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Video: The War on Men

The War on Men has now become an acceptable topic in right-leaning news outlets. In fact, Paul Joseph Watson just featured it on his podcast. Let’s keep pushing the envelope in that Overton Window until the truth about women reaches the public conciousness.

What are your thoughts on PJW’s video?

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Anglo Chicks Have Officially Lost It: English Woman to Marry Chandelier


An English woman plans to marry a chandelier

How deep can the smoldering crater once known as Anglo culture go? We’re finding out as the hole plunges deeper each day. Check out this latest dropped shoe from Breitbart. An English woman is hopelessly in love with a chandelier she calls Lumiere:

A woman has become “engaged” to her favorite chandelier. 33-year-old Amanda Liberty from Leeds, England, reportedly proposed to the chandelier on Valentine’s Day, however she will be “continuing an open relationship with the rest of her collection of 25 chandeliers,” according to Inside Edition.

Granted, Amanda is a homely and porcine individual. And Anglo women are conssumate materialists. But maybe with a gym membership, a makeover, some counseling, and a purging of feminist doctrine from her mind she could land a real, flesh and blood man.

But, wait. Amanda doesn’t swing that way. It seems this will be a lesbian engagement:

“I couldn’t stop thinking about her and how beautiful she was — she has such a beautiful shape, and I could feel really amazing energy coming from her,” she proclaimed. “Although I knew it would be tricky to get her home, I knew I needed to find a way to make her mine.”


Breitbart reader Vail Bilby offered up this criticism of the engagement in the comments section:

That’s not right — Lumiere could not consent and therefore cannot be “married.” Free Lumiere! And get this individual to a psychiatrist — pronto.

Make no mistake, the reason this story came out in on Inside Edition was to continue the agenda of making a mockery out of marriage. Learn to read between the lines and don’t take stories that come out in the media at face value. There’s an agenda behind every story you see.

Women, unless kept under strict control by men and society, inevitably are destroyers of worlds. And their own lives. What further illustration does one need of their insanity?

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How sweet it is

I’ve once again escaped The Anglo-American Matrix for warmer climes, warmer women, and a saner cultural/social landscape. I feel like I pass through a membrane into an alternate universe where life and my instincts still make sense each time I take an international flight out of the matrix.

I’m happy to report my experiment in designing a personalized lifestyle of mercenary, financial only relations with the matrix to power a part-time expat lifestyle was a success. I’m now settling in abroad for a long stay, during which I will unwind from the  monotony of 70 hour weeks on the road (driving hundreds of miles per day) I endured, finish my upcoming book Escape, work on my photography, and live a little rather than run in a financial hamster wheel.

There have been some heart stopping moments along the way. Like being among only 2 out of a class of 15 to actually “graduate” from trucking school with a CDL while everyone else either failed or dropped out. Then surviving my trial by fire on the road with my trainer and then going solo. I drove 100,000 miles without any tickets or accidents. Then, having to put in my 2 weeks notice for a job I worked so hard for.

But, now have a “Golden Ticket” that allows me to come and make money while not getting stuck like a fly in honey with the matrix’s financial games. Trucking happened to be the perfect solution to funding a part-time expat lifestyle. As I waited at the airport for my flight to the Caribbean, I was overcome by a strong series of emotions. The first wave was how frankly, frightening my country is becoming. I was “triggered” (heh) by CNN as it blared on the screen. In my journal, I wrote:

I didn’t know how bad CNN had become until I got subjected to it at the airport. Jeez, they’re worse than Pravda these days. The narratives they’re pushing are laughable. Chris Cuomo foaming at the mouth trying to say Trump is crazy. What a frightful world we’ve entered. What happened to my country? This is NOT the nation I grew up in. This place literally scares me these days.

I also made some remarks regarding the latest sexual witch trial, as it seems to me the powers that be want to make sex itself illegal someday:

Anglo America has major cultural issues with sexual repression. First issue I have with all these scandals? No due process. One witch trial after another. What an insane culture. Lauer may be an asshole, but are women truly the sexless goddesses they make themselves out to be? Pure as the winter snow and as innocent as nuns? Probably not.

The power structure wants to either make people scared to fuck or make it illegal to fuck. I can’t figure out which one.

My next flood of emotions were happy ones. I felt like I was getting out of jail. Escaping a cage that had been built for me. Happy to be returning to a culture that is centered around people and not the worship of machines and gadgets.

In any case, how sweet it is to be outside the compound! Daily updates, periodic photo journals, updates on the cultural insanity of the matrix as I watch it from the outside, and of course, a book detailing not only how I did it but how you can too, are all coming soon. In the meantime, I’m headed to the beach to have a big fatty i.e. a nice Cuban cigar, drink too many Caipirinhas, and watch the sexy (and friendly) señoritas walk by.


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Man Develops App to Show What Women Look Like Without Makeup


The before and after images of Madison using the MakeApp app

A glib Anglobitch, appropriately named Madison who writes for NY Magazine is taken aback that a man who is apparently tired of false advertising from women has developed an app to show what women look like without their numerous layers of paint on.

She posted her disgust with the “truth in advertising” app in a recent writeup.

Please look closely at the photo on the left. That, reader, is me, the writer, wearing a full face of makeup. Clearly, my gelled brows and tinted lips were intended to con some schmuck of the opposite sex into thinking I am extremely good-looking and then make him buy me six iPhone X’s.

Well, at least Madison alluded to the truth of the matter when it comes to what women expect from men. Every relationshit basically boils down to a sex for resources transaction buried under layers of clever female sophistry.

Called MakeApp, the app lets you un-makeup five photos for free before asking you to pay $0.99 to continue editing images and videos. Now look at the photo on the right. That’s me after MakeApp edited my face to let everybody know how grotesque I look when you digitally peel off the highlighter and mascara. Horrifying, I know.

Blaming Russia for pretty much every problem the world faces is popular among increasingly unhinged leftists these days.

MakeApp is the brainchild of once-Kremlin-linked, Russian founder Ashot Gabrelyanov. For what it’s worth, I thought the AI itself worked pretty well on my face.

Next thing you know, feminists will be blaming Russia instead of the patriarchy each time they walk around bleeding once a month. Madison’s disgust with the MakeApp app is all the more reason for men to download it today.

When I worked in the news industry, the fugly to presentable transformations women went through were remarkable. The few times I saw chicks who read out loud in front of a camera (reporters and anchors) without their makeup were memorable experiences. They looked like completely different people. In many cases, their skin damaged by years of sitting under a chemical bath.

In each and every case, reality knocked them down a good 2-4 SMV points over the Maybelline illusions they displayed to the world. Now, thanks to the power of technology, men can see what women are hiding before waking up horrified one morning after a pump and dump.

Now, if we just had an app to reveal the fat rolls chicks are hiding underneath billowy clothing or slimming camera angles.

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Thoughts on The Sex Drought


Important corollaries when discussing the intensifying Anglo American sex drought

Previously, TNMM reported on data now coming onto the radar of the lamestream press showing that Americans are having less sex. Specifically, millennials are bearing the brunt of a sex drought that is spreading across Anglo America. While most adults born in that generation (early 1980s to 2000) are having sex, the sex isn’t as frequent and the number of incels is up. And, in other age groups sex frequency and number of partners is also trending down. Multiple studies bear this out.

We touched on the “why” this is happening in the article. But, there are other considerations when analyzing this data. Fuzziewuzziebear posted this important corollary:

If this is male led, this is big news. That boys and men are avoiding women to the extent that overall numbers are being affected has to be a first in human history. Women are going to go crazy when the significance of this hits. Sex was the last card they had to play.

Who’s avoiding who is indeed important. My suspicion is both sexes are increasingly avoiding each other. But, the fact men are avoiding women is indeed huge. We already know men are avoiding women in increasing numbers because of one important movement. MGTOWs and men who don’t yet know they’re MGTOWs are having an effect on the sexual market as they decide loud, fat, arrogant Anglobitches just aren’t worth wasting the time or energy.

If this trend of men avoiding romantic/sexual (and therefore, financial) entanglements with women continues, gynocentric governments could be forced into passing punitive taxes directly aimed at men since wealth transfers via frivorce theft and child support slavery will decline with the end result being Anglo women rendered even more broke than they already are. (Since women spend more than they earn, the retail collapse is the first sign of this coming tsunami of female insolvency. We have also touched on the coming Spinster Bubble.)

Think a “dick tax” or something like it. Feminists will spin up a narrative creating a twisted version of reparations to make up for all the “evil” men have done to women. You know, typical leftist malarkey.

Women increasingly avoiding men is easier to explain. With the advent of Big Daddy Government and his cucking of Betas, Omegas, and Gammas with endless “programs” (i.e. free resources) for women while he simultaneously debases male roles in society with hiring quotas and the like, hypergamy has been rendered moot.

Since women only want to fuck and marry upward in social status, state-enforced “equality” which is created by pushing men out of jobs and putting women in them (stripping male social status) destroys the chances good men with a solid work ethic once had with women. It also destroys the need for women to have stable men in their lives, as the state assumes the role of provider by robbing Betas to pay Susies. The result? Women jump on the Don’t Need a Man™ bandwagon.

Additionally, Sebastian Hawks reveals an important bias the MSM constantly insert into the data:

When the idiots (both social conservatives and liberals) doing all these statistical analysis talk about people not having sex, they make the wrong assumption that this is the result of some moral choice. That these young guys are “choosing” to be celibate rather than angry sexually frustrated dudes just like the guys in “Revenge of the Nerds” who don’t get the happy ending the guys in the movie got.

Indeed, data are always manipulated to suit the biases of Puritanical Anglo culture and narratives the matrix prefers. The narrative is people aren’t lonely and sexless because of social engineering. Oh no, they’re making “moral choices” not to have sex. See how that works?

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Talent Search: Looking for The New Modern Man Contributors


Searching for talented writers

Want to write about MGTOW, PUA, men’s issues, travel, minimalism, the corrupt American government, the abusive system, or any other host of important topics? Whether your interests are in The Anglo-American Matrix, women, or both, The New Modern Man is looking to bring two writers on board this fall. Contributors will be compensated for their work.

Here’s what we are looking for: Men with a keen interest in advancing masculine narratives and pressing our issues in a public forum, who can contribute one high quality article per week of at least 750 words in length, while meeting his own preset deadline.

Email Rel, the editor for more information. Please include a sample article with your submission.

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Humans Being


Thoughts on the true nature of people

TNMM reader Dogotek recently posted this insight in response to our article about CNN provoking a mother who survived Hurricane Harvey into having an emotional breakdown on camera. His thought-provoking comment has been on my mind for several days.

People only feel comfortable scratching the surface negative human behavior. When you go deeper. Very deep. You will find that is what humans are. That’s what humans do. Played out trillions of times since the beginning of humanity.

Dogotek is chillingly correct. Virtually everything we see when it comes to the “face” people put on is a facade. Think the appropriately named Facebook, how fake it is, then realize it is only a mirror being held up to humanity. People are narcissistic, self-centered, egotistical, self-righteous, and mean-spirited, something we see playing out time and time again in Zuck’s digital ghetto. TNMM has also written about Machiavellian Intelligence, which dovetails with this discussion since it explains well why everything we hear from those in positions of power is nothing but a lie.

Religion tried for thousands of years to constrain the innate evil in man, only to become an evil unto itself at times. Today, religion finds itself the target of modern social engineers. They envision a society that lets it all hang out being more profitable than the “old” world order, in which leaders told the masses fables to keep them under control. (You’ve got to create problems to create profit is the motto of the globalists.) We are now leaving the world of religious fables behind, and rather than people imagining they’re being watched all the time, they actually will be watched all the time thanks to the emerging electronic surveillance hell coming to an America near you.

But, the old religious teachings like “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” will not be part of the avaricious society of the future. The world of the future will be totally self-centered. Just a man, his wants, and the watchful eye of the surveillance state making sure he behaves as his masters want him to. Gone will be family, friendship, and goodwill.

Christianity is being attacked and destroyed first in this post-religious, Marxist world, and make no mistake other religions will also be targeted once we’ve wandered far enough down the path to Socialist hell. Delusional, lobotomized Socialists (now taking over America) believe man is innately good, while history proves man is a often a ferocious, gruesome, sadistic creature. Elites love Socialism because it puts the levers of control of the economy into their hands while they feign sympathy for the little guy.

We are seeing the innate evil of men with too much money and too much power putting the freedom and well-being of the masses in jeopardy. Giving an elite the power of God through science and fiduciary control will not bode well for our species. Could the end of the H. Sapiens experiment be drawing near on this planet? Once man is under total electronic control of his masters, one might imagine humanity will quickly derail as man is molded into two classes: A 0.1% of masters, and a 99.9% of slaves.  As Charles Bukowski knew, slavery never ended. It was only extended to include all races. We are the first generation to witness the fruition of that frightful idea. The elite’s greed and lust for power will know no end, until the human genome and its ability to survive has been so completely compromised it will be destroyed.

But, as Dogotek knows, perhaps that’s just what humans are. Perhaps to envision a world where things aren’t like that was the height of delusion. We lived inside that bubble of optimism for a long time. But, all bubbles eventually burst. Just a thought.

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