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What’s Your Evolutionary Strategy


Fight, flight or adaptation: These are the three options for a man who has discovered the toxic cultural stew into which he has been placed

TNMM commenters are ahead of the curve. It’s enjoyable reading the responses from astute gentlemen who bring the Wisdom of the Crowd to this humble publication. In this case, John Smith knocks one out of the park with his observations on why men are going MGTOW even if they’ve never heard of the acronym.

He discusses three evolutionary adaptations men have when it comes to dealing with the Decline of the West.

In a toxic environment all organisms will find a way to survive by fight (if there is a chance to win), adaption (if the toxin is not immediately lethal), or flight (when neither of the first two strategies is feasible). Fighting a winning battle against the toxic gynocracy is impossible, simply career and social suicide in a doomed cause. The toxic stew of the gynocracy in the past was slow death (adaption) whereas now it can be immediately lethal with a Tinder date gone bad, a drunken hook-up morning after regret rape charge, or a misinterpreted Tweet. Flight from the toxic environment is simply a rational choice demanded by self preservation, the ultimate life goal. And that is all MGTOW is.

This both an valid scientific and social commentary.

Fighting is what the traditionalists claim to want to do, even though they do little more to encourage reform other than hurling insults and posting polemics from their cybernetic keyboards.  Adaptation to a matriarchal society of female masters and male slaves is not surprisingly off the table for any man with an intact scrotum. That leaves flight, which is exactly the strategy adopted by the editor of this publication.

Flight is what freedom-seekers the world over have done since time immemorial. The United States was founded by those seeking freedom from an unjust political system. Unfortunately, everything these brave souls ran away from hundreds of years ago has grown back with a vengeance as we once again find ourselves in the clutches of an unjust government.

Incidentally, getting out while the getting is good – with a practical game plan for the average man is also going to be the subject of an upcoming book. I recently floated the idea on social media with a few guy friends and they loved it. The premise is: How to escape a system that has fucked over men so many times, while pursuing a life of leisure, freedom, and hot bitches abroad.

Whether a man goes his own way, or tries in vain to plug the damaged keel of the Titanic even as it takes on water by pushing for a Renaissance of traditional values while society’s downward spiral accelerates, the differences don’t really matter as much as what unites us: knowledge that we are sacrificial lambs for the assembling New World Order agenda of electronically enforced Communism.

The day will come the flight mechanism won’t work anymore. The fight option will be all that’s left. Until then, there are those of us who will be waiting for critical mass while enjoying the limited days we have on this planet the best way we know how: beachside, away from the insanity and toxic cultural stew.

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Men Are Going Galt on Their Own


Back in paradise once again – not just me but another gentlemen I met on a recent flight

I just completed a 15,000 mile journey around the globe in which I flew from Southeast Asia back down to my home base in the Caribbean. I had the fortune of talking to a gentleman on the plane from Milwaukee who independently confirms Western men are figuring out how badly they’ve been fucked by the current system.

The topics discussed in this random encounter are not uncommon amongst men I talk to on flights around the world. I don’t even have to bring them up. They arise organically from something as simple as, “Where are you headed to?” You can see the gleam in a man’s eyes when he speaks of leaving the prison we find ourselves in.

The guy I met on this particular flight (we’ll call him Bob) was a used car salesman, and we never got into a discussion about The Matrix or Red Pills or the manosphere. However, in our short conversation I learned he is adopting many of the same ideals we discuss here at TNMM: Shifting to a life of minimalism, not participating in Anglo society beyond extracting money from it, and then taking his money abroad as often as possible where he can not only double or triple its value but live a better life while doing so.

Bob said he used to love to go down to Chicago and go out, but now, “What’s the point?” Bob told me these days when he goes down to The Windy City (unlike in America’s better days) he spends large sums of money and doesn’t really get anything out of it. This realization that America has become nothing more than a sexless, overpriced, coast to coast shopping and eating out experience obviously dawned on this gentleman just as it dawned on me.

Bob was winging his way down to Costa Rica where he said he has been dozens of times. I could see his face light up as he talked of many of the same things that motivate me to travel the world. He spoke of freedom, a decent cost of living, and women that don’t treat men like shit.

This leads me to believe the fiefdom women run in the West has its days numbered. Men are not stupid, whether they read what we write on the manosphere or not. All it takes is one trip out of The Matrix and all the illusions spun by women (such as the mysticism they assign to sex to keep men chasing mirages and spending money) and marketing flacks come tumbling down. Innately, a man who has been to the other side knows he’s been fucked, and he’s been fucked hard.

What does this all mean? As more and more men scramble for the door expect the U.S. government to become even more overbearing and invasive in the lives of its subjects as the great beast known as the corporate-government complex moves to protect itself and its interests in maintaining the current human farm.

But you can’t imprison people indefinitely for the crime of wanting to be free and to have a decent way of life. Personally, nothing compares to the life I currently have living abroad half the year. I’m just working on making it permanent. Details on that angle in the months and years ahead.

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‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Immortalized with Transcendent Meme


“So there’s a monument to the suicidal hubris of modern women & their inability to discern their actual abilities vs. their inflated egos.”

Be honest. How many of you have even heard of the “Fearless Girl” statue placed directly in front of the raging bull on Wall Street? Even though she was placed in 1989, she only came to notoriety this week as someone put a Make America Great Again cap on Fearless Girl and draped her in an American flag. The Marxist press predictably called this an act of vandalism.

The irony is the statue itself is nothing more than an act of political vandalism. That irony is lost on feminists.

Now that we know the statue even exists, witness a hilarious meme circulating the Interwebs mocking the garish display of YouGoGrrlism. There are memes. There are good memes. There are awesome memes. And there are memes which transcend, and perfectly encapsulate the suicidal posture of the modern West.

The above photo, even without the sassy caption sums up the wrath feminism hath wrought on a once prosperous and dominant society. Fearless Girl is literally standing in the way of a bullish economy. This priceless shot is symbolically representative of everything wrong with the declining Western world.

She’s also standing in the way of many other things. Like a fertility rate sufficient enough to keep the West demographically viable, and she’s standing in the way of a pay raise for a man as she waters the labor market down by turning herself into a common laborer rather than a lady.

The question is, will the raging bull be able run once again and knock Fearless Girl out of the way? Or will the feminists, like the matadors in Madrid take down the mighty bull?

My money is currently on the matadors.

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How Fragile Life is and How Important Each Moment Must Be


Lessons in taking chances from Star Trek, before J.J. Abrams ruined it

The whole Q and Picard protagonist/antagonist scheme worked well for Star Trek: The Next Generation. Patrick Stewart and John de Lancie were two fine actors playing some very philosophical screenplays together. One of those stands out, and has worn the test of time well. As I prepare to hop across the world yet again, I must admit the following scene is always in the back of my mind. It provides a great life lesson for the Red Pill man.

Q, a godlike entity that regularly torments the crew of the Enterprise, gives the good captain a chance to relive his life, taking fewer chances and being less bold the second time around. Picard’s new life of safety and security fails miserably, as he ends up the 24th century equivalent of a corporate drone rather than the captain of the Enterprise.

From that episode, this excerpt serves as food for the adventurous soul. Except rather than making it about “career” (bleh) New Modern Men need to make it about living a full life.

That Picard never had a brush with death, never came face to face with his own mortality, never realized how fragile life is or how important each moment must be. So his life never came into focus. He drifted through much of his career, with no plan or agenda, going from one assignment to the next, never seizing the opportunities that presented themselves.

Isn’t that what being a Beta male is all about? Drifting through life with no plan, no agenda, never taking the risk required to have great stories to tell and memories to cherish before you take the big dirt nap. Going to work and being a good slave for 40-50 years, saving for a retirement that quite honestly has a good chance of never coming giving the current financial situation of the USA.

You can watch the full scene on YouTube, or fire up Netflix and watch The Next Generation episode entitled “Tapestry” to see a valuable life lesson played out on screen.

The man who takes no risks ends up living the life of another sheep. On that note, I might just go skydiving in a couple of weeks. You got anything exciting planned?

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I Love It When a Plan Comes Together: Trump’s Ambush of MSNBC


Trump’s ambush of MSNBC was brilliantly executed, Col. Hannibal Smith would love it

It seems Team Trump is using the same sort of playbook TNMM recently suggested to combat the vicious hyenas in the mainstream media: Turn THEM into the story.

An “exclusive” on Trump’s tax returns was touted by the poorly rated MSNBC channel as a hit piece gold mine, and Rachel Madcow was going to levy the first blow in what was sure to be a huge scandal. Of course, the scoop turned the sexually ambiguous Madcow into a dupe as it severely backfired on the talking heads at More Snotty Nonsense By Chicks.

What did Madcow’s exclusive reveal? That Donald Trump paid more than $38 million in income taxes, a higher rate than Lord and Master of the Universe Obama, the Commie Bernie Sanders (who incidentally is getting a lot of blowback for buying his THIRD house, ah, those demagogues) and even MSNBC itself.

There are rumors the recent “tax return” fiasco that blew up in Rachel Madcow’s face was a setup by Trump. The Telegraph reported:

So what gives? Who decided to mail Mr. Trump’s 1040 form to David Cay Johnston, the Pulitzer-prize winning investigative reporter who claimed the scoop. He had his own theory.

“Donald is a guy capable of leaking stuff about himself if he believes it’s in his own interests,” is how he put it.

Even more delicious, it was revealed in alternative media that no fewer than 9 MSNBC personalities have had tax liens levied against them, including Mr. Noballs, Chris “Hardball” Matthews and the dishonorable “Reverend” Al Sharpton. It’s yet another case of the pot calling the kettle black when it comes to holier than thou “journalists.”

The tax return setup is only one volley in what are sure to be many more lobbed at the mainstream media, as its truly open season on their asses. They’ve been terrorizing the masses with hit pieces and setup journalism for decades, but now with the Internet we can do the same to them. And a savvy Donald Trump looks to have declared all out war on them, as their reputation is sinking faster than bowling ball in a bathtub.

Shining a light on the misdeeds of the talking heads is like shining a bright light into a room filled with rats, watch them all squeak and scurry away. It won’t be long before the people who love dirty laundry have their own dirty laundry aired out.

It’s a good time to be alive, if nothing else to witness the downfall of the spinmeisters.

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