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Exporting Frustration – War and Repression in Anglo America

The military-industrial complex is powered by men it views only as Matrix-style batteries

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

RF’s recent essay, ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy and the Marginalization of Sex in Anglo America’, was one of the most interesting pieces of manosphere writing I have read in many a year. His thesis cleverly linked Anglo-American sexual repression to our culture’s fatal obsession with consumerism and debt slavery. And yes, it is obvious that blue-pilled males slave their pointless lives away for branded commodities assembled in Third World sweat shops to ‘win’ (or try to win) some frosty Anglobitch tail.  Of course, both women and the Matrix have vested interests in maintaining this situation. Women get raised onto marble pedestals by their beta lackeys and the system at large; and by selling debt and dross to pussy-starved betas, the Matrix secures its existence for the foreseeable future. A win-win situation for both parties.

However, sexual repression in the Anglosphere serves an additional purpose: it creates a ready supply of frustrated cannon fodder useful for imposing Anglo matriarchy of other parts of the world. As well as making these deluded Gammas more reckless, prolonged sexual deprivation makes them exalt women as goddesses worth fighting and dying for. In sum, withholding sex from Anglo-American males not only serves the Matrix within the nation state; it helps the Matrix expand its gynocentric agenda beyond the Anglosphere.

The economic inequality fostered by every Anglo-Saxon nation produces a large, alienated underclass defined by low intelligence, limited horizons and cynical conformity. In the UK for example, one third of the population cannot divided 65 by 5 with pencil and paper and almost 20% are functionally illiterate. RF continually shows how clueless most Americans are about the wider world; only 1 in 3 Americans can find Great Britain on a map, for instance. With illiterate mobs coexisting alongside privileged elites, the major Anglosphere nations are more like Third World countries than progressive states such as Norway, Germany or Japan. However, this retarded Anglo underclass does serve one useful purpose: as willing fodder for the military-industrial complex.

For these bone-headed clowns join the military in droves – what other career, apart from criminality, is available to them? And this is where good ol’ Anglo sexual repression kicks in. Sexually disenfranchised males are far more likely to risk life or limb than males with a reproductive stake in the future. Widespread sexual repression not only makes the rabble take risks; it transforms women into semi-divine beings worthy of worship and self-sacrifice. Together, these factors create the perfect background noise to Anglo-American campaigns in ‘patriarchal’ regions.

And these ugly clowns are perfect cannon fodder, if nothing else. Blue collar males in the Anglosphere are deeply damaged by institutional misandry and gynocentric discrimination; they commit suicide in droves; almost 40% die single and childless; their lives are holes of self-loathing concealed by sexual false consciousness and infantile bluster. Largely deprived of the basic human need for sex, they constitute a reserve army of lemmings desperate to escape their tortuous celibacy; even a sniper’s bullet is preferable to that walking death.

Keeping these gammas in a constant state of sexual thirst thus serves the Matrix not only in economic terms (as RF so ably described) but in military terms, too. Being rabbit-brained shills and incapable of rational thought, Anglo women effortlessly conflate their own role in the military-industrial complex with the trendy liberal pacifism they picked up in college (perhaps it should be renamed the military-industrial-sexual complex – an interesting concept indeed).

MSM talking heads foist Anglosphere narratives onto the world

Enter The Talking Heads

Meanwhile, the lamestream media skews all international news with explicit feminist and misandrist narratives, further exciting our incel White Knights with chivalrous indignation. A good example would be Boko Haram, the African Islamist outfit whose massacres of boys are conveniently omitted in most western reportage. Instead we are treated to endless ‘Find Our Girls’ headlines calculated to stir the average Anglochump’s ‘protective’ instincts towards stainless damsels. And so we are left with an ignorant, sexually frustrated horde of unemployable dolts fired up by feminist propaganda to support whatever illegal invasion the Matrix dreams up next.

Truly, the Anglosphere sets all standards of economic, educational and social progress.

I am well-known for my cynicism about Men’s Right’s Activism. Not that their views are wrong – they are not – I just don’t think they can change anything. The reason is not wholly biological, although gender biology plays a role; it is rather that the Anglo-American Matrix is too resilient and well-organized, too integrated and efficient a system to be easily overthrown by AVfM and ‘gender justice’ groups of that ilk.

The Matrix can be compared to an organism which has successfully weathered centuries of evolutionary and environmental pressure and has developed countless defensive mechanisms to secure its own existence. It utilizes gender biology, mass psychology, media, technology, education, money and language to defend itself in ways that are beyond any individual human consciousness (including mine) to completely unravel.

So we in the manosphere need to transcend outmoded narratives of ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’, or the notion that being intellectually ‘right’ makes victory inevitable. We can be proven ‘right’ a thousand times but if nothing ever changes – and it never does – none of it matters. A more effective course for the enlightened man surely lies in self-development (separatism, minimalism, personal growth) and building a new life outside the Anglo-American Matrix.

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5 Hopeful Signs Pointing Towards Imminent Swamp Drainage in Washington, D.C.


Hollywood actor and producer James Woods said it best: “When #Democrats start wheeling out clowns dressed as saloon hookers, they are trying desperately to swerve away from the news. #UraniumOne.”

It’s a very interesting and entertaining time to be keeping an eye on politics. Big happenings are transpiring and forthcoming. Could the swamp (a.k.a. Washington, D.C.) be facing imminent drainage?

There are signs of the drain finally being pulled coming from alternative media sources. As usual, the mainstream media is completely out to lunch on what is actually happening. Here are 5 early signs from our side that Deep State, Inc. and its subsidiaries in the CIA/FBI could be facing possible ruination of their plans for world domination at the hands of Donald Trump and Co.

  • The mainstream media is ramping up airplay of emotional, racially-charged and totally baseless claims on Donald Trump. They’re desperate to turn the public against him, but they remain totally discredited. The American public has known they’re liars for a long time. Hilariously, the Democrats are wheeling out race baiters like Frederica Wilson, who dresses like a saloon hooker to level totally baseless attacks against POTUS on nightly news broadcasts.
  • Senators Flake and Corker have announced they won’t seek reelection “in protest” of Donald Trump. At least, that’s the word from the corrupt media. The truth is, Flake wouldn’t have been reelected anyway, and Corker is up the creek without a paddle for his part in an insider trading scandal.
  • The Clintons could be thrown to the wolves by the elite. As Infowars is reporting: The CIA-controlled “MSM setting up downfall of Clintons to make persecution of Trump not seem political.” The House is also opening a probe into the Obama-era Uranium One deal. Here’s the inside scoop: Remember the Oregon ranchers who were standing up against the federal government’s land grab, then one of the ranchers (Lavoy Finicum) being mowed down ambush-style by the FBI? The land grab happened because the ranchers have uranium ore on their land. Land the Clintons wanted to sell to the Russians.
  • Presidents George W. Bush and Obama, who supposedly couldn’t stand one another are now best buddies, appearing on stage together, laughing, embracing, and have suddenly decided to gang up on Donald Trump, with talk of not believing “conspiracy theories” the day Trump announced the release of files that could implicate Bush I in the death of an American president. Could it be they both answer to the same globalist bosses?
  • 3,000 secret documents on the JFK assassination are set to be released. Here’s what Roger Stone, well-connected to the Trump administration says is in this bombshell release: 1) a full CIA psychological profile of Lee Harvey Oswald; 2) Detailed information about his mysterious trip to Mexico City that happened just before the shooting; 3) The full diaries of E. Howard Hunt, contracted CIA serial killer. These documents could be the “smoking gun” proving at long last the Deep State/CIA/FBI killed a sitting President to get the ball started rolling towards the New World Order.

In short, the wheels are coming off the globalist wagon. Even better, Trump has inspired anti-establishment candidates to run for office and be elected worldwide. While the learned man still watches any political machinations with a jaundiced eye, as we have repeatedly questioned Trump’s motives and intentions as any political realist should, these are encouraging signs.

If nothing else, it’s entertaining to watch 4 out of 5 former presidents scrambling as though they’re vampires trying to escape the coming light of day now that political nukes are sitting under each of their asses and Trump has his finger on the trigger. Events seem to be building towards a coming climax as the behemoth Deep State and its underlings (i.e. puppet Presidents and their minions) face judgment day. (All presidents except Jimmy Carter appear desperate to get out in front of these coming narratives before they drop. Incidentally, Jimmy the Peanut finally came out and said the much-ballyhooed Trump-Russia election tampering narrative was horseshit over the weekend – further evidence the elite are ready to throw Billy Jeff and Killary overboard.)

If Trump is an imposter, he’s putting on a helluva show. If he isn’t an imposter, and has the goods, this could be a watershed moment for a renaissance to the principles many of us have hoped and worked for so long.

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Hurricane Hysteria Feeds the Global Warming Agenda


More predictions of apocalypse as the media hypes every weather event imaginable

The United States has had two major hurricane strikes in 2017. Our hearts go out to those affected by the tragedies. But what The Corrupt Media didn’t tell you was the nation just went through the longest period since the Civil War without a major hurricane strike. Before 2017, the last major hurricane (Category 3 or higher) to hit the country was Wilma way back in 2005.

If people live along the coastline in Hurricane Alley, should they really be surprised when one of these storms comes around? It’s the equivalent of building a nice home at the foot of Kilauea in Hawaii and then acting surprised and upset when there’s lava in the living room.

Watching the talking heads on the alphabet channels, you’d think the end of humanity was here and it’s all caused by your Honda’s unbaptized tailpipe. (As an important side note, carbon is the foundation of all life on earth and carbon dioxide is a very weak greenhouse gas.) Once again, the dishonest US media are going into overdrive with their apocalyptic headlines as Hurricane Maria bears down on Puerto Rico, and spinning narratives as though humans are to blame for storms that have existed as long as there’s been a planet for them to form on.

AndersonYes, these storms are terrible. Yes, we hate to see the human tragedy (often falsely magnified by a sensation-hungry media as one can see with Anderson Blooper’s lies thus revealed in the meme left) playing out before our eyes.

Maria, like Harvey and Irma, is a dangerous storm. But, here’s something the drama queens in the lamestream media won’t tell you. Hurricane force winds only extend out 30 miles from the center! The 160 mph winds are in a smaller area than that…only a few miles from the center! The storm looks ominous and foreboding on computer graphic depictions of it, but the area of danger is actually confined to a very small area of the overall storm.

My Latin friends I talked to on Hispaniola are closely watching Maria, but Dominicans and Puerto Ricans have more common sense about weather than the US media, constantly trying to scare people for ratings and the global warming agenda. They will prepare, and if necessary get out of the way. But all the drama from ratings hungry empty heads in cheap suits really isn’t necessary. What ever happened to science and reason? Should people who live in areas where hurricanes have formed since time immemorial not expect them to come around for a visit once in a while?

Also, as an interesting and somewhat disturbing footnote…the question has been raised in some circles: Is the U.S. making these storms worse by beaming trillion watt lasers into them? It sounds far out. Crazy, even. But a noted physicist, Michio Kaku says it is possible to increase rainfall inside existing storms (and possibly even create rain under favorable circumstances) using existing technology. By firing trillion watt lasers into storm systems, the processes which make rainfall are intensified. Could it also intensify winds? He says the experiments have “so far” been limited to the lab. But, if the Establishment is admitting it’s possible to modify weather in the lab, does that mean they’re already doing it in reality?

There is reason to think weather modification would be high on the list of priorities for the American power structure. And while intensifying storms with laser beams sounds far-fetched, realize cosmic rays emanating from supernovae explosions are deeply tied in with the cycle of cloud production and temperature regulation on our planet. As Nikola Tesla famously quoted:

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Does the U.S. have technology that’s far more advanced than the public knows? Are they using it to advance an agenda? Or all they just continuing to cry wolf every time there’s a storm?

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Anglo Culture is Deadly for Both Sexes, But Media Only Focus on Female Suicide


MSM was stunned to learn how high suicide rates are among men

It seems Anglo culture doesn’t just drive people to drug addiction, it also drives them to off themselves at ever-increasing rates. While the male suicide rate is some 4 times higher than the female suicide rate, as one would expect in a gynocentric culture news headlines only focus on protecting the pussy.

Only after the suicide death of Soundgarden musician Chris Cornell did NBC News broach the subject of male suicide in America. Unsurprisingly, white male suicide is rising, since white males are being made into pariahs in their own culture. Their families, females, respect, and roles totally stripped from them while backbreaking labor and debt slavery are increased.

NBC News was shocked to learn men comprise the vast majority of suicide deaths. We here at TNMM aren’t surprised. From the NBC News report on Chris Cornell’s death:

Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that Cornell was one of scores of middle-aged American men who took their own lives on Wednesday: 121 Americans die by suicide each day, according to the Centers for Disease Control — and 93 of them are men.

Yep, 76% of all suicides are male. A similar number are white.

In fact, American men make up the bulk of suicides nationwide. Victims of death by suicide are overwhelmingly white (7 out of 10), male and — just like Cornell — between the ages of 45 and 65.

Of course, NBC News quickly went off the rails after publishing these statistics, making the astonishing claim that once men empty their wallets at the quack’s office, letting the medical-pharmaceutical establishment make money off their suffering by giving them dangerous SSRIs, the problem will magically resolve itself.

“Men notoriously don’t seek help,” said Julie Cerel, president of the American Association of Suicidology and a professor at the University of Kentucky School of Social Work. “And as people are aging and at a place in their lives where the world isn’t looking the way they want, men especially don’t know how to reach out and get help or express that they’re feeling pain.”

Translation: White men need to come to us for powerful psychoactive drugs and accept their new roles as personas non grata in Anglo America.

Oh, by the way, women “fake” more suicide attempts than men to get attention. When men make the move to commit suicide, more often than not its for real.

While women make more suicide attempts, using less-lethal methods like overdosing on medication, men are more likely to use a deadly firearm. And they are less likely to tell anyone that they are struggling, before taking actions that are often seen as sudden and unexpected.

The problem will only get worse as time goes on. In its insanity and its death throes, Faustian culture (referencing Decline of the West, a founding philosophy here at TNMM) is literally trying to turn people into machines. Profit-making machines. Their biology, their humanity, their mind, their possibilities all pushed aside so they can become profit-producing cash cows for a power-mad elite. Humanity will be expected to dedicate the entire course of its citizens’ lives to the almighty system in exchange for a pittance.

There are two possibilities if the horrifying world envisioned by the Anglo-American Matrix takes over:

1) Humanity will go extinct as absolute power corrupts absolutely. Moves are already being made to control men and women from cradle to grave, domesticating them into subjects of an evil cabal of 1% of the human population. Social engineering and the marginalization of sexuality and the human family are only the beginning.

2) Life as we have known it throughout human history is over and won’t be worth living. We will be assimilated into the “Borg” corporate collective with the masses never realizing what was taken from them.

Men who can see some aspects (if not the total picture) of this nightmare existence already impacting their lives and possibilities sometimes choose to off themselves rather than fighting back, since the situation seems so hopeless.

Meantime, the media continue to focus on the “what can we do about female suicide” narrative and completely ignore their best and brightest men disappearing in droves.

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Jack-o-Lantern at Vogue Magazine Criticizes Melania Trump’s Fashion Sense

Street Style - Day 7 - New York Fashion Week Spring 2014

Behold, Vogue magazine’s fashion guru

Our apologies if anyone just lost their lunch. But, this is the fashion editor at Vogue magazine. Her/his/its name is Lynn Yaeger. As Vogue’s resident fashion guru, she/he/it just typed up a saucy screed that went viral chastising Melania Trump for her choice to wear high heels to Texas as the First Lady surveyed hurricane damage with The Don.

Here’s an excerpt from the Vogue article:

Oh, Melania.

In the words of the late, great Lou Reed, you “couldn’t hit it sideways.”
First the now–First Lady (perhaps unwittingly) plagiarizes Michelle Obama in her convention speech, then she takes as her platform a crusade against bullying—when she is married to unquestionably the greatest cyber bully in political history—and now this!

This morning, Mrs. Trump boarded Air Force One wearing a pair of towering pointy-toed snakeskin heels better suited to a shopping afternoon on Madison Avenue or a girls’ luncheon at La Grenouille.

First of all, Ronald McDonald’s grandmother shouldn’t be offering condescending fashion tips to the immaculately dressed Ms. Trump. Secondly, the backlash Yaeger’s hit piece (disguised as humor) created only serves to highlight how insular and disconnected the mainstream media is from the average American. This is great fashion writing from a luminary in the field in the minds of deranged leftists.

What’s more, the hit piece is based on a false premise, typical of mainstream media. Ms. Trump might have boarded the big bird in heels, but by the time she landed in Corpus Christi she wasn’t wearing heels at all. She was in sneakers, ready to hit the ground running. But that didn’t halt the improvised narratives. Reason and rationality are the first things to go out the window when writing up MSM hit pieces.

It’s almost hard to believe this woman/man/thing is considered a fashion expert. A background check reveals she has been writing for Vogue and The Village Voice for quite some time. Check out the praise heaped upon pumpkin head by delusional institutions of “journalism” in America. From Wikipedia:

Yaeger is also a regular contributor to The New York Times, Style Magazine, American Vogue, Travel & Leisure, and countless antiques & collectibles dealers. Lynn is also a fashion columnist for Full Frontal Fashion, a style website in association with Sundance Channel. She is known for her eccentric personal style, powdered face and dark, cupid’s-bow lipstick as well as cutting her own hair.

Eccentric isn’t a good word. Best to put it “vomit-inducing” personal style. In any case, MSM bootlickers love to give each other awards and slobber on each other’s knobs at news industry trade shows.

In 2008 Lynn won first place in the National Society of Newspaper Columnists’ category of humor writing for newspapers with more than 100,000 circulation.

AP Awards and all the other awards “journalists” like to give each other are also nothing but trade show promotions from industry insiders to other industry insiders, by the way. Remember that next time you see a local news station bragging on all the wonderful “awards” they’ve won. When I worked in the news business, I saw a young man who could barely put a sentence together win an Edward R. Murrow award. Seriously, I did.

While the jury is still out on whether Trump is for us or against us, the relentless attacks from the left on the First Family are getting old. Especially when they come from creatures from the black lagoon or other sorts of miscreants. How much deeper will the MSM’s credibility crater before they realize they’re only talking to themselves rather than a credulous audience?

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Watch: CNN Needs Sensitivity Training – Houston Woman Blows Up About Shameless Exploitation of Flooding Tragedy

Maybe CNN needs some sensitivity training. In their mad pursuit of a scoop, they just provoked a black Hurricane Harvey victim into having an emotional breakdown live on camera. But hey, it’s good for ratings and their brand! She “told her story” to use MSM jargon.

It’s becoming clearer by the day the public is onto the fact the American media is corrupt and vicious as hell. We all know they swoop in like vultures to feed on every new tragedy like its fresh carrion, each “journalist” trying to outdo the other with the most sensational scoop. Case in point: The CNN vulture in this clip, a Ms. Diaz, isn’t sensitive or caring towards the shaken lady she plucks from the crowd of devastated Harvey flooding survivors to exploit for her tears and suffering.

No, she is hoping to exploit this mother’s personal tragedy for a lead. Diaz wants fresh meat for the CNN grinder. For that offense, Diaz should be the first CNN talking head sent to sensitivity training. Anderson Blooper, Blinky the Owl (Wolf Blitzer) and The Lush (Don Lemon) can follow, along with the remaining gaggle of glib assclowns.

Of course, the liberal network only feigns sensitivity and concern because it’s good PR. The reality, as we see here, is sociopathic TV news people are almost universally wolves in sheep’s clothing. What should CNN be doing rather than playing musical chairs with flooding victims, doing rotating interviews? Here’s a hint, assholes: These are real people facing a real tragedy. Maybe you should put that fucking mic down and get this lady some dry clothing and buy her a hot meal with CNN’s credit card before putting her in front of a live audience of millions of people. (Incidentally, this incident lends itself to my theory that Anglo culture has totally lost its humanity in the reckless pursuit of profit and power. Corporations fake sympathy very well, but offer very little actual sympathy towards the cares and concerns of average people.)

Rather than doing something to actually help this flooding victim and her young girls, Diaz exploits her to fill airtime with raw emotion, feeding the monster a 24/7 sensationalist news cycle has bred. Her plan for a quick and easy hit of emotion that looks good on camera and bolsters her resume reel backfires. She picks the wrong lady to exploit. And the lady lets her fucking know it.

Remember this maxim as you watch the reporter offer faux sympathy: If it bleeds, it leads, and if it burns it earns. That cliché is well-known in every news room. And it is how the beast known as mainstream media operates. If there isn’t any real drama happening, these reporters will create drama. This lady’s life was burning down, and of course CNN only saw it as a chance to do an extreme close up.

The Houston resident being interviewed to polish CNN’s brand (and to add a log to the fire of the fake global warming problem) loses it during the interview and Realtalk – the very type of talk the media and Silicon Valley are trying to render extinct – surges forth. Her exasperation with the talking heads is relatable, because she expresses what so many of us who have been marginalized and slandered by the mainstream media feel every single day. Get out of our faces and out of our lives with your fake and exploitative news!

Someone give that poor Hurricane Harvey survivor a hug, make sure her and her girls are taken care of, and (figuratively) slap the shit out of the CNN vultures. But, there’s good news arising from this scene. An outburst like this on live TV lets us know the public is growing weary of every tragedy being exploited by those well-versed in faux sympathy.  Here you have a network actively trying to incite race riots for both ratings and a globalist agenda acting like they’re down with the people.

This lady ain’t buying the fakeness. And neither is an increasing segment of the once asleep American populace.

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The Purge of Dissidents Has Begun: We Need 1,000,000 New Blogs


America is in the midst of a Socialist Revolution, and a purge of dissident voices has begun

Share the fuck out of this. And start writing. Start talking. Start dissenting.

The corporate oligarchy, known at TNMM as the corporate-government complex, has begun its purge of dissenting voices who oppose the ongoing Socialist revolution in America and the possible genocide of an entire ethnic group if this situation gets out of hand.

If you are a minority, you should not celebrate nor be happy about the coordinated attacks being launched on white people. Because once white people have been debased, their history destroyed, and the government they were instrumental in creating replaced, the Sword of Damocles of the elite will be dangling over your head next. You will be targeted for subjugation assimilation into the same tyranny.

This is not the time for division. All races and all genders must unite against this common foe. The media is spinning this into a war of everybody vs. whitey. Don’t fall for it.

If you have even one iota of concern for the coming loss of freedom and dignity in this world once the American constitutional republic is destroyed and replaced by New World Order tyranny, you need to start a blog. You need to start writing. You need to start speaking out. Do it now. Time is of the essence. We desperately need mass dissent from 1,000,000 or more voices coming from 1,000,000 or more blogs. We need to challenge every narrative foisted upon the populace by the corporate-controlled media.

We need to get louder. Much louder. The Establishment may silence 100 or 1,000 or even 10,000 voices, but it will be impossible to stop millions of dissenting voices.

We’ve already seen several thoughtcrime “right-wing” blogs taken down, or the sites crippled by financial censorship. Sites like Google and its subsidiary Blogger, PayPal and others are de-listing and silencing opposition to corporate media narratives and their shameless, elite-funded agitprop. In some cases, entire blogs are being taken down. This is only the beginning of a Socialist purge.

The Russia narrative didn’t work when it came to hanging President Trump (who TNMM has repeatedly criticized as a possible pawn or complicit in the NWO agenda) so now the left – useful idiots of the globalists – are trying to foment a race war in the United States. We must not let it happen. Once a war starts, every freedom we have will be usurped and the Establishment will have the pretext it needs to topple the remains of the Constitution and impose mandatory RFID-chipping or other nefarious aims on the public.

We’ve seen the virulent propaganda from cheap whores in the mainstream media condemning the “boogermen” who don’t want history destroyed, nor to be called names like racist or xenophobe being ramped up. The media intentionally targets fringe groups like Nazis so it can place entire movements under the same banner.  It is setting up the narrative if one opposes what they’re doing, they’re automatically a racist. Don’t fall for it, and don’t be intimidated by it.

Anyone who reads TNMM regularly knows this is not a white supremacist blog. In fact, we roundly criticize Anglos and other whites, but the criticism here is intended to be constructive. The daily media propaganda seeks to turn every white person into a racist.


This is a photo proving the alt-left came to Charlottesville with violence in mind

The hypocrisy of media narratives is stunning in that it leaves the alt-left completely totally blameless for violence of the type we saw in Thomas Jefferson’s hometown of Charlottesville (did you notice that’s where elite-funded groups were sent to wreak havoc?!) even though the left were armed with flamethrowers and other weapons, and the assembly was designed to create a clash as it forced right and left wing protesters together in a classic pincer movement. Expect more “designer” riots and conflicts like this, carefully crafted and engineered by social engineers, then exploited for propaganda purposes by the ministers of propaganda at the alphabet channels and other networks.

The dangers of corporate controlled media thus told, we will leave you with the poignant words of fictional newscaster Howard Beale. This 1976 speech is more relevant now than ever when it comes to combating carefully crafted mainstream media agitprop.

We deal in Illusions man, none of it is true! But you people sit there day after day and night after night; all ages, colors, creeds: We’re all you know! You’re beginning to believe the illusions we’re spinning here! You’re beginning to think that the tube is reality- and that your own lives are unreal! You DO whatever the tube tells you, you dress like the tube you eat like the tube, you raise your children like the tube, you even think like the tube!

This is mass madness you maniacs! In God’s name you people are the real thing-We are the illusion! So turn off you television sets, turn it off now, turn them off right now!

Turn off your televisions if you haven’t already. Abandon the propaganda of the corporate media. Everything you need to know is online. What the world needs from you are your reports, your eyewitness accounts, your opinions, and your dissent. But not just yours, everyone with a concern for living in a free and open society must start raising hell using their Freedom of Speech before it’s too late.

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