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The Rumors of My Demise Are Exaggerated


Rising out of the ashes, I have returned from two months of ghosting in the wilderness

Hello, Brothers.

I’m back after a long ghosting session. I decided when I was in the middle of what turned out to be a 10,000 mile motorcycle road trip to go off the grid for a while. While visiting nearly every national park out west, often far from civilization I found myself in campgrounds without electricity and in areas with no cell service and therefore no WiFi. Moreover, in the midst of all my tent camping travels I found myself wanting to cleanse my mind of all the mental pollution coming out from both the liberal and conservative media.

Being away from it all, in the wilderness with just me, my bike, and my tent was one of the most spiritually and mentally cleansing things I have ever done. I just had it with the constant shit stream of information that to me, is designed to daze and confuse as to what is really happening with the planned demolition of our way of life in the West. After a few unintended days completely off the grid due to no electricity and no Internet service, I decided just to stay off until my soul had healed itself.

Here are some conclusions I came to after my soul-searching journey:

  1. The white race is being phased out by the elite. Conquerers are being brought in in a reverse colonization strategy, and when the numbers are right mobs will be unleashed on what will by then be a demoralized, dehumanized white race.
  2. I am past my Red Pill Rage phase, which I now see was the theme behind The New Modern Man up until the time I went off the grid. While there will still be moments of Red Pill Rage, I want to move towards crafting a message for men that takes the anger out of the terrible situation we’ve been placed into.
  3. My gut feeling is Trump is still a diversionary tactic. Conservatives are putting all their eggs in one basket by putting the responsibility for victory or defeat of the war on liberalism in his hands alone, and when he is either removed from office or his term expires there will be a hard left liberal backlash that will follow. They’re not even hiding their intentions anymore.
  4. I’ve had my fill of women, and their anatomy no longer has the same allure it once did. Somewhere between 150 and 175 women, as I was on top of one of them pumping away it finally clicked in my mind – why am I investing so much of myself and my mental energy into trying to game women and get laid? It seems like such a waste of talents after figuring out how simple, and obtuse women are. I’ve said it before that MGTOW is likely the ultimate destination for every PUA. I believe that after becoming successful with women to the point I’ve had my fill of them.
  5. Censorship is coming and I don’t know what to do about it. Conservative views will be censored by the passage of hate crime laws (which will unjustly make our views hate crimes) and enforced by placing responsibility of policing content on the backs of service providers. (Think of what happened to Backpage on steroids.) The legal precedent for this has already been set with the criminal FOSTA act, which I’ll detail soon. (GoFundMe has also blacklisted me. Thanks to everyone who donated to my spring road trip but I didn’t see a dime of it.)
  6. After vacillating back and forth on whether or not it is worth the risk to both my personal safety and investing the enormous amount of time I put into my writing and research, I’ve decided it’s better to die on my feet than serve the NWO on my knees. The pen is mightier than the sword, and even if I’m a lone voice in the wilderness at least someone will have chronicled the entirety of the tragedy that is the controlled demolition of the West unfolding before us.
  7. It was nice to be away from everything, leaving behind the insanity of the modern world as I got back in touch with nature. My 2 months in the wilderness only heightened my contempt for the machine culture we find ourselves neck deep inside of.
  8. I have a treasure trove of photos from my journey that I’ll be posting. My solo adventure was so satisfying I am planning more of them.

The enemy’s hand is now grasping our throat, and it is terribly late in the game to try and fight back. But, I have decided I want to do my part to give men my perspective on what’s happening with both women and the world. Much like Thomas Jefferson, I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility over every form of tyranny over the mind of mind. My writings have been and will be my effort at fulfilling that promise.

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The Deep State Runs the American Government


An argument can be made the people haven’t been running the show for a long time

The U.S. may soon be at war with Syria over false pretenses. President Trump just pledged a “forceful” response to a (more than likely false flag) chemical attack supposedly orchestrated by the Syrian government that killed dozens. Of course, the public relations line is the saintly American government (self-appointed moral authority of the world) is so outraged by this tragedy it’s going to go kill some more people so this will “never happen again.”

The truth is the matrix has long been searching for a way to start another war in the Middle East, and a supposed chemical weapons attack has given them a pretext to bring “freedom” (which is really slavery) to Syria. When Trump brought in Neocon John Bolton to serve as his national security advisor, it was obvious the D.C. swamp had manipulated Don into acquiescing to the desires of the shadow government. A hawkish prick like Bolton (who served under Bush II) is the personification of a hammer always searching for a nail.

But, the swamp isn’t done tightening its thumbscrew around the president’s finger. The vortex of evil that is Washington, D.C. continued turning this vice grip with FIB’s (the FBI’s) recent search and seizure of Trump banking and campaign finance documents. FIB recently raided the offices of longtime Trump attorney Michael Cohen fishing for legal albatrosses to hang around the president’s neck.

Reading between the lines, the calculation is obviously: “You either play along with what we in the Deep State want, Mr. President or we’ll have you impeached over ‘trumped up’ charges.” Why? The military-industrial complex needs to maintain a constant state of war to be profitable, and the matrix wants to expand its influence in the patriarchal Middle East.

It’s actually stunning how quickly Trump has been neutralized by the shadow government. That is, if he isn’t a knowing accomplice and a willing fall guy meant to weaken the authority of the office to begin with. His presidency is turning out to be virtually indistinguishable from what Hillary’s would have been. The gun confiscation agenda is still proceeding full steam ahead, as is an Orwellian censorship agenda. Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer just got the Omnibus spending nightmare signed, Planned Parenthood is fully funded, the wall is unfunded, and Trump has broken just about every campaign promise he made.

What amazes me is how the masses don’t see through the smoke and mirrors. It doesn’t matter who is in office. The results are still the same because the government is answering to elites, not the people. To me, the only question that remains is this. When did the U.S. stop being a democratic republic and morph into an oligarchy? An argument can be made that the people haven’t been running the show for a good while. America’s first Socialist president FDR wrote this chilling paragraph way back in 1933:

The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.

Future historians might argue the American republic never really escaped the control of bankers, as FDR alluded to. Those who make laws matter much less than those who control the money supply.

While it’s true that even in the days of FDR banking cartels held unwarranted influence in Washington, the moment moneyed powers delivered the final coup to democratic political forms and authorities (to use Spengler’s terms – who predicted democracy would end as the money men took over) was in 1963. I now believe Kennedy was the last president to resist the growing influence of the Deep State, and he lost his life for doing so. Since then, we’ve been living in a sort of psuedo-democracy managed by money men. Voting is worthless, as the election of Trump has proven.

Until the masses realize how compromised their government is, things will never change. Going to the voting booth like a rat pressing a feeder bar to get a food pellet is tantamount to filling out a comment card for a slave’s suggestion box. Nothing will change until the money men are eliminated. As Spengler knew, the only force that can conquer money is blood.

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The First Few Days in The Matrix Are Hardest


Time to return to ghosting as I find myself in the matrix again

I’m back in the matrix. I must say, the first few days are psychologically the hardest as I readjust to Faustian/Anglo-American machine culture and the political/social dystopia the U.S. has turned into. I will transform from active participation in society (I feel happy and free when I’m in Latin America) to being a ghost again.

I despise machine culture, as so eloquently described in Man and Technics. I see these prophetic words all around me:

All things organic are dying in the grip of organization. An artificial world is permeating and poisoning the natural. Civilization has itself become a machine that does, or tries to do, everything in a mechanical fashion.

I am becoming Faust.

The Faustian [Western] thought begins to be sick of machines. A weariness is spreading, a sort of pacifism in the battle with Nature. Men are returning to forms of life simpler and nearer to Nature; they are spending their time in sport instead of technical experiments. The great cities are becoming hateful to them, and they would fain get away from the pressure of soulless facts, from enslavement to the Machine, and the clear cold atmosphere of technical organization.

This is why I run away. I’m a human being, goddammit. Not a profit producing machine. My life has value.

My resentment of the place grows each time I come back and get badgered by Police State USA. Some customs official really wanted to know why I was out of the country for so long. I plainly told the guy in a deadpan voice, “To get away from what this country has turned into. That’s why I was gone so long.” He looked stunned and kept asking nonsensical questions and I kept giving him answers like that one. As if it was any of his business what I do or how long I stay gone. Men are now persecuted for leaving this hellhole. How did we go from being free men to asking government permission to travel?

As I drove from the airport to meet up with friends, of course rent-seeking cops had drivers pulled over all along the highway cleaning out their wallets and conditioning them to accept micromanagement of their behavior.

Women, rather than being pretty, thin and sweet now have permanent bitch faces, are fat, and abrasive now that I’m back in a thoroughly socially engineered environment that prides itself on stripping people of their humanity.

Friendships and family have broken down. Everyone remains in consumption mode when they’re on the “spend” part of the sleep-work-spend cycle. Machine-produced food is all around me, being sold at high prices. Politics permeates the air. Identity politics has transformed everyone into each other’s enemies. Even at the convenience store a “Busted” tabloid prides itself on publicly shaming those sheep who don’t obey the dictates of their shepherd. Nobody has time to have any fun because “I gotta work tomorrow.” What’s to like about this fucking place?

In other news, I’m now prepping for my motorcycle road trip coming next month. I will ghost across the nation on two wheels, while we still have freedom to move about. The natural world remains unmarred by human folly in certain areas of the country. Then comes another work cycle, either driving a truck or workamping (haven’t decided yet). All I can think about is getting out of this insane asylum again, which can’t come soon enough.

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Bitches Are Boring


Far from being goddesses, women are just plain dull once you’ve figured them out

In the coming months, TNMM will focus more and more on developing a post-awakening lifestyle for Red Pill men. While we will still cover all the traditional topics concerning women and the world, including the hypocrisies of feminism the simple fact is bitches are boring.

Women are not worth investing a lot of personal time into, and definitely not trying to “trap” or keep around with relationshits which inevitably put men into a subservient role – the conclusion I’ve come to after bedding well over 150 of them from socioeconomic strata both high and low. From corporate career girls to streetwalkers, I’ve had them all and while I enjoyed flings with many of them the simple fact is I’m glad none of them are permanently embedded in my life.

Women are actually quite simple once a man has figured them out. Like clocks that go once around the dial. They slow a man down and bring a man down, draining his energy, creativity and finances. How many many hours are wasted powering the consumption machine for the benefit of women and corporations every year? How many hours do men spend putting on clown shows for women? Far too many.

Personally, I’ve resolved to limit my interactions with them to P4P where it’s legal, letting hypergamy work for me (when women give out free sex because they think they can get something off you), pushing for the legalization of P4P where it currently has Prohibition status, and to stop wasting so much time and energy gaming bitches. I’ll still notice them and admire their bodies and fuck around with them once in a while, but the success of feminism has turned them into nothing more than recreational objects for me. In stunning irony, stripping everything feminine from women has made them into the very sex objects feminism purports to abhor. For what else do they bring to the table these days other than their anatomy?

As I alluded to months ago, MGTOW does seem to be the ultimate destination for the PUA after he gets tired of chasing tail and learning how to play mind games with women. The male mind is capable of so much more. I simply don’t want women around, leeching off me, complaining, and manipulating my life in a way that’s beneficial to them. Occasional dalliances are fine, but when feelings and finances get involved I now know it’s time to flee.

So, I’ll be transitioning towards showcasing a nomadic lifestyle more and more. Hence, the new The Adventures of RF section. I’ve already been around the world and around America in just the past couple of years since leaving my corporate job in the media. Now, I’m going to start showing men what’s out there and what kind of adventurous lives they can live when they give up on the mind games of women and the system and start living for themselves.

I want to show other men what they’re missing out on so the machine can lose a few more of its faithful cogs as its gears finally start grinding when John Galts of the world bail on a system that exploits men to the fullest. Then turns them into pariahs as a way of saying thanks.

Perhaps this shift in philosophy is an inevitable result of a man becoming wiser as he starts thinking with one head instead of the other as he ages. The mature, Red Pilled male mind begs the question: Yeah, I can get female attention. I can get pussy. But, why bother? (Beyond short term flings.)

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Bukowski on Women

Bukowski House

Charles Bukowski knew the inconvenient truths now discussed in the manosphere

Known for his gritty realism, Charles Bukowski told the truth about women before telling the truth about them was cool. An excellent illustration of his grasp on the behavior of women came in this famous video clip of an argument he had with a whorish Anglobitch he was dating and then later married. (Unfortunately. My guess is she manipulated him into marriage so she could extract his fortune after his death.)

The Buck had this interchange with the skank in front of cameras interviewing him for Italian television. He was pissed about her staying out whoring around every night, and the simmering tension eventually boiled over. It ends with him kicking her off the couch. It’s a golden moment illustrating the reality of male/female relations in that we get to see both a Realtalk author giving us the play by play of Anglobitch behavior while watching her maneuver to manipulate the argument to her advantage.

It resonates with me because as a former good guy turned ZFG world roaming naughty nomad, I feel Bukoswki is absolutely right with everything he says. The truth comes flowing from Bukowski in the first paragraph out of his mouth:

BUKOWSKI: I’ve always been used because I’m a good guy. Women when they meet me, they say, “I can use this son of a bitch. I can push him around, he’s an easy going guy.” So they do it. But you know finally I get to resent it a bit.

This is exactly how women behave towards nice guys. It rises to a self-evident truth. As soon as he drops a truth bomb in her face, immediately her attempt at manipulation begins:

ANGLOBITCH: What do you resent?

BUKOWSKI: Just being pushed.


BUKOWSKI: Yeah. Just being pushed.

ANGLOBITCH: Why do you let yourself be pushed by this kind of shit, you idiot? Why do you allow yourself to be pushed by this sort of thing?

Notice the dissimulation here. She’s both denying she’s pushing him around (when that’s exactly what she’s doing) and conducting a shit test at the same time.

BUKOWSKI: I’ve told you a thousand times to leave, you won’t leave. I told you I’m going to get an attorney to get you to leave.

Women constantly change the subject to play cat and mouse during arguments. Consider it the equivalent of a squid squirting ink into the water to confuse its prey.

ANGLOBITCH: Now wait, that doesn’t have anything to do with it. Why do you continually allow yourself to be pushed?

BUKOWSKI: Because I’m kind hearted. I give the other person another chance.

Women love manipulating nice guys who have a fat wallet. They’re easy marks for The Predatory Female. But Bukowski was onto her game.


BUKOWSKI: Mmm hmm. I’ve given you dozens of chances, but you keep pushing and pushing. And you keep laughing at me. That’s why I’m gonna tell you, I’m getting an attorney and I’m getting your ass moved out of here. She thinks I don’t have the guts, she thinks I can’t live without her. I can have your ass out of here so bright and so fast with a Jewish attorney, you’re going to feel like your ass is skinned, baby. You think you’re the last women on earth that I can get?

Apparently her behavior, carousing around with different men and staying out until 3 a.m. each morning was something Bukowski was supposed to accept. After all, he was a big Beta Bucks prize after becoming a successful author, but she was still craving her Alpha Fucks. She goes on dissimulating:

ANGLOBITCH: I guess I’ve never thought about it.

BUKOWSKI: Yeah, well, you better start thinking. I’m turning you over to the next.

ANGLOBITCH: The next what?

When women start playing dumb they’re trying to slow down the momentum of the conversation and take control.

BUKOWSKI: The next guy. He can have you. I won’t be the least bit jealous. With your bullshit, all your goddamn staying out every night bullshit. I don’t need the kind of woman you are.

Indeed, women are, to average kind-hearted good guy opportunistic, parasitic infections. They want your resources but nothing else about you. Bukowski knew it, and he wrote in his book Women:

The male, for all his bravado and exploration, is the loyal one, the one who generally feels love. The female is skilled at betrayal and torture and damnation.

I of course, realized this too late in life to be redeemed. The nearly four decades of abuse from literally hundreds of relationships (me ending most of them) has made caring about women that way I used to irredeemable to me.

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Living for the Day


After seeing what’s really going on in the world, a new philosophy is born in which those who can see start living for the day as it all comes tumbling down

Humanity is in decline. Possibly, its final decline. Unless Anglo cultural assimilation of the world’s peoples is stopped.

It’s all too easy to see the world heading in the wrong direction for those not caught up in the noise and confusion of the world. Those men who endeavor to see beyond the illusions of society, those who do not think being able to make consumer purchases is the pinnacle of existence.

The truth of a society in decline is self-evident for anyone living in Anglo America. Women and men – natural partners – can’t stand each other. The almost total domination of the human mind by propaganda machines. The increasing vivisection of human behavior and activity by electronic tyranny. The genesis of a new world order of human beings molded into shopping and eating machines from birth, rather than human beings with souls and higher aspirations.

Anglo America is leading the way into the abyss with its imperial tentacles spanning the globe. Based on a decade of research, freethinking, and thought experiments, I have formulated a plausible hypothesis which makes a number of illusion-shattering claims about the present state of the world. Where we’ve been, we’re at, and where we’re headed.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to fool the Kool-Aid drinkers (i.e. sheeple) of society. They’ve been fooled for thousands of years by merchants, politicians, and priests. So, naturally they’ll attack these ideas with a vengeance to protect the illusion they have about their lives, even as in reality their entire lives are taken away from them by the shepherds they defend. The ad hominem brigade will be quick to rush in and start throwing out their petty, cheap “You’re crazy!” attacks without rationally analyzing the claims. But we must not let them stop our fearless search for the truth.

After I return to my haven abroad this fall, I will begin to detail what my research into the matter has revealed. The crust of the theory is banking institutions have thirsted for total power and control for centuries, and are on the cusp of totally dominating every aspect of human existence. Some key points follow:

  • The U.S. won its independence – but did it lose the war? European banking interests continued to manipulate the nation right on through the 1800s and into the present day. Those who control the money supply influence society far more than government officials.
  • Evidence mounts control for the fledgling United States in the days of Washington, Jefferson, Monroe and Madison was very much a struggle between the new government and insidious financial interests. The struggle climaxes with Jackson destroying the central bank only to find himself staring down an assassin’s gun (which misfires). But, the central bank arises again at a later date.
  • Did both Lincoln and JFK lose their lives for going up against the bankers? There is evidence the Rothschilds funded both sides of the Civil War, and when Lincoln started printing greenbacks rather than using central bank currency, some say he signed his own death warrant. JFK similarly was targeted for going up against the Federal Reserve.
  • Spengler reinforces the idea of democracy as a struggle for power between the people’s government and moneyed interests.
  • Financial interests are also implicated in the destruction of women and family via feminism, as the testimony of Academy Award winning filmmaker and candidate for governor of Nevada, the late Aaron Russo reveals the Rockefeller family funded women’s liberation as an assault on women and family. It also cut labor costs as it doubled the supply of labor while doubling the number of people governments could tax.
  • Was 9/11 a fait accompli organized by the banking cartels and dropped into President Bush’s lap on 9/11? Were they able to conceal the attack using compartmentalization of information (previously detailed by TNMM) which has been used by governments since Greek times as a technique to carry out so-called conspiracy theories in broad daylight? Of course, 9/11 is the linchpin in the current paradigm of citizens exchanging freedom for the illusion of security.
  • How soon will RFID impants become mandatory and cash eliminated, giving the banking industry and government total control over human life?
  • What does the situation look like to a man comparing and contrasting the tattered social fabric of Anglo society with societies in the rest of the world, especially those least influenced by the West?
  • Is society being socially engineered so there are only classes of owners and sexless, powerless worker drones in the future? Will this lead to human extinction?

These are some of the biggest, boldest, most novel ideas behind our search for The Truth About the World mission of TNMM.

Incidentally, these questions and the answers I pose provide a philosophical foundation for living for the day and unapologetically enjoying the last days of freedom in the world. For once the entire world becomes the dystopia modern America is, any man who wishes to live with passion, imagination, and freedom will find himself a lost cause.

Far from ascending to a shining city on a hill, those who know the difference, i.e. rational, worldly men will find themselves sliding into a dark abyss as globalization proceeds and sterilizes true diversity of thought, behavior, and culture on this planet.

Meantime, knowing it’s all falling apart for the individual, the free man, I’ll continue living for the day in those places not yet afflicted by the myopia of Anglo culture and writing about my adventures right here. Fighting to control my own destiny and make my own choices in life rather than living out the tired, oppressive live scripts everyone else worships.

Stay tuned.

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I Am a Runaway Slave


I cannot live a life bereft of passion, imagination, control, creativity and joy – no matter how many chains corporate America attaches to me

I knew something was wrong my entire life. Through a process of painful awakenings in my late 20s and early 30s after swallowing a jagged little Red Pill, I realized I was a slave. A slave living in a Gilded Cage. Living in a culture of death as so brilliantly described by Rookh Kshatriya:

The true Anglo-American ontological ‘self’ seems to have a very pronounced alignment to Thanatos – in some respects, it seems hostile to life itself. And maybe religious puritanism did mask this for a time. Consider the Anglosphere’s unstinting support for sexual deviance of all kinds – the LGBTXYZ brigade are worshipped in this culture – yet prostitution, PUA culture, sex tourism and other forms of heterosexual activity are viewed as evils to be prohibited. Is this tendency somehow linked to the fact that only heterosexual activity can beget life, which Anglo culture subconsciously detests? The Anglo female’s unholy appetite for abortion also seems to reflect this ‘culture of death’ that increasingly defines the Anglo-American world.

However, how and why did such a dysfunctional and self-destructive mindset ever evolve, either culturally or biologically? Perhaps patriarchal religious puritanism was the limiting factor, as you suggest: and when feminist secular puritanism supplanted religion, it unleashed this self-destructive love of death in all its forms. I recall the Pope suggesting that the United States was presently gripped by a culture of death. However, it is difficult to determine how and why such a barren, nihilistic instinct ever arose on such a mass scale in the first place.

Indeed, it is a hateful place to the freethinking man. His entire life script already planned out for him by social engineers tainted with their worship of this culture of death, and devising various, new means and ways to make their prison of the mind an invisible, vivisecting prison of the body and soul, as well.

I had been cast into debt peonage by America’s great system – the same system it tries to sell, nay force upon the world as some sort of shining light on a hill. I was told buying things was my ticket to happiness. But endless consumption of material goods and ersatz food left me financially and physically obese. (I’ve since lost the financial and physical fat after abandoning Anglo culture for a culture that celebrates life – Latin culture.)

I had everything I ever wanted materially, everything I was supposed to have. From the outside, I looked like a huge success. The Up By the Bootstraps guy, who clawed his way out of poverty to become an Emmy-award winning “TV star” on the news. But only I knew the emptiness of it all, as I had to see my life from the inside and everyone else only saw it from the outside.

Having been in the throes of financial bondage caused by this system my entire life, from my impoverished upbringing to clawing my way into a middle class existence across 20+ years of labor only to wind up with nothing to show for it except half a lifetime of exploitation, I now see this system as nothing more than a rigged game. The only way to win is not to play. I’ve done the math. There’s simply no way to win. It’s a system designed to catch men in the cogs of cyclical consumption, and never let them out of the gears. To have them spend half a century spending money they don’t have, on things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like.

“You win the consumption award! Yay!”

What the fuck? The insanity of dehumanizing a man in this manner is not acceptable for a free spirit, and someone who can’t blindly follow orders just to meet a mandate. Everyone benefited from this existence except me. Some days, I literally wanted to die. I thought, “Seriously, is this the best it gets? It can’t be. I’m so miserable.” I couldn’t take having all the hours of my life controlled and exploited by it any longer as it doled out little material rewards and endless “upgrades” for my participation. Two to three weeks a year to do what I wanted to do was just not enough, as they told me how “lucky” I was to have paid vacation. What?

Making matters worse, women in Anglo America are terrible. There’s just no other way to describe it. Having been to nearly all 50 states, every major city, and having walked among the high and low castes of society I can assure you they’re terrible everywhere. Fat as horses. Entitled. Demanding. Bitchy. Arrogant. Condescending. Women who consider themselves the holders of the sacred pink anatomy. Tattoos on their bodies and their souls. Whether or not they have tats, as a man, in their eyes you are nothing but an expendable creature that thinks with its cock.

“Better entertain me and let me financially exploit you if you want to even have a chance of winning the sexual lottery and convincing me to let you sample this pale tail.” That’s their attitude towards men.

All this had to change. And it did. But not without a total lifestyle redesign.

How did I escape a life on the plantation?

First, I clawed my way out of debt, since my thirst for their money to make endless payments was what was enslaving me in the first place. Second, I saved money like mad. Third, I finally got the balls to figuratively tell my employer to go fuck himself after my workweek increased to 50-60 hours as “the new norm” (says who motherfuckers?) and they trotted in a big titty bitch as my replacement in waiting, just waiting until the end of my contract to replace me On The Air.

I wasn’t going to be treated like this by this system anymore. Played games with. Dealt impossible hands at the poker table. Treated like a villain for being a man. Left to pick up the pieces and clean up the ashes when spreadsheet man decided this human resource was costing too much money. I became a runaway slave from the corporate plantation.

And I’m running as hard as I can, like a gazelle trying to escape a predator as I take in experiences in life I was never supposed to have, all my days planned out for me from the time I entered kindergarten to the time I finished college to the time the system figures I’d no longer be profitable for it, and discards me with a joke of a 401k just before I die.

I am not wasting time. I am nourishing my soul for the first time in my entire life. I am running my ass off to live as much life as I can. Sweet freedom! I had a lot of pent-up energy when I decided to become a runaway slave. Besides teaching myself how to drive a motorcycle, and loving it, in the past 18 months since I left the corporate plantation I have:

  • Lived abroad for a full year, without a doubt the best year of my entire life
  • Learned how to drive a big rig
  • Been to 47 states and counting
  • Visited every major city in the United States
  • Spent a full month in SE Asia
  • Drank and smoked cigars
  • Tried cocaine (and didn’t get addicted)
  • Smoked marijuana (and didn’t get addicted)
  • Repeatedly banged one of my favorite dark-skinned women while high on coke – this ranks as one of the top experiences in my entire life
  • Been to the Bunny Ranch in Nevada
  • Been to Boystown in Mexico
  • Been to Walking Street in Thailand
  • Banged dozens of non-pro chicks – Latina, Asian, and black (it’s a personal preference, but white chicks just don’t do anything for me anymore…it’s their arrogance, frigidity, and bland features)
  • Started this blog, which has now reached 1 million hits
  • Published two eBooks featuring compilations of my articles as a trial…have now decided to write some originals
  • Polished my Spanish skills even further
  • Started working on a third language
  • Written daily
  • Lived minimalistically, having designed a rich lifestyle in which the average man can live like a rock star for less than $20,000 a year (will be detailed in coming blog articles and a book)
  • Am anxiously awaiting to run off the plantation this fall and live another exciting, personally fulfilling 6 months, year, or two years abroad

And I’m just getting started. Believe me, the more mountains I climb, the more confidence I have in myself and my message. The more risks I take, the more exciting my life becomes. I was numb and in misery my entire life up until I decided to walk away from everything I knew…life as another college-educated farm animal lost in endless hierarchies in corporate America.

I’m not just doing this for myself. I’m doing it for all you guys out there who know you’re getting fucked but don’t know what to do about it. I’m running as hard as I can, for there’s nothing I fear more than being captured, and forced to return to the plantation. I literally have nightmares about it sometimes. I know I’m not doing anything wrong, but I know men like me are not supposed to be living this well and a culture that hates men will stop at nothing to take it all away from me. I think I’d rather be executed than live that servile existence again, bereft of passion, imagination, control, creativity, and joy.

I feel alive for the first time in my entire life. I’m running towards the symphonies in life and away from the darkness of the mainstream media that sucked the life out of my soul for so many years.

More to come. I’m going skydiving soon.

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