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Hollywood Stars Now Dressing Like Puritans to “Protest”


Puritan dress is back in fashion in Hollyweird

What better social caste to stridently rant and rave about “women’s rights” and “male dominated workspaces” than an entitled, megarich, spoiled group of Hollyweird cunts who make fortunes blue collar men dare not dream of by playing pretend in front of a camera? That should show us how we all need to change.

Apparently, a full-scale return to Puritanism is in order not just culturally, but sartorially as actresses on their way to virtue signal in the lime light don full-length, black funeral dresses that harken back to the days of overt sexual repression in America.

They’re wearing them to entertainment industry trade shows as they give themselves awards for playing pretend, in support of fallacious narratives including #MeToo which has sparked a series of modern witch trials. It started with the Golden Globes last month, but it won’t end there.

However, the repressive choice in clothing does seem to be an appropriate choice for a #MeToo movement (lumped in with other hamster wheel pseudo-movements grounded in misandry) that’s doing just that – returning Anglo America to its Puritan, anti-sex, anti-male, pre-Enlightenment roots. The Cut reports these chicks want to be pioneers, of sorts, and are just getting started:

People reports this is expected to be one of the first sartorial protests at the Golden Globes, but the issue will be central during awards season.

Isn’t that rich? Entitled white women – who already live better than women in the rest of the world thanks to the tireless work of the men they despise who dreamed up, engineered, and constructed the entire world around them – making “nonnegotiable demands” of working class men who make less in a year than they spend on dresses?

Of course, there was plenty of typical, leftist boilerplate about evil men and divine women published by the mainstream mierda in support of the ruse. A group of harridans composed of Kristen Bell, Meryl Streep, Emma Stone and other spoiled brats actresses published a letter of demands in The New York Times. They boldly proclaimed “Time’s Up” for heterosexual men with normal sex drives:

“The clock has run out on sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace. It’s time to do something about it. The struggle for women to break in, to rise up the ranks and to simply be heard and acknowledged in male-dominated workplaces must end; time’s up on this impenetrable monopoly.”

The demands, as usual, include more privileges for women and less legal protections, and well… less humanity towards men. What better way to show your contempt for men that have been burned in a series of witch trials with no due process than dressing like your best friend died? The Times writes:

Among other suggested actions, Time’s Up also requests that women walking the red carpet at the Golden Globes “speak out and raise awareness by wearing black.”

This is a narrative we’ve long been covering here at this humble blog. Even former Trump advisor Steve Bannon echoes TNMM and Anglobitch when discussing the regression back into sexual repression currently underway, illustrated by the black dress movement. Bannon said of the #MeToo movement and associated witch trials:

“It’s even more powerful than populism. It’s deeper. It’s primal. It’s elemental. The long black dresses and all that — this is the Puritans! It’s anti-patriarchy.”

Indeed, it is Puritanism and anti-patriarchy. A full-scale reversion to matriarchy will destroy men and destroy civilization as Oxford-educated anthropologist J.D. Unwin proved happened every single time it was tried across 80 tribes and 6 civilizations.

Isn’t that what this is really all about? Socialists embedded in the American corporate-government complex destroying everything they hate so the world can be molded in their own dystopian, totalitarian image?

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Two Damning Videos Point to Parkland School Psyop

Update 2/24/18: YouTube has censored the original video link we posted featuring the David Hogg interview with a classmate at 9:32 a.m. However, after some digging we have found it again. 

The United States – in a true display of Neoconservative philosophy based on using the mainstream media to invent phantom enemies in order to influence public policy (as documented by BBC filmmaker Adam Curtis in a film that strongly suggests most, if not all “terror” events since 2001 have been staged) has unleashed yet another probable psyop on a sheeplike populace.

Of course, the Parkland School mass shooting, as with each mass shooting incident before it is intended to fuel the oft-used Hegelian Dialectic in another gun grabbing attempt as the volume is turned way up on mass shootings while rational thinking and skepticism of authorities become the first fatalities in the society-wide march to tyranny currently underway. (The Hegelian Dialectic, when simplified means inserting the “We have to do something!” narrative into the public consciousness with fake news then directing the reaction towards preconceived legislation.)

It’s interesting to note that to this day questions still swirl about the Las Vegas mass shooting as well as other mass shootings, including Sandy Hook.

Case in point: Two damning videos have surfaced that should knock the socks of of those rational men with the analytical capability to understand the gravity of disturbing facts that have surfaced as a result of the videos. It seems we have another psyop on our hands, intended to foster anti-gun legislstion:

  • David Hogg, the son of a former FBI agent (and reportedly connected to Leon Panetta’s progressive think tank) who was giving news interviews in Redondo Beach, CA six months ago before he resurfaced in South Florida to spearhead a gun grabbing movement – timestamps a video with his own voice that he supposedly recorded while the Parkland School psyop mass shooting was underway. Hogg records the reaction of a fellow crisis actress schoolmate to the mass shooting drill at 9:32 a.m. on February 14 – almost a full 5 hours before the mass shooting began at 2:21 p.m. This is a major bombshell. Those funding the psyop (likely Mr. Soros and other globalists) obviously wanted canned media fodder ready to go when the mass shooting drill was “flipped live” to use Dr. Webster Tarpley’s terminology. (See Hogg’s video above.)
  • In a CNN interview, another poorly prepared crisis actor student spills the beans by admitting police were firing blank rounds at students to “scare” them and “get them trained” before a real mass shooter showed up. This should have provoked a stunned reaction from the CNN shill reporter as soon as it came out of the student’s mouth, that a government-sponsored mass shooting drill was underway the same day as “actual” mass shooting and that police were firing at students! But, the CNN reporter glosses over this stunning revelation and apparently hopes nobody understood the gravity of what this student just said during this live interview. The odds of a  mass shooting drill and an actual mass shooting at a school the same day have to be a million to one. (See the CNN interview below.)

The fact that drills (often identical to purported actual events) have accompanied terror events since 9/11 and accompanied many (if not most/all) mass shootings points to Deep State, clandestine government involvement. In all likelihood, there is a concerted effort to either fake deaths of citizens on a large scale, or worse, the American government is actively killing its own citizens to spur a public outcry for a full gutting of the last line of defense against tyranny: The Second Amendment.

A Nation Running on Lies

It’s hard to know where the lies end and where the truth begins in today’s Alice in Wonderland America. Clearly, the nation is devolving into not only a police state but the greatest social engineering experiment ever known, with multiple government agencies and the mainstream media actively spinning false narratives across the board in order to manipulate the panic-prone populace into giving up liberty for the illusion of security.

Ergo, everything one hears from authority and the media is a lie in 2018.

These are dark times. Realize, the Great Experiment is over. The American republic we once knew and loved is no more. The triumphs of the Founding Fathers are relics supplanted by a treacherous ruling class, and the free society they created has descended into a totalitarian state managed by elite money men hiding behind the curtain.

Those who want to escape the coming tyranny (and the death that usually comes after the populace has been disarmed) might be wise to start making plans to flee coming Socialism and Communism in America, assuming Trump won’t be able to stop the descent into totalitarianism. Or worse, David in this supposed battle with Goliath could be a Trojan Horse and complicit in all that’s happening as he is only symbolic opposition, meant to appease libertarians and the right until they run themselves out of energy from the constant onslaught of Saul Alinsky’s tactics from the  left.

Either way, when a government is manipulating the public mind on this scale, its citizens are in imminent danger. Worse, vigilant citizens are doing the job the Fourth Estate won’t do by unearthing discrepancies such as these, and our narratives have a much harder time bleeding through the Overton Window than those created by the corrupt establishment.

America moves forward, full steam into darkness.

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The Mainstream Media Project: Social Engineering and the Subjugation of Humanity


Rocket launches aren’t the only thing that have been engineered by Faustian (Western) machine culture – your mind has been socially engineered for at least 50 years by Big Media

As the cloistered, mental myopia created by a half century of the dominance of mainstream mierda that controlled the hearts and minds of America gets shattered by the light of day emanating from Realtalk on the Internet, it’s becoming more obvious that television, radio, and film “programming” were intended to do just that. Program the populace, to behave just as the self-appointed masters of humanity want them to.

But, like a break in the storm comparable to the passing of the eye of a Category 5 hurricane, we’ve caught a break in the propaganda onslaught and our masters have been sent scrambling to find new ways of thought control. A replacement for the centralized communication model. Some few see the entirety of the facade for what it is. And our duty is to alert those who can see but don’t to the danger they face.

There are some very smart men in the manosphere. Like this gentleman, who whimsically calls himself “Vagina Dominator”. He gives perhaps the most succinct description of social engineering via mainstream media one can find anywhere.

My point is that these things have *not* been enabled simply by faceless and historically neutral “forces” such as “science” or “technology” or “economics” or “changes in values”.

On the contrary, very great resources have been directed to obtaining exactly these outcomes.

By outcomes, he means single mommery becoming worshiped rather than reviled by society due to social engineering. Men becoming outcasts. Women being told the way to be “good” is to emulate the behavior of men. Men being told the way to be “good” is by transforming themselves into weak bitches. Speaking of outcomes, YouGoGrrl career chicks were unleashed to finish destroying male spaces and male roles in society while destroying themselves at the same time (winding up barren and alone). Gender is to be reduced from a genetic fact to a “social construct” allowing it to be manipulated by propagandists in all sorts of creative ways.

These massive social changes are all part of the Anglo American Androgyny Agenda, and War on Sex, etc. that TNMM so often laments. In the past, we’ve explained how these dystopian effects aren’t happening as a result of “conspiracy” as much as oligarchy, psychopathy, and greed. Vagina Dominator agrees:

The garden variety normie always responds with the phrase “conspiracy theory” when it is suggested that there has been some kind of centrally-directed program of social engineering. This is not just because normies are dumb but because they don’t understand in how many areas they are dumb.

I am not a maths and technology guy, but I do understand that some people are, and they far outstrip me in those areas. They are so good at maths and engineering that they have put satellites circling the earth and so on. Amazing feats of engineering that were achieved because the right people and the right resources were aimed to get those results.

In the same way – and this is something no normie can ever accept – there are people who are very clever at language and storytelling, at under-standing human psychology and at generally framing and re-framing ideas. These clever people have now captured and control Mr. Normie’s (and Ms. Normie’s especially) mind.

If you have a television in your house, you are being manipulated in ways you can’t even fathom. (Women, due to their childlike nature, even more so.) Take it from someone who used to sit behind a camera.

Worse, the insidiousness of the mind-programming is such that it is largely invisible, even though the effects are nothing short of the achievements of the space program – except aimed at domesticating man in such a way he can be subjugated by the elite. And, as Huxley warned, the transformation pulled off with such a deft hand man would ultimately love his servitude.

Here’s how they accomplished this feat.

Just like for the space program, these very clever word-people were brought together with masses of resources behind them – in the media and in politics and the institutions of all kinds (and coincidentally (?) in the same timeline as the space programs) and were assigned their own full-effort “Apollo” program, to entirely change the minds and values of nations.

And they have done it.

And just as there are satellites up there above the earth, put there by an incredible, planned and centralized assignment of talent and expense of wealth, so too what we are seeing now *socially* is the apotheosis of the same kind of an incredible, expensive, and un-natural project.

But this is a secret project that no normie can get his mind around, because he is too stupid to know that he is as stupid at language and psychology as he is at maths and engineering.

As someone with over a decade of experience in the mainstream media before jumping ship because I saw the evil the box was foisting onto the populace, I can attest to the fact this essay is right on the money.

We are in dire straits as a society. Hell, humanity itself is in dire straits if the Anglo American propaganda model comes to dominate the entire world. Worse, the attacks being leveled upon masculinity, femininity, and ultimately humanity have been largely invisible and will remain invisible because they’ve been engineered so well. (One method: Heavy use of the Hegelian Dialectic. You’ll find it EVERYWHERE in modern American politics and media.)

In the meantime, until there’s some sort of upheaval (if ever, considering how passive and docile the American public has become) the best thing those who know they’re being manipulated can do is to follow the wisdom of Howard Beale: Turn off your television sets! Turn them off right now! Turn them off in the middle of the sentence I’m speaking to you now! Turn them off!

Stop the medium of mind control in its tracks.

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CNN Now Openly Promotes Cuckoldry

Sexy, ypoung blonde and two men in luxury apartment, hotel

Cuckoldry is the topic du jour at CNN

It’s already been well-established by scholar Rookh Kshatriya and TNMM that Anglo America contains at its nucleus a 400-year old, deeply embedded cultural misandry that has been unleashed by feminism. As “I am woman, hear me roar” becomes the battle cry of predatory females everywhere, their brothers and sons are turned into pariahs – personas non gratas in a culture that worships at the altar of the labia.

The latest chapter in the mainstream mierda’s ongoing attacks on men and masculinity is a Cuckold News Network (CNN) piece that encourages men to let their wives sleep with other men. The latest attack is levied directly at us, the inhabitants of the manosphere or what the geldings in ivory towers like to call the alt-right:

In our current political climate, the term “cuck” — short for “cuckservative” — has become an insult of the so-called alt-right, aimed at men they view as spineless and emasculated. The slur has its roots in the concept of cuckolding, or having an adulterous partner.

Oh, my. Show us the “progressive” way, you luminaries in cheap suits. CNN now brings in three rent-an-experts to give them “sound bites” for their hit piece:

But, according to a recent study by David Ley, Justin Lehmiller and the writer Dan Savage, acting on cuckolding fantasies can be a largely positive experience for many couples, and hardly a sign of weakness.

Actually, letting a man fuck your woman while you beat off is the very definition of weakness. The entire premise of relationshits is about who garners paternity of any offspring his partner produces. When women have the sperm of several men in her cooch at once, who knows which one fertilized the egg?

Let’s just call this what it is, another piece of propaganda aimed at reducing men from fathers to sperm donors – just as Anglo courts have already done legally. Social engineers want a world in which trashy Maury or Jerry Springer-esque “Who’s Your Daddy?” type talk shows become painful reality for the majority of men.

However, there is a grain of truth to the CNN agitprop piece:

“This fantasy has been around as long as marriage and sexuality,” said Ley, whose book “Insatiable Wives” addresses cuckolding in heterosexual couples. “But we’re hearing more and more about it these days, and more people are rejecting the social stigma against this fantasy.”

As Ann Coulter famously said, liberals at networks like CNN are all about bringing down the load-bearing walls of Western civilization in an effort at totally atomizing it. Making what was once taboo behavior (for a reason) accepted mainstream practice is part and parcel of this nefarious agenda.

Of course, the above reference confirms what we “deplorables” of the alt-right already know. Women crave Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks. Unfortunately for men, Beta Bucks are now forcibly robbed by the welfare state in those instances in which women can’t seduce their way into a man’s wallet.

But cucking men with the power of the state just isn’t enough. Men must literally be conditioned to be willing cucks. Here comes another Cultural Marxism trope, as CNN assails its host culture:

Part of what makes cuckolding arousing for heterosexual men is that they tend to view it as a taboo act. “In a society or culture that idealizes monogamy, the cuckold fantasy is a current narrative that is available to people to conceptualize their sexual fantasies,” said Ley.

CNN closes with a grain of sanity, as it tells readers in the very last paragraph of the screed that maybe it’s better to leave cuckoldry to fantasy rather than making it reality.

For couples who do decide to move forward, it’s important to take things slow. “The reality of watching your spouse have sex with someone else — or knowing they’re doing it, if you’re not there — is often very different than the fantasy.

The closing thought actually cancels out what was said in the rest of the article, in typical mainstream mierda fashion. Circular logic is typical of an industry that really has nothing to say. Take it from someone who was on the inside for over a decade.

This is the state of journalism in America, today. Forced emasculation, YouGoGrrl narratives, and encouraged cuckoldry are considered legitimate topics while men who have a difference of opinion are relentlessly mocked and marginalized.

The way to end the insanity is for the masses of men to realize they hold the cards. This beast, the gynocentric system now plaguing the West cannot survive without the labor of millions of men. The way to end the constant attacks on men, family, and tradition is to stop feeding the beast. Go on strike. Become a minimalist. Become a MGTOW. Become an expat who earns just enough to live abroad half of the time.

Let these bastards see where their bread and butter come from.

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Facebook Stops Calling Stories “Fake News” Because It Makes Them More Believable


Facebook is working overtime to control what you think

There’s a glitch in the matrix. Facebook’s thought control project has run into problems. From The Telgraph:

Facebook is getting rid of its fake news red flags because they were making fabricated media reports appear more believable to its users.

That’s right. When Facebook, intended to be the propaganda arm of new media calls stories “fake news” we peons have learned to trust those stories even more than we would have before. Especially, the “official word” from American Pravda outlets.

The social network began showing “disputed” warnings next to articles in December to alert people that third party fact-checking websites deemed them misleading.

A year later, this effort to keep the public immersed in a brainwashed world of “approved” corporate-government gospel has failed.

By the way, these third party, so-called fact-checking websites are run by people like this: a fattie, her cat, and her Omega male husband. We’ve touched on this odd couple before. Just to show you how trustworthy they are, Omega male reportedly embezzled $100k from his fact-checking company, and the fattie is a BBW escort. These are the people providing the “truth” to the Google and Facebook duopoly.

Facebook has changed tactics, though. Since the masses have lost faith in corporations and government officials that treat them like mushrooms – feeding people shit and keeping them in the dark, Cuck Zuck and Company are attempting to muddy the pure waters of truth as much as possibile. Facebook is now putting “official” stories alongside “fake” stories. (Always remember: Fake stories are true and true stories are fake in the matrix.)

It will now show a selection of “related articles” next to offending stories instead.  These will give more context and could help people learn the facts surrounding a situation through reputable media publications.

“Reputable publications” means CNN, The Bezos Post, The New York Times, the alphabet channels, and other institutions charged with squelching independent thought. And of course, Facefuck will continue demonetizing sites that don’t march lockstep with the totalitarian, globalist agenda. Spokesmouth Tessa Lyons told The Telegraph:

Overall, we’re making progress. Demoting false news (as identified by fact-checkers) is one of our best weapons because demoted articles typically lose 80 percent of their traffic. This destroys the economic incentives spammers and troll farms have to generate these articles in the first place.

Coming soon: A ministry of truth. Expect it. Or worse, an invisible truth ministry that disappears real news before you even get to see it. The matrix wants to control everything you think and are exposed to.

The US is becoming a truly frightening country if you read between the lines of what’s really going on. Thinking men need to start looking beyond the entertainment division of the matrix, i.e. American politics, stop worshiping Trump as the deity he isn’t, and instead peer into what’s really going on. The chains of Socialism are being forged one by one. Bottlenecking free speech will be a major win for the corporate-government complex and its propagandists.

Unless free speech flows unabated, I think the evil we will see from the USSA will ultimately eclipse the evil we saw from past Socialist regimes. What’s so frightening about The American Socialist Revolution is that it’s largely clandestine, not out in the open like past revolutions. Call it a sneaky usurpation of the republic rather than an overt one.

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How Many Sexual Witch Trials are Fake?


Anglo culture is still having witch trials over 300 years after the tragedy in Salem, Massachusetts

Day in and day out we are treated to sexual assault witch trials of mostly heterosexual, white men in the headlines of the corrupt American media, mouthpieces of the globalist establishment. But how many of these accusations are false? How many men unjustly lost jobs or had their reputations destroyed by female lies?

Roy Moore’s senate candidacy ultimately failed because of made-up allegations first floated by despicable, feminist attorney Gloria Allred even though the primary accuser admitted she forged Moore’s signature in her yearbook. Worse, since the allegations worked, and his accuser suffered no consequences for her actions, we’re likely to see even more made-up sex charges. Trump will be targeted by the mob, make no mistake.

It seems sexual assault witch trials are the latest ploy to totally neutralize men in Anglo America. Did the MSM turn their cameras around at Beverly Nelson and look at her story with a skeptical eye after she admitted she “added notes” to her yearbook? Of course not. Due to rampant gynocentrism in Anglo media, a woman can admit to making false accusations that could destroy a man and still get off scot free.

Unfortunately, this sort of rampant hysteria that destroys innocent people is nothing new to Anglo culture. It has a long history going back to Puritan days. Think of the Salem Witch Trials in rural Massachusetts way back then. Only today, men are the “sorcerers” that have to be “purified” of their evil sexual urges. American Thinker took note of this narrative both TNMM and Anglobitch have long been discussing in an interesting article entitled #MeToo: From Salem to Now. Does this sound familiar?

Salem Village, 1692. Young girls, caught up in the frenzied hysteria of rampant devilry and witchcraft as explanations for the problems plaguing Salem Village, led to the accusation of more than 200 men and women of witchery, leading to the execution of 20 innocent people.

Feminists haven’t literally executed anyone yet, but they have executed quite a few men’s good names and bank accounts. The more things change, the more they stay the same:

Today, it is generally believed that these young women and the later accusers voiced their accusations for attention, personal gain, or to capture a moment of relevance in a popular wave of accusations that were then-thought “brave” by local religious leaders, who were both the media criers and political leaders of their day.

How many women are now “riding the wave” of false sexual assault charges today? Worse, the media are judge, jury and executioner in the current climate. And we all know how trustworthy talking heads in cheap suits scrambling for a sensational scoop are.

Here’s some hard data to consider with the accelerating pace of sexual witch trials in the media: 41% of rape accusations are fake, according to the government’s own National Institutes for Health. But why do women lie? Well, beyond what Schopenhauer knew was the innate talent women have for deception and treachery, NIH says:

These false allegations appear to serve three major functions for the complainants: providing an alibi, seeking revenge, and obtaining sympathy and attention.

Well, well. False sexual allegations result from the same female motivations that led to the Salem Witch Trials. I’m not surprised. Are you?

Here are other studies that serve as a testament to how baseless claims, usually made decades after the supposed “assaults” should be viewed with a skeptical eye. From the comments section of a popular men’s blog:

Other researchers have come up with similar numbers for false rape accusations: Gregory and Lees, 1996: 45%. Jordan, 2004: 41%. Chambers and Millar, 1983: 22.4%, Grace et al., 1992: 24%. McDowell and Hibler, 1985: 27%. Buckley, 1992: 25%. Washington Post, Virginia and Maryland, 1991: 25%. Even the lowest number is TEN TIMES the number of false rape allegations that feminists will admit to.

American Thinker rightly suggests rationality rather than media sensationalism and Puritanism reborn as secular feminism should rule the day. Revisiting the Salem Witch Trials:

Myriad lessons were learned from this horrific event. Chief among these is the realization that there is a distinct problem in weaponizing random accusations of wrongdoing amidst mass hysteria about the rampancy of a peculiar moral evil.  That is, innocent men and women are invariably punished when accusations grow from the passions of a frenzied mob.

Frankly, Anglo culture is entering dangerous territory as Socialist social engineers bring down load-bearing cultural walls, legal precedent, and pillars of cultural wisdom gleaned through centuries of experience, one by one. American Thinker’s conclusion should be one of the culture at large, but it isn’t:

Facts should still be stubborn things, and a dearth of convincing facts should still stubbornly presume innocence.  Accused men or women should still be presumed innocent unless it is proven otherwise.  If we lose our grasp on those simple principles because we excitedly get caught up in the zephyr of popular outrage against leftist targets of similar accusations, we cede centuries’ worth of costly-to-win ideological ground.

The longer feminists get by with destroying men on a whim, the harder it will be to reverse this cultural precedent. Soon, if a woman wants a man’s job all she’ll have to do is get in a room alone with them, then cry wolf. Presto! The dude is tossed out on his ass by HR.

P.S. Note to Anglo men: Get those crazy Anglobitches under control before they burn the totality of your civilization down and turn you into literal geldings.

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Exporting Frustration – War and Repression in Anglo America

The military-industrial complex is powered by men it views only as Matrix-style batteries

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

RF’s recent essay, ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy and the Marginalization of Sex in Anglo America’, was one of the most interesting pieces of manosphere writing I have read in many a year. His thesis cleverly linked Anglo-American sexual repression to our culture’s fatal obsession with consumerism and debt slavery. And yes, it is obvious that blue-pilled males slave their pointless lives away for branded commodities assembled in Third World sweat shops to ‘win’ (or try to win) some frosty Anglobitch tail.  Of course, both women and the Matrix have vested interests in maintaining this situation. Women get raised onto marble pedestals by their beta lackeys and the system at large; and by selling debt and dross to pussy-starved betas, the Matrix secures its existence for the foreseeable future. A win-win situation for both parties.

However, sexual repression in the Anglosphere serves an additional purpose: it creates a ready supply of frustrated cannon fodder useful for imposing Anglo matriarchy of other parts of the world. As well as making these deluded Gammas more reckless, prolonged sexual deprivation makes them exalt women as goddesses worth fighting and dying for. In sum, withholding sex from Anglo-American males not only serves the Matrix within the nation state; it helps the Matrix expand its gynocentric agenda beyond the Anglosphere.

The economic inequality fostered by every Anglo-Saxon nation produces a large, alienated underclass defined by low intelligence, limited horizons and cynical conformity. In the UK for example, one third of the population cannot divided 65 by 5 with pencil and paper and almost 20% are functionally illiterate. RF continually shows how clueless most Americans are about the wider world; only 1 in 3 Americans can find Great Britain on a map, for instance. With illiterate mobs coexisting alongside privileged elites, the major Anglosphere nations are more like Third World countries than progressive states such as Norway, Germany or Japan. However, this retarded Anglo underclass does serve one useful purpose: as willing fodder for the military-industrial complex.

For these bone-headed clowns join the military in droves – what other career, apart from criminality, is available to them? And this is where good ol’ Anglo sexual repression kicks in. Sexually disenfranchised males are far more likely to risk life or limb than males with a reproductive stake in the future. Widespread sexual repression not only makes the rabble take risks; it transforms women into semi-divine beings worthy of worship and self-sacrifice. Together, these factors create the perfect background noise to Anglo-American campaigns in ‘patriarchal’ regions.

And these ugly clowns are perfect cannon fodder, if nothing else. Blue collar males in the Anglosphere are deeply damaged by institutional misandry and gynocentric discrimination; they commit suicide in droves; almost 40% die single and childless; their lives are holes of self-loathing concealed by sexual false consciousness and infantile bluster. Largely deprived of the basic human need for sex, they constitute a reserve army of lemmings desperate to escape their tortuous celibacy; even a sniper’s bullet is preferable to that walking death.

Keeping these gammas in a constant state of sexual thirst thus serves the Matrix not only in economic terms (as RF so ably described) but in military terms, too. Being rabbit-brained shills and incapable of rational thought, Anglo women effortlessly conflate their own role in the military-industrial complex with the trendy liberal pacifism they picked up in college (perhaps it should be renamed the military-industrial-sexual complex – an interesting concept indeed).

MSM talking heads foist Anglosphere narratives onto the world

Enter The Talking Heads

Meanwhile, the lamestream media skews all international news with explicit feminist and misandrist narratives, further exciting our incel White Knights with chivalrous indignation. A good example would be Boko Haram, the African Islamist outfit whose massacres of boys are conveniently omitted in most western reportage. Instead we are treated to endless ‘Find Our Girls’ headlines calculated to stir the average Anglochump’s ‘protective’ instincts towards stainless damsels. And so we are left with an ignorant, sexually frustrated horde of unemployable dolts fired up by feminist propaganda to support whatever illegal invasion the Matrix dreams up next.

Truly, the Anglosphere sets all standards of economic, educational and social progress.

I am well-known for my cynicism about Men’s Right’s Activism. Not that their views are wrong – they are not – I just don’t think they can change anything. The reason is not wholly biological, although gender biology plays a role; it is rather that the Anglo-American Matrix is too resilient and well-organized, too integrated and efficient a system to be easily overthrown by AVfM and ‘gender justice’ groups of that ilk.

The Matrix can be compared to an organism which has successfully weathered centuries of evolutionary and environmental pressure and has developed countless defensive mechanisms to secure its own existence. It utilizes gender biology, mass psychology, media, technology, education, money and language to defend itself in ways that are beyond any individual human consciousness (including mine) to completely unravel.

So we in the manosphere need to transcend outmoded narratives of ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’, or the notion that being intellectually ‘right’ makes victory inevitable. We can be proven ‘right’ a thousand times but if nothing ever changes – and it never does – none of it matters. A more effective course for the enlightened man surely lies in self-development (separatism, minimalism, personal growth) and building a new life outside the Anglo-American Matrix.

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