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Michael Moore, Privileged White Male Decries White Male Privilege


Michael Moore, privileged white male, decried white male privilege at a recent rally

Racial Bolshevism, or the scapegoating of whites (especially white men) for everything wrong with the world is becoming a nastier by the year. As an integral part of The American Socialist Revolution, white men are targeted in an increasingly racist fashion by those claiming to decry racism.

Case in point: The fatso who produced Sicko and other far-left films, Michael Moore, recently lambasted white men in a tirade given at the so-called People’s State of the Union address. Moore called for nothing short of white genocide. He told the crowd:

The angry white guy is dying out, and the Census Bureau has already told us that by 2050, white people are going to be the minority, and I’m not sad to say I can’t wait for that day to happen. I hope I live long enough to see it because it will be a better country.

In addition to Moore’s self-stated bigotry and self-hatred, Infowars reports:

Far-left film maker Michael Moore called for America to be “cleansed” of its “white male privilege” during a speech in New York last night.

Make no mistake, this is a rallying cry for ethnic cleansing.

Asserting that the removal of Donald Trump and Mike Pence from office, “Still won’t be enough,” Moore said, “We must remove and replace the system and the culture that gave us Trump in the first place.”

These are dangerous words. Moore is calling for the destruction of the American republic and its replacement with a totalitarian, Socialist system. Fatso went on to lambast President Trump:

“He did not just fall out of the sky and land in Queens,” Moore continued.” He is a result….of us never correcting the three original sins of America – a nation founded on genocide, built on the backs of slaves and maintained through the subjugation of women to second class citizenship and economic disempowerment.”

As liberal narratives are hollowed out by the cleansing truth of Realtalk and logic unleashed by men like us on the Internet and in the society at large, leftists become even more desperate, shrill and strident in their tones. Moore is evidence of leftists losing their grasp on the minds of the American populace, a privilege they enjoyed for 50 years until the destruction of the centralized mass communication model, i.e. the exposure of the mainstream mierda and Hollyweird as agents of far-left politics.

Of course, the washed-up filmmaker never acknowledges he lives like the 1% he condemns, is reportedly worth $50 million, and recently sold a house he owned but lost in frivorce proceedings for a cool $5 million. (Of course, being forced to sell his house to pay off an Anglobitch in divorce court makes Moore’s “women are second-class citizens” claim all the more laughable). His “second class citizen” wife banned him from living there after she cleaned him out in divorce court. (We won’t even go into the fact Moore’s frivorce once again proves both our claims about the predatory nature of women and that marriage is indeed legalized prostitution.)

Breitbart reported the hypocritical Moore (gravy) owns 8 additional residences. This is hardly a man who’s “Down with the People” as Moore portrays himself.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, Mike. In this case, you are the privileged white male you claim to hate. Why not begin by stoning yourself to death rather than casting stones at the rest of us?

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#MeToo is a Socialist Purge of (Mostly) White Men from Prominent Positions

The fact Americans remain fast asleep while a silent Socialist revolution reshapes the nation in profound ways continues to amaze. It seems the election of Donald Trump has been an effective distraction for those whose dander was being stirred by the fast pace of change in America as the nation pivots away from freedom and towards totalitarian, electronic control.

Previously, the TNMM reported on how the #MeToo feminist-inspired fiasco plays right into the hands of those who want to impose totalitarianism in a once free society, by creating division among men and women – natural allies – who are increasingly estranged from one another in the strange world of neo-Puritan Anglo culture. But, there’s another important angle to this story. #MeToo is Racial Bolshevism at work.

#MeToo’s “body count” ultimately represents a highly visible, Socialist purge of white men from prominent positions in society, as even a hasty count of the 40 or so men above who have been accused of sex crimes reveals a few token black guys and a few Hispanic guys, while 80-90% of the damned are white men. (Including a few minorities in the witch hunt gives the corrupt media plausible deniability.)

Worse, there has been no due process for any of these men, no evidence beyond women making claims and expecting us to trust them has been offered in the vast majority of the cases, and the pace of this prairie wildfire of sexual witch trials continues to accelerate.

It seems the ultimate goal is not only rendering men (especially white men) pariahs in American society, but rendering them easy targets for both women and minorities if and when they do earn prominent positions in society. A dangerous precedent has been set, one that will be hard to erase: One baseless sexual or racial bias claim, and a man’s career can be destroyed. Soon, it may be pointless for men to have aspirations beyond becoming common laborers, because no prominent position will ever be secure for them.

In effect, white men are being turned into puerile cucks by one corrupt media campaign after another. Lampooned in film and advertising. Turned into a caricatures of sexual deviance in news stories. Labeled purveyors of “toxic masculinity” again and again. Increasingly overlooked and held back for promotions and advancement so others can be advanced ahead of them. Labeled “defective” for not being like women. Made into easy targets for removal from their careers by American legislatures.

As a result, more men will increasingly lead incel lives. Women only want men who possess money, status, and power, as proven by Briffault’s Law. #MeToo is the first step at erasing all three for white men.

This sort of Racial Bolshevism – or scapegoating of whites (especially white men) for all the issues other ethnic groups face – is only going to intensify as both social engineers and their 1% paymasters become emboldened with the success of each propaganda campaign. #MeToo has turned out to be an out of the park home run for Socialism in America. Expect more assaults in the future.

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Weakness Invites Predation


Cultural weakness invites predation by sociopathic elites

In response to a disheartening map (for those who respect the right to prosper for all races) that shows white people fading from existence in America (Europe and Australia are also seeing the same trends) a TNMM regular left this hopeful commentary that maybe, just maybe, mass migration could explain all that bleeding red on a map of white population loss under age 20 over a 4 year period. It’s a map in which most counties in the nation ended up with massive 5% plus losses of the Caucasian population. The Angry Outernationalist writes:

I don’t have the raw data for this map, but I can readily see five separate flows of “college-aged people”, which is what you’d have with the “population under age 20” as the map indicates:

1. Movements from suburban counties and outlying rural areas to cities with colleges and universities;
2. Migration to major cities for work;
3. Migration to resource-rich areas for work;
4. Migration to coastal areas and other comfortable spots as lifestyle moves;
5. Economic migration outward, possibly including the influence of immigration programmes inward.

These are all good points made by our friend who knows how to read between the lines of statistics. Unfortunately,  migration doesn’t account for all the losses. This is an important clarification to make. TNMM replied:

Migration doesn’t account for all the bleeding red on that map. These are important factors you listed, but the map is red because the overall or “absolute” number of white youths is declining. In fact, 46 states saw sharp declines in white youth, simply because they aren’t being born in sufficient numbers to sustain the population. (2.1 births per woman per lifetime is the “magic” statistical fertility rate to merely sustain a population…whites have been at or below 1.6 for a long time. Anything below 2.1 is a dying population.)

In fact, mainstream media outlet The Atlantic predictably wrote this with glee as they examined the statistics:

“Overall, from 2000 to 2014, the nation added 8.2 million non-white kids younger than 20-and lost nearly 6.6 million whites in that age group.”

Those are huge numbers for such a short period of time. So, the losses aren’t just due to whites moving out of rural areas and into metro areas, suburbs, and places with job prospects. Continuing from TNMM’s reply:

The simple fact is whites have been below replacement fertility for a good 40 years or more (since feminism). Because of this, and other cultural factors (increasing numbers of deaths among whites from suicides, drug and alcohol overdoses, etc…especially among middle-aged men who have become pariahs in their own nation and wage cucks to Big Daddy Government) whites are indeed dying off.

As TNMM often reports, Anglo culture – which exists inside the larger scheme of Faustian machine culture – is much to blame. Whites bring a lot of their demographic problems on themselves with a culture that has abandoned its biology in a lust to become one with its machines. This is a massive problem to which there is no easy solution.

Additionally, feminism has gelded white men and they’ve acquiesced to all of its demands, putting them in a weak and compromised position. Their footing is only going to slip even further with each new agenda item that gets rolled out. For example, #MeToo threatens to make the prospect of even approaching women a legal land mine. If an ex or a girl you were courting gets pissed off at you at any point in the future, she can claim sexual assault and destroy you. The fact there has been little to no resistance to this dangerous cultural precedent by clueless white chumps (who represent the majority of the accused) confirms their willingness to accept weaker and weaker positions in society. (P.S. Women don’t mate with weak, pliable soy boys.)

Weakness invites predation. TNMM sees the decline of white people in their own lands as a two-pronged problem. First, we have Anglo culture which has become anti-life, anti-sex, and anti-living as religious Puritanism has morphed into secular feminism. Worse, we have unscrupulous, sociopathic 1% billionares taking advantage of this problem by throwing salt into cultural wounds to further their own agendas. White countries have, for a millennia, been much more difficult for elites to control than other countries because of the pesky, persistent ideas of freedom, self-determination, and individuality that date back to the Magna Carta and even Rome. Their solution increasingly seems to be putting “whitey” to sleep and destroying true diversity on the planet as elites merge humanity into one race. RooshV came out with a bold, and accurate article on this very issue recently:

For many years, I have been at the forefront of teaching men how to embrace their masculinity, maximize their potential, and sleep with beautiful women. During this time, I have come to believe that liberals have an explicit goal to crush men, primarily through the meme of feminism, but I now realize that that was only an intermediary step for a more comprehensive agenda: kill whitey. What I thought was a war against men is really a battle within a bigger war against white people.

He’s right. TNMM defined this as Racial Bolshevism when the blog was founded. Here’s how it works:

Contemporary Progressivism should really be called Racial Bolshevism.  The psycho-political profile is identical: whereas the original Bolsheviks believed that the Communist utopia could not be achieved without the elimination of the bourgeois class, the contemporary Racial Bolsheviks believe that the multicultural utopia cannot be achieved without the elimination of white people–especially white men.

That doesn’t mean that they’re *planning* to kill you. That’s not how mind control works. They think they’re just “seeking justice” for non-whites. But of course they will never define in concrete terms what “racial justice” actually is. It’s all kept tantalizingly abstract for a reason–namely, so that there is no end game, ever. That means that they can never stop. Every defeated injustice yields a new racial injustice on the horizon, which must then be defeated. Finally, the unacceptable injustice will be the very existence of white people.

After all, the only way to truly “stop white men” is to kill them. Right? Because if you don’t kill them, then they can always keep right on acting white, and doing white things, in that white way that you hate so much. But if you just kill them, then the problem of whiteness is permanently solved. And then the world will be saved! See how that works?

Start paying attention, and you will notice this thread of Racial Bolshevism being woven into almost every narrative the MSM weaves. In short, the left, the Deep State, and the corrupt media are now – either knowingly (most likely) or unknowingly (not as likely) – predating a certain demographic. And this predation couldn’t come at a worse time because the culture itself is compromised.

Whites would be prudent to get wise to the ongoing program of racial marginalization and scapegoating the matrix is foisting upon them. And other races would be wise not to let the megarich target white people this way, because who’s to say they won’t become a target themselves of sociopathic billionaires someday.

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Americans Can’t Vote Their Way to Greatness


Roy Moore goes down in defeat, as globalists win again

By now, you’ve heard that the reddest state in the nation has turned blue, as Democrat Doug Jones defeated MAGA Republican Roy Moore in this year’s special senate election to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ seat. While this author loathes Republicrats almost as much as liberals, this loss is a yet another sign the corrupt American political Establishment is re-consolidating its power. Moore’s loss was a dissappointment.

Mooreover, the loss is damning for those who hope to vote their way to greatness rather than acknowledging the deep, festering cultural rot that has allowed America to decline to this point as the root cause of all the problems that lie before them. You can’t vote your way out of a culture. Liberals have been very methodical in reprogramming the mindset of Americans, taking the long approach rather than the short one. Hoping for a steady string of election miracles in the face of this goliath just won’t cut it when there are so many other forces pushing the nation leftward like a raging torrent.

Worse, expect the already vociferous pace of witch trials against heterosexual men to accelerate in the coming months, as this election illustrated Anglo America continues to display Puritan prudishness when it comes to sexuality. The sex allegations ultimately worked against Roy Moore.

The election marks a string of losses for strategist Steve Bannon, mounting losses that threaten to knock the Trump train off its rails. That is, if The Don isn’t a Trojan Horse/controlled opposition to begin with. Yours truly is very jaded when it comes to political machinations in über-corrupt American politics – lessons learned from over a decade inside the belly of the beast known as the MSM. You quickly learn the wisdom of FDR well in this world of smoke and mirrors: that nothing in politics – including the election of a supposed firebrand saviour of the American republic – happens by accident.

Make no mistake, this election was as much about defeating the entrenched GOP Uniparty Establishment (The Gobbler, Mitch McConnell, et. al.) as much as it was about beating an abortion-supporting, California-style liberal in the bastion of conservatism. The election shouldn’t have even been close.

Those hoping for a last minute, Hail Mary play to save Western Civilization over the course of 4 to 8 years apparently had no idea what they were up against. What we have, effectively, and assuming Trump really is the good guy, is one billionaire against a league of billionaires, who buy and sell the American political establishment like the cheap legislative sluts in business suits most of them are.

Here are additional factors that signal stormy skies ahead for those not interested in the grim specter of totalitarian globalism:

  • Demographics are changing: more white people are dying than are being born. This means states are going to trend bluer and bluer with each election. When Texas flips to blue, and it will as Anglos now comprise only 25% or so of the population being born in Texan maternity wards…it’s over at the ballot box as TNMM has reported in the past.
  • Latinos are demographically conquering the nation, including the state of Alabama. (Personally, I say God bless them, as Anglos have been spiritually dead for quite some time. But, this group does vote for globalist candidates.)
  • Weak turnout among lazy, plump white people probably cost Moore the election. Black turnout was very high for this election. Like it or not, politics of racial division work. And Racial Bolshevism has made “whitey” (i.e. non self-loathing whites) the target. Moreover, if whites can’t even bother themselves to go vote, how are they supposed to stop the country from going totally Socialist?
  • The GOP is now declaring all out war on the MAGA movement, as they smell blood in the water because both Bannon and Trump have major egg on their faces, and a string of embarrassing losses of candidates they supported.
  • Sex scandals are still king in a prudish, extremely sexually repressed culture.

Those who orchestrated the destruction of the American republic, population replacement agenda, and the brainwashing of the populace with 50 years of Cultural Marxism are masters at what they do. This is the fundamental problem most Libertarians have: We assume government is ineffectual and isn’t doing what it’s designed to do. Oh, but it is doing exactly what those who want to bring The Great Experiment to a crashing halt want it to do.

This election loss is just another link in the chain towards the globalists’ successful conquest of America, Inc. and the world. I gave up on finding an electoral solution to what ails the nation a long time ago, once I realized what was destroying it was much more than the battle of red states and blue states. I have but one life to live, and I don’t want to waste it fighting a losing battle for a nation that excommunicated me and men like me a long time ago. As Aaron Clarey knows, it’s best at this point in time to Enjoy the Decline.

Meantime, I’ll expect the keyboard warriors to do what they do best, spit piss and vinegar in the virtual world, while in the real world they remain too fucking lazy to go to the ballot box to actually support the screeds they extol on digital screens. As a result of their laziness, incompetence, and complacency, the reddest state in the nation now has a blue senator going to join the other globalists on Capitol Hill.

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Netflix Fires Danny Masterson in Latest Wave of Sexual Witch Trials


Danny Masterson has just been burned at the stake in today’s sexual witch trials

Sexual witch trials of prominent actors are seemingly endless this year in Anglo America. They’re obviously witch trials for this reason: once men have been removed from their jobs, the charges disappear like farts in the wind. We never get to see the accusers because “victims” must be protected. Pretty neat how that works, right? A man’s life can be destroyed by an invisible assailant in Anglo America, who then slithers back into the darkness.

In another bow to Racial Bolshevism, yet another white man has been fired over sexual assault allegations that are more than a decade old – allegations that were dismissed by authorities when they first arose. Danny Masterson, star of “The Ranch” and “That 70s Show” told vultures in the press as they swooped in to see why he had been fired from the Netflix series:

From day one, I have denied the outrageous allegations against me. Law enforcement investigated these claims more than 15 years ago and determined them to be without merit.

As ironic as it is to watch liberal actors becoming the victims of their own hysteria, these crossroads are a dangerous place for America to be. Masterson continues:

I have never been charged with a crime, let alone convicted of one. In this country you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. However, in the current climate, it seems as if you are presumed guilty the moment you are accused.

Guilty until proven innocent has, without a doubt, been the modus operandi in this latest propaganda war directed with blunt force on the populace. The real reason these baseless claims are receiving so much attention is so it will become dangerous for heterosexual men – average Joes – to even approach women without risking fines or prison time. If powerful men aren’t immune to baseless charges, nobody is.

Netflix just announced the axe had fallen on Masterson in this tepid statement:

As a result of ongoing discussions, Netflix and the producers have written Danny Masterson out of The Ranch. Yesterday was his last day on the show, and production will resume in early 2018 without him.

The war on men and heterosexuality is reaching a crescendo. What’s so odd is that meek, weak-willed men are not fighting back against their own marginalization. We are culturally lodged firmly in Step Four of this historical process, elucidated by Turning Point USA:


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Matt Lauer Taken Down as The Sexual Witch Trials Continue


Leftists burn another of their own at the stake

The Salem Sexual Witch Trials are reaching a fever pitch in culturally insane Anglo America. Playground bullies and sycophants to the elite in the mainstream media continue to be hellbent on stigmatizing heterosexuality and masculinity at any cost. It matters not whether the hyenas take down one of their own in their mad pursuit of a scoop. Social engineering is priority one to these fellow travelers.

Matt Lauer of Today show fame is the latest victim of this mass hysteria. In researching the matter, Lauer’s “offenses” include asking (not telling) a woman to take off her blouse in his office. She accepted. He took his junk out. They fucked. She kept quiet until sex scandals became the topic du jour, and an easy way for predatory females to extract money from wealthy men like Lauer and his employer. Other “offenses” include brushing up against women in elevators and asking if they ever fooled around on their husbands. He also sent some dirty texts. You can bet these hussies enjoyed every minute of it, being seduced by a wealthy, high profile man.

Never is the question asked: Who gives a fuck? It’s just sex! Get a hold of yourself people. Dammit.

But, in the frightful world we are entering, all women have to do is make a claim that they felt “uncomfortable” by the wave of tingles a man’s pass brought on. Worse, women can make this claim at any point in the future. The precedent has already been set. A man admits they had a sexual encounter. And boom, his funeral pyre is lit.

Make no mistake, as delicious as it is to watch leftists hoisted by their own petard, conservatives should be cautious before celebrating. Feminists are winning in that all it takes for a man to have his life, name, and finances destroyed is a harassment claim. No evidence. Just a claim.

The main issue with all these scandals? There’s no due process. It’s just one witch trial after another. Lauer may be an asshole, but are his accusers truly the sexless goddesses they make themselves out to be? Pure as the winter snow and as innocent as nuns? Probably not. We know how Anglo women use their sexuality as a weapon. It’s more likely his accusers are opportunists, protected by the cloak of so-called victimhood.

What happens if we continue down this path of sexual witch trials? It won’t be too long before it’s too dangerous for men to deal with women at all. That seems to be the true intent of all these high profile scandals. To make men part of a lower caste in the corporate world, and lift women to perfect goddess status. To create a world of masters and slaves in which women are the masters.


Interestingly, Geraldo is one of the only voices of reason about MSM witch trials

Men already have no reproductive rights or access to their own children because of corrupt family courts. They can be enslaved for 18+ years on a woman’s whim. Now, simply making a pass at a woman or having consensual sex with her (as in the case of Lauer) is grounds for a man’s life to be destroyed if, at anytime in the future she decides to call in to the HR department at GloboWorldCorp.

Notice, there are no criminal charges against Lauer. The accusations against him are for incidents which happened several years ago. For all we know, the women making the accusation wanted to jump his bones. There’s no context provided, except the predictable “evil man” and “holy woman” narratives Anglo media are rotten with.

Who will be the next man to be burned at the stake?

P.S. Have you noticed, all the men being burned at the stake are white men? Racial Bolshevism at work. Obviously, gelding men in the workplace also jives with the Androgyny Agenda.

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Agenda 21: The Elite Plan for Global Tyranny


The UN is intended to supersede the US

If you’ve found your way to this humble outpost of truth, you might have noticed the world around you is beginning to not make any sense. Up is down, left is right, black is white. Part of the reason for the chaos is the fact George Soros and other elites are organizing camera-ready protests, then bringing two sides of extremists together to clash while pinning the blame on one side.

This agenda has been going on for years. (Ferguson, San Jose, Charlotte, et al.) So, it’s worse than what happened in Charlottesville. What’s more, almost every “news” item one sees in the mainstream media is a farce, a marvel of the Hegelian dialectic intended to accomplish goals of elites paying talking heads to read propaganda that presents “problems” created out of whole cloth before they swoop in like vultures with pre-planned “solutions.”

These false flags and psyops are designed to create division and to implode the remnants of the American republic. We are entering the advanced stages of a long-term elite plan for a so-called post-democratic, post-industrial world. It is to be a world constrained by a tightly controlled, planned economy. In essence, global Communism is its aim.

The irony that the U.S. and Russia have so dramatically switched roles in the world since 1991 is all the more astounding, in that the U.S. is now making concrete steps to enforce its brand of totalitarianism on the world and Russia is making strides towards democracy, nationalism, and national identity once prized by America.

It now seems the Cold War was a fight over who would get to take over the world first, not the trite freedom vs. tyranny narrative American statesmen sold us for half a century. The U.S. used the power of the free market to take advantage of the economic weaknesses of Socialism, only to make a stunning about-face once the Soviet threat died and the world lay before the American elite as spoil.

The bleak future of American-style global Socialism (and later, Communism) is what many have dubbed The New World Order. One of the key ways global tyranny is being implemented is through Agenda 21. Not enough people know the truth of what Agenda 21 really is, adopted by the United Nations in 1992 as a “voluntary” (it’s not) agreement to create a world run by the elite in which each citizen is as interchangeable as a piston rod (to paraphrase Howard Beale) and every bit as expendable.

Most think Agenda 21 is just another crazy conspiracy theory, although in modern times, conspiracy theories are beginning to make more sense than the unending stream of lies from corporate media.

Looking back, the transition from a free society to a society run by tyrants began 100 years ago with the creation of the Federal Reserve, effectively handing over the power to create money to a private bank. As the Rothschild family knows, and Nathan Rothschild once said:

Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.


The Barbary Slave trade culminated in 1 to 1.25 million white Christians being enslaved by black Muslims between 1500-1800

Indeed, those who control the purse strings make the rules. But, the ball really got rolling on the agenda to topple American democracy and replace it with worldwide tyranny after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the institution of mass feminism, and the scapegoating of whites for the crime of slavery (which all races participated in – the first American slave owner was a black man, and there was the Barbary slave trade in which Africans enslaved millions of Europeans between 1500-1800) as an offshoot of the Civil Rights movement. It’s no coincidence all this happened in the 1960s.

The current obsession with the slavery narrative in the brainwashed world of the corporate media is intended to start small, strategic fires around the foundation of the American republic with the removal of Confederate statues, then progress into a big, roaring flame culminating in the burning of modern Rome. The slavery narrative is the perfect Trojan Horse, since the Founding Fathers were slave owners when they formed the American republic.

The slavery narrative is intended to ultimately debase and destroy the United States Constitution.

No matter how noble the aims of the authors of the founding documents were, how they inspired the world and how rare the gifts they bestowed on the masses have been in the course of human history, the lobotomized narrative is the fruit of their labor must be discarded because it is “tainted” by their participation in an economic system that dominated the entire world at the time. Slavery, as horrible as it was, and is, was the entire world’s economic system for thousands of years. (Interestingly, only 5% of the African slave trade came to the U.S. and the rest went to Latin America! Yet another fact the Anglo-American media cartel refuse to acknowledge!)

The elite intend to enslave mankind by decrying slavery. This is just how diabolical the plan the American elites have for the world really is.


One of the NWO blueprints, in which a central planning agency decides where people can and cannot live

Agenda 21

The supreme hypocrisy of media narratives is the fact talking heads condemn a world run by white men, but the New World Order will result in world run by rich white men once again – a 1% which is ostensibly the same 1% that owned slaves in the first place (99% of whites never owned slaves). If there plans are realized and the U.S. Constitution is dissolved, thus begins a downward slide into hell on earth. Here are key bullet points that are part of Agenda 21. It’s aims are anti-life and anti-humanity:

  • Ending national sovereignty
  • Constant surveillance of all activity
  • State planning of all land resources
  • Ensuring global equity (equal slavery)
  • Elites only defining the role of business and finance
  • Abolishing private property
  • Restructuring the family unit (i.e. destroying it)
  • The State raising children rather than moms and dads
  • The State choosing jobs for citizens
  • Restricting movement (Think TSA on steroids)
  • Creating “Human Settlement Zones”
  • Beginning mass resettlement and forced eviction
  • Dumbing down (even further) education
  • Mass global depopulation (killing billions)

All these goals are being worked on piecemeal, as the economy is inflated and then crashed in concentric rings with the noose slowly tightening around the West’s throat as living and working conditions worsen with each generation. The above goals are the antithesis of what America is supposed to stand for, and each legislator who has supported them in the past and supports them today are treasonous scum.


We must be this generation’s Paul Reveres, alerting the masses to the danger the American government is placing them in

We Are The Resistance

If Agenda 21 realized, we will live in a world in which the individual is finished. Man nor woman will have any control over their own lives, as electronic slavery is unleashed on the world via RFID chips. The State and the henchmen who finance it in the corporate world will have total control over the populace. Indeed, Agenda 21 realized could lead to the end of the human species itself.

How do we resist? We went searching for answers. Interestingly, the Jeremiah Project proposes one of the most viable short-term solutions. It offers a three-pronged course of action for those awakened men who see what’s coming. It says the awakened man must:

  1. First, he must defend himself by protest, i.e., legal action.
  2. Second, he must flee if at all possible,
  3. Third, he may use force if necessary to defend himself.

The full treatise of the plan of action to resist the NWO is available here. As TNMM has repeatedly written, we must not let ourselves be divided any longer on matters of race, gender, sexuality, and other wedge issues designed by the planners of Agenda 21 and The New World Order to keep us fighting amongst ourselves while they dissolve any remaining freedom we enjoy. From the Jeremiah Project:

We must reject the collectivist idea of “divide and conquer” and instead accept ALL men as equals. We need to consider the words of Martin Luther King and reject the racist labels put on humanity by those who want to control and dominate us. There is no black, no white, no Hispanic, or whatever when it comes to humanity. Sure, there are those ethnic differences, but those differences are only descriptors of our heritage, not differences in human value. We are all brothers and sisters on this planet and we should live our lives that demonstrate that solidarity.

We should encourage whatever talents each person has and allow them the opportunity to express those talents in a way of each person’s choosing.

The controllers of the world know that in order to dominate and control the masses, the easiest way to accomplish this goal is to keep the people divided amongst themselves. Rather than expending valuable resources to conquer a society, the controllers instead pit one another against their neighbors and let them fight amongst themselves, thus destroying their unity.

Unity is strength, always remember that. Here is more sage advice to resist the NWO as the world descends a world electronically controlled darkness, unlike any mankind has ever known:

  • Disconnect from all Establishment media and other sources of Marxist propaganda
  • Seek out like-minded men and help build each other up
  • Self-educate and think critically
  • Learn to recognize the Hegelian Dialectic: Most “problems” are created so the masters can impose preconceived solutions on the masses, stealing their liberty and autonomy
  • Learn to recognize false flags, which have been perpetrated on the public for literally thousands of years
  • Patronize small business rather than multinationals and chains
  • Get your money out of the banks – fractional reserve banking means the bank only has 10% of the sum of all customer deposits available at any one time
  • Reduce the amount of taxes you pay into the system as much as possible by any legal means necessary – this usually means learning to live on less
  • Eat non-GMO food and organics when possible

Of course, these bullet points are only a start when it comes to planning a peaceful resistance movement. The bad news is, we absolutely cannot expect our representatives to do anything except blow hot air as we’ve seen with the Establishment’s moves to maroon Trump on a political island. (Whether he is part of the ruse remains to be seen.)


Mighty Mouse and The Gobbler aren’t going to save you – Ryan and McConnell are traitors to the American people

Republicans Are Complicit

If the election of Trump has proven anything, it’s the the Republicans are malware. They refuse to move on any of his agenda items despite having an overwhelming mandate as they control more of the United States government than the party has at any time since 1929. It is obvious they are complicit in impaling the heart of the American Republic as Democrat Socialists lead the way. Laurence Vance of the Lew Rockwell blog details how bad Republicans really are:

Republicans are worse than Democrats because they use libertarian rhetoric to deceive conservatives and libertarians into thinking that they actually believe their mantra of the Constitution, limited government, federalism, fiscal conservatism, personal freedom, private property, and the free market.

Just take one issue: the war on drugs. Republicans support it lock, stock, and barrel even though it is not authorized by the Constitution, it increases the size and power of government, it violates the principle of federalism, it wastes billions of dollars a year, it negates personal freedom, it infringes upon property rights, and it is contrary to the free market.

How bad are the Republicans in Congress? The few that are good are very, very good. The many that are bad are horrid.

The only thing Americans could possibly do to drain the swamp at this point is to elect an entirely new Congress, throwing every Republican and Democrat currently in office out on their asses. That simply won’t happen. Re-election rates for incumbents are high, despite the fact their approval ratings are low. The shuck and jive still works for those holding the levers of power.


Leaving America may just buy you some time

Go Minimalist Now, Expat if Possible

The best advice for those planning for the worst is to go minimalist now if you haven’t already. Destroy your debt. Stay out of debt. Live on less. Downsize from a McMansion to a smaller home. Don’t buy new cars. Stockpile money and diversify your investments. Plan for the worst, because the current economic bubble we are in will be imploded just as all the rest were imploded since the advent of the Federal Reserve, by design.

Future articles will expound on what men can do to safeguard their own lives and those of their loved ones.

If you haven’t made strides to expat and take the fruit of your labor with you, now might be a good time to speed up that agenda. At least it will give one breathing room and a buffer zone when the inevitable conflagration begins in the United States. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be here when Martial Law is declared and mass chipping of the public begins.

Falling back at least gives men time to regroup and come up with a new plan, since we are painfully behind the 8-ball as earnest efforts to de-legitimize the U.S. government begin. As we either try to weather the storm or fall back and regroup, when making our plans we must always remember one sage piece of wisdom. As the Founding Fathers knew: Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.

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