Going Galt: Rational Self-Interest


“If you don’t know, the thing to do is not to get scared, but to learn.” -Ayn Rand

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There is only one kind of men who have never been on strike in human history … the men who have carried the world on their shoulders, have kept it alive, have endured torture as sole payment … Well, their turn has come. Let the world discover who they are, what they do and what happens when they refuse to function. This is the strike of the men of the mind. -John Galt

Going Galt has become a central theme of the burgeoning manosphere, a nascent corner of the web which is typically subdivided into traditionalists, MGTOWs, PUAs, and MRAs. The subdivisions aren’t as important as what unites us: the philosophical and literal pushback against a society that marginalizes men and uses us as expendable, exploitable drivers of the economic engine of the West for the pleasure and comfort of women and elites, not ourselves.

The term Going Galt, according to The Atlas Society means productive people go on strike, withdrawing their services in protest against a society that damns them for being productive and expropriates (siezes) the fruits of their labor.  The term Going Galt originated in Atlas Shrugged, the most well-known of Ayn Rand’s novels, in which a man swore he would stop the economic engine of the world, and he did.

According to The Atlas Society:

  • “Going Galt” means asking in the face of new taxes and government controls, “Why work at all?” “For whom am I working?” “Am I a slave?”
  • “Going Galt” means recognizing that you’re being punished not for your vices but for your virtues.
  • “Going Galt” means recognizing that you have a moral right to your own life, the pursuit of your own happiness, and thus to the rewards you’ve earned with your labor.
  • “Going Galt” means recognizing that you deserve praise and honor for your achievements rather than damnation as “exploiters.”
  • “Going Galt” means recognizing that you do not need to justify your life or wealth to your neighbors, “society,” or politicians, or bureaucrats. They’re yours, period!
  • “Going Galt” means recognizing that the needs of others do not give them a claim to your time, effort, and achievements.
  • “Going Galt” means shrugging off unearned guilt, refusing to support your own destroyers, refusing to give them what Ayn Rand termed “the sanction of the victim.” It means taking the moral high ground by explicitly rejecting as evil the premise of “self-sacrifice” that they sell to you as a virtue— in fact “self-sacrifice” is an invitation to suicide.

In other words, Going Galt is the embodiment of men waking up and realizing their second-class citizen status in the Anglo-American cultural Matrix, becoming aware of the the exploitation of their labor and resources by women and society, and formulating their collective response to this abuse and disenfranchisement which includes walking off the comfortable plantation that has been built for them.

Men can push back by educating themselves about the grim realities of women and the world, adopting lives of minimalism, and living lives according to their own self-interest in a world that wishes they would not.

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