their vaginas — after sharing her own personal experience with a nasty fella. Dr. Jen Gunter spoke out after commenting on recent reports that women have been using Vicks VapoRub to cleanse their vaginas.

Oh, he’s “nasty” and not her.

Notice how women conflate separate issues in their emotional overreactions. Jen’s boyfriend probably just didn’t like being around a chick that smells like tuna all the time. No man is telling women to use Vicks to clean themselves. That sounds like female stupidity developing all on its own via urban myths. (Vicks will clean you out good, guh.) In any case, Jen writes:

For what I am sure is the 100th time the vagina needs no cleaning and the vulva needs very little. Gunter then shared a very personal story about the time she ditched a man who made disparaging comments about her vagina.

Remember men. Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks. Nice guys finish last. And assholes finish first. Read between the lines and apply the teachings you’ve learned here at TNMM and elsewhere in the manosphere as you analyze this relationshit:

I once dated a guy who insinuated my vagina did not smell right. He was an ass in other ways too, but I just didn’t see it until he impugned my vagina. For example, he [thought] my hair would be better if it were straight. Sadly I took the bait, it wasn’t.

No doubt, her ex preying on her insecurities is what drew her to him. Dark Triad men are often very successful plunderers of poon.

He thought I would look better if I dressed a certain way. Again I took the bait. I just felt worse.

Telling her to practice some basic hygiene was the final straw. What an outrage! A man not wanting to stuff his male parts inside something that smelled toxic.

When it came around to telling me how my vagina could be better it finally clicked that this is a form of control that men often use. Fortunately I am an appropriately confident vagina expert and I had a light bulb moment and dumped his sorry ass.

Applying the same standards to women, when a guy’s ass crack smells because he doesn’t wipe well enough or his armpits stink because he doesn’t apply enough deodorant, and a woman tells him he stinks – is that a form of control women often use? Telling men they stink?

Does this mean stinky cunts are the new norm in the race to the bottom of the barrel in feminized Anglo culture?

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The Witch Trials Continue – Louis C.K. Latest Man to Be Accused of Having a Libido


Louis C.K. should know – women are perfect, sexless creatures in Anglo America

Comedians get more tail than rock stars. Seriously, they do. Laughter is key to a woman’s heart, and to getting her clothes off. Just ask any PUA. If a woman is laughing, your eyes are as good as rolled back.

But in culturally insane, sexually repressed Anglo America, the fact women want to be with a man who makes them laugh still makes men some sort of demons or “perverts” for making sexual advances on women. Even if HE ASKS THEM FIRST AND THEY SAY YES. What a “fucked up” society.

Enter another trumped up sexual harassment witch trial coming on the heels of numerous sexual harassment witch trials being conducted of late on the pages and screens of the corrupt media. Women – pack animals they are – are coming in for the financial kill now they they sense there’s blood in the water.

Comedian Louis C.K. – who at times drops some Red Pill into his routine – at least took a different turn than most sad sacks who get accused of defiling “perfect” Anglo American “goddesses”. He asked them if they wanted him to take his cock out, they said yes, and yet he’s still accused of sexual harassment. Unbelievable. Here’s C.K.’s statement to the vultures in the press:

These stories are true. At the time, I said to myself that what I did was okay because I never showed a woman my d–k without asking first, which is also true.

What ever happened to yes means yes? The story gets even more bizarre once we find out his only crime was being looked up to.

But what I learned later in life, too late, is that when you have power over another person, asking them to look at your d–k isn’t a question. It’s a predicament for them. The power I had over these women is that they admired me. And I wielded that power irresponsibly.

Women don’t want to fuck a man they don’t admire. In fact, a man they don’t admire is completely invisible to them on the sexual radar. Could it be Louis C.K. has subtly trolled the hos who are accusing him of a “crime” that turns out to be a big nothingburger?

He’s putting a clever spin on his apology. It’s about time somebody at least partially turned the narrative around on women. Do these Strong, Independent Women™ we hear so much about have no agency over their sexual choices whatsoever? Are they destined to be eternal victims every time a man makes a sexual pass at them? But, what about when chicks make a sexual pass at a man? Is that harassment? What if he “admires” her when she asks him if he wants her to take her meat curtains out? Apply the same standard to both sexes and pretty soon everybody in America is even more sexually frustrated than they already are. Seriously, this country needs chill the fuck out with its prudishness already.

Of course, the most likely scenario is Predatory Females are now looking for “hush money” from rich and powerful men they screwed around with when they make sexual harassment claims often years or even decades after the alleged transgressions. Could this be the next step in the Predatory Female playbook? Extracting forced wealth transfers from men to women via blackmail, civil courts and the court of public opinion since men are closing their wallets to women en masse – refusing to date, marry, and father children with frigid Anglobitches? (Men thus avoiding the expense of legalized prostitution i.e. relationshits and marriage, and/or frivorce rape via alimony, child support ransom and other wealth transfer schemes.)

Frankly, men everywhere should be aghast the definition of “sexual harassment” in Anglo America has been so expanded by this gynocentric culture that even when a woman tells you she wants to see your dick you shouldn’t take it out because she might admire you. What a place.

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Limp Sex Lives for Millennials: Least Sexed Generation in 60 Years

Millennials are in a sex drought not seen in 60 years

Social engineering, as evil as it is, unfortunately works. And driving the sexes apart has been one of the chief goals of Anglo American social engineers since the Pandora’s Box of feminism was opened in the 1960s. It seems they’ve hit another milestone of diabolical success, as millennials are the least sexed generation in 60 years. As reported by the Amazon Post Washington Post:

Recent research also shows that, overall, millennials — people born between the early 1980s and 2000 — have fewer sexual partners than baby boomers and those in Generation X, the group immediately preceding them.

Granted, the vast majority of young adults are still having sex, but an increasing number of them appear to be standing on the sidelines.

The guys standing on the sidelines with chafed hands are primarily the Beta “good guys” women shun. Of course, Gammas and Omegas are also left on the sidelines. It’s a bumper crop for Alphas, Sigmas, “bad boys” and PUAs with tight game, though. The Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) definitely applies.

But why are so many being denied such an important part of their lives? From the Los Angeles Times:

The proffered reasons for millennial abstinence? [Ed: The term incel or involuntary celibacy is a better term than abstinence.] A culture of overwork and an obsession with career status, a fear of becoming emotionally involved and losing control, an online-dating milieu that privileges physical appearance above all, anxieties surrounding consent, and an uptick in the use of libido-busting antidepressants.

A culture of overwork (latent Puritanism) certainly contributes to this problem. As do the matrix’s YouGoGrrl careerism, “men are icky” and “your job defines who you are as a person” narratives.

Let’s translate the rest of the liberal media speak in that snippet for you. “Privileges physical appearance above all” means guys don’t want to screw pasty land whales with purple hair, thick glasses, and bad attitudes. “Anxieties surrounding consent” means the elite-controlled American government has been successful at scaring men off from women with increasingly ambiguous legislation that turns sex itself into a potential crime. (Case in point: California legislation that says a man has to get permission every 10 minutes during intercourse to continue fucking a woman, or it’s rape. Yes, California is that insane.) And of course, “an uptick in the use of libido-busting antidepressants” means the medical-pharmaceutical establishment has been successful in drugging the populace in the very ways Aldous Huxley warned us about.

Not to mention, if a guy slips one past the goalie and knocks up an Anglobitch in this day and age, he could find himself financially enslaved a la child support. Making matters worse, the brainwashed women of today are unapproachable with bitch shields set to maximum and glibness set to stun. Americhicks are quite frankly libido-killing.

It seems millennials have become such putty in the hands of Marxist social engineers they aren’t even interested in rubbing one out on their own. Vice explains:

While this decline in sexual activity was linked to porn use, the results probably weren’t what you were expecting. Specifically, rather than being linked to less sex, watching porn was actually linked to having more sex.

Unfortunately, millennials are just the harbingers of a major cultural trend spanning multiple demographic cohorts:

It turns out that Americans across the board—not just millennials—were having less sex today than they were in the past.

This is one important reason, TNMM postulates, why people are unhappy in America. Sex is an important part of adult lives, and American social engineers are trying to take it away bit by bit, piece by piece. (Pun intended.) People are increasingly going without thanks to Cultural Marxism, the Androgyny Agenda, and Police State USA. The driving force behind human sexuality, female hypergamy, has also been severely diminished by the welfare state and the debasement of traditional male roles in Anglo society.

Columbia University did a study on happiness and found these results:

America’s happiness dropped from number three in 2007 to number 19 in 2016. That’s a pretty big drop. Overall, the report explains that though there’s a big focus on boosting economic growth in the U.S., the data collected reveals the real problem lies in social issues.

I would imagine America is actually much lower in overall happiness than that report – no doubt carefully manicured and biased – indicates. In my travels to all 48 contiguous states, the mood is bleak wherever I go.

The Columbia University report is right that America is definitely a screwed up country socially. Community relationships is an interesting topic, because there are no community relationships in America anymore. By design, people are becoming nameless and faceless automatons.

And sexless automatons, to boot.

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