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7 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Playa Blanca on Isla Barú, Colombia

Hot, friendly babes? Check. Cheap beers? Check. Jetskis for around $30 an hour? Check. Beautiful water? Check. 85 degrees in late December? Check. About the only issue with Playa Blanca, Colombia is peddlers who will constantly be trying to get you to buy things. A firm, practiced “no” handles this problem.

Personally, as I sipped Aguila beers and Caipirinhas I had a hot Colombian chick on one side and a hot Argentinean chick on the other side – entertaining both – I thought to myself this is why I worked so hard in the past year. Life doesn’t get much better than this. The ladies and I decided to share a beach umbrella as the sun is very strong this close to the equator.

So, I had pleasant company all day long.

An added bonus: Colombia is virtually free of fat, lazy, stupid American tourists and prudish, stuck-up Anglobitches. Excellent news for those of us fleeing that culture. Both my new South American friends were impressed I had the balls to come to Colombia alone, as most gringos are terrified of the place.

I told them I’m not your average gringo.

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Postcards from Paradise: December 5, 2017



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Hookers and The Illusion of Love

Women are women, whether they’re girlfriends or good time girls

Please welcome author and filmmaker Titanium Vulture to The New Modern Man.

I always liked the idea of having a steady girlfriend.  Being from the Caribbean, my family valued affection and feeling wanted.  With going out on my own as a man, I always felt that was the reason you got into a relationship.  Sex is good, of course, however I always became attached to my girlfriends too fast and too strong.  Along with the physical benefits, I yearned to feel wanted.  Affection and intimacy translated to self-actualization for me.

What a recipe for misery.

When the relationship(s) ended, in many instances, I fell to pieces.  Like a house of cards in the wind.


I felt starved for affection for many periods of my life….well, that is until I learned to endure the pain of a relationship loss.  One thing that will happen when you see (and bed) a lot of women is you gain some perspective on their true value.

Outside of reproduction and bustin’ a nut…..what value do they really provide?  I’m sure you can answer for yourself.

Although I’m stronger now, I must admit the desire for affection and intimacy is prevalent.  However, I’m abso-F’n-lutely done with the dating scene here in the United Corporate Cults of Degeneracy.

Shit is jacked up, man.  The readers of this blog are well aware of the toxic femininity that is eroding our opportunities of living an honorable, masculine existence.  Dating is especially problematic as women are trying to wear the pants, and the skirts, at the same damn time.

This was bearable in my twenties, but I’ve had quite enough!

When I got sick of dating, I had a problem.  I still wanted to feel the embrace of a lovely woman.  And I don’t dig the psychological warfare of auditioning to an average-ass American chick for the honor of riding her hole.

A friend told me to pay for it.  Plain and simple.

I never considered seeing an escort as a real option, but I went for it.

Titanium Vulture drinks a White Russian!

My first date in this new world was a lovely hunny bunny from The Former Soviet Union.  I’ll never forget her.  What happened was just about the same thing I have experienced with women over dozens of sexual experiences.

The scent of her body, the smoothness of her skin, the feel of her lips on my ear.  All that good stuff that is such a great part of intimacy.  And the poon was pretty damn good too.  I left the session genuinely satisfied.  On all fronts!

Then I saw a couple of other working girls.  And I began to notice something.  These were not mechanical, wham bam thank-you-ma’am encounters.  Many advertise the GFE (Girl Friend Experience) and in all the cases it felt like a date with a long time main-squeeze.

I knew it was an illusion.  These women were not in love with me.  They loved my wallet.  And it did not matter to me.

The fantasy of intimacy these ladies presented to me was just as fun as the real thing.

Yeah, they’re faking it.  But they work very hard to please me.  And I’m truly grateful for it.  I feel lucky that I had the opportunity to explore this misunderstood facet of society.  There are stigmas and laws in this country that interfere with this hobby.  That’s one of the reasons why we promote exploring your horizons in other countries.

There are many parts of the world where prostitution is legal and accepted. (Ed: Even many European countries have legalized this transaction between consenting adults.) If you can’t find what you want here, or are concerned about the legal issues, you can schedule some time overseas to have some real fun!  And it feels just as good as an IRL relationship.  Although now I question wether any relationship with a woman is truly the genuine love we were raised to believe in!

Now, a word of warning:  DO NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THESE PRO’S.  I’ve known quite a few ladies of the night who have had issues with stalkers and wanna-be-boyfriends.  Don’t be a white knight.  “Don’t save her, she don’t want to be saved.”

These women are professionals and shall be respected as such.  Pay them well, treat them right and you’ll have the time of your life.  AND you don’t have to deal with a relationship going good or bad.  I’ll take it!

Please understand, that this is all a game anyway.  So why not play the odds in your favor?  If you find yourself desiring intimacy and are too busy, uninterested or plain sick from the dating wasteland here in the U.S., consider seeing an escort for that feeling of being wanted once again!

Peace, and stay focused gents.

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The “Sex Tourism” Case of Cuba Dave: Exposing the Tentacles of The Anglo-American Matrix


Cuba Dave appears alongside his attorney, Luis Diego Chacón in a Costa Rican court

The following story is another stunning revelation of how manipulative and dangerous the shadow government of the United States really is. This is certainly a story you won’t be hearing on the Nightly Noose News.

The malevolent Anglo-American Matrix is grasping to keep its men – now fleeing the soulless coast to coast shopping mall and eatery for happier, more sexually fulfilled lives abroad – permanently enslaved on the sexless, joyless corporate plantation it profits from. Witness the case of Cuba Dave, a witch trial involving an American man who posted pictures and videos of himself on social media alongside working girls at LEGAL and LICENSED brothels in Costa Rica.

Latin American minions of The Anglo-American Matrix tried to turn Cuba Dave into a poster boy for a fake crime (promoting sex tourism) and a made-up narrative about sex trafficking. From Free Cuba Dave, a blog dedicated to Dave Strecker’s legal defense:

Dave was imprisoned in Costa Rica for a total of 433 days, without formal charges or trial. A public defender took over the case, and encouraged Dave to plead guilty and accept a 12 year prison term.

Dave didn’t plead guilty because he didn’t do anything wrong and his “crime” was, at best, spuriously defined. Enter the man who saved the day, and provided important legal defense in a precedent-setting case:

Having heard about the case through social media, Lic. Diego Chacón contacted Dave while in prison, and offered his legal services without payment. He convinced Dave that the evidence against him was faulty and recommended going to trial. Although the first trial court returned a guilty verdict, Diego wrote an appeal that overturned the conviction and got Dave a second trial.

The plan for a show trial backfired, as many globalist schemes are now backfiring since the cleansing truth of Realtalk has been unleashed on the Internet. Here’s what is all the more ridiculous about this case, as explained by Cuba Dave’s legal counsel:

The collective resources of a nation of 4.8 million people have been invested in tracking down, arresting and imprisoning a 65-year old man from Florida who uploaded some videos on Facebook about his vacation in Costa Rica.

Think about it. The Costa Rican government (manipulated by the U.S. government) tried to send a retiree up the river for 12 years for exercising his right to free speech. However, thanks to Chacón coming to the rescue, the Costa Rican government ended up making a complete ass of itself.

The acquittal, if it sticks, is a major embarrassment for Costa Rica’s judiciary. The law, passed in February 2013, violated most international standards on free speech.

Here’s the bombshell that reveals the Anglo-American “cat’s paw” strategy: The organization that tried to make an example out of a runaway slave from the Anglo-American gynocentric plantation is connected to (and arguably funded by) the U.S. government. Specifically, the globalist Clinton family.

The Poder Judicial has confirmed that the Fundación Rahab was the organization that initiated the criminal case. Fundación Rahab has been the recipient of a number of federal grants for work with prostitutes in San José and Jacó.


Killary Clinton, pictured alongside Mariliana Morales, frontwoman for an organization to “empower” women in Central America

A quick Google search of the YouGoGrrl organization responsible for organizing the witch trial (Fundación Rahab) reveals a telling photo. Standing alongside Marialiana Morales, the frontwoman for Fundación Rahab, an organization designed to brainwash Latin women with the same feminist lies and fantasies that have destroyed Anglo families and the culture at large, is none other than then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton grinning like the Cheshire cat.

Killary is gifting Morales with a “Heroine Against Human Trafficking” plaque, as part of the Anglo-American war on yet another imaginary narrative it’s long been trying to get the ball rolling on. TNMM has reported on the Human Trafficking farce in the past, as the American shadow government seeks to foist its prudish cultural views on sex and morality on the entire planet via yet another “enemy” invented out of whole cloth.

Make no mistake, the “human trafficking” narrative is only getting started. The ultimate victory of Cuba Dave is a huge win for freedom and free speech – and against feminism, globalism, and yet another Anglo American house of cards being carefully assembled atop a mountain of lies. But, it’s ultimately a small battle in a much wider war on the lie factory coming from deep inside the corporate-government complex. Here’s the good news:

On Friday, Dave Strecker walked out of a prison in Costa Rica, a free man, acquitted by a trial court in San Jose. When Dave was originally arrested in September of 2015, Judicial authorities issued a press release with photos of his computer and cell phone as alleged evidence. Authorities also made a video of his arrest at the Juan Santamaría airport. However, since the acquittal the Ministerio Público has remained silent.

We must celebrate the fact Dave was not burned at the stake for using fully legal sexual services provided by willing adult women, then sharing his exploits online. Here’s what Free Cuba Dave had to say about the win:

When asked about his feelings on the case, Dave thanked the supporters who donated money to help with legal fees. He regrets missing his mother’s funeral, who passed away while he was in prison. He regretted that his friend Dennis Eaton also died of cancer. Dennis collected the donations via Paypal and brought food to Dave while he was imprisoned at the San Sebestian prison.

There are many takeaway lessons from the case. First of all, social engineers deep inside the American government are trying to make sex itself taboo across the entire planet – especially pay for play. Legal prostitution destroys the stranglehold prudish women have on men, and the motivation men have to work like dogs to make themselves appealing meal tickets in hopes of getting a little nookie before being frivorce raped.

What’s more, the cabal organizing witch trials like this (most likely inside the CIA) also wants to ruin another European-derived, patriarchal culture, transforming it into the gynocentric malaise modern Anglo culture has become. They want to continue to demonize men for having functioning libidos. Worse, they’re well-funded, and well organized, as the system uses tax dollars from the very Beta males it’s trying to debase to all but neuter them.

Now that you have another revelation of the evil your government is conducting behind your back, are you ready to show up with pitchforks outside its offices yet?

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This is the Latin America I Love

Check out this fun music video about getting high on the weekend. You’re liable to see a scene just like this on any random street in parts of Latin America on Saturday night. Or any other night of the week. The great thing about this video by Dominican artist Mozart La Para is that it’s not fake.

Notice what you see that you won’t see in Anglo America. Women who are happy and smiling and not acting superior to men. Everybody getting along. Camaraderie. No social climbing or comparing clothes or plotting to climb the corporate pyramid or careerism. Young people (under age 21 in some cases since the legal drinking age is 18 in saner nations) tossing around bottles of champagne. An electric party scene. Guys clowning around. Thin, pretty women with sweet attitudes. Living for the moment. No YouGoGrrls or feminist posturing.

This is a culture that still functions.

Are people poor in Latin America? Hell yes, some are very poor. But it isn’t the scary, sinister, miserable place Anglo media makes it out to be. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, most Americans are just getting by, there are poor neighborhoods aplenty in every city and every state in this “rich” country, the middle class is being squeezed out of existence, and almost no American’s life matches the glossy image Hollywood broadcasts to the world in which a $100,000 a year income and plenty of leisure time is the “norm.”

The reality is most Americans work long hours and barely get by. So compare the fantasy of what America is to the reality, and you’ll see quite a different picture from the one you see on TV or in a movie. (Are you paying attention, potential immigrants? You’re being sold a false bill of goods!)

This video summarizes so much of what I love about Latin America and why I break my back saving 95% of my income from trucking in America to take abroad with me. Once you’ve been enveloped in the warmth, functionality, and normalcy of an Old World culture, The New World Order Anglo-American Matrix starts to look like a pile of shit by comparison.

I can’t wait to go home. Videos like this keep me motivated and my eye on the ball of what I’m working for.

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Realizing You Have Nothing in America


Thoughts on the bleakness of modern America, as seen through expat eyes

What a bleak realization for a man to have, that there’s literally nothing left for him except endless, pointless labor in the New America. It is such a bleak and depressing place for the man who possesses expat eyes, knowing things don’t have to be this way. If only immigrants knew what they were really getting themselves into when they chase the stucco, hollow fantasies American media puts in their minds.

Everything has been ruined by a pervasive, sellout culture. First and foremost to the man with functioning testes and a healthy libido, women have been destroyed and sold out. Sure, a keen-minded man can find a woman to enjoy some sex with. But that’s all she’s good for, because feminism has ruined her for anything else besides slavishly serving The Man at the corporation, blindly chasing that carrot like the ass she is.

Oh, and better be damn careful, because if he knocks the bitch up that’s a nearly 20-year sentence of hard labor on the corporate plantation once she cashes him in at the child support lottery office. Not to mention, odds are she’ll be fat, have a dreadful attitude, and he’ll have to wait in line with 10 other men to see which one is awarded the tryst.

He can chase The American Dream of home ownership, but the truth is he’ll never really own that home. He’ll be renting it from the government with ever-higher property taxes and vivisecting regulation of what he does in and outside of his home by homeowners’ associations. The interest alone will steal most of the fruit of his labor right out of his hands. He can try to amass a fortune, but the truth is 50 to 70 hour weeks for crappy salaries are the new norm. If he’s straight and even worse, white, he’ll be vilified by Human Resources and last in line for promotion. So, home ownership and those “jobs” Americans worship have also been sold out.

To do any better than just getting by he’ll be forced into figurative Hunger Games with other employees, trying to outpace each other to see who can win raises, at jobs where “sudden death” comes in the form of being fired, laid off, or left in a dead-end position. In all likelihood, he’ll end up a used, wrinkled man looking back on an entire lifetime of labor with little to show for it other than a home and some material possessions that don’t really bring him happiness.

Children? Aborted or state-owned. Food? Genetically modified. The media? Full of nonstop propaganda. Politicians? Liars and thieves. Education? Indoctrination, and not enlightenment. Medicine? Endless pills and no cures. Culture? Ersatz and appealing to the lowest common denominator. Time? Every activity is already preplanned and controlled. Conversation? Competitive and limited by political correctness. Freedom? Reduced to sloganeering. Hope? Didn’t you learn anything from 2008.

What is there, except the choice to spin like a rat in the wheel?

The exposure of hopeful narratives in modern American culture as frauds has been touched on in literature in the past, even in the supposed “good old days.” Perhaps these lines from Nathaniel West’s The Day of the Locust sum up the situation in modern America best.

They realize that they’ve been tricked and burn with resentment. They have been cheated and betrayed. They have slaved and saved for nothing.

That literary reference is for those of us who are wise to the game. Mention these themes to your typical, plump, clueless ‘Murican and watch them perform the most amazing mental gymnastics to defend the very people and system that enslave them, as an angry vein pops out in their forehead. “At least we’re not like those other countries!” What buffoons. They’ve obviously never been off their plantation for very long, or lack the imagination to see outside the myopic doxy their masters have placed in front of their eyes like blinders.

Intrinsically fulfilling aspects of life have been purposely divorced from this culture. All that’s left is extrinsic consumption, trying to buy one’s way to happiness.

The bleak feeling of having nothing is what this man feels after he’s been back inside The Matrix for a while. And the feeling of utter desperation to get back out of this hellish paradigm as quickly as possible. He must not get sucked back into the throes of this system again. Everything he ran away from is now refreshed in his mind, and the terror of being saddled with debt slavery again, forced to toil anew motivates him to run like a gazelle, away from the predators in corporations and government who would consume his life again.

It’s time to leave. And soon. The expat’s sanity demands it.

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The Only Way to Win is Not to Play


Why play a game in which the house always wins?

The MGTOWs are fond of the sage wisdom that states the only way to win is not to play. This good advice for the modern man, as The Anglo-American Matrix is designed to consume him from the time he’s old enough to carry a bookbag and begin his indoctrination in the edumacation system.

By the time he’s an old man, the meat grinder most often leaves him a bitter husk of a human being, as the cost of being society’s and women’s utility repeatedly kicks him in the shins and gives him one figurative anal raping after another.

Just as touching a hot stove teaches a child to stop playing with fire, getting burned by enough times eventually teaches men to stop playing along with women and the system that gives women their power. Without the system, both women and the political parasites who buy their support with John Q. Public’s tax money won’t be able to extort men any longer.

Let’s examine how this system exploits the average man.

It tells men to follow the rules, while only rule breakers win. It tells men to get an education, then saddles them with an average of $30,000 in non-bankruptable debt, effectively turning them into debt slaves.

It tells them to get married, then sets up the rules so women can walk out anytime they want with frivorce court lottery winnings which leave men both financially and emotionally devastated. It tells men to save for retirement, when we all know job security for what the elite call the “precariat” class – i.e. you and me – has disappeared like a fart in the wind as have any hopes of having a portfolio that will cover a man’s Golden Years.

(As an aside, precariat is an important term to remember, as the modern economy is designed to make men members of this new class. Precariat means a social class formed by people suffering from precarity, which is a condition of existence without predictability or security, affecting material or psychological welfare. It is a moniker globalists know well.)

The list goes on and on.

Since the life plan foisted upon men in modern times is a marvel of H. Sapiens’ innate talents of Machiavellian Intelligence, it is naturally corrupt from top to bottom and only the unawakened and fools play the game. The people who profit most are the most talented deceivers. Those who do the labor get to subsist on crumbs, while the wealth they produce is shifted up the pyramid and super-concentrated in the hands of a few ultra rich families and corporations. The irony is men’s own productivity is thereby used to further oppress them.

This is not free market capitalism by any means. The modern day alliance between corporations and the government is creating de facto Communism, as TNMM has pointed out before.


To win, fold and start your own poker game

Walking Away from the Table

Yours truly played the games for 35 years. No more. The second half of my life is mine, and I will protect my freedom and autonomy at any cost.

I’m not alone.

The encouraging news is men don’t even have to discover any of the counter cultural messaging in our burgeoning manosphere communities to do exactly what we’re doing – refusing to play along with a system designed to exploit our labor and productivity for the benefit of the elite and idle, thankless women who destroy the environment almost as efficiently as they destroy men’s lives. This is underscored by the fact Anglo females are responsible for 80% of the eco-destructive materialism in the economy.

Additionally, Anglo women consume far more in public largesse than they pay in during the course of their lives.

Therefore, there is enormous power in living on less and cutting ties with the system. If one million men realized the only way to win is not to play it would make an impact. If ten million realized the only way to win is not to play we might get noticed by the power structure and see the media descend upon us to do their infamous hit pieces and character assassinations. If tens of millions realized the only way to win is not to play, and followed through on that wisdom the system would be powerless to stop us.

The beauty of this message is we don’t have to preach the evangel, as men are awakening on their own. They will find their own way out, we don’t have to find them.

Now, the only game I play is one designed to make me the winner. I work half the year to avoid paying into a system that exploits me. That fact also makes it possible for me to avoid paying on predatory student loans until they’re “forgiven” in another decade. (I already paid on them a decade for an education which my last employer told me was now worthless. If the system wants to get down and dirty with its workers, we need to return the favor. I’m not doing anything immoral or illegal – I’m playing by the system’s own dumbass rules.) I refuse to give an Anglobitch the frivorce lottery winnings and child support annuity she craves as I will have children abroad, in a society that doesn’t culturally and legally encourage females to exploit males for financial gain.

In other words, I learned a lot from the system and exploitation the first half of my life. Taking a page from the American female’s own playbook – the second half of my life is ALL ABOUT ME. Every man that realizes this for himself can free himself from bondage.

Stop playing a game in which the table is tilted, the cards are counted, and the house always wins. Creat a new game using your own House Rules.

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