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Humans Being


Thoughts on the true nature of people

TNMM reader Dogotek recently posted this insight in response to our article about CNN provoking a mother who survived Hurricane Harvey into having an emotional breakdown on camera. His thought-provoking comment has been on my mind for several days.

People only feel comfortable scratching the surface negative human behavior. When you go deeper. Very deep. You will find that is what humans are. That’s what humans do. Played out trillions of times since the beginning of humanity.

Dogotek is chillingly correct. Virtually everything we see when it comes to the “face” people put on is a facade. Think the appropriately named Facebook, how fake it is, then realize it is only a mirror being held up to humanity. People are narcissistic, self-centered, egotistical, self-righteous, and mean-spirited, something we see playing out time and time again in Zuck’s digital ghetto. TNMM has also written about Machiavellian Intelligence, which dovetails with this discussion since it explains well why everything we hear from those in positions of power is nothing but a lie.

Religion tried for thousands of years to constrain the innate evil in man, only to become an evil unto itself at times. Today, religion finds itself the target of modern social engineers. They envision a society that lets it all hang out being more profitable than the “old” world order, in which leaders told the masses fables to keep them under control. (You’ve got to create problems to create profit is the motto of the globalists.) We are now leaving the world of religious fables behind, and rather than people imagining they’re being watched all the time, they actually will be watched all the time thanks to the emerging electronic surveillance hell coming to an America near you.

But, the old religious teachings like “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” will not be part of the avaricious society of the future. The world of the future will be totally self-centered. Just a man, his wants, and the watchful eye of the surveillance state making sure he behaves as his masters want him to. Gone will be family, friendship, and goodwill.

Christianity is being attacked and destroyed first in this post-religious, Marxist world, and make no mistake other religions will also be targeted once we’ve wandered far enough down the path to Socialist hell. Delusional, lobotomized Socialists (now taking over America) believe man is innately good, while history proves man is a often a ferocious, gruesome, sadistic creature. Elites love Socialism because it puts the levers of control of the economy into their hands while they feign sympathy for the little guy.

We are seeing the innate evil of men with too much money and too much power putting the freedom and well-being of the masses in jeopardy. Giving an elite the power of God through science and fiduciary control will not bode well for our species. Could the end of the H. Sapiens experiment be drawing near on this planet? Once man is under total electronic control of his masters, one might imagine humanity will quickly derail as man is molded into two classes: A 0.1% of masters, and a 99.9% of slaves.  As Charles Bukowski knew, slavery never ended. It was only extended to include all races. We are the first generation to witness the fruition of that frightful idea. The elite’s greed and lust for power will know no end, until the human genome and its ability to survive has been so completely compromised it will be destroyed.

But, as Dogotek knows, perhaps that’s just what humans are. Perhaps to envision a world where things aren’t like that was the height of delusion. We lived inside that bubble of optimism for a long time. But, all bubbles eventually burst. Just a thought.

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Thoughts After Another Boystown Run


Foreign pro chicks are more emotionally satisfying than LTRs with domestic chicks

When a man is on the border with time to burn, can throw Spanish lingo around, and likes living dangerously, he has to take advantage of the Zonas de Tolerancia that are open in many Mexican cities. I rarely miss a chance to go to this oasis, since sex has become such a taboo in a florid modern America. It also saves my energy to focus on more productive activities than constantly chasing after and gaming women. Frankly, it’s exhausting and there’s not much return on investment on this side of the border. The dating pool is about an inch deep, and the waters are murky at that. Fatties, freaks, and flops are what women have become. It’s a dating dystopia, that’s for sure.

I jumped over the border again, this time in a different city (before being sent north because of Hurricane Harvey) and my mind was reassured of the accuracy of the claim I made in a recent article about $40 pay for play girls being better than the average American woman. (I always test my own claims again and again to make sure what I write is accurate.)

My findings after another rented rendezvous? It’s true. So painfully true. Anytime I go, I will have better memories and feel more natural with the Mexican rent-a-chick than any experience I would have had with an Anglobitch I try to woo with PUA. Ms. P4P will treat me better, and will talk to me like I’m on her level, not as if she’s looking down upon me. She’ll literally probably have a lower cock count than many chicks who ride the carousel on this side of the border. She’ll be thinner, and prettier. She’ll be proud to be a women, instead of embarrassed by her femininity. Of course, once I come back, all I see is sloth, bitchiness, and “my shit doesn’t stink” attitudes when observing Anglo women.

What an age for men to live in, in which foreign prostitutes are more fulfilling than LTRs with the women of his culture. My, oh, my, how they’ve fallen. How long can this vacuum last? The truth is, Anglo chicks have been in a bubble for quite some time. They’ve effectively created their own alternate reality, where, supported by endless Beta Bucks tax dollars and a gynocentric state they have the best of all possible worlds while Anglo men have the worst of all possible worlds.

Something has got to give. Are we reaching a turning point in the War on Men? Or will things get worse? If they stay worse, the extinction of at least one genome is likely. What we are witnessing in America today with the extremely poor nature of relations between the sexes is utterly culturally and demographically suicidal. This culture has to either correct itself or face oblivion.

One thing is for sure, much as microbes develop resistance to antibiotics when they get hit with them enough, it seems men in this culture are developing resistance to being sprayed with cultural Raid on a daily basis. Take a look on social media at what young guys are saying about feminists and feminism and the culture wars. Perhaps things are darkest just before dawn.

We can only hope.

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Abundance Mentality: Turning Down Free Sex


Women aren’t as alluring once you know their psychology

I am turning down some 20-year old pussy.

I can’t believe I just said that. But it’s true. I have a girl in St. Louis sending me nude photos of herself, and the offer for a NSA tryst is on the table if only I swing by and hit it. She’s not even asking for dinner. She has awesome tits. She has a pretty puss. What’s more strange about this situation is my route takes me through St. Louis, and I have extra time on my hands. It’s very nearly the perfect setup.

But, it’s a tricky situation. First off, this chick still lives with her parents. Second, she has a great body butterface knocks her down to about a SMV 6½ or so. Third, I know from talking to her she’s been around the block a couple of times. Fourth, I’m spoiled with frankly superior women abroad. American chicks just don’t do it for me anymore. I know they’re an inferior product that typically comes at a very high price. They’re aggravating, unfeminine, and awkward compared to the primo cuts I enjoy abroad. (They’re also usually fat, but this chick isn’t fat.)

One of the main issues is, once a man knows the twisted psychology of women, sex becomes something of a novelty because you know what the ass you’re banging is attached to. A predator and a dissimulator. And as all PUA For Life guys know the more success a man has with women, the less impressive getting laid is. It’s abundance mentality.

I also know I will more than make up for it once I finish earning my freedom money, and flee the states to live abroad again in just two short months. So, I’ll let this one slide. But at least I know I’ve still got it. I’m pushing 40 and can get pussy half my age pretty much anytime I want it. What a difference the manosphere can make in a dude’s life.

Have you turned down some free ass recently? Did it put your mind into a pickle…asking yourself, at least for a minute, “What the hell am I doing, turning down sex?”

What a change, from being sexually needy to having more sex and more women than a man cares to handle. That’s about all the personal satisfaction a man can ask for. Perhaps there is something to Maslow’s Hierarchy, after all. With a man’s sexual desires filled, he’s able to move on to nobler pursuits rather than focusing on hedonism all the time. (Although, there’s nothing wrong with some regular hedonism!)

As as side note, for those interested in my trucking adventures…I just grossed over $1,000 this week. I’m fattening up that freedom fund quite nicely. I’ll be delving into some good old-fashioned womanizing, hellraising fun soon enough. I think I just want out of America and this cultural cesspool at this point. I’ve been here long enough, and need a breather in saner, happier places.

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Never Trust a Woman


No matter how well a man thinks he’s tamed the female flame, at some point he will be burned

What skilled liars and deceivers.

When a man makes the mistake of letting a bitch get too close, his mind is fogged and his judgment altered. Deception is her innate, truest talent, and a man will never truly know her mind until it is suddenly and inexplicably revealed. The revelations always come after she has consumed him and is ready to monkey branch to a more exciting ticket.

Not all men have the ability to see through women. Four and a half billion years of evolutionary drive tricks most men. But if you are here, chances are you do.

And what you’ve witnessed nobody can cleanse from your mind. Except maybe a more skilled female liar, who, if she sees something in you she thinks she can profit from or take advantage of, will do her Cobra dance before moving in for the kill.

A man can go through hundreds of women and not find an exception. That is, if he pays attention and doesn’t allow the predator to put his mind into a trance. Only moments when his biology betrays his mind and he allows the predator to get too close does he find himself at risk of losing his freedom, money, and property.

Never trust a woman, for that trust will always be betrayed.

As she spends your money and secretly slides under other men, she will have no remorse for having used Beta Bucks guy. Her infidelities and crimes will always be distorted so the man is to blame. Lies, treachery, and deceit are her province.

You are playing with fire, and no matter how well you think you’ve tamed the flame, at some point in time you’re going to get burned.

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I Ain’t Even Mad About It


This blog and movement is Realtalk about women

Ah, hoes.

What are you going to do about women? Nothing, except learn to play their petty little games better than they do.

At no time should the Realtalk messages about women here at TNMM be taken as angry or frustrated or denigrating. They’re just Realtalk. Reality is what it is. However, discussing reality is often dangerous in a world of mythmaking and thought control. We will keep on keeping on here at this humble outpost.

Education is very important. Real education, not that fake ass stuff they teach in school that men then have to spend decades unlearning once they throw their cap into the air.

And thus, our dual mission: Educating men about the harsh realities of women and the world. Saving men’s lives, one article and book, and eventually, one presentation at a time.

Women just are what they are. And it’s about time men started discussing what they’re doing to us personally and to the society we’ve created. As one rapper famously said, “Bitches ain’t shit to me.” Thus are my sentiments after having gone through countless women.

I ain’t even mad about it.

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