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Defining the Sigma Male


James Dean defines the Sigma male in many ways

Everybody talks about Alpha and Beta males, but few discuss the enigmatic Sigma male. However, in many ways, the Sigma male is the most interesting of all male types because he is mysterious, an outsider, and is yet a successful plunderer of poon. He is the antithesis of Mr. Popularity, the Alpha male, and yet women are drawn to him.

Since embracing my natural instincts and tossing aside the Anglo-American cultural indoctrination that grooms men to be soft-spoken utility objects known as Beta males, I have realized I am a natural Sigma male. And as a man who has shifted way from my Beta past, a role foisted upon me by society until I saw the shadows on the wall and embraced my natural, Sigma bad boy instincts I feel it’s important to define what a Sigma male is.

The crucial difference between the two top dogs in the sexual hierarchy is this: Alphas embrace and move to manipulate and dominate society’s ridiculous games in an extroverted manner, while introverted (and often more intelligent) Sigmas are repulsed by them.

Here are some more Sigma traits.


Sigmas prefer to go it alone rather than playing the ridiculous social games the rest of society obsesses over

Sigma Traits

Rebellious. Sigmas are the rebels of society, and as an INTP I am beginning to realize how deep my rebelliousness runs after shedding the coil of social indoctrination. Sigma males naturally loathe confining and arbitrary social norms and expectations, seeking instead to live original and authentic lives of their own design. In addition to a rebellious mindset, statistics show higher intelligence (which many Sigmas possess) is also correlated with more run-ins with the law. We Sigmas can find ourselves on the wrong side of the law since we have little regard for rules and regulations intended to rule the lives of “follower” men with an iron fist.

Original. Sigmas are never plain vanilla or predictable. Unlike the Alpha, they do not crave social acceptance or lofty social laurels. Many Sigmas prefer to blend into the background and watch the ridiculousness of society in a bemused manner. (The Great Master artist Bruegel the Elder comes to mind when discussing this attitude.)

Sigmas do not blindly follow groups or trends. They’re likely to have eccentric behavior and tangential interests in a number of academic fields. This leads to their greatest potential source of friction in a world of fearsome conformists: some people are put off by men with minds so original they cannot conform to the prejudices and constraints of the society they’re in, but originality is the very essence of the Sigma.

Drift in and out of social situations. This is both the Sigma’s greatest asset and worst weakness: the ability to drift in and out of high and low castes in society with ease. But we will never truly belong to any of them. I have personally walked with “kings” of society and peasants, and I see them as being more alike than not. When I worked in the mainstream media, I could be on television the first half of the day then at night partying with whores from the wrong side of town. Sigmas don’t get themselves caught up in the trappings of fleeting glory and petty social hierarchies. They define Rudyard Kipling’s statement in one of his most famous poems, If:

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

Tendency to cause conflict. Nothing scares the average person more than someone who challenges the trite myths they believe in. Sigmas are the original thought criminals of society. The original thoughts of Sigmas upset many people, who need to be told what to think and how to behave rather than determining what are appropriate thoughts and actions for themselves. This will undoubtedly cause conflict if the Sigma’s true opinions seep out into the gossip mill of the average corporate “Office Space” inferno. The freethinking Sigma will be ostracized, and Alphas will move to have the Sigma marginalized so as to try and eliminate competition with lapdog Betas following suit.

Quirky behavior. Sigmas can have quirky personalities, which again puts them at odds with Alpha males and the masses. Sigmas have an air of unpredictability and can be quite enigmatic and mysterious to those who do not take the time to try and understand him. They won’t be men who live the life script given to them by the Great Marketing Machine, that tells them which car to buy, what house to live in, and how much money to make. They also won’t treat women with supplicating deference as Beta males do, which incidentally makes women hot.

Lone wolves. Since Sigmas do not “fit in” to most social groups, we often find ourselves journeying through life alone. Many Sigmas become bad boys when they realize how innately insane society is and that there is no saving it from itself. In film, the Sigma would be the motorcycle riding guy in a leather jacket in the back of the bar. The IDGAF factor is very high in the Sigma, especially once he reaches maturity and begins to purge the sewer pumped into his mind by decades of public school and mass media programming.

Subject to social scrutiny and criticism. Nothing bothers conformists more than someone who totally rejects the sophistry and social game playing they worship. This can make the Sigma a lightning rod for criticism. As Sigmas age, they can become more adept at being “chameleons” when in social situations. They can fake being a normal rube well enough that the prejudices of the average idiot are not aroused, while knowing deep inside they hold the cards. Sigmas can possess Red Pill knowledge while blending in with the average person. This gives the Sigma great strength in that it allows mastery of both social situations and himself.

Provoke love or hate attitudes in people. Some people love the rebel. Others are terrified by what he represents. There is usually little in the middle when it comes to the reactions the Sigma provokes. People either love or hate him. Alphas often hate Sigmas once they’re identified, perhaps because the Alpha knows the Sigma sees right through the ridiculous social game playing he is beholden to. Betas will often go into orbit around the Sigma, that is unless the Sigma’s original mind and IDGAF attitude become the subject of a social stigma. Then, fair weather friend type Betas will evaporate into the ether.


Sigmas are non-conformists who drift in and out of different social situations

Further Defining the Sigma

Knowing the Sigma archetype can help other men who find themselves between a rock and hard place trying to decide whether they’re Alpha or Beta or lower on the totem pole realize they’re neither. They can also realize it’s okay to be different.

It is my personal belief that those men who possess the INTP and INTJ Kiersey/Myers-Briggs personality types are often natural Sigma males, in that many of the traits associated with those personalities are Sigma traits. A look at the descriptions of both types illustrates my point. First, the INTP, as defined by 16 Personalities:

The INTP personality type is fairly rare, making up only three percent of the population, which is definitely a good thing for them, as there’s nothing they’d be more unhappy about than being “common”. INTPs pride themselves on their inventiveness and creativity, their unique perspective and vigorous intellect. Usually known as the philosopher, the architect, or the dreamy professor, INTPs have been responsible for many scientific discoveries throughout history. INTPs are known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic – in fact, they are considered the most logically precise of all the personality types.

Then, the even rarer INTJ:

It’s lonely at the top, and being one of the rarest and most strategically capable personality types, INTJs know this all too well. INTJs form just two percent of the population, and women of this personality type are especially rare, forming just 0.8% of the population – it is often a challenge for them to find like-minded individuals who are able to keep up with their relentless intellectualism and chess-like maneuvering.

This does not mean every INTP or INTJ is a Sigma. However, it’s a safe bet to say many Sigmas are probably INTP or INTJ types.

In essence, the Sigma male is the model of adaptability in a cruel world. He adapts to get what he wants out of the world without participating in it, and stays true to himself and his beliefs unlike the courtiers of society. As Darwin knew, it is not the strongest of species that survive, but the most adaptable. Sigmas are case studies in adaptability, as they bang countless women while never betraying who they really are.

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The Law of the Jungle Rules Today’s Sexual Market


The Law of the Jungle describes today’s degenerate sexual market in the West

Since feminism, the sexual market in the West has been shifting to operate on an r-selected Law of the Jungle. If you are looking for a mate or just trying to get laid in this market, this is why the whole balance seems thrown off. In the jungle, a woman would rather be part of the harem of a leader rather than tied to a subservient follower. Dominance is what it takes to survive the jungle, and the pecking order is everything to female psychology. A Guns N’ Roses classic rock hit illustrates the concept:

Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here everyday, learn to live like an animal in the jungle world we play…

If you are doing things for women looking for their approval, or trying to be Mr. Nice Guy you are going to be disposed of or flat out used. It’s all tied into the dual mating strategy of women: Alpha fux, Beta bux. Do not find yourself in the position of being the reserve. And do not believe women when they tell you they are different than other women. Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer elegantly explains this concept:

For as lions are furnished with claws and teeth, elephants with tusks, boars with fangs, bulls with horns, and the cuttlefish with its dark, inky fluid, so Nature has provided woman for her protection and defence with the faculty of dissimulation, and all the power which Nature has given to man in the form of bodily strength and reason has been conferred on woman in this form.

Hence, dissimulation is innate in woman and almost as characteristic of the very stupid as of the clever. Accordingly, it is as natural for women to dissemble at every opportunity as it is for those animals to turn to their weapons when they are attacked; and they feel in doing so that in a certain measure they are only making use of their rights. Therefore a woman who is perfectly truthful and does not dissemble is perhaps an impossibility.

This is why they see through dissimulation in others so easily; therefore it is not advisable to attempt it with them. From the fundamental defect that has been stated, and all that it involves, spring falseness, faithlessness, treachery, ungratefulness, and so on.

Know this, and always remember it: Women will screw dominant men while keeping a boyfriend in reserve and will never, ever admit it. Sex is a woman’s way of trying to lock a dominant man into a commitment before dumping the cuckolded boyfriend, and dissimulation (lying) is her way of maintaining an advantage on the sexual playing field. What she really wants is a bad boy: subconsciously this is for the protection he offers and increased chances of survival for any offspring he might sire with her in a dog eat dog world.

It all boils down to the economics of sex. Sperm is cheap, and eggs are expensive. Women want the best of the best sperm since they have a short window (as compared to men) in which they can reproduce. And, for most of human history placing a wager on a bad boy has been the best bet. Civilization has changed this, but the human genome is still coded with the old instincts.

Even though Western culture has suppressed many of our animal instincts, we still instinctually behave the way we did before collectively finding ourselves on today’s government tax farm. Like it or not, man is a predatory animal. Our predatory nature goes down to our very physiology and anatomy: Our eyes are placed at the front of our heads instead of on the side as in prey animals. We prey not only on other animals, but on each other. We (usually) do not kill each other, but our winner take all instincts reach down into the very core of who we are. A nice guy is going to be prey and an asshole is going to be the predator. The asshole gets the egg, while the nice guy gets used and abused.


When in the jungle, it’s every man for himself so don’t be taken advantage of by women

Don’t Be Her Walking, Talking Wallet

A nice guy who acquiesces to women is a man who women instinctually know has few options. They will keep him around if he is a provider of resources for them, but they will subconsciously look for the sperm of a dominant man to impregnate them. Even a woman’s biology is set up to exploit Alpha Fux, Beta Bux, as pointed out in the wonderfully controversial Sperm Wars by Robin Baker. As an aside, the truth is never politically correct, nor is it popular. As Plato told us 2,000 years ago:

None is more hated than he who speaks the truth.

Getting back to Sperm Wars, its findings reveal deception and trickery in women goes past their innate deceptiveness and all the way down to their biology:

  • Ten percent of children are not fathered by their “fathers”
  • Less than one percent of a man’s sperm is capable of fertilizing anything (the rest is there to fight off all other men’s sperm)
  • Vaginal mucus encourages some sperm but blocks others
  • A woman is far more likely to conceive through a casual fling than through sex with her regular partner because her body allows the sperm from the fling to pass through faster than that of her regular partner

After conception, if the dominant man has pumped her and dumped her she will need someone to stay and help raise the child. This is where you come in as her resource provider! So…how do women test to see who is dominant and who is  the resource provider?


Do you have what it takes answer the call of the wild, and do you want to continue to live this way?

Shit Testing

Since sperm (and men who provide it) are so abundant, women begin weeding out process right away. Shit testing is how they weed out weak men. The Disposable Male explains how this process works:

Initially, she can simply watch him in competition with other males. … But finally, the only real test a woman can set is whether a man can negotiate and overcome her own defenses. To test this, she has to resist first verbally, then physically. The stronger and more realistic her resistance, the better the test.

In other words, women want a man who not only win out and control other men but a man who will stand up to her, and put her in the subservient role nature designed women for. How else can one explain the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon?

Do you have what it takes? Or will you sulk away or cave in to her? Unfortunately, her shit tests only begin with the initial test to see if you are good enough for her to take a chance on. They will continue throughout any relationship with her, and in the Western world this poses dangerous risks because of a predatory legal and family court system. Fail too many shit tests and you could find yourself getting divorce raped or turned into a slave of the court.

Fail shit tests and you may also find yourself being the Beta bucks provider. As pointed out earlier, the cruel world of the sexual market extends down from the macroscopic world we live in to the microscopic world of the biology of women and men. Michael Gilbert’s book The Disposable Male explains:

Bang! They’re off! Like a rocket!

Surging forward in a frantic fight for the lead, racers jostle one another on the crowded track. Skirmishes flare up. Some are roughly bumped aside. Others fall and are nearly trampled by the herd of charging marathoners behind them. The strongest an most clever bolt to the front. Pacing themselves, the focused leaders dash along the obstacle course toward their goal.

By the final lap, the contenders are reduced to a handful – just the hardiest, best-prepared specimens with the most robust builds and the sleekest lines.

As they dash for home, the racers in the lead pack dig for every last drop of strength, pushing themselves beyond all measure, pulsating with exertion. Second place wont cut it. Its winner take all.

Suddenly, a scintillating ball of light a million miles high illuminates the horizon. The finish line is just a tantalizing sprint a way. Diving like Superguppy, the exhausted winner hangs on for dear life.

The egg is joined! Outperforming a few hundred million competitors, one triumphant microscopic sperm has won the seminal race of life.

Male competition extends all the way down to sperm fighting their way towards the jackpot of all jackpots, an egg waiting to be fertilized. By dissimulating (lying) and having biology that is primed for you to be cuckolded and your resources taken advantage of by another man’s offspring, failing any of her litany of lifelong shit tests is the equivalent of getting eaten in the jungle.


Traditions like marriage survive the test of time for a reason; discarding them is playing with fire

Escaping the Jungle

Living in a sexual jungle certainly does pose risks. The only way for Western civilization to escape the Law of the Jungle is to return to a sexual market that does not cater to women’s destructive (for civilized society) instincts.

In the past, behaving the way women in the West now do would have been so disastrous the situation would have corrected itself. However, the tax farm we now live on subsidizes this type of behavior with – you guessed it – Beta bucks of hardworking taxpayers. The r-selection paradigm creates an unstable environment (i.e. uncivilized one) and leads to the following:

  • Single parenting
  • Women with children with many different fathers
  • Early sexual maturity in children
  • Short generation time (children having children)
  • Lack of male participation in society

The natural balance that would have put an end to this, women finding themselves outcast from society or destitute for making childish, irresponsible or fickle choices won’t return unless the system subsidizing it fails. Failure of the system is certainly a long-term likelihood as men either go MGTOW and check out of the system completely or revolt and demand change.

Marriage has been instituted worldwide across all different cultures for a reason. These are the reasons it is important to a civilized society, laid down in a 1955 article by social anthropologist Edmund Leach:

  1. To establish a legal father of a woman’s children.
  2. To establish a legal mother of a man’s children.
  3. To give the husband a monopoly in the wife’s sexuality.
  4. To give the wife a monopoly in the husband’s sexuality.
  5. To give the husband partial or monopolistic rights to the wife’s domestic and other labor services.
  6. To give the wife partial or monopolistic rights to the husband’s domestic and other labor services.
  7. To give the husband partial or total control over property belonging or potentially accruing to the wife.
  8. To give the wife partial or total control over property belonging or potentially accruing to the husband.
  9. To establish a joint fund of property – a partnership – for the benefit of the children of the marriage.
  10. To establish a socially significant ‘relationship of affinity’ between the husband and his wife’s brothers

A man’s monopoly over a woman’s sexuality and the promise of paternity is the linchpin of the entire deal. Without it, there is really not much benefit to marriage for a man. For the monopoly over her sexuality, a man basically pledges everything he produces in life to her and his children. The importance of marriage as the bedrock of civilization cannot be understated. Once lost, an inevitable turn towards the sexual market we have today begins. The situation only gets wilder with time.

Accepting the Law of the Jungle or doing the unthinkable, growing a set and going back to a model of enforcing monogamy is perhaps the ultimate societal shit test for men. Are Western men still man enough to put animal instincts back under the restraints of patriarchy and enforce monogamy? If not, expect society to continue to degenerate under r-selected sexual forces.

Welcome to the Jungle.

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Where Do You Stand in the Sexual Hierarchy


What are your chances of hitting that? Improve your standing in the sexual hierarchy by learning about how males are subconsciously ranked by females

In nature, hierarchies are everywhere. They have been a part of history since we crawled out of the slime. In a woman’s subconscious hindbrain, she ranks men according to their social and sexual status before deciding if any of them are worthy of a visit to the love cave.

That is why learning about the Social-Sexual Hierarchy is important. Not knowing the hierarchy, then adapting accordingly to the Red Pill realities of the world will leave you in a disadvantaged position in The Mating Game. Neitzsche wrote on the importance of changing one’s opinions when faced with unpleasant facts:

The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be minds.

Adaptation is key in the sexual market. The r-selected modern sexual market and its resultant hierarchy explains why 20% of the men currently monopolize 80% of the attention and affection of women. After social restraints were lifted from women’s sexuality, Betas were abandoned in the same way Jack Dawson was abandoned by Rose, cast off to sink into the cold water after his usefulness had expired keeping her afloat in the film Titanic. Women naturally only want to pursue the very top of the sexual hierarchy when the law of the jungle returns.

In this regard, patriarchy and the nuclear family are the essential building blocks of civilization. But in the modern day free-for-all, not exploiting every advantage will leave you sexless and hopeless in Anglo America. Humans are becoming increasingly feral in this feminized environment. The bottom four-fifths of men are either angry, involuntarily celibate, or checking out of a system that treats them as little more than worker bees and subjects to extract taxes from. This is a shame, because it takes very little to make most men happy.

Where do you currently fall in the hierarchy? This infographic introduces the concept of the Social and Sexual Hierarchy.


Listed in order of sexual success with women

The Five Male Archetypes

Roughly, 20% of men are Alphas, Sigmas and top tier Betas, while the bottom 80% are other Betas, Gammas, and Omegas. We see the 80/20 rule time and time again in nature and the world, in business it is known as the Pareto Principle, and it applies to the Social-Sexual Hierarchy, too. Let’s elaborate a little more on the hierarchy.


Alphas cannot walk outside without falling into puss. The Alpha is the center of male and female attention. Women are uncontrollably drawn to the Alpha primarily because of his social status. Women would rather be part of the harem of an Alpha than the one and only of a Johnny 9-to-5 Beta or lower male in the hierarchy. Women justify the selfish and often horrible decisions they make when in the company of Alphas with their built-in Rationalization Hamster. Estimates vary widely, but the Alpha has at least 30-40, if not hundreds of sexual partners over his lifetime.


The introverted version of the Alpha. Sigmas are also very successful with women even though the idea of being the center of attention repulses them. They are Lone Wolfs and bad boys who do not play along with the usual, ridiculous social games. Estimates vary, but the Sigma has at least 30-40 sexual partners over his lifetime, but Greater Sigma notch counts can easily reach over 100 as well.


Betas tend to fumble when it comes to dealing with women. They are underappreciated and make up the majority hardworking and honest men in society. Betas do all the important work of the society but are not valued by their government or women. Betas are the source of most of the tax money used to power Uncle Sugar’s gynocentric welfare state. They can be attractive and charming, sometimes not. But as we all know social or financial status, not physical attractiveness, is everything to the female. Betas are usually kept around by women for their resources, which is why their power is diminishing in today’s sexual market. Often, a woman will have a Beta so she can spend his money while fucking an Alpha or Sigma on the side. Betas are also used and abused as well as enslaved by the family court system in America. When dating, Betas often have long dry spells in which they get no sexual action. Over their lifetime, a rough estimate is they will end up with 5-15 sexual partners.


Gammas either have no idea how vicious the sexual market is, or they become embittered by it. Gammas are either emotionally needy or do not know how to stand up to women. They can be infested with a severe case of pedestalization syndrome. Rather than adapting to harsh realities, they blame the Game for their unhappiness instead of becoming a player in it. Gammas get lucky with maybe a handful of women in their lives. Women would rather end up as the Cat Lady than marry or pursue a Long Term Relationship with a Gamma.


Omega males tend to be very awkward with women. They have little to no social status, so they are completely invisible to women. Their powerlessness in the sexual market often leads to psychological problems and indeed many of the recent mass shootings can be tied to men who were of this lowest status, as well as the medical establishment’s attempts to profit off their misery by drugging them. Needless to say, Rosy Palm and porn are their best friends. Women are repulsed by the Omega. Lifetime notch counts are in the single digits, if that.


Just because you are a Beta now doesn’t mean you have to stay one

Upward Mobility

Just because a man is born one type does not mean he has to stay that type. Improvement begins with I. Learning the Laws of Game and Laws of Hypergamy will help enormously. Realize women do not love men the way men love women. Even an Omega can adapt his mind to exploit the biology and psychology of women and become more successful in plundering poon. Likewise, a Beta can stop being a walking wallet when he learns either how to play the Game or to let women’s hypergamous instincts work for him.

These concepts are not for everyone. If you haven’t already, make the decision as to whether you want to take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill. The New Modern Man and the rest of the manosphere is written by and for those who swallow the jagged little pill of reality.

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