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The Deep State Runs the American Government


An argument can be made the people haven’t been running the show for a long time

The U.S. may soon be at war with Syria over false pretenses. President Trump just pledged a “forceful” response to a (more than likely false flag) chemical attack supposedly orchestrated by the Syrian government that killed dozens. Of course, the public relations line is the saintly American government (self-appointed moral authority of the world) is so outraged by this tragedy it’s going to go kill some more people so this will “never happen again.”

The truth is the matrix has long been searching for a way to start another war in the Middle East, and a supposed chemical weapons attack has given them a pretext to bring “freedom” (which is really slavery) to Syria. When Trump brought in Neocon John Bolton to serve as his national security advisor, it was obvious the D.C. swamp had manipulated Don into acquiescing to the desires of the shadow government. A hawkish prick like Bolton (who served under Bush II) is the personification of a hammer always searching for a nail.

But, the swamp isn’t done tightening its thumbscrew around the president’s finger. The vortex of evil that is Washington, D.C. continued turning this vice grip with FIB’s (the FBI’s) recent search and seizure of Trump banking and campaign finance documents. FIB recently raided the offices of longtime Trump attorney Michael Cohen fishing for legal albatrosses to hang around the president’s neck.

Reading between the lines, the calculation is obviously: “You either play along with what we in the Deep State want, Mr. President or we’ll have you impeached over ‘trumped up’ charges.” Why? The military-industrial complex needs to maintain a constant state of war to be profitable, and the matrix wants to expand its influence in the patriarchal Middle East.

It’s actually stunning how quickly Trump has been neutralized by the shadow government. That is, if he isn’t a knowing accomplice and a willing fall guy meant to weaken the authority of the office to begin with. His presidency is turning out to be virtually indistinguishable from what Hillary’s would have been. The gun confiscation agenda is still proceeding full steam ahead, as is an Orwellian censorship agenda. Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer just got the Omnibus spending nightmare signed, Planned Parenthood is fully funded, the wall is unfunded, and Trump has broken just about every campaign promise he made.

What amazes me is how the masses don’t see through the smoke and mirrors. It doesn’t matter who is in office. The results are still the same because the government is answering to elites, not the people. To me, the only question that remains is this. When did the U.S. stop being a democratic republic and morph into an oligarchy? An argument can be made that the people haven’t been running the show for a good while. America’s first Socialist president FDR wrote this chilling paragraph way back in 1933:

The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.

Future historians might argue the American republic never really escaped the control of bankers, as FDR alluded to. Those who make laws matter much less than those who control the money supply.

While it’s true that even in the days of FDR banking cartels held unwarranted influence in Washington, the moment moneyed powers delivered the final coup to democratic political forms and authorities (to use Spengler’s terms – who predicted democracy would end as the money men took over) was in 1963. I now believe Kennedy was the last president to resist the growing influence of the Deep State, and he lost his life for doing so. Since then, we’ve been living in a sort of psuedo-democracy managed by money men. Voting is worthless, as the election of Trump has proven.

Until the masses realize how compromised their government is, things will never change. Going to the voting booth like a rat pressing a feeder bar to get a food pellet is tantamount to filling out a comment card for a slave’s suggestion box. Nothing will change until the money men are eliminated. As Spengler knew, the only force that can conquer money is blood.

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Where Was CNN On Obama’s Alleged Gay, Coke-Fueled Affair


Obama’s alleged gay, coke-fueled love affair has been out in the open for a decade, but few have ever heard of Larry Sinclair

Left-leaning propaganda outlet CNN recently became very hot and bothered over an alleged bombshell interview between Anderson Blooper and porn star Stormy Daniels. In their minds, finally they’d have a classic Anglo-American sex scandal with which to hang the current straight, white male president they hate so much. The cherry on top was an openly gay interviewer persecuting a heterosexual president for banging a floozy before an audience of millions.

But, the ruse backfired. As the interview came and went it only further cemented the Clown News Network’s image as a fake news outlet. That said, isn’t one decades-old, alleged sex scandal as good as another?

Showing CNN’s extreme bias, a comparable story with just as much (or more) evidence was almost totally ignored. Larry Sinclair has claimed since 2008 that he and then Senator Obama had a coke-fueled gay love affair together. But, it never became a major issue during Obama’s presidential campaign or during his regime. In the press conference video linked above, Sinclair told reporters Obama’s gay affair (which happened while he was married to Michelle) began at a bar called Alibi’s:

I mentioned I could use a line or two to wake up. Senator Obama asked me if I was referring to coke and I stated that I was. After stating that I was Obama stated he could purchase cocaine for me and then made a telephone call. Senator Obama and I then departed the bar in a limousine and proceeded to an unknown location where Senator Obama exited the limousine with $250 which was provided to him by me, returned a short while later with an eight ball of cocaine which he then gave to me.

This is where Obama’s purported gay lover drops a graphic, detailed sex scandal in the lap of the anti-sex, scandal-hungry press. But, since it’s gay sex and not straight sex it seems they decided to keep it hush hush. Sinclair continues:

I did ingest a couple of lines of cocaine and shortly thereafter and shortly thereafter Senator Obama produced a glass pipe and packet of crack cocaine from his pocket. Obama then smoked the cocaine. I performed fellatio on Senator Obama in the limousine during the time Senator Obama was smoking crack cocaine. After which, I had the driver take me to my hotel at the Comfort Suites, Gurnee, Illinois. The following day, November 7, 1999 Senator Obama appeared at my hotel room unannounced, uninvited where we again ingested cocaine and I again performed fellatio on Senator Obama. Significantly, both the driver’s telephone call to Senator Obama and his telephone call to the drug dealer should appear on the driver’s and Senator Obama’s cell phone billing statements.

Why wasn’t Anderson Blooper sent down to blow (heh) this story wide open in a much-ballyhooed 60 Minutes interview? Does the subject matter hit too close to home? (I personally knew a gay anchor who loved coke-fueled sex parties.) Importantly, Sinclair resurfaced during the Stormy Daniels news coverage to claim he had much more evidence (credit card receipts, cell phone records connecting Obama to a drug dealer, etc.) than the former porn star. But, Anglo media wouldn’t give him the time of day.

There are also reports Obama had quite a few gay flings like this one. So, the former president seems to have a history of cheating on Michelle.

If the fact few people know the name Larry Sinclair but everyone in America knows the name Stormy Daniels doesn’t prove the gross extent of Anglo media bias, and outright vitriol fake news presenters have towards heterosexuals, libertarians, and conservatives nothing will. The talking heads in cheap suits completely glossed over a ready-made sex scandal, subject matter they normally salivate over. But, the sexual orientation and the political leanings of the subjects were part of the in-group rather than the out-group. So, no media circus resulted.

Have you destroyed your TV yet?

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FOSTA and CLOUD Acts Give American Police State the Power to Micromanage Speech


Rights are being destroyed on a daily basis in the new USSA

The U.S. government continues making bold, tyrannical moves while citizens do nothing but complain about its transgressions against liberty online. Worse, many tyrannical moves go unreported by the media, or don’t receive the emphasis they deserve.

While former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is now openly calling for the 2nd Amendment to be repealed in a David Hogg-wild Brave New World, Congress has launched an attack on the First Amendment under the guise of the FOSTA act. As reported by Reason magazine:

The U.S. Senate just passed one of the worst bills in recent memory, the so-called “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act” (FOSTA) that cleared the House of Representatives in late February.

Now FOSTA is off to President Trump’s desk to be made official. As we are well aware of by now, Trump is a Trojan Horse who made a lot of noise about upholding conservative values while betraying his base at every turn after ascension to the throne. No doubt, FOSTA will be signed, marking Trump’s latest let-down.

What does the bill do? Plainly stated, FOSTA is a bill that’s an overt attack on the First Amendment.

This is the measure that would make online prostitution ads a federal crime and decimate Section 230, the federal provision shielding web publishers and platforms from certain legal liabilities for the things that users post. It’s largely portrayed as a response to Backpage, but its reach goes far far beyond that.


While you were sleeping: The passage of FOSTA means another personal liberty has been taken away. Craigslist personals users now find this cryptic disclaimer online

Indeed, cloaking the true intentions of FOSTA in a cloud of Puritanical sexual repression was a master stroke of the corporate-government complex. They know the prevailing culture well.

Anglo culture’s squeamishness about sex (and especially sex for hire like that found on Backpage) means this bill has faced little resistance. At face value, FOSTA is supposed to be about stopping sex trafficking. (Note our masters aren’t even bothering to call it human trafficking, anymore.) But, the bill is really about giving digital gatekeepers a reason – and incentive if they want to stay in business – to start micromanaging speech in real-time online. Expect a push for A.I. that polices what people are typing as they type it. Otherwise, web site and app operators could face massive penalties and prison time (up to 25 years) when those who use their services do illegal things like rent a sexual encounter. And later, express ideas that aren’t state-approved.

The bill hasn’t even been signed yet and already Craigslist has removed its personals section, Backpage now only allows women to post photos and a phone number, and Badoo now offers an Orwellian feature for users to report “inappropriate” or “against the law” individual personal messages to the thought police that manage the web site.

Only two Senators objected to the bill, illustrating how bought off Congress is. Rand Paul was one. A liberal from the Pacific Northwest was the other. From Reason:

“In the absence of Section 230, the internet as we know it would shrivel,” warned Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) from the Senate floor Wednesday. “Civic organizations protecting their right to free speech could be [ruined] by their more powerful political opponents” and “there would be an enormous chilling effect on speech in America.” That’s why big companies like Facebook like efforts like this to weaken it, Wyden added—”because it would pull up the ladder in the tech world” so new companies couldn’t afford to get in.

Yes, the bill also helps further cement established tech monopolies. Oh, and then there’s this little gem. The CLOUD Act was also sneaked into the Ominibus spending bill. What does the CLOUD Act do? Why, it further destroys your online privacy. The Anti-Media gives us the rundown of which liberties have been taken away by it. The CLOUD Act will:

  • Enable foreign police to collect and wiretap people’s communications from U.S. companies, without obtaining a U.S. warrant.
  • Allow foreign nations to demand personal data stored in the United States, without prior review by a judge.
  • Allow the U.S. president to enter “executive agreements” that empower police in foreign nations that have weaker privacy laws than the United States to seize data in the United States while ignoring U.S. privacy laws.
  • Allow foreign police to collect someone’s data without notifying them about it.
  • Empower U.S. police to grab any data, regardless if it’s a U.S. person’s or not, no matter where it is stored.

The FOSTA bill is likely to face some opposition in the court system, but the CLOUD Act probably won’t. Ultimately, Americans can chalk another liberty lost up to the fact they’ve become a nation of sheeple begetting a government of wolves.

This move WILL NOT stop at sex trafficking. In fact, TNMM predicts it won’t stop until the whole of online human conduct and speech is micromanaged by tech overlords obeying tyrannical dictates of the pseudo-democratic republic the USSA has become.

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Trump the Trojan Horse


Some are surprised by Trump’s betrayals – TNMM is not

With the signing of the Omnibus spending bill Trump has delivered back to back slaps in the face to his base. As a result Trump’s signature campaign promise, the border wall is on hiatus. (Building a wall is a stupid idea anyway, because the demographic tidal wave that has permanently changed America into a polyglot boarding house has already crashed ashore.) Gleeful Democrats got everything they wanted out of the spending bill, prompting Pelosi to gloat “We were able to accomplish more than when we held the majority.”

This latest betrayal comes on the heels of Trump’s infamous gun control commentary in which he told legislators “take the guns first, due process second” in a meeting with top Demicans and Republicrats in the White House.

While there is solace in the fact we don’t have to hear the shrill voice of Hillary giving us NWO talking points from the Oval Office each day, we have to wonder how her presidency would have been much different than Trump’s. Stefan Molyneux pointed this out in a recent Twitter post.


There are two possibilities explaining this disheartening outcome of the Trump presidency. One is the U.S. government has been so thoroughly co-opted by Deep State whores of corporate financial interests the presidency has been reduced to a figurehead position with very little actual power. Two, Trump is a Trojan Horse put there by shadowy forces so a white nationalist can be crucified Nixon-style once Democrats take back control of Congress this fall.

Either way, we are headed into some dark days. Hillary didn’t win, but whoever comes after Trump in 2020 (if he lasts that long) will put the final nails in the coffin of the nation. Personally, I’m living for the day because I know what’s coming soon. The completion of the transformation of America into a totalitarian regime.

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Why Tradcons Fail


Tradcons posture a lot, but eventually bow down and accept the creeping feminism and Socialism of the left

So many of today’s keyboard warriors strut around like cocks of the walk and posture on message boards, but keep showing up at GloboWorldCorp jobs that feed the very beast that oppresses them with fresh lifeblood, i.e. tax revenue. Meantime, their beloved government slips further and further from their grasp thanks to a demographic tidal wave, but they remain oblivious to the fact WHY they exert less and less control over the republic each year.

Frequently, they often White Knight for Anglobitches, denigrating women from other backgrounds.

Not me. And not other Ghosts and John Galts. We put our money where our mouths are. This is the crucial difference between the “complainers” and “keyboard warriors” brigade and those of us who are taking meaningful action. While others notice the decline, we not only notice it but act accordingly. I’ve rearranged my entire life to escape the clutches of the system and reduce my contribution to the System to near naught by earning and living on less. And I’ve refused to get entangled with women who inevitably would destroy the fine-tuned financial machine I’ve designed for myself.

Conversely, I’ve learned to not expect much more than complaining from tradcon guys. And a lot of “Trump is Jesus” vicarious living under the mandates of whatever conservative media tells them to think – while they remain as blind as the Obamaites were to the totality of just how fucked over they are. The Trump warriors are a perfect illustration of Lincoln’s famous quote:

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

Tradcons are people who, while awakened on some fronts are the people who get fooled all of the time by political machinations of so-called conservatives. You know, the very people who have been throwing them overboard for half a century since the New World Order project began with a Dallas murder November 22, 1963.

Tradcons can’t see outside the system and can’t see the totality of how they’re being manipulated by the left-right march to tyranny. As the left adopts what is inititally a ridiculous, unacceptable social position, the right plays symbolic opposition until conservatives eventually accept the new status quo. Just as the dust settles, the left then creeps farther out into left field and the right begins the outrage-acceptance process again.

They’re angry, but expect the very political system that destroyed their lives to now fix those lives because of one man. Meantime, we in the Ghost and John Galt brigade won’t hold our breaths waiting for a Hail Mary pass. We will act in accordance with our own self-interest until such time the system brings us incentives to come back and participate in it. We are the people you cannot fool with the shadows on the wall in Plato’s cave.

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Trump the Gun Grabber


Trump joined with Democrats to call for gun grabbing action and more intrusion into the private lives of citizens with endless background checks – plus opening a new Pandora’s Box of state-defined mental illness disqualifications as a new gun ownership cockblock

As TNMM has long been warning, Trump probably isn’t going to be the savior of the American republic. Yesterday, the Don just eclipsed any of Barack Obama’s gun grabbing moves with directives he gave to Congressional leaders who are hellbent on taking arms out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.

In a stunning betrayal of his conservative base and the Second Amendment at a gun grabbing meeting in the White House following the Parkland mass shooting (which very well could have been a CIA/FBI sponsored false flag) the President went so far as to say gun grabbing comes first, and due process comes second. Trump even dissed the NRA at the meeting.

Trump’s statement about getting to pesky notions of due process somewhere down the line after search and seizure (fuck the Fourth and Fifth Amendment, in other words) literally puts the U.S. a breath away from abject totalitarianism, as it’s quite a precedent to set in a nation that has already gutted much of the Bill of Rights with everything from the Patriot Act to NDAA to online censorship of thought crimes by Silicon Valley.

As San Fransicko liberal Diane Feinstein grinned like the cat who just ate the canary, Trump told Congressional attendees at the gun grabbing meeting:

“Take the guns first, go through due process second.”

Unfortunately, just as we suffered the Obamabots who thought their messiah could do no wrong for eight years even as he pissed down their backs with policies that led to drone bombings of schools and killing American citizens without trial, Trumpbots also possess the attention span of a gnat and will likely forget his betrayal within weeks, if not days. Certainly, before he’s up for reelection.

Nonetheless, judging by the comments on conservative web sites Trump’s supporters were taken aback by his moves. The righteous indignation won’t last. After some cheeseburgers and TV evangel telling them which new tech gadget they need to buy in between doses of Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Trump’s base will lick their wounds and continue their obsequious ways just as Obama’s base blindly followed their leader into oblivion. The cult of personality beats rational thinking every time when analyzing the herd behavior of the masses.

The betrayal was made all the more clever by the fact Trump threw out the facetious “arming teachers” narrative before going in for the kill. He really played his voters like a violin.

Oh, and those who have been making the “Trump is just playing 3D chess” argument have just about run out of legitimacy. It’s hard to explain away a move this calculated and this treacherous that easily.

The timing of Trump’s announcement of support for bans on about 200 different rifles along with even more background checks and the opening of a new Pandora’s Box banning those with a history of mental problems from purchasing firearms is, without a doubt timed very well politically. (Will depression eventually count as the definition of mental problems is ever-expanded?) The President has been riding a wave of popularity in recent weeks with approval ratings that are higher than Obama’s were at this point in his presidency. It was the perfect time to pull a sneak attack.

Here’s the takeaway. Instead of re-framing the argument about gun control and redirecting it at passing legislation to combat single mommery which is linked with 96% of the deadliest mass shootings, or to reduce the consumption of SSRI antidepressants which are also linked with nearly all recent mass shootings, or to assuage public fear by emphasizing statistics that show mass shootings are actually declining despite media whores magnifying them out of proportion, Trump chose to side with the left and push for more legislative attacks on the Second Amendment.

That is, if the Parkland shooting wasn’t a false flag in the first place. Always understand how the Deep State kick starts the Hegelian Dialectic to get what they want – by never letting a tragedy go to waste. The only question is, are Deep State power brokers now creating the very tragedies they gain power from? More curious and absurd circumstances continue to emerge from Parkland, including the fact Broward County officers were told to stand down even as the shooting proceeded in the school.

There’s little doubt which side Trump is really playing for after this move. He has been very effective window dressing for conservatives, cheered on by the sycophantic right wing press. However, as Cicero once warned:

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.

Indeed, a purported mass shooter is also less to fear than treason from within from a Trojan Horse put there by power structures whose tentacles we are only just beginning to see.

P.S. Remember Trump’s meeting with Bill Caligula Clinton weeks before he threw his hat into the ring? Perhaps one is chosen to run for the presidency rather than making the choice themselves.

P.P.S. Trump’s statement about preemptively grabbing guns (effectively saying to hell with your “rights”) conveniently dovetails with Department of Homeland Security plans to unleash precognition software onto the populace – grabbing guns before they’ve even been used in a so-called crime by monitoring the public with a growing surveillance state being developed by companies like Palantir. Soon, comments you made on social media years ago could be tweaked in a way to turn you into a potential “terrorist” who has to be stopped before you start. Once precognition software appears, it matters not that you never actually commit a crime – only that the government’s computer system said you might. (What a convenient way to stop a revolution against a tyrannical government before it even begins! Identify “resisters” and strip them of their weapons.) Yeah, shit is that bad in America, as Gray State tried to warn us before film production dropped dead.

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Hollywood Stars Now Dressing Like Puritans to “Protest”


Puritan dress is back in fashion in Hollyweird

What better social caste to stridently rant and rave about “women’s rights” and “male dominated workspaces” than an entitled, megarich, spoiled group of Hollyweird cunts who make fortunes blue collar men dare not dream of by playing pretend in front of a camera? That should show us how we all need to change.

Apparently, a full-scale return to Puritanism is in order not just culturally, but sartorially as actresses on their way to virtue signal in the lime light don full-length, black funeral dresses that harken back to the days of overt sexual repression in America.

They’re wearing them to entertainment industry trade shows as they give themselves awards for playing pretend, in support of fallacious narratives including #MeToo which has sparked a series of modern witch trials. It started with the Golden Globes last month, but it won’t end there.

However, the repressive choice in clothing does seem to be an appropriate choice for a #MeToo movement (lumped in with other hamster wheel pseudo-movements grounded in misandry) that’s doing just that – returning Anglo America to its Puritan, anti-sex, anti-male, pre-Enlightenment roots. The Cut reports these chicks want to be pioneers, of sorts, and are just getting started:

People reports this is expected to be one of the first sartorial protests at the Golden Globes, but the issue will be central during awards season.

Isn’t that rich? Entitled white women – who already live better than women in the rest of the world thanks to the tireless work of the men they despise who dreamed up, engineered, and constructed the entire world around them – making “nonnegotiable demands” of working class men who make less in a year than they spend on dresses?

Of course, there was plenty of typical, leftist boilerplate about evil men and divine women published by the mainstream mierda in support of the ruse. A group of harridans composed of Kristen Bell, Meryl Streep, Emma Stone and other spoiled brats actresses published a letter of demands in The New York Times. They boldly proclaimed “Time’s Up” for heterosexual men with normal sex drives:

“The clock has run out on sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace. It’s time to do something about it. The struggle for women to break in, to rise up the ranks and to simply be heard and acknowledged in male-dominated workplaces must end; time’s up on this impenetrable monopoly.”

The demands, as usual, include more privileges for women and less legal protections, and well… less humanity towards men. What better way to show your contempt for men that have been burned in a series of witch trials with no due process than dressing like your best friend died? The Times writes:

Among other suggested actions, Time’s Up also requests that women walking the red carpet at the Golden Globes “speak out and raise awareness by wearing black.”

This is a narrative we’ve long been covering here at this humble blog. Even former Trump advisor Steve Bannon echoes TNMM and Anglobitch when discussing the regression back into sexual repression currently underway, illustrated by the black dress movement. Bannon said of the #MeToo movement and associated witch trials:

“It’s even more powerful than populism. It’s deeper. It’s primal. It’s elemental. The long black dresses and all that — this is the Puritans! It’s anti-patriarchy.”

Indeed, it is Puritanism and anti-patriarchy. A full-scale reversion to matriarchy will destroy men and destroy civilization as Oxford-educated anthropologist J.D. Unwin proved happened every single time it was tried across 80 tribes and 6 civilizations.

Isn’t that what this is really all about? Socialists embedded in the American corporate-government complex destroying everything they hate so the world can be molded in their own dystopian, totalitarian image?

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