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Thank You, Miss Anglobitch


This fool suffered ungladly decades of treachery, but now I’m onto your game

I’d like to take the time to write a short thank you note to all the Anglobitches out there. The ones who used and abused me from adolescence through the first half of my life. The ones who treated me as an expendable meal ticket even while I gave them my best. The ones who cheated on me, dumped me, and exploited my utility value.

Without you, I would have never been at my current station in life – living on a tropical island and on the verge of touring, photographing, and writing about life in various parts of the world.

On the verge of realizing what it’s like to enjoy true freedom from you and the web of social control you’ve spun around most men in Anglo America. You might have taken half my life away from me, but I’ll be damned if you’ll get the second half.

There was always a terrible feeling gnawing at me in the back of my mind, that somehow there just wasn’t something right, that somehow life must be better than the terrible deal you gave me.

And I was right. I’ve found it. All it took was courage and a few plane tickets to become a truly multicultural man of the world, not the ersatz version liberals and feminists claim to be.

Learning to speak Spanish fluently was the single most important skill I developed in my entire life. The events of my life turned towards the better once I polished my language skills and began to delve into a new cultural experience. Thank God I discovered a place in the world where women are totally the opposite of what you deem as normal.

You see, I was one of those men you threw away. One of those from the wrong social caste and without enough Beta Bucks for you to consider me worth a short pump and dump, and unworthy of children and a family. Until now, once I gained a measure of financial success your blinders opened and I became visible. But now it’s too late. This dog got kicked around one too many times.

Sure, I had some measure of success bedding Anglo women, but without the misery that resulted from my dealings with you I would have never had the motivation to learn pick-up artistry and watch my notch count soar from a respectable 30 in a law of the jungle sexual market to well over 100 in only a few short years.

I would have never had the motivation to leave the control matrix you’ve imprisoned many millions of men with via the power of Big Daddy Government.

Thanks to you, I was forced to rearrange my entire life to escape you. But I’ve done just that, and that decision is reaping incredible rewards. I have a feminine, old-school woman in Latin America offering me more from life than you ever could. I have financial freedom I never would have realized had I accepted the high price you command for the subpar companionship you offer.

And you know what? I am more motivated than ever to show other men how to escape the plantation you’ve created for us. I am more motivated than ever to show other men the way out of the dark cage you’ve placed us in through endless manipulation, dissimulation and victim role-playing.

I was mad, but now I’m glad.

If you had never used and abused so many millions of men just like me you might have gotten away with the ruse. But now, the word is out and your fortunes are fading fast. Men are running for the door to get away from the toil required to power your selfish, barren, materialistic fantasies. We are either Men Going Our Own Way or Going Galt or both.

Either way, the utility value you took for granted is now in jeopardy of disappearing forever. I know after 15 years in and out of Latin America I will never again see the culture you’ve made men suffer for so long as normal. The push back has begun, for in nature every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

So again, thank you for all the misery. I would have never been the happy man I am today without it. And I have nothing but vinegary truth and inspiring tales from a Happier Abroad life to write about.

The best part of it all? I have absolutely no guilt or remorse for treating you as a recreational activity, because I spent half a life living the “good guy” way only to be figuratively kicked in the teeth for my effort. Now I’m living the “bad boy” lifestyle and have never been happier.

In summary, thanks for the memories. Now you can go straight to hell with your cats, and I will stay here in paradise. By the way, take the bills for your materialistic, exorbitant lifestyle with you when you go.

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Insolent Bastards: Thinking Ahead to 2017


Fuck the world! That’s our goal in 2017 both literally and figuratively

As we get ready to celebrate our first full year of publication here at The New Modern Man, the insolent bastards behind the scenes are already thinking about ways to expand our countercultural mission to enlighten men and give them the hard truth about both women and the world. We also want to enable them to live a ZFG (zero fucks given) lifestyle centered around their hopes and desires, affording them the same luxury women have enjoyed for so long by enslaving men to power a ridiculous economy of materialism.

But, there’s so much more to becoming a New Modern Man than knowing how badly you’re getting fucked by a gynocentric system full of predatory females. The next step, beyond destroying the lies, lies, lies of the system is to live a life on masculine terms and show other men how they can do the same by example. Expect to see more articles about living a better life after giving the finger to The Anglo-American Matrix.

For the editor, one of the biggest highlights of 2017 will be continuing a worldwide romp the second half of the year as Rel endeavors to spend several months in both Africa and Asia this year enjoying the food, the culture, the scenery, the wildlife, the nature, nightlife, and of course bedding women on both continents using the principles of Game and Hypergamy.

Expect to see more photography from exotic locations as the year wears on, and the beginnings of a travel guide designed for the Red Pill man. You might have already noticed the addition of a Dispatches from Rel photo gallery on the sidebar.

Jack Ronin of The Savage Lifestyle has been an exciting addition to our publication, and we hope to find additional talented writers like him in 2017. Be Like Dirk comics will also return, with an even more impudent tone sure to make feminists and White Knights once again reach for the Prozac while spitting venom from their cybernetic keyboards.

There are also long-term plans to expand the Eye Candy of the Week section, enhancing it with more photos that will be shot sometimes by Relampago himself and sometimes user submitted. Ideally, we’d like to publish a dozen or so sexy photos with each model.

So stay tuned, as the train is just gathering steam as it prepares to leave the station. As always, your ideas for improvement are always welcomed. Thanks to everyone who has supported us this year with your purchases from Amazon, our sponsor who bought the first sidebar advertisement, and those who donate monthly to the cause.

With your readership and support, we can go places together as ZFG men showing the system we aren’t its pawns, anymore.


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Site News: Changes and Upgrades Coming


Stand by for changes and upgrades as part of our In Your Face, Globalists growth strategy

Thanks to our growing readership for making us surpass an average 50,000 views a month. Our reach has been growing at between 10-20% a month since the spring, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Free speech is like oxygen to generations of men who have had their views stifled too long.

Between now and the end of the year, The New Modern Man will be making some changes and upgrades. Here’s a look at our plans for making the publication even better.

  • Addition of two regular, weekly columnists
  • Reinstatement of cash prizes for Comment of the Week
  • Return of Be Like Dirk Comics
  • Expansion of the Eye Candy of the Week section

Other ideas are also on the drawing board. The men’s movement is an important movement and it’s time for us to become more strident in our messages awakening men still in the throes of the Anglo-American cultural Matrix, educating men on money and minimalism, and pushing an agenda of male self-interest, while also sticking to our core effort of educating freethinking men about the harsh realities of women and the world.

We have yet begun to fight.

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Unity Needed in Men’s Communities

Rather than fighting amongst ourselves we should be fighting a common enemy - feminism

Rather than fighting amongst ourselves we should be fighting a common enemy – feminism

Unity is strength. Division is weakness.

If there’s one thing that becomes readily apparent when one spends a lot of time in online men’s communities, it’s that there’s a lot of discord among men who really should be able to get along with each other. While nobody is recommending we all get together and sing Kumbaya, we do need unite as best we can towards a common enemy – feminism and its parent, the gynocentric state.

This isn’t possible when we are vivisecting every men’s topic and fighting over minutiae. The great divide places most men into one of the following groups, often opposing each other:

  • MGTOW – Men Going Their Own Way
  • MRA – Men’s Rights Activists
  • PUA – Pick Up Artists
  • Traditionalists

There’s a lot of agreement among all four divisions that women have gone completely off the rails thanks in large part to social engineering and Cultural Marxism. The friction lies in what each group thinks should be done about it. MGTOWs by and large want to be left alone to do their own thing and many have given up on women. MRAs want legal action to put men on an equal footing with women in a gynocentric society. PUAs are happy gaming women and getting laid. Traditionalists want a return to the days when men and women needed each other and complimented each other rather than competed with each other. None of our ideals will be achieved if we are fighting amongst ourselves.

Our strength is there’s a lot of overlap in our ideals, and many of our solutions can compliment that overlap. This is how change is made.

Instead of allowing ourselves to be subdivided and conquered, we need to focus on what goals we share. We all want to see an end to women running society off the rails. We all want men to be treated like human beings instead of disposable meal tickets. We all want to get laid on the regular. And whether we want to admit it or not, a certain segment of society needs to be married and have kids to keep everything running and to bring up a responsible and well-balanced next generation.

Let's get together and lay out a game plan in the Culture War

Let’s get together and lay out a game plan in the Culture War

Common Goals

In short, we all realize that the current status of society is unsustainable in the long run. That’s what should bring us together. Banding together to force a change in the direction of the ship of state as it sails on towards a figurative Category Five storm for civilization should be our common goal.

The division is baffling to me sometimes. It’s like seeing an army of men being destroyed by feminism and the gynocentric state fighting over about who has the best tactics and whose ideals are more important, and continuing to get pelted rather than uniting against a common enemy.

We are all brothers fighting in a great Culture War. It behooves us to be considerate of and tolerant of each other’s points of view rather than taking a one size fits all approach with our narratives. There should be room for disagreement without us insulting and fighting each other.

We should decide what our big, common goals are, wage war against feminists and leftists to win big battles and then we can subdivide the “booty” from that victory among ourselves. Sun Tzu knew the importance of unity in his timeless work The Art of War:

If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them.

It’s the old maxim divide and conquer. The tragedy is we have already separated and are in disaccord before even entering into battle. As long as we are divided, we don’t stand a chance against the monolithic state and culturally entrenched Marxism and feminism. But if we come together and make our voices heard we can become a force to be reckoned with.

This simple African proverb sums up the best course of action for men’s communities: If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Let’s get together and deliver a knockout blow to feminism, social engineering, and the New World Order. It’s getting late in the game and we need to get our shit together.

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Be Like Dirk Comics Generate Feminist Outrage and Twitter Swarming

My original plan was to do an article on the criminality of the Clinton family stretching back to the 1980s, but I’ll do that next week. I feel like I earned a mansophere badge of honor the past few days as I witnessed a full-fledged Social Justice Warrior swarming descend onto my blog and Twitter page over a simple comic entitled Take This Job and Shove It, depicting an American guy getting frustrated with HR tyranny at his dead-end job and taking a trip to one of the most beautiful parts of the world only to find love and share an innocent kiss. That simple narrative was enough to make certain corners of the internet descend to DEFCON 3. It was one of the most swift and stunning displays of feminist intolerance I’ve ever seen. Some of their comments about Take This Job and Shove It have now been posted so the whole world can see what intolerant and myopic pieces of shit they are.

The Thought Crime Incident


The comic that drove over 100,000 angry, snarky feminists to this humble blog, now on sale in honor of their outrage

I would like to begin by thanking some guy named Josh Fruhlinger (Alexa rank 156,992—heh) for driving a spike in traffic my way with his very literate critical analysis of my comics series. It is a personal badge of honor to have this manlet call my series the “worst comic ever” in true Simpsons Comic Book Guy fashion. This was his exact Tweet:

oh god i found the worst cartoon ever, literally, in the world.


Josh and his cat

Before I could click onto his Twitter page and use some of the ensuing comments and SJW hate fest to further promote my comic book by showing people exactly what miserable “comic curmudgeons” Josh’s followers are by airing out their vitriolic comments, he preemptively blocked me from accessing his page. Josh, my Twitter page is still open to you because I’m not nearly as thin-skinned as you are. Bring on the fire and brimstone.

Josh and the gaggle of people who follow this Twitter page seem to me like the type of douchey Left Coast liberals that made me flee America in the first place. Apparently, comic aficionados (who also have a thing for cats) aren’t keen on comics that challenge established Hivemind, Culturally Marxist narratives and were designed only to piss people like him off.

Apparently, I succeeded on that front considering the rage that ensued. So, mission accomplished. The incident drove thousands of rabid SJWs my way, all of them vivisecting my comics and hurling spittle-addled insults my way. Thanks for the traffic, assholes. Perhaps even more enjoyably, some comments actually defended my series pointing out Josh and his ilk hate it only because they doesn’t agree with its politics.

Gentlemen, we in the manosphere are the new counterculture. This incident confirms that.

The innocent kiss from my Be Like Dirk and Other Politically Incorrect Comics that sparked a firestorm; also, gently poking fun at the masculinity of feminists "triggered" even more of their ire

The innocent kiss from my Be Like Dirk and Other Politically Incorrect Comics that sparked a firestorm; also, gently poking fun at the masculinity of feminists “triggered” even more of their ire

The Swarming

Only hours after Josh shared the comic, it happened. A full-blown Social Justice Warrior swarming. They were seething with white hot rage. On a Friday night no less, a bunch of losers with nothing better to do started in right around sunset and continued masturbating each others’ egos all weekend long, taking some of the cheapest shots imaginable to mankind. Over a fucking comic, no less!


One of my feminist Twitter haters with predictable obesity and blue hair

It was simply a sight to behold for about 30 minutes until I saw they weren’t going to stop and had no lives. After responding to a few of the initial (and very racist) Tweets, I ducked out and went down to the beach to talk with a few ladies and ended up getting high and banging two of them in probably the best menage a trois I’ve ever had. When I came back the next morning, the losers were still posting hate on Twitter.

It was their typical, boilerplate, character assassinating, self-flagellating playbook. I was a virgin. I was a loser. Then someone made the baseless claim that I sexually harassed someone.

Worse, Social Justice Warriors apparently think all Asian women come from Thailand, as the comic that sparked the outrage is set in Phnom Penh, and Angkor Wat (clearly depicted) is in Cambodia. But they relentlessly attacked Thai women.

Their stereotyping of all Asian women as coming from Thailand only proves how incredibly myopic and ignorant SJWs are. Then there was the racism, to use their collective favorite term. Many of them then went on to imply the only reason an attractive, feminine Asian girl would want an American guy is “to escape her third world cesspool” implying all Asians are destitute and all Asian women are nothing but green card seekers.

Check out this Twatter exchange:

what happens when the lady degrading herself to escape a third world existence finds out Dirk is broke?

This was my reply before I got bored and left to enjoy my Friday night. The best thing to do is take the high road:

You people have some serious issues. An Asian girl acts sweet in a comic and you people have a meltdown? Holy shit.


Just a few more biscuits and Josh can turn that half-assed belly into full Comic Book Guy girth – the resemblance is uncanny!

Then, another Twitterer brought up going to Mexico and having organs harvested, in such a way that implies all Mexicans harvest organs. In essence, SJWs become everything they claim to hate when conducting a swarming. These people hold themselves up as warriors against injustice then go on to lump not one but two races into stereotypical groups while simultaneously denigrating both groups! So, apparently Josh Fruhlinger (isn’t that name German?) has some Nazi Twitter followers who do not like Asians (particularly Asian women) and Mexicans, based on the hate posted to my Twitter account after he threw up the link. Other comics they roundly hated, much to my delight were Be Like Dirk, Episode 5, Beat It, Loser and The Vortex of Hell.

The vitriol continues this week, as a tatted up columnist named Robyn something or other on Wonkette continues bashing the comic. Feminists are apparently terrified of women from traditional cultures and an innocent kiss shared between a man trying to escape the toxic culture they’ve created, and a traditional woman.

Her tone in the article is one of if you men want to go get those dirty foreign bitches, then go them! It’s very offensive, to use one of the leftists’ favorite terms. The Wonkette columnist was also incensed over my illustration of Big Daddy Government and women figuratively marrying him instead of a Beta male in the comic Infinite Resources.

Like insects, along came the SJW Twitter swarmers

Like insects, along came the SJW Twitter swarmers

What to do in a swarming

So, What have I learned from this? As Vox Day points out, if you are ever the target of a SJW swarming, realize nobody gives a damn about what they’re saying except them. In a very useful useful article he created about how to defend yourself against a SJW swarming, the best advice is to rely on the three R’s.

Rely on the Three Rs: RECOGNIZE it is happening. REMAIN calm. REALIZE no one cares.

Just let it go, and let themselves work themselves into a frenzy over the violation of narrative thought crime.

Turnabout is fair play, and even though Fruhlinger blocked me I was still able find some real gems among his great works of art and offer up my own criticism. Listening to his effeminate voice read his own book is enough to put me in stitches laughing. If this doesn’t make you want to buy his novel, nothing will. Josh says: “The Enthusiast is my first novel. It’s about trains, comics, stealth marketing, capitalism, and joy.”

Look for this novel to go right to the top of the New York Times Bestseller list. It’s a sure thing. Apparently, it took him four years to write and a chapter from the book has yielded three “hearts” on Medium. You can purchase it from such well-known vendors as TopatoCo. Additionally, if you are interested in reading more dreck, Josh’s reviews on The Comics Curmudgeon are typical of snarky, nihilistic, navel-watching weak Beta male genetic dead ends that have infested and are killing the United States. In other words, nothing new from the typical, culturally suicidal cesspool found in the lamestream media in America.

By the way, if you want to buy the Politically Incorrect Comic Book that generated bellyaches, explosive shits, and foaming at the mouth among Social Justice Warriors, I’ve cut the price on it by 40% in honor of the occasion. I so enjoyed seeing these losers get mad I may even have to work this incident into Season Two of the series. It’s really a good time pushing liberal fascist buttons. Publish a comic about a man taking an innocent trip then finding love overseas, and watch them turn into rabid, racist hate mongers. Who ever knew it was so easy to trigger them?

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