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The Tough-Talking, ‘Murica Loving President: The Acting Role of a Lifetime


Best buddies, then suddenly, worst enemies – a storyline befitting a soap opera

Trump is full of hot air.

That’s the conclusion many are coming to after observing, with an unjaundiced eye, what he’s been doing while in office. Trump has either been compromised by the military-industrial complex and Deep State, or he’s playing the role of a lifetime as scripted for him by the power structure from the beginning.

My hunch is on the latter.

The NBC television star turned President has gone from playing the badass boss on The Apprentice to playing the badass boss of America. Trump’s role is to play the deplorables’ tough-talking, ‘Murica-loving President, appeasing the gelatinous blob of shopping and eating machines known as average voters while the globalist agenda chugs along unnoticed by them – but happening right in front of their myopic eyes. The Don is tasked with keeping them distracted with MAGA, flag-waving, tough-talking homilies while continuing the agenda of the globalists behind the scenes.

Evidence is mounting this New York liberal suddenly turned conservative is doing to the right what Obama did to the left – fool them, cruelly and with stunning sophistry. Just as liberals thought Obama walked on water as he earned Nobel Peace Prizes while dropping bombs, gave them “free” healthcare that in reality cost them the farm, and preached about unity while pursuing policies of racial divide and conquer, conservatives also think Trump walks on water.

His signature campaign promise – the border wall – is, at best, in limbo. Notice Trump doesn’t talk about it anymore. He promised to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, then did a victory lap when a RINO Congress only polished the turd known as Obamacare. He said he was a globalist (and a nationalist – huh?) in late April. He convinced conservatives they won by pulling out of the Paris global warming accords but the hidden truth is he’s only renegotiating the deal on global taxation and wealth redistribution. He’s going to be rewarding Silicon Valley with more H1B visas, lowering wages for the American worker and bringing in even more immigrants. The techies, who bashed The Don relentlessly during the campaign just came out of George Soros-linked Jared Kushner’s office singing his praises. Trump’s military just shot down a Syrian aircraft fighting ISIS, riling Russia and making it even more obvious than it already was the US is playing the War on Terror from both sides.

Yet, you talk to the average Trump supporter and they’re oblivious about any of this. They only see the shadows on the wall in Plato’s cave, never the puppet masters. They cling to the cult of personality around Trump with Jesus-like fervor.

All I know is, there’s a gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach about this character. I didn’t vote in 2016 for either candidate. I am prouder of that decision now than ever before. Something just seemed “too good to be true” about Trump falling out of the sky to give a last minute, Hail Mary touchdown victory to the average American wanting to see their country maintain its sovereignty and stop its further slide into  becoming the modern day polyglot boarding house Teddy Roosevelt warned about.

Let’s do a thought experiment. Remember, just weeks before Trump announced his candidacy he had a hush-hush, closed door, secret meeting with Bill Clinton. One could imagine their discussion going something like this.

Bill: “The power structure has seen you like acting, Don. You’ve had a successful series on NBC playing the tough-talking boss. But now, you have the opportunity to land the acting role of a lifetime.”

Don: “Beautiful, it’s just beautiful. The show The Apprentice was beautiful, and what I think you’re getting ready to tell me is beautiful.”

Bill: “How would you like to play the tough-talking President? The plan for the next election is to reword Hope and Change into something like Make America Great Again. Those phrases poll well with the rabble out there. And you get to be the actor. Best of all, you get to play the villain in the campaign.”

Don: “That’s tremendous. Just tremendous. I think I could step into that tremendous role.”

Bill: “I envy you, Don. I always wanted to play the bad guy. My globalist friends want you to steam up the deplorables out there, stoking their wildest fantasies. They’ll be so enamored of your tough-talking image and devil-may-care attitude, they’ll never realize what you’re actually doing when it comes to policy.”

And voila, a couple of years later he’s in office and nothing of substance has changed or appears it will change. The Trumpbots are just as clueless as the Obamabots were. As we would say in the news and public relations business, Trump is a master of branding.

People are emotional creatures, not rational ones.

How else does one explain the fact that no matter who we elect, no matter what they say, the same things happen, and nothing changes except window dressing? Don’t expect Trump to Make America Great Again, when in reality, he will do so only in the minds of those who can’t see reality. Meanwhile, the country continues it inexorable decline.

Memo to the clueless American voter: You’ve been had, once again.

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Modern Liberalism: A Creed Based on Intolerance, Weakness, and Degeneracy


Liberals are paper tigers

Liberals like to prance around like they’re large and in charge of modern American society. Since long before the long, hot summer of 2016 when they burned down cities, to the early days of the Trump presidency in which they’ve been doing their best to create a modern witch trial with the Much Ado About Russia narrative, shitlibs have been figuratively poking a tiger in the eye with a stick and getting away with it. They’ve had incredible luck so far.

But could that luck be about to run out?

Radical libs instigating the populace who live outside major cities never take the time to look in the mirror and realize they aren’t ready for a duel, as they are not the tigers they consider themselves to be. They’re nothing more than paper tigers playing with gasoline and fire. Let’s analyze modern liberalism as we size up our hammer and sickle wielding enemies.


Ironically, Tim Allen had his popular ABC series canceled after discussing liberal tolerance. CMT could soon revive it


Modern shitlibs are a case study in psychological projection. Liberals project onto conservatives everything they hate but have become, only in reverse. They’re intolerant Christophobes. They’re anti-male. They’re anti-white. They’re anti-family. In other words, they’re little more than a hate group for American and European men and tradition.

They’re the inverse of everything they see wrong with the world, but every bit as intolerant as the boogeymen they scorn. Liberals are no longer live and let live, they’re live and try to kill anyone that doesn’t want to live like us.

What’s particularly hilarious about the mental illness known as liberalism is watching their hypocrisy in action. For example, I passed through a New York restaurant over the weekend. I watched a white girl with technicolor hair bend over backwards to kiss the behind of a female Muslim wearing a head scarf as if she was a sacred cow. What? Doesn’t this “oppressed” woman represent everything the pink-haired freak is supposed to hate? Aren’t white girls like her supposed to be against patriarchy? Oh, that’s right. It’s only bad if the evil white boogeyman does it. Brown people can still be patriarchal.

Beyond liberals failing to realize the duplicity of their own narratives, Tim Allen spoke out about what it’s like living in “tolerant” Hollyweird and later, appropriately enough, had his popular comedy series unexpectedly cancelled by ABC. He told court jester Jimmy Kimmel:

You’ve gotta be real careful around here. You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody believes. This is like ’30s Germany. I don’t know what happened. If you’re not part of the group, you know, “What we believe is right…”

Allen followed with:

I go, well I go I might have a problem with that.

Allen was shit-canned soon after for not adhering to the doxy of uber-liberal, politically correct ABC.

Liberals use political correctness to put conservatives into a straitjacket, one the right is increasingly refusing to be forced into as Tim Allen illustrates. Liberal fascists believe their worldview is the only correct worldview, and are becoming increasingly hostile to those who refuse to go along with their Utopian, Socialist fantasies.

They are the fascists they accuse the right of being, as elucidated by Jonah Goldberg in his book Liberal Fascism. Since they have no God to worship, they worship the state. Goldberg gives us insight into leftist myopia:

Fascism is a religion of the state. It assumes the organic unity of the body politic and longs for a national leader attuned to the will of the people. It is totalitarian in that it views everything as political and holds that any action by the state is justified to achieve the common good. It takes responsibility for all aspects of life, including our health and well-being, and seeks to impose uniformity of thought and action, whether by force or through regulation and social pressure.

Everything, including the economy and religion, must be aligned with its objectives. Any rival identity is part of the “problem” and therefore defined as the enemy. Contemporary American liberalism embodies all of these aspects of fascism.

Intolerant liberals want to use the power of the state to crush every ideal they don’t agree with. They also want to turn the state into the legislative and executive equivalent of mommy and daddy.


Degenerate and weak liberals love the androgynous look – this is what they want all men and women to look like

Weakness and Degeneracy

Make no mistake, modern liberalism is a creed based almost entirely on weakness. Biologically speaking, it derives from an r-selected environment, one created by K-selected conservatives.

The r/K selection process morphing into the modern political process is detailed in the book The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics. Liberalism grows out of control, like a cancer during periods of prosperity.

The r-strategy is designed to exploit an environment where resources are freely available, everywhere.

Of course, a clusterfuck ensues once resources become available to unfit members of society who can obtain them from the producers by using the force of the state. The society trends downward.

In r-selection, [the fittest members of society] will be out-reproduced by pacifists, who simply focus upon eating, and reproducing… This environment will favor a tendency towards conflict avoidance, and tend to cull the aggressive and competitive. It will also evolve tendencies towards mating as early as possible, as often as possible, with as many mates as possible, while investing as little effort as possible rearing offspring. Here, there are unlimited resources just waiting to be utilized, and even the most unfit can acquire them.

Now we know why there are fat slobs, cock-carouseling women, single moms, and sorry asses everywhere in modern America. Humans in an r-selected environment are taking advantage of a free ride as they swipe out with their EBT card and take their haul home to Section 8 housing.

Of course, when resources are freely available, the weakest members of society begin to overpopulate and crowd out the stronger members of society. We can witness this with the current maker vs. taker paradigm in the American economy, in which makers are worked up to 70 hours a week in increasingly shittier jobs with lower pay and vanishing benefits (often sacrificing forming their own families) to support the welfare class and women with five kids by five different dads.

It doesn’t end there.

In the r-strategy, we see the origins of the Liberal’s tendencies towards conflict avoidance, from oppositions to free-market capitalism, to pacifism, to demands that all citizens disarm so as to avoid any chance of conflict and competition. Even the newer tendencies to support the ”everyone gets a trophy” movement are outgrowths of this competition-averse urge, and desire for free resource availability. Similarly, Liberals are supportive of promiscuity, supportive of efforts to expose children to ever earlier sexual education, and low-investment single parenting.

Ergo, weakness and degeneracy arises.

One might ask: How does America still have negative population growth if r-selection leads to people breeding like rabbits? The answer is sickeningly simple. Abortion. Today, and every day, roughly the same number of deaths that occurred in the World Trade Center on 9/11 will happen in abortion clinics. Over 43 million children have been aborted since Roe v. Wade in 1973, which is the equivalent to the population of Spain, South Korea, or Colombia disappearing from the face of the earth in just two generations. Abortion deaths also eclipse the 1.1 million war deaths of all American soldiers since the nation was founded in 1776. So, while liberals are indeed breeding like rabbits, they’re killing their offspring just as quickly thanks to the deft and bloody hand of social engineers who saw this juggernaut coming.

The biologically-based r/K selection theory also explains why women are becoming manlier and bitchier, playing into the hands of social engineers who are endeavoring to blend male and female into one androgynous glob.

As you see a more r-strategy emerge, females of the species will need to become increasingly aggressive and masculine, since due to [having no fathers around to assist with childrearing] they must provision and protect their offspring alone. Since r-selected males are solely concerned with mating (before abandoning their mate), and fleeing from conflict, they become more diminutive, and more cowardly. The end result is the r-strategy has, inherent within it, a model of aggressive, manly females who raise children alone, and diminutive, effete males who are solely concerned with superficial, mate-attracting flash, and conflict avoidance.

In other words, we’ve just seen the YouGoGrrl and the metrosexual described in scientific terms. And, as we’ve seen with the liberal creed of weakness and degeneracy, the circle closes with a return to the intolerance we previously discussed.

Liberals show diminished loyalty to in-group, similar to how r-selected organisms do not fully understand the reason for even perceiving an in-group in nature.

In short, this is why liberals are overtly hostile to their own ethnic group and culture.


A shitlib protester receiving a wedgie on the Berkeley campus is only the beginning of what’s to come if libs continue riling conservatives

Cleaning House

They’ve had a nice run. But there are signals the liberal reign of terror will be coming to an end. Conservatives are increasingly taking a “don’t give a fuck” stance when it comes to liberal labeling, name-calling, and other games they play to try and keep the right in line. The election of Donald Trump to office (as much of a disappointment he is turning out to be to many) was the first sign that liberal narratives and media manlets have lost their influence.

Another, amusing sign the tables are beginning to turn happened on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley, where the scarf-wearing Antifa group was humiliated by a group of Trump supporters. Heatstreet wrote:

In Berkeley a pro-Trump “free speech” protest was also held by members of various factions like Proud Boys and the alt-right. The two rallies quickly converged and turned into a bloody street brawl between anti fascist leftists and Trump supporters, which resulted in 23 arrests.

The Trump supporters are declaring victory after they managed to push the Antifas back and bust some heads in.

When the time comes, the leftists who think they have run of the place are in for some more unpleasant surprises. It takes a long time to rile the true, K-selected tigers on the right. But when the claws finally reach out at them, the paper tigers will quickly realize it wasn’t such a good idea to provoke the men who are the backbone of society.

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The New World Order Will Go On as Scheduled: Global Warming Flap is Another Distraction


Don’t celebrate yet, the global warming agenda is still chugging along despite the sideshow in the media

Political parasites are exquisitely good at deception. Beware those who appear to be on a mission to perform a last minute, Hail Mary salvation of nationalism and the Old World Order version of America that was once the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave rather than the Land of the Fee, Home of the Slave.

The headlines are now screaming about Trump pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Accords, which are of course all about the global warming scam and the transference of trillions of dollars out of the American economy and into the grand New World Order, Socialist schemes of an organizing imperial government spanning the planet.

Don’t fall for the ruse as minions on both sides of the political aisle cluelessly go for the other’s jugular over what amounts to a show about nothing.

Just as Trump recently pivoted on his America First position by saying he’s both a nationalist AND a globalist, the administration is now pivoting on global warming. Neither the President or his VP will now admit to interviewers the entire global warming narrative is a giant con job. When asked a direct question, “Does the President still believe it’s a hoax?” (as Trump famously Tweeted) Sean Spicer, who has deep ties to the Bush family cleverly crafted this statement:

It hurt us economically.  He made the decision to reject the Paris deal.

Oh, shit. Those few short words give away the entire dirty deal. Only the Paris deal is being rejected and only because it hurt the U.S. economically.

This is typical, slimy Washington double speak. This statement leaves the door open to renegotiation, and crucially, no longer challenges the legitimacy of the global warming narrative.

In a short interview with Vice President Mike Pence on The Savage Nation with Michael Savage Friday, Pence also 1) would not confirm the climate deal is dead; quite the contrary he said in political innuendo the deal will be renegotiated and 2) would not confirm Savage’s claims the entire global warming narrative is a hoax.

My stomach turned as I heard Pence go on with the same old Republican platitudes about ‘Murica and the working man and the families which this government has destroyed, and I was reminded of this quote from Cicero:

For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.

Pence truly makes my skin crawl.

The flap about Trump removing the U.S. from the globalist agenda in Paris is just political theater. Just as Trump legitimized Obamacare by calling it a new name and changing some window dressing, but ultimately left the disastrous legislation intact, Pence revealed the administration’s hand and confirmed this is the model for manipulating the American voter. The climate con job will follow the same political playbook Obamacare did.

The entire climate flap amounts to much ado about nothing.

Following past patterns, there will be years of false protestation from Republicans only to see them betray their voters and ultimately legitimize the deal. This is quite a sleight of hand, as the media divert your attention to another sideshow and the two sides of the political aisle yell and scream at a fever pitch over nothing.

Trump temporarily pulling the U.S. out of the global warming accords might sound resolute and wonderful to those not paying attention. Bush II performed a similar sleight of hand by pulling out of Kyoto, as clueless Republicans celebrated only to have their “representatives” in government later renegotiate a new international deal on so-called “greenhouse” gases.

Since the global warming agenda has never been about saving the world but about transferring sovereignty – beginning with the power of global taxation – to a supranational entity this devil in the details means the New World Order will proceed as scheduled. The Republicrats are doing what they do best, creating another diversion for what they see as the “deplorables” in order to let some steam out of the pressure cooker which they know is pretty hot right now as both parties betray the nation.

This entire system is completely fucked. Trump is not your savior. He’s playing 3D chess when it comes to the designs of the globalists. Cicero’s wisdom plays out before our eyes.

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

So, by all means, just as clueless American conservatives have accepted socialized medicine because Trump legitimized it, they will soon accept the transference of American sovereignty to Brussels or wherever the headquarters of the Socialist world government will be as the left plays bad cop, then the right plays good cop.

We have, at most, another 20 years or so of steadily decreasing freedom in the world. Are you ready for your RFID chip yet? Political spinmeisters will sell that to you the same way they sold you Obamacare and now global taxation via global warming. Democrats will say the government needs to chip everyone, Republicans will put on a show and kick and scream for a while, only to ultimately cow to the agenda.

If the people who really run the world even bother putting on this type of political theater for us by that time.

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The Wrong Instruction Book to Life


You are told what your masters think you need to know in the education system

One of the most painful and enraging realizations a man can have when he swallows the Red Pill is learning he was given the wrong instruction book to life. An instruction book intended to make him less than a man. An instruction book designed to turn him into another human sheeple grazing on the corporate-government tax farm, living a life that benefits his masters far more than himself.

He then gets asked why he failed at life, and wonders why he’s worked until he’s broken down and has little to show for it, and is mocked by women who spend their lives polishing the boners of assholes.

It’s because he believed the lies and myths spun by his controllers.

The reality is the world is a darker, and meaner place than many men will ever be able to wrap their minds around. A world where Machiavellian Intelligence rules, and there are literally, lies, myths, and deception all around. The lies and myths are so pervasive they’re institutionalized by the power structure in an attempt to subjugate the masses of Beta schlubs out there. For the easiest way to maintain power and control others is by telling them lies, hoping they’ll never realize the line of bullshit they’ve been fed.

This evil seems to work for the majority of the population. But what about us? The ones who realize we’ve been fed a tissue of lies our entire lives? That we’ve been given the wrong “instruction book” to life? Are we the damned?

The “education” a man receives in the public education system isn’t designed to enlighten him, it’s designed to turn him into a docile worker bee who hates himself, his people, and his history. The next chapter in the instruction book comes from the media, an industry that is so full of shit it is almost literally exploding with verbal diarrhea. They tell him what to think, who to listen to, and how to live. The next chapter comes from politicians who create plebeian myths of “the common good” and “the working man” and “Murica” as a force for good in the world.

Between education system lackeys indoctrinating and conditioning him from the tender age of 5 all the way through early adulthood, to the media feeding him bullshit in his spare time, to politicians expounding on the myths spun by the education system and the media, a man finds himself neck deep in a pile of cultural bullshit. He then moves on to the corporate world.

He is buried in yet more myths and lies that tell him the corporation cares for his well-being, when in fact he is nothing more than an expendable line item on a spreadsheet to them. The corporate world tells him women are better than him, and deserve special treatment. Suppress those nasty sexual urges you have.

They work him like a slave.

In what little time he has to think and read information outside the myopic view of the world presented to him by his masters, he begins to notice discrepancies. Problems with the view of the world presented to him by educators, mediaites, and political parasites. Something just doesn’t add up.

Thanks to the Internet, the last true bastion of freedom in a world that is offended by free men who don’t follow rules, he’s able to openly read and share ideas with others who also notice the real world doesn’t match the cotton candy view of it they’ve been fed. It doesn’t take long before the Wisdom of Crowds phenomenon takes over and a class of men realize they have been totally sold out by their controllers, and sold into a life of bondage.

White hot rage begins to build inside the man who made an honest effort to abide by the instruction book he was given to life, only to discover the instruction book wasn’t meant to empower him, it was meant to put him to sleep and take advantage of him. Some men go into denial upon having this painful, life-altering realization. Others check out of the system. And others try to fight back and wake other men up.

For you see, if you are here reading this, realize my friend, you haven’t failed at life. You’ve been given the wrong set of instructions when it comes to dealing with women and the world. Realizing you’ve been totally fucked by your masters is the path to building new wisdom.

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Motive Emerges for Clinton Crime Syndicate to Whack Seth Rich

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton

Just how many people have been Arkancided?

Remember Seth Rich? He was the DNC staffer who the media say was “robbed” and then shot twice in the back, execution style. The robbery story never made any sense, especially when none of his valuables (including his wallet) were taken from the scene. In fact, Rich’s death was only one of a trio of mysterious deaths that happened during the Hillary campaign.


Seth Rich was about to leak sensitive information on Hillary, then wound up dead of a mysterious robbery that didn’t take his money

The incident reeks of Arkancide. His parents, no doubt fearing for their own lives have urged stories about the incident to stop.

But something stinks about the whole story and real journalists should be digging deeper. Unfortunately, journalism has been dead in America for a long time. The media continue to focus on the laughable “Russia meddling in our election” narrative and ignoring this bombshell about the Seth Rich case that dropped this week.

It was revealed Rich was about to bust Hillary Rotten Clinton by leaking more of her rotten emails to Wikileaks detailing how the wannabe Madame President illegally shafted Comrade Bernie during the primaries. Then he just up and died one night in the middle of the vortex of evil, Washington, D.C.

That’s a motive in any court of law.

Expect absolutely nothing to happen as the Clinton Crime Syndicate has the blessing of the globalists who really run the world. In the opinions of millions, the Clintons have had carte blanche to rape, rob, and kill during the entire arc of their rise and fall from political grace.

Of course, one has to have an understanding of Realpolitik and not be deceived by the baby talk in the mainstream media to understand how far things have gone. How many other people have the Clintons whacked? How many other politicians deal with meddlers this way? How corrupt is this entire system?

My guess is, most people don’t want to know just how rotten the political parasites that rob them then shit in their face really are.

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