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Successful Slayers of Poon Will Have Scorn Heaped Upon Them in an Anti-Life Culture


Become successful with women and have scorn heaped upon you by men stuck with sagging wives, and masturbating Betas

There’s nothing that grinds the gears of emasculated Beta male and/or White Knight office drones than a man who says what he wants, does what he wants, and fucks who he wants. One of the most hilarious ad hominems lobbed against a PUA that gets more ass than a toilet seat is the old “You’ve got cooties!” gnome, intended to shame him into submission to gynocentric Anglo culture.

Case in point: A few recent hit and runs lobbed at me by former acquaintances of mine who have undoubtedly noticed my change from office bitch to renegade enjoyer of a free-wheeling, free-spinning lifestyle. One of the recent hit and run, or more accurately, insult and disappear attacks came via instant messaging just as I made my way across the border into Mexico to enjoy some 21-year old flesh. Her name was Dayana, and she was sumptuous. But the tryst is neither her nor there. It was from a guy who is a willing cuck to his Anglobitch wife.

In any case, the insult insinuated I have STDs because I sleep around so much. Hahaha. What a jealous bitch.

The long and short of this life lesson is it makes these men feel uncomfortable when a man who has learned the crimson arts well could practically install a turnstile in his bedroom, travels America and the world, and has financial freedom they’ll never enjoy, while they have to go home to sagging, nagging wives and live on sagging salaries on their corporate tax farm while simultaneously attempting to power her lust for materialism.

When a fellow sheeple finds his way off the farm, hate and spite is heaped upon him rather than love and praise. This further prove’s Rookh Kshatriya’s thesis that modern Anglo culture is virulently anti-life. (I would also add anti-personal freedom.) These boys want you to suffer the same miserable lives they do.

So, we have yet another complication a man encounters after taking the Red Pill. But fuck ’em. I got to live my life. Not them. And I’m gonna do what makes me happy.

Beta office drones may be weak men, but make no mistake they are just a vicious as the infamous females alluded to in the “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” maxim. Hell also hath no fury like a Beta cuck scorned. It’s as if they want to destroy any man who’s figured out the ruse foisted upon them by Anglo society, and found a way not only to enjoy financial and lifestyle freedom but lots and lots of pussy.

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Male Dominance: Most Women Like Rough Sex


Women like dominant men, in more ways than one

If there’s one commonality among the nearly 150 women I’ve bedded so far, among all nationalities and ethnicities, it’s that the vast majority of them got off on rough sex. They were most excited when being manhandled and ridden hard. They got off more intensely when I treated them like a dirty whore in bed.

When I treated them like a lady in bed, eh…not so much as far as these girls enjoying intense pleasure and throbbing orgasms. It was never whips and chains and other BDSM nonsense that turned them on. It was just spanking, pushing them around, manhandling them, a little biting, and hard pumping that excited them the most. Ravaging the girls I was with is the best way to put it.

So, if you’re a guy who tries to make love slowly and delicately, you might just be placing yourself at a disadvantage. Most women crave something dirtier and more intense than the flowery lovemaking scenes we see in media and Hollyweird movies. The desire women have to be dominated in bed is true now more than ever in cock-carouseling Anglo America and the current mating jungle unleashed by the sexual devolution. Women have more experience with more men than ever before, and the guys who are the biggest assholes and who fuck them the hardest are the ones who make lasting impressions inside the female limbic brain.

I can say from personal experience the desire women have to be ridden hard is also true in Latin America, where a topic of conversation among women (especially when they think men aren’t listening) is “me gusta cuando me da duro” or “I like it when my man gives it to me hard.” In Asia, not as much. At least, based on my experience with Asian women. But I do hear stories about Asian women that like it rough, too.

This fact about female sexuality is yet another reason to believe feminism is a colossal societal shit test men have miserably failed. Even Cosmopolitan magazine broached the subject recently:

In the era of fourth-wave feminism, equal rights, and Leaning In, it can be tricky for some women to admit that when the lights go off, they want to be dominated and pushed around a little, even in the context of consensual play.

What? Women like to be dominated? Quelle surprise! The key is realizing they like to be dominated in both bed and in their relationships, no matter how much hamstering they do to try and act like they don’t. If only we didn’t have toxic latent Puritanism sending mixed messages about women. Continuing from Cosmo:

Many women (as many as 57% according to a University of North Texas study) are turned on by the idea of forceful sex, as un-PC as it might be. “This is not a fringe desire,” says sex researcher Zhana Vrangalova, Ph.D., an adjunct professor of psychology at New York University and founder of the Casual Sex Project blog. “This is much more common.”

This study seems conservative with the numbers. Based on my experience, I’d say it’s more like 75% to 80% of women like rough sex, even though most of them will never tell a man they like to be ridden like a bucking bronco.

cover_promoLike so many aspects of male-female relations, it’s something men are “just supposed to know” as if we are all born with ESP and a laser beam into the convoluted machinations of the female soul. The banishing of fathers and the shaming of masculinity, which has reached new heights in the misandrist Anglo-American kingdom over the last couple of generations has no doubt helped to starve a couple of generations of boys of this critical wisdom about women. It’s something a man experienced with women would know.

If you didn’t know before, now you do. A bit of a disclaimer of sorts: This conversation is obviously about consensual sex. Moving on…

Cosmo then goes on to touch on the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, in which a central plot device was rough sex, which made it the first book to reach a million copies sold on Amazon Kindle. The long-running woman’s magazine then trots out “Nicole” who confesses to her desire to be treated like a rag doll, rode hard and put up wet:

I had a partner who choked me a little bit, and I liked it. We talked about it afterward, and things progressed from there — slapping, spanking, degrading sex talk. Since then, it’s been a part of my sex life.

Spanking is number one on the list of what turns women on, in my experience. Some like to be spanked hard, others like gentle spanking. Depends on the girl.

Also, the plainer the girl acts, the more of a freak she often is.

So why do women like to mix pleasure and pain? It’s all about male power, say psychologists. Which, as any man who has a lot of sexual experience will tell you, is what turns women on more than anything else. Any PUA knows women hate boring and weak men. They love powerful, brooding assholes on the street and in bed.

“Most women who are into rough sex are into it for a very simple reason: It turns them on,” explains sex and relationship therapist Stephen Snyder, M.D., associate clinical professor of psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, in NYC.

It all goes back to the limbic brain, as Freud knew and TNMM has pointed out on countless occasions. The limbic brain and its libininal desires are the dominant force behind human sexuality. This is doubly true for females, who are more emotional and less rational than men.

As evolved as we’ve become, some aspects of sexual attraction are, well, primal. “Physical size and strength and muscularity are essential differences between men and women,” says Dr. Snyder, “and those kinds of differences are going to be erotic.”

So, effeminate men aren’t going to be partaking in the cornucopia of vagina anytime soon. Leave that to the guys who look and act the part of a domineering tyrant when it comes to dealing with women. If you want to keep your woman around, here’s some sage advice from a SMV 9 I screwed around with for a while in Latin America. She told me, “Me gusta ser una dama en la calle, y una puta en la cama.” Translated, that means, “I like to be a lady in the street and a whore in bed.”

Knowing this raw truth about female sexuality can help the shameless playa slay more ass than he ever dreamed possible. Because when a man knows how to dominate a woman in bed, word gets around. And your main dish will be reluctant to ever let you go.

So, smack dat ass, my friends. Smack it hard.

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Strip Clubs Are Perfect Examples of Twisted Sexuality in America

Money, garter, sexy panties and fishnet stockings on dark background

Anglo American women expect to tease you with sexuality, take your money, and give you no satisfaction in return

Want to know the truth about strip clubs? They’re perfect examples of Anglo culture’s unhealthy attitude towards men and sexuality.

Here’s the unwritten cultural rule when it comes to sex: Look, don’t touch. Touch, don’t taste. Taste, don’t swallow. Anything else, especially when money is involved, including getting sexually satisfied rather than teased and taken advantage of by the “goddesses” in strip clubs and Anglo culture at large is, of course, taboo.

Not letting women rape your wallet and insisting on sexual satisfaction for giving a female the fruit of your labor is verboten. It could get you thrown in jail with your face plastered on the evening noose news like public enemy number one. Why, look at that sexually desperate man who dared taste the forbidden fruit! Sinner! Off with his head! Fire and brimstone!

Such is the insanity of living in modern America. This is the Puritanical paradox turned secular senselessness in the Anglosphere when it comes to sexuality. To keep men jumping from one hoop to the next in search of a sexual carrot they never quite reach while women keep going to the bank.

Here’s why strip clubs are the perfect example of this repressed culture’s mentality towards women, men, and sex. The very setup of the club and the way it conducts business revolve around pussy pedestalization and the ongoing financial support of clueless Beta Bucks providers who are all too willing to be financially exploited.

Women are literally set above the men on pedestals in the club with innumerable Betas orbiting the stage, hoping for a fleeting glance of attention, a whiff of a vagina, or seeing titties in the wild. If you’re really lucky, a select few clubs will actually let you see the anatomy of the goddesses with her panties off. The holy of holies. Wow!

But that’s where it ends. Pay up. Don’t you think about sticking your nasty man parts inside there, much less for cash. As long as you are spending on being teased and toyed with, all is well. Expect something more, there’s a problem.

The entire strip club experience is a marvel of twisted, anti-male nature of Anglo culture. A man enters the club, gets teased by women who are “better than him” and therefore deserve his money for doing nothing except moving in a sensual way and having a pulse. He’s expected to quickly and efficiently empty his wallet, then walk out with blue balls and a raging, unrelieved erection.

Tough luck, dude. You spent your paycheck in search of some attention, but you still find yourself going home alone to rub one out. Only now, you’re not just alone, you’re broke and alone.

This is why the strip club business model is the perfect metaphor for Anglo society. The way it operates directly reflects how the culture and women look at men. Men are nothing but walking wallets to be exploited by using the mirage of sexuality, but when they reach out to taste the oasis in an effort to quench their sexual thirst they find nothing there. Women, whether strippers or not, tease, then whisk themselves away with the poor bastard’s money in tow. This happens not inly in strip clubs, but in relationshits, and in frivorce courts. (The only difference being a brief visit to the sexual amusement park.)

Women and this culture see nothing wrong with taking advantage of men in this manner. In fact, it laughs in their faces, just as women laugh in the faces of Beta providers who are no longer of use to them. I should know, I’ve banged quite a few strippers and even helped a few of them spend the Beta Bucks of their customers. The big spenders are seen as desperate dupes by women, nothing more.

Realizing this, a man can easily game strippers by refusing to play along with their game. Word to the wise is: Don’t be a chump. Banging strippers is actually quite easy after some practice. Just don’t go in throwing money at them. Since most men are clueless idiots who prematurely blow their financial load and get nothing in return, refusing to dole out money demonstrates to girls in the club you are not a run of the mill Beta who has more $1 bills than common sense.

Some strippers will resent you for this. You don’t need them. Others will be intrigued. These are the ones you want.

Using the principles of Game and Hypergamy, a well-dressed, silver tongued pickup artist can enjoy a virtual buffet of easy women if he learns to play the strip club game right. Just play the regular PUA game after making it clear you’re not there to blow your money like the other guys who get their wallets emptied by vicious, financially predatory women.

Just keep in mind the next time you visit a strip club, women are only there to financially exploit you. Are you going to give your cash away that easily? When millions of men start demanding sexual satisfaction in return, maybe then we can finally destroy the Puritanical prohibition on sex for hire in America.

Until then, game on.

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Real World Examples from the Dating Jungle


Analyzing the shallow American dating pool from a male perspective

It’s a jungle out there.

If you doubt the sexual devolution has seriously damaged male-female relations, femininity, civility, and society itself, log on to any dating app and be treated to profiles like these. These aren’t the worst examples one can find, and some profiles don’t seem that bad on the surface, until you drill down and use real-world, real-life experience with women to infer what they really mean behind the sugar-coated language. This is the mess men have to deal with post-feminism.

God help us.

Here are some excerpts from real world profiles inside the Anglo-American dating jungle. We’ll help interpret what each profile means. Here goes…let’s wade out into the murky waters of a mainstream dating app.

1. First example is a black girl with a cherry red weave. She’s obese, with a messy apartment behind her as the backdrop. She’s full of…attitude. She starts off by talking about how sweet she is, only to destroy her own façade in the very next sentence. This profile helps illustrate most women are emotionally unstable and their thought processes turn on a dime. Her grammatical skills are low, but her expectations are high. This is becoming the norm in a thirsty, r-selected culture. Best advice: Avoid.


2. Second example is a 30-something white girl who appears to have been around the block a few times. She’s about a SMV 6 or 7, which means in her mind she’s a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10. Like Capital One, she wants what’s in your wallet, and makes no bones about hiding that fact. Chivalry (which she, of course, misspells) may not be dead in her mind, but femininity certainly is, and has been buried for a long time. She proves that fact with her profile. Best advice: Make her laugh with a come-on, hope for a pump and dump, and drop her before she can get her tentacles into you.


3. Next example is a somewhat attractive black girl, who has several tattoos and uninteresting profile pics. One seriously wants to ask her what she brings to the table, since she makes about a half dozen demands in the profile but doesn’t bring up anything of value about herself other than the same cliches men see on all dating profiles. Of course, all American women are obsessed with food, since 2/3 of them are fatties. This one isn’t fat, however, she’s just working on getting fat. Apparently, she’s of the mentality that men are her court jesters, entertainers, and walking wallets, like so many females. There’s also an air of superiority in her tone, typical of Anglo America. Best advice: Message her with a role reversal and imbibe lots of alcohol if you meet her so it will dull your perception of her arrogance. Proceed to pump and dump.


4. Fourth example is a Latina (Spanish women turn rotten once they’ve been assimilated into Anglo culture) who paradoxically is “sweet” and has a “terrible attitude” at the same time. Women are famous for mixed messages, and this chick doesn’t disappoint. Typical of Anglo culture, she speaks as if sex is something to be loathed rather than enjoyed. This “no sex” demand of hers also speaks to the fact women in this culture get on dating apps looking for Beta chumps with more money than brains they can exploit to fuel their addiction to materialism and recreational eating. They aren’t looking for love. She also appears to have her bitch shield set at maximum, a female trait that appears when the sexual market has shifted from K-selected to r-selected. (An r-selected market is bad as it means manly, hateful women and weak White Knight Beta bitches come to dominate.) Best advice: Avoid. Dis bitch crazy.


5. “Expendable Beta provider module wanted” should be the title of our last foray into the tragicomedy that is the American dating scene. White women aren’t ashamed anymore to have fatherless children in a society that hates men and family. After all, it’s always his fault, right? Brave single mom battles on after she dumps heartless creature with a dick. She might instead say in her profile, “I got my Alpha Fucks and child support annuity, already, all that’s missing are your Beta Bucks and investment of time in another man’s seed and I can live the life of my dreams. You get occasional sex until you’re broke or I get tired of you.”

It’s also interesting how she expects to eat at novel restaurants on your dime, and goes through a laundry list of demands about what she expects from you, and of course, offers little in return other than supposed low-maintenance. (Don’t you believe it.) All in all, this is sadly about as good as it gets with modern Anglo women. Best advice: You’re playing with fire, here. Unscrupulous guys can play the Beta provider act for a while, but be advised she’s looking for a commitment and has a history of popping out kids at some poor bastard’s expense.


So, what do we find by perusing some examples from the land of “empowered” women who want to emotionally and financially exploit men without being held accountable? A big ole pile of shit, that’s what we find. We are waist deep in it. Hip boots aren’t enough to wade through this mess.

A man can waste a lot of time and find nothing of substance on today’s dating apps. The dating pool is very shallow, about half an inch deep in Anglo America. It’s no wonder Beta thirst is rampant, MGTOWs are running away from bitches like these, and others are expatriating to greener pastures.

Sadly, it appears men are continuing to feed female egos, clamoring for attention, and willing to put up with a lot of crap from women in order for these “ladies” to be able to behave this way. Male thirst also makes women think they can get by with such arrogant demands, expecting nothing short of prince charming with the financial resources of a $100,000 salary to waltz into her life when she offers virtually nothing in return except the miracle of possessing a wet hole.

Ya ain’t worth it, honey. This is why men learning to play the game better than women is essential in today’s dating market.

These are some mild examples for our first foray into the dating jungle. Things do get much, much worse at times, as we will see in coming installments. What are some of your own examples and stories from dating in America?

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How Does She Benefit Me?

Sensual beautiful young couple is having sex on bed

It’s time for men to start asking a question females always have on their minds

It’s a well-established fact women only see men as meal tickets, disposable utility and success objects, and entertainers. Hypergamy – the fact women only look upward in status when dating and marrying –  results from this aforementioned aspect of female psychology.

Women always ask themselves, whether consciously or unconsciously: How does this man benefit me? Unfortunately, most men are all too willing to be used and objectified in this manner. Weak or unawakened men try to bend themselves into a pretzel to make themselves beneficial to women then act surprised when they wind up used.

Beta males/White Knights, and those lower in the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy are always willing to appease women, turning themselves into the human equivalent of an overeager Chihuahua puppy wagging its tail, barking, and staring because his master has a fresh piece of red meat in his hand. Women dangle the figurative red meat known as their sexuality in front of hungry eyes to get what they want, then never give the poor bastard the reward. Or, only let him taste it while cruelly removing the treat from his mouth at a later date.

The awakened, reformed man (or a natural Sigma/Alpha) doesn’t behave like the Chihuahua. For those still going through the painful initial stages of reform after swallowing the Red Pill, here’s some advice.

Always ask yourself the same question women ask themselves: How does she benefit me? This is really the only way to look at women, as lots of experience with them will teach a man they’re more base, animalistic, and less evolved than he is. In many ways, they’re prototype humans, and men are the finished product.

Hardly the goddesses this culture proclaims them to be, underneath the well-practiced exterior façade you’ll find a creature that thinks only of itself, its pleasure and its material well-being. Male traits like ingenuity, loyalty, self-sacrifice and searching for intrinsic happiness (the opposite of materialism) are not a language it speaks.

The problem, when men ask themselves “How does she benefit me?” is modern Anglo women provide very few benefits and a whole lotta baggage. Mountains of cellulite, emotional manipulation, financial exploitation, and other baggage. Let’s go over some of their benefits:

  • Sex (Except when she’s “not in the mood”)
  • Subpar companionship

Now let’s go over some of their baggage:

  • Frivorce
  • Child support penury
  • Alimony (All The Money as Robin Williams called it)
  • High divorce rate
  • Statistically sterile i.e. doesn’t want or like children
  • Solipsism
  • Victim mentality
  • Gossip
  • Predatory nature (Women hunt men, men hunt resources)
  • Uninteresting personalities
  • Bitchy
  • Glib
  • Superficial/shallow personalities
  • Materialistic (Madonna’s smash hit Material Girl nailed female nature)
  • Flighty
  • Disloyal
  • Legally superior to men in the court system
  • Doesn’t know how to cook
  • Often has manly personality characteristics
  • Doesn’t like being a woman
  • Bleached/technicolor hair
  • 2/3 are overweight or obese
  • Has had more wieners than the Oscar Meyer truck
  • Doesn’t date/marry across or down in status, only up

Frankly, this is why bills legalizing prostitution need to be passed yesterday in Anglo American legislatures. That’s way too much bullshit for the average man to put up with for a few minutes of sexual pleasure every few days. Renting consensual sex between two willing adults lets men get subpar companionship and sex without taking on all the baggage that comes with today’s female. Nevada is apparently the only state in the union that realizes this.

What is sex doing on the black market anyway? Why must this culture hide the world’s oldest profession and oppress heterosexual men?

Beyond legalizing the sex trade, the awakened man will begin to look at women differently when he sees there’s much more than meets the eye that comes with the Anglo female package – that may be pleasing to the eye and the penis – but detrimental to every other aspect of his life. He begins to realize what horrible deals most men accept and what horrible treatment they accept from women to temporarily be entertainers and success objects in their lives.

The short answer to the question “How does she benefit me?” or “What does she have to offer?” is: Not much, brother. Since the sexual devolution, women are free to roam the landscape as predators of men with impunity. There are no longer cultural or legal consequences for women completely exploiting men in this day and age.

Each instance is met with a vapid “YouGoGrrl!”

Sure, Game might get you inside the love box, but you had better know what you’re dealing with. A man that practices Game must never allow himself to fall in love or become deluded with the fantasy he can practice Game well enough to keep her around. Because, sooner or later he will slip up or grow tired of constantly putting her in her place and dealing with her drama. It’s at that point he’ll be put through the emotional, legal, and financial meat grinder.

As has been said before at TNMM, the true irony of feminism and the sexual devolution is it turned women into the sex objects they purportedly can’t stand being. All without women even realizing it. What a paradox!

Since their “magical” wet hole is all modern Anglo women are good for after feminism wrecked any other value they might provide, men need to ask themselves questions like: Would she give good head? Would she ride me good when she’s on top? Could I stand being around her longer than a couple of hours? If she’s drinking, does her bitch shield get turned down to DEFCON 3? Do not ask: What could I do to benefit her?

If you want a woman that brings a little more than a vagina and a list of demands to the table, better look somewhere else. Or, reform this insane culture. Good luck with that.

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