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Agenda 21: The Elite Plan for Global Tyranny


The UN is intended to supersede the US

If you’ve found your way to this humble outpost of truth, you might have noticed the world around you is beginning to not make any sense. Up is down, left is right, black is white. Part of the reason for the chaos is the fact George Soros and other elites are organizing camera-ready protests, then bringing two sides of extremists together to clash while pinning the blame on one side.

This agenda has been going on for years. (Ferguson, San Jose, Charlotte, et al.) So, it’s worse than what happened in Charlottesville. What’s more, almost every “news” item one sees in the mainstream media is a farce, a marvel of the Hegelian dialectic intended to accomplish goals of elites paying talking heads to read propaganda before they swoop in like vultures with “solutions.” These false flags and psyops are designed to create division and to implode the remnants of the American republic. We are entering the advanced stages of a long-term elite plan for a so-called post-democratic, post-industrial world. It is to be a world constrained by a tightly controlled, planned economy. In essence, global Communism is its aim.

The irony that the U.S. and Russia have so dramatically switched roles in the world since 1991 is all the more astounding, in that the U.S. is now making concrete steps to enforce its brand of totalitarianism on the world and Russia is making strides towards democracy, nationalism, and national identity once prized by America.

It now seems the Cold War was a fight over who would get to take over the world first, not the trite freedom vs. tyranny narrative American statesmen sold us for half a century. The U.S. used the power of the free market to take advantage of the economic weaknesses of Socialism, only to make a stunning about-face once the Soviet threat died and the world lay before the American elite as spoil.

The bleak future of American-style global Socialism (and later, Communism) is what many have dubbed The New World Order. One of the key ways global tyranny is being implemented is through Agenda 21. Not enough people know the truth of what Agenda 21 really is, adopted by the United Nations in 1992 as a “voluntary” (it’s not) agreement to create a world run by the elite in which each citizen is as interchangeable as a piston rod (to paraphrase Howard Beale) and every bit as expendable.

Most think Agenda 21 is just another crazy conspiracy theory, although in modern times, conspiracy theories are beginning to make more sense than the unending stream of lies from corporate media.

Looking back, the transition from a free society to a society run by tyrants began 100 years ago with the creation of the Federal Reserve, effectively handing over the power to create money to a private bank. As the Rothschild family knows, and Nathan Rothschild once said:

Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.


The Barbary Slave trade culminated in 1 to 1.25 million white Christians being enslaved by black Muslims between 1500-1800

Indeed, those who control the purse strings make the rules. But, the ball really got rolling on the agenda to topple American democracy and replace it with worldwide tyranny after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the institution of mass feminism, and the scapegoating of whites for the crime of slavery (which all races participated in – the first American slave owner was a black man, and there was the Barbary slave trade in which Africans enslaved millions of Europeans between 1500-1800) as an offshoot of the Civil Rights movement. It’s no coincidence all this happened in the 1960s.

The current obsession with the slavery narrative in the brainwashed world of the corporate media is intended to start small, strategic fires around the foundation of the American republic with the removal of Confederate statues, then progress into a big, roaring flame culminating in the burning of modern Rome. The slavery narrative is the perfect Trojan Horse, since the Founding Fathers were slave owners when they formed the American republic.

The slavery narrative is intended to ultimately debase and destroy the United States Constitution.

No matter how noble the aims of the authors of the founding documents were, how they inspired the world and how rare the gifts they bestowed on the masses have been in the course of human history, the lobotomized narrative is the fruit of their labor must be discarded because it is “tainted” by their participation in an economic system that dominated the entire world at the time. Slavery, as horrible as it was, and is, was the entire world’s economic system for thousands of years. (Interestingly, only 5% of the African slave trade came to the U.S. and the rest went to Latin America! Yet another fact the Anglo-American media cartel refuse to acknowledge!)

The elite intend to enslave mankind by decrying slavery. This is just how diabolical the plan the American elites have for the world really is.


One of the NWO blueprints, in which a central planning agency decides where people can and cannot live

Agenda 21

The supreme hypocrisy of media narratives is the fact talking heads condemn a world run by white men, but the New World Order will result in world run by rich white men once again – a 1% which is ostensibly the same 1% that owned slaves in the first place (99% of whites never owned slaves). If there plans are realized and the U.S. Constitution is dissolved, thus begins a downward slide into hell on earth. Here are key bullet points that are part of Agenda 21. It’s aims are anti-life and anti-humanity:

  • Ending national sovereignty
  • Constant surveillance of all activity
  • State planning of all land resources
  • Ensuring global equity (equal slavery)
  • Elites only defining the role of business and finance
  • Abolishing private property
  • Restructuring the family unit (i.e. destroying it)
  • The State raising children rather than moms and dads
  • The State choosing jobs for citizens
  • Restricting movement (Think TSA on steroids)
  • Creating “Human Settlement Zones”
  • Beginning mass resettlement and forced eviction
  • Dumbing down (even further) education
  • Mass global depopulation (killing billions)

All these goals are being worked on piecemeal, as the economy is inflated and then crashed in concentric rings with the noose slowly tightening around the West’s throat as living and working conditions worsen with each generation. The above goals are the antithesis of what America is supposed to stand for, and each legislator who has supported them in the past and supports them today are treasonous scum.


We must be this generation’s Paul Reveres, alerting the masses to the danger the American government is placing them in

We Are The Resistance

If Agenda 21 realized, we will live in a world in which the individual is finished. Man nor woman will have any control over their own lives, as electronic slavery is unleashed on the world via RFID chips. The State and the henchmen who finance it in the corporate world will have total control over the populace. Indeed, Agenda 21 realized could lead to the end of the human species itself.

How do we resist? We went searching for answers. Interestingly, the Jeremiah Project proposes one of the most viable short-term solutions. It offers a three-pronged course of action for those awakened men who see what’s coming. It says the awakened man must:

  1. First, he must defend himself by protest, i.e., legal action.
  2. Second, he must flee if at all possible,
  3. Third, he may use force if necessary to defend himself.

The full treatise of the plan of action to resist the NWO is available here. As TNMM has repeatedly written, we must not let ourselves be divided any longer on matters of race, gender, sexuality, and other wedge issues designed by the planners of Agenda 21 and The New World Order to keep us fighting amongst ourselves while they dissolve any remaining freedom we enjoy. From the Jeremiah Project:

We must reject the collectivist idea of “divide and conquer” and instead accept ALL men as equals. We need to consider the words of Martin Luther King and reject the racist labels put on humanity by those who want to control and dominate us. There is no black, no white, no Hispanic, or whatever when it comes to humanity. Sure, there are those ethnic differences, but those differences are only descriptors of our heritage, not differences in human value. We are all brothers and sisters on this planet and we should live our lives that demonstrate that solidarity.

We should encourage whatever talents each person has and allow them the opportunity to express those talents in a way of each person’s choosing.

The controllers of the world know that in order to dominate and control the masses, the easiest way to accomplish this goal is to keep the people divided amongst themselves. Rather than expending valuable resources to conquer a society, the controllers instead pit one another against their neighbors and let them fight amongst themselves, thus destroying their unity.

Unity is strength, always remember that. Here is more sage advice to resist the NWO as the world descends a world electronically controlled darkness, unlike any mankind has ever known:

  • Disconnect from all Establishment media and other sources of Marxist propaganda
  • Seek out like-minded men and help build each other up
  • Self-educate and think critically
  • Learn to recognize the Hegelian Dialectic: Most “problems” are created so the masters can impose preconceived solutions on the masses, stealing their liberty and autonomy
  • Learn to recognize false flags, which have been perpetrated on the public for literally thousands of years
  • Patronize small business rather than multinationals and chains
  • Get your money out of the banks – fractional reserve banking means the bank only has 10% of the sum of all customer deposits available at any one time
  • Reduce the amount of taxes you pay into the system as much as possible by any legal means necessary – this usually means learning to live on less
  • Eat non-GMO food and organics when possible

Of course, these bullet points are only a start when it comes to planning a peaceful resistance movement. The bad news is, we absolutely cannot expect our representatives to do anything except blow hot air as we’ve seen with the Establishment’s moves to maroon Trump on a political island. (Whether he is part of the ruse remains to be seen.)


Mighty Mouse and The Gobbler aren’t going to save you – Ryan and McConnell are traitors to the American people

Republicans Are Complicit

If the election of Trump has proven anything, it’s the the Republicans are malware. They refuse to move on any of his agenda items despite having an overwhelming mandate as they control more of the United States government than the party has at any time since 1929. It is obvious they are complicit in impaling the heart of the American Republic as Democrat Socialists lead the way. Laurence Vance of the Lew Rockwell blog details how bad Republicans really are:

Republicans are worse than Democrats because they use libertarian rhetoric to deceive conservatives and libertarians into thinking that they actually believe their mantra of the Constitution, limited government, federalism, fiscal conservatism, personal freedom, private property, and the free market.

Just take one issue: the war on drugs. Republicans support it lock, stock, and barrel even though it is not authorized by the Constitution, it increases the size and power of government, it violates the principle of federalism, it wastes billions of dollars a year, it negates personal freedom, it infringes upon property rights, and it is contrary to the free market.

How bad are the Republicans in Congress? The few that are good are very, very good. The many that are bad are horrid.

The only thing Americans could possibly do to drain the swamp at this point is to elect an entirely new Congress, throwing every Republican and Democrat currently in office out on their asses. That simply won’t happen. Re-election rates for incumbents are high, despite the fact their approval ratings are low. The shuck and jive still works for those holding the levers of power.


Leaving America may just buy you some time

Go Minimalist Now, Expat if Possible

The best advice for those planning for the worst is to go minimalist now if you haven’t already. Destroy your debt. Stay out of debt. Live on less. Downsize from a McMansion to a smaller home. Don’t buy new cars. Stockpile money and diversify your investments. Plan for the worst, because the current economic bubble we are in will be imploded just as all the rest were imploded since the advent of the Federal Reserve, by design.

Future articles will expound on what men can do to safeguard their own lives and those of their loved ones.

If you haven’t made strides to expat and take the fruit of your labor with you, now might be a good time to speed up that agenda. At least it will give one breathing room and a buffer zone when the inevitable conflagration begins in the United States. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be here when Martial Law is declared and mass chipping of the public begins.

Falling back at least gives men time to regroup and come up with a new plan, since we are painfully behind the 8-ball as earnest efforts to de-legitimize the U.S. government begin. As we either try to weather the storm or fall back and regroup, when making our plans we must always remember one sage piece of wisdom. As the Founding Fathers knew: Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.

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Revisiting Challenger: How Long Have Psyops Been Going On?


Doppelgangers for all but one of the Challenger crew exist – many of them with the same names or variations of the same names as the astronauts, now occupying top positions in U.S. business and government

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.

Thus said William Shakespeare, as he wrote of Machiavellian Intelligence half a millenia before the term was even coined. But how long has the American government been spinning propaganda and putting actors on the stage? How deep does the rabbit hole go? Must we begin what was one thought to be preposterous questioning of its agenda, and the information the ministers of government and pro-Establishment American media spin to the world?

Case in point: the Challenger “disaster.” Do a Google search and you’ll quickly find that Snopes says anyone who questions the official story has lost their mind. The “official” accounts are always to be trusted is the subtext. But Snopes was founded by two shady characters, as previously reported by Chateau Heartiste:

Our Snopes story took a darkly humorous turn, when news from America’s foremost paper of record recently surfaced that David Mikkelson divorced his first wife and is accused of embezzling $100K from his company to spend on prostitutes and on his second wife, a chubby ho who is (still!) an escort and a former porn star, (“star” being used loosely here… literally loosely).

It seems Snopes is nothing but yet another front for the Establishment, founded by a fatty and her manlet who tell you not to believe your own eyes or the fact backgrounds can be easily forged. (Google David Mikkelson of Snopes and get a load of that guy.) Undeterred by the Snopes stumbling block, let’s boldly ask the question: Did the Challenger disaster happen as the American government said it did? If so, why do all the “deceased” astronauts have twins who are still alive, and easily locatable using a Google search?

Before getting started, the Internet has been home to so-called “conspiracy theories” (a term coined by the CIA in 1967 to deflect from further introspection into the JFK assassination) since its inception. While it’s true many conspiracy theories are devised by total nuts, and don’t enter the realm of possibility to the rational mind, the fact remains mixing fact with outlandish fiction is a well-known tactic of propagandists and PR flacks to divert would-be truth seekers from their mission. Thus, anyone who questions official stories can be grouped in with the nutcases. It’s a brilliant strategy.

However, what is one to do when there’s concrete evidence to the contrary of “official” government accounts? Claims like these, even with credible evidence, are so far outside the Overton Window to even bring up the possibility of a psyop of this scale immediately places one at risk of being labeled a kook or crazy. But we must not let childish name-calling and irrationality deter us from seeking the truth.

Come along as we venture down the rabbit hole once again with Alice. We shall not be afraid to seek the truth, wherever it may lead, and how many ad hominems may be hurled our way.


The aftermath of the Challenger explosion

Why Do Such a Thing?

The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded January 28, 1986. What a horrifying spectacle it was. Especially when one realized there were 7 people on that ship! And a schoolteacher was among them, creating psychological trauma for the millions of schoolchildren who were rooting for her.

There’s little doubt the shuttle blew up, as the scene played out in front of millions on live television. But was the crew, including the much-ballyhooed schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe (the last name is important) on board the shuttle when it blew up? Or was it all a psyop to bring about the end of the Space Shuttle program once it had served its purpose? Let’s play Devil’s Advocate and say the American power structure did pull such a stunt on an admittedly low-IQ public. Why would they do it?

Leading up to the ill-fated day, American media had been playing up the shuttle launch, mainly because a civilian had been chosen to go into space with professional astronauts. Planners of such a psyop, sociopaths as many in the top echelons of politics and business no doubt are, knew the public would be paying close attention. As would millions of American schoolkids.

Having the shuttle blow up in front of millions, with an innocent schoolteacher on board would illustrate that space exploration is much too risky a venture for long-term investment. But, in the meantime dollars could be diverted – and dare we say – laundered by NASA for more nefarious purposes for a generation. Namely, research and development on today’s electronic dog collars slowly choking the mass public’s privacy and freedom of movement. (Note the Space Shuttle program ended after yet another “disaster” in 2003, when the kids in class January 28, 1986 were all grown up, and shortly after the global “War on Terror” had been launched and the usurpation of American sovereignty and freedoms had begun.)

That’s just one plausible motive. A place to start looking for the “why” in this twisted web. Another, simpler motive was for the power brokers in society to curb man’s higher ambitions, turning his focus downward to only the here and now. (Think Maslow’s Hierarchy, and debasing the human mind.) Space exploration captured the hearts and minds of the American public for half a century – just think Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. But now, the world’s richest nation doesn’t even have a manned space program anymore.

We can speculate about motive all day and get nowhere without exhaustive research. But let’s move on to the concrete evidence.

What’s all the more chilling about the Challenger explosion being a hoax is the fact 6 out of the 7 ill-fated astronauts have astonishing lookalikes that are thriving in the highest levels of our society today. In all cases, they have the same or very similar names. They’re the same ages. Have they been hidden in plain sight all along? Let’s examine the purported Challenger doppelgangers to see if the psyop theory makes any sense.


At least one of the “astronauts” has a sense of humor about the incident, as he used this logo for his business

The Doppelgangers


The two Richard Scobees, as discovered by Fellowship of the Minds

We’ll start at the top of the Challenger command structure. It is indeed odd that “deceased” Flight Commander Richard Scobee has a lookalike – with the same name, no less – who runs a PR venture called Cows in Trees. Both Richards have the same high forehead, the crooked and slightly larger left eye, the same ears, and the same nose and chin.

Even more perplexing, the web site of the advertising agency once featured a cow zooming high in the sky, with a rocket attached to its back as it spins out of control. Is the logo of the business a tongue-in-check reference to the Challenger psyop? Maybe it’s a way for Scobee to tell his clients, “If I sold this load of crap (i.e. the Challenger psyop) to a credulous public I can sell ice to an Eskimo! Use my experience in manipulating public perception!” Moreover, how convenient if Scobee segued back into public relations after the incident, a.k.a. manufacturing propaganda! His Linked In profile says he has been working in PR since 1982.


The two Ms. McAuliffes

Up next, Sharon “Christa” McAuliffe, the schoolteacher turned astronaut who seems to have dropped the “Christa” and added an initial as her middle name. How odd that she also has a lookalike! Her “twin” is teaching at Syracuse Law as a professor. A cushy, tenured position. The resemblance is uncanny.

We also find through public domain genealogy research that Sharon “A.” McAuliffe has cozy connections to the American power structure. According to Fellowship of the Minds, law professor Sharon is cousin to governor of Virginia and former DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe. We all know how trustworthy the DNC is.

What are the odds of finding another Ms. Sharon McAuliffe, who not only has the same name, age and appearance as the dead astronaut but also works in a teaching profession?


The two Michael J. Smiths

Then there’s Michael J. Smith, who, like Richard Scobee didn’t even bother to change his name! The Challenger pilot looks remarkably similar to the University of Wisconsin engineering professor! There’s the same smile, the same hair parting, the same color eyes, the same chiseled features. Both Michaels also have large ears and a smile featuring two big front teeth. What’s more, a public records search indicates both Michael J. Smiths are roughly the same age.

Up next we have Judith Resnick, who also has a doppelganger named Professor Judith Resnick at Yale Law school – home of the infamous secret society Skull and Bones. At Yale, we find a woman who sounds like and even closely resembles the astronaut Judith Resnick, but bearing the countenance of an older lady after 30 years of sand has passed through the hourglass. Watch and listen to this YouTube video sleuthed by those questioning the Challenger narrative. The tone and cadence of the voices of the supposedly two different women are remarkably alike!

Ronald (now Carl) McNair and Ellison Onizuka also have unbelievably similar “twins” still walking the earth. Onizuka works for alcoholic beverage control as a bureaucrat in Hawaii. Both astronauts are still alive and well, it seems. Only Gregory Jarvis is missing in action. Perhaps he decided to stay a little more low-profile than his fellow Challenger astronauts after “retiring” with their one-way rocket ticket to climb the stairway to heaven.

The statistical odds of stunning lookalikes of 6 of the 7 Challenger astronauts all “accidentally” having the same names and all occupying high laurels in society are well…astronomical. Imagine yourself and several of your friends. Imagine there are people out there who have the exact same name and age as you and your friends, who also look like you and your friends. What are the odds of that happening? Even in a nation of 300 million, it’s not bloody likely.

What do you think? Do you think people who discuss this conspiracy theory are nuts? Or do you think there’s solid evidence the American power structure has been playing the public for a mass of fools for at least 30 years? As Mark Twain once famously said:

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.

It does seem the power of lies, told over and over again is well beyond the power of truth telling in our society. Goebbels knew that, which is why the German propaganda machine was the best in the world. Until the American propaganda machine defeated it, and surpassed it.

One thing is certain…trust and government are oxymorons. But if they pulled this off, this means the Deep State, the power structure, whatever you want to call it, knows no depth to which it won’t plunge to manipulate the mass public in shocking and terrifying ways. This was 30 years ago. Imagine what they’ve pulled off since then. When did mass psyops on the public begin? It’s hard to tell. But certainly the art and science of psyops had been perfected by the time of the Challenger incident.

That’s a Red Pill that’s hard to swallow.

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Bolivia’s President Declares His Nation Free of IMF and World Bank


The strangest things happen when leaders resist the influence of international banking cartels

Don’t be surprised if something fishy happens to Bolivian President Evo Morales. The banksters don’t tolerate well dissension and resistance to their economic control of basically the entire planet. Two of the biggest tools the banking cartels employ to keep world governments walking their tightrope are the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. Morales just told both to go toss off.

As an example of what happens when leaders refuse to jump when bankers tell them to jump, just look what happened to JFK when moved to give power back to the people. His short time in office was marked by his moves to take power away from the bankers and their minions, threatening to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces” and to start doing something only government is supposed to do in the first place, print its own money. (Google Executive Order 11110 and read any descriptions of it with a critical eye.)

Soon after these and other bold moves pissed off everyone from oil tycoons to the military-industrial complex, a “lone nut” gunned him down, and somebody gunned the “lone nut” down before he had a chance to tell his side of the story. Truly, a power structure alibi that’s a cliché worthy of bad film noir.

It should come as no surprise to those well versed in Realpolitik, and not the pro-American, cotton candy fantasies that brainwash the masses, that banking cartels are meddlesome sons of bitches. Zero Hedge writes:

Morales has said Bolivia’s past dependence on the agencies was so great that the International Monetary Fund had an office in government headquarters and even participated in their meetings.

It seems Morales wants to spend money on his people rather than paying interest to banking gangsters and depending on their whims for prosperity.

Some of Bolivia’s largest resistance struggles in the last 60 years have targeted the economic policies carried out by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Most of the protests focused on opposing privatization policies and austerity measures, including cuts to public services, privatization decrees, wage reductions, as well the weakening of labor rights.

Since 2006, a year after Morales came to power, social spending on health, education, and poverty programs has increased by over 45 percent.

What typically happens when a country resists the influence of banking institutions, which Thomas Jefferson famously wrote are more dangerous than standing armies, is a three phase process. A former CIA employee and author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, John Perkins, says the game is played like this. This is how a “rogue” leader like Morales, who wants to better his people rather than play the banking game, is dealt with.

  • He is bought off by the international banking cartel; if he refuses to be bought off the next phase of the process ensues
  • Leaders who won’t be bought off suffer untimely “accidents” like when President Omar Torrijos of Panama died in a strange plane crash (Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota refuses to fly because of this M.O. of the elite), or lose power from coup d’etat overthrows that arise out of nowhere (usually funded by outside interests)
  • Those who can’t be assassinated or overthrown are eliminated by the American Empire’s military, by so-called “operations” or all-out war, using its bases in 130 countries around the globe

Perkins goes into detail about how the process works in an interview. This is what Perkins says really happened in the death of Torrijos and other Latin American leaders.

I particularly became close to Torrijos. He was a very charismatic guy. I liked him a lot, and he liked me for some reason, and we became fairly close. At least I thought we were close.

And it was a huge dilemma for me, I’ll tell you, because my job was to corrupt him, to bring him around. That was my job. And I wasn’t succeeding at it. He was very stalwart. He had a lot of integrity. He used to say to me, “Look, you know, John” — Juanito he called me. This was all in Spanish.

He said, “You know, Juanito, I’ve got plenty of money.  I’ve got a good house.  I’ve got everything I need. I don’t need your bribes. I don’t need your loans. We don’t need that here. What I need is freedom for my people. I don’t want to buy into this.”

And, you know, I couldn’t bring him around. And I realized that if I was not able to bring him around, something dire was likely to happen to him, as I’ve seen happen to Arbenz in Guatemala and to Allende in Chile and Lumumba in the Congo and Diem in Vietnam and many others. We’ve seen this happen.

So I was really torn because I respected the man for his integrity. Tremendously, I respected him. And yet, I wasn’t able to do my job and I feared that something would happen to him. And, of course, it did. He was assassinated.

If, indeed, this is the cold, harsh reality of world politics, governments the world over are nothing but fronts for economic institutions.

Spengler predicted Western democracy would be permeated, and destroyed by the “unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought” of money as Eisenhower tried to warn the oblivious American public about in his farewell speech in 1961, just before Kennedy took office.

It’s horrifying to even entertain the idea this is how the world operates. But, it seems that’s the way things are. Morales may be just another corrupt leader, but he’s no worse than the leaders of the American Empire if indeed, this is how they operate. It seems increasingly likely our leaders are nothing more than minions of the elite who have no loyalty to country or citizen, only to fattening themselves at the bankers’ trough.

And having spent extensive time in Latin America, I know our leaders in Anglo America constantly misrepresent that area of the world. It’s so bad, I don’t believe anything they say, anymore. This is coming from a 15-year veteran of the corrupt media.

Stay tuned. And keep an eye on President Morales. Don’t be surprised if American leaders suddenly come up with an issue that puts Bolivia on the map, one that tranforms Morales into another of its targets. That is, if he can’t be dealt with in more clandestine ways on the political chessboard. As always, in the game of politics and power, follow the money and not the lies.

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The Tough-Talking, ‘Murica Loving President: The Acting Role of a Lifetime


Best buddies, then suddenly, worst enemies – a storyline befitting a soap opera

Trump is full of hot air.

That’s the conclusion many are coming to after observing, with an unjaundiced eye, what he’s been doing while in office. Trump has either been compromised by the military-industrial complex and Deep State, or he’s playing the role of a lifetime as scripted for him by the power structure from the beginning.

My hunch is on the latter.

The NBC television star turned President has gone from playing the badass boss on The Apprentice to playing the badass boss of America. Trump’s role is to play the deplorables’ tough-talking, ‘Murica-loving President, appeasing the gelatinous blob of shopping and eating machines known as average voters while the globalist agenda chugs along unnoticed by them – but happening right in front of their myopic eyes. The Don is tasked with keeping them distracted with MAGA, flag-waving, tough-talking homilies while continuing the agenda of the globalists behind the scenes.

Evidence is mounting this New York liberal suddenly turned conservative is doing to the right what Obama did to the left – fool them, cruelly and with stunning sophistry. Just as liberals thought Obama walked on water as he earned Nobel Peace Prizes while dropping bombs, gave them “free” healthcare that in reality cost them the farm, and preached about unity while pursuing policies of racial divide and conquer, conservatives also think Trump walks on water.

His signature campaign promise – the border wall – is, at best, in limbo. Notice Trump doesn’t talk about it anymore. He promised to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, then did a victory lap when a RINO Congress only polished the turd known as Obamacare. He said he was a globalist (and a nationalist – huh?) in late April. He convinced conservatives they won by pulling out of the Paris global warming accords but the hidden truth is he’s only renegotiating the deal on global taxation and wealth redistribution. He’s going to be rewarding Silicon Valley with more H1B visas, lowering wages for the American worker and bringing in even more immigrants. The techies, who bashed The Don relentlessly during the campaign just came out of George Soros-linked Jared Kushner’s office singing his praises. Trump’s military just shot down a Syrian aircraft fighting ISIS, riling Russia and making it even more obvious than it already was the US is playing the War on Terror from both sides.

Yet, you talk to the average Trump supporter and they’re oblivious about any of this. They only see the shadows on the wall in Plato’s cave, never the puppet masters. They cling to the cult of personality around Trump with Jesus-like fervor.

All I know is, there’s a gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach about this character. I didn’t vote in 2016 for either candidate. I am prouder of that decision now than ever before. Something just seemed “too good to be true” about Trump falling out of the sky to give a last minute, Hail Mary touchdown victory to the average American wanting to see their country maintain its sovereignty and stop its further slide into  becoming the modern day polyglot boarding house Teddy Roosevelt warned about.

Let’s do a thought experiment. Remember, just weeks before Trump announced his candidacy he had a hush-hush, closed door, secret meeting with Bill Clinton. One could imagine their discussion going something like this.

Bill: “The power structure has seen you like acting, Don. You’ve had a successful series on NBC playing the tough-talking boss. But now, you have the opportunity to land the acting role of a lifetime.”

Don: “Beautiful, it’s just beautiful. The show The Apprentice was beautiful, and what I think you’re getting ready to tell me is beautiful.”

Bill: “How would you like to play the tough-talking President? The plan for the next election is to reword Hope and Change into something like Make America Great Again. Those phrases poll well with the rabble out there. And you get to be the actor. Best of all, you get to play the villain in the campaign.”

Don: “That’s tremendous. Just tremendous. I think I could step into that tremendous role.”

Bill: “I envy you, Don. I always wanted to play the bad guy. My globalist friends want you to steam up the deplorables out there, stoking their wildest fantasies. They’ll be so enamored of your tough-talking image and devil-may-care attitude, they’ll never realize what you’re actually doing when it comes to policy.”

And voila, a couple of years later he’s in office and nothing of substance has changed or appears it will change. The Trumpbots are just as clueless as the Obamabots were. As we would say in the news and public relations business, Trump is a master of branding.

People are emotional creatures, not rational ones.

How else does one explain the fact that no matter who we elect, no matter what they say, the same things happen, and nothing changes except window dressing? Don’t expect Trump to Make America Great Again, when in reality, he will do so only in the minds of those who can’t see reality. Meanwhile, the country continues it inexorable decline.

Memo to the clueless American voter: You’ve been had, once again.

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Modern Liberalism: A Creed Based on Intolerance, Weakness, and Degeneracy


Liberals are paper tigers

Liberals like to prance around like they’re large and in charge of modern American society. Since long before the long, hot summer of 2016 when they burned down cities, to the early days of the Trump presidency in which they’ve been doing their best to create a modern witch trial with the Much Ado About Russia narrative, shitlibs have been figuratively poking a tiger in the eye with a stick and getting away with it. They’ve had incredible luck so far.

But could that luck be about to run out?

Radical libs instigating the populace who live outside major cities never take the time to look in the mirror and realize they aren’t ready for a duel, as they are not the tigers they consider themselves to be. They’re nothing more than paper tigers playing with gasoline and fire. Let’s analyze modern liberalism as we size up our hammer and sickle wielding enemies.


Ironically, Tim Allen had his popular ABC series canceled after discussing liberal tolerance. CMT could soon revive it


Modern shitlibs are a case study in psychological projection. Liberals project onto conservatives everything they hate but have become, only in reverse. They’re intolerant Christophobes. They’re anti-male. They’re anti-white. They’re anti-family. In other words, they’re little more than a hate group for American and European men and tradition.

They’re the inverse of everything they see wrong with the world, but every bit as intolerant as the boogeymen they scorn. Liberals are no longer live and let live, they’re live and try to kill anyone that doesn’t want to live like us.

What’s particularly hilarious about the mental illness known as liberalism is watching their hypocrisy in action. For example, I passed through a New York restaurant over the weekend. I watched a white girl with technicolor hair bend over backwards to kiss the behind of a female Muslim wearing a head scarf as if she was a sacred cow. What? Doesn’t this “oppressed” woman represent everything the pink-haired freak is supposed to hate? Aren’t white girls like her supposed to be against patriarchy? Oh, that’s right. It’s only bad if the evil white boogeyman does it. Brown people can still be patriarchal.

Beyond liberals failing to realize the duplicity of their own narratives, Tim Allen spoke out about what it’s like living in “tolerant” Hollyweird and later, appropriately enough, had his popular comedy series unexpectedly cancelled by ABC. He told court jester Jimmy Kimmel:

You’ve gotta be real careful around here. You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody believes. This is like ’30s Germany. I don’t know what happened. If you’re not part of the group, you know, “What we believe is right…”

Allen followed with:

I go, well I go I might have a problem with that.

Allen was shit-canned soon after for not adhering to the doxy of uber-liberal, politically correct ABC.

Liberals use political correctness to put conservatives into a straitjacket, one the right is increasingly refusing to be forced into as Tim Allen illustrates. Liberal fascists believe their worldview is the only correct worldview, and are becoming increasingly hostile to those who refuse to go along with their Utopian, Socialist fantasies.

They are the fascists they accuse the right of being, as elucidated by Jonah Goldberg in his book Liberal Fascism. Since they have no God to worship, they worship the state. Goldberg gives us insight into leftist myopia:

Fascism is a religion of the state. It assumes the organic unity of the body politic and longs for a national leader attuned to the will of the people. It is totalitarian in that it views everything as political and holds that any action by the state is justified to achieve the common good. It takes responsibility for all aspects of life, including our health and well-being, and seeks to impose uniformity of thought and action, whether by force or through regulation and social pressure.

Everything, including the economy and religion, must be aligned with its objectives. Any rival identity is part of the “problem” and therefore defined as the enemy. Contemporary American liberalism embodies all of these aspects of fascism.

Intolerant liberals want to use the power of the state to crush every ideal they don’t agree with. They also want to turn the state into the legislative and executive equivalent of mommy and daddy.


Degenerate and weak liberals love the androgynous look – this is what they want all men and women to look like

Weakness and Degeneracy

Make no mistake, modern liberalism is a creed based almost entirely on weakness. Biologically speaking, it derives from an r-selected environment, one created by K-selected conservatives.

The r/K selection process morphing into the modern political process is detailed in the book The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics. Liberalism grows out of control, like a cancer during periods of prosperity.

The r-strategy is designed to exploit an environment where resources are freely available, everywhere.

Of course, a clusterfuck ensues once resources become available to unfit members of society who can obtain them from the producers by using the force of the state. The society trends downward.

In r-selection, [the fittest members of society] will be out-reproduced by pacifists, who simply focus upon eating, and reproducing… This environment will favor a tendency towards conflict avoidance, and tend to cull the aggressive and competitive. It will also evolve tendencies towards mating as early as possible, as often as possible, with as many mates as possible, while investing as little effort as possible rearing offspring. Here, there are unlimited resources just waiting to be utilized, and even the most unfit can acquire them.

Now we know why there are fat slobs, cock-carouseling women, single moms, and sorry asses everywhere in modern America. Humans in an r-selected environment are taking advantage of a free ride as they swipe out with their EBT card and take their haul home to Section 8 housing.

Of course, when resources are freely available, the weakest members of society begin to overpopulate and crowd out the stronger members of society. We can witness this with the current maker vs. taker paradigm in the American economy, in which makers are worked up to 70 hours a week in increasingly shittier jobs with lower pay and vanishing benefits (often sacrificing forming their own families) to support the welfare class and women with five kids by five different dads.

It doesn’t end there.

In the r-strategy, we see the origins of the Liberal’s tendencies towards conflict avoidance, from oppositions to free-market capitalism, to pacifism, to demands that all citizens disarm so as to avoid any chance of conflict and competition. Even the newer tendencies to support the ”everyone gets a trophy” movement are outgrowths of this competition-averse urge, and desire for free resource availability. Similarly, Liberals are supportive of promiscuity, supportive of efforts to expose children to ever earlier sexual education, and low-investment single parenting.

Ergo, weakness and degeneracy arises.

One might ask: How does America still have negative population growth if r-selection leads to people breeding like rabbits? The answer is sickeningly simple. Abortion. Today, and every day, roughly the same number of deaths that occurred in the World Trade Center on 9/11 will happen in abortion clinics. Over 43 million children have been aborted since Roe v. Wade in 1973, which is the equivalent to the population of Spain, South Korea, or Colombia disappearing from the face of the earth in just two generations. Abortion deaths also eclipse the 1.1 million war deaths of all American soldiers since the nation was founded in 1776. So, while liberals are indeed breeding like rabbits, they’re killing their offspring just as quickly thanks to the deft and bloody hand of social engineers who saw this juggernaut coming.

The biologically-based r/K selection theory also explains why women are becoming manlier and bitchier, playing into the hands of social engineers who are endeavoring to blend male and female into one androgynous glob.

As you see a more r-strategy emerge, females of the species will need to become increasingly aggressive and masculine, since due to [having no fathers around to assist with childrearing] they must provision and protect their offspring alone. Since r-selected males are solely concerned with mating (before abandoning their mate), and fleeing from conflict, they become more diminutive, and more cowardly. The end result is the r-strategy has, inherent within it, a model of aggressive, manly females who raise children alone, and diminutive, effete males who are solely concerned with superficial, mate-attracting flash, and conflict avoidance.

In other words, we’ve just seen the YouGoGrrl and the metrosexual described in scientific terms. And, as we’ve seen with the liberal creed of weakness and degeneracy, the circle closes with a return to the intolerance we previously discussed.

Liberals show diminished loyalty to in-group, similar to how r-selected organisms do not fully understand the reason for even perceiving an in-group in nature.

In short, this is why liberals are overtly hostile to their own ethnic group and culture.


A shitlib protester receiving a wedgie on the Berkeley campus is only the beginning of what’s to come if libs continue riling conservatives

Cleaning House

They’ve had a nice run. But there are signals the liberal reign of terror will be coming to an end. Conservatives are increasingly taking a “don’t give a fuck” stance when it comes to liberal labeling, name-calling, and other games they play to try and keep the right in line. The election of Donald Trump to office (as much of a disappointment he is turning out to be to many) was the first sign that liberal narratives and media manlets have lost their influence.

Another, amusing sign the tables are beginning to turn happened on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley, where the scarf-wearing Antifa group was humiliated by a group of Trump supporters. Heatstreet wrote:

In Berkeley a pro-Trump “free speech” protest was also held by members of various factions like Proud Boys and the alt-right. The two rallies quickly converged and turned into a bloody street brawl between anti fascist leftists and Trump supporters, which resulted in 23 arrests.

The Trump supporters are declaring victory after they managed to push the Antifas back and bust some heads in.

When the time comes, the leftists who think they have run of the place are in for some more unpleasant surprises. It takes a long time to rile the true, K-selected tigers on the right. But when the claws finally reach out at them, the paper tigers will quickly realize it wasn’t such a good idea to provoke the men who are the backbone of society.

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