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Where Did All the Good Men Go?


These boots were made for walking, baby

Where did all the good men go? This is one of my favorite questions from today’s Anglobitches. In short, they went AWAY from your fucking asses. I know this one did, but not before he became corrupted from half a lifetime of abuse by predatory American females.

The cleansing process has begun.

I’m so happy some days I can’t contain myself. Even when I’m in Anglo America extracting money from the economy by living on the road driving my Freightliner – to power my lifestyle abroad, of course – a simple chat just screams cultural differences.

Especially the juxtaposition of a foreign girl or girls telling me how much they like my company, how good our sex was, how good our sex will be, how good I make her feel, what she’s going to do for me and cook for me when I come back, alongside looking at the mean-faced, clipped haired women everywhere I travel here in The Matrix.

And I travel all over the nation, so believe me I get a good look at what’s going on socially. I have a keen sense of observation.

Speaking of juxtaposition, I have to work hard to catch a SMV 6 or 7’s short attention span if she’s an American female. But her personality is so predictable and so boring it’s almost cliché in my mind. Most of the time, I know she’s only looking for how much money she can extract from me or what kind of social status she can glean from our association. I know any relationship we have will be a dead end road, and mercenary at that just so I can get some sex which she feels is bestowing some great blessing on me.

And all safeguards must be taken so I don’t knock her up, or it’s 18 years of slavery as women today take the kids and run.

While I chat her up, I also have several foreign woman alongside her (SMV 7+) in my tablet. They’re thinner, fun to talk to, like being female, and bring joy into my life. They view sex as a normal part of life, something men and women both enjoy doing.  If I were to enter a relationship with them, and she became pregnant, I know there’s an excellent chance she’d want me in her and the baby’s life and wouldn’t dispose of me like yesterday’s trash. They want me and not my wallet in their life. See the difference?

What has this done for me psychologically?

Experiences like these make me realize I do have value as a man and that I was treated like a dog by American women for half a lifetime. No mas. I’ve realized it was never me that was the problem. My adventures outside the feminazi plantation (aka the USA) have shown me it was the women who were to blame for my loneliness and growing resentment of women, not me.

Wherever I go, whether it be Asia or Latin America, male/female relations are not nearly as mercenary as they are in America. The vibe feels natural. When I talk to a chick, I like being a man and she likes being a woman, we aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to how the sexes relate to one another, and things just flow so smoothly.

That said, this isn’t because of the women themselves but the culture they’re acclimated to. The culture in Anglo America stinks to high heaven. For some reason, white women seem predisposed to misandry and have a higher dose of Penis Envy than women from other cultures. Perhaps that’s why feminism took root in this culture first.

The importance of culture cannot be emphasized enough. Traditional cultures work, and those that constantly try to pit men and women against each other are doomed to failure. That’s sort of why whites are dying off and their nations are being conquered around the world. They became so effete and so “advanced” they forgot their biology and their humanity.

What can I do but abandon the insanity?

I know one man who won’t be slaving away anymore in a society that hates him, chastises him, and treats him like an expendable utility object. No, I’m going somewhere I’m treated with respect and dignity. And I’m taking the money I earn while I’m here with me.

Have fun at those JOBS, ladies. You won’t have this man or his labor to kick around anymore.

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Model Search: Looking for Sexy, Traditional Minded Female Models


We’re looking for class as we push for reform in the relations between the sexes

Are you a female fan of The New Modern Man? Are you a traditional woman who would like to model for us? Do you know a traditional woman who would like to model for us?

Do you have a nice face and body?

We are looking for models who believe in the countercultural messages encouraging a return to traditional sex roles we support here at The New Modern Man and the rest of the manosphere, and want to show the men who write and read our publication they support us.

We are looking for models to feature monthly. Here’s what we want:

  • All models must be 18 years of age or older
  • 7 to 10 photos in a bikini or lingerie
  • Be willing to respond to a quick interview about why you believe traditional sex roles are important

Each model who is selected will receive:

  • $50 cash reward
  • Modeling photos featured on our growing publication, now reaching 100,000 views monthly
  • Modeling photos archived for free publicity

Pseudonyms (fake names) or stage names are encouraged for those who wish to protect their privacy. Send your modeling photos or any questions to the Editor.

Good luck!

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Interesting Points in Response to My Latest ROK Article


Cats have become stand-ins for human children as a result of feminism. Here’s what some of my readers have to say the cult of Penis Envy

My latest Return of Kings article has prompted some very insightful commentary from readers of the Red Pill journal. What the Anti-Trump Feminist March on Washington Really Means breaks down the emotional hamstering from selfish, murderous, abortion-loving feminists and interprets what their march really means for themselves, their dead babies, and the world in general.

Waldemar Pabst covered the consequences of unbridled profit seeking, the very mentality that led us to the mass reeducation known as feminism, planted like a radioactive cancer causing agent into the Western body politic by the CIA and Gloria Steinem 50 years ago.

You have to understand that the animosity between the sexes that we see in the modern world is intentional and was created deliberately: it is good for the capitalist / corporatist system. Single people consume a lot more than families: each person needs their own place, their own fridge, their own car etc etc. Instead of getting a massage from your spouse at the end of the day, people tune in to ASMR videos on Youtube [insert advertisements]. Having a functioning family where the mother stays at home with 4+ children and consumption is minimized to essentials (food and hand me down clothes) isn’t good for Apple or Microsoft or Uber or Amazon.

Indeed, one of the founding statements of The New Modern Man is the unrestrained pursuit of profit poses serious threats to the soul of a nation. Pabst’s statement is undeniable evidence of that threat in action.

Ozymandius touched on what the results of half a century of social engineering are yielding, and highlights the cognitive dissonance feminist have when they push gelded Western manlets for more freebies while collectively ignoring the results of their actions as Europe and America are conquered demographically by patriarchal societies:

As we always say, feminism simply exists because men allow it to. If mankind came together, with even half of this number and intent, feminism would collapse like a pack of cards. Women follow trends like a pack animal, and as soon as that trend is on to a loser they leave it post haste. The problem we face is that western society is indoctrinated in the worst way. Remember, that to a lot of young guys to be a red blooded, red pill male goes against all their cultural programming, The Marxists did an absolutely fantastic stitch up job.

It’s ironic that the women and men on this march will be the first to have their lifestyle curtailed when Islam starts to real root in the next 50 years or so. They really have no clue what is coming to them. I hope the guys on this site won’t be fooled into helping any of them when they come running to us.

Jane, who is apparently one of ROK’s female readers explains what an abomination Penis Envy is as feminism assails true femininity, turning women into wannabe men. She has a novel idea to solve the plight of unhappy, barren Western women:

Everything about woman points to her life-purpose of childbearing. Her hormonal mood swings, her menstruation, her shapely hips and behind, her full oversized breasts (which are such a hindrance to her if she attempts masculine work) all point to her prime purpose: to bear children. That modern woman would scorn her own biology is insanity. It is the one thing she can do that a man cannot – logically you’d think that this special ability would give her a special sense of self-worth but it doesn’t, in fact, she rejects it in favor of pursuing masculine activities.

She believes childbearing to be oppressive but it isn’t. The ability to create life is a profound and admirable thing. What could woman ever do that could be more important than that? And of course they are miserable, because they aren’t fulfilling their purpose. They aren’t using their most important body part. They pretend they don’t even have a womb and take drugs to stop it from functioning. Like a cooped up horse that doesn’t use its legs, or a bird that can’t use its wings, or a bull or goat that can’t use its horns, women who don’t use their womb go insane. Women are meant to live in a perpetual cycle of sex-pregnancy-childbirth-suckling. It’s their natural life cycle if they don’t take birth control drugs to prevent it.

The solution to the problem of modern woman is continuous pregnancy. That is the solution to the racial demographic problem also. Even if a woman has one or two kids, she’ll often start chasing other men or initiate divorce after she has gone too long without a pregnancy. Cavegirl brain thinks “this man’s seed isn’t resulting in reproduction; I must try a different man’s seed instead.” This is her subconscious thought, regardless of what her conscious brain thinks, even if she thinks she doesn’t want any more children.

Women who live the continuously pregnant lifestyle go through life with glowing faces, warm smiles, singing as they go about their daily work. You see it, and I do too. We all know that this is the absolute truth. This large family we work so hard for, we are all a support system for each other, we are a force working hard together to further our mutual interests.

Indeed, women who become moms and have lots of babies are always happier, more fulfilled individuals than shrieking fembots in my personal experience. Scientific studies of happiness, as elucidated by psychologist Tim Kasser tell us intrinsic life goals like having close and supportive relationships with people we love – i.e. women having a husband and family – lend themselves to happier lives than empty extrinsic acquisition, feels-seeking, and virtue signaling.

Robin Nichols commented on the reality many are unwilling or unable to grasp. Western men have to stand up and start being assholes and shitlords again, or fade away into oblivion.

Men, in every society in this world, get the gov’t and the women they deserve. If white men can’t abolish the welfare state, they deserve their punishment.

MC227 echoed The New Modern Man’s series of articles on the Anglobitch and what she as well as White Knight, weakling men collectively destroy when they go against their genetic programming:

When people go against biology and natural human instincts they lose. White people are insane and most of all white women. What race on earth other than whites are trying to commit suicide? What race on earth actually feels guilty about being whatever race they are other than whites? Why are white women so easily fooled into doing things that harm them? I’m a middle aged white man and I will never understand why white men who have accomplished so much as a race would allow women to have any say in anything other than what she is making me for dinner or what color drapes she wants. What kind of pussified loser would have a woman dictating this crap to them? White men need to inform these idiotic women that whites comprise less than 10% of the world population. Now honey that means out of 10 people only one is white and the rest of the world does not have what you have.

And finally, Squidly us knows the difference between terrible American women, who are undoubtedly the worst in the world and feminine women who have their insane impulses constrained by lucid cultures. Once you go abroad for a broad, you never want to come back.

White/Western men are waking up but our women seem to be hopeless f##king causes. I agree with the author, there is a world of difference between American and foreign women. Foreign women do not take anything for granted and do not feel entitled to anything. At least until they are westernized.

All in all, it was very uplifting to watch a thoughtful and rational discussion take place. It has been said the truth will out, and these comments prove the Wisdom of Crowds is kicking in now that the feminist cat is out of the bag.

Keep the insights coming, both here and at Return of Kings.

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Thank You, Miss Anglobitch


This fool suffered ungladly decades of treachery, but now I’m onto your game

I’d like to take the time to write a short thank you note to all the Anglobitches out there. The ones who used and abused me from adolescence through the first half of my life. The ones who treated me as an expendable meal ticket even while I gave them my best. The ones who cheated on me, dumped me, and exploited my utility value.

Without you, I would have never been at my current station in life – living on a tropical island and on the verge of touring, photographing, and writing about life in various parts of the world.

On the verge of realizing what it’s like to enjoy true freedom from you and the web of social control you’ve spun around most men in Anglo America. You might have taken half my life away from me, but I’ll be damned if you’ll get the second half.

There was always a terrible feeling gnawing at me in the back of my mind, that somehow there just wasn’t something right, that somehow life must be better than the terrible deal you gave me.

And I was right. I’ve found it. All it took was courage and a few plane tickets to become a truly multicultural man of the world, not the ersatz version liberals and feminists claim to be.

Learning to speak Spanish fluently was the single most important skill I developed in my entire life. The events of my life turned towards the better once I polished my language skills and began to delve into a new cultural experience. Thank God I discovered a place in the world where women are totally the opposite of what you deem as normal.

You see, I was one of those men you threw away. One of those from the wrong social caste and without enough Beta Bucks for you to consider me worth a short pump and dump, and unworthy of children and a family. Until now, once I gained a measure of financial success your blinders opened and I became visible. But now it’s too late. This dog got kicked around one too many times.

Sure, I had some measure of success bedding Anglo women, but without the misery that resulted from my dealings with you I would have never had the motivation to learn pick-up artistry and watch my notch count soar from a respectable 30 in a law of the jungle sexual market to well over 100 in only a few short years.

I would have never had the motivation to leave the control matrix you’ve imprisoned many millions of men with via the power of Big Daddy Government.

Thanks to you, I was forced to rearrange my entire life to escape you. But I’ve done just that, and that decision is reaping incredible rewards. I have a feminine, old-school woman in Latin America offering me more from life than you ever could. I have financial freedom I never would have realized had I accepted the high price you command for the subpar companionship you offer.

And you know what? I am more motivated than ever to show other men how to escape the plantation you’ve created for us. I am more motivated than ever to show other men the way out of the dark cage you’ve placed us in through endless manipulation, dissimulation and victim role-playing.

I was mad, but now I’m glad.

If you had never used and abused so many millions of men just like me you might have gotten away with the ruse. But now, the word is out and your fortunes are fading fast. Men are running for the door to get away from the toil required to power your selfish, barren, materialistic fantasies. We are either Men Going Our Own Way or Going Galt or both.

Either way, the utility value you took for granted is now in jeopardy of disappearing forever. I know after 15 years in and out of Latin America I will never again see the culture you’ve made men suffer for so long as normal. The push back has begun, for in nature every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

So again, thank you for all the misery. I would have never been the happy man I am today without it. And I have nothing but vinegary truth and inspiring tales from a Happier Abroad life to write about.

The best part of it all? I have absolutely no guilt or remorse for treating you as a recreational activity, because I spent half a life living the “good guy” way only to be figuratively kicked in the teeth for my effort. Now I’m living the “bad boy” lifestyle and have never been happier.

In summary, thanks for the memories. Now you can go straight to hell with your cats, and I will stay here in paradise. By the way, take the bills for your materialistic, exorbitant lifestyle with you when you go.

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Insolent Bastards: Thinking Ahead to 2017


Fuck the world! That’s our goal in 2017 both literally and figuratively

As we get ready to celebrate our first full year of publication here at The New Modern Man, the insolent bastards behind the scenes are already thinking about ways to expand our countercultural mission to enlighten men and give them the hard truth about both women and the world. We also want to enable them to live a ZFG (zero fucks given) lifestyle centered around their hopes and desires, affording them the same luxury women have enjoyed for so long by enslaving men to power a ridiculous economy of materialism.

But, there’s so much more to becoming a New Modern Man than knowing how badly you’re getting fucked by a gynocentric system full of predatory females. The next step, beyond destroying the lies, lies, lies of the system is to live a life on masculine terms and show other men how they can do the same by example. Expect to see more articles about living a better life after giving the finger to The Anglo-American Matrix.

For the editor, one of the biggest highlights of 2017 will be continuing a worldwide romp the second half of the year as Rel endeavors to spend several months in both Africa and Asia this year enjoying the food, the culture, the scenery, the wildlife, the nature, nightlife, and of course bedding women on both continents using the principles of Game and Hypergamy.

Expect to see more photography from exotic locations as the year wears on, and the beginnings of a travel guide designed for the Red Pill man. You might have already noticed the addition of a Dispatches from Rel photo gallery on the sidebar.

Jack Ronin of The Savage Lifestyle has been an exciting addition to our publication, and we hope to find additional talented writers like him in 2017. Be Like Dirk comics will also return, with an even more impudent tone sure to make feminists and White Knights once again reach for the Prozac while spitting venom from their cybernetic keyboards.

There are also long-term plans to expand the Eye Candy of the Week section, enhancing it with more photos that will be shot sometimes by Relampago himself and sometimes user submitted. Ideally, we’d like to publish a dozen or so sexy photos with each model.

So stay tuned, as the train is just gathering steam as it prepares to leave the station. As always, your ideas for improvement are always welcomed. Thanks to everyone who has supported us this year with your purchases from Amazon, our sponsor who bought the first sidebar advertisement, and those who donate monthly to the cause.

With your readership and support, we can go places together as ZFG men showing the system we aren’t its pawns, anymore.


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