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Estranged: Ghosting on the Road


An update from The Big Apple

You haven’t lived on the wild side until you’ve taken a 70-ft long, 40 ton vehicle into the heart of the concrete jungle known as New York City. It is a wild ride. Don’t make a wrong turn is the advice. There’s a thought that’s occurred to me while I’m here, enjoying some awesome food at the Truck Stop Diner just across from Manhattan in eastern New Jersey.

I am hopelessly estranged from America.

I’ve returned to ghosting while I’m on the road, as strip clubs don’t really do anything for me, brothels are too expensive and only offered in Nevada, and online dating is a tragic comedy unless you’re into fat and sassy land whales. There’s really nothing for me to do except work and save my money because everything in the States is becoming too expensive for the average person to enjoy.

An example: a crappy Big Mac meal now runs a man almost $12 at the travel centers along the toll roads we cruise up and down. The same meal was $2.99 when I worked at McDonald’s as a poor teenager 20 years ago. The price of the meal has gone up, but wages for the average worker haven’t kept pace.

I’ve traveled to nearly all 50 states in my 18-wheeler in the past 6 months, and yet there’s nothing here for me. Really. I’d be gone already except I need to meet my financial goals in order to enjoy life abroad, outside The Anglo-American Matrix. I feel the emptiness that drove me away from America slowly returning as I realize there is nothing to do but feed machines and live a solitary life in a place that pretends to be social on the outside but in reality is one of the most anti-social places on the planet.

I’ve come to realize, I’ve been estranged from this culture from quite a while.

It never intended to offer a man like me a seat at the table, as creative and intelligent men are ostracized from Anglo culture from the time they’re boys in school. Personally, I was identified in third grade as an anomaly, probably because I talked about amplitude and frequency modulation when other kids were talking about G.I. Joe and Barbie. I was placed into the “Gifted” program only to see nothing happen except being able to study at my own pace through third and fourth grade.

Then, I was lumped back into with the rest of the students and tried to follow the prescriptions the masses are given (go to college and get the magic piece of paper) until I couldn’t stand living like that anymore in my early 30s. It’s nothing but a trap designed to trap men into debt peonage.

Now, I’m flying by the seat of my pants on a totally new, self-directed adventure, much of which I write about here at TNMM.

But, it isn’t just the mental aspect that estranges me, nor the fact this culture actively marginalizes those who think and reason for themselves rather than following the herd. It’s living in a culture that’s actively trying to de-ball men and boys. There’s no room for masculinity in a toxic, feminized culture. There’s no room for originality or risk-taking in a culture that’s become afraid of its own shadow at the behest of the controllers in the media and politics. Whereas the nation once had role models like James Dean, we now have to look at creatures like Rachel Madcow on MSNBC, held up as some great androgynous figure for everyone to aspire to.

There’s nothing to do except worship at the altar of the sleep-work-spend cycle. That’s for the people who are unfortunate enough to have to work. The welfare class just sleeps and spends. What kind of empty ass existence is that?

What’s more, people here disgust me in a lot of ways. Big, lumbering slobs that have no survival instincts, don’t know how to do anything except shop for garbage they don’t need, shove bad fast food in their face, and talk about their stupid careers like the slaves they are.

All I want is out of the insanity, to leave for a secluded, untouched corner of paradise to be left alone from the what this once great society has become, and live out my days a free man, not a serf on the corporate plantation. To enjoy the simpler pleasures of life like a son and daughter and my choice to do whatever I want with my time each day. Not out of control and exploited in the insane sleep-work-spend cycle everybody else accepts as normal.

The worst part is how hard it is to escape this “free” country. You haven’t realized how anchored you are until you’ve tugged on your tether a bit. The system is set up to make it so you can never leave, just like the lyrics in the Eagles’ Hotel California. It is a system designed to run you into debt, credential you to death, tax you to death, and fine/fee you to death in addition to spending what it can of your paycheck after you get it, i.e. forcing you to either pay into the health care mafia or get fined by the IRS.

It requires supreme self-discipline to stay out of the many, many financial traps it lays for men in their daily lives.

I seldom leave my truck these days, knowing I can’t passively accept life in The Anglo-American Matrix, spending my hard-earned money here knowing there’s something better for me out there in virtually every direction a man might go. I don’t want to participate in this social engineering experiment any longer. I’ll just be a citizen turned migrant worker, as this society took my place at the table away a long time ago.

I’ve decided to tough it out through the end of summer. Then, I’ll be leaving again for at least six months, if not one to two years if things go well.

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The Tough-Talking, ‘Murica Loving President: The Acting Role of a Lifetime


Best buddies, then suddenly, worst enemies – a storyline befitting a soap opera

Trump is full of hot air.

That’s the conclusion many are coming to after observing, with an unjaundiced eye, what he’s been doing while in office. Trump has either been compromised by the military-industrial complex and Deep State, or he’s playing the role of a lifetime as scripted for him by the power structure from the beginning.

My hunch is on the latter.

The NBC television star turned President has gone from playing the badass boss on The Apprentice to playing the badass boss of America. Trump’s role is to play the deplorables’ tough-talking, ‘Murica-loving President, appeasing the gelatinous blob of shopping and eating machines known as average voters while the globalist agenda chugs along unnoticed by them – but happening right in front of their myopic eyes. The Don is tasked with keeping them distracted with MAGA, flag-waving, tough-talking homilies while continuing the agenda of the globalists behind the scenes.

Evidence is mounting this New York liberal suddenly turned conservative is doing to the right what Obama did to the left – fool them, cruelly and with stunning sophistry. Just as liberals thought Obama walked on water as he earned Nobel Peace Prizes while dropping bombs, gave them “free” healthcare that in reality cost them the farm, and preached about unity while pursuing policies of racial divide and conquer, conservatives also think Trump walks on water.

His signature campaign promise – the border wall – is, at best, in limbo. Notice Trump doesn’t talk about it anymore. He promised to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, then did a victory lap when a RINO Congress only polished the turd known as Obamacare. He said he was a globalist (and a nationalist – huh?) in late April. He convinced conservatives they won by pulling out of the Paris global warming accords but the hidden truth is he’s only renegotiating the deal on global taxation and wealth redistribution. He’s going to be rewarding Silicon Valley with more H1B visas, lowering wages for the American worker and bringing in even more immigrants. The techies, who bashed The Don relentlessly during the campaign just came out of George Soros-linked Jared Kushner’s office singing his praises. Trump’s military just shot down a Syrian aircraft fighting ISIS, riling Russia and making it even more obvious than it already was the US is playing the War on Terror from both sides.

Yet, you talk to the average Trump supporter and they’re oblivious about any of this. They only see the shadows on the wall in Plato’s cave, never the puppet masters. They cling to the cult of personality around Trump with Jesus-like fervor.

All I know is, there’s a gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach about this character. I didn’t vote in 2016 for either candidate. I am prouder of that decision now than ever before. Something just seemed “too good to be true” about Trump falling out of the sky to give a last minute, Hail Mary touchdown victory to the average American wanting to see their country maintain its sovereignty and stop its further slide into  becoming the modern day polyglot boarding house Teddy Roosevelt warned about.

Let’s do a thought experiment. Remember, just weeks before Trump announced his candidacy he had a hush-hush, closed door, secret meeting with Bill Clinton. One could imagine their discussion going something like this.

Bill: “The power structure has seen you like acting, Don. You’ve had a successful series on NBC playing the tough-talking boss. But now, you have the opportunity to land the acting role of a lifetime.”

Don: “Beautiful, it’s just beautiful. The show The Apprentice was beautiful, and what I think you’re getting ready to tell me is beautiful.”

Bill: “How would you like to play the tough-talking President? The plan for the next election is to reword Hope and Change into something like Make America Great Again. Those phrases poll well with the rabble out there. And you get to be the actor. Best of all, you get to play the villain in the campaign.”

Don: “That’s tremendous. Just tremendous. I think I could step into that tremendous role.”

Bill: “I envy you, Don. I always wanted to play the bad guy. My globalist friends want you to steam up the deplorables out there, stoking their wildest fantasies. They’ll be so enamored of your tough-talking image and devil-may-care attitude, they’ll never realize what you’re actually doing when it comes to policy.”

And voila, a couple of years later he’s in office and nothing of substance has changed or appears it will change. The Trumpbots are just as clueless as the Obamabots were. As we would say in the news and public relations business, Trump is a master of branding.

People are emotional creatures, not rational ones.

How else does one explain the fact that no matter who we elect, no matter what they say, the same things happen, and nothing changes except window dressing? Don’t expect Trump to Make America Great Again, when in reality, he will do so only in the minds of those who can’t see reality. Meanwhile, the country continues it inexorable decline.

Memo to the clueless American voter: You’ve been had, once again.

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Vox Populi: Anglo Culture Has Literally Become Deadlier than the Vietnam War and Terrorism


Listening to what you have to say

My latest Return of Kings expose on America’s tremendous drug overdose problem, in which I link it to a spiritually dead culture that worships at the altar of garish materialism and novel eatin’ out experiences has sparked a lively conversation. More people are now dying of drug overdoses each year, trying to chemically escape today’s dystopia, than Americans who died during the entirety of the Vietnam War or who die from terrorism.

Here are some of the best comments, and for amusement, a jab someone made followed by a sizzling comeback from an ROK reader.

Michael Ryan ties the problem to liberalism, which certainly is related to the cultural nihilism that permeates modern America and encourages increasing numbers of people to escape the sleep-work-spend cycle through substance abuse.

Modern liberalism offers no future to the young, the modern liberal does not create a happy home for children nor seek a better life for himself, modern liberals just rot on the vine and do their best to make everybody else around them as miserable and pathetic as they are.

This is a good insight, as liberalism has indeed become something of a suicide cult in modern times. It is a creed centered on weakness, self-loathing, and jealousy.

Jolly Joker agreed with Ryan.

It is void and empty. The American way of life for most people is 45 years of work and then die off. There isn’t any American culture. There are no ballroom dances or partying or anything that remotely resembles a traditional or even functional [such as a] we are in it together, fun society.

We all live in a dog eat dog world where libs pile more deadbeats on us. We have our one thanksgiving meal and one Christmas day interrupted by the god of consumerism. We all work 52 weeks a year and if you take a week off your employer looks at you like you don’t have enough work to do. No – society is a complete pile of shit with fat woman on every corner. Religion is gynocentric- and hates the male while making sure females have zero responsibility in any relationship.

What do you have?

-The average marriage lasts 8 years. 50% divorce. 50% are unmarried.
-35% of females are overweight- which means no normal man will want to fuck with a bowl of fat-rolled goo.
-66% of females would rather read a book than fuck their husband.. .

So marriage is basically – 1 x .50 x.35 x.66 … = a 1 in 10 chance of success… thats before you add the bitchy woman or the woman who thinks she can spend you into oblivion.

So, you end up single and do your own thing. MGTOW for life with occasionally fucking women, knowing full well that society is royally fucked and you go down if you don’t take care of yourself.

Sonoran also agrees on the the sad state of cultural affairs in modern America:

The current Anglo culture is truly toxic. I’ve lived in the third world and I noticed the tranquility within me there. Less worries about materialism and about the future. People live for the day and actually know who their neighbors are. Its a joy to see everyone sitting outside in the evening time talking with each other and kids playing.

There is an aspect of loneliness which has led me to certain drugs. I do them VERY infrequently but I use alcohol, psychedelics and will soon be starting testosterone.

Not your typical drugs to get high, but drugs to make you feel more alive in a a dead world.

Of course, not everyone agrees. Chicken Hawk posted a typical, critical response that’s so cliché I’m sure every Red Pill man has been slammed with something like it before:

It’s because they’re a bunch of fucked ass losers like you who can’t get a girlfriend : )

MCGOO posted this delicious comeback:

Whoop whoop! That’s the sound of a White Knight vet firefighter with a fat wife.

Indeed, the “loser who can’t get a girlfriend” ad hominem attack is used so reflexively and so often it’s lost all meaning. It’s a mental version of a spasm. As always, nothing matters to me but searching for the truth. Thanks to all those who contribute to a lively conversation both here and at ROK.

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Where Did All the Good Men Go?


These boots were made for walking, baby

Where did all the good men go? This is one of my favorite questions from today’s Anglobitches. In short, they went AWAY from your fucking asses. I know this one did, but not before he became corrupted from half a lifetime of abuse by predatory American females.

The cleansing process has begun.

I’m so happy some days I can’t contain myself. Even when I’m in Anglo America extracting money from the economy by living on the road driving my Freightliner – to power my lifestyle abroad, of course – a simple chat just screams cultural differences.

Especially the juxtaposition of a foreign girl or girls telling me how much they like my company, how good our sex was, how good our sex will be, how good I make her feel, what she’s going to do for me and cook for me when I come back, alongside looking at the mean-faced, clipped haired women everywhere I travel here in The Matrix.

And I travel all over the nation, so believe me I get a good look at what’s going on socially. I have a keen sense of observation.

Speaking of juxtaposition, I have to work hard to catch a SMV 6 or 7’s short attention span if she’s an American female. But her personality is so predictable and so boring it’s almost cliché in my mind. Most of the time, I know she’s only looking for how much money she can extract from me or what kind of social status she can glean from our association. I know any relationship we have will be a dead end road, and mercenary at that just so I can get some sex which she feels is bestowing some great blessing on me.

And all safeguards must be taken so I don’t knock her up, or it’s 18 years of slavery as women today take the kids and run.

While I chat her up, I also have several foreign woman alongside her (SMV 7+) in my tablet. They’re thinner, fun to talk to, like being female, and bring joy into my life. They view sex as a normal part of life, something men and women both enjoy doing.  If I were to enter a relationship with them, and she became pregnant, I know there’s an excellent chance she’d want me in her and the baby’s life and wouldn’t dispose of me like yesterday’s trash. They want me and not my wallet in their life. See the difference?

What has this done for me psychologically?

Experiences like these make me realize I do have value as a man and that I was treated like a dog by American women for half a lifetime. No mas. I’ve realized it was never me that was the problem. My adventures outside the feminazi plantation (aka the USA) have shown me it was the women who were to blame for my loneliness and growing resentment of women, not me.

Wherever I go, whether it be Asia or Latin America, male/female relations are not nearly as mercenary as they are in America. The vibe feels natural. When I talk to a chick, I like being a man and she likes being a woman, we aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to how the sexes relate to one another, and things just flow so smoothly.

That said, this isn’t because of the women themselves but the culture they’re acclimated to. The culture in Anglo America stinks to high heaven. For some reason, white women seem predisposed to misandry and have a higher dose of Penis Envy than women from other cultures. Perhaps that’s why feminism took root in this culture first.

The importance of culture cannot be emphasized enough. Traditional cultures work, and those that constantly try to pit men and women against each other are doomed to failure. That’s sort of why whites are dying off and their nations are being conquered around the world. They became so effete and so “advanced” they forgot their biology and their humanity.

What can I do but abandon the insanity?

I know one man who won’t be slaving away anymore in a society that hates him, chastises him, and treats him like an expendable utility object. No, I’m going somewhere I’m treated with respect and dignity. And I’m taking the money I earn while I’m here with me.

Have fun at those JOBS, ladies. You won’t have this man or his labor to kick around anymore.

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Model Search: Looking for Sexy, Traditional Minded Female Models


We’re looking for class as we push for reform in the relations between the sexes

Are you a female fan of The New Modern Man? Are you a traditional woman who would like to model for us? Do you know a traditional woman who would like to model for us?

Do you have a nice face and body?

We are looking for models who believe in the countercultural messages encouraging a return to traditional sex roles we support here at The New Modern Man and the rest of the manosphere, and want to show the men who write and read our publication they support us.

We are looking for models to feature monthly. Here’s what we want:

  • All models must be 18 years of age or older
  • 7 to 10 photos in a bikini or lingerie
  • Be willing to respond to a quick interview about why you believe traditional sex roles are important

Each model who is selected will receive:

  • $50 cash reward
  • Modeling photos featured on our growing publication, now reaching 100,000 views monthly
  • Modeling photos archived for free publicity

Pseudonyms (fake names) or stage names are encouraged for those who wish to protect their privacy. Send your modeling photos or any questions to the Editor.

Good luck!

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