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The Mindset Which Always Gets Me Laid


Mind over matter will help you get the bang

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

When I was in my late teens and early twenties.  Much of my actions were centered around appeasement and trying to “fit in” among social groups. Even though it did not feel natural for me at all.  Everyone seemed to agree that you needed to fit in to get what you want out of life.  I found there was an unspoken consensus among my peers that you must fit in even if meant lying to yourself, lying to others and generally behaving like a weak, supplicating bitch.

It made me sick whenever I attempted to go along with the herd.  Whenever I took their shallow advice as something to be learned I always felt an overwhelming sense of self betrayal.  This caused a lot of inner turmoil and self loathing.

When it came to the opposite sex, I never ever experienced success when I took the advice of the weak and attempted to convince girls I was some great guy who had it all together.  A polite and eager chump who was ready to listen to her stupid problems or treat her like an intellectual equal.  Again it absolutely disgusted me to think, this is what it takes to get laid?  To completely abandon the instincts inside whispering “Fuck this shit”.

Failing Like The Rest

I didn’t realize this at the time but most of the advice I was taking was from people who I would laugh in their face now should they attempt to counsel me on anything.  While they may have been able to maintain relationships with the opposite sex to varying degrees.  It was at a cost to their spine and a payment of their balls which I found utterly appalling.

Even as a young, confused and lost boy I knew deep inside this was not the way for me.  The hardest part for me to overcome was finding true belief in my own self, trusting my own instincts and maintaining a zealous faith in my own abilities.  This however did not come easily.  I first had to experience the true nature of women without the rosy colored goggles handed out like condoms in high school.  Also I had to sit in the church pews of some seriously deranged evangelical churches, filled to the brim with gelded males and slutty women.  Churches whose members behaved as if they were drunk and spouting gibberish from their mouths like they have fucking turret’s syndrome.  These same morons would then proclaim with boundless enthusiasm how this was some gift from God.  Imagine if you will the utter debasement I felt actually believing these idiots!

I was led to believe that all my natural instincts were wrong and not to be trusted.  For this was “the flesh” and everything from the flesh is abhorrent and not from God.  Yet putting females up on the podium to instruct the church, lauding single mothers as some great gift for lovelorn men and otherwise behaving like disgusting fake fucks was to be praised as holy.

Perhaps they just had more faith than me right?


Developing a carefree attitude is key to getting the panties to drop

Countdown To Detonation

Having to suffer through an endless parade of circus clown freaks and incessant preaching about the beauty and purity of women while chiding males for not being man enough was the ticking time bomb waiting for the lit fuse to ignite it’s explosive content.  Still a part of me wanted to believe that I was wrong and could somehow become like the rest.  Having the things they have.  To be happy like them which they seemed to love flaunting to the world.

I even had a young “Christian” girl around my age who manipulated me, telling me she loved me while seeing another guy.  My weak ass fell hard for the emotional blackmail and allowed her ego to swell by having two males dote over her.  She ended up marrying the guy and when their relationship started to have trouble she wanted me to move in with her at another place.  Thankfully I said no to her childish demands and coy remarks that she could make me if she really wanted to.

I couldn’t believe myself for behaving like such a chump.  I was absolutely disgusted.  When I finally realized just how low and pathetic I had become.  I fucking snapped.  I realized if anything, none of this ever felt natural to me and what I really wanted to do was tell them some straight up real talk.  Then I could finally be free of their claws.  I came to the point that I’d rather be completely alone than suffer the wiles of these women.

Doorway To Another World

I had seen briefly the antics of guys who didn’t seem to care one iota about women.  Yet they always seemed to be surrounded by them.  I wrote them off as I was thoroughly indoctrinated.  I completely wiped any reality based truths from my mind that did not mesh with my fantasy ideals.  Finally when I said fuck this and just wanted to be left alone. I discovered another world right in front of me.

I’ll never forget one of the defining moments of my personal breakthrough.  It was my birthday and my good buddy wanted to visit this strip club where we had a friend or two who worked as bouncers.  I really never cared for strip clubs and I had no desire to get blue balls from some mediocre broad.  He kept cajoling me and finally I agreed since we had nothing better to do.  I had been to strip clubs before only this time I didn’t give one fuck about the girls.  Our bouncer friends let us sit in a VIP booth and we had some beer brought to us for free(I forget how that happened).  I remember distinctly that because I didn’t give two shits about being there my body language was completely different.  My arms were spread wide across the booth and I had a look on my face that must have said I simply don’t care.

This one stripper who was devilishly hot came over and wanted to hang with us.  We talked for a moment but I really couldn’t be bothered that much.  I was gonna get fucked up, not spend a dime and enjoy myself regardless.  At some point my buddy leans over and tells me

“She just said you look like fun”.

My boy being a true friend completely pumped my image up to her while I was sitting across the booth with a devil may care grin.  As the strip club is reaching closing time she tells me she will be waiting outside after she changes because a stripper isn’t allowed to leave the place with a patron.

Sure enough she is there when they kick everyone out and follows me home.  Funny thing, she even said “we can’t have sex” as we are heading to the bedroom.  30 seconds later I had some of the best sex of my life.  I fucked her all night.  I literally felt like this girl was fucking me like I’m the last dick on earth.  At one point I’m fucking her from the side and she is leaning off the bed pushing herself up from the floor onto my dick.  That was impressive.  I released all the pent up sexual energy I had on her and was absolutely 100% in the moment.  Perhaps the joy I had in fucking her gave her the impression that I really cared or something.  I fucked her two times and I was done.  I mean hey, it’s a fucking stripper.  I wasn’t trying to hang out or anything.  Apparently she got really butt hurt over this and told my bouncer friend how much of a dick I was while he played the nice guy beta and cuddled her precious tears to sleep.  Never once getting laid.  LOL.

After that experience I morphed into a fucking savage.  All the elements were there for me to become a Beast, yet I had been running from my destiny all this time.  Remember the manipulative church girl?  She called me one day to say she wanted me to be the Godfather to her child and how she was just telling a girlfriend how I am this great guy.

I could only laugh at this point.  The maniacal laughter of a man who has become the Villain.  I told her hell no I don’t wanna be the Godfather to your children and don’t be telling people I’m such a great guy because guess what?  I fucked a stripper the other night and it was god damn great!

I stopped talking to her shortly after that and it felt good.  It’s good to just say fuck you sometimes.  From there I went on to have many many other hilarious stories.


Becoming a savage isn’t easy, but it will take you much farther than being Mr. Nice

A Savage Reigns

All this shit about being a “good” person is superfluous to me.  Fuck your ideals.  Fuck your beliefs and infantile opinions.  I’m not a good person and if that matters to you.

Go fuck yourself.

This is the mentality that gets me laid and after all these years I’m still surprised at times.  I remember another time when I was bouncing at this bar and some random hot college blond comes up to me with a dumb look on her face and says “I don’t know anyone”.

To this I looked at her and said plainly  “Yea who fuckin cares!” while I  made the motion with my hand like I was jerking off on her.  She storms away and I’m giggling to myself.  About 3 minutes later I shit you not.  I see this chick in the crowd and like a laser pointer her eyes are focused intently on me.  She makes a b-line right to me.  Comes up to me with this look of needful expectation.  Then she literally collapses into my arms.  So I start making out with her hard, pulling hair, grabbing handfuls of ass.  Eventually some friends pull her off and seem really surprised claiming they’ve never seen her act this way before.

I didn’t give one fuck.

As for the modern woman.  I’ll fuck her.  I’ll play with her.  I’ll enjoy the fleeting caress of female flesh.  Then it matters not to me if I ever see her again.  If she were to get hit by a car and die when she left.

There would be zero tears shed.

Zero feelings of pain.


This is the world the modern woman has screamed and shouted for.  I am going to shove it down her fucking throat with aggression.  Choke on that shit.

Strangely this open disdain and utter satisfaction with myself is the mentality that has never failed to cause women to notice, to swoon, to have their feeble little hearts melt over a man who no longer gives a shit about them.  I’d rather sit alone and ponder deep things than listen to her basement level opinions on issues completely insignificant to me.  I am openly averse to everything she says she believes in.  Every piss weak ideal she proclaims with baseless fervor.  I take a gigantic peanut filled shit on everything her fairy princess world is made of.

Fuck her and fuck anyone else who by hook or crook drowns in the stagnant sewers of mediocrity. I was in the shit once.  Know what?  I rose up out of it with my own hands and my own strength.  I won’t lift one finger to save your bitch ass.

I love to make it abundantly clear just how little I think of nearly everyone.  I love the looks of faux indignation.  The sneers.  The whiny butt hurt.  Yes YES!

Say hello to the motherfucking bad guy.

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5 Basics of Tight Text Game


An introduction to text game so you can steam things up, then knock out some hot tail

I just had a chick spit some of the nastiest texting of my entire life this evening. It was thoroughly enjoyable watching her throw herself at me. We’ll be hooking up soon, next time I fly in to her neighborhood. Some of the highlights follow.

This hot, black Latina in her early 20s, with an incredible body told me she wanted to spend several days in a hotel room fucking my brains out, even though she knows full well I have a girlfriend. She even went on to say she wanted me to be the first to fuck her anally (take her anal virginity) even though I’m normally not into that with chicks. There were many more sordid details I won’t bore you with.

Admittedly, luck had something to do with that interchange. Not all women will be so wild when you text them, but better responses from women overall and better chances at scoring are up to you and how well you learn the game. Remember the old maxim:

A woman simply is, a man must become.

Personally, I was texting with 4 or 5 women on and off throughout the course of my day and that was obviously the hottest response even though I got a some good leads from another girl. Practicing with occasional text game (a few times a week) helps to keep a man’s skills on point.

While this will be by no means a comprehensive list of how to spit awesome text game, let me share some of the basics of text game in hopes that it will help guide other men to success and getting the sex they want from hot chicks they want to lure into their lairs.

Let’s get started with a good foundation.


Using modern technology to get the bang

The Rules

5. Keep it simple, stupid. When I coach other guys on text game I notice most of them have a tendency to over-think things. Remember, this is just a girl you’re talking to and most women’s mental acuity is literally on par with 6th graders. When I worked in the mainstream media they actually told us to write copy for 6th grade comprehension knowing full well our news audience was 75% female. This skill is also important when using text game. Pick out something she is interested in or something about her to kick off a conversation. Make it so simple you’re almost rolling your eyes when you send the message.

4. Always be closing. Don’t allow yourself to become a Beta orbiter. Don’t give her ANY compliments. Even if your PUA skills aren’t honed yet, treat her like another warm body in your lineup. Move the conversation towards your personal goals rather than listening to her prattling on about the endless inanities of her life. The sooner and subtler you can work in sexual innuendo, the better. Just as with PUA, always be closing the deal with text game.

3. Have a good time, and entertain your prospective sexual conquest. Some guys equate this with being a “clown” for a woman. I don’t see it that way, as I always try to entertain myself as well as her. It’s entertaining to me to see what women are entertained by, because it’s usually something silly. Make stupid jokes. See how many buttons you can press by making her laugh. If you’ve got a chick laughing, you’re halfway to getting your finger wet and then another part of your anatomy wet.

2. Don’t be verbose. Betas overexplain themselves. They backpeddle. They use too many words. They come across as needy and desperate. Don’t let this be you. One of the chief destroyers of many men’s game is talking too much. Use few words. Reframe or agree and amplify any shit tests she throws at you in a concise way. If you can’t say it out loud in one short breath, it’s too much to text.

1. Keep multiple plates spinning. Never devote your day to chasing just one woman. This behavior invites oneitits and keeps you from honing your skills with women of different personality types and backgrounds. Experience is life’s best teacher, and it pays to get a ton of experience with text game. Even in the face of failure you’ll be steadily improving your skills. When I’m gaming I usually talk to at least 4 or 5 women at the same time. Success with any and especially all of them inspires confidence, and confidence is an intoxicating musk in a society of weak, gelded men.

Using these tips as a starter guide to text game will undoubtedly yield better results, more sexual trysts in other words, than not following them. Cocky, funny and confident works in real life and it works on smartphones. These simple steps are the foundation for more advanced texting techniques. They’ve been successful not only for me but for many of the men I coach.

So, whip out your phone and get to work. I want to see you get that next bang.

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How To Have Women On Your Own Terms


Redheads are fiery in bed, so why not have one on your terms

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

When I first started learning about this thing called “Game”, it was all about getting the lay.  The all important f-close is the reason most men undertake the the arts of seduction.

Since we live in a culture which is hostile to male heterosexuality, most grow up with a drug induced haze of images from faggot made movies like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and other assorted dog shit which indoctrinates a young boy’s mind into a form of psychological slavery.  This form of bondage is collectively known as white knighting or male thirst.

Growing into young adulthood I seemed to have this idea that a girl who loved me dearly, fanatically devoted to my every need was the end all-be all of life’s journey.  As a young brainwashed fucktard I romanticized endlessly about how that scenario would play out or just how amazing I would feel with my very own pretty pretty princess.  This only served to raise that pedestal up even higher in my mind, putting women in the clouds while I gazed up worshipful from the unclean floor where all sinful males have to be.

Just a pathetic, unworthy chump who somehow deserves a miracle because I’m such a good guy at heart.  I would see girls at school with other guys and think, “He doesn’t deserve her.  I could treat her so much better”.

At some point I’m not sure when, this idea took over my entire thought process.  Converting to Christianity at age 21 after being a manic depressive for years was the nail in the coffin for me.  Now my beta bitch boy mentality received a monster steroid dose of delusion.  Attending churches and hearing all the spineless pastors praise women constantly was a lethal injection of poison into my highly contaminated mind and spirit.  What modern culture did to me was only exacerbated tenfold by embracing Christianity and the weak males who proliferate it’s fagged out congregations.

It was a constant struggle to wrest my mind and spirit from Medusa’s gaze.  The whole time I sensed this internal battle going on within me.  I couldn’t quite articulate it then but the struggle was between sincere belief in the paper thin facade of lies and the primal instinct in my gut screaming DANGER DANGER!

Enough is Enough

After 6 long years of spiritual slavery and cognitive dissonance I’d had enough.  I finally grabbed my nuts and said a big fuck you to the church and every fag within it.  I finally stopped believing in the lies which only caused me to bash my head against a wall constantly while every weak bitch around insisted I was on the oh so righteous path.  These “godly” men would always say things like “God has a special plan for you and He has the right woman already picked out and just around the corner” as the church tried to pawn off single mothers and used up whores as some kind of “blessing” to its lovesick, piss weak males.

I had all this pent up frustration for so long and I was so angry that I went in the complete opposite direction.  I became the biggest shitlord I could possibly imagine in a very short period of time.

So what does this have to do with having women on your own terms you ask?

Well the answer is very simple.  To have women on your own terms you simply must not care about them anymore. You must lay to rest in a shallow and forgotten grave the entire notion of romantic love. Now I know this is easier said than done but there is a plan of action to achieve these results but only if you are willing to go all the way and not hold back one bit.

Are you truly ready for that?


You, too can tap dat ass with this sage advice

Find Your Nuts Again

In order to regain control of your mind, your life and become the tantalizing delight of the female hindbrain one must completely abandon all pretensions of care towards women and act in 100% complete and total selfishness.

“But Jack, I’m just not that kind of person.”

Well if a female’s petty love is something you truly want you had better change yourself and do it goddamn quick.  One of the best ways to become a master of pussy is having the inner power to turn down a piece of ass even when you have no other options.

“WTF Jack! Isn’t the purpose of learning game to get laid?”

While that may be the impetus which spurred you down this path, the destination is much much greater.  Now a lot of playa playa’s and guys in the manosphere might disagree with me here but the purpose of learning game isn’t just to get pussy.

The purpose of game and self improvement is to become a SUPERIOR man.  One whose thoughts, words and deeds are in a frightening, mystical alignment.

Pussy is simply a side effect of becoming a superior man.  When you the reach the point of total ZFG, women will find you irresistibly arousing.  Having been on the wrong side of those tracks for so long you will feel like you now have magical powers and your relationships with women will seem like one big hilarious joke which you entertain yourself with.  If you are like me you will maniacally laugh inside every time you see some retard female’s eyes light up with attraction when you are an arrogant, uncaring prick.

That is the point when your life will become something you live just for you.  Whether that be for your own entertainment or something more, all that matters is that your life and your destiny are now in your hands alone.

Violently Destroy Your Barriers

If you have never turned pussy away you should force yourself to do it on a regular basis until you don’t give a fuck.

Shortly after I made my exodus from fagged out Cucktianity I ran through sluts like a freight train and I got addicted to the momentum and the action.  For me getting the f-close was cool and all but the hilarious shit I said and did to get me there was the juice I began to crave.  Every time I did some crazy asshole shit I would tell myself

“Alright Jack, this time you gotta one up yourself.”

From making out with girls in front of their boyfriends, choking girls within 20 secs of meeting them and grabbing sluts out of groups of chodes to take them to the dance floor make out and finger them while the chumps stood by completely bewildered.  I was on a fucking rampage.

I remember this one blond I fucked and she must have thought that I really liked her or something because I enjoyed the sex.  She told a friend of mine that I was in love with her.  So the next time she called I made it a point to plan a meetup in which I stood her up.  After a bunch of missed calls and texts I finally simply told her, “Guess what babe?  No dick for you!”

Even though I didn’t have any other options for pussy that night I felt like a fucking boss telling some whore to get fucked (by someone else).  If you’ve never done this before, the mental and spiritual power it will give you cannot be understated.


Make women obey your commands rather than vice versa

Feed The Fire

When you get momentum like this it is essential to go harder and harder pushing yourself into the stratosphere.


Not for the faint of heart! 

This is the path to forge a man out of steel.  Ironically my entire attitude and ZFG mentality ended up attracting a girl 10yrs younger than me who ticked off a majority of all indicators to be girlfriend material.  She quickly fell madly in love with me and honestly it was fucking funny to watch.

All this time I had been led to believe what I now had was the absolute pinnacle of a male’s existence.  I remember thinking after a lengthy period with this girl, “Fuck. This is it? Goddamn. I was happier single!”

Serious relationships in my experience just bring a man down, kill his ZFG attitude and obliterate his freedom.  The path of a superior man is one of climbing ever upward.  The only caveat is this.

When you ascend to the heights no one else dares go, you might find yourself all alone.  This is not a bad thing however.

Just takes some serious introspection and honesty with oneself to assess whether or not you have the fucking cajones to handle it.

This is Jack Ronin signing off.

P.S. Do your part and punch a white knight in the face!

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Plundering Poon in the 20-25 Age Range as the Awakened Man Pushes 40+


Why settle for bologna when you can have filet mignon?

Here’s a modest proposal for the man who has mastered Game and who wants to toss up a middle finger to women’s increasingly ridiculous demands of men in the 21st century. Stop dating women over age 35 even as you pass this milestone. The multitude of reasons why men of all ages should do this were elucidated in another TNMM article earlier this year about Female Expiration Dates.

But, important points bear repeating. Especially in a nation in which even top dog Alpha males are regularly frivorce raped. Personally, I take it a step further and won’t date women over age 30, and except in unusual circumstances only date women aged 20 to 25 even though I am pushing 40.

Call it revenge as the sexual tables have turned for men and women in my age group, i.e. women in my age group have only lost sex appeal while I have gained it, or call it a man who realized the truth of the “Men Age Like Wine and Women Age Like Milk” maxim and prefers nubile flesh and facial features over saggy and worn out ones.

What man wants a bologna sandwich when he can have the choicest cuts of pussy meat?

Oh, and before the flood of hate mail starts from dried up feminists, let’s reference a Jezebel article in which women are encouraged to adopt the same dating strategy.

While the “cougar” (the older woman who pursues significantly younger men) is at least partly an overhyped media creation, there’s some evidence that for one age group in particular, this is a real emerging trend. More than a few women in their late 20s to mid 30s who generally dated older men are now switching to going out with younger guys. While the stereotypical cougar is a woman in her 40s with a boyfriend little more than half her age, these women are still in their 30s going out with guys just a few short years younger than themselves.


What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, ladies. The only difference is the younger men you date are likely incels who are out for an easy lay and the USDA-approved, prime filet mignon seasoned men pull gravitate to us because biology has made it this way.

Isn’t it odd that women in their prime gravitate to older men. I have no trouble tapping 20 to 25 year old tail, as women once again prove they care more about dominance (i.e. a male who has survived the shit tests of life and prospered) more than they do anything else. It’s all about exploiting that male utility value, isn’t it femcunts?


Only the best will do for the discriminating gentleman

Choicest Cuts of Meat

So, you men who are struggling with women in your teens and 20s – hang on. If you develop yourself professionally and personally without a wit to what women say you should be doing (getting married, becoming a White Knight or other sort of Bitch Boy, etc.) you are in for a cornucopia of ass as a physically fit, successful asshole in your 30s.

This is double and triple true if you buy a plane ticket off the Anglobitch’s plantation and travel to virtually any other destination on earth, where you will more often than not be treated as a sort of demigod rather than a meal ticket to be used up and discarded.

In fact, if you go full Red Pill, and become a Machiavellian manipulator of women sensual delights most men dare not dream of will be laid out before you, even in America for those most cunning of poon hunters. As your fortunes are rising, female fortunes in your age group will be declining. It is the most delicious irony, and proof there is some modicum of justice as that Great Wheel in the Sky keeps on turning.

What does a women have to offer me after she passes age 35 other than the biological equivalent of the Spruce Goose? Even Blanche Devereaux knew that women lose their appeal to men after a certain age. As she said, men may visit, and play with her controls, but her anatomy will never really “fly” again.

Their looks have fully depreciated by this age, and today’s YouGoGrrl “empowered” corporate drone fembots  have run up the equivalent of 500,000 miles on their vaginas if they had odometers. Would you pay top dollar for a worn out car? Of course not. So why would you pick up the pieces of a post-carousel cock rider and do anything she wants you to do?

The only reason women more easily relinquish their sexuality and commitments to men at this age is because they’ve run out of pussy power. They know they’re depreciating assets and their sell by date is fast approaching or has already passed.

Men need to relegate women past the age of 35 to lives lived out as cat mommies and let them continue to be the corporate drones they so wanted to be until the company pumps and dumps them financially like so many men before did physically.

Vengeance is sweet even in the time when men must choose to be poolside or saddle up with the coming infantry to defend the declining fortunes of the West. This author sees nothing worth defending since feminism and liberalism destroyed the foundations of this culture, so I’ll see you poolside gents with a Latina on one arm and a black girl on the other.

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Don’t Date Single Moms – Stopping the Gravy Train


Disposable Dads: A whopping 72% of children born to black mothers are born out of wedlock

The Disposable Male has turned into the Disposable Dad in a demographically and culturally failing Anglo culture. Men are now seen by women and the legal system as nothing but sperm donors and check writers if one considers the statistics rather than emotionally driven propaganda about how women are always the victim.

One of the main causes of this malaise, rent-seeking maternal behavior, must come to an end. Women have increasingly taken a ride on the Uncle Sugar gravy train since the welfare state kicked into high gear in the 1960s in America. They abandoned “good guys” for “bad boys” until we reached the modern day dystopia. That’s speaking of the ones that bothered to reproduce at all…a demographic dearth is leading to the semi-peaceful conquest of the United States in the early 21st century by immigrants and so-called refugees.

No, it’s not time for good guys to “man up” and strap on the burden brought on by hamster-driven feels and irresponsible female behavior.

The only way to stop single mommery and its attendant ills – fatherless children, an increasingly lawless and irresponsible society, and the feminization of men is to adopt an age old cultural practice once again. Single moms must be shunned and no excuses accepted for women breaking up their families. They can make for fun pump and dumps, but that’s where it ends.

In addition to the broader generalities outlined above, here are some specific although less profound reasons not to date single mommies.


White moms are catching up as 1/3 of white children are now born out of wedlock

The List

You will never be her top priority. In fact, you’ll more than likely be dead last on her priorities list.  Expect her never to be available for you, and when she is most of the time her kid or kids will be bouncing around. Headed to the bedroom for some naughty times? She’ll more than likely have a kid barging in, knocking on the door, or making noise. Why put up with this if it’s not your kid?

Expect her to expect you to start paying for another man’s spawn, even if she collects child support from him. She will initially deny (as all women do) she’s after your money, but sooner or later she will “have something come up” i.e. female code for she spent too much money shopping for a new weave or on Starbucks and other recreational eating activities and now she “needs your help” to buy something for junior or princess. Being the good guy who has a heart and helps out only opens you up to financial abuse.

The Baby Daddy is always lurking in the shadows. A man who dates a single mother isn’t just dealing with the mom, he’s dealing with her kids and now her man. If she isn’t banging him secretly on the side, he’s always going to be trash talking you when you’re not around. Worse, he may even sabotage you for “taking his girl” away from him.

In many cases, your girl will be using you to make the Baby Daddy jealous. Don’t be a pawn in this game. Women, emotional creatures they are will often date another man just to make the man they really love jealous or to get back at him for banging some other chick. This is yet another risk of dating single moms.

You will never be respected by her kids. If it isn’t bad enough that most women see men as disposable, walking ATM machines, her kids will see you as a cash machine as well. They’ll also never have feelings for you like their real father. Sure, they be feign “love” for you as long as you are of some financial or material benefit to them, but don’t expect any kind of loyalty. As soon as you buy them the new Nintendo and mom decides she doesn’t want you anymore, the kids will follow suit with what mom does and toss you aside like refuse as well. As with women, it’s never what have you done for me, it’s what have you done for me lately when it comes to their children.


The Disposable Dad problem is now infecting once traditional Latin moms in a toxic Anglo culture – it’s not the women it’s the culture they’re in

Single Mom Epidemic

As fathers and men in general are banished from society but the benefits of their labor legally expropriated from them, the number of children born without a family, i.e. out of wedlock has exploded. While feminism and Cultural Marxism certainly bear their share of the blame for these statistics, a legal system designed to take advantage of men and turn them into slaves certainly hasn’t helped the matter.

Check out these troubling numbers compiled by the National Review.

Preliminary data indicate that 40.7 percent of all 2012 births were out-of-wedlock, which is appalling, and there are vast differences among racial and ethnic groups. Among non-Hispanic blacks, the figure is highest, at 72.2 percent; for American Indians/Alaska Natives, it’s 66.9 percent; 53.5 percent for Hispanics; 29.4 percent for non-Hispanic whites; and a mere 17.1 percent for Asians/Pacific Islanders.

The editorial then goes on to deliver this blow to the Strong, Independent Woman™ and Don’t Need a Man™ narratives.

It is, of course, no surprise that the groups with the highest illegitimacy rates are the groups that are struggling economically, educationally, with crime, and so forth.

Expect more struggles economically, educationally, and criminally as this is the cost of relegating men to the sidelines and treating them as nothing but productive machines that power the socialist economy.

In addition to refusing to date single moms and deal with their messes, a man can Go Galt and reduce the amount of money he is paying into a system that incentivizes this type of behavior. Why work hard to become a disposable meal ticket when it’s so much easier to live on less and chase intrinsic life goals (things that naturally make men happy, plenty of sex with different women, traveling the world, living a minimalistic lifestyle, staying out of debt, etc.) rather than the extrinsic life goals women pursue i.e. materialism, competitive consumption, recreational eating, etc.

Shunning single moms rather than encouraging their behavior, as well as starving the beast that lets them behave this way (cutting government revenues by working less) is one of the best ways men can resist and even reverse their third-class citizen status in Anglo America and the West in general.

The Gravy Train must be derailed.

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